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U. S. Demanding Adherence
Os British Government To
Truce On Tariffs At Once
At Least Declaration of Brit
ish Policy is Desired
by Washington
Waiting For Cue To Follow;
No Specific Statement
Made as Yet From Lon
don; Japan Accepts Ame
rican Tariff'Truce Propo
sal With Reservations
London. May 6. - (AP) —Norman
Davis, special ambassador-at-large for
President Rooseveir. received instruc
tions today from Washington to re
main in London and prss the British
g-overnment for adherence to an im
mediate tariff truce, or at least for a
declaration of the British position.
Davis was preparing to depart for
the disarmament conference at
Geneva for a week’s effort to per
suade Great Britain to accept the Am
eiican proposal for a truce. Although
his presence was needed at Geneva,
the American government insisted the
matter of the tariff truce be ironed
out immediately if possible.
It was understood that o;ner na
tions are prepared to follow Great
Britain's lead, and are waiting for her
The difficulty Is that the British
government thus far has given no
specific reply regarding Hs attitude
toward the truce, proposed for the
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Lowell, Mass., May 6.—(AP)—Riot
ing broke out anew today as a crowd
of strikers sought to prevent work
ers from entering the Becker Broth
ers shoe factory. Two men were ar
rested by police, who charged the
crowd that pelted automobiles carry
ing workers with stones and other
U. SEffort
Praised By
Hitler Man
German Problem
How To Live and
I’ay Debt, Schaclit
Says at White House
Washington, May 6 (AP)-The Hit-
I f r spokesman, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht
entered the Wihite House internation
al conversations today with an ex
piession of unqualified approval of
th< United States proposal for a
"crld tariff truce.
This support for American efforts
' , ”'3s coupled with a frank declara
bon to newspapermen that "there
can't be peace in Europe without
pe«t-war treaty revision.”
Ur. Scihacht, who arrived here yes
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Will Speed Cotton Pool
Plan When Congress Acts
Washington, May 6 (AP)— The
mi .h cotton option plan—one of the
Provision of the administration farm
lP ief bills— will be put into quick
rp”ration in the hopes of brightening
lt . ec °nomlc skies of Dixieland.
Secretary Wallace is prepared to
''’ 'he minute final congressional
approval is given to the entire mea
'Ur next week.
1 ,|p bit ends then to call representa
,,lUm °* growers, handlers and spin
s 1 toge her for the establishment
1 a commodity council.
HntlUTsmt Mlg Siamttrh
At Harriman Batik Hearing
* Ajjjpr |||| ■ : >--\y:
■i■! ■ i i a r i p; %
beYo^e'a F stnate ci^mittp at * onal ban £ examiner, pictured as he testified
„i no °;, e „ senate Committee in connection with the manipulations of the
oi We?t a at .od al - Bank *° f Ne o W York - At ,est is Senior Neely!
Francis 1 toTd Sf W fill '" C^ er> - Senato . r Stephens of Mississippi,
r rancis told of hia findings following an investigation of Harriman’s
Roosevelt Is To Handle
War Debt Issue Himself
Question of June 15 Pay
mens Sets Capital buzz
ing Again Over Pres
ident’s Course
During MacDonald’s Recent
Visit, It Was Said at White
House Roosevelt Was Con
sidering Sending Resolu
tion to Congress For Ac
Washington, May 6. —(AP) — War
debts and the question of what is to
he done about the payments due June
15. if anything, set the capital buzzing
again today with conflicting reports.
State Department officials said the
matter has been reserved for Presi
dent Roosevelt himself to handle.
During the recent visit of Prime
Minister Ramsay MacDonald, it was
disclosed at the White. House that
the President was considering send
ing a war debts resolution to Con
gress .
Reports followed that the President
would seek authority to handle the
matter, including the power to post
pone the June 15 payment, totalling
$144,000000, in view of the fact they
fall due just three days after the
opening of the world economic con
ference at London-
Havana, Cuba, May 6. —(AP)—
Terrorist bombers struck again to
day, killing a policeman and in
juring a civilian-
A terrific explosion outside the
newspaper Heraldo de Cuba,
where the Associated Press offices
also are located, mangled Polio»-
mnn iJuian Fernandes. He died
shortly afterwards.
