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Jw|||llc . Jjljllf, -L
J. P. Morgan *
J. P. Morgan, living symbol o' ;
Wall Street, is shown on the wit- I
ness stand before the senate com- |
As Morgan Faced Senate Probe
ffir*vjfo ™ j<£&
I'; . yjf" ' s
An interesting “Candid Camera” study of J. P. Morgan (left) with his
chief counsel John \V. Davis as they appeared while waiting to be called
before the Senate Banking and Currency Committee in Washington.
The head of the world’s largest private banking concern staunchly
defended the practices of private bankers.
Nipponese Envoys Welcomed
*— 1 —i—<iwawnw ■»t———wv...u<—w. liimi—i wwian lll^l■^M■■^■^^^^n^■■^^■^^^^^^
En route to London as his country’s delegate in the forthcoming World
Economic Conference, Viscount Kikujiro Ishii, noted Japanese diplomat,
is shown as he arrived at San Francisco to be greeted by Richard South
gate, U. S. State Department official. At right is Eigo Fukai, vice
president of the Bank of Japan. Viscount Ishii will stop at Washington
to confer with President Roosevelt,
"Sistie” in Studious Mood
SL >: .;...-.-Xv, .xNy.^r-fflHB
Kwht. JHIfIK ... :..^B
k V- ■* \ 4
'• i;-V . ;>-*•: / ; ; : s : I
» mm in , in m mm -———— *
ft © Wide WorU
f c ., ari ? lin ff portrait study of “Sistie" Dali, six-year-old granddaughter
?* President Roosevelt, as she engaged in her ten-finger piano exercise*
acj- . Todhunter School, New York, where she is attending classes*,
oistie»” grandmother, the “First Lady," was formerly a teacher &s
the school
mittee on banking and currency,
in Washington, as he defended
private banking in all its aspects.
PSu6y*roffj!s%lflk • V/
Not since the time, nearly 40
years ago, when J. P. Morgan, the
elder, was the central figure in
the famous Pujo investigation of
the “money trust”, has a Morgan
appeared before a committee of
congress. This fact has lent ad
ditional drama to the presence of
John Pierpont Morgan, head of
Changes Which Occur in Body
When Folk Are Growing Old
TALLEYRAND said. “Everybody
wants to live long, but nobody wants
to be old.” But you can’t have both
wishes. Old age
is a physiological
|j§P reverse Processes
— ■' - meaning it was
Dr. Clendening a change of all
the organs of the
body, as contrasted with “minor in
volution", in which a single organism
was concerned.
In general, the changes which oc
cur in the body in old age consist in
atrophy and a replacement of paren
chymatous tissues with connective or
interstitial tissues. Specifically,
changes in the accommodation of the
eye are the first signs of old age;
next, change in the color of the hair,
as well as destruction of many hair
follicles, causing partial or complete
baldness.* Gradual loss of teeth from
root atrophy is next. Height is re
duced-old people shrink in all di
mensions. The atrophy of the carti
lages of the back tends to make a
stooping posture. General weight de
creases. The elasticity of the skin
Is lost. There is a diminution of sex
potency. The joints become stiffened.
The arteries harden and become tor
How Children Are Jested
For Tubercular Symptoms
TUBERCULOSIS, as we said yes
terday. virtually always begins in
childhood. The childhood form of
tuberculosis is, however, entirely
different from ,
the adult form, ■ ■■-■-- . -
and somewhat
diagnose. It is
not accompanied
heeding from |l||jjk
noon fever and
out, supposes
that the child Dr. Clendening
has a tubercu
lous infection in a lymph node in
the chest, which is called the “pri
mary complex”, and can usually be
demonstrated with the X-ray. if and
when the tuberculosis develops into
the adult form. During childhood
the disease is confined very largely
to the lymph nodes of the chest.
