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MOili iriMMI HU
T(u b upou His MalWt last; ,
Tril . j.hilo kite, the awe-hushed herd;
Tlk . <1:1 r r.t rest ’ ,
Ko .>\? the crest.
k .aepheid’a half-formed- nil; ,
\ ~,iik written. hwnt Mary's heart,
w-r >ung by earthly bird.
Thrte kmg3 of wisdom standing near
iti. lt tribute to bestow ,
Vi-d Mary's gift, a smile, a tear.
y,, r n was even so
Th-i‘ J*»V must take from woman's
heal f
rv. in" uKiti and yet apart;
. _.! of little.-,, the gift or tean^
< li the waiting years.
Hii'it heard t not a lamb’s low bleat
y vkaeie the wan moon dies?
r . . .n the cave's star-filled retreat,
u :e . we-eyed Mary lies?
, k was so as time as told
, . v,..ids of love that gleam like gold’’
!).- w i< the lamb within the fold.
,i shepherd ol the long-gone years.
Aad the years lu be.
\\ Thre wet with our
:**aJ .>
- . < tVethsemane;
iae x.ad. the frankincense, the myrrh
v'.t •• u each gr;Ueful worshipper:
ll.e dos love ne’er stained oy
f-.t it kmcen.se of fruitful hearts,
n.viili of purity.
John Jordan Douglass
ios.l I'll THK CAHPF.NTKR.
Michanl Faialess. in her Christmas
: ...-in. The Manifestation" in "The
Brethren, thus imagines the
-r :nt ..r St. Joseph on Christmas
l.;:tie O-i tie One. Saviour and
Ch i.
Kv her ami .\.,..hci. my Uuabund and
l:* rn ..f the laly. the Maid undented,
ttali.' ..f my Love. the Beautiful One.
tattle One. tattle One. Master and
Kings of the earth come, desiring 1
Thy Face.
I. Thy poor servitor, lowly afford
All that my life holds, for all is
Thy Grace. '
tattle One. Little One. God over all
La rib is Thy footstool, and heuv'n
I- Thy Throne;
Joseph the carpenter, prostrate I fall
I'raise Thee, adore Theo, and claim
Thee mine own."
I'rcscilla Holton
When Christmas •omes to our town
We hear no angel's wing;
W, see no sudden bursting light
Or heavenly host who bring
A .strange new story to our ears
Os uddert power for changing fears
When Christmas comes to our Church
\V. hear our children sing
A -imple tale we know by heart
of Christ, who is our King.
Sometimes they make a festive noise
l ..r we have care-free girls and boy.'
t\ ho know no angel's art.
Whin Christmas comes to our home'
We gather in the folk;
M. who learn to hitch their scheme:
To Nature’s sturdy yoke;
Women who must fill their days
Wish steady work and little *
V.|;o hale their secret dreams.
W hen Christmas comes to our heart:
We can forget old sin
For hearing children sing His praise
We ler the Christ child in.
H- enters every humble place
\ >l vi hen He finds a loving face
e vi oxtering Christ child stays.
Frances Crosby Hamlet
!> comber hours are gloomy, Decem
ber skies are gray*.
Yet old December brings us the year’r
most precious day!
N. Christmas Eve so dreary, so chiL
with ice and snow.
Lit eager hearts go singing glac
tatols to and fro;
I low on another Christmas, when om
great star shone bright
A Babe lay in a manger, a dark
world's promised Light;
M.-n left their flock* untended, king*
left their treasures rare.
To hasten to that manger, to find tht
Christ-child there
And still, they say. at ChrtsOiaaa the
Christ-child comes once more,
seeking whatever shelter, trying ho*
many' a door.
Tho whole world is his kingdom. ye 1 '
often and again
11. finds no honest welcome within
the hearts of men
Then light your Christmas tapers lr
windows and in hall.
To flout the gloom and darknes;
wherever snadow» fall;
c is! out old doubts, oki hatreds; re
new your faith, grown dim;
<» et your own heart shining,
gracious light tor him!
The Church School Journal. De
comber. 1330.
