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Upward Trend For Tobacco
Seen In Eastern Carolina
In Prices For Second Day
growers, however,
Will Gather in Raleigh To
morrow To Protest Against
Price Levels Under
Last Year.
Some Dissatisfaction by
Farmers Because of Low
Prices Epident at Wilson
During Day Tuesday; 42
Counties To Send Men to
Mass Meeting.
R.le-’h. Aug. 30 (AP)—Prices in
t'u- br ?ht leaf bait, showed an up
writ ir-nd today. but gr,-w-rs of th
:»ai went forward with piana for j
ma«s meeting: here tomorrow to pro
test the auction bids.
Offlc'al prices cn yesterday’s open
ing break, corrupted today, revealed
avenges ranging; from. $10.23 per 10T
ru’nch flti GrecnviL'e to $13.96 a‘
W 'son had an opening day average
of 110.03 for 1,264,448 pounds, a res
et open ng. Rocky Mount sold 866.
022 poundh at an average of $11.22.
Sales in the early trading today in
dicated a slight upward trend in th
b.ds. Most markets reported that the
iprjces went up during the afternoon
and a smilar situation wa sappareu;
en several markets today.
Rocky Mount reported sides In th<
.fir t hour there aver aged an est
mated $10.50 per hundredweight, and
indications were prices would gradu
ally mount until late sales woulc’
bring a n average higher than yester
There appeared t obe some dUsat
(Contlnueci on Paae »"our *
Washington, August 30 (AP) —The
Pest off.ee Department has decided
to suspend the Charlotte, N. C., Au.
Ga., air mail route.
The suspension will be effective at
« date nex' month, yet to be deter-
Officials explained that suspension
’lll not necessarily mean abandon
ment of the line. but. merely non-use
of it until more money becomes avail
Other and reductions
hi service are under consideration a
tccncmv measures made necessaTv bv
a relnc+’on ; n air m',aii aomropriation*'
frem $21.000.000 t 0 $14,000,000.
Speed Plan
Os Tobacco
Better' Prices Now
ar >d Acreage Cut in
• 1934 l o Be Talked
At Raleigh
Special t 0 Daily Dispatch)
- St:aitto n, Raleigh, August 30
arf * maturing rapidly for the
'* de business meeting of itolba-c
--c sr:nv '»‘< to be held in the Y. M.
y auditariiurt at State College,
U 1 4 v morn'ng, Septem'ber 6 ait
, 1 lock, announces Dean I. O.
l, ’baub.
Mr c<
? v •°cr.aub said county farm
' ar ’ holding meetings of tio
r,,. growers in each of the 57
, if ' s where! flue-cured weed is
rc -1,, The** gatherings will be
5?'./ ,ri ,>r ’ T ' three de'egatos wiill be
, ,v > attend the stale wr’de meet.
n ' Bn held alt the College.
„ _ I ' nv n , e have bfHn asked to pre
, s,, ' , ahle resolutions at the enun
-111 ' ''.gs- end to send these bv
(-(<- i renroserit«tivs to the
nuc; Vr'. It 's planned not only
matters affrfctlttg the pre
(Ccntinued on Puse Four.)
Tlxmirrrsmt Bmiu B tsrnitrh
L| ijf
Vincent A»tor Raymond Moley
W. Averill Harriman V. V. McNitt Mrt. Mary Rumsey
Here are the sponsors of the new
national weekly magazine which
will be published under the editor
ship of Prof. Raymond Moley,
who resigned his post as assistant
secretary of state and chief of
President Roosevelt’s "brain
trust” to take tto position. As
sociated with Moley in the new
North Carolina Jurist Heard
By American Bar Meet
At Grand Rapids
points tcTlproblems
Preservation of Rights of Individual
Without Impairing Government
Power Is Major Task
of Statesmanship
Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 30 (AP)
—Preservation of tihjeu fundamental
rights of the individual without im
pairing- the government power to un
dertake measures for the general
welfare was described as the great
est problem of statesmanship at the
present time by Judge John J. Par
ker of Charlotte, N. C., in an address
today to the American Bar Associa
Judge Parker, senior jurist of the
fourth Federal Circuit Court of Ap
peals, and with a wide reputation as
a constitutional authority, assured
that the increased activities of the
Federal government was not a sign of
abandonment of the nation’s consti
tutional theory. I
“CeCrtaimly if Congress may lega
;• slate for the purpose of preserving
free competition, it may, wwhen this
free competition is o. n the verge of
destroying industry itself, legislate to
eliminate its destructive features in
the interest of controlled cooperation,
he saWrT
“I have no reference of course, to
any .particular statutes or lo com
mercial codes adopted under ta.-m.
but am merely pointing out rant acts
regulating interstate ommerce are in
no sense a departure of;,our consti
tutional theory,” he said.
