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Numerous Applications for
Office of Superintend
ent Are Filed
( (•mini'.-.iimvrs To Make
Choice At That Time; Some
Admissions Have Heen OriF
ere«l liy Hoard Aleardy
When the Vance Hoard of County
Commissioners meets next Monday to
net on the selection of a superinten
dent for the county home, it is ex
pected that there will be a large num
ber of applications for llv' place and
some estimates have gone as high
as 25. A number have already been
tiled with Horace M. Robinson, reg
istcr of deeds and secretary to the
bo ird be said today. Samuel M. Wat
kins, eli ait nia n of the board, said a
r.reat many individuals had applied
to liim for the place.
The cotnmis doners hope to make a
seleetiou at their adjourned inepting
nc\f Monday. It has become ncees
arv to ileel a superil nendeut. in view
of the recent action of the commis
sioners in voting to change the. tn
tiluiion from a county hospital back
to a county home.
At their meeting' the first Monday
in this month, the board admitted one |
or two indigent persons to the county
home, and it is thought that a nuni-
I er of others will !>'• received as soon
a n : npej intendent has been named
.•■uni the transition has been complet
ed, m Hint the institution will he in
p .it ion to take ••are of those who
v M he provided for there.
While the county home matter eon i
lit ides I lie chief business to come
hefote the board at the meeting, so |
fa> a j now known, other matter!*
may also be considered during the |
dav’.a session.
.1 M Cage, of Raleigh, will speak
in the Middlohurg Methodist Church
Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock on
“Temperance and Social Service.” if
w,u; announced today by Rev. J. A.
Hailey, pastor of the church. An in
\ alar ion was issued to the general put)- |
lie to .attend the meeting.
Try Atlantic
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its permissible ability and con
sistent with principles of sound
IvXTKNSiON of credit is neces
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familiarity as no reputable bank
can do until assured of the busi
ness habits, character and re
sponsibility of the person seeking
accommodation. A substantial
commercial account at the First
National Bank is one of the best
methods to place us in a position
io properly acquaint ourselves
with these necessary facts.
First National Bank
In Henderson
Henderson, N. C . » *
Deaths Almost As Many
For January As Births
it ii ■■ «■«>
Nine Die of Pneumonia and Five of Heart Disease In
Total of 31; Deaths Exceed Births In Henderson
Township; 29 Colored, Seven White Births
Deaths were almost as numerous in
Vance county in January' as births,
nd were the highest in proportion of
any recent month, according to the
monthly summary made public today
at the office of Dr. Z. P. Mitchell,
county health officer. There were 36
births and 31 deaths.
Pneumonia, with nine, was the chief
cause of death in the county last
month. But heart disease deaths also
ranked high, numbering five, for sec
ond place. Two were caused by dia
betes and two were premature births,
while "other causes" were listed for
wo. One death each was attributed
o cancer, appendicitis, meningitis,
hemorrhage, paralysis, tuberculosis,
kidenv ailment murder, auto accident,
w'llagtn and one still birth.
Most deaths occurred in the braeket
horn one year and under, with six.
There were four from one to ten
i fars; one from ten to 20 years; three
'ach in the decades from 20 to 30:
30 to 10; 10 to 50; 50 to 60 and 60
Leader Os
Drys Comes
On Sunday
Calf K. Burgess, of Raleigh, head
of the United Dry Forces of North
Carolina, will appear in an address on
the temperance issue at a city wide
meeting of the churches of Header
son here Sunday afternoon at 3
o’clock at the First Baptist church.
Mr. Burgess comes at the invitation
of the ministers of the city.
It is planned for the speaker *o ad
dress another meeting at sonic, point
in the suburban section of the city in
the evening.
Sponsors of the coming of Mr. Bur
gess have emphasized that the gath
ering is in no sense of the word a
political affair, but that it relates
solely to temperance.
The public id invited and the church
men are hoping for a large audience
to heat the visiting temperance
flflfl COLDS
nnn fevep
l.iquhl -Tablet* I IC&ducIlCS
KjitVprNoKe Rriidv v -i it-3lCniinate*
Henderson Daily Dispatch
to 70 years. Between the years of 76
| and So there were, five (o aths, hut
\ none above 80.