A passerby was injured.
More than 2,200,000 bales of cotton
are available for the pool in which
farmers who agree to cut their acre
age by at least 30 percent will par
ticipate. The amount available re
presents cotton in storage on which
government loans have been made.
The bill instructs the farm board
and other government agencies, ex
cepting the Federal Intermediate
-Credit Bank to sell all cotton owned
by them, if the secretary of agricul
ture agree, at prices not in excess of
the market. ...
Boasts of Hoarding
s -AS6i - ‘ •*- ,
Charles S. Thomas
With $l2O in gold in his posses
sion, Charles S. Thomas, 84, of
Denver, former United States
senator, is defying the federal
government to place him in the
penitentiary. He believes he is
entitled to keep the gold under
the constitution and that no anti
hoarding campaign can force hix®
to part with it*
Economy Two Years and
Equal Opportunity In
spired Senate Vote ,
Daily Dispatch Tinrenn,
In the Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, .May 6. —Several of the
senators from the larger cities in
North Carolina had a fast one pulled
over them by the Senate on the mat
ter of locafl supplements for extended
school *p/ms, it is agreed here- Sev
eral of them, including Senator Kirk
patrick of Mecklenburg, and Senator
Blackstock of Buncombe, who fought
a losing battle against the Clement
amendment to the school machinery
bill prohibiting the special charter
districts from running more than an
eight months term, would never have
supported the eight months school
term if they had had the faintest idea
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Fair tonight and Sunday; Some
wht warmer in coitral portion
tonight!. , _i .^j.
117 Banks Reopen
During Past Week
New York May 6.—(AP)—Dur
ing the past week 117 banks re
opened on an unrestricted basis
“The American Banker” reported
today. This is by far the largest
number of weekly resumptions
since the end of March.
The largest number of reopen
ings, says the publication, indi
cates rapid strides in the bank re
construction program under way
for the rehabilitation of 3,000 banks
which are still in the hands of
conservators or otherwise unopen
ed since the March holiday.
Few Amendments Likely In
Lower Body, and Final
Passage by Tuesday
Seems Sure
Likelihood is That Extended
Term and Supplements
Will Both Be Voted Down
In House; School Lobby
ists Move Over to the
House Side Now
Daily Dispatch Itnrenw,
In the Sir Walter Hotel.
3V .1 C.
Raleigh, May 6—The fight over the
school machinery b’ll has now shift
ed to the House, having been passed
by the Senate on third reading Thurs
day by a vote of 33 to 11, and still
containing the amendment by Sena
tor Clement, of Rowan county, limit
ing the school term to eight months
and no more, even in the larger cities.
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Jap Expulsions
From Guam Holds
Seed of Trouble
Tokyo-, May 6.—(AP)—A con
troversy involving the United
Stales and Japan was predicted
today as a result of the alleged
expulsion of 112 Japanese laborers
from • the island of Guam.
Guam, a United States posses
sion is the site of an American
naval establishment.
Tho newspaper Kokumin Shim
bun to.ticked what it described as
tho “out rag, „as order” of Captain
Edmund Spence Root, U. S. N.,
the governor of Guam in “deport
ing the Japanese.”
It said the governor refused to
renew resident permits for the la
borers which expired after six
months- 4
Shoals Bill Will
Go to Conference,
Then White House
Washington, May 6—(AP)—Chair
man McSwain, of the House Military
Committee today said the Muscle
iShoals-Tennessee basin development
bill would be sent to conference Tues
day by the House for adjustment of
differneces with the Senate.
“I do not anticipate any delay in
adjusting differences,” said McSwain.
“I hope we can complete congres
sional action and send the bill to the
White House before next Saturday.”
He predicted the fertilizer provision
will stay in the bill, in view of the
amendment by Senator Norris, Re
publican, Nebraska, adopted by the
New York. May 6—Big United
States Chamber of Commerce
dinner in Washington was fine.
