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twentieth YEAR
)V , OAvJBI* A OUIII/A1 m a * T -ms vajai kj \_/ yr g.
Beer Bill Rushed
In House To Get
It To President
Quick Consideration of Sen
ate Amendment Forced
In Lower Branch of
The Congress
Senate Reduction of Alco
holic Content Disagreeable
to Beer Group in House,
and Wine Producers De
sire Separate Bill Covering
Their Product
Washington, March 17 (AP) —De-
termined to get the beer legislation
to the President for signature by
Monday, House Democratic leaders
forced qtrick consideration today of
the amendment tacked onto the bill
by the Senate with a view to getting
an adjournment of the differences in
conference with the other branch.
House Democratic leaders decided
today to send the beer legislation to
conference with the Senate to adjust
differences between the two branctoet
on the alcoholic content, the House
til having allowed 3.2 percent and
the Senate bill limiting it to 3.05 per
cent. i
Representative Bums of Tennessee
the Democratic leader, said at a press?
conference tbit proponents of the bill
desire that the House iddiugree to the
Senate amendment.
Chairman Doughton of the ways
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Gastonia Banker
Jailed For Theft
Os $20,000 Total
(jas<onia, March 17.— (AP) —
Thomas B. Carpenter, 36, assistant
cashier of the First National
Bank of Gastonia, was in jail here
in lieu of $15,000 bond today on a
Federal warrant charging embez
zle nent of approximately SIO,OOO,
Authorities said he had confess
ed »he shortage.
Carpenter was arrested late last
night on a warrant issued by Harold
E Andrson, of Charlotte, special
agent of the United States Bureau of
Investigation, who came here at the
rcpiest of bank officials to whom
Carpenter is alleged to have /com
leased yesterday afternoon.
Authorities said the confession came
shortly before R. N. Aycock was to
tike over the bank as conservator
under appointment of the Treasury
department. Carpenter was taken be
fore Judge Bismarcq Capps, United
State? commissioner here, who fixed
bond at $15,000. Bond had not been
given by 2 a. m today and he wa*
lodged in the city jail.
Income Tax
Slightly Up
Higher Rates Pro
tluce Some Increase
0 v e r March 15,
19.12, Payment
Washington, March 17.—(AP)— In
come tix collections for March 15 ex
uded the amount collected on March
15 a year ago by approximately sl,-
011 000.
Hi making public these figures 10,,av.
~av . 'he Treasury said also that the
ejection fop thU month thus far
approximately $2,000,000 more
'han for the same number of days
* ast Month.
The tax paid before the Internal
Avenue Bureau ahnounced an exten
«ion for filing returns to March 31,
Counted to $13,659,901, as compared
Wlf h $12,648,765 a year ago• For this
j^° nt h income has amounted to $34,-
as compared with $2,052,628
1,1 'he same period a year ago. Since
ust j U ]y j the t}tx for tlie y e a.r
" ’ ■ amounted to $417,414,269, as com
i ’red with $690,173 961 the previous
>'cai\ 4
-he increase in tax is due to higher
tax rateßi
Untilrrsmt Daily Lltspatrit
F.O. R. Kin Gets Rost
There will be another Roosevelt as
Assistant Secretary of the Navy.
President Roosevelt, who formerly
held that post, has appointed his
cousin, Colonel Henry Latrobe
Roosevelt •above), to the office.
Col. Roosevelt, whose home is in
New York, served as an officer in
the Marine Corps during the war-
institutions Not Members of
Federal Reserfe Would
Be Allowed Right
To Borrow
Senate Has Already Passed
Measure by Robinson Tak
ing Care of State Banks;
Chairman Stegall Looks
for Speedy Action In
Lower House
Washington, March 17.—(AP>
Chairman Steagall, of the House
3anking Committee, today told news
paper men that he expected an amend
ment to the emergency banking mea
sure extending its benefits to State
banks that arc not members of the
Fedreal Reserve system to pass the
House before adjournment this aft
Steagall called a meeting of the
House Banking Committee, and said
he expected a favorable report on the
measure without delay.
‘T think it will get through before
we quit tocray," he said. “There is no
opposition to it. The President, Sec
-etary Woodin and Senator Glass,
Democrat, Virgin a, all approved it.
