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“Proud Os You,” Is Greeting
Extended By Gov. Ehringhaus
(Continued from Page One.)
quired 40 minutes to pass the review
ing stand.
Trize Winners Picked
’ At the night program the winners
of the parade prizes were announced.
Mrs. Bessie Phoenix, of Raleigh, pres
ident of the Wake County Young
Pemocrats organization, announced
the first prize of SSO in cash went to
the Townsville high school for its
cotton field flcat. She with Mayor
James A. Taylor of Oxford and
Mayor Frank H. Gibbs, of Warrenton,
wete the judges. Mr. Coibitt an
nounced the other two p' ize winners,
the second prize of $-0 going to the
Junior American Legion Auxiliary to
its military toimaiion. headed by Mi3~
Margaret i ari s as "drum major, ana
the third going to the Clark St.ee.
School Parent-Teacher Association
li. . ;.iU in cash.
At t.v'J o ciock Governor Lining
hauz lioin .b“ West Lnd tuuatij
ga o t!»e signal mai iiacu.ru o.i
the line s.'Hj lie.m.mg s.>3uein ioi ih~
lusi iime. ii lumisllcu a mini to ui.
U.wu_aims mining aiound on Uanieii
ilia distinguished gueslc members
ol vhe CUJ Council or llemletson an.
dtliers weie entertained at a smg sup
p.a, ouiiel sijie, at tiie counlij uu
ixoni 0 to CiW p. in., as guects of the
coieoi at ion conmiitcee. ine aiiair wa.
entlie.',,’ mioiinal throughout. and t
U.os. ueiiglittul affair.
lr.MiKH'uiteiy atiet Uie governor am
hn pai»y returned to town the pro
git in began from the epeakei* s; in
i»i front of the oil Fi .mers and Mer
chant's Lank luJlding on u;unet
street at Breckenridge.
Welcome Is Voiced
Jere P. Zollicoffer was master oj
ceremonies. He presented Mayor I.
Vine B. Watkins as the first speaker
who voiced a welcome to the vast
throng. He said Greater Henderson i
Retting its push forward as the re
suit of the New Deal, and that the cite
has some $5,000 to $6,000 only invest
in the entire paving and whi e wa;
project. He paid tribute to the co
operation of the Caiolma Power
Light Company and the Carolina Tet
ephone and Telegraph company *o.
their v>orK In Hie piuject, anu ec.a in.
visitors he hopea mey would co.u<-
again or ten to .aonueioun, always us
su.cd or a welcome.
Bailey L Happy
Mr. Zollicoiiei alien piesented Sen
Am* .--a •_» a..- ...
have never itiusau un t _
Come to iieiiue.oOii, ne aaiu, uc.ui
tiig ne Was nappy to Lie litre oil tills
occasion, "it is not duncuit to make
progress wtien you are moving will,
the tide, but you have done u in Lie
midst ot universal adversity," lie con
gratulated. Like Paul ot old, every
Henderson resident could now claim
"1 am a citizen of no mean city."
T congratulate you on the eviuences
all about of the return to prosperity.
I urge you to use it well. I hope ah
this ota t e and the nation will profit
from the example you have set. You
have demonstrated your ability to go
forward in the tnidst ot adversity, anu
have given the signal to all of us to
fall back on our own enterprise.”
Cooley Speaks
Congressman Cooley spoke after the
Senator. He paid tribute to his ‘ per
sonal friend, Jere Zollicoffer. declar
ing that in the recent congressional
race in the district “we went into it
as friends and came out greater
‘Henderson tonight has somethin::
to be proud of,” he said. He remind
ed of the founding of this republic on
a basis of cooperation, and tailed on
his hearers to “stand by this great co
operative movement" inaugurated by
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President Roosevelt for the rehabili
tation of the nation.
Goerch Jokes
Carl Goerch. ot Raleigh, publisher
of “the State,” spoke m humorous
vein. “Last week, ’ he said, “I vas
down in Rocky Mount interviewing
Dick Fountain’s cow, and tonight I
am here listening to a lot of bull. He
s,aid Henderson had a right to be
proud of its town, but in serious
thought said this great crowd was not
her emerely to celebrate a new street
and a new white way but to celebrate
a returning prosprity.
"Proud of You,” Governor Says
Mr. Zollicoffer introduced M. C.
