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Henderson daily dispatch. (Henderson, N.C.) 1914-1995, February 27, 1935, Image 2

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i ah,, u 1 #
ttv*r> rrrrs wtst:
CCfiSUr '■> <1 l-rtlu 'i 'l*l |) : !>*./ l/i <
»«(."* /O ,v ‘ 1 *• '* ' ■
*.' ;.v; / i lo < «" < 1 "
Ai.e Dm>h»ii/, «i nm * <
Marcu. noth »u > /»»• . o /.'•* ' L
o/ifl <>*Wi- «»f« # f” her **'
Arma, >t/l it cstrc • « 1
fiirt:a Th» < ” r-jr
itiaiul* in a ‘at in’i f>
C- *:«• <• » AH .
euro arrs*rti »n ; on - .'. *.••.—• •«•
»«i«* bf;i is ; ,-r f* a 'An
Me: u rr.*i ts-s f.*v <:•
fj,' /'?■ ('.">> t"'\ • - v < 1
Cc:stitle's 'a o r m - ; t«
«<?'c/k« r m ><•'• i
,;;o?r*’V *!.*• <•>.' *• O- d'!’ • f’»<
ft ■ ~ a>/ ft 1 1, t: »• ,v>‘ ■ * <in«l
Vo i■ #t f > r '“-''i'
•• «».* •« *«'-■< a •* > ' 1 • Cr
turfo i. / .-• **»# '! <f« "
ks'J. . JM* iVf t'f ' * ’'■” •! I”’’ l *-
<.vr-vi »•#<> o.v v .•*■■.» • ,/e srof-:r-
CHAi v r:'v. *
••you WKRF n ti .!«*.” Marco
* -
CVn.Ufelo took lie no' e of him ,
#i f urilooser°ri tVr inu'lv'"’li if f otvi
.let iit’file and flint*: ■» to tic* .
o'lttii I'lit ti -at ei oss-l. g”*d
bmee the tow burn 1 $ inv'flie vd
Matched tier arms
'Tm tired mm ” Si-; puiiad the
son ' ft on: tier it..: r nr A loosened the i
*rt\.:i'ij* tvltl; he: finer.*« React..nr *
,i: •r: ;• O'she drew fottli a fvo
oet catviA tot. It w; * limp from
ibe bf.-t o het bod' . She ni'.'"* e et. •
tre siiv*» wronp’nc and b-t into tin
-fT She noticed bhn Uien
triont a bit®T' As h« ie;Use>i. site
cor.t'nue.. eatirs until it '▼a* »orv*.
Si - e ticked iter ’>n* .tnd after h mo
meat looked up at him.
-ta he’ have you set for uie'*"
-Son>'-»h!r.g n:<*e "
ST* e'irugtted her shouid«>r«. !.
••yveti. r vp !t to sue now tbnt T
*w ttet e’’
"We II talk a niirote first.” He
«&s star..iine. arms crossed teokinc,
4ow n at her. mm promised
»L&t ee marry. When will you be
t eaay ?*’
• Never, ngly fellow. I bale yoti as .
I would hate n low crawling snake."
• i ,©w crawling snakes at e dan- J
«>eiV.vis. They carry deadly poison
with thetv."
"Now >‘>u ate talking of gre »t
ctflwUng snakes. I am talking of
tue tittle water ‘'tiiikes that hiss at
vpu :ee ; but cannot harm you. You
are like that, annoying bin nor 'kui
neivms." J
"We w It not t;.lk longer of snakes
When will you many me?" 1( was
evident Nk.r u v as holding bis tem
per in check.
"Never'" Hhe yawned. “I didn't
come ba«k here to talk with you
You said you had something for me !
but I guess tt was another one of
your bm promises'' She got to hei
feet. "1 so ba< k to ilie fair. There
are plenty of men there to tell me
how beautiful l am and who will
jyve me things without my having
lo talk all night first."
“Go back to tlie f»ir. I have
something but. 1 am wasting my
' time. I'll give ir to Anica."
"Why give her anything? Site is
( fool enough to adoie %oui dark skin
. without your paying for it.” |
"Shut your mouth, liltle «!ut!
She's > our mother
“ and you: sweetheart!”
"You lie! You lie! There's otiH
one sweetheart i want!" For a mo
ment he held her at arm’s length and
look ed down into her eyes. Hie
hands trembled and lie thrust, her i
; from him. “Are you made of stone ' ,
•' Can't you see I love you?”
