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o«M)k>cki»g Prevti i 1i n g
Wage Amendment Will
lie Deleted, PWA
Administrator Thinks
Social Security Program,
Meanwhile, Claims Atten
tion in Congress, With Bill
Tied Up In Both Houses;
Capital Waits Roosevelt’s
Return Late In Week
v\»i liingt n, Feb. 26.—(API—A pre
liclinit the s4,ss<),( >OO,OOO work-relief
hul would receive congressional a.p
pi. v;.| without the deadlocking pre
■ filing wage amendment was made
!,mI i\ by Secretary Ickes.
Tli*' public works administrator
: vi in* reason for his optimism, oth
th in to say “there is a very great \
I. in oi'l for a public works relief bill.’’ I
With Senate advocates of the pre- j
• ring w;igc standing pat. however, I
..Imii.istration leaders on Capitol Hill
. i ul' tierd no immediate intention of
mg lo budge the hill from the ap
|iiopi ml ions committee.
Tli-ii concern, meanwhile, extended
'o lie Mieinl security program. Still
M'kril in Senate and House commit
, each passing hour lessened the
i haners of obtaining many State sup
t'lementary security laws.
A many of the capital’s activities
waited President Roosevelt's return
lab' this week, there were other de
• r'in|irnents.
h'kes said rhe Federal tender board.
■m agency for regulating interstate
shipment of oil in Texas, would be
• ida'dished under an executive or
v t by President Roosevelt.
A declaration that the Bethlehem
a Corporation “quibbled” over
fronts" on World War ship construe
turn while tiie country “desperately’'
t‘"'dm! ships was made by Senator
R"ie Democrat. Washington, at the
• nat* Monitions Committee hearings
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Master’s License
()l Morro Castle s
Skipper Revoked
Wfl hington, Fell. 26. (AIM— The’
f l -■<o» license of Captain William l
r iVai ms, who was acting skipper of j
th<* Ward liner Morro Castle when ii I
de.tioyed by fir** off the Jersey |
o**t. lia ; been revoked, the Com- j
’'•'ii i Department has been advised |
it lo* al inspeclors in New Haven, |
l im New Haven inspectors also sus- |
'led F.ben s. Abbott, Morro Castle
' has engineer, for 51(1 days, and A:-- j
b’liie I! Buijia, first assistant en- j
tmeer foi 80 days.
h«|ecdi, Feb. 26 (AP) Two reore
r '.'ti'--. a nit one senator rep
»nt Noith Cai olina at the national
bgi lati' <. eonfei ence. in Washington
' moiith
enatoi r;i adv. of Johnston, will
!'°pre',eiit. the Senate and Representa
t''" M**?kiii.'. of Caldwell, and Harris,
O' son, win tip the House delegates.
Ivulli Signs
Willi Braves
I* nr Season
( o Be Vice-President
"<1 Manager; Is
(liven Release By
M w York Yankees
r 'w York. Feb. 26—(AP)—Babe
" !| r,| t 21 years brightest star of
Aoii’i today was given
liy the New York Yan-
H,l 'l immediately signed a. onc
‘contract with the Boston Braves,
Hval National League, as vice
1 ‘ "lent and assistant manager.
"’('■i the ter/'- of the contract,
, ' l| "' cd joint ly by Ruth and Emil
1 “ h president of the Boston
" Rtith will share in the profits
f'hiii. if any, and is given ar»
,0 purchase stock.
'"’otiations for his affiliation with
Laves have 'been carried on by
" 'oi respondents since Ruth re-
A , I ■* *l last week from a round-the
“i viui.se and were made with the
1 ‘‘l of Colonel Jacob Ruppert,
of the Yankees.
TTntiU'rsmt Slatly Bt©natch
Panama Demands
U. S. Pay In Goid
Washington, Feb. •»«. (Al‘)
IT the United States attempts to
pay in cheeks instead of i n g o |,|
the $250,000 due for rent of th
ermal Zone, Panama is ready to
loss it right back.