Greensboro, Aug. 30 (AF)—W.
1,. IJndeman. middle-aged unem
ployed man, hanged himself in
the basement of his home here
{today became of Avht his wife
said was financial worries.
Coroner W. W. Harvey said an
innaest was unnecessary. The
widow and two children survive.
venture are Vincent Astor, top,
capitalist and head of the famous
Astor family; Mrs. Mary Rumsey,
right, sister of W. Averill Harri*
man, left, well-known bankei
and railroad operator, and V. V.
McNitt, •enter, syndicate pub
lisher and executive editor of th*
new publication.
Father and Son In
Counterfeit Case
Tarbore, Aug. 30 (Al*) —John
Ash’ey Bulloc kand his son, Paul,
were' At liberty on bond today for
their appearance before a United
States commissioner on a charge of
making and passing counterfeit
The men, arrested Isst night,
gave bond pending a hearing be
fore Commissioner G. S. Paulson
in Rocky Mount, September 8.
" ■ * -H* «i
Durham Colored Delegation
Fights Discrimination
on Teachers ,
Daily Dlstmtc)i Bnr«na,
In tne Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, Aug. 30. —When a big dele
gation of prominent Durham and
other Negroes comes here tomorrow to
appeal to the State School Commis
sion to lift the salary schedule for
teachers of their race, there will be
(Continued rm Page Six).
Ambassador Dodd
Presents Papers
To German Chief
(Berlin, August 30 (AP)—United
States Ambassador William E. Dodd
presented his credentialfi today to
President Paul von Hindenburg.
After receiving military honors, the
new ambassador made a. brief sneeoh
in which he mentioned the cultural
Les between the two nations.
“Being myself in large part a pro
duct of German intc’ilectual and cut.
tural life. T shall take particular piea
sur e,i n seeking to interpret the sym
'tpathetic attitudes of both people,” he
I. “All nations tod-aw labor uruJenr un
j precedented economic an d social d’f
j,ficult i ee. and in both Germany and
/the United States heroic efforts are
‘/being made for general recovery.” (
GET $30,000 LOOT
Swifts Payroll Taken in St.
Paul Robbers Operate
Behind Dense Smoke
Bandit Gang Believed To
Number Five, Armed
With Machine Guns.
Shotguns and Pistols;
Bank Messengers Were
Taking Money To Swift
Company’s Office.
S't. Paul, Minn., August 30 (AP)
-One policeman was slain and an
other wounded seriously today rs
bandits hiding the r movements be
Ihind a smoke screen, robbed two
bank messengers of a $30,000 payroll
Driving into the lvertr’ck mar kef
center in an automobile which had a
screaminer siren, the bandits’ gang
believed to number five, k uied Police
man Leo Pavlek, 35, wounded Yea
man, and tihon fled.
A machine gun, shotguns and pist
ols were used in the spectacular raid
from in front of th epos* office.
As the bandits oar came to a quick
stop in view of the two officers and
the bank messengers, a cloud of black
smoke came from the rear of the car.
Witnesses said the smoke screen
obscured movements of the bandits a* c
as they alighted. The bank rressen
gers, bcih 21 years old, had bee. n at
the railroad sbsiti’on to recrine the
«mcney for the Stockyard Nat'on v
Bank from the Federal Reserve Bank
in Minneapolis foif distribution to
Swift and Company employees.
The bandit icar pulled up to the
curb as the messengers and Pavlek
came down the post office steps
(carrying the money in satchels. As
the smoke came from the car, one
s>c*ndit shouted. “Stick ’em up”!
One of the messengers said Pavlek
threw up his hands without attempt
ing to rea'c hfor his gun.
Two or three rrrn hurried toward
the messengers, who were ordered to
“throw down thise bags.”
The messengers said they dropped
ahe satchels and threw up their
bands. One raider held a shotgun
against Favilek and another took his
pistol from him.
