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Norlina Section Reported
Struck by Heavy Down
pour of Stones
Reports reached here of a terrific
hail storm that struck the Norlina
section, 15 miles north of here, late
Wednesday but no serious damage
was reported The storm is said to
ha\c occurred about mid-afternoon,
and the hail was declared by some
to have been so heavy that it could be
scopped up from the ground after
the storm passed.
Crops were not far enough advanced
for material damage to be done. Few
(have been planted as yet.
The storm was followed by a sharp
and rather sfidden drop in tempera
tures here, which increased during
the ni'ht. There was also consider
able rain during the night, and a
drizzle continued during a part of the
morning, with low-hanging clouds in
the skies.
Heavy rains have fallen at inter
val here during, the past few days.
On Saturday night. Sunday and Sun
day night 'he precipitation was of
ficially reported as 2.32 inches here,
land another heavy rain came Tues
day night Since Sunday more or less
typical springlike weather had been
experienced, with clear skies and
moderate temperatures. The hail of
Wednesday aftrnoon brought sharp
drops in temperatures, however, with
the mercury at abnormally low levels
for ‘his season.
The weather forecast today was for
.continued cloudy and cooler for to-
Inight and Friday.
i i
No Courts Held. —Neither the po
lice nor recorder’s courts held a ses
sion today, there being no cases
docketed for trial-
Two Marriage Licenses. —Two mar
riage dccn.-cs were issud yesterday
by the register of deds, as follows:
H< wry Thomas Morris and Male W
Buchan, white, both of Vance county;
??. M. Southerland and Margie Stew
eit. white both of Vance county.
One Realty Transfer. —ln the only
rioc'l filed yesterday, A. A. Bunn,
trustee, sold to Jasper B. Hicks and
wife, Grace Boyd Hicks, the T. L.
Smith home on Jennett avenue for
The second quarterly conference of
the First Methodist church was held
Wednesday at 5 o’clock at the church,
with Rev. F. S- Love, of Raleigh, the
Spreading elder, in charge. It was the
•second visit of the presiding elder
there duiing the present conference
At, the conclusion of the business
of the session, the pastor. Rev. D. E.
Earnhardt, on behalf of the hoard,
the Men’s Bible class of the Sunday
school, and the church in general,
(presented a wedding gift to H T.
Mors s. one of the leading members of
the church, and of the board.
Lost 40 Pounds
Cn Doctor’s Advice
r user of Kruschen Salts as a
reducing remedy and can say they are
(in*. Have lost more than 40 lbs. in
the past jear. Am gradually reducing
ps my doctor advises.” Miss Bertha
Waldo llaman, N. Dak. (Oc». 30, *32).
Once a day take Kruschen Salts—
one ha’.f teaspoonful in a glass of hot
water first thing every morning. Be
side; losing ugly fat SAFELY you’ll
gait in health and physical attrac
tiv n~ ; constipation gas and acidify
will cease to bother- you’ll feel young
er-more active—full of ambition—
clear skin sparkling eyes-
A jar that lasts 4 weeks costs but
n trifle at Parker’s Drug Store or any
drugstore in the world—but demand
mud get Kruschen and if one bottle
doesn’t joyfully please you—money
I Last CallFor"!
1932 City Taxes I
All tax-payers in arrears on city taxes
for 1932 are urged to make settlement at
once before the regular advertising date
of May 1.. Those. paying on or before
that date will not be advertised.
Street assessments are also due and pay
able at this time, and settlement must be
made on or before May 1.
Information gladly furnished in person
at the office or by telephone or letter.
City Clerk and Tax Collector ||
Carries Plea to Roosevelt
A pretty picture of the fishing schooner “Gertrude L. Theband ” which
won the speed championship for vessels of her class last year and wh eh
is now being utilized in a novel mission to the national capital. Captain
Ben Pine (inset) skipper of the craft, is sailing her to Washington from
Boston to present a petition to President Roosevelt asking for le<n«!a
tvan to protect American fishermen against the dumping of foreign fish
on American markets. Captain Pine represents the hardv fisher folk
who make a hazardous living off the Newfoundland 'Banks
Merchants Warn Sales Tax
To Be Tested In Court
(Continued from Page One.)
rctors of the North Carolina Merch
ants Association.
