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nminor twilight softly claims the
\ .-unset s veil of flame and gold
fast fades
Tl , dusky blue; then swiftly darkness
"Plie wot Id and night begins her
solemn lay.
s(t , -mgs of stardust crowns or jewel
ed light
p n ,ni heaven's milky way; of cloudy
V\•»M-h iambics o’er the moon’s pale
f ;( ei of fair
y,. lt n. the goddess of the sky in night
S f,,. mg of pine-drenched winds
whose cooling hands
in - poignant. sweet relief; my heart
j.- filled
With aching praise, and all the world
is stilled.
1,-,, loveliness has loosed for me her
v ,1 with this song all tumult seems
to cease;
Yi\ consciousness >s filled with rest
and peace.
Majotie Hathaway.
Prayer Hand to Meet.
The i’iaver Meeting Hand will meet
T'i-ml.i.v evening at 7:30 o’clock in tlir
... nut of Miss Myrtle Hoyle on Maple
it was announced today.
Shaw Class to Meet.
Ho Shaw I’liilathca class of the
j,.i i Baptist church will meet in the
( ,Imrch this evening at 7:30 o’clock, l
v -• announced today.
Tuesday Club To
Meet On Tuesday
Tip Weiieui’s Tuesday Club wii
tiiniomiw afternoon at 3:3<
1, ,li in the home of Mrs. Kate
Wekins on Chestnut street, it wa> ,
imouneed today. An interesting pro
.:,mi has been planned for the nice;
tiul all members are urged to b
i!. rent. '
Old Bute Chapter
To Meet Tuesday
Tb* Old Bute Chapter. Daughter,
f the American Revolution, will mee
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock in tm
li,ane of Mrs. D. J. Cooper in Wil
: i ,v, ( ..ml with Mrs. Cooper and Mr.-
p V. Cooper as joint hostesses, i
%;i., announced today.
All members are urged to be pie
,nt as this is the meeting for th
en ion of officers for the new cliil
\v i, it was said.
Woman's Missionary
Society In Meeting
The regular meeting of the Wo
ini's Missionary Society of White
Memorial M. E. Church, was held last
Friday night at the home of Mrs
Fannie Robertson.
Ihe president, Mrs. C. S. Catlett
pii ii)*d over the meeting, -md the
"'Mowing program was given.
Song i n go where you want me
to go.
Bonu Take time to he holy.
Sciipturc reading, 212nd Chapter of
Sent ■.•nee prayers.
I’a per Leadership, Mrs. Catlett.
Paper The understanding of com
munion service, Mrs. Gordon Allen.
Paper Jesus’ Problem. Mrs. Fan
in'' Robertson.
Ih< program was concluded with a
iy interesting talk by Mrs. Henry
Tucker on "Brazil, as a Missionary
Oppoi tunity.”
The size, population, customs and
"'ill conditions were given, and also
n account of the missionary work
"lil« h has been done there.
Tli fact was stressed, however that
the work which has been done is very
mall iii comparison with the great
1:1 k ahead of this rapidly growing
'mi. bowing that tim winning of
Brazil to a real disclpleship of Christ
'ill a tremendous task.
The minutes of the last meeting
read, and the roil was called.
Tii" social service reports were
’li.n given, two needy families were
k'lped during the month and about
'*) visits to the sick were .••orted
Aft i the business session the mee'
mg was dismissed with prayer and
'll '"joyed the refreshments served
'' the hostess.—-'Reported.
LJILIJ/' diAAJotvejdi 0
|‘a ||_2| Gi<r«« qaicltit relief from j»Mu
J Ulll Baniihei net root (train. Bring*
■III »*l**ation. 10c. 30c.