It may ask unanimous consent to get
it through. If not, we can get a rule
which will do the work’’.
The Senate has already passed ia
measure sponsored by Senator Robin
son, Democrat, Arkansas, 'extending
to the Slate banks that are not mem
bers of the Federal Reserve system
the privilege of borrowing dircetly
from the Federal Reserve on security
hitherto not eligible.
World Disarmament Hopes
Now Turned Toward Rome
Rome, March 17.—(AP) —Hopes of
the world for disarmanent and relief
from the threatening tent ion on
frontiers of European countries turn
ed toward Rome today as final pre
parations were made for the British-
Italian conference this week-end.
Italy, which has been silent so long
while watching its neighbor, France,
carrying on its negotiations for a
united front with England and the
Organizations Warn Senate
and House Committiees
That “Delay Will
Be Fatal”
Administration Is
Whats Farm Forces Have
Advocated for Years, and
Provides Surplus Control
and Greater Parity With
Washington* March 17. —(AP)—
The Senate Agriculture Commit
tee decided today that the Roose
velt farm measure was a revenue
bill, and. os such, must originate
in the House?, necessitating that
any Senate action on the bill be
withheld until it has been passed
by the House.
Washington, March 17- — (AP) —
Seven farm organizations joined to
day in a statement demanding im
mediate action on the President’s farm
aid program, and warning Congress
that “delay will be fatal.”
It was issued as the Senate and
House Agriculture Committees studied
the broad relief measure proposed by
President Roosevelt. Both hope to
have the b*ll before their respective
houses by the middle of next week
at the latest.
The brief statement addressed to
the two committees, said:
“The administration farm bill pend
ing before your committee today is
in accord with policies advocated by
farm organizations for several years,
and agrees with the outline of prin
ciples for surplus control and estab
lishment of parity between agricul
tural and industrial prices as agreed
upon last Friday by representatives
■of farm groups.
“We trust your committee will re
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May Accept
Chicago Magnate
Submits Plan For
Restoring Lasting
Prosperity Here,
Chicago, March 17.—(AP)— A plan
for setting up “economic dictators”
over half a dozen of America’s basic
industries, in an effort to restore last
ing prosperity, was outlined today by
John P. Torrence, one of the nation’s
(leading manufacturers-
President of the Link Belt Company
the largest concern of its kind in the
world, Torrence described his plan for
meeting recurring depressions as a
“purely selfish but economically sound
—it is simply control the supply and
the price will take care of itself.”
“America is ready for the upswing
toward prosperity,” he said in an in
terview. “Banking (conditions are
where they belong, and we’re ready
to start.
“But if prosperity returned tomor
row, we wouldn’t be able to keep it.
Good times would put every manu
facturer to work producing goods. It
wouldn’t be long before over-produc
tion, the thing that caused this de
pression, would be greater than ever
United States, proposes to keep the
center of the stage for some time to
Other government chiefs will follow
Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald
of England to this city, Premier Mus
solini’s newspaper, II Popolo d’ltalia,
declares. It pictures all roads leading
to Rome as they have for the re
ligious pilgrims for centuries, and a
new era in European parleys.
[ —1 1 mm hj
.■ v:. -. x .. :• ' 'Jf fv A f'r T' •• ••*•*, 1
| "T""
A glance at this map will tell you
just where immediate sale of beer
will be possible 15 days after
President Roosevelt signs the bill
from congress—in the 23 states
Regardless of Passage by
House, Measure Will Not
Be Acceptable Te~
The Senate
House Wilt Then Refuse To
Concur, andTEffort Will Be
Made to Harmonize Dif
ferent Viewpoints; May
Take Three Weeks To
Straighten It Out
Dsiily DiN|>nt<‘h Itnrenn,
tke Sir Wnlter Hotel.
Raleigh, March 17. —Regardless of
what the House does with the ap
propriations bill now before it —
whether it adopts the figures in the
Cherry-Bowie compromise bill or
those some where between that and
the committee bill, as now seems like
ly—the bill will eventually be rewrit
ten in a conference committee, it was
agreed here today. Present indications
are that ihe Senat will reject any ap
propriations bill passed by the House
that does not make provision for an
eight months school term. And there
is nothing right now to indicate that
the House is even going to consider
an eight months school term.
