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As«« IMi
"'■MhM Bwt
■unite oiiPA'iii
o3RT'? > ’ , “
~m* Hand arson Dally Dtapateb tea
■(fiber of the Associated l’re**.
■Dir Enterprise A»»oviaUu»»,
flFHaviMp«r Publisher* AaaoolaUo*
Ai tla North Carolina Press Associa
**me Xasociatad Presi la ezclualvoir
■juiad to usa for rrpuhllcallon
■Bn dispatches credit'd to It or apt
•BurwiM credited la this P»P* r . *■*
(Mr the local news published herein.
4S richts of publication of ajteelal
■Bjnichea herein are ul*o reserved.
■ ii/ucaipno> rHificn.
teaofc at the printed label on your
tna. The date thereon shows whan
expires. Forward
Mb money' in ample time tor ra
■fiffiU. Notion data on label carefully
art/ not correct, pjease notify us at
■■k Bubacrfbers deßlrlntc the address
(nutlr paper chanced, please atata to
Bw communication both tba ODD
sSyNKW add rasa.
BMml A4ra|UalM Bepre^atMtoan
■ • non, UWu A buiW
*Psrk Arenas, New Icfb City; lb
, Wacker Chicago: Woibum’
Atlanta; Security Halite a#,
jred at the poet office Ln ijeoder-
N. C., aa second class mai l matt si |
ALL ARE INVITED: Come ye. and
u& go up to ;h»- mountain of the
to the house of ihe God of
Jacqfe. and he will teach us of hi®
way*. and we will walk m his puJxs.
—lnaiab 2 3.
York. Dec. 21—Madhaitan
mnipdy * Strange and wondrous can
apgp_ and relishes are rising above the
hqrfaons of the u>w n * bars and buf
fers . . Tomatoes the size of, cherries,
uqpecled and a neat mouthful. Pine
apple cubes wrapped in broiled bacon.
Bowls filled with cream cheese,
horseradish and chives flanked with
P9Mwo chips, the chips to be dunked
tax the concoction and nibbled . . .
chopped up with peanut but
tey and spread upon graham crackers
<I, jgissed up that one) . . Large can
like flags spread with red, whit*
nb4< bluish caviar . . .
Ift this a recipe column or whai?
this season of dun and bleak white
wfktejr fronts I am drawn to the edges
ofthe sea . . . Rudderless, I steered
course upon the_Santa Rosa the
other afternoon; new as a pin, that
iliV*£ resembled a deluxe yacht, and
interesting to me than some of.
the. ships which
been slipping down ways recent
ly for the Atlantic trade.
The craft is alive with trick gadgets
. . . There's a dining saloon on the
tc}|f deck, instead of traditionally near
the water-line, and the kitchen even
torn} that, so that here will be no cook
ing, odors anywhere aboard . . On
thft top deck are rows of sun-bath
Stella wherein passengers may lounge
pjujtately in the altogether . .
of these insouciant craft will pop
the North river for the West
coast trade before April, in probably
tbe. first quantity poduction ever tried
ocean liners . . .
The current diversion around town
H Ole passage from hand to hand of
skits t Some of tl\ese typewrit
tgii absurdities are very old, some of.
tfcjgji) are in the form of riddles and
cqjjqndrums. but they fflutter through
drawing rooms like phone
boplt leaves over reurned Atlantic fly
era greeted in lower Broadway.
\ professor of such jauery hands me
following which it may well b*
read in grammar school. Any
“1 had." says the mythical raconteur.
of whisky in my cellar and
ojy. wife mad eme empty the context*
op each and every bottle down, thy
so I proceeded to do as she de
and withdrew the cork from the
bottle, pourd? the contents down
tbAaink with the excepion of one glass
I drank. .
“I then withdrew the cork from the
second bottle and did likewise, with,
exception of o"e glass, which I
“1 extracted the cork from the third
and otrvptted the good old booze
the sink, eveept a glass, which
I. devoured. , <
,J A pulled the cork from the fourth
and poured the bottle down the
g )iisp. which I drank
pulled the bottle from the cork
qL ihe next and drank one sink oqt
of if. then threw the rest down the
"l pulled the sink out of the nepr.
and poured, the bottle down my
“Ij pulled the next cork from my
tbxgpt and poured the sink down the
bailie and the *
I corHbd the sink with the
j/fy bottled the drink and drank the
pouc- (
I had them all emptied and
I 4*4s* Mlfe
land counted the bottles which were 24,
Lp I counted- UW, AAPdta thix
came round again and I had 74; and
as the houses came round again I
counted them and finally I had all
the houses and bottles counted except
#ne house and one bottle whhjh L
[ “I proceeded to the
jbup I couldn't get tt»e brush ljx thy
;bottles, so I turned, them niside out
jand waahfd and and wiped
them ail and went upstairs and told
my wife—and have I got the wlfesl
little nice !n the world?"
