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2.678 Vote ‘Yes’; Only
22 ‘No’ In Referendum
On Tobacco Control Act
Something Over 9,000 Acres
Represented in Affirma
tive Votes By
107 Eligible Voters Did Not
Cast Ballot, But Aceage of
Some of Them Is Repre
sented in Votes Cast by
Lar dlords; 75.2 Acres Not
Final ami official tabulations made
I• n lie this afternoon showed 2,678
tobacco "Towers in Vance county voi •
id in the affirmative in the referen
dum mi continuation of the Korr-
Stnilh tobacco control act for the yetti J
lh, , ir>. as against only 22 who voted in
the negative. J. W. Sanders, county j
agent, in charge of the voting, in an- j
nouncing the results of the balloting. I
which ended yesterday, said the af
fit mative vote represented something j
over 6, O<M) acres of tobacco land and I
the negative carried only 92.9 acres.
Itecords indicated that 167 eligibn i
volets did not. for one reason or an- |
other, take part in the referendum.
1 ,aml tended by some of these was j
voted affirmatively however. Ivy land- !'
lords, so that only 75.2 acres are 1
known not to have been represented j
in the balloting.
The issue n: me voting related only
to the continuation of crop control
# jttk
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1.1 niso ;
I Cfjristmas
1» Nearing the season of 3£
v :;y % *?.
&■ remcmbiance, we feel
& 'it&
& an impulse to express : £
& . &
our appreciation and es-
teem of the fine friend- jj
ships, pleasant associa-
& . &
5* lions, and widespread 3£
0 good will that help so Jg
0 much to prosper our ||
!?? bank and to make us
g* ,
nappy in our work. But 3£
0 we need not multiply %
§ words when our senti- £K
St. merits seem to crystal- 3£
bze in the heartfelt 0
wish that all of you may ||
R have a wondrouslv 4R
St , . ,
St bright and merry 3£
$ Christmas. jjjj
First National Bank
In Henderson
! Ultimatum Sent
On Signal Lights
An ultimatum was sent in a tele
gram today by .1. I*. Zollieoffer, city
attorney, to the manufacturers of
the traffic signal equipment for
Garnett street that if they could
not make delivery oil or before
January 5, tin* order would be
cancelled. It is understood the
order for the equipment was plac
ed some three months or more ago,
and some of tlu> materials shipped
here were wrong and hail to he re
While the city has been waiting
for the equipment, many narrow
escapes from serious aceidents
have lieen experienced by motor
ist > on the eit.v’s main street, while
traffie threaded its own way thro
ugh the congested business section
without any regulations whatever,
other than those relating to park
ing. Mr. Zollicoffer’s telegram was
sent today after consultations with
Mayor Irvine It. Mat kins and
Councilman K. 1,. Burton, who is
supervisor of finance, and otliei
members of tlic board.
for tobacco for 1935, as provided it.
the Kerr-Smith act passed b.v the last
Congress, the life of which, under the
salute, was for two years, condition
'd on the wishes of the farmers.
There will bo no now sign-up as the
result of this referendum. A new
sign-up is anticipated, however, a:,
soon as parity price arrangements
are determined by Congress this win
ter. Such a sign-up would not relate
at all to the 1935 crop, but would re
gulate the crops for the next three
successive years.
Music For
Elaborate plans for Christmas
music next Sunday are being made by
churches in general in this city, and
tin occasion will he up to the usual
high standard of appropriateness for
the Yule season.
Choirs will have special anthems
for the morning services, in keeping
with the theme of the sermons.
In the evening choirs will have com
plcte music programs, with no ser
mon. in some instances, while in a
few instances pageants or plays beat
ing on Christmas will be offered.
Henderson Daily Dispatch
Eight Persons To Get Em
ployment for Work In
Vance County
Appointments Are Political and Ite
eommcndations Arc Being Made
to C ongressman Conley at
- Eight workers arc soon to be ap
pointed here to take the 1935 farm
census of agriculture, and are sup
posed to start to work by January 2
or soon thereafter.
