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Moderating Weather Brings
Citywide Services Away
From Church
Campaign Now In Third; Week, With
Congregations aid Interest
Girowing Among People
I of the Community
After being indoors at the First
.Methodist church for three days, oil
account of the rain;and, cool weather
hist week, the citywide union revival
returned today to the Big Henderson
Warehouse, where it is expected ito be
continued until the close.
The revival campaign now is in its
third full week, with interest grow
ing and the congregations becorining
larger. It is expected that this week
will see the largest attendance the
warehouse .has had since the meetings
began. , i „ * '
The first morning .service in the
warehouse since leaving thte church
•was held today at 9:30 a. m., and is
understood to have been well attepd>»
ed. All morning services are at that'
hour, with the evening meetings 'at
8 o’clock. i .
A synopsis of the seriribn preached
by the evangelist. Rev H. C Oavineds
Sunday afternoon at the First Meth
odist church was furnished for pub
lication today. The preacher's; theipe
was “Jesus, the Light of the World.”
He said, in part: *
“The Lord Jesus in John's gospel
'(8:12) said, ‘I am the Light of the
world, he that followeth me shblt
not walk in darkness, but shall have
the light of life.’
“Light is more than illuminative, it
is revelatory, and the crowd of spies
upon a woman’s shame who had
brought a social outcast into the pre
sence of Him who announced that He
was the light turned away. They-were
convicted, she waj converted, .through
the light. Every one pf their souls
was like a sewer, which when the
ptene Is raised, exhaling,a hellish gust
of pcisoneous vapor, which the light
revealed to them. But this light led
a woman of shame to know life.
“Oh, the victory of light, Christ Joe
rame incarnate light o nthe mountain
of transfiguration. Two great figures
came back from death that day. prop
hets of fire and flame, But on Her
mon’s apex that hour there stood one
greater than prophet, he wa3 both
priest and king, whose face shown
more splendous than had the--face
of I.loses, whose as’ccnsion was to be
more glorious than that of Elijah.
When this Light shone, a voice broke
the stillness of the ages and God said
from the glory, “This i 3 My beloved
jSon; hear ye him.’
“Light is one of the world’s great
est phenomenas, a trinity of colors,
blue, red and yellow, merging into a
white light. It is also a trinity of
power, being luminous, heat giving,
lactonic or chemical. Sir John Herchel
said, ‘Light is the greatest force of
universe.’ Proctor said. ‘Light was the
first of the forces of the universe.’
In John’s- gospel we find that “the
light shinneth in darkness, and the
darkness comprehended it not. “The
Lord Jesus was the light and yet men
were blind, are blind, therefore He
was, and is, not decognized. One of
the biggest gods in the earth today
is the god of darkness.
The darkest days England ever
knew, perhaps were when the 1 plague
•known a3 the “black death” took its
toll by the thousands. Why? for only
three months the sun didn’t shine, its
rays were obscured by mist and fog.
Death resulted. The darkest hour for
any soul is not in death, when friends
Ibade one farewell; but when he. or
she, turn for the last time from the
light, as it is in the Lord Jesus Christ
the light of the world. A black death
which is eternal is the only issue.
“There is a time we know not when,
A point we know not where,
That marks the destiny of men,
/To glory or despair-
There is a line by us unseen
That crosses every path;
That, hiddeth boundary between
God’s patience and God’s wrath.
Oh; where is this mysterious bourne
By which our path is crossed;
Beyond which God Himself hath
That he who goes is lost?
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By virtue ot power contained in a
Deed of Trust executed by Henrietta
'Patton, R. L. Staunton and Annie
'Siaun'on February 21st., 1930, which
i 3 recorded in the office of the Regis
ter of Deed 3 of Vance County in
Book 162 Page 49, default having been
made in the payment of the Notes
therein secured and at the request of
the said holder, I shall sell for cash
by- public auction to the highest bid
der ,at the court house door in Hen
derson on May 6th. 1933 at 12 o’clock
(Noon) the following described prop
er! /: Begin at stakes on Oxford Road
run thence S. 5 Chs across road to
stone; then S. 9 1-2 E. 14.40 chs.;
thence S. 30 E. 3.80 chs. to Iron Stake;
thence N 80 >2 E. ,47.50 chs. t 0 a
ftpno; thence *N. 14.45 chs. to htake;
thence West to the beginning. Con
taining 92 acres as per survey of T.