_ 60c. pint *ir.«» end *e fount*.
high blood pressure
hiliek Relief, or You Only Pay
When Satisfied
P \i a suffer from High Blood pres
"" di/./iness ringing in the ears,
"It 'e,.p at nights, feel weak and
bnK.'. had taste, nervous. If your
pounds and you feat a paraly
'' -'troke, to demonstrate Dr. Hayes
I ''e.seription we will send you post
b"'i. a regular $1 treatment, on ab
uhitely FRlilE TRIAL. While it is
Ul! peeilic, many cases report le
"urk.thly quick relief; often symp-
Jl " diminish and normal sleep re
within 3 days. Contains no
II ■ Physics, opiates or dope. Safe*
' v 'di any diet. PAY NOTHING UN
1 11,1 $1 if not Improved your re
ly 1 cancels charge. Write Dr.
Ass’n. 8059 Coates, Kansas
Llty - Mo. (Adv.)
■ s
Prominent Wedding
Os Much Interest Here
Palm Beach, Fla., March 12. Miss
Nancy YuiUc, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Burke Yuille, of New
York, and Viscount Adam, eldest son
ot (lie Earl and Countess of Dun
raven of 1 blare Manor, County Linie
nvk. Ireland, and Glamorganshire,
South Wales were married at 1:30
W ednesday at Loliwana, the home of
the bride’s ’brother-in-law and sistei
Mr. and Mrs. Walcott Blair, in the
presence of the immediate ramily. The
Rev Dr. William E. Biedwolf, per
formed the ceremony in the living
room which overlooks the sea. Easter
lilies, lined the stairway and were
banked around the fireplace before
which the couple stood. Charles A.
Munn was best man. The bride had
no attendants. She wore a white aft
ernoon Chanel costume, a large white 1
hat and carried gardenias.
After the ceremony tea was served
and additional guests went in for a '
reception held in the patio, where an '
orchestra played.
The engagement was announced i
last Friday at a large dinner given
by Mr. Joseph E. Widener at It Pal
metto, where Lord Adarc was his
house guest several weeks.
Viscount Adare is a companion of
the order of the Bath and a comman-j
dor of the Order of the British Em- ! <
(Questions will he answered by Dr. Richardson if accompanied by a
stamped and self-addressed envelope.)
Bedtime had become a tragedly at
lie Brown house. Argument, reward,
punishment, ignoring, had all been
tried in vain. Six-ycar-old Harry even
tually got to bed, it is true! but >by the
time he had been dragged there,
creaming and crying, and had finally
dropped off. sobbing to sleep half an
hour or so later, everyone in the house
was a wreck. What was to be done?
One day Uncle George arrived for
1 visit, bringing with him a pocket
flashlight, which greatly interested
Harry. A sudden inspiration prompt
ed mother to beg this as a present for
the boy, on condition that it he used
only at bedtime. Nothing was said
about rewarding Harry with it, or de
priving him of it, if he idn’t use it !
without crying at 'bedtime. For once,
his parents did no talking, they just
let things happen.
What did happen? Instead of dread
ing bedtime, the little fellow teased
all their first afternoon to be allowed
to go to bed early, and to go alone.
When bedtime, pushed forward a hall
hour to oblige him, finally arrived, off
marched Harry by himself, penetrat
ing the Stygian darkness with his las
(mating pencil of light!
Fear of the dark? It has disappear
eel Into thin air. What one preacher
called "the expulsive power of a new
affection” has banished it. Long be
fore the charm wears off, custom wili
have robbed the dark of its terror.
Is Harry still “seeing things at
night?” Os course he is. But they are
pleasant sights that he conjures up
to accompany his flashlight adven
tures. They conduce to sleep, instead
of banishing it.
Question: Dear Dr. Richardson: '
took your advice about my nervous
daughter (aged seven), and had het
weighed and measured. The doctor
l ien compared her weight with wha
the little Children’s Bureau table said
How A icohol Affects Body
hi Varied Amounts Taken
TO TDK QUESTION ot whether
* Icohol is a food or a drug, it must
he answered 1 hat il is both. We dis
iisseo its fuel value and action as a
food yesterday.