During the childhood period this
form of tuberculosis gives very few
prorhinent symptoms. The most
noticeable thing is that the child is
generally under par, 'under,-weight.
easily fatigued, and subject to
periods of acute Illness associated
with temperature, and usually unex
plained. The large lymph nodes
around the base the lung may
cause a cough on account of pres
sure, but the cough does not pro
duce any expectoration.
In examining such a child, the
number of sdgns which are evident
on listening to thj chest or per
cussing the chest are very few. In
fact, if it were not for two diagnostic
aids it would be almost impossible
to recognize tuberculosis during this
childhood period.
That it is important to recognize
it is evident, because the cure of
Fletcher Glass
Costigan Norbeck Townsend
the powerful House of Morgan,
before the senate committee in
vestigating banking practices.
Seven senators comprise the judge
and jury sitting, in Washington,
during the testimony of Morgan
and other prominent financiers.
The judge is Senator Duncan W.
Fletcher of Florida, chairman of
tuous. There is a definite change In
the excursion of the chest and, hence,
chronic bronchitis is common. There
is diminution in the digestive juices
In men. changes in the prostate
gland cause difficulties in urination.
With this there go perfectly defi
nite changes in mental activity, a
process of recession from the world.
Opposition to new ideas; gradual loss
of memory and power of attention.
Old people tend to be sleepless at
night and sleepy in the daytime.
Stubbornness, suspiciousness, “a fall
of the ethical level”, sometimes ten
dencies to emotionalism, are well
known outward manifestation* of
gradual inner organic change.
All this is entirely physiological,
and not disease in the real sense at
all. But it is no great wonder that
mankind does not contemplate en
trance into this state with any de
gree of happiness.
Perhaps the most terrible passage
in all English lite’rature is Jonathan
Swift’s account of the Struldbrugs.
who lived in Laputa: “Sometimes a
child happens to be born with a red
circular spot on the forehead, an in
fallible mark that it will never die."
I commend to all those who are at
tempting to extend their span of life,
the tenth chapter, “The Voyage to
Laputa”, in “Gulliver’s Travels”.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Six pamphlets
by Dr. Clendening can now be ob
tained by sending 10 cents in coin. Tor
each, and a self-addressed envelope
stamped with a three-cent stamp,
to Dr. Logan Clendening, in care of
this paper. The pamphlets are:
“Indigestion and Constipation," “Re
ducing and Gaining," “Infant Feed
ing,” "Instructions for the Treatment
of Diabetes," “Feminine Hygiene”
and “The Care of the Hair and Skin.”
tuberculosis largely depends upon
taking it at the earliest possible
stage. F'or that reason the Tuber
culosis association is making a spe
cial effort to detect all cases in the
childhood period.
• • •
The two diagnostic tests referred
to above are the X-ray and the
tuberculin test. The tuberculin test
is an accurate and safe method of
determining whether a patient is in
fected with the tubercle bacillus, or
ever has been. Its value “for diag
nostic purposes is largely confined to
children, because after the age of 12.
on account of the widespread preva
lence of tuberculous Infection, nearly
all people react positively. The test
is harmless and is made by rubbing
a substance called "tuberculin” into
the skin of the arm. Tuberculin is
a liquid, containing no germs, living
or dead; all have been filtered out,
and it cannot cause infection. The
doctor can tell by the appearance of
the skin three to five days after the
test, whether or not the child has
been infected with tuberculosis.
The X-ray enables the physician to
see changes caused by the disease in
the lungs or the lymph nodes at the
root of the lung. Tuberculosis causes
increased density of the tissues and
enlargement of these nodes, and the
changes are made evident on the
X-ray plgte.
With these two means it Is possi
ble to examine whole schools of chil
dren and weed out the ones who
seem to be Infected. The Massachu
setts state department of health has
been doing this for the last seven
years. During the last year they
have examined 48.006 grade pupils *
and 8,700 high school pupils, . One
per cent of the grade pupils and 1.2
per cent of the high school pupils
were shown to have early childhood
It is to be hoped that these meth
ods may be applied ali over the
United States, and that by so doing,
the menace of tuhwculosia may be
further reduced.
the committee; the jurors are
Senators James S. Couzens of
Michigan, Carter Glass of Vir
ginia, Robert J. Bulkley of Ohio,
Edwin P. Costigan of Colorado,
Peter Norbeck of South Dakota,
and John G. Townsend of Dela
ware. Townsend, Cm m>ns and
Norbeck are Republicans.
