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When Dr. Bell, Experimenting to Aid Deaf\
Devised First Telephone for Pi\ietieiil_Vs e
BwL*£r *"
w .', . Top, Bell’s home, where telephone was invented; below.
lJf. BelTln later years of his life. . Ing over the first line between New York and Chicago in 1892.
“MR> WATSON, come here, I
want you.” These are said t* be
the first words ever carried elec
trically over wires in a fashion
itmllar to the present telephone
system. They were spoken by Dr.
Alexander Graham Bell, distin
ffuished American inventor and sci
entist. to an assistant over a short
wire In his laboratory. It was the
When Corbett Knocked Out the Great Sullivan
Jn the First Title Eight Staged With Gloves
Corbett's fighting pose.
ONE OF" THE greatest surprises
Occurring in the history of sport
was the sensational unexpected vic
tory of James (Jim) Corbett, a
young ex-bank clerk of San Fran- •
cisco, over the great John L. Sul
livan, the Boston Strong Boy, in a
fight for the heavyweight cham
pionship of the world at New Qr-
Storm Center of Anti-Nazi Protests
jL;;- h
. .i*.. A. •>.,, wnhjflHT 4 • ' !vft
®kv. Y ' \■yM&fiSSSSatXPp’. •;•,*
|HhL• Hl' " I *
wMmmm* JjJßmJm \ mBBSSaSmuKSSSm. *
£1 Wm Mi*'---" A
The German cruiser “Karlsruhe,** rides serenely at anchor in Boston llarbor as storm of protest rages
against official reception tendered in the Hub City to her officers and crew. Although the German war
ship, the first to enter Boston since 1014 flew the Nazi flag, it is significant to note the sailor at rigni
doo» Mi salute in the traditional’ Nazi manner, nor does the ship bear swastika
’ first successful test of his telephone
invention. , A native of Scotland.
Dr Bell was the son of Alexander
Melville Bell, who perfected a sys
tem of instruction of the deaf *nd
dumb Interested in his father’s
studies. Dr Bell became a profes
sor of vocal physiology at Boston
university, and began experiments
which led to the invention of the
John L.’s fighting pose.
leans on Sept. 7. 1892. With Sulli
van a four to one favorite. Corbett
ended the reign of the great cham- 1
pion by a knockout blow in the
twenty-first round, after a dogged, i
determined battle, in which he had i
Sullivan completely exhausted. It !
was the first heavyweight title 1
fight with the use of glove*. Sullt- __ ]
speaking telephone He received a
patent for his telephone in 1876,
and although his claims were op
posed by other inventors, his rights
to the invention were upheld by
the United States supreme court.
Experiments in carrying sound by
wire had been under way for sev
eral years, but Dr Bell’s invention
was the first practical instrument
John L. in later life.
van, often hailed as the greatest
champion of them all. won .the
bare-knuckle fight crown from
Paddy Ryan in 1882 and never was
uefeated in a bare knuckle con
flict. After beating Sullivan, Cor
bett held the title for five years,
losing u to Bob Fitzsimmons in
Gave Away $5,000
: ~V- t“ : .
§j& JHjfcl
miy iss
Bruno Palulu
Bruno Palulis, 26-year-old sus
pected robber, is pictured at Ke
nosha, Wis., following his arrest
in connection with robbing aft
»ged Chicago man of $7,500 in
cash. After the theft, Palulis is
alleged to have gone on a two-day
spending spree, during which he
spent and gave away mord than
$5,000 of the loot. He is alleged
to have tipped cab drivers $1,500,
giving one driver a SI,OOO bill,
buying a new cab for another,
and giving the mother of a third
driver $1,201 to pay off a mort
|| 1 : : :JB
Mrs. Roosevelt
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, left,
and Mrs. William Randolph
Hoarst, wife of the publisher, are
pictured at the White House in
Washington, where they conferred
Where Ductless Glands
i ... .\ i . »',-•■
Are Located in the Body~
THE DUCTLESS glands, although
they form one system and mix their
secretions in the blood stream to
produce their effect, are widely scat-
tered in the body.
Dr Clendening
r eproduc tive
function and water balance. In the
neck, the most familiar gs all the
ductless glands, the thyroid, has a
general supervision over bodily heat,
weight and mental activity.
Behind the thyroid, four little
glands—two on each side—the para
thyroids, govern the fixation of-cal
cium in the body. Since calcium en
ters into th.e structure of bones and
into the activity of muscles, disease
of these glands produces bony decay
or muscular Irritability.
in the chest is the thymus gland,
which also has to do with growth,
and disappears at about the age
when growth is completed—that is,
at about 15 years.
