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Roosevelt Steps Into Congress Tam
Havana Trembles In Fear
Os Reprisals By ABC For
Bloody Slaughter Sunday
Deep Political Significance
Attached To Two Day*
of Rioting In
Cuban Cap;' ’”1
Enemies of ABC Political
Society Turn Machine
Guns on Parade of 50,000
of Party Members In Heart
of City; Bystanders Seek
Havanna. June 18. (AP) —Retalia-
tion by infuriated members of the
IBC Society wag feared today after
Cuba's “bloody Sunday”, in which 12
wr-ons were killed and nearly 60
runded. '
i heavy guard was placed around
t emergency hospital upon reports
ir the ABC planned to storm it and
neek vengeance on four wounded
c»n. « •
Deep political significance was at
tached to the two days of rioting,
leaving a total of 15 dead, and cul
minating yesterday in a parade that
was turned suddenly into a slaughter.
They appeared likely to bring a post
ponement to the government’s plans
to hold general elections in Decem
Guerilla warrare carried on intermit
tently for months reached a climax
when 50,000 members of the ABC So
ciety a powerful political organization,
marched htrough the principal streets,
on P«a» Ttiroa i
\ irginia Is
Asking Halt
In Potatoes
Governor Joins Eh
ringhaus In Asking
TEi a t Shipments
Stop for Time
Richmond, Va„ June 18 (AP) —Gov-
ernor Peery today appealed to grow
and distributors of Irish potatoes
in Virginia to withhold shipments un
til the condition of the market im
proves to a point to afford more reas
onable prices.
The action followed a request from
Governor Ehringhaus of North Caro
•ma that Virginia and Maryland join
in « movement to bring relief for po
tato growers, which he had started in
Carolina. >
The governor also received requests
•mm growers in Virginia asking that
something be done to velieve the sit
nation, in which potatoes are bring
'n? less than the cost of production,
in part, the governor said, to
'"creased cost of fertilizer.
Woman's Torso Found In
England May Be American
Brighton, England, June $. (AP>—
_ 6 torso of a woman’s body, from
the head, arms and legs were
c 'p) P fl waa f oun( i today in a trunk
luggage office of the Brighton
r& ilway station.
' woman was thought by police
been about 40 y«ars old, her
n ‘Kht possibly five feet, two or three
<nrh^ s
■ 1 wrapped in two kinds of
r ° Wn paper and hpund with a window
Imtitergmt Haifa Ufeuatrli
I. iL. ro| j«K :•
" mk
I ' k IS - • *' ~
she only daughter of President
Roosevelt, Mrs. Curtis B. Dali, is
reported on her way to Reno,
Nev., to seek a divorce from her
husband. The Dalis are shown at
Restoring Os Monarchy
Called For In Germany
Vice-Chancellor Von Papen
Makes Bold Attack on
Nazi Regime In
Sunday Address
Newspapers Warned Not To
Make Mention of It; Von
Papen Challenges Hitler’s
Right To Impose His Will
In Realm of Religion* In
Berlin, June 18. (AP —The boldest
public criticism of the jtfazi regime
which has come from any one in au
thority since Chancellor Hitler’s as
sumption of power in January, 1933,
was made yesterday by Franz von
Papen, vicec hancellor of Germany.
The sensational character of his re
marks, delivered before students of
Marburg University, is best illustrat
ed by the fact that no Berlin news
paper permitted even an excerpt. Von
Papen, in guarded language, pleaded
for re-establishment of the monarchy.
Notice was served by the govern
ment controlled German news bureau
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The body, which was unclothed, bore
no wounds other than those incurred
in the severance of the head, arms
and legs. „
The paper bore the letters Ford ,
whigh police thoughtm ight bep art
of the name of a town.
Investigators discovered., that the
trunk of the “cabin” type, in which
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leased wire SERVICE oir
thb associated pres?.
left as they were married at Hyde
Park, N. Y., in 1926. A recent
photo of Mrs. Dali, the mother of
Sistie and Buzzie, White House
children, is pictured at right
Week-End Deaths
13 for Carolinas
(By the Associated Press)
Violent deaths claimed a totall of
13 lives in the two Carolinas over
the week-end, with drownings and
“riding the rods” accounting for
most of the deaths.
Four drownings, four deaths from
beating rides on trains, three slay
ings, the accidental discharge of a
gun and a truck mishap made up
the death toll.
Berlin Arms Envoy In Paris;
France Seeks Feinice
Around Germany
Paris, June 18. (AP—German fear
of a Franco-Russian alliance was
credited in official circles today for
Chancellor Hitler’s trip to Venice and
the secret visit here of Joachim bon
Ribbentrot, special German disarma
ment commissioner.