New Telegraph Head
r '’ ■
■; *ss&**' \ . ■■ J j
♦ .
;:S; > *
% ■■ >*■ ■'■;*',
* jilill
Roy B. White
Roy B. White, newly-elected pres
“ ident of the Western Union Tele
graph company, was far at sea,
aboard the Santa Paula, when he
received word of his appointment.
Photo shows him in his cabin as
he arrived ip Los Angeles.
Glass’ Sister Honored
S __y^
Meta Glass
Miss Meta Glass, sister of Senator
Carter Glass of Virginia, and
president of Sweetbriar (Vir
ginia) college, has been elected
president of the American As
sociation of University Women,
at their national convention, in
Sally’s > Sallies
If you are lacquering furniture
these bright spring days and have
to stop to get a meal or answer a
phone call, wrap your brush In
heavy waxed paper until you are
ready to use it again. This treat
went will it motet,
Good Gardening 1M)
Bouncing Betty
Central Press Garden Expert
DON T LET Mourning Betty vamp
herself into your garden—for In ad
dition to being a., old-fashioned flow
er bed riant. Bouncing Betty ts a
pest. You may know it by any one
of these names: Soapwart, scour
wort. fuller's herb, old maid’s pink.
London pride, sweet Betty, wild
sweet William, lady-by-the gate. It
is known to botanists as saponoria
offlcinallis, I*
In the early pioneer days, when it
was not an easy matter to get flow
ers for the garden, for t.hi front yard
or' for the flower bed. the lovers of
flowers-hit upon and passed from one
to another the kinds that looked
after themselves; those that came up
Where Cuban Rebels, Attacked
.... \ OCES?Tf
• ZAsNT^,
cLA « A /
Spiritus* tJi
The map shows the scene of the latest rebel outbreak in Cuba where
insurrectionists attacked three towns in Santa Clara Province • Colonel
Arsenio Ortiz (inset), commanding the Federal forces, was compelled to
call for reinforcements. It is estimated that nearly one hundred were
killed in skirmishes between Machado’s forces and the rebels. Photo ft
right shows a federal soldier wounded in a previous attack
# *
Mahatma After Prison Exit
■ ' ■ ■
His head bowed with .weariness, Mahatma Gandhi, leader of India's
millions in the figlftt for freedom frohi British domination, is shown
(center), just after his. release from Veroda Prison, where he spent 16
months for his civil dijgbedience'pajhpaign the existing govern
ment. His release coincided start of his self-imposed fast in
protest cf the treatment of Id<ba’| ‘Untouchables.”
' ' * tfteti'Xs
A Brilliant Wedding in Nippor|
/ *** S • J
Ancient and modern Japan are pictured here at the wedding at the
military officers club in Tokio of Miss Kaoruko Araki and Lieut. Hideo
bmbau. The bride, daughter of the Japanese Minister of War, is wear
lng the traditional attire of a Japanese bride, while the groom wears
the full dress uniform of a modern officer. A photographer assists Miss
Araki to her chair to pose for the wedding picture. \
every spring: fought successfully
with the grass for rpace rights, and
defied the old setting hen and hat
brood to scratch it out by the roots.
Bouncing Betty was just this sort of .
a flower. On the other hand. It
could be used as a poor man's soap
—hence Its name caponaria or soap
At present there Is little to be said
for Bouncing Betty as a flower
There is nothing about it to warrant
using it except to add another vari
ety to a plant list here and there.
On the other hand. Bouncing Betty
has discredited itself by / escaping
from the yard and becoming a road
side weed and promising to be anoth.
et* menace to agricultural crops, as
the poppy has none in Europe and
in California. .

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