Miles, chairman of the central com
mittee on the celebration, and \v . L.
Coibitt as parade chairman, and then
piesented judge Walter L. Small of
Elizabeth City, who has held court
here this wee!-:, and who presented his
fellow townsman, Governor Ehring
haus. He told ot some of the things
the governor has done in straighten
ing out State finances and offered Mr.
Ehringhaus as “the greatest governor
of the greatest state in the Union.”
“I came not so much to make a
speech as to extend my congiatula
itc'iis to you, he said. "vie am piouu
ol you. r his event is an emblem ot
the people s confidence in themselves
jutside dollars and brains don't build
j town, but communities giow by
eason of ability of those who reside
here already.”
North Caiolina is today basking in
a prosperity hardly with an equal
anywhere in the nation, the governor
said, citing business statistics show
ing that Eastern Carolina is touay th
brightest spot in the country. Hi
lauded the leadership or President
Roosevelt, but wanted the people
no, ,u tc.g* . .h..i ii, il,, »gi.
State government that is just a’ nmc
interested in you. and probably even
more ?o. The State government ‘has
only one thing in view, and that is to
serve you," be pledged. Maintenance
of 60,000 miles of highways and an
eight months school term in the State
has been accomp'ished without a
Denny of tax on land the governo:
said, adding that the State govern
'rent i" on the chefoost cost
basis of any in the nation. He urge’
'o-fid enoo ip national and State lead
~rshand ~-rrr>rt Hen rt people
to “keep r- i n '-m-r to build
up your city and county.”
i' r ”. Zopjcofrer i sgressed to pay
high tribute to ChM-nn E. IV .TeG.
ress. of the Sta‘« Highway R”>d Pvib
lie Works Commission, who had much
to do with the ne-v pavip" p-pg-am
and who wn"!f been nresen*
but for his criMopi illness. He res'*
’egrets fvorn Congressmen John H
Kerr, of Warrenton end Frank W
Han rock, of Oxford, that they were
unable to attend.
Prizes Given
Names were drawn trom boxes foi
gifts posted uy , t number oi me, eh
ants, and avvarus were made on namca
Daniel Hardware Company gave a
cook stove, won by Johnson Kerr, ot
Rocky Mount; alutr.inutnware went
to Mrs. E. A. Warrick, of Henderson;
a three-gaiion eoi,iak,ei to mu. a.
R. Teague, Jr., o’ Henderson, and i
six-gallon church to C. Moore, Sr.
of Henderson.
Jimmy Pack and Malone Parham
v.on two pairs ot hose each, given
by E. W. Powell, teal silk hosiery
aisti ihutoi".
A $25 fur coat offered by r the E. O.
Davis and Sons Company went to
Miss Mildred D(in!:!ey, of Henderson.
Leggett Department Store offered
a S2O suit of clothes and a $5 hat,
which went to Mrs. T. A. Stone .of
Vance county, and a S2O dress and a
$3 pair of shoes which went to T. V.
Eobbitt, Jr., also of this county.
F. B Robards was winner of a
prize given by the Carolina Powe’
and Light Company.
All the exercises of the day moved
off with precision and on time, with
the exception of a slight delay in the
evening piogiam.
At all times the crowds were good
natuied, and everybody seemed to
have a happy time of it throughout.
There were few arrests, and virtual
ly all of them were for petty drunk
Cooperative Movement
Perhaps at no lime in i lendersonV
history has there been a greater co
operative movement than this ceie
brat ion has been. Every one who
helped, and that included almost all
who were called on, gave of their
funds and their energies.
There was really surprise at the
bigness of the thing and the excellent
manner •in which the day’s program
was carried out. It is believed that
Henderson made countless thousands
of friends and got for itself a world
of good will and publicity by its ceie
How It Was Done
The street pavement was done un
der direction of the State Highway
Henderson Daily Dispatch
* *
,vj: , —*
.This io the official ear near the head of the parade in the Greater Henderson Day celebra
tion Thursday. Mayor Irvine B. Watkins is sitting on the right front seat with Brinkley, who
drove the cat In the rear seat are Mrs. Watkins and Mrs. Jere P. Zollicoffer with Mr. Zollicoffer
who-was master of ceremonies at the speaking in the evening. —(Photo by Goodrich)
[ Here is seen students of the Henderson hign school in Thursday’s parade. The picture was
made just south of the Orange street intersection. Behind the high school marchers may be seen
floats and others also appear in the more distant background. —(Photo by Goodrich)
tV £ • ** . ‘ ... —'■ I ■'
> Here is Garnett street under construction last spring, when, with ditches in almost every
direction and dirt piled high on the sides, it resembled the famous Hindenburg line in Northern
France in the days of the World War. And what a contrast to the fine main street Henderson
has today! —(Photo by Goodrich)
Commission with Federal iunds, with
an expenditure or Jj>6U,UOU. ihe Caro
lina rower at Ligni company install
ed ,th ewhite way system with no
expense to the city, other than some
iJib.oOO lor ornaments lor the light
poles. The Carolina Telephone &
Telegraph Company put all its wires
underground at its own expense.
