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$1 IS,SI 3,610 Distributed For Public
government jobs
Federal Public. Works and
Roads Get Nearly All of
Huge Sum Already
Agreed Upon
Boulder Dam on Colorado
River Well Taken Care of;
Funds Apportioned By Bu
reaus and Departments for
Most Part, lekes Announ
cement Says
Washington, July 14. —(AP)— The
public works administration today
told how 'it intended lto distribute
{115.513.610 as the first step in a pro
gram to create a million new jobs by
October 1.
That U1m513.610, Sscnptary Ickes
announced, will be portioned out this
way: $64,561,542 for Federal public
work?; $50,000,000 for roads in parks,
fore.-?. Indian reservations and pub
lic lands; $932,068 for municipal wat
er and sewer plants.
Time brought >o $753,513,610 the
total'allocated from the $3,300,000,000
fund made available less than a
mon’h ago. President Roosevelt al
ready had approved the expenditure
of $238,000,000 on naval construction
and $400,000,000 on Jhfghways. An
•e.d'litional r.wers and harbors pro*-
gram awaits the presidential okeh.
This ($115,000,000 distribution),
Icken said. i 3 the first in the pro
gram of giving new work so that
1.000.000 men may be employed by
October 1 in accordance with Presi
dent Roosevelt's wish.
A vast number of additional pro
jects are yet pending before the pub
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Bracket System Works Out
Short of Three Percent
Levy As Rule
IMlif iM«|,nt<'h Rireav,
In the Sir Walter Zlwtel.
Sleigh, July 14. —Some of the mer
chants of the State still do not fully
understand the new three per cent
sa es 'he tax law and regulations, and
to pay thre per cent on their
sales, regardless of whether
€ver 7 ?a le made is taxed or not, ac
cording to both Commissi oner of Re-
Hmjp a. J. Maxwell and Willard L.
bowel!, secretary of the North Caro
na Merchants Association. Many al
so do not seem to understand that the
■ ax must be assessed against each
s «para'e sale and not on the total of
a series of sales.
Some merchants are segregating
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Cotton Cut
Bales Made
Wallace Announces
Fulfillment of Plan;
4-2 Cents Tax Goes
on August 1
W ’uthingion, July 14.—-(AP)
retary Wallace today announc
-11 hillment of the cotton aere
reduction plan,
sttid Huffic ent offers have
fl!' 11 r r *’ rom growers to re
,lu* .vear’s potential crop 3,-
At name time he announced
:u I‘resident, Roosevelt had ap
« cotton processing tax of
~' * n ‘» « pound, which will go
,al ° «tfect August L
lirniivrsmx Dai hi Btsmtf rh
W. S. Parker, Banker And
Capitalist, Passes Away
While At Morehead City
Resident } of Henderson for
Half Century Dies Sud
denly at Summer Cot
tage At Age 83
Funeral Services Are Ar
ranged and Will Be Held
From Home On Andrews
Avenue Saturday at 6 p.
m.; Body Is To Arrive
Here This Evening
I - —' ■ 1
Walter Scott Parker, 83, banker
and manufacturer, and resident and
prominent man of Henderson for half
a century, died suddenly at 8 o’clock
this morning at his summer cottage
at Morehead City. The body will be
brought here late today and funeral
services wifi be from his residence
on Andrews avenue at 6 o’clock Sat
urday evening.
Mr. Parker arose as usual this
morning and walked to the business
part of Morehead, taking his early
morning exercise. On his return, he
remarked that he felt tired and went
to his room and lay down for a • st.
A few minutes later he was found
At the cottage at the time were Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Cooper t.v* latter a
granddaughter, and their daughter,
Fannie, and another granddaughter,
Miss Anne Peace all of this city and
Mrs. B. H. Bur rough t, a near re
lative .
A message was Immediately com
municated to Mrs. S. T. Peace, the
only surviving child, in this city, and
the news of his death that spread
rapidly over the community came as
a surprise and a shock to every one,
for Mr. Parker was one of the city’s
best known residents, and an ex
ceptionally active and alert man for
one of his age.
The funeral will be held at 6 o’clock
Saturday evening from the Parker
home at the corner of Andrews
avenue and Rowland street, and in*
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May Seek
Hour Limit
. r ,
Washington, July- 14. —(yP) —Hugh
S. Johnson, administrator for the
government’s industrial recovery en
terprise, told newspapermen today
that he expected it to be necessary to
ask voluntary imposition of hour li
mits and increases of wages by all
business pending approval of indi
vidual codes.
This view was taker, by him, al
though tecognizing that agreements
for minimum hours have been com
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only daily newspaper
by Roosevelt to Briny Piosperily Back toJUL - S -
•. « - t ygjmx - : w
Here s the t.ew organized by President Roosevelt to pilot to the U S
They are the members of his super-cabinet of recovery. At top, 1, to r • Harry L
Hopkins, relief administrator; Lewis W. Douglas, budget director; Frank C Walker
co-ordinator of recovery agencies; George N. Peek, agricultural adjustment act admin-*
istrator; Joseph B. Eastman, railroad co-ordinator: Jesse E, >ones. chairman of Recon-
Banker Dies
Wb mm
* m ’ '■ v. - 'VH- ■
I mmm
Cigar Leaf Growers To Be
Asked To Adopt Plan
Like Cotton Offer
Washington, July 14.—(AP)—Farm
administrators will begin their acre
age reduction campaign for cigar leaf
tobacco next Monday in all the prin
cipal growing areas in an effort to
cut this year’s harvest 50 percent.