C. Gill February 14, 1929, being part
of the J. W. and N. B Patton lands.
Henderson, N. <C„ April 4th; 1983.
«, J. S. KITTREW* Trustee,.
An answer from the skies is sent;
“Ye that frotri God depart;
While it is calleA today repent
And harden not your heart.”
“Today if -ye hear His voice har
den not your hearts.” (Heb. 4:7) The
words of Jesus Christ. “Repent ye.”
(Matt. 4:17.)
There is a stranger spiritual pheno
mena even than light, and that is men
'hate light and love darkness. “This
is the condemnation of the world, that
light is come into the world, and men
loved darkness rather than light. Be
cause their deeds were evil, for every
one that doeth evil hateth the light,
neither cometh to the light, lest his
deeds should be reproved, but he that
doeth truth cometh to the light that
his deeds may be made manifest, that
they are wrought of God.” (John
3:19-21.) Men learn to hate the light
of legal scrunity because of sin,. To
kill officers o fthe law because they
bare in their hands the torch of social
light which would apprehend their
lawlessness. Men hate the church, it’s
institutions, it’s evangelism 1 and it’s
evangelists, because through these
agencies the 'Light of God reveals
them as they are- They fight evan
gelists, profess violent opposition to
manner, means and methods which
evonge-iists employ, when as a mat
ter of fact, their opposition is the ex
pression of a hate they , possess
against the Light of the World, the
Lord Christ, who will expose their
wickedness when they expose their
«souls to this Light.
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the issue of man’s coming Into the
•Light of life as it is in Christ Jesus
through regeneration.
“If we walk in the Light as He is
in the Light, we have fellowship one
with another, and the blood of Jesus
Christ, His Son, cleanseth us from
;al* sin.” (1 John 1:7) Wlhat a marvel
that through His Light we may have
(fellowship with Christ, Then He is,
“a Light shining in a dark place”
(11 Peter 1:19),| Never hath darker
days ever dawned, perhaps. When
communism unrolls it’s flag of an
archy, threatening the throne of the
world’s civilizbation; when the world
is an armed army camp and we be
threatened with another war which
would engulf men like a mighty mal
strom. When possessions means more
than principals; when economic chaos
occupies the center of all conditions,
Oh; how we need Him who is the
Light, shining in a dark.plae, in this
day of Spiritual impoverishment and
moral declension.
We who are followers of Christ are
admonished, in words of Christ: “Let
your light so shine among men that
they may see your good works and
glorify your Father which is in
Heaven.” (Matt- 5:16). It is not for
ourselves that we are made lights, but
Tor-others. The lifeht is for the lamps
'and’ not 'toJbe' hid under a bushel, for,
“ye are the light of the world, and
a city set upon a hill cannot be hid.”
were the words of Christ as He de
scribed His disciples. (Matt. 5:14.)
If a churchman is not of the salt
of the earth he hath lost his savor
and his worthless, if he fails to sine
he is regarded with disfavor- Perhaps
there is, nothing the. world holds in
cheaper contempt than a church mem
ber who. hath no salt as a preventive
,of corruption' snd no', preservative
power against sin, and whose light..is
hidden in darkness.” May God saye\us
in these dark days from-* being -those
whose lights fail.”
It is announced that ‘on account of
the uncertainty of the weather the
scheduled service for colored
in the Warehouse, for. Moh day -.night
has been postponed until next Mon
day evening «t 8. o’lock, when a spe
cial service vfill- be. held then for . the
colored people of the city and county
—*.— i , ... L
The weekly meeting of. Troop 3.0 of
the Henderson Boy Scouts tobk place
at the Episcopal Parish House on
Friday, April 21, Due to the; “swim
ming pool” formed in ‘the basement
by the recent rains, the regular as
sembly khd drill' was omitted. The
dOutine business was gone through
with and the meeting turned over to
the Rattlesnake . Patrol, with Bill
Bryan as patrol leader. The feature of
the program was a “kangahoo court,”
which afforded a great deal of fun
to everyone. This concluded, the Troop
meeting, but a meeting of all patrol
leaders and assistant patroj leaders
was called immediately afterwards.