“Fine way you have of showing
■it'’’ She spat down at his feel
I■ Tm going back lo the carnival.”
Mlirou gritted his teeth.
“When you are my woman T will
lid eat you for all of these words. Sit
down!" His hand went to ihe open
ltig of his blouse.
Instantly the girl was attention.
“Have you really something piettv
for me?*’
“Something better than you de ;
••rve, my pig." He drew forth a
Wadded bit of paper and unmapped
“It't a ring’'’ ciied Consue)#.
Shku turned i* in his fines*®.
“A diamond."’ gasped e j r .|
Di version Move
Simultaneous to
H.'iil* IH*|t:ttrh lliirena.
In llx- Walter Hotel.
Ralf'Jj.'h, h >-\i. 'Si Two moves, one
so: diver-ion <n highway funds and
another in exactly the opposite dime
Kiut'h forms a comfort cushion;
holds the plate so snug it can’t rock,
crop, chafe or “he played with”.
ton can eat and speak as well as
/•U did with your own teeth. 2.1 c and
iiOc a box. at Drug Stores.— Adv.
|tnvel any where., any day 41 M
B.n me SOUTHERN lw
F even/ purse. .. / ’
| ° NE WA f»“if Miu“r™;L CO * CH TK:KFTS
• * ©.. RO,!ND raa? »®-
t f® r Each Mil* Traveled
♦Cood in .Sleeping and Tailor Car* on navment at
• proper charges for spare occupied. No surcharge. 1
| Economize l>y leaving your Automobile at home and
using the Southern
Excellent Dining Car Service
Be Comfortable in the Safely of Train Travel
J. S. Bloodsworth, D. P. A. Raleigh, N. C.
Southern Railway System
as ‘"e
-- — ‘ __ - ■ j? vccS .yv:. —laaFr A
~IL ~— -4, V-. -
... & \ 4
ju hEK
jjir . » ■* -
L4&TMir tIBBIt
Hi* arms c v »;;hed her to hiiu.
"A diamond tvs big *e my timf.'.li!
kt v—it’s beautiful’”
The stone caught the refle. tion of
ibe fire ami glittered with unbeiiev
.<bl* beauty.
"T* s for yaw.” Marcu we id.
"Now you are niy darling one.'
Her ta« fingers reached for the ring,
but K was withdrawn from her
“For you," Marcu repeated, 'if -•'
Tae girl did not take her eyes from
the ring. She had never seen any
thing so lovely.
“If what?" she asked, scarce
heetkng the words. The diamond
he'd he; riAe a magnet, its tire draw
ing fire. Her Ungers touched the
stone lightly and a thrill raced
through her body. “Oh heavens. I
Ivave never seen such beauty! And
it is mine!" Again she reached for
it. "Give it to me!" she cried.
Marcu held tlie jewel tighter.
“You may have it. if -" The per
fume of her body rose to his nos
trils: the satin smoothness of her
throat was very close to him. The
veins rose and swelled on his fore
head. ' Say you're mine, little sweet
heart. and you fan have tlie ring."
"Yes, yes." break, ed the girl.
What was he saving'.’ What was
she saying? She didn't know. She
didn't caie. The ring! The beauty
of tlie diamond was all that mattered
ail that could ever matter. It was
hers now. But. no! The dark
fingers did not release it. His words
penetrated to her mind in a ma?e of
meaningless jumble.
"Gypsy women lie!” He pushed
tbe ring on his Pttle finger. It
scraped the sk;ti from his knuckle
and diew the blued. Tu n like a
starving man his lip- ' n The hare
loveliness of her t'-.;n, i. llis arms
unshed hei to him.
*■ * *
“Cousuelo, breakfast!"
A sleepy voice -.nswere 1 from in
: side the van. "I don't want any
'ureaklast, papa.”
"Now it's ine first time that pig
lias missed fond,” remarked Attica.
"('onsiielo, coma ant your break
fast :"
"I lell you. 1 4an’t want any!"
Marcu glanced up from ihc tin
"Why don't you let her sleep, old
one ? it will be more than an hour
befoie we re under way.”
"When you are married to her you
will have the righl to say that. Now,
I'm chief here!”
significant glances went around
Hi* circle. A fieht maybe?
The two rnen stared at each other
and Marcu was the first to give way.
tion. were made when Senator* Mor
g'Hn. of Richmond, introduced two
bills in the Senate. One of the Mor
gan measures would require the State
to rebate to counties, cities and towns
the tax paid on gasoline bought by
them. The other would allocate sole
ly to tlie highway fund all taxes col
lected from for-hire cars and limit
the tax levies against such cars by
local government-.