Many business firms have erected
handsome new electric signs in front
of their places of business, and all
in all the main street gives Hender
son a thoroughfare probably without
a peer anywhere in the State in towns
and cities its size and many much
Many Guests
It would be impossible to name all
the distinguished visitors who were
here. In addition to Governor Eh
ringhaus, Senator Bailey and Con
gressman Cooley, there were Gurney
P. Hood, State bank commissioner;
Will Woodward, of Rocky Mount,
member of the State Highway Com
mission for this district; Charles G.
Powell, secretary to the governor;
Captain Charles D. farmer, head of
the State Highway Patrol; and others.
J. R. Porter, executive vice-president
and George A. Holderness, chairman
of the board of the telephone com
pany and others were here from Tar
boro. Mr. Sutton, president of the
power company and others in his
organization was also here. There
was also W. L. Lumpkin, of Louis
burg, member of the General Assem
bly, and prominent candidate for
speaker of the 1935 House, and John
A. Park, publisher of The Raleigh
Times; C. A. Upchurch, Jr., of the
News and Observer. And so on down
the enumeration might continue.
In addition to the parade and the
night speaking program, there was
amusement of various kinds going on
at all times during the intervals. A
minstrel aggregation furnished part
of this. John Lowry’s family helped
out. And there were others. The fin
al event of the celebration was the
street dancing, whiph lasted until
around 2 a. m. today. The white peo
ple had theirs at the Breckenndge
street intersection. The colored peo
ple had the block between Montgom
ery and Church streets.
Local people left their cars at
home or parked them far out to give
visitors accommodations.
Drug stores and eating places did
a tremendous business during the day
and evening.
And let no one forget this: The bril
liant lighting on Garnett street was
not for last night alone. It is per
manent. Tl'hei 62 lights will burn
every evening until midnight, and aft
er that 24 will burn all night. Addi
tional lights are to be installed as
quickly as the equipment can be re
It was perhaps the biggest day
Henderson ever had. Business suffer
ed during the long months the street
waa torn up for the work to be done,
but everybody now believes it was
worth all the cost.
Methodist Protestants Will
Honor Memory of Their
Late Pastor
Memorial services honoring the
memory of the late Dr. L. W. Gerring
er. pastor until his death two months
ago, will be held at the Methodist
Protestant church here Sunday morn
ing, October 7, at the 11 o’clock hour.
Rev. L. It. Medlin, prsent pastor, an
nounced today.
The adult choir, under the direction
of Miss Elizabeth Fox. and the Young
People’s Choir, under leadership of
Mrs. H. A. Jordan, will unite in a
special musical program appropriate
to the occasion
±he memorial address will be deliv
ered by Dr. IN. G. Belhea, pastor of
Fountain Place Methodist Protestant
church ol Gibsonvilie. Dr. Bethea
was long intimately identified and
closely associated with Dr. Gerringer,
and the church is considered for un
ate to secure him for the principal
address of the occasion.
Jasper B. Hicks will represent the
local congregation in a short address.
It |s also expected that a number of
papers will be read from organiza
tions with which Dr. Gerringer was
Mrs. Gerringer and her children,
who have moved to Greensboro since
Dr. Gerringer’s death, are expected to
be here for the exercises. The public
is cordially invited to attend the serv
’Twas A Big Day
Yescuh. yestiddy was sho a big day
or this town, more psonle were here
’l.nn mer in the recollectin’ of this
' n, e fellowc Just lack Carl Goerch
’aid ’twas “a helluva crowd”.
The peerade was the best thing I’ve
ever seen the town of Henderson put
m. Dag gone if this old town didn’t
tep out and do itself proud. Hsnder
on folks can do anything they
•ant to.
