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■—" —— „ i l %
Hard and F ast Definition
Would Be Trap for Inno
-1 cent and Protection
for Guilty * • \
Only In That Way Can Re
sponsible Party Be Deter,
mined, It Is Contended;
Recent Roosevelt Peace
Message Undertook to De
fine What Aggressor Is
Geneva. May 25 (AP)— Great Bri
tain opposed any hard and fast de
finition of an aggressor -nation a.t to
day* se?s on of the disarmament con
ference! contending that such a de
finition would be only a trap for the
innocent and protection for the guilty
This position was explained by Cap
tain Anthony Eden, the British re-,
present a i ive, who insisted that it was
necessary to know the background of
each case of aggression in order to
determine the responsible party.
'The doctrine that any nation which
sent troops to the territory of an
o<her country was an aggressor was
set forth in President Roosevelt's re
cent international peace message.
Subsequently it was amplif.ed by
Norman H. Davis, the American re
presentative at Geneva.)
United States Ambassador Norman
H Davis voiced regret at the dis
armament conference today that
Japan has proposed to delete any
reference to the London and Wash*
ington naVal treaties from the arms
con' tntion that is being negotiated.
The Japanese l.posltion, the Ameri
can representative said, might have a
regie 1 table effect on public opinion.
RenrganizatifOi of the Comimercial
Now Operating Under Restric
tions Is Outlined |
Raleigh, May 25—(AP)—Gurney P.
Hood State bank commissioner, today
announced approval of a plan for the
reorganization of the Commercial
Bank of Lexington, now operating un
der restrictions.
Under the plan the present stock
holders have agreed voluntarily to pay
a 1" pei cent stock assessment, which
wil aggregate $37,500, and the Recon
struction Finance Corporation will
buy 2.400 shares of six percent pre
ferred stock at SSO per share. An
Additional SI,OOO in common stock will i
be sold to raise the bank’s common
capital to $120,000.
P.alegh. May 25.—(AP)—The State
Corporation ICommission itocflay s«t
for June 7 its rate reduction con
ferences with the Hickory Telephone
Company and the Southern Appala
chian Telephone Company.
The Hickory company was first set
foi June *6 when it was granted a
postponement from today, but the date
was changed when the Southern Ap
palachian also sought a conference
on June 7.
Maxwell To Be Retained
For Revenue Overhauling
Real Reorganization in Department, With Ousting of
Politically Embalmed Mummies Desired by Ehring.
haus; Honeycombed [With These Old-Timers
Dully Dltipntch Boreas,
lu the Sir Walter Hotel.
”ahigh, May 25—The opinion con
cuss to prevail in political circles
that Commissioner of Revenue
J- Maxwell will 'be retained as
I pf? h of ihe Department of Revenue
fry Governor J. C. B. Ehringhaus,
hespite the fact that Governor Ehring
|l,Us has not given any intimation to
a "y one concerning what he intends
to do about this or any of his other
appointments.' But a most careful
s,| tvey of the jituation and of the
'arums others mentioned as possible
tddates for the revenue post points
’ Maxwell as the most likely choice,
II agreed here
Real Reorganization
ft’jt if Maxwell is reappointed
fr‘ a d of the revenue department pherg
-a - - —■ t ntl’iutnwwt'p
UntlU'rsmt Batin Btsnatch
Child, 3, Chained
For Her Failure
To Recite Prayer
Pittsirurghi May 25.—(AP)—A
county investigator reported today
that a three-year-old juvenile
court ward, who was unable to
pronounce the Lord's prayer to the
satisfaction of her foster mother,
was chained in an attic until she
was unconscous.
I<eo Riordan, chief county in
vestigator, said ho will bring the
caso to the attention of the county
commissioners with a view of pro
Hans Weidemann and His
Aide Escape by Being
Taken off Liner Be
fore She Docks
Crowd Turn on 50 Uniform
ed Police, and Order Is Re
stored Only After Reserves
Are Called to Scene At
Steamship Pier In Brook
New York, May 25—(AP)—Rioting
broke out today at the North Ger
man Lloyd Line* pier in Brooklyn in
connection with the arrival in Amer
ica of Hans Weidemann, representa
tive of Adolf Hitler’s German govern
ment at the forthcoming world fair
exposition in Chicago.