Reliable sources said von Ribben
trot got “little satisfaction” from his
conference here Saturday with Louis
Barthou, French foreign minister, who
insisted that the Reich “come back to
Geneva.” |
Barthou pressed on with his pro
gram of building up European defen
sive alliances for France, designed to
‘place a fence around Germany”.
Bucharest, Belgrade, London and
Rome itself are capitals the foreign
minister plains to visit. He will go to
London July 8.
Generally fair tonight and Tues
day, preceded by showers this aft
ernoon or tonight in east portion.
Wealthy Dentist
Kidnaped, Killed
Eldorado, 111., Jlme 8. (AP)—Dr.
H. L. Meyers, 65, wealthy Eldorado
dentist, was found shot to death
on a farm near here today, appar
ently the victim of a kidnaping and
robbery plot.
The body of the dentist, shot
through the back, whs found by
eputy Ha Choisser and A. M. Mit
chell, a photographer, at 10 a. m.,
culminating an all-night search aft
t the dentist had failed to return
The body was found in a clump
of weeds on the far ns, authorities
Officers immediate!; r launched a
widespread search for a man nam
ed Armstrong, who was reported
to have accompanied the dentist to
the farm as a prospective buyer
for the land.
Raleigh Convinced He Will
Announce for Sem'ate at
Proper Time
Displeasure at Bailey’s Failure To Sup
port New Deal of Roosevelt Caus
ing Much Comment in PoU
tical Quarters
Dolly Dispatch Bureau
In the Si. \Vniter Hotel,
BY .1. r B4SKEIIV 11,1/.
Raleigh, Juntv 18 —‘Although Con
gressman Lindsay C. Warren, of the
first congressional district, has so far
had nothing to say .concerning the re
ports that he may t&%nme a candidate
for the Democratci nomination to the
Senate in 1936, opposing Senator
Josiah W. Bailey, most of those in
political circles here are convinced
that when the proper time comes
Warren will announce his candidacy.
They feel sure that if sentiment con
tinues to develop over the State fav
oring Warren’s candidacy a sit has
developed during the past few weeks,
'rwilnnori on Patr*» Three.)
Raleigh Girl Is'
Killed In Crash
T a Baltimore, Md.
" - f
Baltimore, Md., June 18. (AP)
—Miss Polly Fountain, 27, of
Raleigh, N. C., was fatally Injured
in an automobile accident here
early today.
Her companion, William W.
McNeill, Jr., 26, of Raleigh was
injured in the accident but his in
juries were not serious, and he was
taken into custody by the police.
The accident occurred on East
ern avenue. McNeill, who was
dribing, apparently tried to turn
from Eastern avenue into the
Back River Neck road, and was
unable to make the turn.
Storm Area
Starts Its
Seven Known Dead,
Scores Hurt In
Louisiana - Missis
sippi Region
New Orleans, La., June 18 (AP) —
The work of rehabilitation went for
ward today in the hurricane-devastat
ed areas of Louisiana and Mississippi,
where seven persons were killed, a
score or more injured, and property
damage to the extent of millions of
dollars done.
This tale of disaster was pieced to
gether as severed communications
were restored and stories of death
and destruction and heroic accom
plishments drifted in.
The storm came in from the Gulf
of Mexico Saturday, swept through
southeast Louisiana, invaded Missis
sippi with great damage, and then
blew out its wrath in squalls in the
Memphis, Tenn., area.
George Meyers and John Thornton
were sent to Louisiana from Wash
ington Red Cross headquarters to di
rect relief and rehabilitation.
**"' n "* >
j>mi| %
Es«SSßßwß^3S!Bß^B^Bi»>i<ii'iiii'iiiili'ii'i'i'i'iV,ii'i^^^ffiS^wS^SS;wS^?l!!iißL^ —^^^
A huge European bloc composed
of Germany, Italy, Poland, Hun
gary and Austria, according to
some observers, will be a result
of the dramatic Hitler-Mussolini
conversations at Venice. That
was the cor.struction placed on
agreement of the German and
Italian dictators that troubled
Austria, lying between the two
Kerr Bill Passes;
Given House Again
Washington, June 18. (AP) —
The Senate today passed and sent
back to the House for action on
amendments the Kerr bill for con
trol of production of certain kinds
of tobacco through a system of
taxation similar to that provided
in the Bankhead cotton act.
Air Chief
To Resist
Washington, June 8. (AP) —Major-
General Benjamin D. Fulois accused
of gross misconduct by a House in
vestigating committee, fougKF today
against removal as chief of the army
air crops.
The investigating committee of
eight members recommended formally
to Secretary of War ern that Fulois
be dismissed “without delay”.
