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Huge Relief Bill Passed By Senate
hoover declares
j.-IU California Republicans
Nation Must Decide For
Old American
Otjieis Fhink, However, For
n,n President More Con
,rrnf<! in Reunited Party
Wight Now; Says Present'
Trend? in National Econ
omy Must Change
V. Cal . March 13—(AP>
i Pi« i'lorvt Herbert Hoover
I c . '' rniri Republican* foday that
• r,u<’i theories of this adniiti
(• not work," and the coun
■ ; . ■ n’■ decide between a govern
n-. • in-- I "U American principles of
t. •. and one "of regimentation
. ■: bu'eam ratic domination.’'
*We t'd on the threshold of a
wa.'d economic movement."
•p f ni-» President said in one of
■ . mi* •■Mfements since leaving of
‘ ■ ■ <<nly the paralyzing effects j
governmental policies j
;vifio* may be removed.”
\U I(•.« ver's statements were made j
r to Sheriff Halbert, p.esi
... • rh* 1 California Republican As- j
meeting here. Halbert bad re
■ i Mi Hoover, titular head of
1 tty. to prepare a message for
•h me* ting.
i > administration's theories are
.* r* ,a propagandized milieu-
Ti they aie self exposed," the for
mer President said.
Th» present conception of a na
- economy based upon scarcity
TVi ‘ all common sense be reversed
m u economy based upon produc
' workman, farmer and busi- .
-- man alike are defeated."
H* ' ailed for an energetic rebrith
Republican party, adding it
’H" greatest responsibility since
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\Vn-hington. March 23 <AP)—
T'. condition <>f Louis M. Howe, sec-!
ti to President Roosevelt, was de- (
*1 as unchanged' 'early today.
Hticallv ill at the White House
'I . 't night physicians abandoned
L'pe for him.
S. Johnson |
Alci\ Chanoe Mind
And Seek Senate!
-- <»kla, March 23 < APi—Hen
*•’*?' Hugh S Johnson, accompanied
Miii Fianch Robinson, his seere
'to tnjoying a visit here today
v ' ■' his hr other. Alex Johnson.
!>< former NRH administrator de
•"') - c would seek a seat in the Sen- | !
from Oklahoma, but reserved the 1
' ’hi to Lange my plans any damn
hm* I please.”
! or Social
Plans Had
I iougliton’s House
Committee in Ac
cord With Roosevelt
"n Measure Offered
*-hington, (March 23. (AP)—
f ’ i'i'nf Roosevelt and Democratic
’'"mhei:; of the House Ways and
, ' l ‘ Committee today reached what
'i' .icribed as a comparative agree
‘ * on the draft, of an all-inclusive
"y J - ! security bill.
II " committee members took to the
(, it.e House the proposed measure
1 went over it in detail with the
Li < ident.
a'' in comparative agreement
h ‘ legislation," Chairman Dough
-dd after the session.
111 committee will go into execu
" ion on Monday to act on the
said it would contain the
I'logram recommended by the
I ‘"'dent, including unemployment
' u: mce ami old age pensions.
© znmt&ixn ©atln ©ispatrir
leased wire service of
the associated press.
Entering the Land of Opportunity
Refecting returning prosperity in U. S., is revived
activity at Ellis Island, immigrant portal to New Yovk.
(Central Press)
France Proposes Penalties
For Germany Fo r Re-A rm ing
As Mussolini Boosts Army
I'aris, March ?3 (A I’)—The
three-power coufereeiie here be
tween France, England and Italy
announced this afternoon that
“omplete unity of purpose" among
(heir governments was apparent
after the day-long conference on
German re-armament.
It was agreed that Sir John
Simon's conference with Hitler
would follow the lines of the dis
cussions today and would lie of
“exploratory character.”
Paris, March 23. —(AP)—With her
Expects No
Early War
Germany’s Re-Arm
ing May Force Otli
er Nations and Ger
many to Disarm.
Central Press Staff Writer
Washington, March 23—-Betting in i
Washington (notably in state war and
navy depai4meaKal circles) is two
To the effect that German rearma
ment additionally threatens world
To the effect that German rearma
ment will force general dis-armament.
Pessimistic prophets am much more
numerous than optimistic forecaters,
but it Ls possible that the optimistic
group is the more intelligen of the
Army and navy men are almost a
unit in icasoning that Herr Hitler’s
recent announcement strains interna
tional relationships acutely to the
danger point. However, that's how
they would reason —naturally.
Most of the optimists are to be
found in the state department build
ing adjoining the White House.
