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Republicans, Royalty in Last Tribute to King Albert
Heads of republics walked side by side in sorrow with representatives
ro P t ‘ s reigning houses behind the casket of Albert, King of the
Belgians, as the funeral cortege wound through the streets of Brussels,
l-elt lo right above are; President Albert Leßrua (to* kat) cf Fiance;
As Leopold 111 Entered His Capital
■aa ~ - : y
Twenty-four hours after it had bid its final farewell to the departing King Albert i, Belgium echoed with
cries of "Vive le Roi” for its new monarch, King leopold 111. Above, the new king is shown entering
the city of Brussels to take up the sceptre laid down by his father. Mounted on a lively steed, he is pic
tured enteiing the gates of the castle to be crowned ruler us the Belgians. (Central Press)
■'Men of Harlech” Hunger-March to London
£ * p ___
jj jjjjj
Book Written for Schools
Upon Effects of Alcohol
ALL BUT TWO of the stales-
Arlzona and Wyoming—have laws
requiring the teaching or the effects
of alcohol and other narcotics upon
the human sys-
Dr. t'letldenlng
tem In all schools
supported wholly
or In part by
public funds. In
order to supply
teachers with In*
fortTiatlon to car
ry out this In
• true Mon. Dr.
Haven Emerson
of New York has
published a little
book called “Al
so ho I—lts Ef
fects on Man."
The book starts
out with a defl
nltlo. of alcohol,
the Ingredient of
•II Intoxicating beverages There are
many alcohols, the one found In most
beverages being ethyl alcohol. All
the alcohols are poisonous, hut some
to smaller degrees than others. Ethyl
alcohol Is probably the least poison
ous of the entire series, although
there Is some question about UihL
Alcohol In minute amounts Is said
to occur as the result >f bacterial
changes In Che carbohydrate foods
la th« body. Very delicate testa of
brain substance Os healthy per-
sons who have not used alcohol and
have been killed suddenly by acci
dent, have shown that alcohol Is pres
ent. The amount la approximately
0004 per cent tn the brain, .0025 per
cent In the liver and .004 per cent
in the blood.
Is alcohol a food? To the extent
thal It may serve as fuel to the body,
it Is. It Is not a food In the sense
that it can be stored and used after
wards. hut It can be used immedi
ately as a fuel food for the produc
tion of energy, heat and work or the
body. It Is not, however, either e
necessary or an economical food.
According to the well known phys
iologist R. H. Starling, "alcohol l«
not a good food for muscular work,
and If taken this should be at such
time and In such doses that it will
have undergone practically complete
oxidation before the time arrives for
muscular exercise."
EDITOR’S NOTE: Six pamphlets
by Dr. Clendening can now be ob
tained by sending 10 centb In coin, for
each, and a self-addressed envelop#
stamped with a three-cent stamp,
i to Dr Logan Clendening, In care of
this paper. The pamphlets are:
l "Indigestion and Constipation” “Re-
I during and Gaining," “Infant Feed
' log," “Instructions for the Treatment
f of Diabetes,” "Feminine Hygiene”
. aad "The Care et the Hair and Skin.”
King Boris of Bulgaria. In the second row, Prince Henrv, consort ot
Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands; Prince Olaf of Norway; the
Prince of Wales, and Crown Prince Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. Third
row. Prince Charles of Sweden and Print* Nicholas of Rumania
'(Central Press)
Finest Gitt
' A v. ■ .
Joan Bennett Markey
It was the birthday of Joan Ben
nett, screen actress, thus Dene
Markey/ her writer-husband ana
members of the Bennett fami y
showered her with gifts. But jo
Stork brought the “best ot ® »
a baby girl. The daughter named
Ueiioda, was born at a Los Ange -
• m mmmmM
,; JHn ‘ W
ij n 1 -Amm
iffOopop' ''' ''''
W Mr WmS&m caH» *. jMwllil&llgSj
' I
i MAfitßlfbUftC, ,-y^
Joseph j - --1— 1 - * \
“Roosevelt Republicanism,” one
of the anomalies born of the New
Deal, receives its first test in the
Pennsylvania primary battle of
Gov. Gifford Pinchot and U. S.
Senator David A. Reed for the
Republican nomination for the
senate.". Senator Reed is a bitter
opponent of the Roosevelt admin
istration, while Pinchot is friendly
to the policies of the president,
and is expected in some political
circles to receive the support of
How Body Shows Remains
Os Primitive Ancestors
IN CERTAIN snakes of the py
thon family it is possible to find, on
the under surface of the body, two
'lttle projecting points entirely dif
< ferent from the
Brest of the scales.
If one were to
dissect these out
In a dead speci
men. he would
find that they
were jointed to
two bones and
repres em the
primitive hind
of course, per
fectly useless to
the snake, and in
most species of
snakes limbs
—_________ cannot b e found
Dr Clendening a t all. They are.
in fact, vestigial
structures showing that snakes once
had limbs.
