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Matin#'*' 10-2ft<*—l‘lus Tax
Night 10-srw l*lns Tax
“Black and Goki
—With 'l'lie '
<; Memphis Svneopaters
Stave Band
Marlene Dietrich

\<l<|p(l: Edgar li«*nn*'#ly Comedy
For <h«' Iw'iM'l’il of those who ,
i work lal#' during < hristma*
shopping, tickets c:lil I n* ItOllßllt
as lal«* as 10 o'clock and s**#* a |
complete performance.
Double Program
*. “When Lightning Strikes”
With Fra nee* \ Bushman. Ir
‘‘Woman In The Dark”
■ With Halph Korhes. Ka\e Wray
—- ■ r
£ 9
Henderson s Newest Department Store 2f
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pany has Capital, Surplus, Pro- .!
* its and Reserves of more than
$500,000.00 for the protection of ;
deposits and its policies have
keen shaped through forty-five
.years of success. :
ft operates under the rigid super
vision of the State of North Caro
lina and its deposits are protect
ed! through the .Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation up to a
total of $5000.00 for every cust
Citizens Bank & Trust*
Established in The Year 1889
'■> ' ~~ ~"T~~ —•-
1 Joseph Stalin, Russia’s dictator,
j born 55 years ago.
Moon Theatre
Vanishing Shadow—Comedy
Admission 11-16 C
Tomorrow Morning—One
IVr for nut nee Only—Starting
At 1(1 O’Clock
No Cash A#'cepte*l—
No Ticket* S#dd—
For this performance just
bring grocery items. Sueh a*
canned meats, flour, sugar
eofft-#', potatoes or any article
that will not liecnme stale.
W hat is #'olleeted will be dis
tributed by the Salvation
Army to the needy of the
Let’s Give Big
State Treasurer Replies I<*
Attorney ■ General On
Teacher Salaries
Daily DinpatrH nareav, 1
In the Sir Walter Hotel,
Rr J. C. Hasfcerville.
Raleigh, Dec. 21 —State Treasurer
;! Charles M. Johnson is getting fired
■of having Attorney General Dennis
{A Brummitt haul out dead cats and
try to pump new life into them, even
'if they are supposed to have nine
lives. So again today, for about the
’ jfourth or fifth time. State Treasurer
EJohnson points out that Attorney
General Brummitt is still “all wet*’ In
bis contention that the State School
j -{Commission could have -obtained ad
jkiitional money from the Emergency
i Relief Administration last year and
’ again this year, if it had followed his
| plan and increased the State salary'
■schedule 10 per cent, as Brummitt
! proposed more than a year ago.
5 State Treasurer Johnson also points
j out that on June 2, 1934, a statement
.was issued by the State Board of
i Public Instruction and signed by
( Governor the late Dr
■A. T. Allen, then superintendent of
i public instruction, and every other I
member of the hoard with the excep- j
| lion of Brummitt and State Auditol
-■Baxter Durham, to the effect that the ;
.Brummitt plan had been considered j
but found to be unworkable since the 1
.Vedergl government had made it i
|,plain that emergency grants to schools
would be made only on the basis of :
Jfhe salary schedule.
■;> 'Hie latest culmination from Attor
ney General 'Brummitt appeared in
, The News and Observer here Wed
> nesday morning, in which he said !
that the SqhOol Commission could
have gone ahead and disregarded his
advice with regard to paying school j
teachers for half a month and have
ordered them paid, just as it disre
' garded his advice a year or so ago
when he wanted it to increase the
salary' lo per cent. Last week Attor
ney' General Brummitt ruled that
under the law, the school teachers
could not he paid for the amount of
-rork they have done in December,
so they might have an extra pay
check before Christmas.