Selection of the eight workers is u
matter of political appointment, and
approved or recommendations are to
be made by Congressman Harold D.
Cooley, of Nashville. Several names
have already been furnished to him,
and recommendations locally have
been sent him. The names were not
all available today.
Farm census headquarters for the
fourth census district of North Car
oiinuw ill he located in Raleigh, in
charge of Walter B. Myrick. The dis
trict includes the counties of Lenior
Halifax, Edgecombe, Wilson, Warren,
Bertie. Greene. Northampton, Frank
lin, Vance. Nash. Randolph. Chatham.
Johnson and Wake.
Tti a recent statement, Mr. Myrick
said I hat all farmers who have not
received sample copies of the census «
schedule should obtain them as soon
as possible in order to study the ques
tions and be prepared to give full
and accurate information when the
enumerator calls. The schedule is di
vided into eight basic sections, com
prised of 100 questions covering prac
tically all phases of the operation of
Christmas Exercises Have
Big PI ace in Classes for
Final Day
All white and colored schools of I
the city and county suspended today
over the Christmas-New Year hli
days. They will return for class room
work on Wednesday, January 2.
In all schools, so far as learned,
exercises appropriate to the Christ
mas season were held, and there was
much passing of gifts to teachers and
pupils alike. Many pupils took to
school with them girts of old toys,
fruit and clothing to be turned ovci
to charity agencies for distribution
l<> I lie [loot of the community.
There was a gicerui spirit on the
part of the pupils, and no little like
wise with faculty as well, with the
start of their vacation in anticipation
of the Christmas season.
Scouts Repairing
I oys To Be Given
To Poor Children
T< vs that were given last Friday by
ehildrcn of the city for the free ad
mission into the Stevenson theatre
have been moved by th e Boy Scouts
to the Parker building on Garnett
si reel and arc being conditioned and
repaired there for free distribution hi
the poor at Christmas. This job has
boon adopted for the Boy Scouts as a
Christmas project. Numerous old toys
ranging from the smallest plaything
on up to tricycles, were brought in
by the kiddies when they came for
the free admission to the theatre last
Library To Close
Two Days Christmas
Following the usual custom the H.
j Leslie Perry Memorial Library will
I he closed Christmas Eve and Christ
mas Day. The library will be open
until 9 o’clock Saturday night. Books
due on Monday and Tuesday will not
he considered due until Wednesday.
December 26.
Mrs. Willie Laurel Olive, well
known evangelist, is announced to
begin a revival meeting next Sunday
afternoon at 3 o’clock at Stovall, in
Granville county. She recently held a
revival in the court house in Oxford,
which was largely attended. The
Stovall meeting will be in the school
building. Announcement of the re
vival is sent by L. C. Wilkerson and
D. N. Hunt, both of Granville.
See Page Four
1. Who was John Locke?
2. Where is the river Don?
3 Which English king was surnamed
Coeur de Lion?
4. Name the last Democratic Presi
dent before Franklin D. Roosevelt.
5. What is a hermit?
6. Which city of the U. S. is the
largest railroad center?
7. Os which country is Asuncion the
8. Name the author of ‘The Great
Stone Face.’’
j 9. Who was John C4a! k Ridpath?
f 10. Name the capital of Sweden.
45 Births,
30 Deaths
For Month
Pneumonia, Heart
Disease and Tuber
culosis Take Heav
iest Tolls Here
There wei e 15 births and 30 deaths
in Vance county in November, the
Vance County Health Department re
valed today in its monthly vital sta
tistics report. Fourteen of the births
or nearly one-third, were in Hender
son township, where 17. or more than
half, of the deaths occurred, the re
port showed.
Pneumonia, heart disease and tuber
culosis were the causes of more
deaths than any other diseases. The
highest number of deaths occurred in
the decades between 20 ana 30 years
and over 80 years, four for each pe
riod, with the exception of the eight
children under one year of age who
died during the month.