Eighteen of the deaths were white
and 13 colored persons, and 16 were
males and 15 females. Henderson
township accounted for 20 of the 31
total, including 15 white and five col
ored. and ten males and ten females.
Kittrell township had four. Towns
ville three and Nutbush and Middle
burg two deaths each.
Os the births three were illegiti
mate. There were seven white and 29
colored births and 16 males and 20
females. Doctors attended eight and
mid wives 28 of the mothers at birth.
Henderson township bail 16 of the
births, including seven white and nine
colored, six of them lining males and
ten females, and eight were attended
by doctors and eight by mid wives. All
of the white births occurred in Hen
derson township.
There were nine births in Middle
burs- township, six in Nutbush, three
in Kittrell and two in Townsville.
Most of $278,751,763 Last
Fiscal Year Was o(r» To
bacco Products
In the. last fiscal year. North Caro
lina was the third largest contributor
among the states of the Union to the
Federal treasury in the way of tax
payments, collections of $278,751,763 i
having been taken in the State. Only ;
New York, with $586,032,128. and 11- j
linois, with $291,078,113 exceeded j
North Carolina.
Most of the payments from North J
Carolina came from taxes on manu- 1
factured tobacco. Nearly ten percent ’
of the total national revenue was re
ceived from North Carolina, whose
contribution showed an increase of
more than $10,000,000 over 1933. when
$238,136,526 was collected in the State.
The figures fi'v. official from the Fed
eral Internal Revenue Bureau in |
Washington and announced here this
Because of the tobacco industry,
and its importance, the State’s heav
iest contribution to the Federal treas
ury was in the form of miscellaneous
taxes, which last year totaled $230.-
613,400, compared with $212,397,990 in
1933. the bureau report showed. The •
heaviest percentage increase, how- ,
ever, was in the agricultural adjust- >
ment taxes, which jumped nearly 200 |
percept, from $12,194,176 in 1133 to '
$35,711,597 in 1934.
Corporation income tax payments
declined in the State from $9,541,757
in 1.33 to $7,790,561 last year, but
individual income tax payments in
creased from $4,302,602 to $4,606,204, it
ws stated.
The $10,000,000 inc’Case in North
Carolina’s tax collections was part or
an increaso of $900,000,000 in the na
tional total from the 1933 receipts of
$2.090jp47 t JT? Included .in the gov
ernment’s tax revenues last year were
$469,027,571 from corporations, against j
$345,174,353 hi 1933; $151,746,001 from i
individuals, against $375,284,304; sl,-
573.090.844 from miscellaneous taxes,
against $1,229,925,373; and $500,308,154
from agricultural adjustment taxes,
against $140,563,248.
Tankersley Speaks
In Oxford Tonight
With Gurney Hood
C. F. Tankersley. Jr., of Henderson,
•State councilor of the Junior Order
United American Mechanics, is to be
one of the chief speakers at a. Junior
Order rally in Oxford tonight. Gur
ney P. Hood, former State councilor,
of Raleigh, and State bank commis
sioner, is also on the program for the
gathering. The rally is in connection
with the Statewide rally program Mr.
Tankersley is inaugurating through
out. the State this month in a George
Washington birthday program. It. is
expected that some hundreds of new
members will be brought into the or
der as the result of this campaign.
Several members of the local council
are expected to go to Oxford for the
See Page Four
1. Who was Levi, in the Book of
2. What insect has the nickname
“Child of the Earth”?
3 Name the winged horse of Greek
4. Give the source of the proverb
" The best laid plans of mice and
men often go awry.”
5. What crop is damaged by the boll
6. Is aluminum a conductor of elec
7. Who was l i bain Jean Joseph Lev
8 How long is a generation?
9. From which country was the Pek
ing duck introduced into the U. S.°
10. What European countries have
possessions m Africa. _
Popeye In Rubber
■ j?. • . ■
m .55®
Htifc.* W*
Wr Wj
w h
This new inflated rubber toy. re
plica of E. C. Scgar’s celebrated
comic character “Popeye”. which ap
pears daily in the Daily Dispatch, has
just been designed and is a new fav
orite plaything of children through
out the country.