This meeting was called Jior the
jk>se of deciding which' of ‘the
patrol leaders and .assistants should
represent Troop, 30 at the Dogwood
Festival at Chapel Hill, sis onlv
are a Bowel to goi After several min
utes of discussion it was decided that
Bill. Bryan. Erid F. Her
bert Crawford, JrrankKn Harris, Wed
ley Adams, Elvie Turner, J. W- Rose,
and Meredith Watkins represent
Troop 30. Sunday night wqs ;then set
as the time for a .meeting to organize
the' - gdoup into . sf. ,set patrol.
Troop Scribe.
Around Town
l ; - -v y. ,
; Suspended Sert<ehce. —Ray - Hicks
was tried in police, court today ,oli -.a
charge of possessing liquor, and- was
Isent to the roads fori six months, com
-1 mitment not to issue on payment of
the costs and on condition that he
does not violate the. prohibition laws
in the next two years- ;
Two Fire Alarms.—Two fire alarms,
both being small fires, called but the
Henderson Fire Department-.yesterday
afternoon shortly Rafter 5 d’clhck and
again today shortly afternoon. Yes
terday’s tire Wap an automohile her
longing to ai tourist*, No damage was
reported. The £ire today was the awn
, ing •; on' C.. C.' Poole’s Tailor Shop on
Montgomery stheet. : The awning was v !
destroyed. '-i'.-J
Interesting Program Had;
Supt. E. M. Koilins Ex
plains Salary. Cut
■ l ; ilii :ih . ♦
■ It is the intention of the State to
pay the school teachers the five per
cent of the entire six months salaiy
' that was deducted from'the last check
that Vance county teachers received,
Superintendent E. M. Rollins told the
Vane County Schoolmasters Club at
jts fihaLmeeting o fthe present school
year, held Monday evening in the
rooms of the Croatan club at 6:30
o’clock;; T-his cut, while, five percent
of the entire six months salary,
amounted to 30 percent of one month’s
salary. Mr- Rollins told the; teachers,
however, that the State Department
of Education was unable to sky just
When thi3 reriikining five percent will
'be available. \
* Forty members of the faculty of the
city and county schools attended the
meeting last night. Miss Willie Gee
spoke to the meeting on the subject,
' “The Primary Child,” and Miss Annie
'Fuller Young spoke on
In the School.” Both are members of
the' faculty of Zeb Vance school,
Kvhose principal, Professor r 4
Dees, was In charge of the Al
for the meeting. rai tt
An interesting program of ento
tamment was also given at the ml T
>ing. F. R. uuin . grave imitation? ',
well known Henderson character? A° f
‘ Amos ’ri Andy” act was put on
Mr. Guin and C. L. Finch. Sam aL?
and Mr. Guin played several pon??
numbers on the banjo and gui ta
Misses Jackie and Vesta Wiester
two selections, “The Lilac Tree” an!
‘‘Everybody Picks on Me.” na
At the conclusion of his talk s
■perintendent Rollins aske dthe’cluh
to give a rising vote of thanks tr
the officers of the club for the D J
'year. Prof. W. D. Payne, principal
iHehderson high school is the nre-i
dent of ht e club. p esl '
,k T^> d ,l n T, w = s . erved by ladi « of
the Methodist Protestant church.
The Middleburg Grange wili mee t
in its regular session on Wednesday
evening at 8 o’clock at the Middle
burg school, it was announced today
All members are asked to be present
and on time.
Bishop Penick To Be Here.
The Right Reverend Edwin A
Penick, Bishop of the Diocese of
North Carolina, will be at Holy In
nocents Episcopal church Wednesday
at 12 o’clock for the Holy Rites of
Confirmation, it was said today.

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