As a drug it, like most drugs, must
he "lassiHed in a
I diet cut way at
hlTerent times ol
ts action, and
■v 1 I It different
• mounts taken
Most drugs siuu
date (list, de-
Miess alid liar
"l iz e second.
util li'iia rte 1 Kit
’iiitous lasi. So
it is with alco
The stage tie
l wee a stimula
tion and depres
sion. however, is
very short. The
sla g e between
the time when it is a depressant and
when it in poisonous is, however,
likely to he considerable, because the
body destroys it so rapidly. Wit It
persistent drinking, however, the
concentration of alcohol in the blood
may reach such a point that danger
of death is very imminent. It is a
statement ot a health commissioner
111 one ot Hie larger cities, that dur
ing prohibition, although there was
much talk of death from poisonous
ingredients in bootleg liquor, all the
deaths of this kind which were care
fully examined were due to alcohol
itselt. and not to poisonous in*
A scale of toxic symptoms of acute
EDITOR'S NOTE: Six pamphlets thla paper. The pamphlets are:
by Dr Clendening can mm ne cfc- ‘lndigestion and Constipation.” “Re
lamed by sending 10 ceni.- ■ •»m. i dttCin* and Gaining.” “Infant Feed
each. and a self-address* .. iopf ing,” “laatructions tor the Treatment
stamped with a tfcree < T*wiiiine Hygiene”
in Mr Logan IfTl? fWS if tki Hftir and Skin.”
pile and won the Military Cross. His
fail ch r is master of Dun raven Castle,
Southerdown, Glamorganshire, Soutn
Wlties and Adare Manor, the ancestral
seat in Limerick County, Ireland. His
house in London is a 5 Seymoui
Street. W.. and his clubs include the
Carlton, Turf, Arthur’s Kildare street
in Dublin, and the Royal Yacht Squad
ion. Both the Earl and his son have
enlisted in English military can.
paighs. The elder, having served in
the /Boer War and his son in the
World War in which he was wound
ed. The Viscount has his own pack
of fox hounds and is active in hunt
ing and racing circles in both Ireland
and England.
The bride’s sisters in addition to
Mrs. Wolcott Blair are Mrs. Canon
Carstairs who was Miss Susan Burk.
Yuille, and and Miss Melissa Yuille.
The bride has taken a prominent part
in the social life of New York, New
port and Southampton, and is wel.
known in the social world of Lon
don and Paris. She has been present
ed at the Court of St. James.
Mrs. Yuille. the mother of the bride
was Miss Nannie Long, She was mar
ried and lived in this city for some
time, the bride has visited in thn
city, being the guest of Mrs. Alex
; it ought to he for a her of her age
tiiul height; and she was six pound;
too light. Is that serious; and if so,
what shall I do tibout it?
ANSWER: Six pounds underweight
in a child of seven is serious enough
to demand immediate and continued
attention. Ask your doctor to examine
her thoroughly and remedy any de
fccts. that he finds. Ask the schoo
teacher to sc if she becomes fatigue<
before school is out; if she does, asl
tho doctor to give you an excuse s
that she may leave school before th.
becomes too ti|ed. See that she get
to bed early, and has a full hour's
nap during the day. The doctor’s cx
cusc will take care of that, too, if j
is necessary; but no child at that ag
j should he expected to stay to an aft
j 91110011 session of course.
QUESTION: I want my child to b<
1 brought up well, but certainly do not
want h"r to 'be suppressed. I spank
her frequently, lightly as a rule, bu
sometimes I have to make it hard n
order to impress her not to handn
books and magazines.
ANSWER: I hope that your hart
spankings do not succeed so well tha
your little girls learn not to liki
books and magazines. Why not giv<
her some books of her and. and teac
her how to use them, instead of creat
ing either a fear of them or a dis
agreeable association that may las
far longer than you think for or wish.