Already Panama has refused one
$250,000 check, and its minister,
standing on the recent Supreme
Court, decision, said yesterday:
“1 don’t see how the United
States can do otherwise than meet
our request. We have instructed
our fiscal agents in New York to
return the. check if it is received.”
Changes In
Hill Liquor
Bill Talked
Local Option Would
Be Substituted for
Statewide Referen
dum Feature.
Daily Dispatch It tir
In the Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, Feb. 26.—Conceding that
the outlook for the passage of the
Hill liquor stores bill is not bright
as long as the Statewide referendum
feature is left in the bill, indications
now are U}at Senate Judiciary Com
mittee Number 2. which is now con
sidering the hill, will make several
changes in it to make it more ac
ceptable to the members of the sen
ate and House who are afraid of the
referendum provision. It is also un
derstood that. Senator John Sprunt
Hill of Durham, author and introduc- !
er of the bill, is entirely willing to
have these changes made. Some of
the suggested changes in the bill now
being contemplated are as follows:
1. To eliminate the Statewide re
ferendum provision and substitute for
it the county local option plan, so
that no liquor store could be opened
in any county, city or town until the
location of such a store has been ap
proved by a majority vote in the re
spective subdivisions.
2. To make the hill provide that on
ly those counties which voted a ma
jority for repeal in the 1933 repeal
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Otithiw Barrow’s
Relatives Given
Court Sentences
Dallas, Texas, Fei*. 26 (AP) A fed
* ial court jury tof lay convicted 15 re
latives and friends of the slain out
law couple, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie
Parker, on a charge of conspiracy to
harbor fugitives from justice.
Judge William H. Atwell immedi
ately began sentencing the 15, along
with five other Defendants in the case,
who previously had pleaded guilty.
Henry Meth/.in, one-time associate
of Barrow, was given a year and a
• lay in Federal prison.
To Meet Tonight at 1®
O’Clock To Ratify Re
bate to Standard Oil
Baton Rouge, La., Feb. 26. —(AP) —
Senator Huey Long announced today
that the Louisiana legislature will
meet in special session tonight at 10
The session may be called for to
| night only, Long, political spokesman
' for Hie State administration of Gov
! ernor O. K. Allen, said.
This indicated that its sole purpose
was for both houses of the legisla
, ture to adopt a concurrent resolution
ratifying Long’s agreement with the
Standard Oil Company of Louisiana
for a rebate of four cents of the five
cents a barrel oil refining tax. tt
“It will be at 10 o’clock tonight.
Long said. “It may be only for to
Long said yesterday that it was
planned to call a one-day
“within a week or ten days, the
shortest session held since he has
been at the helm of State politica
Far ahead of construction sched
ule, the huge Norris dam on the
Clinch river near Knoxville,
Term., i* rapidly taking form.
Storm Heads This Way As
Ships Roll In Heavy Seas
Washington, Feb. 26.—(AP)— The
Weather Bureau this morning issued !
the following storm warning:
“Advisory, 10:30 a. rn. northwestern
storm warning has been ordered for ;
the Atlantic coast between Boston j
and Cape Hatteras. Disturbances over !
northern Georgia will move rapidly j
to northwestward and cause strong l
northwest winds tonight, possibly
reaching gale force by tonight.”
McDonald Guesses It Will
Reach House Floor at
Beginning of Week.
Daily DiM|»af<-h llitroiif.
In Ihe Sjr Waller Hotel.
Raleigh, Feb. 26.—“ My guess is
that the revenue bill will reach the
floor of the House next Monday night
—though that’s purely a guess,” said
Dr. Ralph McDonald today when in
tervi' wed '.y this bureau.
“The fight on the sales tax will ac
tually take p! *re on the floor of Ihe
legislature** continued the Forsyth
legislator. Tt was the first time he
lias definitely committed himself to
that.,, although this bureau had pre
dicted as long as five weeks ago that
the anti-sales taxeps are beaten in
Hie. joint finance committee.
