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Compromise Upon
School Machinery
Measure Is Near
Agreement By Conferees
Expected Today In Last
Major Task Before
Would Permit Pasquotank
Voters To Decide Whether
They Want To Permit Bet
ting; 1933 Tax Sale Certi
ficate Refunding
Amended by State
Raleigh. May 12.—(AP)—Conferees
on 'he biennial school machinery bill,
the last major act the General As
sembly must agree on before it can
adjourn sine die, promised a com
promise measure late today as the two
legislative divisions worked leisurely
on odds and ends on their calendars.
The eight legislators engaged in
ironing differences between Senate
and House school bill 3 reported at the
end of a four-hour meeting that it
was likely an unanimous report would
be ready during the afternoon.
Th? major points of contention be
tween the two houses is over the
length of school terms.
This is the first legislative session
which had to delay adjournment be
cause of failure to enact a school law
in the memory of Representative
Doughton, of Allehany, veteran, of 16
Under suspension of the rules, the
House passed and sent to the Senate
a rule to allow the voters of Pas
quotank county to decide whether or
not there shall be horse-racing and
pari-mutuaij betting /in /their com
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Washington, May 12- — (AP)
Henry MorfAnth.au, Jr., chairman
of the Farm Board, announced to
day that the last remaining cot
ton of the stabilization corpora
tion’s 19,806 hales would be sold
to the highest bidder at the cor
poration's office at New Orleans
next Tuesday.
Will Defend
Public From
Farm Strike
Officialdom Moves
InF ace of Threat to
Withhold Food
From the Cities
Chicago. May 12. —(AP) —Official-
dom moved today to prevent any farm
strike inconvience to the American
public. At various points where tie
up of marketing of foodstuffs were
threatened officials took action.
Thp 'hreat, under sponsorship of
the Farmers Holiday Association, is
scheduled to start tomorrow. In Wis
consin 'he governor warned the
sheriffs and district attorneys they
would be held responsible for any dis
orders growing out of the situation.
A strike by some dairy farmers in
northern Illinois, which was opposed
hy members of the Pure Milk Asso
ciation, was threatened for tomor
tow and the health commissioner is
sued a warning that milk from any
see*ion where tie-ups are 1 attempted
would be barred from the metropoli
tan area. He contended in the past
such strikes had jeopardized the
purity of the milk supply.
Jersey Rummers Linked
To Kidnaping By Means
Washington, May 12. —(AP) —New
Jersey rum runners were linked with
,hfl Lindbergh kidnapers today in the
I'ind tal« that Gaston B Means relat
lfrl in District of Columbia Supreme
Continuing his story of the ac
’iyities that led to his present trial
wi *h Norman T. W|hitaker on charges
()f ( f >nspiracy to defraud Mrs. Evelyn
v; ikh McLean estranged wife of the
foi incr publisher of the Washington
r ; !t of $35,000. the former convict
C'id ihe man he knew as Irving Fen
*on i old him Max Hassel •and Max
-'teenberg were associated with Fen
Utettitersmt Batht tHsuatrlt
Will Have Corresponding
Units in Each of 12 Cities
With Federal Land
Banks Now
Will Unify] All Scattered
Farm Credit Agencies Un
der Single Direction; All
Loans To Be Handled hy
Offices Opened in the New
Washington, May 12. —(AP)—Ac-
tivities of the new farm credit ad
ministration which will begin func
tioning May 27, will be organized in
five divisions which will have cor
responding units in each of the 12
citie3 where Federal land banks are
now situated.
Henry Morgenthau, Jr., farm board
chairman and governor designate of
the new administration, which will
unify scattered farm credit agencies,
expects to have the set-up complete
.and ready for operation in 15 days
when President Roosevelt’s order
creating the executive agency becomes
Thg nation will be divided into 12
regions, following the same pattern
now in use by the Federal land and
intermediate credit banks.
All loans will be Handled through
these banns, except for some to be
made dirctly by the Washington of
fice to national farm marketing co
operatives. Under Morgenthau will be
three! deputy governors, a general
council and five commissioners, each
heading a division.
The biggest will be the land bank
division .which will continue the work
of the Federal farm land bank board.
All members of this board'except Paul
Bestor, who is also land bank com
missioner, will no longer have func
tions under the new arrangement,
their positions being abolished.