In this statement in The News and
Observer, Brummitt virtually reversed
his opinion of a few days previous
and indicated that the School Com
mission could gone ahead and
paid the school teachers before the
holidays without asking any advice
from him, pointing out that it had
disregarded his opinion before. In- :
der the law. however, it is tne State 1
superintendent of public instruction
who has control of the disbursement
!of State school funds and not the
State School Commission, although ,
the attorney general failed to point j
out this distinction. Yet he is sup
! pbsed to know- the law. His state- *
; meat w-oukl make it appear that the
! school commission could have ordered
i the teachers paid before Christmas
I when he should have known that only
I ihe State superintendent of public in
struction could release this money,
it is pointed out by those who know
j the facts. |
The attorney general also referred ,
to the action of the School Commis- j
sion in disregarding his recommenda
tion to increase the State salary- sche
dule 10 per cent last year and said
that Alabama had received Federal
aid for its teachers, inferring that it
had increased the salary' schedule. It
is this part of his statement that State
Treasurer Johnson replied to as fol
“Sometime in the spring of 1934
Attorney' General Brummitt gave out
a statement in which he substantially
said tht if the State Board of Educa
tion had adopted a State teachers
alary schedule at 10 per cent above
he amount that we had the money
to pay, the F’ederal government. ;
would have made up the difference, i
“Governor: JpShringhaus gave out a
statement WH’ich appeared in the 1
newspapers of June 2. 1934, based on
information which he received from
Dr. A. T. Allen, then State superin
tendent of public instruction, in which
ihe (Gov. Ehringhaus) stated this
was utterly groundless and that the
state superintendent of public instme
lon was authority for the assertion
bat the amount of Federal money al
lotted to any State could in no way
- based upon any mere salary- sche
dule but had to be backed by actual
payments. This statement was sign
ed by Governor Ehringhaus, Lieuten
ant Governor A. H. Graham, Dr.
Allen, Secretary of State Stacy W.
Wade and my-self.
, “Mr. Brummitt has continued to
repeat the statement from time to
time and in Wednesday’s papers this
ptatement was repeated again. He'
seemingly is not satisfied with the
Governor’s statement backed up by
Dr. Allen, who had been to Wash
ington and had discussed the matter
with officials there.
“So today I telegraphed the offi
cials in Washington who has sole
charge of granting Federal money
for public education. His reply to me
was that rulesand regulations g »
turning relief aid to schools in states
such as Alabama specify that the sal
aries to be paid must be contract
salaries specified in contracts rather
than salary schedule salaries. He
also said that no aid had beer, expend
ed to schools except where the schools
were being forced to close because of
complete exhaustion of State and 10-cal
-cal funds.”
cat minis.
i •
■; * J* *w k ." .»
ant important rule
EVERY plaY EH should know
and mnk4 iis* of the following im
portant; rule: Barring accident,
when partners hold adequate high
cards ana length of suit to play
either of them as trumps, the same
number of tricks will toe won at
•Flier call.
The following hands held by
North and South illustrate the prin
ciple #f tli* rule. •
» S 10 4 1
fAQ « *
♦A 4 *
*.l 9 7 5 3
<>Kil * A 7 2
V1 i ' Y. *J 3 1
♦ j 111 * 3f ‘♦Q 9 7 o
¥ Q 10 3 6 S. 3 2
4lt . * K
* < l 8 e 3 3
¥ fc H» 9 8 4
4 K i
Having two major' suits which are
biddable, South made an opening bid
•f ‘the Suit of higher rank, as each
unit- contains the same number of
cards. Bidding went: South, l-
Spade; 'West, --Flubs. North, 2-No
Trumps; South. 3-Hearts; North, 3-
Bpodetj South, 4-Spades.
Th* • opening: Vead was the 4 of
clubs. East’s lone K and declarer’s
lone Ace fell together. South led a
low trump and West's K won. He
lad back his J of diamonds, which
dummy's Ace Captured. Dummy’s J
of apades won the next trick-. There
was no use of waiting two trumps to
pull the Ac*, fcnfi Dummy's Ace and
of hearts took the 1 fieAt tricks.
A// 0/>fy/ Yvettet'
to the
yAotoring I \blic
The Petroleum Administrative Board after all motorists an opportunity to determine for
the ieceipt of complaints on the part of certain themselves its superiorities,
of our competitors and after receiving the rec- -» T
ommendation of the Planning ami Coordination C ni “,. e no reservatlol 'S- V’e left it entirely
Committee- has issued an ultimatum. the P ubllc t 0 P ass Pigment upon the produet
after giving it a thorough and impartial trial.
