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,ih haw brimming stone of
old loves.
lovely things, yet not for
got :
Ml i\v;i\ as we pursued the
Tn C) 1 '
hit() feathers drifting from the
winus of doves.
Thero ,vere the old sweet paths, the
M-ood, the hills;
,-,,unted shade and shine of
clmid and sun.
Topethei tilled and sowed and reaped
out fields,
Al ,d rested, plenty-blessed, by pleas
ant rills
ppvond old antes now we walk apart;
W'p ,-otint the shade and shine; we
<s,w. we reap,
Anf l have rich harvesting of love,
for love
j« ,ir.e and store of new-old love
librints the heart
Nellie B. Mace.
To Meet at Church
r* a-y member of the Junior depart
r,,-t of ;>'r Sunday school of the First
Merit d ; s> Episcopal church is asked
to h" at the f'hurrh tomorrow after
noon at 4 o clock, it was announced
Ladies l'o Serve
Barbecue Dinner
pm ladies of White Memorial M. E
riui f’h. South Henderson, will serve
a I ni' nun dinner in the Community
H'usn at South Henderson Saturday
Nuinninu at 10 o’clock, it was stated
tmlpy for the benefit of the work of
tho ladins in the church.
A iiniiiinal fee will be charged sot
rai'h plain, and the public is cordially
j:,\ it> il lit at t end.
General .Meeting
Os Kpiscopal Women
On Friday Evening
There will he a general meeting o
•h, Woman s Auxiliary of Holy Inno
cents Kpiscopal church Friday even
in. at 7 oi- o’clock in the Parish House
at - the chinch, it was announced today.
Tit" Annie (tray Burroughs chapter
• the auxiliary will be in charge of
the meeting.
Kn>\ Benjamin T. Brodie, of Scot
land Neck. will be the principal
.•Maker at the meeting, and all the
T(-mhers of the auxiliary. tfTe men o
' chureh and interested friends are
invited to attend the meeting.
I Freshens the mouth \
*“*•** i hhhhmhhi mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Than A Token
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State P. T. A. Officers
Address County Group
Mrs. W. B. Aycock, State president
of the North Carolina Parent-Teacher
Association, and Mrs. N. L. Walker
both‘of SKf* ot the “Elation!
both of Raleigh, wehe the principal
meeUn? 3 nf a c ™ nt y-wide
Nation of v 6 P ®; rent ~ Tea cher Asso-
Vh? h f VanCe County last evening
1 ® basement of the First Metho
dist Episcopal church.
Every association in the county was
With exception W of
Mrs. L. D. Wall, president of the
council was the presiding officer at
x*r> e ,, meetlnff ’ and P res ented Mrs. N L
Walker who spoke on the district
work. She stated that there were 17
counties in this district with a mem
bership of 8,460 paid members; and
mat the district won two loving cups
and one honorable mention at the
tate convention held this year. She
askedfor the cooperation of Vance
county in the furtherance of the work
Ros the association.
Jere P. Zollicoffer, local attorney
md candidate for the Democratic no-
Jr. Legion Auxiliary
vVill Meet Friday
The Junior American Legion Aux
liary will meet in the home of Mrs.
J. A. Newell on Gholson avenue Fri
ay afternoo nat 3:30 o’clock, it was
mnounced today _ The members are
irged to be present.
Fo Sponsor Shower
For The Hospital
The Vance County Council of Par
nt-Teacheer Associations will sponsor
ashower for Maria Farham hospital
’aturday, National Hospital Day, from
to 6 o’cbick in the afternoon, it was
.nnounced today.
Mrs. L. D. Wall, president of the
;roup, stated that the hospital was in
feed of sheets 72x90; pillow cases,
6x42, regular towels, dresses, scarfs,
.preads, 80x90, glass dessert dishes,
linking glasses, canned fruits and
.ther food.
The shower is being given in appre
:iation of the cooperation of the hos
pital in a recent tonsil clinic among
he school children of the county, and
ill members of the P. T. A. In the
ounty are asked to cooperate in the
;hovVer7 Anyone desiring any infbr
nation concerning the affair may call
Irs. L. D. Wall.
Dr. Samuel M. Lindsay of Columbia
University., noted professor of social
legislation, born in Pittsburgh, 65
/ears ago.
mination for Congress from this dis
trict, introduced Mrs. W. B. Aycock,
stating that it was fitting that the
president of the association be a rela
tive of the late Governor Charles B.