Plans for each of the growing dis
tricts vary because of the difference
in tobacco grades, but the plans for
all areas have one provision in com
mon, the paying of cash bounties to
growers who destroy potions of itheir
growing crop. A processing tax will
become effective later, probably about
October 1, to finance the program.
Such a levy is applied when the
tobacco is first changed or'pl’ocessed
toward the finished product.-
This tax will be at the rate of about
six cents a pound and will be aimed
to yield from $5,000,000 to $8,000,000.
It will be collected from cigar manu
facturers on all types of tobacco, with
collections to be handled by the Bii
reteir .of Internal Revenue, which al
ready has established a system of
internal revenue taxes on tobacco at
these factories. The growing districts
are New York and Pennsylvania,
Wisconsin and Minnesota, Ohio and
Indiana; New England ant^X** ol
and Florida.
Minden, Nevada, July 14—(AP)
—Eißiott (Rooisevqlt, second son
of the President, filed suit here
today for divorce from Elizabeth
Donnell Roosevelt, of Philadelphia
His complaint charged extreme
Enrolling Office
Cost About Half
Raleigh, July 14.—(AP)—Secre
tary of State Stacy W. Wade said
today that he operated the enroll
ing office during the 1933 meeting
of the General Assembly at a cost
of $13,456.35 less in salary expenses
than was expended in 1931.
Salary costs th s year were $16.-
497.87. Wade said,, compared with
$29,864.20 two years ago.
- ..■■—» ... I»..■■■,iV>i^—nr— rijki »i ....■
July 27 Now Fixed as Final
Date for Recess That
Will Be Taken
Called on To Have Reports Ready
by Next Friday; Every Effort To
Be Made To Avoid Atmos
phere of Finality.
London, July 14. —(AP)—The steer
ing committee of the world economic
conference decided today to recess
the worldwide parley on July 27.
All committee were notified to have
their complete reports ready by next
The full bureau meeting will be
conducted the following Tuesday and
the final plenary session will be held
July 27.
It is understood that great care
will be taken to avoid a note of fi
nality at the plenary session. There
will be a clear indication that the
conference is expected to resume at
a future date. This attitude would
permit continuation of the tariff
truce which was for the duration of
the parley, and which many nations
desire not to terminate.
The plenary session will have to
confirm the steering committee’s de
cision to close deliberations, but lead
ers consideed this a mere formality.
V ■“ 1—
24 Italian
Ships Near
To Chicago
Reach Montreal,
Due at World’s Fair
Tomorrow; Lind
berg in Labrador
Montreal, July 14 (AiP)—The Ita
lian air armada otf 24 seaplanes, led
across the North Atlantic by General
Italo Balbo for a visit to the Cen
tury of Progress Expedition at Chi
cago, landed safely here this after
noon, completing the sixth lap of
darin-g flight.
General Balbo brought • his plan®
i down at 12:45 p. m., and 1;23 all the!
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- - * ****** *.*** *
Works To Begin Immediately
J-v-v.wJ.-. u
struction Finance Corp. Bottom, 1. to r.: Hugh S. Johnson, national recovery act
administrator; William F. Stevenson, chairman of Home Owners’ Loan Corn • Arthur
E. Morgan chairman of Tennessee Valley Authority; Henry Morgenthau, Jr!, governor
of Agricultural Credit Administration; Robert Fechner, director of Civilian Conserva
uon v/Oi*ps«
Department Os Revenue
Selects Army Os Agents
To Carry On Field Work
Will Collect All State Taxes , Including New Three Per
cent Sales Tax; 44 New Men Picked Out of 1,000 Ap
plicants; Field For C e Will Number 62
Daily Dt-patch Rnrena,
In the Sir Waller Hotel.
Raleigh, July 14.—Details of the or
ganization of the field forces of the
Department of Revenue, that will col
lect all State taxes, as well as the
new three per cent sales tax, were
announced today by Executive As
sistant Commissioner of Revenue M.
C. S, Noble, Jr. The new field force
will be composed of 62 field deputies,
Kidnap Banker
Named Abductor
A|t|lianta, Ga* (July fl 4
John K. Ottley, president of the
First National Bank, today posi
tively identif ed a New York po
lice photograph of William Delin
ski, former sailor and stationery
salesman with a long criminal rec
ord. as the man wanted as the
leader in the banker’s kidnaping.
The Fulton county grand jury
has returned an indictment against
“Grover Collins” as the man who
engineered the kidnaping of Ott
ley, which lasted only a few hours,
when Prior Bowen, 17-year-old
school boy, released the banker
from his bonds and blindfold.