Soros is Club To Meet
Mrs. T H. Crowder will be hoetess
'<) the Sorosis Club at its regular
• ioot;ng at 3 30 o'clock Thursday aft
-1 r'oon at her home on Chestnut
*' rt et
Visiting During Holidays
Mr and Mrs. W. D-. Payne ha»-
"one to spend the Christmas holidays
with Mr. Payne’s mother in Dayton.
v ‘ ■ and with his brothers in Wash
ington D. C. I "
... All you’ve hoped for in a
Cough Drop—medicated with
ingredients of a aiAliA
__ TELEPHONE m • : 5 . , . J : BOOBS B a M. TO li KOOK
ciLvi-rmt. „•
ikemaelves in a taxicab after givtn**
th» driver direction* u> iho gin*
apartment. Kane waited for her to
kngltr But she sot m silence, nz
*** me the- window into, the atar
tatalk? nU:hU am>arf>mly ““willing
Ease covertly watched bee. Har
iimaii Hale eras a comely girl, of the
tyideal Hollywood type, with neatly
('oifturod hair of raven hue, wonder
in* brown eyes, an alluring mouth
and soft matures or delicate tint.
Site was the popular conception—ln
the movie paradise—of ail that an
Ingenue should be.
The cab swirled through the
■dreets toward Hollywood and finally
drew up before a lavish apartment
building on Cherokee street. He paid
• he fare and fhllowed her to the door |
as her apartment.
Them she turned to him:
’’Come ln.~ curtly, “i don’t want j
anyone to hear what l have to say."
He entered the apartment after
her. It was the sort of living quar
ters that anyone would expect of a
girl of her type The furniture was
ultra-modernistic, the accoutrements
almost gaudy. nols.v-colored
pillows were on the divan, the chairs,
the floor. A sons-legged doll stretched
fcut cn inp of n radio rprpivin? Ret,
She dropped down on the divan
end indicated she wanted him to sit
beside her. She suggested something
t* drink, but he declined. Presently:
“I want to talk to you about Rich
ard Bailey," she said suddenly.
“Yes?” qnerilously.
“I know him.” quietly, "too well.”
“I divined as much," he returned.
She turned and looked at him. A
strange, fanatic was in her eyes.
ll* sow her hands tremble, her lips
twitch nervously.
“How well do you know him?" trrr-
"T don’t know him at aJI,” curtly.
T don't recall thot 1 ever heard of
him until Saturday night.’*
She shuddered. ‘That night!” she
~You ca* trust me." he said com
She looked at him with quizzical
Rres- Then: "I wonder ir I can."
Rowdy. After a moment’s uncertain
toaMtatlon she went on:
“You don't think that I could keep
*p an establishment like this on
what 1 make at the studio, do you?"
He stared at her coldly. "No." and
hi* voice was hard, "I don't.”
"Os course I can’t. There has to
be some other income. Richard
Bailey was furnishing that Income
He was paying me—paying me. I tell
you." her voice rose frantically, “for
w hat he did to me. 1 was getting
mine, just like a lot of others were —”
"What do you mean?" he snapped.
“You were blackmailing him?”
"Call it that if you want." heated
ly. "CtAl it whatever you wish. But
I made it mv business to see that he
To Visit Daughter.
Mrs. James Y. Paris left today for
Rocky Mount, where she will spend
the holidays with her daughter, Mrs.
K. E. Winslow.
Return. To Fuquay Springs
Miss Lillie Rollins returned to Fu
quay Springs yesterday after having
visited somrtime with friends and re
latives in the city.
Hume for Holiday.
Miss Many Parham has arrived
from High Point college, where she
is a student, to spend the Christmas
holidays with relatives in the city.
Vlslt'uj Mrs. Harris
Diak Wortham, Jr.. of Athens,
Greece, who attends school at the
Episcopal high school m Alexandria.
Va.. is visiting Mrs. B. Frank Harris.
Important Choir Rehearsal.
Ther* will be an important re
hearsal of the choir of the First
Mhthodist Protestant church held to
night at 7:30 o’clock in the Sunday
school room of the church, and all
members are urged to attend, it was
announced today.
Mrs. Jenrkette Has
Sans Souci Club
The Sans Souci Literary Club held
its Christmas meeting yesterday aft
ernoon in the home of Mts. S. E. Jen
nette'on Young avenue at 3:30 o'clock
' The home was lovely throughout
with its Christmas decorations of
holly, candle wreaths and green and
red lights.
After a short business session, the
program for the afternoon was given
' as follows:
"The Story of the Christmas Rose.’’
a famous old legend, read by Mrs.
Willis Blacknall.