As a result, when the House finally
completes its consideration of the pre
sent appropriations bill —and this bill
when finally passed by the House will
conform more nearly to the Cherry-
Bowie bill than the committee bill,
it is indicated —it will not be accept
able to the Senate. The first thing the
■Senate will do, if it continues to run
true to form, will be to refuse to con
cur in the House bill, then adopt the
bill a sdrawn by the joint appropria
tions committees, amnd it to make
[provision for a State-supported eight
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Beverly Rills, Calif,, March 17*—
—The Milliminum (whatever that
is) has arrived! On a Senate vote
on economy, only thirteen Sena
tors voted that they could run the
country better than the President,
among ’em Huey Long and Champ
California passed the racing
bill. Maby Texas, the greatest
horse-raising State in the union,
will allow one to run for his oats.
Beer is coming back, wine is
coming back, Great Garbo is com
ing back, Sister Aimee is coming
Senators’ out 15 per
cent—that’s fair. Movie salaries
cut 50 per cent (not so hot);
newspaper columnists’ salaries
cut (that’s a crime); stage come
dians’ sa’aries cut (that ain't
fair). But if Roosevelt says it is,
why it’s O. K.
Yours, WILL.
that appear in black. In these
states either there have never
been state enforcement acts or
they have been repealed. Lib
eralization measures are now
Diplomatic Relations Os
Britain, Russia May End
Arrest of Six British Subjects Employed In Moscow Pre
cipitates Crisis; Embargo On Russian Goods View,
ed As Certain by Great Britain
London, March 17.—(AP)—A bl’ehk
in diplomatic relations between Great
Britain and Soviet Russia was anti
cipated today in both business and
[political circles.
The second crisis in affa'rs of the
two countries within five months,
this time the arrest of six British
(subjects employed in Moscow, was
considered likely to cause the recall
of the Britr'sh ambassador, Sir Es
mond Ovey.
An embargo on Russian goods was
also viewed as a possibility to take
effect when the present trade agree
ment with the two countries expires
a/i n i ito ni ji rnu ni rm/
Report! Due This Week on
Audit of Edgar Hay
wood’s Accounts
Troy, March 17—(AP)—Edgar Hay
wood. 65, for 22 years clerk of Mont
gomery county court, was found
fatally wounded with a bullet thro
ugh his head in the basement of the
court house here today. He died two
hours later at his home.
Sheriff C. c. Howell said Haywood
“committed suicide.”
An audit of Haywood’s books had
been under way for the last two
weeks, and the auditors were sche
duled to report their findings to the
county board of county commission
ers this week.
Haywood went to work about 7:30
o’clock this morning, somewhat ear
lier than usual A janitor working in
the building half an hour later heard
groans in the basement. He inves
tigated and found Haywood dying.
Authorities searched without success
for a note.
Beside the clerk of court was an
old rusty pistol which a deputy sheriff
had confiscated three vears ago. Since
ithat time it had been kept in the
sheriff’s office, directly across the
court house hall from Haywood’s of
fice. No one knew how the court clerk
secured the weapon.
Conservators for '
3 National Banks
In N. C. Appointed
Richmond, Va. T March 17.—(AP)—
Officials of the Federal Reserve Bank
of Richmond announced today they
had been advised by the comptroller
of the currency of appointment of
conservators for three Federal Re
serve member banks in North Caro
The conservators and banks are*
Charles O. Robinson, First and Cit
izens National Bank, Elizabeth C'ty;
Allen H. Simms, Citizens National
Bank, Gastonia H. T. Brandis, First
National Bank, Salisbury.
pending in a number of other
states which still have the Vol
steadian limit of one-half of one
per cent on the statute books or
in their constitutions.
April 16. Negptiations were begun ©m
ly recently for a new agreement.
The government is convinced that is
oo ground for charges r of sabotage
brought against the six Britishers and
25 other employees of the Metropolitan
Bickers Electrical Company, the Man
chester firm which has been fulfill
ing contracted work in Russia for. the
•past ten years.