Aycock, who did so much for educa
tion in North Carolina.
Mrs. Aycock delivered a splendid
and inspiring talk to the group ask
ing the cooperation of each P. T. a.
member in aVnce county to make this
the best year in the organization’s his
tory. She stated that her ultimate goal
was 100,000 members in North Caro
lina; a school of instruction in each
cunty to train leaders; a standard lib
rary in each school to establish unity
and harmony between home and
school; more efficient and better paid
school teaechers and, ultimately, a
school teacher’s pension.
Ths association voted to give Maria
Parham hospital a shower Saturday,
National Hospital Day, in appreciation
for what the hospital did in making
it possible to conduct a tonsil clinic
among the schools of the county,
A social hour followed, during
whih punch and cake were served.
Bill Bryan Is President; Most
Officers Hold Over
From Juniors
At a meeting of the rising senior
class of the Henderson high school,
held Wednesday morning at the school
office!s for next year were elected
after the distribution of report and
promotion cards. It was the final
meeting of the class* as this year’s
Bill Bryan as president, Ransom
Duke as vice president, Miss Nancy
Parham as secretary and Miss Mary
Mitchell Baity as treasurer were elect
ed as officers of the class as next
year’s seniors. All except Miss Par
ham were officers of the junior class.
Miss Maxine Taylor and Prof. f?. M.
Crowder, of the high school faculty,
were chosen as sponsors of the class.
This year’s graduating lcass held
its final meeting Wednesday morning
following their graduation Tuesday
night. They voted $5 to the rising
senior class gs a token of apprecia
tion for the “splendid cooperative
spirit it has shown during the past
school year.” The graduates decided to
use the remainder of its fund to fi
nance a picnic planned for this after
Zollicoffer Club
For Women Meets
Tonight At Eight
A meeting of the Zolliccffer-for-Con
gress women’s organization in Vance
county is announced to be held tonight
at 8 o’clock in the basement of the
Perry Library. Miss LTaude Hunter,
who is president of the women’s orga
nization, urged all women of the city
and county who are interested in the
Henderson man’s candidacy to be
present. Ways and means of further
Mr. Zollicoffer’s interests in this coun
ty and elsewhere as theye can will be
Commencement exercises will be
held at Dabney high school tonight,
with the commencement address by
Harold D. Cooley, of Nashville candi
date for Congress in the fourth dis
trict. Diplomas will be presented to
the graduating class, a.large one of
this year, and other awards and prizes
will likewise be presented. Prof. B. A
Scott is principal of the school, and
in charge of the finals exercises
Superintendent E. M. Rollins, of the
city-county school systems, will deliver
the diplomas.
Willi the Sick
Mrs. Young Improved
Word from the bedside of Mrs. W.
M. Young, who has been critically ill
at her home on Belle Street for some
time, was most encouraging today,
saying that she was improving con
siderably and gaining in strength.
Marians Martin Pattern
By Frank Howard Richardson, M. 1)., F. A. C. P.
School Marks
Do you look forward with dread to
the day of the month when your ooy
or girl brings home the school report
card? Do yuo register pleased and
proud surprise, or pained and sorrow
ful dejection according to the s.*ze of
the number by which the teachers
strives to express the dizzy heights of
algebra, biology, writing, or honesty
to which your offspring has attaained?
Do you offer prizes for “being on tut
honor roll, and do you indulge in fic
tion regarding your own attainments
along this line?
if you are still naive enough to De
' Kve that interest or ability to.undei
stand equations or love of poetry, can
be expressed in a scale of percentages
running from one to 100, or by a scale
of letters running from A to F (or to
Z, for that matter), then goodness’
sake wake up, and he your oAvn in
tellectual age. Realize instead that
children often lie or cheat or forge in
order to get these fictitious gradings,
in order to please parents who have
set up unfair standards; and don’t you
think you can learn anything wrin
while ai'rut yur child’s prblems, from
wisely at his reprt card, praising him
for a gain of 13 per cent, or berating
him for a drop of two letters.
How then are you to learn aoou: his
progress in school? n the same way
that you learn what needs to be coat
to your automobile—by going cior/n
and talking to the one who knows.
