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McClaren Visit “The Place of Values” Fredß.HightCo. Something New "
Tinrc i ncoi ac jj o I MONUMENTS
1 ItvCiSj For lumber, shingles, roofing, doors, windows. Real Fata to w « taw lhe
JudlulC No home wiring needed...yet power, I 0 f this Htatn r ' Pli Pis
Will give you more miles locks, hinges, brick, lime. plaster and cement, _ tone, selectivity and distance equal to WmmMh twenty years 'oui'uhok? 1 ' 1^
and more real tire satis- tlie f * nes * electric socket set. of sim- ' alp jSasj I of satisfied customer •'^ fHI "
faction than you ever had wall board and paints for every purpose. iiioiti Alive ,lar pnce and number of I,,bes - g ljS' 1 our greatest asset.
before |-| g et us P r °ve it. by a demonstration f||l Jig pjv HWe are better n rPriarP(j .
„ K AfllQ of tbe new Ail ' Cell Radio Set. £3® I day to serve vno ti *
Made in North Carolina. • iV M r T „ , Ml I h Jr™ yWianpv^
. 1 „ p _ -• . . No obligation. Low prices*,. .£ash | |j ■ b tore. See our etoeii nr
A!l ' A 1 11/ 4,1 # Let: US riahdle your rents or deferred payments. I I I wri:te for oa ' tfllo P
motor Alex o. w atßms : Jiu WmSsXSa. I «***»*
_ , service. ' lI7AAI A nIVC Zlf I 4 MARBU. WORKS
Sales Co. "Where Quality Tells and Prices Sell ' Phoce 289 WUOLARD b XE " r I N*bȣZ2r w
Henderson, N. C. | ■» ■ B. hek, p m| ,
paSKi Legion Membership Shows Increase This Year 3 Every
ample and varied LARGER NOW THAN Attacks Critics c S..Sri;“.'. LEGION POST TO i SsjSsrsS'jS A
enough to meet 111 nmniom MOO dP?IHk —|gft||K|||i turns. The "ntirlTle.OOO merchants will &M P«* *>
the needs of an IN lIH.HVIHrK. IH.v r 11 ’ paui MFFT HN MflNllAY! MS Si,n,ighr
who plan to build 9 Wmmm Machinists. IIILLI UM IvlUnUnS report theii collections, regar ess of I luuml fmmj
E. F. Smith. whether they are more or less than $lO \flßlHßnra
oi lepaii. Paid Members for New Year flßfcz-.. nT fi 11 1 1 yle Fpsom | J 11 1 *, P tlt I v Q,_ y... i
n i* , n a , i.. j C i . ‘ ' O . P ‘ , ’ Kegular monthly bession Ol me collections from the beer tax in Mmm ■Wm Qt-v-p-- .
Consult US before buying. Listed, Showing Classl- J - R. Stevenson, Henderson Book p Scheduler! In Its November amounted to only $23,503, Ml 1®
Prices a.re tile lowest. ficatiori Also * le ‘ _ - e A the lowest it has fallen yet since the
1 .canon Also f J J - S ; !t vanß ; State Grocery Co Own Quarters • sale of beer in the State was legalized.
• . A - fe - Atkins, Hardware and Lum- • In October the beer tax collections
P AA | P_ The present membership of Hender- Ji e * * ATUt 0 The re £ular monthly meeting of were $30.431; in September, $31,376; in f ¥f , tlTf\iri'r% n riUr
V ante vOal & son Post - N °- 6 °- of the American Le- f p.VV idi^ b,te ’ J ’ R Wh,t ° a^d Sons Henderson Post, No. 00, of the Arne- August, $39,930 and in July $39,068. HhNDKR SON
f I n I Tear" A H.W A nderson . Vance Coa, and ri<:a " win be held Monday Thia would indicate the, the con- IIUWUWVII
Lumber Co. an lncr. M ' .« the month, £o along. Lumber Company. even,nj at 8 o’clock In ,be Legion ™S’° n f-.. fJ„
LUUIUCI VU. according to announcement today by BUlcr. Biller Department members arc urged to be weather oi course ,a l/OCa-COM
The Main Street Lnmber feels its responsibility Newspapermen. C. L. Carter post commander is 3om d beLftn d No r ve a m! RnttlitnX fft
Yard is to deserve the confidence and re- 11 , s - N - Powen - Henderson Dispatch to preside at the meeting, and such ber since lbeer is adm j tt edly a warm UUIIIIIIK vU.
spect. of this community. To such an Company. business as is to claim the attention weather drink.