“I really don’t know what the fin
ance committee will do about, our
< McDonakl-'Lumpkin) substitute plan,
although I do not see how it expects
to raise the revenue necessary for
Hie next biennium without at least
part of it ” Dr. McDonald said. He
would not volunteer which portion of
the plan he thought the committee
would adopt. “But,” he. said, “the, in
crease franchise taxes as proposed in
our plan are eminently fair and we
shall, on the floor the house, prove
that they are.”
Dr. McDonald criticized corporation
for their refusal to present to the
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Serious In
Salisbury, Feb. 26.—(AP)— Local
health authorities and the City Coun
cil were moving in coordination here
today for public precaution when it
became known that Henry W. Miller,
machinist at the Spencer shops, de
veloped spinal meningitis last night
and had been taken to a local hos
pital, where his condition is reported
to be critical.
The dread malady claimed the life
of William Horne, 19, sophomore at
Catawba College, and native of Jones
ville, S. C., here last night following
an illness of six days.
Raleigh, Feb. 26.—(AP)—Dr. J. C.
Knox. State epidemiologist, went, to
Salisbury today to investigate two
cases of meningitis there this week,
one of which has resulted fatally.
Information given the State Board
of Health from Salisbury did not in
dicate whether the disease prevailing
there is one of the dreaded epidemic
type or not.
This new portraying a j
part of the vast Tennessee valley i
project, being built at a cost of
$34,000,000. shows various sec- I
(By the Associated Press.)
Storm-racked vessels tossed in
seething seas in many quarters of the
gloDe today as gales of the last few
days continued to bring misfortune to
weary r. .ar ners.
The Bay of Biscaju off the coast of
Frai’Ct, remains the center of the
turbulent tempests which crippled at
Ovation Is
Daily Di»i*»t*-h llurean,
In Ihe Sir Waller Hotel.
Raleigh, Feb. 26.—A United States
senator, a governor who is regarded
as a potential candidate for the seat
now held by this United States Sen
ator and a former Lieutenant Gover
nor who almost got to be Governor
and who is also regarded as a can
didate for the seat held by this Unit
ed States SenaLor, were all present at
the big rally of tobacco farmers here
Monday. They were Senator Josiah
W. Bailey, Governor J. C. B. Ehring
hatis and former Lieutenant Gover
nor R. T. Fountain. And while Sen
ator Bailey started out in the spot
light, the farmers themselves focused
it upon Governor Ehringhaus and
kept it there before the meeting was
Senator Bailey received hearty and
vigorous applause when he arose and
made the motion that the farmers fol
low the lead of the United States De
partment of Agriculture and the AAa,
which was adopted unanimously. He
was also cheered when he urged the
farmers to adopt a motion to request
Congress to reduce the tax on the
(ConMniiAri on Page Thrm)
M oses Gulesian, Millionaire
of Boston, Found In
Bowery Mission
Newton, Mass. Feb. 26. —(AP) —
Moses H. Gulesian, 71, former mil
lionaire Boston and Newton real es
tate dealer, returned to his Newton
home today after being located last
night at. the Bowery Mission, New
York, his son-in-law, James B. Beck,
of Newton, told The Associated Press
Gulesian was met at the South sta
tion by his wife, and his son-in-law
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James
M. Beck, of Newton.
Beck said his father-in-law had been
placed on a Boston-bound train by of
ficial of the Bowery Mission and made
the trip to Boston unaccompanied.
He said Gulesian was obviously a
victim of amesia. He could give no
account of his movements since leav
ing Boston last Tuesday. The son-in
law explained that he apparently did
not come to until he told officails his
name in the Bowery Mission.
Partly cloudy, much colder, pos
sibly preceeded by rain on the
coast tonight; Wednesday fair,
j colder In central and east portions
tions of the dam rising high abov*
their solid rock foundation. Tlit
project will be the greatest man
made producer of electricity.
i least half a dozen merchant men in
, the area since last Saturday. At least
I 15 vessels sent out messages of dis
j tress wei\ struggling to ride out the
j gale, or edging their way toward port
! at the end of rescue ship tow line*.
