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Congress Facing
Major Issues For
The Coming Week
Changes in Securities Act,
Particularly on Invest,
ment Banking, Like
ly To Come Up
Wants Power To Make Re
ciprocal Tariff Agreements
Raising or Lowering Rates
by 50 Percent As Need
May Be; Huge Money Bills
Facing House and Senate
W.i. liiugtoii. Ft.b, 3.—(A!-*)- Con
gul hered itself today tor one
i,l it* busiest weeks, a drive through
i g, owing pile of legislation toward
the administration decree of an early
.• ;>! rig adjournment.
With both the Senate and House
in recess today, President Roosevelt
studied over what further legislative
-egg' lions he will toss into the eon
gies.xjonnl machine.
S.en.tary Roper is compiling a re
pi.it i reommeuding some changes in
the "truth in securities” act. Jndi
ratinn-; today were that it would urgr
modification in some regulations ap
plying to the investment banking
IVn.ocratrc leaders arc expecting
shortly a presidential request for au
thority to negotiate reciprocal tariff
treaties and raise or lower import
duties by 30 percent without Senate
t at ification.
The White House stamp also has
he* 1 n placed on job insurance legisla
At the Capitol the House probably
will receive next week the projectec
5200.n00.000 general revenue and in
nune tax amending bill. Into debate
* !i Monday will go the $r>90,000,000 re
lid ;tp pro print ion bill.
In the Semite the House-up proved
;;;,7o.otM\ont) nttvy expansion hill is
hanging fire. The long controverted
St. I iwrenee seaway treaty ratifica
t if:n is due for a close vote by next
w- t-k end. Veterans' benefits and the
Federal pay cut ate slated for de
liate as an .appropriation hill rider.
To the House, meanwhile, have
gone the Senate-approved Smith
•d 5.000.000 crop loan bill, and the
Johnson bill to penalize private fi
r.aucial transactions with defaulting
debtor nations.
Smith Reynolds’
Widow To Divorce
Second Husband
♦’uncord, Feb. 3 (AP) —The Con*
">ul 1 1 iil\ Tribune says it. has learn
i*i fuurt reliable sources that Mrs.
Anne Cannon Smith, of Charlotte
luriner wife of the late Smith Rey
i olds, will establish residence at Hot
Springs, Ark., to institute divorce pro
<< f ilings against her present husband
1' Brandon Smith, Jr., Charlotte.
The paper says Mrs. Smith lelt
f’harlottc yesterday accompanied by
hn father, Joseph IF. Cannon, and
ih.it her suit for divorce will be filed
'aider a cluuse in the Arkansas law
which permits a final decree after
days residence in that State.
Tite Tribune said it could not learn
•he grounds on wheih (the divorce
would be sought.
Group Asks
I iisurance
400 Persons In Autos
a n d Trucks De
scend on Congress
lb Present Demand
Washington, Feb. 3 fAP) —Approx-
imately 100 persons arrived in the
capital today in automobiles and
'i neks to petition Congress for un
'''nployinent insurance legislation.
The gathering was directed by the
•one organization which conducted
lv, i “hunger marches” during the
1 b >oer administration.
Herbert* Benjamin, leader of the
‘National unemployed council,” said
' ''iigress would be asked to enact a
''ill for insurance covering unemploy
ment, old age, accidents, illness and
1 his, he said, could be financed by
'"♦axes on incomes of more than
5 5,U00 a. year. *'j : j
ÜbetUkvt&Btx D&tUj Btspaith
Stays $6,000,000
State Mortgages
Salisbury, Feb. 3.—(Al»)—North
Carolina homes with a total value
of more than $6,000,000 have been
saved from mortgage foreclosures
by the Federal Home Owners’
l oan Corporation, according to a
statement on record today in the
office of Alan S. O’Neal State
manager of the corporation.
Mr. O’Neal said more than $2,-
(KKtJHHI in distressed mortgages re
ceived relief during week end
ing January 25. and that applica
tions for aid were being neted up
as quickly as possible.