It has demanded that we discontinue our
practice of offering our new product.. Aerotype HALF A MILLION BOUGHT.
ESSO . . under a cash refund guarantee. ONLY 36 ASKED FOR REFUNDS
The Petroleum Administrative Board has
taken the position . . the opinion of legal counsel * r ' s significant to note that during the first 10
to the contrary notwithstanding .. that the cash Allowing the introduction of Aerotvpe
refund feature of our guarantee constitutes a ESSO, some 500,000 motorists purchased ap
violation of Rules 3 and 17 of Article sos the proximately $1,000,000 worth of this new pre-
Petroleum Code. mium motor fuel.
\Ve do not propose to argue the validity of the * these half million purchasers, only 36 have
* Petroleum Administrative Board’s claim The ns^ ,or a refund. ♦
r | issue .! nvolvcd does not warrant it. And the total sum refunded amounted to
I• , % We believe that the public will understand
our position in not taking issue with the Perm- We do not feel that this insignificant amount
leum Administrative Board . . despite our feel- creates an issue of sufficient consequence to war
,; i. in S that rher< ? i s no violation of the Code in our rant a controversy with the Petroleum Admin
y. f . ; cash refund offer. istrative Board. '
! J. ' ’ r ■ y > ■ !
WHY WE MADE THE CASH REFUND OFFER ° n thc other hand ’ wc believ e that public
acceptance of Aerotype ESSO and the ability
As a matter of company policy’ we have been J* 1 I^l ‘ s uc ! r ? ma^e S°°d on every score have
definitely opposed to the common practice of established beyond every reasonable doubt,
making unsupported claims regarding product. eN * denc e<l by the faqr that less than a hun
... . dredth of |v of the users requested a refund
At the same time we were convinced of the
superiority of Aerotype ESSO over any other Hence, the guarantee of cash refund is dis
motor car fuel marketed today. continued as of Friday, December 21st, 1934!
Therefore, we felt that through the medium Wc want to take this opportunity to thank the
ofour cash refund guarantee we could offer this thousands of motorists who have nurebased
nexv'product to the public without making ex- Aerotype KSSO to date for the fair and imn-tr
tfayaggnt claims concerning its merits by giving tial judgment which they have passed upon if
f : 1 *
i (cSSOT
. Declarer’s K iti hearts 'picked ufi
East’s J. East nii'i'ed die nexi l#'i»i
of hearts, and East ied hack his i>
of diamonds, but the declaring side
made 5-odd.
The hand would have made 5-odd
at hearts as well, Losing- only 2 spad®
tricks, 3«st as they did at spades. <>l
course West might make a crazy
lead of his K of spades, followed by
hi.s last remaining card of that suit
so that he might ruff a third lead
of spades, but that is double-dummy
Play. It it happened ii would class
as an accident, without, in the ieast
invalidating the rule given.
West was penalized on ihe hand
shown below, instead of going game
through observance of the rule.
♦A J 5
♦KQJ 7 3 £
+ A3
♦ K Q
¥KQ 10 As. ¥B4 3 2
4 3 2 Ui ¥J 9 8
¥ None S. ¥ A 6 4
Jf, K Q 8 t- JL» J 10 S
it 4
♦ 10 9 7 6
¥A 7 5
♦ 10 9 8 5 '
4 7 2
Bidding went: W T est, l-Chub;
North, 1-Diamond: West. 1-Heart;
East, 2-Clubs, as the first .suit;
shown was longer than the second;
West, 5-Clubs. Lie went down a
trick. He should have rebid heat Us
over East's shift to clubs, tc show
of his second suit. East then should
have supported hearts i-'.u- dci
can be made at either c VI.
VViJe Preservers
Silver may be kept bright in
?ases of cellophane. Also by
placing a number of pieces of gum
camphor in the drawee where it i*
.Just Unloaded
ODD fe . v ; ,!
Liquid-Tablets Headaches
Salve-Nose Drops in 3ft minutes
By Insuring- With
Agent for

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