A/ter this reading, Mrs. John Lee
Wester gave the life of Franz Gruber
who composed the music of “Silent
Wight,” universally the most popular
oi Christmas carols which was writ
ten in 1818. This was most interesting,
as was the lovely legend of the poin
sebte .which was also given by Mrs.
The program was concluded with
"O Holly Night” as a solo by Mrs.
Ragtaiafci Sprinkle, toHowed by “Silent
Nl#ht" by Mrs. Sprinkle and Mrs. Wi
H- Coffin* „ . ....
IThmillar Christmas carols and Jin
gte Bells” were then sung by the ciuh
a spirited manner.
Mrs. Jennette served an attractive
salad course appropriate to the
Christmas season.
During the- afternoon, a jolly little
'naUl man. w*i® was Sidney Jhnoett*
ran® the door b«U an* brought eaeh
member a beautiful Christmas card
with th original verse tor each, writ
ten by Ifcs- Jennette.
Mrs. Jennette had as her guests for
the afternoon, Mrs. Robert Gill Young
, and Mien Helen Btowart, the latter or
cam* across. Richard. Ball ay. Star
Maker!" a spiteful kuih was an
her Hpa. “X would have- gJUed him
long ago,*’ harshly. “It l had. bad the
nerve—and didn’t need the money."
“Are: yam.- he asked quietly, "try
ing to tell roe that you killed Rich
ard Bailey T**
She considered him thoughtfully.
He knew that her conscience trou
bled her. At least once in every
person's life there comes a time when
that person must talk, whether it be
to friend or foe. The burden be
comes too heavy to bear; there must
he some relief.
That, he divined, was what preyed
on the- mind of this girl now. 3he
wanted someone to talk to, someone
Irf Whom she would confide without
fear of having the secrets of her
soul bared to the world. She chose
him, he was convinced, because he
' was not of her own people, because
j he was a stranger from n strange
; 'rind to which he would return when
l.is work was done.
She knew that he was working In
a supreme effort to solve the mys
tery surrounding the murder of
Richard Bailey. MaoQcarrie had told
her that If she could help him by
telling, what she knew and at the
same time unburdening her own
mind of its tortuous thoughts—
" No." she said slowly, "I did not
kill him. 1 wish 1 had. He has clone
enough to me."
One thing was certain. This girl
knew Richard Itniley a* well as any
v. ith whom he had come In contact
More than that she was willing to
talk. If he could draw from her
one slight due —just one word that
would help him hw would count the
night a success.
He said to her, “I havo seen
Bailey's diary. Hu wrote much in
the days before his death of a girl
named Buddy."
. "Buddy's dead;" shu murmured
3adly. "That was Evolyn Deane.”
That was what he had feared to
Hear. He had hoped that there might
be another girl named "Buddy" In
Bailey’s, life. But, now, he saw it
was a vain. hope.
“Could It have been.” with Ul con
cealed eagerness. “Evelyn Deane jwho
killed him?”
Harmony Hole shook her head de
cisively. “T don’t think so,” with
conviction. "Buddy was not the kind
who would kill. She was proud, un
reasonably so. Why, she wouldn’t
even go back home- when he threw
her over."
"Did you know her very well?”
"I think I knew her better than
anybody else tn Hollywood," in a
vo'ce thot rang with finality.
He leaned toward her. When he
sjioke his voice was calm, but in
wardly he could scarcely control
“Tell me,” he said, “was Evelyn
Deane or Buddy getting any
money from Bailey V”
"If she had been she would not
! havo been forced to so on the I
BOTH Y and 51 displayed expert
use of the informatory double on the
hand shown, and /, played the hands
with exccplional skill to go game,
that not one pla w-r in fifty will
•chit v*.
4 A J <j 6
*A 8 G
♦ A 10 4
• , K 5 4 7 3
t K Q J Y |7 o <i
108 A B 4* Jjo if .‘i
24J 8 G 2
♦Q 7 5
4 Q 1 o 8 4 1
V A !l
4Q a 4
♦K y 3
Z dealt and passed. A made an
opening bid of 1-Heart. With little
more than bare strength to do so. Y
mada an Informatory double. B
passed. Having sufficient strength
to have made a forced bid without
his partner's double. Z bid 2-Spades,
to show game expectations. A passed
Tended contracting with 4-3(>ades.