Peru and Colombia
To Negotiate For
Peace Settlement
Lima, Peru, May 12—(AP) —Peru
and Colombia agreed today to direct
negotiations to solve their conflict
over the Leticia border territory in
the upper Amazon region.
The conflict between Peru and
Colombia was precipitated September
1, 1932, when Peruvians seized the
town of Leticia and ousted Colombian
officials. Since that time there have
been a few instances of fighting on
a fairly large scale.
Both nations have concentrated men
and materials of war in the district.
Meanwhile. American neutral coun
tries and the League of Nations have
endeavored to compromise the dis
Mostly cloudy tonight and Sat
urday; probably local thunder
showers in west and north cen
tral portions. Slightly warmer in
northeast and. slightly cooler in
northwest portions tonight.
ton in the kidnaping.
Means said Hassel and Greenberg
had sold beer to servants in the l house
hdld of Colonel and Mrs. Charles A.
Lindbergh, and that on one occasion
when they had delivered beer they
had simply picked up the baby and
taken it away. He added that on one
occasion, after lengthy negotiations
with Fenton, for the return of the
baby, he returned to Washington and
found a memorandum saying that
“in an attempt to remove the baby
from its hiding place in New Jersey,
the baby was dropped on its head and
killed, _ tT'.h . i —n. .
Germany Soon To Agree
To World Tariff Truce
On Minor Reservations
New Reserve Head
• JMw Mi, :•. '.•<>
. iVpiWniilmF
Eugene Black
Eugene Black, governor of the
Atlanta, Ga., Federal Reserve
bank, is the man picked by Presi
dent Roosevelt to succeed Eugene
Meyer as governor of the Federal
Reserve board. Black was slated
for a place on the board and,
when the president had difficulty
in finding the right man to head
it, he decided to name Black, at
least temporarily, according to
authoritptiv*' reports in Washing-
Roosevelt and Schacht
Agreed in Statement as
Conferences End
SlaWf Conditions in Monetary Field
Also Urgent; McAiey and Econof
, mics Are Equally Urg
ent, They Say
Washington, May 12.—(AP) — A
joint statement issued today by Presi--
dent Roosevelt and Dr. Hjalmar
■Schacht, German representative, said
both were convinced that the world
economic conference could not be a
success unless “along with economic
disarmament there is military dis
“We emphasize the necessity of a
speedy elimination of the obstacles to
international trade,” the communica
tion said, “and we feel that the crea
tion of stab'.ie conditions in the mone
tary field is equally important.
"Economy and monetary questions
are so interdependent that the ad
justment of both must necessarily go
hand in hand.”
The statement, issued at the con
elusion of the informal parleys with
Germany’s representative preparatory
to the world economic conference in
Jjondon, said that “quick and far
reaching solutions are necessary to
save the economic life of the world.”
Washington, May 12- —(AP)—Presi-
dent Roosevelt today named William
A. Julian, of Ohio, treasurer of the
United States.
Chelsea Okla., May 12— 1
hmoa never looked prettier.
N Haven’t sem a tractor working '
all day. The country has gone '
pane, and got back to horses. '
Farmers all look worse, but 1
they feel better. One of the very
next things Mr. Roosevelt is go
ing to do, so I wait told in Wash
ington on the- best authority,
to appoint an oil “czar.” No ini
dustry needs a warden worse.
Spring has come! Rockefeller
and Brisbane art drifting North
front Florida. These two old
men are a surer sign than the
geese used to be. |
Yours, | i
1, -i _.. xl .
Dr. Schacht Makes An
nouncement as He Ent
ers Final Conversa
Declares Exceptions Will Be
Insignificant Compared to
Those of Great Britain and
France; Envoy Here Says
Decision Is Coming Soon
London, May 12.—(AP) — The
American proposal for an inter
y national tariffs truce was unani
mously adopted today at a meet
ing of the organizing committee
of the world economic conference.
The armistice was agreed upon
after the representatives of the
eight nations oh the committee
had been in session more than
three hours.
Norman 11. Davis, President
Roosevelt’s negotiator, came from
the conference room in the for
eign office, his face wreathed in
“It is good news,” he said.
In the course of the negotia
tions, each country participating
had an opportunity to express
views supporting the broad prin
ciples of the armistic in making
it effective immediately.