The humorous part of it was that
ail big manufacturers and pro
ducers in there had been all their
life hollering “Keep the govern
ment out of business,” Well, my
companion was Jesse Jones, of the
Reconstruction Finance Corpora
tion, who held a mortgage on
every full dress suit in the house.
There is not a business that the
government hasent been asked to
join. Nothing makes a man broad
minded like adversity.
Mr. Roosevelt told us the new
international slogan was “Got.”
Well, Macdonald agreed with him.
Says “We got.” He didn't say how
Then they searched for the
word for “got”, in French. And
that was “Forgot.”
Yours, Will*
Partial Confession Given
After Two Brothers Taken
, In McMath Kidnaping Case 1
Legislature Preparing To
Adjourn By Thursday
House Compromises With S enate on Revenue Bill To
Balance Budget and Go Home; Measure Passes Sec
ond Reading at Sessio n Just After Midnight
Daily Dispatch
In the Sir Walter Hotel.
Ra eigh, May 6.—The adaption of
the conference report on the revenue
bill by the House yesterday and its
passage of the report on second read
ing early htis morning in a session
that convened at 12:05 a. m., at last
brings the possibility of final adjourn
ment by Thursday, May 11. The House
can now adopt the conference report
on third reading Monday afternoon or
night, making it possible for the Sen
ate to adopt the report on its first
reading there Tuesday, second read
ing on Wednesday and third reading
B, 'WL
■b v :
Hhl tt* *3%: >JB Psjj
■PWf : :: 4 vJiePP
i- irfX. Ift >
XIS vs i
te ;
iin : i t
Little 10-yeas-old Peggy McMath
above, daughter of Mr _ and Mrs. Neii
McMath, wealthy family of Harwich
po-rt, Mass., formerly of Detroit, was
returned safely to her (home last
night after a ransom reputed to be
$60,000 had been paid to Ithe men who
kidnaped her from -her school last
Tuesday. (
Will Protect Buying Public
From Fraudulent Issues
In Future
Washington, May 6.— (AP) — The
Senate and House took a holiday to
day after a week of swift action in
advancing President Roosevelt’s do
mestic recovery program.
Without even a record vote, the
House yesterday approved, and sent
to the Senate a bill embodying
(President’s recommendations for pro
tecting the buying public from fraud
ulent issues of securities. There was
little opposition and Senate approval
is virtually certain.
On Monday the House will vote on
whether to accept the Norris-Simpson
cost of production guaranty plan,
which was inserted in the Roosevelt
farm bill by the Senate, or insist
that it be eliminated as asked by Sec
retary Walla.ce. Disagreement over
this is all that is keeping the farm
-bill from going to the Whit© House.
AH other provisions have been agreed
Senator Glass, Democrat Virginia
was preparing today to seek early
Senate action on his legislation for
reforming the banking laws. He said
the banking sub-committee would ap
prove the measure Monday pr Tues
day. i
Hastings, N. Y., May 6. —(AP) —
Two-year-old Helen Vasco, whose left
eye was removed nearly three weeks
ago. so that a danegrous tumor might
be removed, returned to her home to
day from Presbyterian hospital in.
New York. ,
■on Thursday. If all other business
can be gotten out of the way by Thurs
day night, the General Assembly could
adjourn then. )f3ut 'indications are
that the gavels will not fall closing
the session sine die until; Friday night.
There is virtually no possibility that
any further cntangelments will be run
into in the approval of the confer
ence report on . the revenue bill, and
not much trouble is expected in pass
ing the school machinery bill in the
House, despite the intense opposition
to the Griffin Senate bill from the
school forces of the State. As a re
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Officers Try To Dig From
Him Identity of the
■ Kidnaping Gang
Little McMath Girl Abducted From
Her School Last Tuesday Is
Brought Back After $60,-
000 Ransom Is Paid
Woods Hole, Mass., Mhy 6 (AP)
Neil M. Mic Math, whose' ten-year-old
daughter, Margaret, was restored to
him by kidnapers yesterday, and Wil
liam Lee hi s business associate, were
taken to Harwicih today after a night
of virtually uninterrupted question
Lee, who had been representing the
McMath family in the search for the
child, appeared in a highly nervous
condition. ( His eyes were red, his
hair touseled, and his face drawn
and pale.
