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Japanese Plans To Coerce United States And Britain Are Halted
Tokyo Delegation Hoped To
Break Down Naval Par
ity Opposition of
U. S. Britain
Delegation Told, However,
Scrapping of Treaties Will
Only Make Other Two
Rivals Build Faster Than
They Can Go; Jap Conces
sions Demanded
J.unUon. Oct. 30 <AP) In an effort
to cool a disagreement which lias
ili -.-allocked naval negotiations among
tlii- worlds three largest sea powers,
mi ' tings tentatively scheduled for to
day were called off.
.1 ipancso delegates had hoped to
inert with the Americans, hut it was
understood these delegations, along
with the Utilise, decided it would be
’>• t to postpone ti c t..lks until to
Japan neld her ground in the face
ipf American and British opposition
'<) her proposal lor' a new naval treaty
based on the principle of tonnage
I'li" di legates from Tokyo are con
■ inrrd they can (lent the opposition
’>\ fnrihei conversations. As a re
. nit. they asked a new meeting with
the Americans.
Hut the Americans feel concessions
must come from the Japanese.
Norman H. Davis and Admiral Wil
liam H. Standlcy told the Tokyo dc-
Irgstc:' that junking of the Wash
ington aad London naval treaties
would not give Japan equality because
ihi other two powers Britain and
Ami'iiea would keep, ahead, in build
T a!>< "o. Oct. 30. t/fh —Funeral serv
ii ' werrli eld here today for Captain
I’hul Join. . <>7-.vear old former edi
tor of the Tat boro Southerner, who
dii d •1 1 his home lore yesterday fol
l< wing a long illness. He served sev
er lei in, a. mayor of Tarboro and
one term in the (Stile Senate.
Huge Loss
From Fire
In Oxford
Oxford. Oi I 30. (A l*> —Fire of
"inlctrriiiined origin early today
•h it re. mml oii«- work shop of the
Chase lluggy Company and also
•he build jug of the Clurk-Eliiott
( 'Mipaiiy in the center of the o\-
biril business section.
I -oval firemen hud u hard fight
b 'Hie the Owen warehouse and
o*l i oiiiiii buildings but were suc
cessful. The loss was not learned.
Sharp Decline In
Relief For State
1 *"i*> Ol*>»*ll«« «> U#reii*,
In (hr IK «Vli»(rr Hotel,
Mj J. t'. lluwUerirlllr,
1: i;■ h. Oct. 30 The number of
11 ' "ii relief in North Carolina Ue
‘ " (| more than 3,000 in September
'"injmrrd with August, according
I',' 1 ' made public today by Mrs.
h "m;i,- O’l’.crry, State relief adminis
' 'o'. During September there were
*’ ■**•*- I'imilir.s on relief in the State,
hi An-, u.st 72.187 families were
"" 1 "hrs. Iteducing the 09.022 families
!| i' various other “cases” to per
• b is e;aimated that 341,293 per
-10.8 per rent of the total popu
' 'on of jNorth Carolina were on re
-1 *uii m September. In August
' ‘ ‘ ’ ’ IH'.r lona received relief.
1,1 '’.mount of money spent on re
HtmJtrrsmt £1 atlit Bfsriatrh
Lindbergh to Hy Pacific After Trial
A flight across the Pacific to chart the courar Pa a* American Airways planes will follow when the round
the-world air schedule is begun next Hummer, will take Col. Charles A. Lindbergh away from li. S. after
Hauptmann trial vs ever. The type of plane bring constructed for the traiiooccan service, and C'ol Lind
bergh at the controls arc pictured. tCcv' ■ • -as)
Still They Are Taking No
Chances and Are Plac
ing Their Speak
ers Strategically
Not Working for Interests of
Any Individual Candidate
More Than Any Other
Democrat; Leading Speak
ers on Stump Most of Pre
sent or Final Week
llujlt Dt*|,:iD'*> Ituri'iiii,
*» (be Mr Baiter Uolrl,
ID J, bunker* life.
