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0 Florence! with (he Tuscan fields
and Hills
\ n d famous Arro, fed wiR» ail their
Thou brighter star of star-bright
Kich. ornate, populous—all treasures
The golden corn, the olive, and the
Gardens, where fling* the bridge it®
airy span.
And Nature makes her happy home
with man,
tVhere many a gorgeous flower i«
duly fed
With its own rill, on its own span
gled bed.
And wreaths the marble urn, or
lean? its head.
A mimic mourner, that will veil with
Weeps liquid gems, the presents of
the dawn; —
mine all delights, and every muse is
And more than all. the embrace and
L)f a !i with all in gay and twinkling
• Samuel laylor Coleridge in “The
Garden of Boccaccio.”
\t E. C. T. a
y,.«i Maiy Nell Eaves has returned
(0 r c r. C.. Greenville, after having
,-nent tMe Easter Holidays at tne
home of her parents.
Rdurns to E. C. T. C.
•11*? Gjjice Ayscue has returned to
p v 1 T C., after having spent tin
i’Htc; holidays in the home of hei
Return To Graham
Mis. J. C. Auman, Mrs. J. L. 'John
i,on H nd Mis B. C. Williams have re
turned to their home in Graham, aft
er being the guests of Mrs. J. H. Mur-
on Harwell avenue.
Return to Kiirlington
Mis. Don McCurdy and Miss Car
liiu' Sparrow have returned to their
home in Burlington after spending the
Easter holidays in the city and Mr.
and Mrs. C. L. Winstead.
“B. C.” Relieves
Periodical Pains
In Three Minutes
I: is so unnecessary to suffer
month alter month from inorganic
pains, because “B. C.” will bring
soothing telief in three minutes
E C." is prepared by a registered
ph'.rruaci compounded on a differ
in’ principle from most relief-giving
agencVs in that It contains several
Ingredient:, ueed by many physi
cians, so bteded and proportioned as
to eccomplish in a few minutes what
we bilieve no one drug formula can
do in so short a time "B. C.” should
also be used for the relief of common
colds, headaches and neuralgia, mus-. |
culai aches and pains, reducing fever ■
and fcr quiet ng a digressed nervous !
system wi hout opiates, narcotics or j
such habi f forming drugs. Get “B. C.” 1
■n Ec and 250 packages, wherever
| k’ , P a are .sold. (Adv.l
You Can Always Save
With Safety at
Parker’s Drug Store
Quart of Milk of -j>2.00 Ambrosia 7Qf»
Magnesia vvC Combination . Ivv
Quart Mineral OQ Coty Powder
f'nt ( astor QQ-, jOc Jergens QA _
OOC Lotion
4|'( I letcliei s 30c Detoxol OA.*
,!,st '"' ia Tooth Paste .OVC
30c Rubbing 1A 1S „ .
Alt,,hoi 19cf<;UM>P' 1A
Talcum *w
0 ( 'c Dr. (‘aldwell’s F 4
Syrup i- t ., )s in .... MC - 5c Cashmere 1A»
Bouquet Soap Ivv
’ >az.v Water <l*l CH
Crystals SI*DU 10c Palmolive C
m, _ , Soap
!■ Foster’s CQ
biv«T Kick v«/C 25c Colgate Dental 1
U-W l)r. Miles’ on Cream . A! f C
Nervine wC jOc Palmolive OC^
r » 0 <: Phillip’s qq Shampoo . . LDL
M,lk of Magnesia .. S9C ?1 Fitch S h am poo £A
00c Bromo- jq and Hair Oil ...» VnC
<lt/M 50 Armand Face Pow-
.,ana Wh .; 39c Hand J^QQ
' Oat »> a complete stock of garden and flower seed.
Parker’s Drug Store
“The Kexall Store” . .
Rhone 119—Two Registered Druggists
Guest in City
Miss Gladys Holland, of Raleigh, is
spending some time in the city as a
guest of Mrs. C. L. Winstead.
Returns To Washtatfon
A. Waddell Gholson, Jr., has re
turned to Washington, D. C., after
attending the funeral services of
ssssr Edward w -«*
C hoir to Rehearse.
The regular rehearsal of the chon
of the First Baptist church wil be
neld in the church this evening at
o clock ,it was announced today. All
members are urged to be present.