Man has a number of nucb vesti
gial structures In his body. a re
minder of his ancestry. During the
development of a human being, of
course, stages in the development of
animals from simple to complex are
seen all throur’ the course. The
process starts with the union of two
animals—one an amoeba, the other
a tailed, movable infusorium.
Later, we have a fish stage and In
some people gill clefts tn the neck
can be found which degenerate Into
cysts, known a* “branchial cyste”.
m ~ *kM
t , t
earju working g»Ufc.ia imtiaa •*** **** hit * Sox motu»jJ|
Leopold Show* Grief
Mllljt jßi
King Leopold 111
Displaying his grief over the
death of his father, King Leopold
111, new monarch of the Belgians,
is shown at Brussels in this re
cent close-up photo. Leopold
succeeded to the throne when hi 3
father, King Albert 1, fell to his
death while r'-ovntnln climbing.
the administration. If he does,
political leaders anticipate a com
plication in the event Pif.chot
wins. Joseph Guffey, Democratic
leader of Pennsylvania, is run
ning for the senate on the Demo
cratic ticket, and, like Pinchot,
is a supporter of Roosevelt.
Which way the administration will
throw its support, in the event
Pinchot and Guffey oppose each
other in the election, is troubling
some Democratic politicians,
. and are a real source of trouble.
In the amphibian stage there la
i in the corner of the eyes a little
Vestigial revuiins
! of third eyelid.
, individuals they are quite highly de
Remindful or the amphibian aJsc
is the structure under the tongue
and. In fact, when the little ducts at
this place become clogged up and a
cyst forms behind them it i s called
“ranula” which means “frog”.
Reminiscences of later stages in
the development are the third molar
teeth, which are practically useless
to us and the canine teeth which
look so much like wolf teeth.
The ridges in the palate are remi
niscences of the third and fourth
plates of teeth as seen la fish.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Six pamphlet!
by Dr. Clendening can now be ob
tained by sending 10 cents InYioin. for
each, and a self-addressed envelop*
stamped with a three-cent stamp,
to Dr. Logan Clendening, in care of
this paper. The pamphlets are:
"Indigestion and Constipation," “Re
ducing and Gaining.” “Infant Feed
ing,” “Instructions for the Treatment
of Diabetes,” "Feminine Hygiene”
and “The Care jf the Hair and Skin.**
All Dated Up—For Dunking
the California
n ■ ~..., ■ i-111
Canera Wears Down Loughron With Bulk
■ __
Mksmsr / m
K I? B||
membrane which
co r r esponds to
the n :c* t i tating
membrane most
highly developed
in birds. In man
i this Is called the
“plica semiluna
ris”, and in some
The terrific weight advantage which
• Prirno Camera held over Tommy
fLoughran In the title match held at
piami had its effect on the Phila
Conference Indoor Track Stars
lilti CAPtiCOLES- " 'f
" : W WEIGHTS, VI R.GI Ml A .. I
Here are some of the stars of the
three track teams which fought it
out for top honors in the South last
year and whcih with Maryland will
head the brilliant field at the fifth
annual Southern Conference Indoor
Games at the University of North
Carolina next Saturday, March 10.
Entiries were in from nine of the
Conference institutions today with a
chance that the tenth would send a
small group of stars, making this the
first of the indoor meets in which
every team in the Conference has com
peted. Prosper .re for a corres
pondingly large . brilliant fi«*ld in
the other divisions of Ihe big meet,
the Non Conference, freshman and
Duke won the indoor and Carolina
the outdoor championship of to -
ference last year, with Virginia nos
ing Carolina nut of second place at
the former and Duke taking second
place over the Cavaliers at the latter.
Two of the feature events this year
wil be the hurdle races between
Grover Everett of Virginia, who tied
the world record for the 50-yard low
hurdles at the Catholic u.
this winter, and Franklin Abernethv
of North Carolina, who is tin- Con
ference high hurdler champ outdoors
and who split honors with Everett in
their races last year.
Captain Bob Coles of Virginia, who
is remembered as a star tackle on the
Cavalier eleven of last fall, came
within a half-inch of equalling the
shot put record at the 1933 meet. The
duel between Coles and Luthei vVi!
liams, Duke’s sophomore big shot, is
thought certain to produce a new
mark in this event.
Bob Bird, who captains the Duke
teac will run the two-mile against Hill
Dona.j of Washington and Lee, who
deposed him as Conference cross coun
try champion this year in another
feature event.
Odell Childers is Carolina’s star
sprinter-broad jumper. The 60-yard
dash will beature Childers with seve
ral other football sprinters, including
Earl Widmyer of Maryland, the ree
ord holder, who holds one victory over
Metcalfe, the national intercollegiate
champion, and Tarrall of Duke, -who
finished second last year.
delphia challenger. Above the ch al j‘
pion is shown in a clinch with
ran in the second round, brinflioK
tremendous bulk into play when 1
1 closed in with his lighter oppc r ‘ cr ‘

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