Raleigh. Od. 30.—-Little fear from
i the Republicans generally is felt in
North Carolina in the election this
fall. However, spots in the State have
been claiming the attention of Deino
eratie leaders and Ihe schedule of
speaking.: for the various orators has
been made with a view of helping the
counties -‘i■ >«1 districts in which the
Republican vote is heaviest and the
Democrats working hardest, and in
! effort to get out heavy votes in Dcmo
i eratie. bulwarks.
“Our policy is to look at the politi
| cal picture as a whole, and to send
' speakers where they arc most necd
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Washington. Oct. 30. (AD
Harry L. Hopkins, relief adminis
trator, today announced relief
grants to states for November,
which included North Carolina,
lief in September was $1,055,524 as
compared with expenditures in August
of $1,472,590, a decrease! of more than
The declino in the number of fami
lies and individuals on relief in Sep
tember as compared with the number
in August, although the case lead us
ually starts to increase in September
with winter approaching, is ascribed
by Mrs, O’Berry to the order sent out
in August discontinuing all direct re
lief and work relief projects in the
rural counties and rural districts.
The county with the largest per cent
of its population on relife in Septem
ber was Avery, with 31.8 per cent of
its people receiving relief. During
August, Avery had 32.5 per cent of
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only daily newspaper published in this section of north Carolina and vuyßnla.
Think Hauptmann
Resided In N. Car.
Charlotte. Oct. 30 <A1») The Char
lotte News today says that Bruno
Hauptmann, charged with the kidnap
ing of the Lindbergh baby, is believ
ed by the Department of Justice to
have spent sometime in Henderson
ville under the name of Ackerman, or
Ockerman, about a month after the
Agents of the Department are in
vestigating the North Carolina end of
the crime and the alleged criminal,
and paper says During his sojourn
Mussolini Nears
Cradle For Boys
Koine, Oet. 30. (Al*) — Premier
Mussolini today carried the Faseist
education of youth one step nearer
the cradle '»y creating the Balilla
and Wolf organization for boys be
tween the ages of six and eight
The present Balilla organization
begins at the age of eight and runs
to !4 years. The BalUlas of Wolf
wear black shirts and gray and
green, shorts.
Storm on California Coast
Holds Flier in Honolulu
For Time
Honolulu, Oct. 30 (AP)- At first
wind, Captain Charles Kingsford-
Smith and Captain T. G. Taylor,
grounded today awaiting a take off
on the third and last leg of their peri
lous over-water flight from Austra
lia to California, will resume their
Advised that a storm was moving
southwaid along the western coast of
the United, the Australian flier and
his navigator decided to remain here
until conditions are more auspicious
for the 2.100-mile hop to Oakland or
Los Angeles.
“I am not out for a record,” said
Sir Charles. “It all depends on the
Drawing Finished
Os All of Chances
In Irish Lotterv
Dublin. Irish Free tSate, Oct. 30. —
C/P) —The drawing for the Irish Free
State hospitals sweepstakes was com
pleted today when the last of the 100
pounds (about $500) in prizes was
| taken from the drum.
| Two thousand of these prizes were
| distributed. Os these, ticket holders
| in the United States received 587;
Great Britain 1,043; in the Irish Free
State,, 112, and in the rest of the
, world 258.
in North Carolina, the paper says,
Hauptmann was jp the company of
another man He re
ceived several tlegrams from New Jer
sey during his Hendersonville stay.
Ackerman, believed to be Haupt
mann, rneted a house on Whitted
street from F. Maxwell. Harry Her
nandez, manager of a Hendersonville
telegraph office, handled messages for
Ackerman, and described him for
Federal authorities. The description
tallies with that of Hauptmann
Roanoke Man Accused At
Greenville for Attack
ing Solicitor’s Aide
Greenville, Oct. 30 (AP) -C. A. Ter
rell, 31, of Roanoke, Vu., entered a
Plea or not guilty when arraigned in
l ilt County Superior Court here to
; day on a charge of criminally assault
ing Miss Annie Turner, 23-year-old sec
! rotary in the office of Solicitor D. M.
! Clark.