The opening lead was the K of
hearts. As soon as dummy was
boarded it was evident to the de
clarer that A must hold bath black
K's to have anything like sound bkb
ding strength. If A could be induced
to lead a club game could be made,
by winning five spade tricks, one
heart trick, two diamond tricks, and.
two club tricks. Unlean A could ha
induced to lead a club, the only
chance to go game against sound
defensive strategy was to force an
opposing lead of diamonds. A poor
player might think that the-declarer
ran force A to lead a club, by laying
down the Ace and K or diamonds,
and throwing A in with the Q of
diamonds on the third round of that
edit. Such strategy would never
work against as good a player as A
happened to be. He would' see the
trap, and he would throw his Q
under the second high lead of dia
Engagement of Miss Emily Bass to
W. G. Frasier, Durham Announced
The engagement of Miss Emily
Blanche Bass, daughter of Dr. and.
Mrs. Harris Hartwell Bass Sr., of
.this oity, to William Guthrie Frasier.
Jr., erf Durham, was announced this
afternoon at a beautifully appointed,
luncheon given by Miss Nannie Ghy |
The bride-elect, who is a popular
member of the younger set in Ham
demon and Durham, attended Duke
University and North Carolina Col
streets like she did." Harmony ttMMg
back. "He didn't da anything too
bee. He treated her as tc she were a
’dirty dog."
Kane thought of the diary be had
found in Bailey's dbn. What was
meant If this were tho trutlh kg the
continued references to"Buddytf’ de
mands on him? What price warn shg
exacting that he should booonao so
morbid as to consider suicide?
He thought of Bailey's hysterical
antry on the day of his death, prob
ably. written hut a flaw abort hour*
before the hand of the murderer
touched him:
"I can’t go on any longer. 1 he nor
come to the end of the road. . . .
I am idling to beat her to it."
Before this Bailey bad written:
“I can see the end of everyxhtofe
Buddy's demands on me are bo
coming an unbearable burden."
And Inter another entry:
"I found Buddy in the den to
day. ... Os course she wanted
more money.”
Slowly, repealing from memory,
■ Kane told Harmony of these entries
I She showed her surprise. At first.
• the expression on her face told of
) her daubt, but as he wont on a
i flicker of realization crossed her fea
tures. He concluded with:
r “What do you think now-?*'
, "I think." she blazed, "that Rich
ard Bailey Is an abominable liar. It
) he wrote that in his diary he was
, trying to protect someone else. Bud
dy Deane never asked him for one
j cent.”
r He considered this as he studied,
t her through cold, calculating eye*
What if she were speaking the truth.
Then there must be another. Buddy,
someone who answered only to that
name to Richard Bailey. Ha* k»
appropriated a pet name from one es
his victims tor another?
Bailey, he concluded, won entirely
capable of doing such a thing. Judg
ing from what he bad learned of the
man during the past two days. He
“You have been asking him for
She nodded.
“And you have eeen him frequent
ly. asking for more?**
Again she nodded and: "I haven't
been working until lately, i was in
debt and had to have money."
"Did he ever call you Buddy? 1 *
She blanched and: drew away from
him, as if he ware about to strike
her. She stared about the Liny
apartment, a wild Light in her glassy
eyes. Finally, she looked at him and.
in a voice that was heavy with
threat, said. “If you think you ace
going to trap me Into a confession
of that murder you're crazy.”
lie hastened to calm her. “Not
• flint.’’ he corrected.
“DM you think I would tell you if
ho had?" sarcastically.
■’No,” he smiled, “and now I know
that he did not.”
1 kTO AC noxTIXT!HL>‘
, monos, making his partner's J goon
I f»r the third trick. Then B would
. lead the J of cluhs, through de
i clarer’a Q, causing Y-Z to lose four
tricks tone heart, two clubs and one
diamond), thus defeating the guine
j contract Shady strategy is always
, as apparent to one side as to the
j other,
To go game the declarer saw that
i one of two things must happen
I Bit her the missing K of clubs must
i bo held by li, or A-B muat he given
‘ one heart trick and two club tricks,
and then A ox B must he forced to
i lead diamonds. The play that fol
lowed obliged A and B to play as
the declarer wished.
Z’s Ace of hearts won the href
trick. He led his Q of spade*
through A. The latter covered tti*
Q with hie K. Dummy’s Acs won
the trick, and the J of spades pulled
down the last two opposing trumps.