The government has protested the
apparent lack of defense facilities for
the prisoners, who were jailed for
three days and later required to re
port daily to the police in Moscow. It
also objected to the lack of informa
tion concerning the case.
Majority of Victims Chinese,
Rest Japanese; Wrecks
Mukden. Manchuria, March 17.
(AP) —Fifty passengers were killed
and more than 70 others injured last
midnight when a freight train crash
ed into the rear end of a passenger
train between Changchiatun and
The passenger train had been de
layed by a parial derailment. The ma
jority of the victims were Chinese.
The rest were Japanese.
The freighter was eastbound from
Changchiatun for Liayuan, which is
less than 100 miles east of the north
ern Jehol border, and about the same
distance north of here.
Since the Japanese military occupa
tion of Manchuria there have been
numerous cases of depredation on the
railroad lines bl'ameu on the roving
Chinese bands which refuse alleg
iance to the state of Manchukuo.
The tearing up of tracks near Muk
den, allegedly by Chinese, was the
act which set in motion the Japanese
invasion September 8, 1931. This was
on the Southern Manchurian railway,
the only railroad owned by the Jap
anese in the territory at that time.
28th Anniversary
Os Roosevelts At
The White House
Washington, March 17 (AP)—
A family party with just a few old
friends was the program when
the President and first lady today
marked their 28th wedding anj»
niversary. * *
The Roosevelts have no intention
of throwing aside, even, ttr this
occasion, the simplicity and in
fnrmaliyt they took to the White
House. Few were the guests in
vited to a dinner tonight. Anu*ig
these were several who took part
in that New York wedding 28
years ago.
Facing Defeat, Mac Lea
n Eight Months
Termers Lead Fight
for Further Delay
Bowie-Cherry Group Holds
Sway in House; Aycock
Bank Bill Passes Senate
Abolishing Double Liabil
ity Clause on Stocks for
New Institutions
Raleigh, March 17.—(AP)—Reject
ing all onslaughts, the Bowie-Cherry
economy bloc in the House today
forced adoption of its figures for
many State functions as the House
worked on its biennial supply bill as
a committee of the whole.
Detailed consideration of approp
riations by the State for the next
biennium started in the House today,
with th e economy bloc holding sway,
•as the Senate voted temporarily to
postpone further debate on the eight
months school bill.
In committee of the whole, the
House had before it the Bowie-Cherry
substitute appropriations bill to allot
$73 ; 000,000 for the next two years- The
substitute was adopted early today in
preference to the committee bill car
rying $83,000,000.
Senate proponents of the eight
months school term led the fight io
postpone action on the Mac Lea
n measure, as they practically ad
(Continued on Pace Three.)
Warrants Issued 1
For 17 Leaders In
1 Burlington Strike
Burlington, March 17.—(AP)—
Bench warrants for 17 men who
participated in the forceful ous*-
' ing of about 1,000 textile workers
from their posts in three mills
here Tuesday was given officers
today for service, while the leader
of the group made bond following
his arrest.
The men were charged with for
cible trespass and breaking and enter
They are alleged to be members of •,
band of about 150 strikers and strife
sympathizers originating the mov -
ment in the Standard Mills, who for
ced the others from their posts.
Since then, however, all mi'lls have
resumed operation-
Senate Now
Dividing On
New Plans
Split on Ehringhaus
Prgoram' More
Nearly Even Than
At First Thought
Daily Dinputoh lltirenn.
In the Sir Walter Hotel.
ißaleigth, March 17 —It now appears
that the upper branch of the Gen
eral Assembly is less solidly behind
Governor Ehringhaus’ program of an
eight months school term and some
form) of sales tax than was at first
supposed by every one here in Ra
leigh. The opinion has prevailed
here that regardless of wlhat the
House might do, the Senate would
hold out to the bitter end for both
an eight months term and a sales tax
and that it would pay little heed to
the deirriands of the so-caliled economy
bloc kin the House,
But while the Senate is dtill con
sidered to be more favorable to the
administration program than the
House, and the administration leaders
at the present time are still in con
(Contlnued on Page Three.)
Generally fair, somewhat war
mer tn west and south portions
tonight; Saturday cloudy, prob
ably showers in west and central

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