Wushirpton, May .2-—(AP)—Ger
man rea/iness to agree to a world
tariff truce “with minor reservations”
was announced by Dr. Hjalmar
(Schacht, Hitler government represen
tative, as he entered his final talks
today with Secretary Hull at the State
Department and President Roosevelt
at the White House.
Schacht said it had been Germany’s
intention tp do aUj&tehk and re
marked he did not Understand why
sd much confusion on the point had
been created. He said Germany’s re
servations were minor compared to
those of Great Britain and France.
He indicated that his country's ag
reement to a truce would soon be
made known formally. He did not.
say what his country’s reservations
would be.
Chinese To
Fight Back
Jap Planes
Peiping, China, May 12. —(AP)
Chinese authorities moved today swift
Jy today for the defense of Peiping
after a second reconnaissance of the
city by a Japanese war plane.
This prane, like that of yesterday,
dropped handbills saying the Japan
ese ere ready to extend their attack
to Peiping and Tientsin unless the
Chinese cease armed resistance. Chin
ese anti-aircraft guns fired ineffec
tively at the plane.
The plane flew directly over the
American Legation and quarters of
500 Marines. The Chinese are expect
ed to give battle if the Japanese at
tempt any more flights over the city.
Tax Bill Is
Made Ready
$220,000,000 Annual
ly Needed and Sales
Tax for It May Be
Washington, May 12. —(AP) —A re
vised draft to the public construction
industrial control bill was carried to
the White House today by Senator
Wagner, Democrat, New York for a
finaf check with President Roosevelt
and a last minute dete.mination of
the taxation program.
Speaker Rainey predicted to news
paper men that the $3,300,000 measure
would be ready for congressional pre
sentation next week.
Wagner held a brief conference with
Donald Richberg, representative of or
ganized labor just before turning to
th© White House with the latest draft
of the revolutionary plan for controll
ing and speeding up industry. He said
lie form of taxation to finance the
proposed construction program would
(Continued on Page Four.). _ <
Farm Aid-Inflation Measure
Becomes Law With Signature
Attached By The President
pHWL ;$ iMmUmgk
lpß .W-: • 3v
■■•••■:■•■:■ • •: j
Colonel Lindbergh
Hundreds of hero worshipers en
joyed a red letter day in Wash
ington as Col. Charles A. Lind
bergh, left, arrived at tfre District
of Columbia supreme court to
testify for the government in the
trial of Gaston B. Means and
Norman Whitaker on a charge of
defrauding Mrs. Evalyn Walsh
McLean, society matron and news
Bombs Are Found In Home
Os U. S. Consul In Mukden
Mukden, Manchuria, May 12.
(AP) —Bombs were discovered to
day in the residence of the Amer
ican Consul General, Myrl S.
Myers, and in the British con
sulate general. They were removed
without exploding.
Japanese police were investigat
ing the incident.
Mr- Myers had been active in
ghthei/ing tacts for the United
■ i
State Prison Has
Population 2,840
Raleigh, ,Mjay 12—(AP)—North
Carolina State Prison gained 18
inmates in April, and on May 1 hao
a population of in its various units
of 2,840 persons. The largest num
ber of inmates the prison has ever
had is 2,912.
The prison received 112 new con
victs, had 15 escapes re captured
and got 13 other prisoners for a
total of 140 April admissions. Dur
ing the month of 78 persons com
pleted terms, 13 were paroled, one
pardoned, 21 escaped, four died and
five were given temporary paroles,
b total of 122.
On May 1 there were 1,299 white
men, 1,4443 Negro men, 31 white
women and 67 Negro women in the
But Some of Amendments
School Law Will Be
Contested There
Dully Dispatch Barm,
In the Sir Walter Hotel,
Raleigh, May U— wnue the Senate
is expected to agree to the amend
ment added to the school machinery
bill in the House to permit counties
and the larger special charter dis
tricts, or cities to levy supplemental
taxes for a nine months school term,
as well for supplementing the) eight
months term, it is not expected that
its conference committee will agree
to anything like all of the House
amendments. It was because of the
wa Rage Four.)
m .mm
fry ' y
ft 3~‘
i; MB
Gaston Means
paper publisher, of $35,000 on the
pretext that they could turn over
the Lindbergh baby to her. For
the first time Colonel Lindbergh
told the story of the kidnaping
and murder in public. Means, al
ready serving a 15-year term for
defrauding Mrs. McLean of $104,-
000 in the Lindbergh case, is
shown, right, smiling.