O’Connell Kidnapers De
mand New Set of Names
of Go-Betweens
Albany, N. Y„ July 14.—(AP)—
Daniel P. O’Connell, uncle of the
kidnaped John J. O’Connell, Jr., re
ceived a letter from the kidnapers
today ordering the family to submit
a new list of intermediaries to be
published in three New York news
papers, the Sun, Journal and World
The list of go-betweens, the third
offered by the family, has been sent
to the New York papers. The letter
received today was signed by the kid
naped youth. The faimily established
the authenticity of the signature.
The first letter from the abductors
demanding $250,000, received last Sat
urday, bore young John’s signature.
Two other letters from the kidnap
band did not carry his name.
Today’s letter, the fourth the fam
ily has received was taken from the
private mail box of Daniel this morn
ing. It was not made public. It was
said, however, that no reference was
made to the boy’s condition, nor was
there any reference to the ransom.
O’Connell,, |tc|on lof \the poflitlcal
family, was kidnaped a week ago to
the present force of 18 deputies being
increased by 44 new men to that fig
ure. Letters will be sent out within
the next 24 hours to the 44 new men
that will be appointed as deputies
and their namqt will be announced as
soon as Ihey all are notified. They
will be asked to report for duty Mon
day, July 17. Ten additional employes
<t;nnt,inued an Page Six.'
State Gets
Huge Park
Road Fund
Washington, July 14.—(AP)— An
allocation of $1,794,826 so North Caro
lina was announced today by the pub
lic works administrator for forests,
park and Indian roads under the pub
lic works fund.
The allocation to North Carolna was
itemized: $81,326,000 (to forest high
ways; $373,000 for forest roads; sl,-
317,500 to park roads; and $23,000 to
Indian roads.
Washington, July 14 Offi
cials of the National Park Service to
day said $2,635,000 of the $16,000,000
allotted to national park roads from
ft,be public works fund would 'be al
located to the Great Smoky Moun
tains National Park in North Caro
lina and Tennessee. »
Park service officials said the fund
would be divided equally between the
,roa.dfs of the park in the two states.
No decision has been reached yet,
they said, on their recommendation
for allocation of about $2,000,000 from
(reforestation funds for completing the
(purchase of lands for the Smtoky
Mountains park.
Alton. 111., July 14. —(AP) —Two
notes demanding ransom for August
Leuer, 77-year-old Alton banker, have
been received by Leuer’s family, it
was announced here today.
Agents for the family said neither
of the notes bore Leur’s handwriting.
Generally fair tonight and Sat
urday except probably showters
in extreme west portion; slightly
warmer in west and north cen
tral portions tonight.
OF 696,472 BALES
Month’s Consumption More
Than Double That For
June Last Year, Gov.
' ernment Says
More Than 25 Million
Spindles Active During
Month, an Increase of Over
Five (Million Over Jfune
Last Year; Most of These
Were in the South
Washington, July 14.—(AP)—Cot
ton consumption during June was the
largest for any month since the Cen
sus Bureau began keeping monthly
records in September, 1912.
The bureau said today that 696,472
bales were required by textile estab
lishments during the 30 days.
The next largest consumption for
any month since 1912 was 693,081 bales
reported for March, 1927.
Consumption during June, exclusive
of linters was more than double that
of last year, when 322,706 bales were
Particularly noticeable was the rec
ord consumption by establishments in
cotton growing states during the
month, also more than double that
of June last year.
Southern textile mills used 565,644
during June, compared with 275,832
bales last year.
Consumption of linters also in
creased sharply for the nation, with
81,468 bales consumed during June,
compared with 46,775 for the month in.
During the month 25.540,504 spin
dles were active in mills, compared
with 20,646,966 last year. Os these
during June. 17,593,128 spindles were
active in cotton growing states, com
pared with 15,347,908 active there dur
ing June last year.
For New England states, 7,242,362
spindles were active in June, com
pared with 4,569,172 active in June,
S. C. WELLS, 84, OF
Wilson,July 14.—(AP)— S. C. Wells,
83, prominent citizen and one of the
community's oldest business men,
died here today. His widow, two
daughters and two brothers survive.
Bank Order
Independence Trust
Now Free To Enter
Statewide Guaranty
Bank Merger
Charlotte, July 14—(AP>—Judge W.
F. Harding today dissolved a tem
porary injunction restraining the In
dependence Trust Company of Char
lotte from participating in a bank
merger, leaving the trust company
free ot become a unit of the recently
organized Guaranty Bank.
Protestants against the merger,
however, announced immediate steps
would be taken to appeal Judge
Harding’s ruling to the State Su
preme Court. E. . Cansler, Sr., at
torney for the protestants, said thi
appeal would not serve to stay th
merger, though, if the trust com
pany wanted to go ahead with it
plans before the appeal was decidec
Other banks to be in the merge':
institution are the North Carolim
Bank and Trust Company of Greens
boro and the Page Trust Company o
A temporary injunction restraining
the Page Trust Company from par
ticipating in the merger is now ii
effect. Similar to the one against th<
Independence Trust Company it if.
to be argued before Judge A. M.
Stack in Rockingham July 26. /
Miss Carrie McDean Charlotte at
torney, and other creditors of the lo
cal bank sought the restraining or

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