The capital case was set for trial
tomorrow. Judge R. Hunt Parker pre
siding. A special venire of 100 tales
men was ordered.
J At a preliminary hearing last week
iat which Terrell was ordered held
! without privilege of bond, testimony
; was offered to the effect that the al
; leged assault took place a few miles
I out of Greensiville of October 11. Ter
rell was not apprehended for a week
at the end of wheih time he was ar
i rested.
Daily Di'imp.it f|ur«‘av.
In Ibc Sir Waller Hotel,
Uj J. (J. Iliittk^riillr,
Raleigh, Oct. 30.—The number of
deaths of babies under one year of
age and of mothers during or imme
diately following child birth continues
to increase in North Carolina in spite
of the efforts which the Statee Board
-of Health lias been making for the
past several year s to reduce the in
fant and maternal death rate, Dr.
George M. Cooper, head of the educa
tional division of the Board of Health
said today.
So far, during the first nine months
of this year from January 1 through
September, there have been 4.568 in
fant deaths, as compared with only
3.751 in the same nine months in 1933,
an increase of 817 for the same
period of last year, Dr. Cooper point
| -
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Controversy Over Closing of
300 Stores in Cleveland
Proves Hard Nut
To Crack
Workers In Three States
Called To Join Passaic and
New York Groups Already
Out; Renewed Efforts Os
Leaders on Both Sides for
Peace Fail
Washington, Oct. 30 (AP) A stren
uous effort to save President Roose
velt’s industiial truce from going to
smash started today.
The National Labor Relations
Board dropped everything to confer
with both sides in the row involving
the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea
Company in Cleveland.
Other agencies kept sharp watch
on half a dozen industrial sore spots.
The controversy that led the A. & P.
to close its 300 stores in Cleveland,
throwing more than 2.000 persons out
of work, apparently gave the labor
board one of its hardest nuts to
As company officials and labor lead
ers gathered here for today’s confer
ence, word went out that the giant
grocery concern lias no intention ever
to return to Cleveland.
Paterson, N. J., Oct. 30 (.AP) —Union
leaders sought today to extend their
tie-up of silk dying plants to Penn
sylvania and Rhode Island centers of
the industry.
A strike called to 10,000 workers in
Belvedere and Oxford, N. J., Sunbury,
Shamokin, Williamsport and Allen
town, in Pennsylvania, and Provi
dence, R 1., was issued last night by
the Federation of Silk and Rayon Dy
ers and Finishers of America.
Twenty-thousand dyers in the
Passaic valley and 10,000 toilers in
Metropolitan New York walked out
The Pennsylvania and Rhode Is
land workers have been invited to
strike “later this week.”
Renewed efforts of strike leaders
and employers to reach an agreement
collapsed yesterday.
Southeast Parts
Os State Burned
By Forest Fires
Ruleigh. Oct. 30 (AP) —Forest
fires burned over portions of sou
theastern North Carolina last
night an dtoday, and W. C. Mc-
Cormack, assistant State forester,
issued a warning this afternoon
that severe losses from the ‘‘red
demon” may be expected unless
all possible means are taken to
prevent flames in the woodlands.
Throughout last night, Mr. Mc-
Cormick directed the efforts of
foresters, CCC workers and resi
dents of the section as they bat
tled and subdued a forest fire be
tween Fayetteville and Elizabeth
town, which reached unusually
large proportions.
But He Is Not Man Sought
In Stoll Kidnaping In
Bay City. Mich., Oct. 30. </l J > —A man
who called at the post office for a
letter addressed to Thomas H. Robin
son was taken into custody today by
a deputy United States marshal and
officials here said they understood ?re
was wanted for questioning about a
forgery case in New Orleans.
The officers said the request for
Robinson’s arrest came from the
United States secret service office in
The similarity of names and the
fact that the arrest was ordered by
Federal agents gave rise to the early
belief that the man sought might ae
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Government Turns
From Dole To Get
Jobs For The Idle
After Air Record
•y.iyyV; y; •• : • miingniflifimii .; :^SP*4O|
*. ’j?'. BSgSKp^
T jiir
Ta adßß*. iHB
W Jgj
Lieut. Cathcart Jones vtop) and
Ken Waller (below) took off from
Melbourne for London in an attempt
to better the speed mark set by
Scott and Black in the England-
Australia air marathon. They fin
ished fourth in the marathon.