Iwo Witnesses In Senate
Air Mail Probe Declare
Correspondence Was
First Removed
McCracken office
Had Been Held by Former
Assistant (Secretary ot
Commerce in Hoover Ad
ministration; McCracken
Was Arrested by Order of
Senators Friday Evening
Washington, Feb. 3. (AP) Two
witnesses testified today in the Sen
ate air mail investigating committee
that the aviation companies they re
presented had agreed to permit ex
amination of their records only after
certain correspondence nad been re
The witness were L. H. Britten,
vice-president or me Northwest Air
ways, and Gilbert Given, secretary
to Harry M. Hanshue, president ol
the Transcontinental and Western
They said the records were taken
from the office of William P. Mc
crackeii, the assistant secretary of
commerce for aviation in the lloovei
.administration, and now acting attor
ney for their companies.
McCracken was arrested last night
but. immediately freed on bond to ap
pear before the Senate Monday.
Elizabeth City. Feb. 3 (AP'D—
Houusetops an dsidewafks were bare
ly covered by a light snowfall which
began here last night at 8:30 o’clock.
This was the first snow of Mie win
ter that had remained on the ground.
The sky was partly overcast dur
ing the morning and the tempera
ture started rising after falling be
low freezing during the night.
Poteat And
Hanft lake
Their Oath
Ehringhaus Admon
ishes Them To Do
Justice to Utilities
and the Public
Raleigh. Feb. 3.—(AP)— North Car
olina’s new utilities commission, cre
ated under a 1933 law has as its chief
duty the ascertaining of the “truth
about utilities in the State.” and the
administering of justice alike for the
public and the utilities.” Governor
Ehringhaus today told the two asso
ciate commissioners as they were
sworn into office.
Professor Frank William Hanft, of
the University of North Carolina,
took his oath and filed hiis written
oath with the secretary of state, as
required by law, while Dr. William
Louis Poteat took the oral oath.
Where Byrd Crew Is Fighting Antarctic Ice
- ' j
• "S-yy • -y• :;:: :;y:-:*:*:*: 1 : : : : : : : : : : :
4— in ■■ fc"—**********— , v -- *
An artist’i conception of the
scene at the Bay of Whales, Ant
arctica, where the expedition of
Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd,
light, is battling with crumbling
masses of ice and the elements, is
Mendieta Sees Serious Turn
That May Wreck His Regime
Havana, Feb. 3. (AP)—President
Carlos Mendieta. signed a decree re
turning the Cuban Electric Company
properties to its American owners to
The cobinet met at 9 a, m. today
to consider the question of the elec-
PAID 12,000,000
Option Checks from Govern
ment Bringing in Big
Sums to Farmers
Daily Dis|»aleti II urea a.
In the Sir Waller Hotel.
.Raleigh, Feb. 3. —With the tobacco
sign-up completed and some 98 per
cent o r the flue-cured growers in
North Carolina under contract, the
extension service of State College is
now giving its undivided attention to
completing the cotton campaign. In
most of the 67 counties where cot
ton is grown, the farm agents have
been busy closing out for the tobacco
work and aiding farmers in getting
checks for the staple held under op
tion with the government.
Reports from tne field indicate that
option checks are now coining into
the State in a steady flow and will
add over two million dollars to the
income from iast year's cotton crop.
In addition, those cotton growers
who took loans on their options still
have their equity in the cotton and
will make an additional profit should
the staple go above ten cents a.
pound ibiy reason of a successful sign
up for 1931 over the entire cotton
Several thousands of dollars have
also come into the Piedmont area
of the State during the last few weeks
in payment of wheat rentals, While
the State does not produce the wheat
necessary for its own flour, there are
a number of Piedmont growers who
produce the grain on a commercial
.scale and these are the men who
have signed the wheat reduction con
In addition to these income sour
ces from the New Deal program, an
effort will 'be made to interest a
large number of farmers in reducing
their com and hog production and
thus take advantage of the payments
to be made with these two crops. No
intensive campaign will |be under
taken, but all those growers who
specialize in producing corn as a feed
for hogs will be contracted and will
be given an opportunity to sign a
corn-hog contract. The job of doing
(Continued oq Page Two)
shown, top. The ice has wrecked
plans to unload winter stores at
the base at Little America, be
low, and has endangered the help
less flagship, 8. S. Jacob Ruppert,
center, which is said to be vainly
trie company and conferred with com
pany representatives. The guard of j
soldiers around the property was in
creased following employees’ threats
of a strike.
Despite stringent efforts to prevent
disorders during the night and early
today, one bomb damaged the Pal
ace hotel and another, a warehouse
'l #
Mostly Supplemental or Re
placement Jobs, Mrs.
O’Berry Says
Daily Uispateh Bureau.