Phone 30 end its active members, meaning „ M * Fi “ < r h ’ Bus^ ess Manager, of the post at this time will be con- r : tax co „ ections „ how « d _ C. 0. Seifert, Mgr.
those who have paid their dues for the Henderson Dispatch Company. sidered and transacted. license tax collections showed a
coming year, together with the name 'SIPP Petroleum Products (Wholesale.) substantia increase in November oyer
of the business thev are engaged in ' J. K. Jenkins, Gulf Gasoline. those 1,1 November of last year, being ■■■■■■■MflßßMflMnttDßi
or with whom associated, are listed O. T. Kirkland, Super-Shell Gaso- th ®”- $120,699 this past month as compared Tti^fX
f \\T* A here. Each month additional names 1 line. Thus ,f a cal comes ,n for two with $63,977 ,n November a year ago Os TlPlf
In Winter will be added to the list indicating J T. W. McCracken, Super-Shell Gaso- good boss carpenters and six helpers, Franchise tax collection this past fS g {§■
m vv inter l a : 'ZZe* JL aS d ***■ z e r: eoing 10 V y to sel i ct the month amounte V° h r* u
f\r Summer nSoJwmy Lv b* jttdg£. i ✓ R«y Jfred and the six best helpers we can vember a year ago. This variation is CAT fC
Or jummer The membership list as Ihls lime Is Painter. find, without regard to who they are. partly due of course to changes f\ I M V
as follows- Father Coughlin Chas. L. Warren. <:Ven ls some oue asks that John made in the corporation franchise LI r BJj jL J
__ ' lnnmintont d j* OißHYmati -• Smith be included as one of therp. taxes by the 1933 general assembly.
p A Smith Branding attacks E u Brantley, Supt. • Raleigh ' po V the Reempioyment Service ..has Income tax collections amounted to and
H m Bankers Roosevelt, as the work of Wall Grkiiile'‘Coni-pahy GreyfrtoVie" ’ already . built., up, & reppt-attpn a* -an $132,619 in November as compared
Im. .r» Joel T. Cheatham, President Indus- Morgan” in an attempt Railroad. • • ' . efficienl placement service . a„d.. it will, $128,818 In November of last £1?f)1 ft CF
JL trial Bank to “ruin Mr. Roosevelt and build O. M, Watkins, Franklinton. intends to preserve that reputation year. m 1/ II
J. C. Gardner, Assistant Cashier up Ogden Mills for president in Salesmen. and supply the most efficient workers A study of the revenue collected f IVLI
First National Bank. 1936“, Father Charles E. Cough- Henry Moss, Cooper Company. ,l an to tho f who for them/' from the various sources clearly in-
R. O. Rodwell Cashier Citizens lin Detroit nriest is snanned in A. C. Husketh, Roth-Stewart Cloth- _ Some people a PP a >ently still have dicates, however, that there has been * D L
HENMJPQfIN Bank and ’ !/!’ .!? 1 P '' I app l *" ing Company. the impression that all Civil Works no material increase in revenue from IjGP’fF-JrSthfHTl
ilLn ULIVOI/ll Henrv T Young Bookkeeper Ci- this striking pose as he addressed R w Dixon, Henderson Furniture Projects are relief projects on which the regular revenue sources over last 1 «I
_ - tiypns Rank and Trust Cn * » mass meeting of 7,500 persons Company. anyone who has no work may get year except from the tax on gasoline.
IPF CO Barbers from the stage of the Hippodrome s C Flovd Swift and Comnanv work, whether he is an efficient work- This indicates that if the general as- I V
lvt w. w Tommy Hughes City Barber theater in New York. 'Father Harry FKeHe, «r or not, Way nick said. But this is sem.hly had not enacted the sales tax VUllipClliy
T)L.„ n k»/» q. y g > y , „t, y ' • not the case. that the general fund revenue would Henrierson N P
Phone 166 Shop. Coughlin urged support Ufßoos*. John D Williams “Even though 34,000 of those em- lack about $600,000 a month of being Henderson, N. C.