The first measure, sponsored by the
-North Carolina League of Munici
palities. would, says Senator Morgan
and the league, prevent the State from
taxing the local government units by
means of the gu.fi tax. It is not known
how much money would he diverted
from the state highway fund bv the
1 he second measure, which does not
upplv to regular bus lines operating
under slate franchises, would guaran
K3N7*isn3GK, (IT. C.', DA”" BI3FXTCH, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, !»«»
Then Girt/a crossed to the van •iM
parted the ragged curtains.
I ‘('oitsueio. come out here!”
The girl, lying- on a pile of oM
■blankets, rose to her elbow.
| "l.et me sleep, papa, I’m tired,”
, she pleaded.
; ••(;-( up tiiis minute, you ltv»y
good-i'm-nothing.” And he went
hack t*> 1 is breakfast.
tkmsuelo vavvned. stretched, »n
--curled lit r body and got *■ her te*t.
She knew coaxing would get her no
where viili Ginza in a mood like
ihis. She pushed hack the tangled
it air from her face and straightened
| the mussed wedding skirt. An iron
ical smile crossed her lips. A wad
ding skirt! Now maybe sometime
she would marry Marcu. She held
i up her hand and looked long and
! lovingly at the diamond. How beau
itiful it was ah. how very beautiful
|it was! She pressed her lips to it
| and a sob of joy choked in her
j throat.
"Yes. today I shall tell Marcu 1
will marry him. I have been the
mad one to hate him so. His anna
are a thousand times stronger than
any other char's and besides n*
other one has ever given me any
thing as beautiful as this diamond."
She hehi it out and turned it in th«
light and saw new beauty. “In it
are pearls and rubies and sapphire*
and emeralds. The diamond is th#
mother jewel. The other stones |i«
under her heart ready to he bora
! “tVinsnelo!”
"< >h now damnation, I say!”
i She jumped down from the •••■
and stood for a moment looking
deeply at the scene around thg
campfire and it seemed that she had
never seen it before. She saw March,
his hack toward her. How tall ami
| st rong lie was. how w ide his shoul
! ders. how noble his head with ita
• black curling hair.
Again a sob rose to her throat.
He was her man now. Hers! She
, would go to him, throw herself at
|iis feet and lell the tribe that no
longer was she a wild gypsy girl
; but a woman subdued and in love.
As she stood there Marcu glanced
i around and saw her and because lie
| was not. at this moment,, as big and
i brave as he looked, he turned and,
moving jivvav from tlie circle, mum
bled that he would round up tli*
horses, llis arms were burning with
passion for her. She was his now—
jno denying that. But because of
j what had happened last night he was
: a hit afraid of her and so instead of
j remaining and taking a chance of
1 her anger or scorn, he ran away.
jj ipijHJii
| tee to the highway fund all revenue'
j derived from buses, taxis and you
; til ive-it automobiles operated within
j town and city limits except that mun
! icipalities would be permitted to tax
j such vehicles up to SSO in the case of
| buses and $25 in the case of taxis
I and others.
The two measures are a sort of
taking-tfrom-one - 'hand-and - giving-to
the-other.. Senator Morgan, attorney
for the town of Hamlet and a member
of the hoard of trustees of the muni
cipalities league, has devoted consid
erable time to the study of local gov
-1 ernment problems.
A third hill introduced by Senator
i Morgan would reggulate purchases by
counties, cities and towns. It "would
require that purchases, repairs and so
on would he made by a system of com
j petitive bidding, all bidders being re
quired to deposit a sum representing
I two per cent of the bid as evidence of
good faith. This bill, said Senator
Morgan, is designed to remove pur
chases of local governments from the
field of politics. The competitive bid
ding plan. Senator Morgan believes,
is the best way to accomplish that
! Washington, Feb. 2G (AP) Ham, its
companion eggs, and meat generally is
| going up and, take it from the bureau
ol agricultural economics, the end is
i not yet in sight.
; lb summaries of conditions issued
j today the bureau declared that a fur-,
ther “sharp reduction” in hog slaught
•er is in prospect during the remain
der of 1935 and that egg production
iin January was only 76 percent of
The decrease in egg production was
; declared to have resulted from high
feed prices, reduced number of laying
hens, and severe weather during the
month. The first two factors are ex
pected to continue to hold down pro
duction for some time to come.
, ... ■
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