In ll»»* Sir Walter Hotel,
Raleigh, Feb. 3 —A total of 12 ad
ditional CWA projects, with an ag
gregate payrol of .$163,168 and involv
ing a total cost of $242,923, have just
been approved by Mrs. Thomas
O’Berry, 'State CWA administrator,
it was announced today. Most of
these are either supplemental grants
for projects already under way or
replacement projects to provide em
ployment for CWA workers who are
now finishing or will soon finish pro
jects on which they are now employ
Among these projects are two in
Lenoir county, one a supplemental
grant of $154 for repairing county
school buildings and another for re
pairing the buildings and grounds at
the Caswell Training School, near
Kinston, that will provide employ
ment for 63 men at a payroll of $6,663
and a total cost of $9,091.
Three of the projects ate in Cum
berland county. One of these calls
for additional materials and labor on
the river road project, south of Lin
den, and wil provide 121 more men
with a payroll of $7,128, the total
grant being for $11,337. The second
is to supplement the original grant
for repairing and painting the Hope
Mills school, providing 7 more men at
a payrol of $537. The third is a sup
plement to another project, provid
ing three more jobs at a payroll of
One of the projects approved today
, (Continued on Page Two.)
Fair tonight and Sunday; slight
ly colder In east and north cen
tral portions tonight; rising tem
perature Sunday.
seeking a safe mooring place.
Ihe sketch shows Little A meric#
and its relative position to the
South Pole, and the spot where
43 members of the expedition
were marooned.
of the Westinghause Electric Com
pany. Still another bomb let go with
out any ill effect, other than to add
to the general disturbance.
The bombings climaxed a night in
which the presidend admitted that a
“serious problem"’ had been created
“for my government, which might
contribute toward its fall.”
Old Feud With Industrial
Board Seen in Winston-
Salem Complaints
Daily Dispatch Bureau.
In (he Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, Feb. 3—The present fuss
going on between some of the doc
tors in Winston-Salem and the State
industrial Commission over fees to
be allowed for X-ray work in work
men’s compensation cases and in
which these doctors and the two hos
pitals there are demanding about
twice the state-wide average and
about four times what is being paid
by the Federal government for CWA
compensation cases, is regarded here
as nothing more than the revival of
the odl fight between some of the
doctors and the commission because
it will not let the doctors convert it
into a gravy train for the medical
profession. Those who have been her 6
In Raleigh since the Industrial Com
mission was first established remem
ber both how bitterly some of the doc
tors fought the workmen’s compensa
tion bill in the general assembly, be
cause they felt it would reduce their
fees. They also remember how many
of the doctors opposed the fixing of
a state schedule of charges for med
ical services by the commission, after
it was finally set up.
Not more than ten per cent of the
doctors in the State are involved in
these efforts to tear down the fee
schedules and convert the Industrial
commission into a pie counter for
money minded physicians, however,
since it was stated today by Chair
man Matt H. Allen of the commis
sion that fully 90 per cent of the
doctors in the State have been and
still are cooperating with the com
mission to the extent of their ability.
He also pointed out that since the In
dustrial Commission has been in ope
ration, it has ordered the payment of
50 cents to doctors and hospitals every
time it has ordered the payment of
$1 in compensation. For the first
(Continued on Page Two.)
Treasury Holding
Its Two Billions
For Trading Move
Cotton Is Major
Item In Exports
Washington, Feb. 3.—(AP)—Un
inunuiactured cotton was shown by
Department of Commerce figures
today to have been, the major item
in the nation’s export trade in
Total exports were $1,675,000,000
of which cotton exports were $398,-
000 000, against $345,000,000 in 1932.
Other principal exports included
leaf tobacco valued at $67,000,000 in
1933, against $19,000,000 In 193;;, au .
tomobiles, $52,000,000. against $35-
$950,000,000 BILL
Sell at e Appropriations
Group Approves Unem
ployment Relief and
CWA Project
$460,000,000 Provided
That Purpose, a'nd Re
mainder Will Be For Direct
Relief Grants to States;
Limiting to CWA Expend
itures Is Cut Out
Washington, Feb. 3 (AP)—-The ad
ministration bill to appropriate $950,-
000,000 for unemployment relief and
the Civil Works Administration dur
ing the remainder of the current fis
cal year, was approved today by the
Senate Appropriations Committee.
Harry L. Hopkins, relief adminis
trator, told the committee that about
$450,000,000 would be required to carry
the civil works program up to May 1,
and the remainder would be used for
direct relief grants to the States.