Gives Fair Warning
“We wanjt the members of the
General Assembly to know and the
people of North Carolina to know
tbit we arei through fightng the
sales tax and Mat we shall continue
to fight it in the courts, even if the
General Assrbly goes ahead and puts
t on ” Dowell said. “We also want
to be perfectly fair and honest and
serve notice now that we intend to
"on test til sales tax law, if it is pass
ed. We want to let \hem know new
that no general sales tax law has
ever been sustained by the h’gher
courts. The Illinois sales tax law,
very similar to the one n o w propos
ed far North Carolina has already
been declared unconstitutional by the
T’l'no’s courts, and an appeal is now
being taken to It he Ulkd States
Supreme Court It appears likely
that it will ,be held unconstitutional
by the, court and that if this General
Assembly adopts a general sales tax,
that it will also be held invalid.
“We think it bet’er to tell the
members of the General Assembly
th’s now, than to wait until it has
been passed and then let them fiind
they have failed to balance the bud
get by from $8,000,000 to $9,000,000 by
adopt ng a tax pla n that is uncon
sttutionai ana irom which it can
■bonce get nothing.”
If the members of the General As
sembly go ahead and pass this gen
eral sales tax now and it later deve
lops that it is- unconstitutional and
the budget still out of balance, they
cannot say that they were not given
due and fair warning, Dowell pointed
Critical lM»r Mcrchr* ts
The letter wrltte n by Mr. Dowell
to the members of the General As
sembly points out that the merchants
of the Stttto have been pasi?’nig
through a must critical period and
that instead of making any profit
the last year or two, thousands have
actually lost As a result
the proposd general sales tax amoi nl
to a tax on their invested capital
amounting to '•confiscation, Dowell
maintained. Since condi
t'rns make it Impossible to add the
two pet cent, sales tax to the price of
corramodit ies, the merchants will
have to absorb it, with the result that
ifbttlursmt B aihj Bfspafrij
many will go bankrupt, Dowell said,
pointing out that sc far the General
Assembly has refused to write into
the bill any provision to compel mer
cheats to pass the tax 0 n to the con
s'-mens. ,
“The general sales tax is a new
and untried system of taxation in
tl ? United Spates,” the latter con
t nued.j “The only state that has
ever experimented with it is Penn
sylvania, where the tax was in effect
far six months and where the social
find economic aspects and results
were so disastrous that the governor
of that state gt rongly condemned the
tax and urged its repeal. You will,
of course, recognize hite fact that the
so-called Mississippi sales tax plan is
an entirely different species of tax
ation, in that it levies a tax on the
gress receipts of manufacturers,
wholesalers retailers, professional
services and so forth. ,
“Retail merchants of North Caro
lina are as patriotic as any oth: -
class of our citizenship. They stand
in the forefront of every progressive
movement for the benefit of the
State and the comimun.’ties in which
they operate. They are perfectly will
ing to bear and are bearing their
full share of the tax burden, but un
der existing conditions when their
rank s are being rapidly depleted and'
the best and most efficient of them
are f:nd’n.g it extremely difficult to
survive, they are unwilling and can
not bear an additional tax burden of
annually. i
“Therefore, in view of the fact
that the legality of a general sales tax
has never been , sustained, and
murther fact that its enactment
would sound the death knell to prac
t’ciaMy overpr sirrhll dfi
North Carolina, I have been instruct
ed to petition yur honorable body, in
t-lic name of fairness and justice, not'
l i inf flic t this Confiscatory tax upon
the merchants, and to advise you
that if the measure is enacted the
merchants, in order to save their pro
prrty will have but one course open
to them and jthat will be to contest
"’’e legality and constitutionality of
the law.”
Mrs. Durham Improves.
Mrs- Asa Parham was said to have
spent a very comfortable day yester
day in St. Elizabeth’s hospital in
Richmond, Va., where she underwent
on operation several days ago. She
was said to be improved today.
Dry Agent Slain
The slain officer
Shot three times in a raid on a
farm home near# Jonesboro, Ark.,
Leroy Woods, 33, federal prohibi
tion agent, above, died as a result
of the wounds. A fellow officer,
R. W. Keck, was wounded. The
agents were attacked when they
arrested the four sons of J. L. (
Wilkerson who, police say, cott*
fessed to the shooting*
Much Sentiment Here Is
That It Will Lift Values
and Be Boost
Dropping of the gold standard by
the American government was hail
ed here today as a step in the right
direction, and one that will rrfean
higher commodity prices and better
times. “It is the best thing that could
have happened” was one view ex
Whilje comparativly few farmers
still have in their possession any con
siderable quantities of their 1932 crop
the fact that cotton was rising rapidly
was Viewed as helpful turn in events.