,n abdomen there are the
Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas,
which produce insulin, a substance
which governs the utilization of
sugar in the body. On top of each
kidney are the adrenal glands, which
ai"e not of the same structure all the
way through, but consist of two
parts. v One part secrets adrenalin
which very largely determines the
muscular contraction of blood vessels
and hence distributes the flow of
blood in the body similar to the act
of blushing; The other part of the
adrenal gland has to do with hair
distribution £nd growth on the body,
witb Pigmentation And with the te-.
Mrs. William R. Hearst
with a group of prominent wom
en who are arranging a ball ir»
New York City for the benefit of
destitute women and girls of tht
PARA f i 'JjI
r \
l / IaORENAu
Diagram showing location of ductless
glands <tt the body.
tivity of the reproductive glanda.
Lastly, the reproductive glands, male
and female, called in general “the
In the summary it will be seen
that these glands control (1) growth,
weight and nutrition, and (2) re
productive functions. They are close
ly inter-related, the action of ohe
stimulating or decreasing the action
of others. The thyroid, parathyroids,
the Islets of Langerhans and the
middle part of the adrenal are almost
purely concerned with nutrition of
some kind. The pituitary has so
many functions that It is the general
regulator of all these glands and
controls growth, activity and nutri
tion by affecting the thyroid, adre
nals and pancreatic cells and It af
fects reproductive functions by fts
action on the cortex of the adrenal
and the gonads.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Six pamphlet*
by Dr. Clendening can now be ob
tained by sending 10 cents in coin, for
each, and a sell-addressed envelope
stamped witli a three-cent stamp,
to Dr. Logan Clendening, in care of
this paper. The pamphlets are:
“Indigestion and Constipation," “Re
ducing and Gaining," “Infant Feed
ing,” “Instructions for the Treatment
of Diabetes.” "Feminine Hygiene"
and The Car* of the Hu it and Skin.'’
By taking an
outline of the e'n
tire body, it Is
easy to visualize
the location of
these structures.
At the very top
is the pineal
gland, about the
function of
which we still
know very little.
Below it, still in
the skull, in tbe
pituitary which,
with its three
lobes, governs
growth, weight.
* -TpUR xESIeIOjaYS^™^
Sir Thomas Tipton, Noted British Sportsman,
Who. Tried for 31 Years to Win Yachting Cup
-m j : ? SwagawßflKwwi w ■»>w.%.v,vxW?y;.;,
One of Shamrocks during race. A Lipton in 1919.
IN ANY LIST of great sports-f
men ft history, the name of Sir
Thomas Lipton, of Great Britain, !
must rightfully be included. Few
sportsmen have been able to take
defeat so optimistically and main
tain such an unwavering determi
nation to “try again” as did Lipton
>n his efforts U> wrest from the
United States the cup emblematic
of the yachting championship of
the world. For 31 years Lipton
spent almost $15,000,000 in the con- !
struction and operation of five dis- '
ferent yachts in the vain attempt j
to win the cup. He built the 'first j
of his famous Shamrocks for the
initial race in the series in 1899. I
Hp:^-1 9 ?’
Cs|:| jj MM
1 Wk ll - sM
Bennett Champ Clark James A. Reed
Action of former Senator James
A. Reed of Missouri, fiery 73-
year-old statesman, in entering
W#* race for re-election to the
■? Sf United States senate j threatens
A9 involve him in .a political .bat
tle with Bennett Champ Clark,
Missouri’s present Democratic
senator, and son of his old friend,
the late Champ Clark, speaker of
the house of representatives.
Survivors Reach Safety
f\ jzfejam
[ .. ...
7 ith m Aite < arrow > 0* the
«*olliston in a fog, reaches the liner in a
•WiriiSl*U4 <g gag
His last race for the world cup wag
in 1930, when his Shamrock V was
beaten. After that loss Lipton
hinted that he might try again,
but he was denied another chance
by his death, in 1931, An English
merchant, Lipton had spent mosC
of his life on the sea, and his name
was known ail over the world,
i Clark already has pledged his sup
port to Congressman J. L. Milli*
; gan, of Richmond, for the senat*
seat now held by Roscoe Patter
i ?on/ Republican. Assailing the
AAA -and the “bolsheviks at
Washington,” Reed said he was
running again for his old post “to
tell the people of these linited
States what is happening to

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