Junior Auxiliary
Met On I ,ast Friday
The Junior American Legion Aux
iliary met last Friday afternoon, with
Elizabeth Jenkins at her home on
Gholson avneue, with Marion Callo
way, Elizabeth and Virginia Parham
as joint hostesses.
Mary Mitchell Baity, the president,
presided over the meeting which
alcohol poisoning is given in Dr
Raven Emerson’s book, printed for
the use ot education in schools:
in the Subjective States and Ob
Blood serrable Changes in Be-
Mgs. hai ior under Conditions of
ger CO. Heavy Social Drinking
.10 Clearing of the head.
•20 Sense of warmtl: and gen
et-a I physical well-being.
Sinai) bodily allies and
fatigue relieved.
•30 Mild elation. "Everything
is all right.” “Sure, 1 will
loan you some money.” No
sense of worry.
.40 Lots ot energy. Talks much
and loudly. Reaching ami
other movements a hil
clumsy. Unembarrassed by
50 Sitting on top of the world
“A free human being."
Long-winded. “Can lick
anybody in the country.”
.70 Feelings of remoteness. Odd
sensations on rubbing the
hands together and touch
ing the face. Asks others
to do things for him. Up
sets chair on rising.
1.00 Staggers very perceptibly.
Talks to himself. Feels
2.00 Needs help to walk or un
dres. Easily angered.
Shouts, groans, and weeps
by turns. Nauseated.
500 Iff a stuporous condition.
Very heavy breathing.
4.00 Deep anesthesia; may be
D**. Clendening
Black Cape Ensemble
1 SiS£ ' y
" Jlilililiiiiilllsl
This black crepe cape ensemble
is brightened by a center panel
of gold metallic brocade, which
also is introduced in the design
on the bodice. The accompany
ing shoulder cape hug a novel
bow in the back. It’s for spring.
opened with the Lord’s prayer, fol
lowed by the pledge to the flag, the
minutes of the previous meeting and
committee reports. The work of the
child welfare committee which was
most outstanding, was valued at $14.50
The unit decided to send Easter gifts
to the children at Oteen and Eliza
beth Tocplcman, Dorothy Cooper and
Francis Furgueron were appointed a
committee to attend to this. It was
also suggested to send greetings to
the Legion on their fifteenth birth
day and the secretary was so in
The following program, in charge
of the program committee of-which
Dorothy Coopei is chairman, was
given :
“America”- by the chapter.
Readings “Johnnie’s Garden”;
“Games Arc Games” by Francis Fur
Story "The Old Woman and the
Little Girl”, by Annie Mitchell.
Piano Solo "Prelude, Chopen" by
Elizabeth Jenkins.
Contest. -Conducted by, Dorothy
The St. Patrick’s idea was carried
out b ythe hostess who served ice
cream, cake, nuts and candies. —Re-
I ported.
\ \ : k X
I \ . I? tljp*
Marie Prevost 1
Fourteen years ago: Another si
lent screen star who got her staht "
with Mack Scnnott, as one*of his
famous bathing beauties, was
Marie I’revost. She entered pic
tures shortly ‘ after she finished
school in Denver.
Freshens the mouth 1 *^B
.. Soothes the throat p
The Alexander Trio of musicians
wil lappear at Central school audito
rium at 8 p. m. Tuesday in a program
for the benefit of the Henderson high
school, which is sponsoring the en
tertainment. The three musicians
play 12 instruments in all. The pro
gram, it is said, sparkies with novel
ties ajid’ originality, presenting musi
cal selections ffrom the classics to the
latest popular numbers. These, to
gether with side-slitting monologues
and beautiful costume numbers, round
out a, program that gives entertain
ment to all. The public is invited to
Interest Rate On
State Money Cut
• ot,‘trnjfi ii<>in Our >
deposits. But the hanks maintained
that this rate was too high and un
fair and sought to get a hill through
the 1933 general assembly abolishing
the interest rate entirely. Another
bill was introduced to fiv it at one
per cent.
But State Treasurer Charles? M.