Jack Walters, City Barber Shop. ?elt S monetary policies. O * W C , M - Haithcock - Rose 8 5, 10 and ployed on civil Works projects were enough to meet the operating ex-*
E. G. Ramsey, City Barber Shop 25c Stores. laken from what were ' for J merly re . penses Q f the state. All of the revenue WMMBMMMHIBIHIHIHIII
a a >7rtir ff P ? aS S ’ . ’’■ e !J!' nE - Pie dmont Supply Co. jj e f u s ts, there is no such thing as a from the sales tax and several mil
pz-vr. DCTTCD * ° * t-i McDuffie, Mgr. International • . ii lam, Pont.iac-Plymouth relief project any more with the re- lions of dollars more from other sour- A
rUK OIL 11 hK on ors. Feitilizer Company. ya ? s ‘ suit that these 34,000 workers who ces is going to make up the $16,000,000 mZ aa A P oea
C. L. Carter, Secretary-Treasurer, D. Boyd Kimball, Salesman. O. B. Mitchell. Roth-Stewart Cloth- were formerly on relief projects are a year appropriated for the operation \j6o* /A. IVOSC
a erson ar nc. Filling Station Operators. nig .ompany. now out on their own. That means of the public schools.
• | • T . tt in ’ Philip J. Harris, Vance Filling Sta- Teachers. they must make good on these jobs JL C A
y ’ - or get out and make way for those I ft k« niven Tn IJUII O VU»
1 I 111 1111„ Doctors. Henry R. Mangum, City Service tural, Middleburg High School. who will make good. For no one is J ° D§ JL i,L a 0
•*' “ nnei :; _ yti .__ Station. B. A. Scott,, Principal Dabney High going to be carried on the payroll of 50,000, CWA bays
„ .nd’ XL Lf 1 ° Se Rob cf7 t 41 E - Van Dyke ' Serve ' AU Ser * School, these projects merely because he (Continued from Page One.) n
Phone 62 V, Specialist, Mgr. Maria vice Station. Tobacconists. needs the work and the pay—he must Kk§ m £*4 m O f lfl
Parham Hospital. Insurance. Alpheus Thompson, J. P. Taylor. he worth what he is paid.” approved. One of the statiticians esti- AjtwioU/C
J. H. Wheeler. j. C. Cooper, Owner, J. C, CoopSr, j. H. Pegram, Big Henderson Ware- mated that if all the projects so far
T. S. Royster, Surgeon, Maria Par- Agency. house. I ara i I Qi- * approved were included in the tabula- WW jl
Largest and best equip- ham Hos P ital - E- A. Latta, Accident Insurance. c. M. Cooper, Buyer Imperial To- “~ r £ e inciease In btate t j on that the total would show at AIQIS
1 Druggists. N. F. Parham, Durham Life Insur- bacco Co. Revenue During November least 50,000 men employed with a pay
ped shop in town, e , W ' W ' Parker » Owner, Parker Drug ance Company. W. B. Daniel, Jr., Young and Daniel (Continued frontpage One.) roll in excess of $5,000,000.