Why not get acquainted with the
teacher; she can tell you things lots
better than she can express tncj-i cr.
a report card, even with the aid of
100 numbers or seven letters. Give nei
a chance to talk to you about youi
Questions and Answers
Question—My child was pronounced
safe by the Schick test; yet he was
given the toxin-antitoxin. Is this pos
Answer—Yes. Most people develop
an immunity against diphtheria by ta»
slow process of natural immunization,
but in many cases they do not get
their immunity in time. Hence the
Mothers 7 Day
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and back and put two tabs on it un
der the chin and then two buttons
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see that it has a pretty point at the
front just above the waistline—and an
other in the back, where it buttons.
Then make a skirt with a clever panel,
which causes the slimmest hips to
look slimmer. Oh, and don’t forget
the sleeves! They are short, but fin
ished with a clever little band.
Pattern 9797 may be ordered only
in sizes 14, 16, 18, 20. 32, 34, 36, 38 and
40. Size 16 requires 3 3-8 yards 39
inch fabric and 5-8 yard contrast.
Send FIF TEEN CENTS in coins or
stamps (coins preferred) for EACH
MARIAN MARTIN pattern. Be sure
to write plainly your NAME, AD
SIZE of each pattern.
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Summer Clothes is shown in the NEW
book will help vou r»tan a stunning
vacation wardrobe. Clever beach **
sembles, charming costumes for the
gardener, style suggestions for the
Summer hi Ida and her attendants and
sun suits for children are among the
special feat tuns. SEND FOR YOTTR
Sord voir order to Henderson Dailv
Dispatch. PaHern Department, 232 W.
181 h St., New York, N. Y.
campaign for hurrying up the develop
ment of enough antitoxin to protect,
l-.y the artificial injection of toxin
antitoxin. Your boy happened to be
one of the lucky ones who developed
enough antitoxin without outside aide.
You have no need to give him injec
tions of toxin-antitoxin; or of the new
er and more popular protective sub
stance known as “toxoid”.
Admiral Richard H. Jackson, U. S.
>N., retired; born at Tuscumbia, Ala.,
68 years ago.
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THE FOLLOWING hand is in
structive, showing how the declarer
sometimes may determine precise
holdings, and so direct play as to
produce a desired ending.
♦ K 8
♦ 543
♦ Q 62
♦ 732 [-ism *5
♦J9432k; * A Q 10 5
♦ J7 ♦ 10 986
♦A 73 1—4J1095
♦ Q 10 6 4
♦ 7 6
♦AK Q 2
♦K 8 4
Bidding went: South. 1-Diamond;
North. 1-Spade; Etst, doubled, re
questing partner t.o choose between
the two unbid suits, with only North
and South vulnerable; South, 4-
Spades, effectually shutting out West
from a sacrifice call; East, doubled,
ending bidding.
The opening lead was the J of
clubs. Dummy played low. The lead
definitely marked the missing Q with
North. If West put up his Ace. both
the K and the Q must win tricks,
unless the latter happened to be a
singleton, which probably was not
the case. West gave a come-on with
his 7. Declarer’s Q won the trick
North took three rounds of spades.
East followed to the first, then he
echoed with his 10 and 5 of hearts,
definitely locating t lie Ace and Q,
probably also showing an original
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holding ot just four of that suit. Two
rounds of top diamonds were taken
next. When West’s J dropped tt
showed East with the two remaining
missing cards of that suit. Also it
showed that East originally had held
just four clubs. The declarer ran
off both his remaining spades, to
squeeze East. Qn the first East let
go his lowest club. Seven tricks had
been won by North. The remaining
six cards held by the players were as
shown below, and North knew just
where each card was located, re
ducing the play to a six-card prob
♦ A
♦ KS
♦ 4
♦ 62
♦ None ♦ None
♦ J 943 VAQ
♦ None > ♦lO y
♦ A3 —&... ♦ 10 9
♦ None
♦ 76
♦ A2
♦ K 8
North led his Ace of spades. East
had to unguard one of his suits, ft
made no difference which he un
guarded. but he chose to let go his
»of clubs. North led his 2 of clubs,
Tliefe went on the trick the 10. Ace
and K. leaving dummy’s 8 of clubs
good. West led a heart, giving East
two tricks in that suit, but when
East led a diamond, dummy had left
only the good. Ace and its too club,
winning (he last two tricks, and giv.
ing the declarer his 10 tricks total.

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