: iwaw
1639 -Racine, famous French tragic
dramatist, born.l Died. A,prli 21.
ldld—Jaipe# Oglethajpe, English
.geqqcal and pbfilimthroniat. founder of
'Georgia, born. Died in YM6.
1795 —Robert Moffat, famed Scottish
Congregatlonallst missionary to Africa,
born. Died August 9. 1883.
18P*- Disraeli. Earl ot
" BeacpnsfieW. Britain's famed and pic
tureaque statesman, born. Died April
19. 1881.
1823 Jean H. Fabre, famous French
entomologist, born. Died Oct. 11,
1829 Laura D,. Bridgman, noted
blind, deafmute her day. borrj at
Hanover. N. H. Died in Boston. May
24. 1889.
1854 -Morton Prince, noted Boston
neurologist and psychologist, born
there. Died ini Brook line, Mass..
August 31. 1929.
1375—Boccaccio, Italia'* story teller
died. f
1820—Pilgrims landed at Plymouth
Rock. i
1807 —Historic American Embargo
Act of Congress, forbidding all Ame
rican. ships to leave port for foreign
countries I
. 1868- Indians battle against U. S.
troops, near Big Horn Mountain, Wy
U. S. Senator David A. Reed, of
1 Pennsylvania, born in Pittsburgh. 52
\ ars ago. )
U. S. Senator Lynn J. Frazier of
North Dakota, born i}.ear Wilmington.
Del.. 58 years ago.
Edward Hungerford. noted Nevis
York author, born, at Dexter, N. Y.,
VI years ago.
Jerome Alexander, noted New York
City chemm. born there, 56 years ago.
Lawrence Richey, one of president
.Hpover'-? secretaries, bom at Harris
burg. Pa.. 47 years ago.
Dr. Edward C. Elliott, president of
Purdue University. Indiana, bofn in
Chicago. 58 years ago.
Dr. Edward Capps, noted Priucytoq
professor of the classics, born at. Jack
sonville, 111., 66 years ago.
Walter F. Wyman, noted B° s, 9fl
inesa executive, born there 51 yeai-s
Joseph Stolid, the greatest power in
Soviet Russia, born 53 % yegrs ago,
The nativo of today ha sa somewhat
[lavish disposition which njay cause
him a good degg ot traybli? • The
mind seems to have fprq^
, xnd htere is a strong sense fqr a di
rect and lioneat course in life; but
(.here is a twist in condfupit Bfbich
’under adverse aspects, may overthrow
, %11 the benefits that have accu.ed ttrom
• honest and patient effort.
■ mm intis far
Aww QeU,
From Sunday Night
Church, GoHection
A total of. tad been paid into
he kettles q£ ths Salvation Army
hat have been on the streets much
>f the time s.lnqe, last Thursday, when
. they first made'thqir appearance, it
was stated today by Captain Guy
Hepler. in charge of- the local corps.
He, said, he was unable tq put his ket
tles out last Saturday due to the
heavy snow, and thpt there were so
few shoppers on hto streets as tol
make it unnecessary.
The collection taken at the union
service at the First Methodist church
last Sunday night amounted to $15.32,
and htis was turned over to th® Sal
vation Army Christmas fund by
agreement bjsfcTOen ministers of
the churches participating.
money will be uaed to provide
'Christmas necessities for poor fam
• Hies cun! to bring cheer and happiness
to ltitle children in thqse, families, it
was sad by Captain Hepler.
I «#sif)n qf thq
police court was lield today, there be
ing cases fqr trial.
! ~ "T
No . Liceqaqg.—N6 mar
riage licenses were issued yesterday
by the register of deeds.
One Case Tried.—Recorder R. E.
Clemente >n county cqprt today tried;
, Edward, L. Ujgntnsr for reckless driv
ing. defnhflant pipaded not guilty
and discharged)
• Two Bank HoHdhys.—Two full holi
days for the banks of this city are
just around Urn qprner. These institu
itiqw be closed for the entire day
on negt Monday for Christmas, and
on January 2 for the annual New
Year’s holiday. Both Christmas and
New Year’s days fall on Sunday this
! Aromaa 30 io, sa Paid
; Froffi Re#**
Funds Here
Work for from 30 to 50 unemployed
has been furnished this week in clear
ing away »now from city streets and
-sidewalks, it was learned tqday.