The Senate committee struck out
the bill a provision approved by the
House limiting the expenditures to
the Civil Works Administration.
held for death of
Goldsboro, Feb. 3.— (AP)— George
Witherington, 35, was held today
pending an inquest into the death of
Arlie Howell, 20, who died Thursday
after a 10-day illness.
The warrant, sworn for Withering
ton by Sheriff Paul Garrison, alleged
he procured for the girl a drug in an
effort to avoid an illegal operation.
Raleigh, Feb. 3.—-(AP) Robert
Grady Johnson, of Pender county, one
of the leaders in the lower division
of the State legislature in 1931 and
1933, today said he planned to seek
re-election to the House this year,
and was also an active candidate for
the 1935 speakership.
Mrs. Grice
Being Held
In Killing
Goldsboro, Feb. 3.—(AP) — Mrs.
Ruby Grice was arrested today by
order of Solicitor Clawson Williams
and lodged in the Wjayne county jail,
charged with murder of her hus
band, Herbert Grice, iron worker,
shot to death at his home iast Oc
tober 22.
The 30-year-old widow, mother of
three children, has been free under
$3,500 bond as an accessory before
the fadt in the death of her husbanA.
A capias instanter was issued for
her by the solicitor and she was ar
rested at the home of a brother,
Ronald Sasser.
The solicitor indicated he intended
to bring her to trial for murder
rather than accessory to murder on
the allegation she conspired with
Rufus Satterfield, 43*, who was con
victed of murder yesterday in the
killing of Grice.
Apparently Waiting For
Early Subsidence of Vio
lent Dollar Fluctua
tion Abroad
Fund Has Not Yet Been
Used to Purchase Govern
ment Securities in United
States; Negotiations With
Britain for Stable Money
Are Still Rumored
Washington, Feb. 3.~(AP>—Appar
ently waiting for a subsidence of
violent dollar fluctuations abroad be
fore going into action, the Treasury
was disclosed today to have virtullay
intact its entire $2,000,000,000 stack of
“blue chips” for playing in the inter
national money game.
It was reported authoritatively at
the Treasury, where Secretary Mor
genthau and his experts are studying .
minutely dollar gyrations abroad that
the United States has yet to employ
its huge stabilization fund in foreign
exchange markets.
Likewise, it was stated that the
fund has not been used to purchase
government securities, another of .its
majoi functions.
Officials remained mum today, just
as they said they would, concerning
reports that preliminary communica
tions already, have been exchanged
with Great Britain on money matters
Both London and Washington, how
ever, continued to hear whispers that,
if not already started, conversations
pertaining in part to stabilization
were imminent. London heard rumors
of negotiations through diplomatic
channels with a conference to be held
there later.
Foster Parents, Their Two
Sons and Wife of One
Son Held by Coroner
Wilkesboro, Feib. 3.—(AP) A
coroner’s jury probing the death of
Leota Childress, 18-year-oIA farm girl
shot to death last December 30, de
cided today that her foster parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Tilley, tlheir sons
Luther and Clyde, and Luther’s wife,
were involved in a conspiracy to kill
The jury ordered the five held for
grand jury action. Mr. and Mrs.
Luther Tilley and Clyde Tilley have
boon held in the case for several
weeks. Officers were dispatched to
the Tilley home in the upper part of
the county to arrest Mr. and Mrs. W.
W. Tilley.
Action by the jury came after it 9
fourth sitting in the case.
Witness Is
Arrested To
F aee Senate
McCracken, Hoover
Cabinet Figure, De
fied Committee, Re
fusing Records
Washington, Feb. 3. —(AP) —Under
arrest by the Senate, but free on the
personal bond of his attorney, Wil
liam P. McCracken, a cabinet figure
of the Hoover administration, today
studied the answers he will give
when facing the Senate bar oil Mon
Senate air mail investigators, up In
arms at the refusal of the former as
sistant secretary of Commerce for
aeronautics to open his files, proba
bly would have summoned him to
chamber floor today. But the Senate
was in recess.
The arrest of McCracken and the
Senate order that his files be seized
caused somewhat of a sensation in
the capital.
Not for years had the Senate or
dered the arrest of an outsider.
McCracken himself took somewhat
of a different attitude toward the sit
uation today. He told investigators
that he was standing l upon the pri
vilege of a lawyer in not disclosing
the affairs of a client.

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