A crowd of 1,000 men and women,
anti-Hitlerites, a.Waiting the arrival
of t.h e Nazi official, became enraged
when it was learned that Weidemann
and an aide aocampanying him to
the exposition, had been transferred
from the liner Columbus to a tug and
taken to the Battery in Manhattan.
Displaying banners condemning
"the Nazi murder and terror reime”
the crowds turned on the 50 uniformed
police and 30 plain clothesmen, throw
ing bricks and bottle sat them.
Police engaged in hand to hand
combat with the rioters, and, after a
struggle, arrested 13 men. and wo
men, the latter wearing red hats.
The prisoners were locked up in a
garage near the pier. Rioting broke
out a fresh with the imprisonment
of the 13. With police standing guard
jin front of *the ygarage door, fthe
crowd again charged them.
Reserves were called in, and in a
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is going to be a real and general re
organization of the entire department
with the result that many of those
who ruled supreme in their re
spective divisions for years without
molestation, are going to be shaken
down ar.J probably ousted, at is also
agreed. In fact, it is being generally
reported that the only condition upon
which Maxwell will be reappointed i
that he consent to and cooperate in
a general reorganization of the de
partment along certain lines suggest
ed to him by the executive depart
ment. For while Governor Ehring
haus is known to have the highest
personal regard both for Mr. Max
well and his abilities as an executiv
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Mother Suspected As 3 Children
Fatally Beaten And House Fired
Framingham, Mass., May 25.—(AP)
—Three children who were believed
to have been fatally burned in a fire
that swept through their home this
morning were found, upon an autopsy
to ave died as the result of healings
before an incendiary fire.
The children were Irene, Eugene and
Chester Dyczheski, aged eleven, five
and seven years, respectively. Their
mother, Mrs. Mallie Dyczheski, and
one other child, Paul, aged eight, were
Meet Opens!
In Montreat
General Assembly
Hears Moderator
Plead for Militant
War Against Sin
Montreat, May 25. —(AP) —An ap
peal for a church militant to combat
sin was made by the Rev. William
Crowe, of St, Louis. Mo., retiring
moderator, in the opening sermon of
t/ie 73rd General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church in the United
States, which convened here today.
Lay ana clerical members from 17
states comprising the southern div
ision of the church were here for the
sessions and to elect a moderator to
succeed Mr. Crowe.
“Sin,” he declared, “destroyed every
government that was in existence
prior to 200 years ago, and its seed
is bringing forth an evil fruitage in
the government of our day.”
Following the sermon, the Lord’s
Supper was celebrated.
Election of a moderator was on the
afternoon program, and this was to
be followed by election of the stated
clerk and the assistant stated clerk,
appointment of other clerks, and com
mittee reports.
Tonight's session was left open for
business unfinished during the after
Claims His Department Aid.
ed South Carolina In
Extradition Case
’ Jlaleigh, May 25.—(AP)— Attorney
General Dennis G. Brummitt of
the North Carolina today issued a
statement “to correct some miscon
ceptions” which seem to exist as to
be relation of his department to the
Ray Bailey, alias Ray Keith case.
Brummitt sets forth that his de
partment “aided the State of South
! j (Continued on Page Five.)
« : - T ~~ r v _
friendly Start At Senate Morgan Inquiry
" - h'j 4' ,
jHnk my 'wk
V . fgA "mm
yy%>,4 : -%'cy ■ ■ *&&& ■■■■
: t, ' gp aM
(,• ■ '* MmSm
, «HhH
*.:<> i ■ y 9gr ■ ■ y,' .
This appears to be one of those “just before the battle”
handshakes. Ferdinand Pecora (left), once an Italian
immigrant boy and now special counsel for the Senate
stock market investigators, grasps the extended hand
of J. P. Morgan as the inquiry into the House of
Morgan operations get under way in Washington.
In center is Senator Fletcher, chairman of the Senate
Banking and Currency Committee.
taken to the Framingham hospital
where they were described as being
in serious conditions from burns.