The latest craft to join the grow
ing list of stricken steamers was the
I reported its steering gear carried
! away off the coast of Portugal.
Washington Realizes U. S.
Can’t Sell Abroad If It
Buys Nothing.
Central Press Staff Writer
Washington, Feb. 26.—Dr. Mordecai
Ezekiel’s thesis that Arperica must
regain its old-time export trade, and
improve on it also, or scale its whole
economic standard downward, opens
up the. entire question of import tax
ation—that is to say, the protective,
tariff system.
Under former conditions import
levies were, in part, a means of rais
ing- revenue; in part they served to
keep the prices of imported goods
at a high level in this country thus
handicapping them, in competition
with domestic goods.
Finally, however, they have been
boosted to such a point that they prac
tically have extinguished importation,
consequently they yield comparatively
litlte revenue. It is fair to leave them
out of consideration, then, as an im
portant. revenue-producing source for
t.he federal government..
The fact remains that they con
tinue to protect American producers
against foreign competition.
The difficulty is that, in keeping
foreign goods out, they are keeping
American goods in. International
trade is a matter of swapping com
modities. If we have stuff to swap.
Lilt won’t accept, in return, what out
(CoiiMmiofl on Page Thre*»
Highway Commission Must
Get Equipment Before
Staging Big Scale.
In Ot* Sir Wniler Hofei.
Dully Disiintrb Bnreim.
Raleigh, Feb. 26. —Because it does
not have enough trucks and graders
with which to do more than emer
gency maintenance jobs, the State
Highway and Puiblic Works Commis
sion is going to have to wait until the
2237 trucks it had' just puchased are
delivered before undertaking much of
its maintenance and repair program
from the special $3 000.000 appropria
tion just made by the General Assem
bly, Chairman Capus iM. Waynick said
“Some of the more necessary emer
gency jobs are being done right now,
of course,” Waynick said. “But due
to the utter lack of trucks, graders
and other needed machinery, we will
not be able to get the main program
under way until the first order of
trucks and graders has been deliver
(Continued on Page SixJ
U. S. Cattleman Is
Killed In Mexico
Douglas, Ariz., Feb. 26.—(AIM
Meagre reports of the “assassina
tion” of a prominent American cat
tle buyer in a mountainous section
of Mexico stirred speculation here
today of renewed bandit raids in
the area once ruled by Pancho
The victim was James Riggon.
Exactly how or when he died was
not explained in the terse telegram
to relatives here. It was sent by
Hilario Gabinlomlo, prominet Mex
ican cattle buyer of the Carrettas
Riggon’s death was described on
ly as an “assassination”* in the
cryptic message.
Meantime, Alabama Voters
Ballot Today on Three
Forms of Prohibition
Law Changes
Rival Liquor Measures Pass
ed in Arkansas Legislature,
While Constitutional
Amendment Is Proposed In
Texas; South Carolina
Considers Plan
(By the Associated Press.)
Repealists chalked up victories in
four states today while Alabama de
cided what to do with its 30-year-old
dry laws. . ,
Three questions, including modifica
tion of present laws, manufacture and
sale of beer and witie ana the manu
facture and sale of hard liquor, were
before the Alabama electorate. A vote
of more than 175,000 was indicated.
Governor H. G. Jump, of West Vir
ginia, last night signed that State’s
liquor control bill, creating a State
monopoly, effective March 1.
Rival liquor legalization measures
were passed by the Arkansas House
and Senate. Both propose package
liquor sales hut are different in many
The Texas State Senate committee
on constitutional amendments approv
ed a proposed constitutional amend
ment to eliminate Texas’ 16-year-old
prohibition clause. The amendment
would authorize the legislature to re
gulate the manufacture and sale of
intoxicating liquor.
The Georgia House late yesterday
approved a bill providing for a refer
endum and local option. It was sent
to the Senate.
The South Carolina Senate tomor
row will take up the a State control
measure, a committee substitute for
the county control bill passed by the
House early in the session.
Maxwell Says Many Cor
porations Could Not Stand
McDonald Levies.