The 15 births included 23 white and
22 colored, there was 23 males and
22 fa males, and 22 were attended by
doctors and 23 by midwives. Os the
It in Henderson township. 11 were
white and three colored, eight were
males and six females, and 11 were
attended by doctors and three by mid
wives. Os the 15 for the county at
large, six were of illegitimate birth.
Nutbush township, smallest Noting
precinct in the county, had the most
births, next to Henderson, showing a
total of nine; Kittrell and Townsville
had eight each, and Middleburg and
Williamsboro had three each.
Os the IV ucaths in Henderson town
ship, six were white and eleven col
ored. and eight were males and nine
females. For the county as a. whole
11 deaths were white and 19 colored,
and there were 15 each of male and
female. Townsville township itaa five
deaths. Kittrell four, Middleburg two
and Nutbush and Williamsboro one
Pneumonia led. with seven, in the
cause of deaths, followed by heart
disease, with four, and tuberculosis,
three. Two deaths each 'were credit
ed to gunshot, still birth, prematurity
hemorrhage, with one each due to au
tomobile accident, cancer, kidney
trouble and suicide. Four were ascrib
ed to “other causes.’’
There were eight deaths under one
year of age. one between one and ten
years; two between 10 and 20 years;
four between 20 and 30; two between
30 and 10; three between 10 and 50:
none between 50 and 60; three be
tween 60 and 70; three between 70
and 80. and four over 80.
Lifelong Resident Passes
Away at Age of 79; Fun
eral Saturday
William Henderson Hope, native
and lifelong resident of Williamsboro.
died at his home there at 7:30 o'clock
Thursday evening. He was 79 years
old. and had been in failing health
lor 18 months, but was confined to
his bed with the last illness only foui
days. He suffered from a complica
tion of organic ailments.
At the time of his birth. August 12.
1856. Williamsboro was a part of
Granville county. Mr. Hope had been
a farmer and merchant all his life,
and was known as a useful citizen
of ltis community. He resided at the
cross roads at Williamsboro, just op
posite St. John's church.
Mr. Hope is survived by his widow.
Mrs. Susan Pearl Hope, and three
daughters. Mrs. J. W. Bullock, Mrs.
W. E. Neathery and Mrs. B. A. Noi
wood, and two sons, W. P. and T. R.
Hope all of Vance county. His father,
dead 65 years, was Henderson Hope,
native of Virginia, while his mother
Mrs. Frances Robertson Hope, who
died some 23 years ago, was a native
of Granville county.
Mr. Hope had been a farmer and
merchant all his life. He gave up his
store business when his health began
to fail.
| Funefal services will be held to
| morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at
Marrow s Chapel Methodist Episcopal
church, near Townsville, with inter
ment in the church cemetery. Ser
vices will be in charge of the pastor,
Rev. Mr. Richmond, of Oxford.
Pallbearers announced for the fun
eral are: Active, F. G. Sneed, Elbert
Wilson, A. P. Ricks, Buck Hicks,
Robert Ivey, Jack. Wade; honorary,
H. B. Clark, j. h. Rice, J. W. Ivey,
W. T. Neathery. f. J. Bell, J. L. Wil
son. J. A. Norwood, Jesse Bullock,
John Bullock, j r ., R> j. Williamson.
Dr. C. D. Wyche, J. D. Neathery.
threeTand sales
filed for record
Ihtee I&nd sales were involved in
as many real estate deeds filed for
record at the office of the register
of deeds and announced today. Two
ots on Boddie street were covered in
one transaction, while the other two
were farm land tracts.
D Perr y. trustee, sold to Robert
.° r for $1. 3 56 a tract of 113
' e ® m Tow nsville township.
I p> n 2*' Hu Shes and wife sold to
r;, Pa tterson, for $lO and other
Nmh e ' a * 10ns - ten acres of land in
Nutbush township.