Students Club To
Meet On Saturday
Mrs. A. S. Davis, Mrs. P. H. Thomas
and Mrs. W. D. Burwell will be joint
hostesses to the Students Club at its
meeting Saturday afternoon at 3:30
•’clock in the home of Mrs. Burwell
>n Chestnut street.
A president, vice president, treasu:-
m* and one referee will be chosen at
a his meeting, it was said.
D icnic Is Staged
Bv Junior Circle
The townsville Junior circle of the
nutbush Presbyterian church had an
enjoyable picnic last Saturday at Nut
bush Creek. The “gang” hiked to the
creek, leaving about ten and return
ing at four jn the evening.
Games and fishing were enjoyed
during the day. The members served
lunch in. a picnic style to the follow
ing: Misses Elizabeth Burwell. Alma
Howell. Hazel Williams, Willie Ann
Sneed, Annie Richardson, Annie B.
and Helen Pureeli. Fay Howell, Geral
dine Sparrow, Mrs. Richard Norwood
and Mrs. Charles Faucette.
The next meeting will be held
March 14. All members are urged to
be present.
Townsville Junior
Class Has Social
The Junior class of Townsville
high school had a social at the home
t.f Miss Margaret Wilson’s last Satur
*ay night.
Games, contests and music were
enjoyed during the evening. A very
interesting contest was the adver
tisement contest, with Carr Tucker as
Refreshments of jello. cake and
pickles were served to the following
Misses Margaret and Frances Wilson
Emily Midyette. Dounie Stegall. Haze’
Peck. Lucile Gupton. Lena Howell
Ethel Newell, Annie B. Shearin
Franky Riggan, Annie M. Williams
n nd Messers: Robert Williamson
Waylapd _ Sparrow. John Riggan
Hezzie Neathery, John Adahis, Mar
shall and Eugene Twisdale, H. B
White, Willie Newby, George Newel’
and Carr Tucker.
The hostesses was assisted in serv
ing by her mother Mrs. S. E. Wilson
Marian Martin pattern
- . 9946
Clark StreetP. T.A.Has
An Enjoyable Program
The Parent-Teacher Association of ;
Clark Street school held its regular
neeting; Tuesday afternoon at the
school with the first, second and third
jrades putting on the program.
The . program as presented by the
roups was as follows:
First grade, song, “America.”.
Flag Drill.
“No Washing,” a poem by a group
jf boys.
“The Swing.” by Robert L. Steven
son.. recited by Second Grade A.
“The Fox and the Stork,” a recita
ion by Jessie Dole Hamlet and Louise
Martin,-- ,
Second grade B sang a “Bird Song'
and recited “The Robin’s Secret.”
Third" grade sang “Home on the
Range,” and a play, "The Doji Show”
-vas put- on by the Following chil
dren.' Anne Starkey. Jean Candler,
Trances - Foist on, Lucy Cobb Single
ton, Betsy Langston, Ernestine Smith
Mae Garland Tolson, Willis Blacknal!
mm*-’P’et> ' Parham. .• , -yv, • :
Mrs. T. B. Rose, Jr., presided over
s he business meeting, with Mrs. J. C
Whaley leading the devotionals. The
secretary. Mrs. G. W. Furqueron,
he minutes, with the Treasurer, Mrs
'V*. H. Blaeknall, reporting $108.79 in
he bank, part of which was raised in
Buffet Luncheon and Miscellaneoul |
Shower Given For Mrs. Carrington
Honoring Mrs. Carlisle Carrington,
of Durham, a recent bride, Mrs. John
E. Boyd and Miss Sue Hunt Boyd
were hostesses at Mrs. Boyd’s home,
‘Belvidere” to many friends Monday
afternoon at a buffet luncheon and
miscellaneous shower.
The guests were met at the door by
Mrs. Vernon McElveen, and invited
.nto the living room, where a color
3cheme of yellow and green was ef
fectively carried out with the use of
spring, flowers and ferns.
In the center of a large table, cov
ered with a lace cloth, sat little Judith
Boyd Harris, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. G. A. Harris, of thsi city. She
wore a quaint colonial costume of
yellow and green with many ribbon
streamers dangling from the table.
The bride was told to pull the stream
ers and from under the skirt of the
little Miss Harris she pulled many
dainty and attractive gifts.
Mrs. John Early Boyd invited the
guests into the dining room where a
continuation of the color scheme was
carried out. The table was centered
with a beautiful bowl of Jonquils.