SALTS 14,240,040
Producers’ Crop Reported
On By State Crop Re
porting Service
According to statistics announced
this week, season's producers’ sales of
tobacco on the Henderson market for
the sc.•iron just ended amounted to
1.1.210,(M0 pounds, as compared with
t6.5Mt.698 pounds for Oxford and 20.-
028.757 pounds for Durham. The fig
ures were from the State-Federal
Crop Reporting Service in Raleigh.
Warrenton had seasons producers’
sales of 2,975,697 pounds.
Henderson s producers’ sales in
January amounted to 392,857 pounds,
with total sales of 422,199 and a price
average of $16.39 ofr the month, as
compared with $16.77 in January of
last year. Oxford had producers’ sales
of 641,736 pounds in January and total
sales of 841,151 pounds for an aver
age of $15.92 per hundred, as com
pared with $15,27 in January last year
Durham’s January producers’ sales
were 733,984 pounds and total sales
there were 866,118 pounds, and the
month’s average was $17.65, as com
pared with $17.54 for January a year
The Warrenton market had January
producers’ sales of 70,872 pounds, and
total sales of 76.090 pounds, for a
monthly average of $11.59 per hun
dred. as compared with $12.78 in Jan
uary last year. No figures were given
for the Louisburg market for January
For the State as a whole season’s
producers’ sales were given as 394,-
994,876 pounds, as compared with
509,241,552 pounds for the 1933 crop.
January average prices for 1935 were
$16.28 per hundred, as compared with
$14.31 for the same month of 1934.
Miss Mustian Leads Locals
To Victory; Much Im
provement Noted
An improved Henderson high school
girls' basketball team flashed its way
to a 18-16 win over Norlina here last
night on the High Price court.
Miss Margaret Mustian led the way
for Henderson in the scoring depart
ment, getting 12 points, while miss
Katherine Duke got seven to lead the
The game was well played from the
opening whistle, and Henderson show
ed that it was much improved.
'Oxford, Feb. 15—Frank Barnett.
50, white, of Vance county, sentenced
to state prison camp for four month;:
for violation of the prohibition laws,
ha*h withdrawn his appeal and has
been committed to the county home
for a period of four months.
The prison physician examined Mr.
Barnett and made a certificate that
the prisoner was not physically able
to do manual labor. It was then that
the sentence was changed to commit
ment to the county home.
Before leaving Wednesday upon ad
journment of the February term of
superior court. Judge Harris changed
the sentence of Earl Rud<J from 12 to
4 months. Rudd was convicted of
violation of the prohibition laws.
Shelby M. Harrison of New York,
general-director of the Russell Sage
Foundation, born at Leaf River, 111..
54 years ago.
Eases Headache
In 3 Minutes
also neuralgia, muscular aches
and pains, toothache, earache,
periodical and other pains due
to inorganic causes. No nar
cotics, 10c and 35c packages*
More Plans Suggested As
Local Public Works Jobs
Sidewalk Along Oxford Road ‘‘Mile Pavement” and Re
novation of Cemetery Offered; New Court House,
Rather Than An Addition, Is Suggested
Additional suggestions were receiv
ed by the Daily Dispatch today from
interested individuals as to work that
could he done locally with Vance
county’s allotment from th c Roosevelt
$1,880,000,000 work-relief bill now be
ing worked through Congress. Those
who have ideas or suggestions as to
what would ,be a good thing for the
county or city have in the way of
public works are invited to write
their views to this newspaper. Names
will not be used if such is requested,
but all who write in arc asked to
sign their names as a matter of good
Mrs. Willis M. Burwcll suggested
I that the mile of paving from the city
j limits out the Oxford highway be
jwidened. as it is now only 16 1-2 foot
wide. Site proposes also a five-foot
sidewalk along the mile long strip to
the point near the country club road
as a convenience to pedestrians. She
Local Council Goes On Rec
ord for Erwin’s $22,000, -
000 Measure
Jere |» Zollicoffei, chairman of the
legislative committee of the County-
Wide Parent-Teacher Association,
was the chief speaker before thc
meeting of thc local cuncil of thc
Junior Order last evening in its hall.
Charles F. Tankersley, Jr., state coun
cilor. also made some remarks.