J 1 - Burwell and wif e sold to
street” Bullock two lots on Boddie
Two Opportunities
Not Provided For
Only two of the total of 41 Christ
mas Opportunities offered to the pub
lic remained today to be taken care
of. They are Cases Nos. 31 and 39.
Two were taekn since the list was
previously published Thursday.
It is hoped that these last remain
ing; two cases will be pirrHded for by
tomorrow. Those desiring to make
Christmas cheerier for these families
may have a hand fn the work by call
ing on the Salvation Army, whose
officers, Adjutant and Mrs. Joseph
Willett have made a personal inves
tigation of every case that has been
offered. The Army's leaders can give
i the name and address of the individ
ual families and furnish any addi
tion information as to the needs of
these people.
Cases taken today and the two re
maining follow:
Taken by Henderson Lodge, No.
Postmaster C. P. YVrighf an
nounced this afternoon that the
post office would be open regular
hours Saturday until 6 o’clock in
the evening, instead of dosing at
1 p. in., the customary hour on
Saturdays. This is for the accom
modation of the public in tiie
handing of tluj rush of the Christ
mas business.
M. L. Wood, well known Henderson
contractor, on Tuesday attended the
funeral of his brother. W. E. Wood,
6t(. at Charlottesville, Va. The de
ceased died suddenly last Sunday
after suffering for several years with
high blood pressure and kindred ail
ments. He is survived by his widow
and five children, all married, and
also several grandchildren. Mr. Wood
was accompanied to the funeral by
James Mustian.
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t $1.25 to $3.25 V W \
f Williams Shaving Set Leather purses. *
i SI.OO Iloubigant Toilet Sets f
f $1.50 to $4.00 perfume hath powder, hot f
y .. Palmolive Shaving Sot water hollies f
f SI.OO Max Factor Compact 4
g -• and Lipstick 4
v Manice:c Sets Co cn "a
s 69c to $3.00 _ * ' SO *
?. Lveiling in Paris P * Hsl.iWni&a fty M %
i Cutex and Glazo Sets Toilet Sets £
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Pen and Pencil Sets Lady Lillian Manicure cigars, tobacco, bill folds, 4t
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7 and Perfume Baby Brush and Comb Se ( thermat pads. *
% $2.00 SI.OO I
s- Coty Toilet Sets Cigarette Vanities
| SI.OO to $6.75 $3.00 to $5.00 "wJL \
! 1
229, A. F. and A. M.
Father and four children, three !
boys and one girl. Mother is dead.
Groceries greatly needed.
Taken by H. A. Jordan.
Father and mother and two small
children. The father is ill and unable
to work.
NGV *AfA /A * ,v c ... i.v < .V . .- v
‘ j
I Appreciation! j
07' \
gj?' I h (! b r,K)( I will ot our patrons and friends is one of our
nios t valuable assets. The spirit of the season brings
to us renewed appreciation of old associates and of the A
& value of new friends. You have done much to make £
&■: this past year worthwhile and successful for us.
& i
* ———•-— —-—• {
(fej i
6 May your Christmas be a pleasant one and happiness £
attend your New Year is the cordial wish of a
& T
| Alex S. Watkins \
W "The Place of Values” ti
& A
iV.ft;ft':ft:ft.ft:4\ 4\ ft h
Char ltv Movie Is
1 o Be Given for
Needy \ omorrow
A motion picture performance will
he given by the Stevenson theatre to
morrow morning at which admission
will be only in return ror gifts f<,
ho turned over to the Salvation Ainu
for distribution to needy families at
Christmas. Items of food of sorm
kind are requested, and only foodstuff
will be accepted, it is stated.
The hour for the performance i
10 a. m. The picture to be shown j>
“Pride of the Legion,” which is givei
without charge by the distribute! j,
Charlotte of Monogram pictures. Roth
the distributor and the theatre are
donating their services and equipment

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