Johnson objected to both of these
hills, and sugg< •Jed instead that the
.power to fix the interest rate on
state deposits he conferred upon the
Council of States. This hilt was
passed and the interest rate then re
duced to one and one-half per cent..
It was not long, however, before the
hankers started bringing pressure to
hear to get the interest rate either
further reduced 01* removed entirely.
It was then suggested to the hank
ers by Governor Ehringhaus and
Treasurer Johnson that, if they would
reduce their interest rates on North
Carolina notes, then held at 6 per
cent interest, also that, if they would
take a larger amount of these notes
so that the state would not have to
borrow so much in New York, that
they might consider reducing the in
terest rate on time deposits. Th"
hankers thought it over, decided to
reduce their interest rate from 6 per
cent to 4 1-2 per cent and take a
larger portion of North Carolina
notes. This forced the New Yo”U
hankers to reduce their interest rate
to 4 1-2 per ednt also.
Desnite the fact, that between $5.-
000 000 and *6.000 Ofift of N o »4h Caro
lina, money is on deposit in banks in
the State at the present time, this
amount varies so from week to week
and month to month that the hanks
really cannot derive much benefit
from it, Johnson sai dtoday. since it
, is all subject to call any time and
also must he secured by the hanks.
As a result, the Cqimr.il of State de
cided that since the bankers had
done their part by helping the state,
! it would help them out some by re
ducing the interest rate to three
fourths of one per cent. This rate
can he increased again at any time.
Bank Force Used For A
Shield by Band of Robbers
'rV>iii,in<'P4'f frr.- r. rS IT,» ri n .
ees on both sides of their car as they
left town. Completely shielded from
police gun fire, the bandits machine
sped from town.
Miss Addie Mattack. Miss Mary F,uw
and George Wolf, assistant cashier
nf the Exchange National Bank, were
the last of the hostages freed.
They were released four and a half
miles south of her.
Rutland, lenn., March 12. —(APv— j
Brandishing pistols, two men forced 1
Cashier C. B. Gattis into a vault and
lobbed the First National Bank of I
Rutland of an estimated $4,000 here to
One License Issued.
A marriage license was sold ' y the
register of deeds Saturday to Robert.
Allen, of Henderson, and Naomi
Plummer, of Manson, a colored oou
Added Culbertson Bridge Series
Sloopnagle and Bud Comedy
Admission l()-36c
In the Musical Romance of
the Century
Added Comedy
Marian Martin pattern
■. .Hi;:/
> .. y : ■■
1 JUST SAW the following mean
lui ud well played.
4 Q in 8 7 6 4
¥ Q 8
♦ J 9 <>
JL .1 {
♦AKJI 4 9 5 3
¥ 6 3 V. # * J 54 •>
l♦«2£♦ K 7 4 3 |
4* K Q 9 7 5. *B2
1 ♦ None
¥ A K P) 9
♦ A Q lb f,
♦ A J 1(I (J
Bidding went: South. I Heart;
West. 2-Clubs; North. 2-Spades;
South, 3-Diamonds; North. 3-Spades;
South. 4-Hearts, lo show his best
. suit plainly, allowing North to shift
to the minor make if necestary
That eu led bidding
'Hie opening lead was the K ol
, clubs. East signalled “comc-on". by ,
( playing his 8. whereupon South al- ,
lowed 1 lie leader to hold the nick,
for no apparent reason. Perhaps
South hoped for a trump lead West, :
however, credited his partnei with;
having the missing 2 of clubs, and j
the declarer with having the A .1-10 ;
West shifted to the K ol spades
South ruffed with his 10 ol hearts
Expecting bad breaks in both led
suits, because Ins side held on In
seven cards of each, tl»e declare; sunn
Wednesday—Thursday (on the Stage)
Jn Addition to Regular Picture Program
Beauty Chorus—Stage
Band—Singers Dancers
—Comedians— Hr
Admission: (Matinee and Night) 10-36 c
———■ »■—»—■■—■
IT'T'V'f +T-T'T'T , »-T , V i »-T-**VT- w
t- I'l' tins coupon and mail it with $1 tor a six weeks' trial subst) iplion to 4
Published by The Christian Science Pcbi.i.viimi Society
Boston, Massachusetts. U S. A. 4
1? 2", ib l l i or ! ci "” ws of tl1 ’ world fro>n its 800 special writers. 1
d-Pa.tmentM d.roted to womwu and children's interests, snort", musir. 4
?“ a " cc - education, rad.o. etc. Vou will be g | a <j to welcome into *- o .u home so ;
th. 1, ne :r 3 r ( "robibitiou. And Con i me, Snub , Our Du*. «
and the Sundial ar.d the other features. J
t T] pL*^«^ : .« SCU:n * B »ar* Bav statiom B-wtoV Mac " j
► send me a six weeks trial subscription. I enclose one dollar (SI). .
