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si IhtiqueCcrcnton y, Staged m n V* 7 monißamihouse,
In Which Calvin Coolidge Became President of U.S. -
S>: Issy
®•. i . ;r.lo uttu. WIRRRN G HaJ'.IIINO
BY THE DIM Ugh; or an oil lamp,
Calvin t’oolidge tout, lilt oath of office
ms pitSiilciU of the L mted States on
Aug. s 1923 at 2 4. am., at the
home Oi his rather in Plymouth, Ver
mont. The oath : .v»; administered
Dy Ca.vlr- s fat he. joh • Coolidge,
?turd) \ siflion. farmer ana a justice
of the peace- * fev* m »-i»us after
By Request of "First Lady’'
» -m , | 1,,, mw—i.L.l
%: 'l l *
_ .-Jsfe '-■ *• .<■. f -A Y
“To she-., really what it is like,” Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt requested
fino i >•. t:, i 1.-1, to snap this photo on her inspection trip of conditions
if! - iiN 'torn, show me I in* dirty f»hol of watei rfud «Vi'4rtnfng lt,i*s l.hatlaiWi
a par ot Ihe squalor that comprises liv,., . ...nditions among poor'-*
I'iterto Hi cans H'eritral Press)
Fights c >o Police
' ' **•"
Like the calm aftermath of a storm,
Walter Bevan, Spanish-American
War veteran, smiles in a Philadel
phia hospital, where he is recover
ing from wounds received in a
two-hour struggle with 50 police
which went to rescue Hedwig
(ilinska (left) and Stasia Hara
burda (right) held captive by
(Central Preen)
official word had been received of
• the death ot President Warren G.
i Harding in San Francisco. Only
• members of the Coolidge immediate
family were present when Cooiidge
I became president in a ceremony that
is unique in American history.
BIOGRAPHY* Calvin Cooiidge
Split Junk Profits
v : » ""
Moe Rosenberg
Here is the late Moe Rosenberg,
junk dealer and Democratic lead
er of the powerful Twenty-fourth
ward in Chicago, who is said to
have made a full confession to
federal authorities before hia
death last January that he split
an enormous income from utility
company junk contracts with Chi
cago, Cook county and Illinois
politicians. According to his
sworn statement, which Rosen
berg gave authorities in an at
tempt to escape prison for income
tax frauds, he distributed to poli
tician*; about $500,000 in profttf
'* "
was born at Plymouth, Vt., on
July 4, lSTii. He graduated from
Amherst college and practiced law.
He held various local offices, later
becoming iieutenant governor and
governor. , After filling cut the un
expired term of President Harding,
he was re-elected in 1924 and
served until 1923 He died in 1933,
Then and Now“ Samuel Insull
iSr mtMWr Adi i
Hr i]|
§h l&iillilpjBIIS fff, ''' f ■ ,ff|i
m: agl s l||
m MSSm m mm®} : W>' "f?
m Wttßm m Wfc ’?V'- > s
am A • '4$38BBB& Jk vxxx :<<■:
® %|pppfc: :>>y:
w P
- mmmmmmmmrn i m " ‘~ “ ■ • " 1 ■ l ’ ■■ ■ 4
Only 18 months separate these two photos which graphically illustrate
the tall of Samuel Insull, ruler of a mighty t■ Lilif.es em pire. Ac left:
Instill when he was arbiter of Chicago arts and society; at right, the
hunted fugitive, who was caught try bit: t-i ilsi from Greece.
! 1 ;
Less Energy Is
By Brain Work JBanLaSM
" Does a MAN under a mental
strain consume as much energy as a
man under hard labor?" is the ques
tion which has been under ' discus-
t'jßL JHK
Dr, Clendening i
like any other
machine—they use up a certain
amount of oxygen. They also,
course, use up sugar and fat., ,wjgs
are able to measure the
energy expended very the
oxygen which is hreathed in and out;
of i he lungs. ;? jp'
We know that there Is less hxygiejK
used when the individual dtj a?
lying down, and that the amount
oxygen increases proportionately as
the amount of bodily ex&rttori lh
creases. Eor instance, we can- say?
perfectly definitely that there) Will he
live times aa much oxygen If'jjfthe
arm is hent Id times than If It Is
bent four times.