The father, Paiul Dyczheski, was
stay.ng with relatives in the Hyde
Park section of Boston, where he was
notified of the tragedies.
The mother was being guarded at
her hospital cot by police, who said
they would obtain a warrant for her
arrest on a charge of murder.
Neighbors of the family were
aroused by the fire and sounded an
Acquitted, But Is
Returned to Pen
To Carry Battle for Freedom
to Supreme Court and
the President
Sari Francisco, Cal., May 25. —(AP)
—Once concicted once acquitted, Tom
Mooney pealed potatoes in San Quen
tin prison today while his defenders
sought to snatch advantage from a
jury verdict labelled in advance by
the court an empty victory.
Another plea for a pardon to Gov
ernor James Rolph, Jr. of California
and an appeal to the Supreme Court
of the United States were proposed
steps announced by the Mooney de
fense committee.
“Perhaps we may even go higher
than that —to the President himself —”
Mooney declared at San Quentin to
which he was hurried immediately
after the verdict of acquittal as di
rected by the court was returned here
Generally fair tonight and Fri-
I day. except probably local thun
dershowers in extreme west por
tion Friday afternoon.
alarm. Firemen found two of the
children, Irene and Eugene, on the
floor of the second floor bedroom
dead, ostensibly of burns. Paul was
rescued from a refuge he sought in
the kitchen, and Chester from the
basement. Hhe mother was found un
conscious on the ground outside the
house. She was believed to have leap
ed from a second floor window.
The mother, Paul and Chester were
removed to th e hospital, where Chester
I died a few hours later.
Four Dead In
From Storm
Worst Electrical Dis
play in Weatfier Bu
reau History; sl,-
000,000 Loss
Philadelphia, May 25.—(AP)—Bat
tered by the tornadic fury of jits
worst electrijcialli (storm in weather!
bureau history, the Philadelphia area
counted four dead today and pro
perty, damage nearing a million dol
lars .
Philadelphia bore the brunt of the
storm, which, roaring in on an 82-
mile-ian-hour /gale from the north
west late yesterday unroofed homes
and schools, blew down hundreds of
trees and shattered thousands of win
dows In stores and dwellings.
One woman was killed by lightning
as she mopped up rain water in her
home. Anofther was fix>
death in Camden, N. J., one man died
in the collapse of a Fairmount Park
Pavillion and a Chester county farmer
was killed in his automobile.
Commission Drops Gentle
Hint to County and City
Daily DlMpafCb Bnmav,
In ihe Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, May 25 —One of the first
acts of the new State School Com
mission was to order forms to be sent
to all the city and county boards of
education, to be filled in with their
selections of city and county super
intendents for next year, then to be
returned to the school commission for
its approval. For the new school ma
ch nery law requires that the election
and employment of all city and coun
ty superintendents shall be approved
by the State School Commission be
fore such employment shall become
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Former President
Took Stocks Soon
After He Retired
Chinese Retiring
Following Truce
Peiping, May 25.—(AP)—Indica
tions accumulated today that a
truce had been reached in the
North China, fighting, although
both Japanese and Chinese author
ities were reluctant to admit it oi
discuss the situation.
Definite information was rece'ved
that the Japanese advance had been
belted while Chinese forces were
withdrawing to a line \ cutting
across North China, which was un
derstood to be one of the c; main
pcßnts of reported armistc
Amendment to Income Tax
Law Designed To Stop
Avoidance of Pay
ments Is Approved
Robinson, Republican, In
diana, Wants To Know It
He Is Representing Mor
gan In Europe; House Be
gins Debate on the Indus
trial Control Measure
Washington, May 25 (AP) —Reac-
tion to the .Morgan banking investi
gation spread quickly today in both
branches of Congress.
While the Senate Banking Com
mittee’s inquiry into the operations of
that famous financial institution con
tinued at a breath-taking pace, a
House Ways and Means sub-commit
tee approved an amendment to the
income tax law designed to stop pos
sible avoadance of payments.
In the Senate, Senator Robfnson.
Republican, Indiana launched a n at
tack on Norman H. Davis, American
ambafjador-at-large- asking if Davis
was representing the Morgan house'
in Europe. 1
Davis was shown yesterday as one
fynho had received loans fiiom: the
Morgan company.
