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The Market Basket
By The Bureau ot Home Economics,
U. 8. Department of Agriculture, anti the Woman’s Division Os the
lbveident’p Emergency Committee for Employment
Speaking of gardens, as one does
this time f year, we note that some
useful possibilities ate oftentimes neg
lected Not by the thrifty market
women are they neglected. She uses
every little corner of her vegetable
garden, her dooryard, her window box
or her flowerbed to tuck in a cut
ting. a plant, or the se; d of some
useful herb. Thus she is able to sell
you thyme sage, chives, or dill. Or
perhaps she will have sweet marjoram
basil, sovorv, chervil, tarragon, chili
peppers, or possibly, in the South, se
same seed or bene. She will have
parsley and mint, cress, and perhaps
some lemon verbena or rose geran
ium leaves. And probably others of
the long and fascinating list of herbs
Help The Eastern Star—Buy
Quick Arrow Soap Flakes
At This Market.
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Turner's Market
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Fresh Vegetables
and Fruits
Phones 162-163.
il he
For Your Inspection
Have you ever seen a model, 100% electrically equipped kitchen?
If not, don’t let this opportunity pass because just such a kitchen is pro
vided for your especi rT benefit. If it isn’t convenient for you to see it on
the street and you are interested in having your own “workshop” trans
formed into a place of beauty, efficiency and ecoitpmy, give us a ring
and we will send the kitchen to your home for inspection. Don’t miss
it . . . it’s a revelation. „v," •
* ; \ e i. '*.■'** ) ' * ‘
Your Kitchen May Be Arranged
As Conveniently
For your information plansfffrr arrangement of your kit- ]
chert may he had without one penny of <*©st to you ? dust call one of our y
representatives and give him certain necessary information as to dimen-* Vy
sions, location of windows, doors, etc., and a few days later, the General
Electric Company will send you the complete plan. Then let us tell you
how the ‘ ‘Kitchen of Your Dream” may be realized “Step by Step’’—
and how each step will pay for itself. * ;
See The Model Kitchen
In Henderson Today or Tomorrow
Carolina Power cLight Company
V MI Os THB LOWEST " re ,[ ,tFmGlßAr ‘ FO* COMUKATION LtOHiriN* /
/* , *r ,> d WTH » C * *Q 11 HA t LOU/M U6HTI»KJ , COOKIN*
ucHgxo l t
i that we cherish for their fragrance
j and »hel rflavor.
Dors somebody say these are mere
j “frills/’ and not our concern nowa
; days?, That the main thing is. how
Ito keep the wolf from the door? Ac
' cording to the Bureau of Home Eco
j nomice of the U. S. Department of
j agriculture, those so-called “frills" are
j highly useful and practical feature
of the family food supply, esp daily
lif the family is short cf cash. Such
| “Frills" cost next to nothing if you
g\ow them yourself, and their value,
i aesthetic and psychological, is high.
If used pudiciously, they stimulate
the flagging appetite and lift the
family spirits ,for as everybody
knows, the skillful cook can make
the food seem almost like something
else—if only she can have her way
! with the seasoning 0 f ft Afid the
looks of a dish, with a siprig of pars
ley or cress make it far more tempt
ing to the palate_ too.
Now. comes the suggestion, then
i since this is gardening time that t.h
housewife grow her favorite herbs
and provide her own seasonings for
the summer and next winter, ttoo. To
many people, there is a very whole
some personal satisfaction } n mak
ing things grow. That counts too.
If the growing things are useful this
satisfaction is so much the greater.
These plants are comlmonly grouped
as her>»s though the botanists mtiy
not fully agree. They are plants
some part of Which i s used for sea
soning or flavoring iso tit sitemjs or
leaves or flowers or seeds or roots.
In the northern part of the United
States, this is Seed-planting time for
herbs, and a few cents will buy the
seed. Farther south, it is better to
use cuttings now, or to transplant
from a neighbor’s garden maybe.
In this country we use sage, thyme
and savory chiefly! in stuffings for
poultry, in sausage, and in cheeses.
Tarragon leaves and dill are used in
vinegars and pickles, also in sauce,
: especially for fish. Chives gives a
delicate flavor to sauces, salads and
Cereal Fruit Toast
Coffer; (adults) Milk (children)
Fluffy omelet or fish,, sauce with
green herbs
Buttered peas—Rice
Hot oatmeal mlutff.-ns
Tea (adults) iMilk (children)
Bacon and ki’tuce sandwiches
j Potato salad with chopped chives
Sauce With Green Herbs
1 cun milk
2 tablespoons butter or other fat
2 tablespoons flour
1-4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon butter o rother te|t
2 teaspoons finely cut chivss
2 teaspoons finely cut parsley
2 teaspoons finely cut marjoram
2 teaspoons finely cut thyme.