It is believed that it will result in
higher prices for cotton goods, and
cause increasd buying of these ar
ticles, thus Increasing the demand
■and enabling the mills to start run
ning again on longer hours and fur
nishing employment for their help.
That would afford a direct benefit to
this community as well as hundreds
of others irf the South.
Nicholas Chavasse, son of Mr. and
Mrs. S. R. Chavasse, stood his en
trance examination to United States
Naval Academy yesterdiay i n Dur
ham, it was learned.
Chavasse got his appointment to
the academy in a competitive exam
ination some several mouths ago,
and if he, is. succesafful with the ex
amination just had, he will go to the
Navy school
Exemption From
Sales Tax Failed
(Continued from Page One.)
ever, being defeated by only two votes
the roll call showing 51 against and
49 for this amendment. It is. agreed
that if this amendment had carried,
several additional members would
have voted for the sales tax plan. But
those who had studied it were con
vinced that it was unwise to permit
any exemptions, if the tax was to be
held to not more than two per cent.
The amendment by Representative
Watson, of Nash jeounty, to exempt
overalls, shoes costing les sthan $2
a pair, work shirts, and other cheap
er clothing was also defeated, the
vote being 48 against and 34 for this
The Bowie amendment to strike out
\the entire two per cent sales tax plan
was defeated by a roll call vote of 55
to 34. The amendment by Repre-snta
tive Scarborough 11 of /Richmond, to
substitute a manufacturers produc
tion tax plan for the two per cent
sales tax, was defeated with a roar of
“noes” without a record vote- The
proposal by Representative Douglass,:
of Wake to substitute a manufactur
ers’ ta xon tobacco products, consider
ing chiefly of production tax of 10
cents per thousand on cigarettes was
also killed in a roar of “noes” without
a record vote.
North Carolina:
Vance County:
S. Scott Ferebee, Plaintiff.
E- B. Thomason and L. O. Lohmann,
Trustees, R. G. Kittrell, Substitut
ed Trustee, Fenco Incorporated,
Successor of Frederick E. No’tug
and Company, Inc., Nolting First
Mortgage Corporation, Home Mort
gage Corporation, Its Successors
and Assigns, and First and Mer
chants National Bank of Rich
mond, Virginia, Trustee, Defen
State of North Carolina:
To Fenco Incorporated, successor
of Frederick E. Nolting and Com
pany, Inc-,; Nolting First Mortgage
Corporation, Home Mortgage Cor
poration, and First and Merchants
National Bank of Richmond, Virginia,
You are hereby notified that the
foregoing Action has been instituted
in the Superior Court of Vance Coun
ty by S. Scott Ferebee, Plaintiff, for
the purpose of ascertaining the cor
rect amount due on the notes secured
by Deed of Trust executed by him on
the Ist -*day of October, 1928 to the
foregoing Trustees, under which deed
of Trust, R. G. Kittrell lias been sub
stituted as Trustee to enjoin the sale
of the real estate conveyed in said
Deed of Trust, until the correct
amount due on the notes secured un
der said Deed of Trust has been as
To recover the sum of forty-one
hundred-sixty, ($4160.00), dollars, with
interest on the same from August 1,
1931 on account of knowingly charg
ing, receiving and taking a usurious
rate of interest on the notes secured
under the Deed of Trust referred to
in the Complaint.
To have the recovery herein applied
to the debt.
To restrain the payment of the
proceeds of any sale of the property
by the Substituted Trustee until the
rights of the parties are established
by the Court.
Let the Defendants take notice that
if they fail to Answer said Complaint
within thirty days after the com
pletion of the Summons of Publica
tion, the Plaintiff will apply to the
Court for the relief demanded in the
A copy of said Complaint is on
file in the office of the Clerk of the
Superior Court.
This the 6th day of April, 1933.
Clerk of the Superior Court of
*". iv'*- Vance' County.
A* A. Bunn, Pittman, Bridgers and
Hicks, Attorneys for the Plaintiff.