Striking back at the committee for
its secret hearings, Fulois challenged
his accusers to a meeting in open
Seize 26
Shanghai, China, une 18. (AP) —Six
British citizens, including two British
naval officers, were kidnaped, together
with 20 Chinese by pirates this after
noon from a British commercial
steamer off the mouth of the Yellow
. The sea wolves took over the ship,
the Shuntien, which was on its way
from Tientsin to Shanghai, apparently
after boarding it in Tientsin and
awaiting the opportunity to over-pow
er thee rew and passengers.
The capture was effected without
opposition. f
The pirates forced the captives into
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Fascist nations, should be recog*
nized as an independent nation,
but could, if she so chose, elect a
Nazi chancellor. Austria’s pres
ent chancellor, Engelbert Doll
fuss, is pictured at right above,
with left, shaking hands
with Mussolini, right. The map
shows the possible union in cen
tral Europe.
The measure levies a tax of 38
1-3 per cent on the selling price of
tobacco on producers who refuse
to abide by production quotas.
The tax would apply to all to
bacco harvested in the crop years
1934-35 except Maryland tobacco,
Virginia sun-cured and cigar leaf
State Officialdom Much In
terested In Program
Talked at Charlotte
Dolly Dlspntch Bnreai,
In the Sir Wnlter Hotel.
Raleigh, June 18.—State officialdom
here is much interested in the meet
ing to be held in Charlotte Wednesday
of this week to consider the formula
tion of definite plans for the better
advertising of the Carolinas. This
movement was started several weeks
ago in Charlotte when a number of
representative citizens of North and
South Carolina met to talk over plans
for a permanent organization to do for
the Carolinas what Californians, Inc.,
has done for California. This Cali
fornia organization spent $2,581,538
during) the seven-year period from
1923 to 1930, during which time the
population increased 601,033, or 31.5
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Britain Won’t Pay
By Ceding Be rmuda
London, June 18- (AP)—Prime
Minister Ramsay MacDonald an
nounced in the House of Commons
today that the British government
proposes to reply to the United
States war debt note regarding the
American suggestion that Great
Britain make a payment “in kind”—
—that is, in goods and services.
Replying to a query from the
President Is Willing for It To
Go Over To Next Session s
To Speed Up Ad
Farm Mortgage Compromise
Approved by House and
Home Building Measure Is
Chief Obstacle to Close of
?3rd Congress; End To
Come Probably Tonight
Washington, June 18. (AP) —Deem*,
cratic leaders today drew President
Roosevelt into the effort to break the
legislative log-jam and get an adjourn
ment of Congress, declaring he favor
ed letting the railroad labor bill. go
over until the next session of Congress.
This measure appeared to be the
main impediment td adjournment late
The Senate already has sent to the
White House the more than $2,000,000,-
000 general relief appropriation, taking
it up by a 41 to 39 vote ahead of the
bill for a board to mediate rail labor
The House, meanwhile, had adopted
prov a compromise on the Frazier
on adjournment resolution and ap*
Lemke farm mortgage relief! bilL
Senator Robinson, ’Democrat, Arkan
sas, promised a Senate vote on that
as a concession to reach adjournment.
Earlier the controverted bill amend
ing bank laws in various respects,
key factor in the Saturday sight jam
that blocked adjournment then, had
been withdrawn.
In what he called a “frank state
(Continueri on Pace Three.) *
U. S. Makes
Stiff Kick
To Berlin
Formal Objection tq
Moratorium on For
eign Debts Is Filed,
By Ambassador
Washington, June 18 (AP) —A for
mal protest against the German mo
ratorium on German foreign debt pay
ments has been directed by the Statq
Department. n
The Department said today it had
instructed Ambassador William E.
Dodd at Berlin to inform the German
government that the United States ex
presses strong regret that new hard
ships have been brought upon Amer
ican creditors holding German obli
The department made the following
“The secretary of state on June I'6
instructed the American ambassador
at Berlin to protest formally and ener
getically to the minister of foreign af
fairs against the recent summary in
dependent action of Germany with;
respect to her external debts.
“The ambassador was instructed toi
state that this action by Germany serf
ously affects the government of the
United States and its nationals and
that the government of the United
States takes occasion to express Its;
strongest regret that new losses are:
thereby imposed on American citizens
and that debtor-creditor relations havq
been further impaired.”
floor as to whether Great Britain
would consider handing over Ber
muda or other island tearititories ,
adjacent to the United Ktates, and
which are no longer of a defensive
value to Great Britain as a pay
ment to the United tSates, the*
prime minister said:
“There could, under no circum- ,
stances, be any question of huch
an arrangement”, .

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