v 1 Store. F. B. Hight, Inc. Company. * S For the first time since the Civil
E - W. Woolard, Owner. Woolard’s Jewciryman. I,ee Averett, Reynolds Tobacco Co. crease in sales tax collection, which Works Administration started func- t f *
Job printing of all kinds Drug Store. J. C. Whaley, Gholson Jewelry Store. Undertaker. showed an increase of $137,848 over tioning, the projects have been segre- ITSIX
E *P ressmen - «lob Printers. C. B. Harris, Asa Hardee Funeral collections in September, when they gated by counties, showing- the num
at lowest prices. M. S. Fowler, Agent, Railway Ex- George Webb, Owner, Webh Print- Parlor. amounted to $411,755. But the increase iber to be employed and the total pay ft|
press Company. ing Co. U. S. Mail Carrier. » n September was partly due to the roll on projects already approved. Q@S
G. W. Furqueron, Agent, Railway Lawyers. Ally B. Young. fact that the quarterly returns from Some of totals for some of the larger
—Also—■ Express Company. R. B. Cartel*. U. s. Government Seed Loan. merchants who had collections of less counties are as follows:
Farmers. A. a. Bunn, County Attorney. R. L. Sheppard, Field Supervisor. ,han $ lO a m °»th were due then. Men
Wilson O. Ellis, Sandy Creek Town- Jasper B. Hicks, Junior Member of Warehousemen. ‘‘November sales tax collections, County employed Payroll {"*l *JTJT
n , , e ship. Law Firm, Pittman, Bridgers and F. L. Toepleman, Henderson Bond- however, amountin gto $595,39.1, ex- Cabarrus 149 $ 16,500 | I MI Citl
Kubber Jt&mps T. Fleming, Middleburg Town- Hicks. ed Warehouse. cee<l Gctober collections by $45,688 and Cleveland 269 26,723
ship- T. S. Kittrell, Junior Member of— - , do not represent any quarterly collec- Cumberland 726 57,504 A. JL
Cardboard* Eraz i er * Sandy Creek Town- Law Firm, Kittrell and Kittrell. PWA \A/‘ll Ro tions, with the result that we feel Davidson 589 68,070 | f/) &S
8 ship. D. P. McDuffee, State Senate, 1933, JODS Will De much encouraged,” Commissioner Durham 2,476 90,119 *
_ __ W. J. Bowen, Jr., Sandy Creek Town Legislature. Giveill For Merit Maxwell said. ‘‘This would also indi- Edgecome 771 98,967
Second Sheets ship - H. E. White. (Continued from Page One.) cate that retail bu siness is picking up Gaston 183 22,048 DOII t IOFRet US We
C. B. Middleburg Town- J. p. Zollicoffer, Senior Memmebr considerably over the State. The No- Granville 598 55,122 . 4 , ]
ship. and City Attorney. regard to personalities, according to vember returns are from 12,602, while Guilford 1,493 207,466 WclTlL trMUO.
C. A. Collins, Sandy Creek Township. Laundrymen. Director C. M. Waynick of the Na- .the October returns were from 17,720 Henderson 502 55,795
A E. W. Wortham, Sandy Creek Town- John W. Collins, Henderson Steam tional Reemployment Service in the merchants, because of the number of Johnston 756 44,245
/V | I ship. Laundry. State. quarterly returns.” Lenior 427 33,917
rVLiI Vo/I\k |J Joseph E. Perry, Kittrell Township. Manufacturers. “We are already getting requests at While there are more than 26,000 Mecklenburg 1,813 253,439 _ jk
B. L. Parrish, Middleburg Township. W. ,S. Corbitt, Vice-Pres. Mgr. Cor- various offices to be sure to give John registered retail merchants on the Nash 264 25,856 A» MVOoC
| C. M. Perry, Middleburg Township, bitt Truck Company. Smith and Jom Jones jobs as soon as books of the Sales Tax Division, this Rowan 229 23,822 _
T. P. Hester, Middleburg Township. George A. Harris, Pres. Mgr. Hen- anything is available,” Director Way- does not mean that there arc almost Sampson 394 19,828 O C* _ ? _
A k/livU G. W. Harris, Middleburg Township derson Ice Company. nick said today. ‘‘But I have instruct- 12,000 merchants who were delinquent Union 318 37,908 000 S V'bl*
Fertilizer Dealers. C. O. Seifert, Mgr. Henderson Cola ed all office managers to disregard all in November, it was pointed out by Vance 395 30,050
Henderson, N. C. G. T. Bussett, American Agricul- Cola Company. requests of this sort and to assign men Director Harry McMullan of the Sales Wayne 1,070 100,423 XlGllClGrSOri N. Q.
tural Chemical Company. j A. Cooper, Sect’y-Henderson Har- to jobs because of their fitness for Tax Division. It means instead that Wilson 870 121,372
Cook and If You Are Interested In Reducing Your BUY A Jg Plumbing
Heat with Insurance Costs FORD made to measure I Heating
A Place Your Next Renewal With FROM CLOTHES Wiring
Ooll ns for your next job.
r ’ *“ W. C. Cates , Agents for Clements » 19-75 and $24-75
Henderson & Strong Mutual Companies Motor Co. J. C* PCUUSy Co* I Electric Co.
Oxford U3S vO. Residence Phone 431 Henderson, N. C. Henderson, N. C. Henderson, N. C. I Henderson, N. c.

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