The workers are paid from federal
I relipf fundi) administered by Mrs. W.
•B. Waddill, county welfare superin
tendent, and are employed under the
direction of W. M. Coffin, street su
As the result of their labor, wftlk
-1 ways have been opened on sidewalks
‘ and traffic has been simplified oq
many streets of the city. It was not
learned how long they would be given
employment in handling the snow,
though much of it was still on the
ground and was moving away very
Return from New Yoi^i.
A. J. Davis has returned from a
i business trip to New York. Boston
and Brockton, Mass.
Visiting Mother.
I William Grissom is spending the
'Christmas holidays in the city with
his mother. Mrs. R. O. Grissom.
Here With Sister.
Miss Katherine Smith, a student at
Brenau College, Gainesville, Ga., is
visiting her sister. Miss Folsom Smith
for the Christmas holidays.
Here for Christmas.
Sidney Perry Cooper, a cadet at
Riverside Military Academy, is spend,
ing the. Christmas holidays in the city
with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. P.
Home for Holidays.
‘ Ezra Daniel la spending the Christ
mas holidays in the city with, bis
mother, Mrs. W. B. Daniel, NJ/;. Daniel
is a cadet at Riverside Miiiiaiy
Academy at Gainesville, Go..
Club In Meeting
The Schumann Musip Club held a,
very interesting meeting Wednesday,
December 13. at the home of
.JeweJ Smith. On entering the li.ving
' room the guests were greeted by a
• miniature Christmas tree.
• The club discussed the life of Mpo
idelsaqhn in the form of a short qui*.
:The second part of the program con-
Iqiptfid of several Christmas carols,
which were: O Little Town of Beth
lehem, played by Miss Jewel Smith;
' The Eirst Noell, by Miss Fanny
■Cooper and Silent Night by Mias
- Dqrothy Graves Cooper. The clgb
then sang. Hark, the Herald Angels
;Siqg and O. Come All Ye Faithful,
[accompanied by Mjss Margaret Cand
. ler. After this the club members
!wrote a Christmas letter (o Miss Elbe
Smith, member who has recently
i moved to South Carolina.
At the conclusion of the program
the hostess served delicious refresh
ments, each plate bearing a miniature
Santa Claus.
The guests for the afternoon were
Misses Emma T. Rose and Ruth G.
{Continued from Page One.j
trnor Gardner was not iopal, thero-
Lfore. •
1 The name of ex-Governor Harry
Flood Byrd has been often mentioned .
by Washington and North Carolina
writers along with Virginia’a, . hfrt if
Carte; Glass should,go irtto Roose
velt cabinet as poUl\q*> leaders' think
he will, Mr. Byrd’s chances would be
reduced unless he, like Senator Glass.
\\qre such a national a/id. cosmopoli
tan citizen as to make the public for
get state lines. Such men are Nekton
Baker, John W. Davis and Owen D.
(Young. Nobody would make the point
of state against them. '
I It is pretty nearly the wa y with
[Senator Glass. He is a national fig
ure. If his Classic castigations of
Bishop Cannon alone were considered,
* he would be glk in the national mind,.
;But he is as much the father 5f thq
• Federal reserve act as anybody and
as secretary of thq treasury under
Playing at the STEVENSO# ’Eheatrq. today only
j y " §Ljl
mk aMlii'' i i J
Sally Eilers and Ben Lyon are the protagonists of a tense sttua>
tion in "Hat Check Girl," new Fox production in which this nni
PrealdMxj, Woodrow Wilson, Glae* vjraa
«te big. *#» anybody, Jfr. ex
cepted . The' Washington visitors
seem to think there can be no doubt
Ithat Senator Glass will have his
chance to go back to the cabinet. MY.
Byrd doe* not stand out aufftnbjntly
tn make, the pifbJiq statq UmW- B®-.
•idea, he was Virginia's candidate for
tbq. presidency.! s® wiil be. regaled
W, geognaiphicaNy'
Gian Mr 5 , Byrd, mid them are greater
agricultural achievements to hie cre
dit than Mr. Byrd has. For Mr.
Gardner goo sout from hi* office with
something of a national reputation as
an agripujturiat. Governor %rd te
djaadyaptagpd by a long wait between
bi» campletpd administration and thp
Ther ewlll be no barnstorming for
Mr. Gardner, no chamber of com
merce excursions to Washington, The
retiring governor dops not need it.
Geographical reasons may weight
dowi> hia boom. Virginia and North
Carolina are pretty near each other.