The declaring hands had la b»
stripped of hearts,, or A-B never
could be forced a to lead diamonds. The
1 6 of haarts was led from dummy, and
Z’s 9 farced A’a 10 la win the ulaJh
Os course A led back hie Q. of hearts.
The declarer ruffed. The 4 of clubs
was led. A played low. Dummy’s
Ace won the trick. The S of clube
was led from dummy. B's 9 covered
and Z’a Q went on the trick, which
A won with his K. A could not lead
another heart without having the
declaring aide ruff in one hand and
discard a club from- the ether hsmt.
which would have made easy eel ling
for that aide. A led hack a club.
Bis id wan the- trick.. B had only a
thirteenth, ciuh or a diamond that he>
oauld lead.
If B led the data, ana hand would
ruff and the other hand would dis
card a losing diamonds B had te
lead, hia lowest diamond. The de
clarer played low. A had to put up
hia Q am let dummy's Id w4n the
trick. Whew dummy 1 * Ace- won the
trick, a low diamond was tad back.
Am long, aa B held the. X R made no
difference which way he played his
carda, the declarer could not faU to
win bath diamond tricks and go
lege for Woroop, and completed »
course In technology at Waft* hos
pital in Durham.
. Mr. Frasier is a graduate of Duke
University and- ts. connected with the
firm of Jones, Frasier and Company
in Durham.
Tha wadding* to to take plane Jan
uary 10 a t Holjj Jnnoeentß Episcopal
ahursht fafinutomon.
No iivritarians MS to be mailed In
the city,
marian martin pattern
f ATTIRN 9*3*
Clever lines of &n unusual frock
combine- with an Incomparable cou
turier i pick that Is brand new . . .
!the detachable cape. We see it hap
pening from morn till night since the
‘‘double duty ’ wardrobe has lent a
helping hand to Mr. Budget. We’d
love this model of canton or rough
jerepe, or still another effective med
riuna would. b+* sheer wool or tweed,
i PaC'em 9978 ntay be ordered only in
i-iO. iiiae Id requires 2 5-8 yards 34
isiaes 1-k 16, lb, 20. 32. 34 . 30 , 38 and
inch fabtic and 3-4 yard contrasting,
i Illustrated slep4»y-step makin;; i»-
Istructions included with this pattern.
; To get a pattern of this model, send
• EDTEEN CENTS (lflc) in coins or
’stomps (coin preferred!. Pteasr* write
. v<*ry plainly your NAME, ADDRESS,
, STYLE NUMBER and SIZE of each
pattern ordered.
For a complete colleclion of the
! smartest, most practical and easicst-to
make stylos, coneulL the MARIAN
TERN CATALOG Ils 32 paj;es in
clude beautiful models for Juniors and
kiddles, as well as the l>esl of the new
s< a son's afternoon, evening, sports and
house frocks, lingerie and pajamas.
Exquisite items for gift sewing, too.
Address all orders to Th e Daily Dis
patch Pattern Department, 232 West
ISfih Street, New York CHy.
Miss Nannie Guy Watkins Hostess
Announcing Engagement Miss Bass
Miss Nannie Guy Watkins enter
tained for Miss Emily Baa:;, bride
elect. at a one o'clock luncheon this
afternoon at her home on North Wil
liam street.
The house was decorated in Christ
mas evergreens.
The engagement was announced
during the courses in a very novel
The favors and place cards were in
the forms of a miniature bridal party.
In the center of the table was a red
basket of poinsettas and ferns with
green candles.
Mrs. W T. Watkins presented the
honor guest with a beautiful crochet
ed counterpane.
Th« invited guests were: Miss Emily
Bass; Mrs, W. G. Frazier, of Dur-
Bobbitt News
Mrs. H. P. Gill had as her recent
guests Mr. and Mis. H. B. Gill and
little son Pat. of Durham.
Miss Alberta itenn had as her guest
Thursday night Miss Alice Hight, of
near Kittrell.
Linwood Renn was the guest of C.
B. Sunday night.
Mr. anti Mrs. R. O. Woodlief and
children. Charlotte and Ann Marie,
visited Mrs. D. N. Nelms, of near
Louisburg, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ellington, and
children, Irene, Hazel and Harry, were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Gill
Monday evening.
Miss Mabel Bell, of near Hender
son. was the guest of Miss Hazel
Woodlief Thursday night.