States government concerning the
Japanese military occupation of
Manchuria and Japan’s sponsor
ship . of ' the Manchukuo govern
ment in the territory seized from
China. Lately reports said he had
been engaged in negotiations
seeking the release of Dr. Neils
Nielsen, American missionary kid
naped several weeks ago by Chin
ese brigands.
Arthur Morgan Believed
Roosevelt’s Choice for
Valley Project
Washington, May 12.—(AP) — The
belief was growing in Washington to
day that Arthur E. Morgan, of Yel
low Springs, Ohio, is President Roose
velt’s choice for director of the vast
$18,000,000 Tennessee alley conserva
tion program.
Morgan is a proneer in educational
thought, as well as civil engineering
Since 1902, when with but a high
school education he began engineer
ing work at St. Cloud, Minn., he has
planned and supervised construction
of 75 water control projects, includ
ing the Miami conservancy project at
Dayton, Ohio, and the Ambition St.
Francis Valley reclamation workings
in Arkansas.
Sales Tax Fight Goes On,
Despite Passage Os Law
Dally Dispatch Bureau,
In the Sir Walter Hotel.
Haleigh. May 12 —Although the Gen
eral Assembly has already enacted a
revenue bill carrying a three percent
general sales tax, the merchants have
not given up the battle, and they
are now fighting for a supplementary
bill which would mlake it mandatory
that the merchants shall pass the I
sales tax on to the consumer. But \
such a proposal, according to observ-,
ers here, will find concerted opposi
tion in both blouses, since seme of
the best legal minds of the G-c-neral
Muscle Shoals Tennessee
Valley Bill To Be Agreed
on by Conferees
by Evening
To Begin Hearing Amend,
ments Next Tuesday;
Framer of Resolution To
Probe Movies . Told He
Only Wants Free Trip to
Hollywood Studios
Washington, May 12. — (AP)— The
'Ttrm |>ecame Jaw today with
President Roosevelt’s signature of the
document, empowering him and his
aides to inflate the currency and lift
farm prices and ease, mortgage trou
bles of the farmers.
Meanwhile, the House, by a one
sided vote, passed and sent to the
Senate the independent offices ap
propriation bill, cut in half to around
half a billion since last year, and
carrying extensive new economy pow
ers for the President, including au
thority to cut or cancel train, air and.
mail contracts.
The Senate, delayed by debate on
tariffs and other issues was approach
ing a final vote on the tax bill, which
continues the present one-cent gaso
line level, reduces postage and shifts
from home customers the burden 6f
(Continued on Page Pour.)
Germany To Ban
Land Ownership
To Jewish Folk
Berlin, May 12.—(AP)—The Prus
sian government will invoke on Mon
day a bold revolutionary law to set
tle its most vixing farm problem
heavy landed indebtedness.
The law will abolish large landed
estate ownership, set up a new class
of equally landed genty and will serve
ultimatel yto deprive any person of
Jewish or colored blood from ownyl
-of farm land.
"Only a German citizen of German
birth can inherit land as a farmer/’ 1
the law states. "German blooded ii
he who has neither Jewish nor color
ed blood within four generations.”
Delay Is
Washington, May 12 (AP)—Pres
ident Roosevelt today urged farm
mortgage creditors to abstain from
foreclosures pending operation of the
newly signed farm re-financing mort
gage bill.
In signing an agriculture debt re
lief measure into law, the President
in a formal statement said:
"I urge upon mortgage creditors
until full opportunity has been given
to make effective the provisions of
the mortgage refinancing methods of
the farm relief act, that they abstain (
from bringing foreclosure proceed
ings and making any effort to dis
possess farmers wfho are in debt to
Assembly are firm In the conviction
that this is a trap by which the mer
chants hope to ensnare the assembly
so that they can have the sale tax
declared: invalid in the courts.
According to Willard L. Dowell,
the head mJan of tihe North Carolina
Merchants Association, the legisla
ture is already afraid that it has en
acted a revenue bill that will not
stand up in the courts.' In Dowell’s
words, the "legislature is scared 10
death.” Dowell said here yesterday
(Continued On Page Four.),

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