Salisbury, Aug. 39 (AP)—Joe Mor
etz. of Hickory, was re-elected presi
dent of the North Carolina Luther
League at the first meeting of its 13
annuel convention here today.
(George Lentz,, of Winston. Salem,
was elected vice-president; Mildre
iPropct, of Concord- recording secre
tary; Sarah Roof, Lincolnton, statis
tical secretary; Homer Lyerly, Salis
bury, treasurer.
24th State
Voting Wet
1,924 Pre
cincts Show 316,064
Wet and 132,359
Dry Ballots
Seattle. Wash., Aug. 30 (AP) —Two
thirds of the 36 states needed to erase
the eighteenth amendment from the
Jeonsitfitiutioth werfc fcrJad up today,
Washington yesterday following 23
others Snot the repeal column.
None of the states which have voted
favored retention of prohibition.
Only one legislative district, the
ninth, Jn rural eastern Washington,
voted dry, on the basis of available
returns. The district will have only
tw 0 of the 99 delegates who wiM meet
October 3 at Olympia to ratify the
decision of the voters.
The popular vote from 1,924 of the
State’s 2,682 precincts rolled up a to
tal of 316,064 wet ballots to 132,359
•cast for dry candidates.
Cloudy, probably showers in
vest portion trnight, and i„ wed
and south portions Thursday.
Si ghtly cooler on the coast to
night, . . .
Johnson Asked By President
Why Henry Ford Has Refused
To Sign Auto Industry Code
7;. 'l'
; A Bh Bmi.
WisM: mm M Slgpliw, .
Montagu Norman George Harrison President Roosevelt
The summer White House at
Hyde Park, N. Y., top, where
President Roosevelt, right, is
spending his vacation, is the scene
for a discussion of a new plan for
the stabilization of international
currency in a conference of the
Prices Declared
Below Last Year
Washington, Aug. 30 (AP)—The
Bui*eau of Agricultural Economics,
after a survey, said today that the
opening prices on tobacco markets
in Eastern North Cairolina “aver
aged somewhat lower yesterday.”
the first day of sales, than ‘.a the
opening day last yean.
It was said at Farmville. N. C.,
sales were reported as heavy in vol
ume. and made up mostly of second
to fourth quality primings. Straigh
side of lugs and cutters were scare**
f*.nd prices ranged from $2 to s2l
per hundrad pounds.
Suggestion of Wets Has Not
Met With Much Favor
Over the State
Daily Dispatch nureaw,
la the Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, x-.ug. 30.—Wet foes of Jus
tice Heric Clarkson, of the Supreme
Court who have been looking for a
candidate to offer against his honor,
say they will have a judge warning
up. but thry do not yet tell his name.
♦Some weeks ago some of them let
fall the hint that Assistant Attorney
General A. A. F. Seawell would be a
mest acceptable man since his great
legal ability and his service in the
General Assembly had marked him so
well over the State. But Mr. Seawell
didn’t get interested. The wets say
they have a good young fellow, but
they won’t tell the world yet.
The assault on Mr. Justice Clarkson
was mad-- chiefly on the grounds that
(Continued an Page Six.'
L. H. J. HOUSER, 77,
Cherryville, Aug. 30.—(AP) —LL H.
Houser, 77, pioneer citizen here, for
mer educator, postmaster and jusctice
of the peace, was found d cad in bed
-t his home here today.
In 1895 he represented Gaston coun
ry in the legislature, for the' last 25
: years was editor of The Eagle. Cher
| ryville newspaper, and for 20 years
served r.s a public school teacher.
president with Montagu Norman
left, center, governor of the Bank
of England. The conference has
been requested by George Harri
son, governor of the Federal Re
j serve bank of New York, for th*
I British banker.
Port Washington, L. 1., Of
ficer Smiles When Ask
ed About Affair
Chief Steve Webber Former Boxer
and Army Sergeant; Louisiana.
Senator Was Smacked At
Charity Function
Brooklyn, N. Y\, August 30 (AP)—
The Brooklyn Eagle says today it has
■learned from an authoritative source
(that tihe mian who smacked Semato
Huey Long at a Long Island party
•Saturday night is Chief of Police
Steve Webber, of Port Washington, a
former boxer and army drill sergeant.