Soon after the full House Ways and
Means committee had ordered an in
vestigation, a sub-committee approv
ed an amendment to be offered to
morrow to the public works-indust
rial control-taxation increase bill to
limit reductions from capital losses
to ,one year under the income tax laws.
Debate was started in the House at
noon on the big measure designed to
increase employment with the expect
ation that passage would come by to
morrow night.
The Senate returned to considera
tion of the Glass banking reform bill
but was sidetracked almost iromedi
atelly when Senator Robinson started
his attack on Davis.
Gang Gunners Mow Down
Two Women In New York
New York, May 25. —(AP) — Gang
gunners struck down two innocent
women today in a skirmish that threw
Broadway into a shrieking panic.
| Two women, one of whom may die,
were dropped in the streets by slugs
from automatic shotguns when two
carloads of hoodlums, racing south
toward the white light area, poured a
fusillade into a third automobile.
The target car, spitting gunfire,
careened around a corner and crashed
into an iron fence. Two men trailing
blood were seen to tumble from it
and "limp quickly away.
The shattered car, its tonneau rip-
Present Secretary Woodin
Also Named as Having
Been “Let In” on the
Low Prices
Witness Asked How He
Could “Reciprocate” and
Calmly Replies Raskob
Was Chairman of Demo
cratic Committee; G. O. P.
Treasurer Also on Favor
ed Lists
Washington, May 25—(AP) — The
name of former Pres.dent Calvin Cool
idge was contained in a list of fa
vorite purchasers of Standard Brands
stocks through J. P. Morgan and
Company, introduced in evidence to
day in the Senate investigation of the
weal'hy banking firm.
The list, composed of scores of
prominent figures, showed that the
late Mr. Coolidge purchased 81000
share out of a toal of 722,600 sold.
William H. Woodin, present secre
tary of the treasury, also was named,
as he was onthe first list submitted
yesterday, which dealt with Altegllany
stock sales to him at S2O when tfc*
market price was much higher.
On the Standard Brands list Woodin
was down as having purchased 1,000
units, the same amounts as on the
Alleghany allotment to “close friends’*
of the Morgan banking house.
The Standard Brands issue was in
the summer of 1929 after the late
Mr. oolidge left the White House.
Senate investigators also disclosed
letters today from John J. Raskob
and other prominent figures "thank
ing" the firm for selling the Alleghany
stocks under special arrangements.
Meanwhile, Ferdinand Pecora, com
mittee counsel, showed through ques
tioning Richard Whitney, youthful
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Want Revenue Office Filled
iSo Sales Tax Can Be
Planned Out
In the Sir Waller Hotel.
Dally DUputrh ;<u rou a,
Raleigh, May 25.—The merchants of
the State are getting somewhat wor
ried at the delay in the appointment
of the new commissioner of revenue
by Governor Ehringhaus, it was learn
ed here today, and are urging him to
make this appointment as soon as pos
sible. Until this appointment iB made
they will be unable to learn the rules
and regulations that are to be set
forth by the commissioner of revenue
as to how the three per cent general
sales tax is to be passed along.
Willard L. Dowell, secretary of the
North Carolina Merchants Association
.has already called upon Commission
er A. J. Maxwell ,to ask him when
he expects to set forth the rules and
regulations by which the merchants
are to be governed in passing along
the three percent sales tax, in accor
dance with the supplemnetal law pass
ed this mandatory. Commissioner
(Continued «c Page Five.)
ped and bloodstained, waS registered
in the name of Edward Rossen, but at
a Bronx house given as his address
he was not known.
Sadie Fortune, who is 45 years old,
was walking in Broadway near 81st
street when a slug struck her in ahe
back. At Knickerbocker hospital, doc*
tors found her condition to be critical.
Irene Savage. 24, dropped with a,
bullet wound in her shoulder.
Walter O’Donald. of Hornell, N. Y.,
had stopped to look at some shf>es in
a display window when the runn ng
battle roared by. A slug grazed hi 3
head and knocked him down, but he
was not seriously hurt.

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