Burning yellow tapers in silver hold
ers tied with green and silver ribbons
were used. Auxiliary tables were al
so centered with jonquils and ferms,
Which were laden with a delicious bus
set luncheon.
The guests for the afternoon were
Mrs. A. R. Tarry, Mrs. Vernon Mc-
Elveen, Mrs. Henry Burwell, Miss
Elizabeth Burwell, \Mrs. tfames IH.
Thomas, Miss Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs.
CLEARS HEAD 057007^8^
Nothing works quite the magic on
the larger figure like a deep cape and
slender panelled seamings—and these
axe the fashion points found in to
day’s charming model. The cape is
large, scalloped and gracefully flared,
and follows the surplice line of the
bodice closing. A snug hip yoke and
the aforementioned panels keep the
figure straight below the waistline.
For afternoons in warm weather, geor
gettes and chiffons are lovely—in
colorful prints or monotones. For
very* dressy occasions, lace would be
ideal, and for mornings use dimity,
swiss or voile.
aFttern 9948 may be ordered only
in sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46. Size
36 requires 4 yards 39 inch fabrbic.
Send FIFTEEN CENTS in coins oi
stamps (eoins preferred) for EACH
MARFAN MARTIN pattern. Be sure
to write plainly your NAME. AD
SIZE of each pattern.
PATTERN BOOK -a practical
Spring sewing guide, offering stun
ning model* for all occasions for
grown ups, juniors and youngsters,
and for the woman who needs slend
erizing lines. PRICE OF NEW
Send your order to the Henderson*
Daily Dispatch "Pattern Department ’
232 W. 18th St... -New York. N. Y.
.serving Kiwanis .suppers for the
month of March. k;
Charlie Basket, of the
grounds, told of the work-.dohe of the
grounds by the CWA., a wall built in
in the back, grounds cj.ef.ned, sand
hauled to put on mud, also roses and
hollyhock donated by plant
ed. The association voted to! write
Mrs. Waddill a note of thanjks |pr her
Mrs. J. M. Baity was elected dele
gate to the district meeting in Dur
ham April 16 to 19.; Mrs. Ernest
Smith, Mrs. J. C. Whaley. Mrs, IR. H.
Wilson and Miss Mary Bellfe-\ Gary
were appointed to. gerve on the sum
mer round-up committee.
The nominating committee was ap
pointed as follows: Mrs. Hairy Kel
ler, Mrs. L. W. GerringSr and Mrs.
G. W. Ferqueron. f
The installation service for the in
coming officers will be held at the
May meeting,’ and will be in charge
of Mrs. W. E. Walker and Mrs. J. C.
Mrs. Rose, the president, told of the
Easter egg hunt given the children bv
the grade mothers. The sixth grade
A and the third grade won the pH"es
for attendance. The third grade
Mrs. C. M. Coo Der Jr., teacher has
won the prize for seven consecutive
Charlie Taylor. Mrs. Frank Tox, Mrs.
W. M. offin, Mrs. J. A. Boyd, Miss
I Ethel Nowell, Mrs. Edmund Taylor,
Mrs. Sam Adams, Misses Kate and
Laura Bullock, Mrs. C. M. White, Mrs.
i G. A. Harris and Mrs. Louis Taylor.
! Williamsboro Club
Met Two Weeks Ago
The Williamsboro demonstration
club held its second meeting Friday
afternoon, March 23 at the home of
' Mrs. Herbert Boyd. On account of
the bad weather Mrs. Plummer could
not meet with us, and there were only
eight present. But we had a very in
teresting meeting and ihe fellowship
together was very pleasaht.
i The subject of the meeting was
j “Yard and Home Beautification.” The
I meeting was opened by the club sing
! “Carolina.” Then the president,
Mrs.. Green, read and commented on
] a passage of scripture, and after
wards led the prayer. Miss Evelyn
Longmire read a very, very interest
ing and instructive paper on “An
nuals.? Then followed a round table
discussion of “Annuals” and “Spring
Flowers,” which was helpful to all
of us.
We adjourned to meet again Fri
day afternoon April 20th, at 2:30.
Court of Awards
Set For Tonight
The Girl Scouts will have their
court of awards this evening at 7:30
o'clock in the Episcopal Parish House
it was announced today.