V <
*> (Name, please pr.ni)
► « :
[ V- f~ k (Address) 4
> %,% 4
L •* (Tortn) state) «
j. 4.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. A. A.A.a .A. t i A.A.A.A.A.A. A.A.j
The secret of the charm of this
frock is in its youthfulncss and ap
pealing dcmurencss making it be
coming to every typo of figure. And
best of all, it is simple as cun he to
make, for the bodice and puffed
sleeves arc cut in one, and UlO waist
line is. snugly fitted by pointed Beam
ings. The flattering collar is lovely
fashioned of self or contrasting color.
tMake it with the help of the new Sew
Chart —it tells and illustrates every
' detail in cutting, sewing and finish
Pattern 9845 . may be ordered only
in sizes 12, 14, 1(>, 18, 20, 30, 32, 34,
36, 38 and 40. p?izc 16 requires 3 5-8
yards 39 inch fabric.
Send FIFTEEN CENTS in coins or
stamps (coins preferred; lor EACH
MARIAN MARTIN pattern. Be sure
to write plainly your NAME, AD
SIZE of each pattern.
PATTERN BOOK a practical
Spring sewing guide, offering stun
ning models for all occasions for
grown-ups, juniors and youngsters,
and for the woman who needs slend
erizing lines. PRICE OF NEW
Send your order to the Henderson
P-'i'v Dispatch Pattern Depattment,
1 232 W. ISth St... New York. N. Y.
tliat Do must piny Ins cauls with
great cure, lie could not niTord to
trump from (lummy, .so he could gain
entry Hare only on«*e Only in case
West held two hearts stud Hast held
the missing K ol diamonds could
South hope to do well. The fact llial
West had not doubled, all hough he
held the K-Q cl clubs and the A-K
of spaces showed that it was im
probable Ibat West also bold the
missing K of diamonds
Soutli won tlu. 1 next two tricks with
Itis K ol hearts and dummy’s (j,
Dummy led the I of diamonds and
held the trick South ducked his to,
so that lummy's !i of diamonds won
Hie next trick. The (> of diamonds
was led. Declarer's (,> won This
showed that East hold the missing
K. and also tin* missing ,1-Ji of
trumps The eighth trick was won
with the Ace ol diamonds, capturing
East's K West had discarded his 2
and J of spades on the last two leads
of diamonds. Kvidently West held
nothing except the Ace of Spades and
either the 01 Q-it-7-2 of clubs.
Kast held the t)-f> of spades, the .1-5
of trumps and either the 'J or the 5
of clubs
South led the Ace ot clubs, followed
by t lie .1 West's (.> won I la* last,
trick host discarded a spade. West
led lii.s Ace of spades, obliging South
to nifl, with his last low Iruinp.
South won his tenth trick wit 1 1 the
A< ■ ot i.roils and I Cast I lumped the
last dub held Ivy Soutb. Opponents
won only two club tricks and the
single 'rump trick, allowing lulilli
metil ol the game contract.

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