Thurston Smith, of Greensboro, has
returned to his home here to spend
the Christmas holidays with his par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Smith.
Miss Clara E. Gill of Asheboro, has
returned to her home to spend the
Christmas holidays with her parents,
MV and Mrs. J. E. Gill.
Hicksboro News
Mr and Mrs. E_ T. Hicks were
Sunday visitors of Mrs C. L. Tucker.
Mr. Willie Walker oX Henderson,
spent the week-end with H. S.
’ Mr. and Mrs. T, W. Hicks and
little sort W. D. Jr., spent Sunday,
afternoon with her mother Mrs. Will
Clark. l
Baxter Woody of New York, haa
arrived to spend Christmas with his
mother, Mrs Emma Woody.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Woody, Ed>-
ward and Spurgeon were .Sunday guest
■of MT. and Mrs. W. J. Woody.
' Robert Edward Shanks 3pent Sun
day afternoon with Edward Woody.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamm it Guerrant*
.little son. Bruce spent Sunday with
bar mother, Mrs. H. H. Averett.
‘ Houston Averett spent Thursday
anight with his sister Mrs. Hammit
Guerra nt.
> Misses Mildred and Annie Tucker
were guest of their sister. Mrs. Eugene
Hicks Sunday.
No* Pro yew Haeritp
There* will be no prayer meeting at
the First Methodist Epiaeapal church
■ tonight, it was announced today.
. To Vbit In New York.
lira. P: fcP Thomas and Mrs. Annie
Davis expect to leave tomorrow for
New Yprk. city to visit Wta. Thomas’
daughter. Miss Annie Thomas.
an* teorikriiro oh Mo Buy
“Ms M Hmb apeateafck”
7:30 P. M. WWI
Sponsored By
‘Standard Oil Company of New Jwaey
t *3BT"
ham; Mrs. W. T. Watkins, Miss Betsy
Bass. Miss Rebecca Watkins. Mrs. C.
B. White. Mrs. Mary F. Montgomery,
of Durham, Miss Nannie Guy Wat
kins, Mrs. M. Y. Cooper and MTw. H.
H. Bass, Sr.
The New Theatre
■j I a
I i
1 Atkmmhtmeu
Auci White
“PLAY GntL ’
Loretta Young and
Winnie Ligbtur
4 nice fat Christmas turkey every
night (his week at nine o’clock.
Save your numbers.
| We Will Be Open
§ Every Night Until
fj Cake* Wall fcaWa fa* Ckmtma*
| Blue Ribbon Baking Co.
ft none 428
Miss Abbott Bride
Os Joel Faulkner
A wedding of much interest to the
frtandß of the couple here and else
. where was solemnized last Saturday
evening at lb o'-a lock at the heme of
W. <& Elmore, Ui lUtwrenceville, Vu .
when Miss Minnie Abbott became the
bride of Joel Faulkner, both of Vance
county. Only a few relatives and in
timate friend* of the couple attended
the ceremony.
Mrs. Faulkner is the youngest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. At
boft. of the Vicksbotx* community, this
county, and Mr. Faulkner iu -the son
of T. N. Faulkner, of Epaom.
The couple will make their home in
Epo*m community
Epsom News
Quite a number of the young peo
ple of the community have returned
from the various colleges for the
Christmas holidays, among them liv
ing: Misses Elizabeth Wilson. Mary
.Southerland, Pauline Finch. Grace
and Louise Ayacue from E. C T. C.:
Mary France. 4 Grissom from Camp
bell College; Ed Smith and W H.
Ayscue from State College: Bennett
* Macon from l T of N. C.; and Yar
borough Fuller from Mi-< Hurilbttr
gi-r’s school in Raleigh
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pace of Ra
leigh recently announcecd the birth
of a daughter. Jean Shirley. Mrs.
Pace will lie pleasantly remembered
as Miss Brooksie Smith, of Bobbitt.
Tommie Collins is still confined to
his bed with u severe attack of flu.
Misses Mary, Frances and Mary
Alice Pernell were the week-end
guests of Miss Anne Eula Newton.
The members of the Epson, high
school faculty left for their respective
homes on Monday, due to an earlier
closing of school for the holidays
than had been anticipated.
Here From Boston
Miss Crichton Harris, a student at
Sargents School at Boston. Mass., is
spending the holidays with her par
s ente, Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank Harris.
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