These tests are made with' a simple
apparatus which allows breathing
£Vnd re-breathing into a hag. the
amount of oxygen being measured
before and afterwards , '
* Using this apparatus, recently
tjlie Carnegie Institution at Washing
ton. Dr. Francis G Benedict ,foiin(,l.
that mental effort used up so little
energy that it hanlfvu-un be''meas
The tests were made by having the
subjects multiply pairs of two digit
Ugiircs ot tone consecutive 15-min
ute periods. Afterword the oxygen- i
meatuied while the subject -
vVife Preservers
m .^<3gA^^
In making fruit cake, try using
different colored gum drops, cut
into small pieces, for part of the
•jUoii aiiid yllr.i vwUdlvd fi'UitS
. : ''ir - &AG;.
| s uy^q^ntiiav
.fesjwr intensive
itite)W<rttt^i ; ''?i ;j'Vj. %
i fit# iriean" ihrtjt 'lffi ere' Is
$o **abg£ its AAirfelwfclii men
tal effort. The method ms measuring
it ife especially adSptdff -to the wtfh
of muscle- and it merely means .that
the hr gin does not use up ©xygfen
very fast when it operates. 'v
EDITOR'S NOTE: Six/ pamphlets
by Dr. Clendening can nhtv- be Ob
tained by sending 10 cenfjj in coin # ijPor
each, and a self -addressed envelope
stamped with a three-cent starpp,
to Dr. i.ogah Clendening. in care of
this paper. The pamphlets are:
“Indigestion and Constipation,” “Re
ducing and Gaining.” "infant Feed
ing,” “Instructions tor the Treatment
of Diabetes.” “Feminine Hygiene”
and “The Care of the Hair gad j^i"
sion by a group
of my readers,
who turn to me
for answer.
We measure
the energy which
the body exerts
in terms ot oxy
gen consumption.
If you bend your
arm so that the
palm of the hand
touches the
shoulder and
straighten it out
five timed? the.
muscles wh i *£&
make these
movements ar *
-o-a.--...' -■- ... ■■ ™Am®n:C£ )> 3 Notable HnrJvgzsazlos Tola In P'r^c^p. _
In The “Good Old Days"
Announcements by Clark Kinnaird, author of “Today is the Day”
spite.-of this, Laura Jean Libbey be
came the most popular author
amupg American women in the
nineteen hundreds. Tnda? is hoc
?iat birthdav
GUESS WHO —28 years ago today she couldn’t even take a buggy
ride up lovers’ lane without photographers being along. For she was
“America’s Princess” and she was about to be the bride in the best
publicized wedding in the nation’s history. Recognize her?
Alice Roosevelt Long worth
Cfliwifhl, 1*34. Centnl Prill Aunr.litUm
When Maude Adams Electrified Theater Critics
*' By Donning '‘Boy's Pants'' for Peter Pan Roli
*^M^MpoßgflHßßßy^g|lßlS|^^fls&j|j^' s£gfs:':
f£*i : H 4* ; >. inimoruil of the
f^l^»M’ > * , ' : Av 'V.- .-.. ;.'V;. ?%' ',£ ' & ’' \ offier career). 4
r* - i. of ‘ ?ft>pr£hefisfon ran
'"'' “ ifci the theater world back in
1905. when the sensational report was
broadcast that Maude Adams, the de
nure F-SuSy Babbie of “The Little
“1 Ja.iet’jv 5 vi.i winsome Phoebe. in
, quality Stre.it •* w,a.‘; to dot? “hoy's.
Jaj:< . *b‘ tAL-J^rirfe-;
nrBS • ffrj
i Ja I
- ! ” 3*
Francis E. McGovern
Here is Francis E. McGoVern, for*'
mer Republican governor of Wis
h|s for tw .U*. S.i sen
efn, who served as a. Republican
district attorney several years be
fore* his to the governor
ship; stated in his announcement
'/ 1° senate, hjf
support President Roose
velt luO per went.
tliose 1 who felt that ■ lilibs
great actress as <,he was’, could not
fit the role of Peter Pan. New York
never experienced a more memorable
first night than on Nov. 5. 1905, when
"Peter Pan” opened at the Empire
theater. Maude Adams fooled the
Skeptics. Her success in the role
i instantaneous,, and Peter Pan
'■ the world over.
mßKmk, i&SBm. & Jw
Sergeant Harry Newman William J. Simpson
Chicago police are taking no
chances in their search for John
|)illinger, fugitive Indiana des
perado, who has a reputation of
being a quick-on-the-trigger man.
£.bij ghato shows Sergeant Ha ry y
WAD A HAREM —U. s. Ignorpci
state’s rights, intervened in Utah
affairs, and tried to put Brigham
Young, great religious leader, in
jail lor having a dozen wives. It
failed, but it did succeed in outlaw
ing polygamy among the Mormons.
52 years ago today.
JbIOGRAPHY—M au d e A<tamt
was born In Salt Lake .City'. Nov
11. 1872, the daughter of Jam**
Adams, actor, and Annie Adam*,
actress. She made her first staff*
appearance as a baby in arms at
the age of nine months. Starting
• in 1888, she played t lie New York
i stage until she retired, in 1918. sm*
returned ta the stage in 1931.
Newman, left, in charge of :>
squad of picked Chicago polio
officers searching for Dillingei.
examining the bullet-proof vest
worn by one of his men, William
, J. Simpson, right.

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