Dully DUimli'h llnrcim.
In Die Sir Waller Hotel.
Raleigh. Feb. 26.—As State Revenue
Commissioner A. J. Maxwell present
ed comparative tables as to tax rates
in other states to the joint finance
committee. Dr. Prof. McDonald, au
thor of the substitute tax plan de
signed to replace the sales tax, agreed
with the commissioner’s figures, but
pointed out that only State, and not
state and local, taxes were presented
in the picture.
“A combination of State and local
taxes paid in other states,” said Dr.
McDonald,” will sho;y that North Car
olina’s total tax rate is substantially
lower than the average for all states.”
Figures were not available by which
the contention could be proven, but
McDonald said that in Virginia the
property tax rate is about one and
one-half times as great as in this
Commissioner Maxwell and Repre
sentative McDonald were in agree
(Couth*tied on Page Three)
Measure Acted On In Execu
tive Session of Commit
tee, With Four Mem
bers Against It
Refuses To Re-Consider
Concurrence In House
Amendments; Two Repub
licans Offer Plan for State
Prohibition Commission;
Money Committees Labor
Raleigh. Feb. 26—(AP)—The Sen
ate Judiciary Committee No. 2 today
voted to report the Hill liquor store*
bill to the Senate “without prejudice.’’
The measure was considered in an
executive session of the committee,
and it was not revealed how the in
dividual senators stood.
It was learned that four members
of the committee voted for an un- ’
favorable report on the bill. There are
I t members on the committee besides
its chairman, Senator Horton, of
The report of the liquor bill held
the spotlight in committee circles. A
“without prejudice” report is given
by committees to bills which the
members feel should be argued and
considered from every angle bv the
entile membership of the Senate rath
er than by a small group.
A number of other committees met
this morning and reported various
Liquor, prohibition, inoculation of
dogs against rabies, regulation of jus
tices of ihe peace and a driver’s li
cense bill held legislative attention to
The Hill liquor stores bill, contain
ing a referendum issue, which will
he fought out on the floor of the Sen
ate, was reported “without prejudice”
by a judiciary committee and was
placed on the calendar.
The House Republicans introduced
a bill to create a State prohibition
commission empowered to set up a
State dry force of up to 60 members
to enforce liquor laws. An appropria
tion of $75,000 annually be
The House again debated* at length
over the, Fenner bill to require the
inoculation of each dog in the, cjtate
against rabies.
After brief debate, the Senate re
fused to accept a committee sub
stitute for the Weathers bill to limit
the number of justices of the peace
and put them on a salary basis, and
the measure went on the un favor
alb le calendar. II will take a two
thirds vote to review it.
The Senate sent the House a bill
to extend time for - sales on 15)32 taxes
The Senate refused to reconsider
its concurrence in House amendments
to the mandatory driver’s license bill
and ordered the measure enrolled for
The finance and appropriations
committees this afternoon continued
their long drawn out labors on the
two big money bills. Tonight a public
hearing will be held by the health
committee on the Griffin bill to re
quire vaccination of every infant
child in the State against diphtheria.
Two Cabinet
Members In
Cuba Resign
I More Trouble Fleap
j ed On Shoulders Os
President Mendieta
In Grave Crisis
Havana. Feb. 26.—(AP)—'More trou
ble was piled on the shoulders of
President Calors Mendieta today when
Cosme de la Torrinete, secretary of
state, and Dr. Raul de Cardenas, sec
retary of justice and of the interior,
The two cobinet officers claimed
that they were unwilling to accept
responsibility for conducting the forth
coming presidential elections in the
face bf political opposition to the
Cuban method of elections.
Part of this opposition was express
ed in the students’ strike, which was
in the nature of a general revolu
tionary walk-out.
The MteCrinista party, headed hy
Miguel Mariano Gomez, former mayor
of Havana, decided to sever its con
nection wtih Mendieta’s government
“because the government did not ac
cept a plan for a non-politiv. cab
inet, which is the necessar ; .
! preparing an election.”
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