Ohicf Webber, when asked about the
matter, smiiled and denied he had
struck Long.
Since the fight, concerning which
the utmost secrecy was maintained by
members of the club and guests at the
charity function, to wh ? ch Senator
Long was invited, there has been con
tinual speculation as to the identity
of the man who laid the southern
senator low.
For a time there was general be.
lief that a prominent New York
architect was the man. but he finally
satisfied questioners that this was a
mistake. f
'Chief Webber was said to have
shown little surprise when he was
told the Riptlight of curiosity had
swung upon him. but he insisted that
bis denial be used if a story was car
ried. He grinned as he made this
Greenville, S. C., Aug. 30 (AP) —
The case of Mrs. Ressie McAbee, 23-
year-old admitt edsloyer of two men.
Who is o n trial for murder here, went
to the jury at 12:38 p. m. today.
Arguments in the case and the
judge’s charge to the ury were made
.this morning. CoCurt recessed until
,3 p. m. After the case was given
to the jury and a verdict was no* ex.
peeled before re-convening of court.
Mrs. McAbee- who took tihe witness
•stand admitted shooting J. L. Hayes
j and Lang Taylor at her home near
[ here last December.
FIVE CEN i> Liui
Maybe the American People
Will Crack Down on Ford
If He Persists, John,
son Says. |
Factories Have Also Been on
40-Hour Week for Long
Time; No Statement Has
Been )Made at Factories
Since Automobile Code
Was Given Approval
Washington, Aug. 30. (AP)
Henry Ford has until Sept sntiwv
her 5 to sign the automobile code
if he want s a blue eagle for his
motor cars, national recov< ry of.
ficials said today..
Hyde Park, N. Y., Aug. 30 (AP)
President Roosevelt has asked Gen
era! Hugh S. Johnson, industrial ad
ministrator, for a. report on the fail
ure of Henry Ford to enroll under the
new working agreement for the auto,
mobile industry.
Detroit, Mich., Aug. 30 (AP)—ln
the absence of Loth Henry and Ecsel
Ford, comment was withheld at the
Ford Motor Company offices here to
dHy ccTDcerntoigJ the statements in
Washington of General Hugh S.
Johnson that “maybe the American
people will crack down on “Ford if
the does not obtain the blue eagle.
Bdsel Ford, president of the Fc *d
Motor Company, is understood to b?
at Bar Harbor, Maine. The eV'e/
Ford is also absent on a vacattor*.
jaunt, supposedly somewhere in Mich -
igan’s upper peninsula.
No statement of any kind has bee 1 ,
authorized from tihe Ford offices h:rh
since the automobile industry’s cci>
was accepted in Washington withe tit
the participation of Henry Ford.
The minimum wage art th© Fo“
plant is 50 cents an hour rand operated
on an eight-hour five-day week bash
The industry’s code calls for a mid.
mum of 43 cents in larger cit'es, a "id
scales down to 40 cents in smal
cities with a 35-hour week.
Three Boys
Trapped On
Dizzy Cliff
Can Neither Get Up
Nor Down Lake
Placid Mountain;
Drop Them Food
Adirondack Lodge, Lake Placid, N.
Y., Aug. 30. < AP) —Sandwiches, wa
ter and oranges were lowered over a
dizzy clifside today to three boys mi
romed on a narrow ledge of rock
400 feet high since yesterday mernfr.g
A n ot dropped from an airpiaro
just be 100 noon,, said' the boys, star, i
ed since yesteday, wee still on t v ' r
narrow ledge, and no members of a
large searching party trying to re
scue them were visible.
Fred McLane, of Lake Placid, ’.he
pilot, daringly sent his plane down,
into the glo' rrw gorge, of Indfrff'Ps r s
wihere he culd see the three youth
huddled together aftr a night cf fre?_
in ;g , temperatures, unable to climb ?h,
muontain and unable to descend from
their 400 sot perch.. They were to
then shirt sleeves, having left their
blankets and food at the foot of hte
. 1,500 foot wawll with a snrall°r bay
who miado a throe hour hike to A.:*ir
or.dak lake lots yesterday to report
; his companions trapped,
! “Boys are safe on th cliff.” te-A>
iMnLane’s mr-soge. droT> 4 <l ■ < 4 *
lodge.. “None of rescue parly ui
\ pight.’’ , , i .. i

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