Lots of pretty gals were in the big
how yestiddy afternoon, won’t they‘ ?
Fo'ks, old John C. B. Ehringhaus
'cared down in a mighty speech
"st night. He told some right good
tuff. He’s makes a mighty fine
Josiah Bailey and Harold Cooiey
Limed in mighty fine performances,
Our own Jere and Irvine did tnem
olves proud on the speaking stand.
Jar fait city lia.s some right good
heads at the helm, wnat do you
Morton Miles. Bill Corbitt, Sid
1 ’.evenson and all the rest deserve a
big hand from we Henderson
'oiks. They put on a show never the
ike has b«en seen here.
I saw more here last night
' hat I didn’t know than I did at the
Duke Ce’oiina game last year, 3J.000
•vcre the’ e. People from rJ! na.rts of
his section came here and found a.
warm welcome.
Good old Henderson cops didn’t have
much of an opportunity to use their
new “billies’’ during the celebration.
It was a very orderly crowd.
Come young fellows shot off some
du’ing the speeches.
’Twas a bad thing to do ’cause whole
lots of people could have gotten hurt
ty the exploding crackers. Lucky
hone were hurt seriously.
Henderson ain’t no bad town, look
at its new street. Why we haven’t
anything in the world to hellyacne
about now. We use to say it was the
roughest between Maine and Florida.
Now its the best, thanks to F. D. R.
and the State Highway Commission.
’Twould be e pood thing if this town
cur on one of thos*. things '‘very year.
It'd (!o lots of good toward cementing
Special for Monday
Men’s 2 or 3 piece suits, cleaned 35c
Plain One Piece Dresses Cleaned __ 35c
Balance of Week
Men’s 2 or 3 piece suits, cleaned 50c
Plain One Piece Dresses Cleaned __ 50c
YVe have recently installed the Pressure Filter Process
ot Dry Cleaning, which is as big improvement over the
old method ot Dry Cleaning as the Ford V-8 is over the
old Model T.
We Call and Deliver.
Perry’s Dry Cleaners
105 N. Garnett Street Phone 373
Average Os
$33.65 Here
For Tobacco
Thursday’s Sale Is
188,130 Pounds; Sea
son Total 4,930,274
An average of $35.65 per hundred
pounds made on the Henderson to
bacco market Thursday was IV
highest of the season so far, and toe
highest in perhaps a decade and a
half. Official figures wete a: non ic
ed today by H. W. Stigall, saies ups
visor, showing 138.130 pounds sold for
This brings icLal season sales to 4-
030,274 pounds for $1,416 558.41 -.t
averages-of $23.73 per hundred pounds.
Mr. Stigall estimated todays offer
ings at around 350,000 pounds, un
said the warehouse floors would ?
cleared by night in readiness for
heavy offerings Monday. He said
prices were holding firm today, with
prospects of an average in keeping
with that of Thursday.
the fri ndslup between the city und
trading ’erntory
Os fleet £ cm tailin' han<hr > ilie large
th’. -.uiy i? a mas-etfu f nsV •«.!> Tow
deserve some prais3.
There were lots ,f pretty floats in
the parade; I cert nay wouldn’t ha-?
liked to be a j jdgs in it. Townsville
got first prize. Bor* Taylor certainty
i-ut on a fine r..*at
C e'.ythirg was fine es> relay, fh u
parade was good, ths speeche i goo 1
u>d the baseball funs pulling fo~ De
t oit were in a goo J. humor as wet
lie fans for ot. 1 otrs Th * Tig-ns
-A.n in the 12th 2-2. evening the
scries. Everybody was certainly
All you visiting folks, come back b>
Henderson, you’ll find it as glad t »
see you as it was during yesterday.
We want you to come here. We like
you. Let’s make this one big happy
trading territory, come on back a
often as you like.
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1. Who Was Horace Greeley?
2. In what year did the American Civil
War end?
3. What is another name for the Po
lar Circle?
4. Name the principal character in
Edward Noyes Westcott’s novel
“David Harum.”
5. What is the Mohammedian name
for the Deity?
6. Where is Colgate University?
*». Who was Hetty Green?
?. In which state is the city of Shreve
9. What is ’he medical term for in
fantile paralysis?
10. What is the singular form of the
word data?
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