The men were taken in the auto
mobile of Daniel Needham, State
commissioner of public safety, who,
with District Attorney William C.
Crossley, had conducted the ques
tioning since 6 o’clock last night. A
third man, Harold Sawyer, Harwich
resident who also was questioned
during the night, was in"the auto
mobile .
The commissioner and the. district
attorney questioned the mien in an
effort to determine what they might
know of the indentity of the kidnap
ers, who had eniced Margaret from
in ffront of the schoolhouse Tuesday,
and restored her to her parents yes
terday upon payment of approxi
mately $60,000.
Senators To Make
Sweeping Inquiry
Into Akron’s Loss
Akron, Ohio, May 6.—(AP) — A
sweeping investigation not only into
•the U. S. S. Akron disaster, but also
•into the military and commercial
value of dirigibles was promised to
day by Senator W. H. King, of Utah
'chairman of a joint congressional
committee that arrived here today to
inspect the U. S. S. Macon.
Not only will the committee inves
tigate the disaster that took a total
of 73 lives of fthe cost of New Jersey
a few weeks ago, but will also go into
the causes of the disaster of the
Shenandoah wrecked over Ava, Ohio,
in 1925, Senator King declared.
Senate Row Precipitated
By Beer Ban For College
Rialedgh, May 6 (AP)—The ball of
Senator Hill, of Durham, to prohibit
the sale of beer within a mile of
Campbell College precipitated a row
embellished by personalities in the
Senate this morning.
The first round went to Hill, who
saved the bill by a threat to raise the
point of a quorum. However, Sena
tor Ingram, of Randolph, who repre
sents the district in which the col
lege is located, and who opposed the
measure ,will continue his fight Mon
da£ night. , j ,
Two Unidentified Men Are
Also Suspected in Kid
naping and Extor
tion of $60,000
CyriJ Buck Admits Bringing
Child Back, and Says He
Did Big Job and “Suppose
TH Have To Pay For It;
Claimed He Was Merely
Contact Man
Harwichport, Mass., May 6 (AP)
Cyril Buck, tfhe man who returned
kidnaped Margaret Peggy McMlath to
her parents yesterday, and his broth
er, Kenneth,, were arrested this aft
ernoon as participants with two uni
dentified men in the aMuction of the
child and the extortion of approxi
mately $60,000
[Daniel Needhfami Massachusetts
commissioner of public safety, an
nounced the arrests and stated that
he had a ffull statement from Ken
neth Buck, unemployed chauffeur, ad
mitting part in the plot. The com
missioner said Syril had admitted a
connection with the affair in bring
ing about the return of the girl, but
maintained his part was innocence.
Needham at first said he ha* a
“confession” from both mfen but later
modified in respect to Cyril's
The two were arrested a short time
after Cyri lhad been brought back to
Harwichport from Wbods Hole, where
with Neil C. McMath, father of the
stolen child child, and Wllliaim Lee
business associate of McMjith, and
spokesman for the parents, he had
undergone an all-night questioning by
the police. ,
Needihamt in announcing the arrest
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Fatal To 16
Late Friday
100 Injured, Many
Homeless, Property
Loss Estimated At
Over $1,000,000
(By the Associated Press)
The death toll from yesterday’s
tdrnadm which roared across up
per South Carolina, striking de
structively in Anderson, Gieen*-
ville and Laurens counties, stood
at 16 today.
The list of Injured ran to mtort
than 100, while the proprety damage
was estimlted in excess of $1,000,000.
Hundreds were homeless.
Meanwhile, the Red Cross, Recon
struction Corporation and other re
lieif agencies, pressed forward with
relief work. The Red Cross of Lau
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Hill introduced the bill at the re*
quest of the college authorities. It is
no tunlike bills passed for other col
leges. It applies to a community
that won’t now allow the sale of cig
arettes .
Tihe Senate received three and pass
ed 28 local bills today. Two mea
sures were killed. The House having
completed itg Saturday work before
1 o’clock th s morning the 18 sena
tors were the only law-makers in the
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