(Central Press)
Swing Back To Conservat
ism or Further to Liber
alism to Decide
Hoey, Moreover, Is Inseparably Link
ed With Conservative Group In
State; New Deal In State
Being Demanded
Daily Dispatch llureaa.
In (lie Sir Waller Hotel,
By J. C, Masker»llle.
Raleigh, Oct. 30. —While it is gen
erally conceded that Congressman
Robert L. Doughton and Clyde R
.Hoey are undoubtedly considering be
coming candidates for the Democra
tic nomination for governor in 1936,
the opinion in most political circles
here is that they will not both beconm
candidates and oppose each other for
the nomination. There has been muen
discussion here recently as to whether
both of these men will seek the gov
ernorship. Mr. Hoey was here yester
day and has been here several times
within the past two or three weeks,
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Jailors Where Dillinger
Escaped Are In Custody
Crown Point, Ind., Oct. 30. (/P) —
Lewis Baker, warden at the Crown
Point jail, and Ernest Brunk, finger
print expert, were taken Into custody
early this morning by Deputy Attor
ney General Ray Edward Barce for
questioning in connection with the
escape of the late John Dillinger from
the jail last March 3.
Barce, accompanied by three loads
of State policemen and other officers,
took Baker and Blunk to an unan
nounced destination. Other than to
say that eac.k ixutft y. as taken into.
New Emphasis Placed On
Work and Loans as An
other Rigorous Win
ter Approaches
Direct Tax on Payrolls Is
Looked Upon as Means of
Robbing Depression of
Some of Its Horrors; Ex
pansion of Public Works Is
Washington Oct. 30. (AP*
Philip B. Fleming acting public
works administrator denied today
publishing reports (not carried by .
The Associated Press) that the
Public Works Administration is
recommending to the President
that 12 billion dollars five billion
otf which would bo for low cost
housing, be expended over a five
year period to continue the public
works program. * * -
Washington. Oct. 30. (/p)—The gov
ernment, facing another winter of
widespread unemployment, placed
new emphasis today on work and
loans rather than a dole.
Beyond that it looked into the fu
ture and worked on a plan for a direct
tax on payrolls to support unemploy
ment insurance designed to rob the
depression of some of its terrors.
The PWA and the Federal Relief
Adminitration were known to bo
studying an expansion of public works
and work relief. As bitter winds
heralded the coming of winter, offi
cials hurried to lit projects on which
thousands and thousaands of men
could be put to work quickly if the
plan meets the approval of President
Roosevelt and Cgres.
Five Men In
Bank Affair
Bound Over
Raleigh Men Waive
Exam in ati on At
Wendell In At -
tempted Robbery
Wendell, Oct. 30 (AP>-Five Ral
eigh men charged with the attempted
robbery of the vault of the Bank of
Wendell early last Saturday waived
examination at a preliminary hearing
in Recorder’s court here today and
were bound over to Wake Superior
Court under bond of $7,500 each.
The five men are: Lawton B. (Crip)
Wilson, 36; James A. Waller, 35; J.
E. Johnson, 55; Eugene Albright, 32;
and Robert (Red) Fowler, 32.
The hearing before RecorderJW_A.
Brame took about 20 minutes.
Partly cloudy tonight and Wed
nesday; not much change In tem
custod for questioing in connection
with DillingePs escape, the deputy p.t>-
lorney general withheld, comment.
Dillinger escaped from *Wie Crown
Point jail iby using a wooden gun.
He was shot; to death in Chicago last
July 22 by Federal officers as he left
a motion picture show.
Deputy Attorney General Barce has
been investigating the notorious
band’s escape for several months.
Barce said a number of other per
sons will be taken into custody dur
ing the day. He said he could nst
reveal details of his action.

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