But the rare recod of Gove”or Gard
ner in farm production and food sal
vage in this stal® during his four years
will talk for him, Washington men
It hoa been suggested that Governor
Gardner rates so high !■> the national
organization that h® might be avail
able for another place in the Roose
velt cabinet. Os course, should tyr.
Roosevelt elect to give the naval porl,-
folioto to his old lord of the admiralty,
Josephus Daniels, of Raleigh, that
would about put Mr. Gardner out qt
the running. But the impression hero
does not support ihe Raleigh mao AA
cabinet officer. There is quite a be
lief that he may be made ambassador
to one of the large countries of thp.
old world. This belief is partly spoil
ed by the general knowledge that no
man now has money
paough to hold a foreign post of such
character aa M r - Daniels would be
given - Ten years ago it might havp
been different. Newspapers madq
money then. And pven the Page am
hassadorship was aided by private
subsidy. Dwight Morrow and Whitq
iaw Reid, could stand, the strain, but
others could, not.
Anyway, Washington peoplq tell Ra
igigh to kegp watch, that something
is going to happen soon ln presidential
appointments, y
B As M:
OPuntinned Crqm Bww 0»e >.
fn a mfecgllany of od,d. enterpfiaga for
a livelihood during the intervals bp
twpen, these aptivitles cannot possibly
give a full acoqqnt of his career at a,
alnglp sitting; incidents in it necqp
sarfly reveal themselves gradually.
Moreover, there is a manifest dis
inciiqatipp. on the part of the sen
ator’s friends from the Tarheel com
monwealth to discuss the new lawr
mpfcgr’s picturesque past except in the
broadest generalities, lest they con
vey an imptessiou a shade less dig
nified ttxan’they consider fitting in a
national legislator.
Senator Reynolds hiftiseff clearly is
doing no worrying as to his dignify.
Iftpj te-as natural in Uns-onidak of his
suiroundinsx qs he undoubted
ly was irv bis dbesds. °r so
ago, ‘tending livestock, ’tween decks
q* a, rattle boat, or grappling an op
ponent op the wrestling mat.
In other viforda, he is thoroughly
adaptable. Ris North Carolina friends
in reality need feql no anxiety con
cerning his ability to, njaintain a sen
atorial' egjterior Whenever one is re
quired, Re kqqws tlje difference be
tween a cattle boat and the U. S. Sen
ate. has. indeed, a university de-j
gree to, his credit, as well as a re
putation as a competent circus man of
which to be proud- Incidentally, he
was captain of his 'varsity track team
and a crack football player: in short
an all ’round athlete.
And he looks if —a man of 48, but
obyipigdy «h condition, with the
figure qt a rather than a wrest
ler; tall, erect and wiry, but lacking
in the butk one associates with per
‘ formers on the mat.
The sqnptor originally hung out hie
lajvyer'e shingle In his native town
,qf Abbeville; ip IBP7, bP f hjs practice!,
there, has not been entirely uninter
rupted ever since then.
For example, it appears that, for
one reason or another, he wap run
ning a skating rink, in Baton Rouge,
abouf 15 years and among the
establishment's patrons was a spright
ly young patent medicine saleamap.
whom he grew to know quqjtc
sight but had almost forgotten, frol
.lowing his return to Asheville, uhUl
the other day they met again on the
agnate floor, and the Carolinian in
stantly recognized his old acquain
tance in Senator Long of Louisi
All'versions agree that the Ashe
ville folk bHbd. hitp tremendously—
WW 9%y« Bus*?*** Utt’t Oa The Upturn? "
j. ,

and bragged of him, too, as a re
markable globe-trotter. He wrote a
couple of books—" Wanderlust” and
"Gypsy Trail” —and several magazine
! articles, besides contributing to va
rious newspapers, which added de
cidedly to his celberity.
Nevertheless, last spring, when he
proclaimed his candidacy for the
Democratic nomination to the upper
house of congress, in opposition to
'Senator Cameron Morrison, a consid
erable portion of the North Carolina
press referred to him candidly as an
' “upstart.”
£j(Pect Leas At
Prison In Raleigh Soon
(Continues xrom —age One.)
was expected thie morn
ing. Awaiting its arrival the North
, Qarolina court stayed the sentences of
’ the Leas. Naturally it Is expected that
the State Supremp Court will notify
m mmmrnmmmmmm ■MMMMHHl •>■■■■ ——■ ——
A f u l p P u » k -H te IV l- U
is 1A is" r ~ T ~~ : r
39 ” rTrr f"-
-5Q “ si
rMI '■ 1 tat 11 tI u
11— Sreiater in nupiber
12— A alow. qw. sallop
i (^ibr.)