All council members, parents ana
interested friends are urged to at
Thursday Literary Club Holds Most
Interesting Meeting With Mrs. Harper
The Thursday Literary Club, spon
sored by the educational department
of the Woman’s Club, was entertained
by Mrs. H. H. Harper Thursday aft
ernoon at her home on Horner street.
At the close of the business ses
sion the meeting was turned over to
Mrs. Jasper B. Hicks, who gave a
most interesting account of the noble
and heroic work done by Mrs. Keren
halluch Turner ,a Revolutionary War
heroine. She also read an address de
livered by G. S. Bradshaw, Esq., on
the occasion of the unveiling of a
monument to her memory at the Guil
ford Battle Ground, July 4th, 1902.
This was the first monument ever
built in America to a Revolutionary
heroine ,and was made possible by
Major Joseph M. Morehead, acting
president of the Guilford Battle
Ground Company, and Major J. Tur
ner Morehead of the New York City,
who were both descendants of Mrs.
Turner, two of her daughters having
married Moreheads. At the time ol
the unveiling of Mrs. Turner s monu
Music Groups Win
Praise In Concert]
A small but appreciative audience
greeted the presentation of the an
nual spring concert of the music clubs
of Henderson high school last night
in the Central school auditorium.
The groups, orchestra, mixed
chorus and boys’ and girl’s gle clubs,
rendered their parts in such a man
ner to win high praise from those at
tending, The orchestra came in for
much favorabble comment as well as
did the other groups.
Much praise was heard following
the concert of the directors of the
groups. Mrs. I. W. Hughes of the or
chestra, and Miss Maxine Taylor and
W. B. Harrison, of the glee clubs.
The training that they have given
theri groups was clearly shown in tb
rendition of the program last night.
With fit# sifk
Continues 111
Mrs. Noel Ayscue continues quite
ill at Maria Parham hospital, it was
learned today.
Dorsey Harris Improved
Dorsey Harris was said to be much
improved at Maria Parham hospital, |
where he underwent an operation |
Anthony H. G. Fokher of Clifton, N
J., airplane designer, manufacturer
and inventor, born in the West
Indies, 44 years ago. i
- I, To make possible the
fy <S £ /0 J? beauty of the 1934
f / models the General
I \ § Electric Company
fy has not reduced the
SAYS THE HOUSEWIFE- hi * h standard of
"I appreciate the smartstyling, quality characteristic
gleaming white surfaces and w <> f their products,
simple lines that will add a The G. E. Refriger
new modern note of beauty t?4« S£ £- „tor has established
to my kitchen.’* V . , , , ,
\\» a record of trouble*
SAYS THE DESIGNER— free operation which
"Here is style the years can’t f makes possible to
obsolete-design that not only y new users of our 5-
harmonizes with kitchens of year plan of prole*,
today but fits as perfectly into \
the style theme of the kitchen *CO\ 'h/s**
of tomorrow. See ul
SAYS THE ENGINEER- - " ew models. Select
*T recognize in the sturdy one or your own
strength of the all-steel cabi- f j home. More conveil*
nets, outward expression of ient terms have nev*
dte matchless quality of their Y e r been offered>
famous mechanism. v
Carolina Power & Light Co.
ment. One was unveiled in the mem
ory of Nathaniel Macon, the address?
on that occasion being made by the
late Judge Thomas M. Pittman, of thw
city. Ouite a good deal of valuable
'historical information was gained
from Mrs. Hicks’ talk.
During the social hour, a delicious
salad course, hot coffee, cake and nuts
were served by the hastes j. assisted
by her daughter.
Mrs. J. B. Watkins, Jr., will be
hostess to the next meeting with the
We Will Do
Your Washing
That-s our business and we are prepared
to handle your wash each week with
promptness and satisfaction.
Try our service next week—you’ll be
pleased with the snow like finish your
clothes will have.
Henderson Steam
Phone 508
program in charge of Mrs. H. M
Bilious Attacks
For bilious attacks due to consti
pation, thousands of men and wom
en take Thedford’s Black-Draught
because it is purely vegetable and
brings prompt, refreshing relief.
“I have used Black-Draught," writes
Mr. T. L. Austin, of McAdenville,
N. C. “There is a package of it on
my mantel now. I take it for bili
ousness. If I did not take it, the
dullness and headache would put me out
of business. It is the quickest medicine
to relieve me that I know."
Purely Vegetable Laxative

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