Scene of Nevada Gold Strike
...... V
k* IffiilM® ' •’ fnr» ' Tm \
‘ itiSfSXuL WRBBBk x
... . .. ——
(p' '■.%+. ■ J \-- * -^ S ' - |f >■■'%
The accidental discovery of gold during the tearing down of an aban
doned hut at Virginia City, Nev., has given rise to the theory that it is an
outcropping of the famous “Comstock lode,” from which seven hundred
million dollars worth of the precious metal was taken in the old days
Here are experts examining the ore. Left to right are: J. L. Dobbins
eonsulting engineer, of San Francisco; Oscar Lewis, who discovered the
gold; Howard Squires and A. C. Rulofson, of San Francisco, assay
Senate Expected To Make
Numerous Revenue Changes
(Continued from bage One.>
and corporate excess tax provisions a
two per cent general sales tax was
sufficient and would yield enough re
venue to balance the budget.
To Star Routine.
As soon as the revenue bill reaches
the Senate from the House, which
may be this afternoon, if it is sent
over by special messenger, it is ex
pected to be referred at once to the
•Senate Finance Commit tae. It will be
in this committee at least a day and
is expected to come back in virtually
the same form as written by the
House Finance Committee, with the
three per cent general sales tax re
inserted and the kilowatt hour tax
and corporate excess tax amendments
removed. Present indications are that
the Senate will then adopt the bill
virtually as recommended by the fi
nance committee. The mere mechanics
>of passing the bill in the Senate is
expected to consume at least a week,
however. There is now utie possibility
that the bill will get before the Sen
ate until next Monday night, and it
will then require at least two days for
the Senate to adopt tlie bill, sitting
as a committee of the whole. It must
thru pass its second and third reading
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.on two successive days, so that it can
scarcely pass third reading in the Sen
ate before Friday, April 28, unless the
'Senate should decide to stay here
land work this Saturday and Monday.
Bui ilia 1 : is very unlikely, since mem
bers of neither house so far have let
anything interfere with their usual
week-end vacation from riday after
noon to Monda ynight. So the House
is not likely to get the revenue bill
back in its hands for concurrence as
passed by the Senate, until Monday,
May 1.
Houso May Hold Out.
If the Senate makes the changes in
the bill it is expected to and puts the
three per cent sales tax back into
it, theie is not much chance that the
House will concur in it immediately,
wi'h the result that a conference
committee will have to be appointed
and the bll sent to conference. And
even if the conference committees
should agree very quickly, it would
hardly be possible to accept the re
port of the committee and finish up
all of the other matters before the
assembly before Saturday, May 6.
There is a possibility of course,
that he Senate may not make the
changes in the revenue bill it is now
expeted to and that it may decide
to accept the bill very much as pars
ed by the House. Some believe that
ias a compromise gesture to the House
it may decide to retain the kilowatt
hour tax and the two per cent o
sates tax and remove only th^ 01^1
porate exess tax amendment it1 C ( °, r '
hope that this would insure ’J p ! he
concurrence by the House It Ls er
eraliy agreed that if this should
done, the House would probably r, *
cur at once and not make it neo n '
to send the bill t 0 conference Th^
would thus make it possible f or 2*
two houses to finish passage of th
revenue bill by Saturday, April 29
But veteran members 0 f \ cUl
houses frankly do not expect the So
ate to be willing to compromise t
this extent, at least not now, and d°
not see much chance for an agrep°
’•went until the first week in Mav at
the earliest.
3-Point Measure For Regu.
lation of Inflation Sought
(Continued from Paste One.)
debts; decrease the gold contenTof
the dollar by international agreement
or otherwise.
Armed with this power, the Presi
dent is confident of carrying on with
in reasonable limits the inflationary
iprocess began yesterday in taking
the nation off the gold standard in
world trade.
The authority was viewed as plac
ing in Mr- Roosevelt’s hands the use
ful weapon he wants in the fast ap
proaching economic negotiations with
foreign nations to bring about a
stabilization of world currency on a
revised gold standard.
Renew Your Health
By Purification
Any physician will tell you that
“Perfect Purification of the System
is Nature’s Foundation of Perfect
Health.” Why not rid yourself 0 f
chronic ailments that are under,
mining your vitality? Purify your
entire system by taking a thorough
course of Calotabs, —once or twice
a week for several weeks—and see
how Nature rewards you with
Calotabs purify the blood by acti
vating the livgr, kidneys, stomach
and bowels. In- 10 cts. and 35 cts.
packages. All dealers. (Adv.)
Political Advertising
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for alderman for the two-year
term from the first ward subject to
the municipal election on May 2.
Your vote and support will be
greatly appreciated.
Insurance Rentals
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