Make a sauce of the first four in
gredients i Melt the teaspoon of fat,
add th'° herbs .and cook for a few
! minutes. Stir this into the sauce
| and cook in a double '►oiler for about
:10 minutes. Serve hot ovre fish.
; omelet 4- , or cooked vegetables.
Fluffy Omelet With Green Herbs
For five or six yeople use 6 eggs.
Beat the yolk thoroughly ana act'd 1-2
i cup of hoi wthite sauce made • w*?h
Prodigal Songster
tßr ASB 1
jH , •
■mn - mi |j||
: «
m Hr
Fresh from triumphs in Italy and
the Orient, Miss Annunciata Gar
rotto, of Omaha, one of the few
American-born opera singers to
meet with success abroad, is shown
as she arrived at New York to bring
her golden voice to the home folk.
She will fulfill a series of radio en
gagements and may join the Metro
politan Opera.
herbs (recipe above.) Fold the yditk
mixture gradually in the stiffly beat
en whites. Have ready and hot a
smooth heavy omelet pan containing
1 tablespoon melted butter or other
fat, and pour the egg mixture into
the pan. The omelet may be cooked
in different ways but in any case
start it on top of the stove at mode
rate heat. If a small-sized gas or
oil burnes is used, move he pan
about so that the omelet will cook
around the edge at the same rate as
in the center. As soon as tht omelet
Las browned slightly on the bottom,
place it in a moderate over (350 de
grees F.) and bake for 10 minutes.
When the omelet is done crease it
through the center, fold it over with
a spatula, and roll it onto a hot plat
ter without attempting to Mft it from
the pan. Serve at once with garn
:®h of parsley or other green herb.
Durham-Burke Row
Tempest In Teapot
(Continued from Page One.)
The question involved in the pre
sent fuss between the auditor’s of
fice and the budget bureau is whether
cr not the State auditor or any other
State official may change the classi
fication of the employes under him
and raise or decrease their salaries
wfith’in the range o fthe total de
partmental allotment, without getting
the approval of the budget bureau,
whose chief is no walso charged with
the enforcement of the personnel re
gulations. In this particular case, a
senior employe in the auditor’s office
resigned, whereupon State An S itor
Durham advanced all Gs he employ
es in his office a notch, which au
tomatically increased their salaries.
This left Ihe bottom position vacant
instead of the top, whih a much
smaller monhly saving.
When the new payroll came before
Burke for his approval he noted the
changes that had been made by Dur
ham without consulting him and re
fused to approve the payrolll. Dur
ham took the matter to Attorney
General Brummitt for a ruling and
he ruled to the effect that the head
of a State department could adjust
the salaries of his employes within
the amount of the departmental al
loment without giving a darn what
Burke nr the; budget bureau thought
about ft. The attorney general then
announced his ruling. >
Elurke maintains that he still has
the law on his side and that both
under the budget act and the per
fortnel law the grade and classifica
tion of employes cannot be changed
nor iheir salaries increased or de
creased. without the approval of the
personnel officer and the budget bu
reau. If it were not for this pro
vision it would be possible>fUr a.,-file
clerk to be advanced to ah executive’s
job and salary or a plasterer to be
classified as a. senior auditor and ns*
one wuold know the difference Burke
mains. He also maintains that the
budget bureau and the State treasur
er have authority to stop payments
on warrants drawn for salary pay
rolls that have not been properly ap
proved. i
The final round of the present bout
between Durham and Burke will un
doubtedly have to be settled, by Gov
ernor Ehrlnghaus and State Treasurer
Charles M. Johnson who were absent
on business In New York v r hen the
fuss came to a head.
There is much more to this mat
ter, however, than the mere ques
tion of technical procedure and
whether or not a State official can
run his department and fix his sal
aries as he sees fit, without inter
ference from the budget bureau. It
goes clear down to the deep-seated
resentment which all the elected State
officials have had for the budget bu
reau from the time it was set up un
der former Governor A. W. McLean
back in 1925 until the present time.
They felt then, and most of them
still feel, that they are elected by the
same people who electe the governor
and the General Assembly, and that
as a result their executive authority
should be as great as that of the gov
ernor, as far as their own depart
ments are concerned.
Gets Suspended Sentence. —Maurice
Gill was tried in police court today on
a charge of assaulting and beating
Rebecca Perry, and was given 60 days
on the roads, commitment not to issue
on good behavior for two years and
payment of the costs.
Daily Dispatch
All Electric Free
Stevenson Theatre
June 6,7 and 8
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g f
Mrs. Vivian Bushong
Expert Home Economist in Charge
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Morning From 10 O’clock
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