18—Wrath , *=.
12—A festive show
24 —Saint (feminine alter.)
KIISd 0 * hc *V
. ji-lWupta
»—was indebted to
10—Desert fertile spot
48—Senior (abbr.)
2—Part of verb to bo
s—Legendary bird
•r-WriUm, teblea
Buncombe county officials that Wash
ington has refused help and that the
judgment should be put into effect.
That would mean Tennessee will be
requisitioned by North Carolina and
a capias would be issued for the Leas.
Wallace Davis is now serving his
long term in North Carolina’s prison.
Tennessee’s politics isn’t regarded ma
terially different from any other
state’s, but there is much of faction
alism over there. The famous Cooper-
Carmack feud in which the slayers
of the brilliant ex-United States Sen
ator and editor of the Tennesseean,
was pardoned by Carmack's success
ful opponent after conviction, is re
called. if E-Senator Luke Lea, ex
millionaire and ex-coionel. has a
friend in the governor's office willing
to go the length of Cooper’s friend,
nobody seems to remember itt The
impression in Raleigh is that the
State Prison in RaJelgh will soon
have some more mighty men doing
H—A child; contemptuously
16*—An. examination o£ candidate
by interrogatories
17—A companion
i9r-Ran out without notlcg
21 —To. carouse
23—Exhibited ostontatloualy
26—LooM wiu» cloae attention
27*—A colpr
30— Suitable to po^y
31 — Possesses '
M—Small European deer
3< !• orces air violently throug*
the nostril^
36 Aromatic unguent*
37 J*mgla animal.
si—frozen vapor
61—Garden tool
45—Truly * '
67—Chromium (abkr. t
69-Long IsEnd (abbr )
Amww to FuyU
(Continued from i
fit of impatience. The n
about it from witne-M-s .n ■:
The .slaying of Mrs Ten; .
unhappy effect of making event,
mad at everybody who knew ,r.-.
about it. Two fishermen up the
heard the screaming -.m r.e
mobile, the bridge fn m wh.ch M
Terry was throwm, heaid hei ..
she floated downstream rat, • r , .
and explained that they eonij • • ...
cide whether the scre.iniicg p.-
was a woman or a chiiu bur »: r
ever it was, the disti «>.-■ md not
cite their chivalry. If the
i fishermen had gone to the worn
! rescue she could have them at,
I tried to kill her and the:, threw In:
in the water.
%ptitnentally, Mr. Lawience h>.- ,
time. Governor Gardr.c
cd the quarantine and
no more clemency case.- t: ia- ••
Private Qa* Concerns
In State Losing
(Continued from Paire one)
erating in Eastern North Or--.:
with plants in Wilmington o u W >
ingter., presented statista-.-
ita net return for the iu.-t l_- ».
on gas properties, wi- 3 i
and the Central West <’
panics, operating in Raleigh r ,- a*
Asheville, Gastonia. Concord
Place?, listed its return at •
plants as ranging from 3 11" ■
down to 2.3 percent. The "
Utilities ot Statesville jep.od .i -•
tqrn o£ 0.79 of a percent Coutt- ho*
established eight percent
<- Other companies heard ' the ‘
tqrenqe ail opet i - .: .
They included the Natan *’ 1
Utilities Company, operati’ - ” **’
derson, Oxford. Elizabeth t*it> ■'
iqgton, Tbomasville. Rem.->. 1
and other places.
France first" developed ’!.* •
lift— *:H A. At- for Richmond.
V^Mbinrton ( New York, conn**
tec mi Norltoa with No. 1* M ;
riving l-mrlmmouth-N’nrfolk 12:0a
t‘. M7 with parlor-dining car *r
I—2:s* P. M. foi Richmond
Wad Portsmouth, Washington
18V-»;«8 T. M. sos Richmond
Washington and New *«rk.
•—3:28 A. M. for Portsmouth
Norfolk Washington. X* w York
191—5:43 A’ M f- Smvmnamh.
Jacksonville, Mia nit Tampa. S*
k_i:4s p. M. far Raleigh. San
ford, Hamlet. Columbia, Sevan
aah. Miami Tampa St. W»
M3—7:B* P. M. far Raklgh. H«"
set, Savannah. Jacksonili*
Tampa. St. IVlemhart
Atlanta, Birmingham.
M. for Atlanta. Him*
Inghart, Mt mphla.
FOr Information call «n ■■ *
ftUßjrfi. DPA.. lUkigA N. V
jr M c 9APPM. TA ~ k J-r

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