Mr. Zollicoffer spoke to the group,
urging its backing of the educational
program for North Carolina as put
forwaid by Clyde A. Erwin, super
intendent of public instruction of
North Carolina. He told of how the
educational system of North Caro
lina was deteriorating at a rapid pace
and of the need for Lore pay to the
teachers. Thc speaker also brought
in the local schools., stating that Hen
derson high school graduates were
badly handicapped in seeking a high
school education upon graduation.
Henderson being off the accredited
list of schools in the South.
A committee composed of J. Z. Zol
licoffcr, Irvine B. Watkins and C. L.
Finch was appointed, tq in the en
dorsement of thc plan by the group,
and they are to write the representa
tive and senator in the legislature to
.support Erwin’s $22,000,000 plan, and
a telegram was sent to Erwin in
forming him of the action of the
Henry Powell, financial secretary
of the council, resigned at. the meet
ing last evening, being replaced by
C. L. Finch for the unexpired term
The attendance wn, wall above the
average, about 70 members being
M. A. Huggins, of Raleigh, secre
tary of the Baptist State Convention,
is announced to speak at Carey’s
Baptist church east of the city next
Sunday morning at 11 o’clock. He will
speak in the absence of the pastor.
Rev. L. B. Reavis, who arranged for
the State churchman’s visit here and
made the announcement of his com
ing. Baptists from over thc county
are expected to hear Mr. Huggins at
this time 1 . The public is invited.
We will discontinue handling bicycles and to close out those on
hand we offer them at COST.
Don't Wait! Get Yours Today!
We are now in our new location and invite you to drop in and
see us. We have a complete stock of hardware and are bet
ter prepared to serve you than ever before.
“We Sell Hardware and Give Satisfaction’’
Located Between Roth-Stewart Co., and J. C. Penney Co.
Dave Loughlin and George Dunkley. Proprietors.
points out that this road is a part of
the John Penn highway from Hen
derson to Oxford, and that it. goes
directly past thc West End Country
Club road, which is so often visited
by many people. She pointed to the
extensive traffic on the road, and said
she felt that every property owner
along thc road would endorse the sug
Asa A. Hardee suggested that Elm
wood cemeteiy could be improved
with advantage, but he was advised
that a move is now under way for
the acquisition of the property by the
city for maintenance purposes.
Another reaction to lists that, have
already appeared in print was a pro
posal that, whatever may he done to
Ihe county court house that no ad
ditions he made to the present prop
erty. This individual was heartily in
favor of an out-and-out new court
house if anything at all is to be done
Other suggestions will be received
by this newspaper and printed, and
it is urged that those who hav e op
inions as to projects in the nature of
public works *or the city or the
county send them in as a contribution
1.0 a sounding out of the views of
Die public on thc subject. The money
is going to be spent and it is be
lieved by many that me proper pro
portion of it should come here.
fe a* VINDEX
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Coil Point File . . 9c
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Frank’s Economy Auto Store
Garnett and Orange Streets
Interest L‘n Wall For Busi
ness Property, Also
Homeplace Change
Four real estate deeds m
Tor record and announced ,
the office of the register <. r
most of the property bein..
city. " 1h *
J. M. Peace, trustee, convey,.,) tr
Virginia A. Peace a fourth jl)t(
in 100 acres of land near (hev t,.,
for $lO and other considerations , ' l '
Elizabeth Dorsey conv ycl p, (•.
Roth an interest in a wall on prop, .He
in tlic rear of Garnett street, for
Elizaiteth Dorsey conveyed to f
Roth and C. A. Stewart an inter!.!, 1
in a wall on property on j"
Garnett street for $l5O.
John D. Cooper and others soli] ~,
Alma J. Parham the W. p, I'mi,, '
homeplace on North flat nett
for $lO and other considerations
Two minor wrecks occurred
day afternoon as result of wet pave
ment on the national highway north
of the city.
A Ford coach turned over just i„.
yond the fertilizer plant, injuring tin
driver to some extent. Tlis nanw
could not be learned today. A freight
truck overturned a mile north ~r
Middlcburg but no one was injured
It was laden with lard. The truck
was righted and it continued on its

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