The arguments of military men Is
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Independence for
Philippines Made
One Step Closer
Washington, March 23. —(AP)—
Flourish of President Roosevelt's
pen today brought Philippine In
dependence another step nearer
Surrounded by Philippine and
Cnited States officials, the Presi
dent approved the recently-draft
ed insular constitution.
That marked the last action
necessary by the United States for
the establishment of home rule
government in Manila on Novem
ber 15. „
To the assembled officials Mr.
Roosevelt announced that lie
would nominate Claro M. Recto
to he a justice of the supreme
court of the Piiippine islands “in
recognition of his able services as
president of the Philippine consti
-1 tutional convention.”
| These persons getting first glimpse of chosen
I were among 112 immigrants arriving from Poland*
, military stalling of tiie Rhine fron- j
i tier officially confirmed, Fiance pro
i posed today at the three-power con- !
fcrence here ap üblic discussion of
; penalties for Germany before a meet- j
! ing of the League of Nations.
It was understood, however, that
Captain Anthony Eden, of Great Bti
! tain, had induced Pierre Laval, I
j French foreign minister, to delay any ;
| action against Germany to go more .
; cautiously than tlie French had plan- i
| tied.
The penalties proposed by France
vvpip understood to be economic in the
I liink Roosevelt
T o Restore Cotton
Washington, March 23.—(AP) —
Senator George, Democrat, Geor
gia, predicted today that President
Roosevelt would give “positive as
suranee" that the cotton price
would not tie permitted to drop lie
low the 12 cents loan now in ef
fect, and that the processing tax
on bread, meat and clothing would
be lifted.
In a statement the Georgia sen
ator predicted the result of these
would die immediate and
Holds Out Olive Branch To
South Carolina Senator,
However, on Visit
Columbia, S. C.. March 23.—(AP) —
Huey Long blazed through the Caru
linas today, brandishing a, political
battle axe for a North Carolina sen
ator and extending an olive branch
reservedly to a South Carolinian who
comes up for re-election to Congress
next year.
Long announced at Charlotte that
he would stump North a
gainst its senator, J. W. Bai%”, but
declined to say that he would cam
paign against Senator James F,
Byrnes, of South Carolina, an admin
istration wheel horse.
“I would like to see somebody in
the Senate who would vote differ
ently, or see Jimmy made to vote dif
ferently from what he does," the
Louisiana senator says, “but he has
never personally offended me We are
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Share Crop Group
In East Arkansas
Wires Roosevelt
Little Rock, Ark., March 23 (AP)
Advised that the Socialist party exe
cutive committe had wired President
Roosevelt charging a reign of terror
against eastern Arkansas share crop
per organizers, and that Governor Fut
relle, of Arkansas, had "repeatedly re
fused to act.,’ the Governor said today:
"I rlo not care to give further noU)
riety to those people.’’
He declined to elaborate on this
statement in any way.
1 main (possibly economic blockades).
It was reported Eden succeeded in
establishing an agreement that such
drastic measures could be debated
privately during the meeting- of the
powers at Como, Italy, in order to
lessen European friction.
The three-power conference in Italy
I consequently was postponed until the
first week in April to await Eden's
i return from Moscow and the League
Council session to be, held later
The strengthening of the eastern
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Measure As
Money Bill
Being Re-Written to
Catch Votes as Bud
get Bala n cer in
State Senate.
Dully Dlspntoh Bnreaa,
In the Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, March 23. —The much-dis
cussed Hill lisuor control bill is still
in the Senate Finance Committee file,
but it is not. as has been reported,
"slumbering." The bill is being rewrit
ten solely as a revenue measure, will
be offered as an amendment to the
revenue bill but will not be offered
until the Senate takes up the revenue
bill. The finance committee will pres
ent the bill purely as ar evenue mea
sure since that body is concerned
only with the revenue angle of the
bill and because some members of the
committee feel that the judiciary No.
2 committee which had previously re
ported the bill “without prejudice”
by a 11-4 vote has passed on the
merits of the bill the finance com
mittee will present the bill as a tax
Although Senator Harris Newman,
chairman of the finance committee
would make no statement on the bill,
it has been learned that the course
outlined will be followed.
It is certain that the bill is being
redrafted and that the revenue clause
of the original bill is being changed.
The very likely probability is that the
bill, when it finally re-emerges, will
be without its revenue-raising feature
and that the revenue feature will bw
incorporated in a separate measure
and offered as a new section to be
added to the revenue bill.
It is known that many of the fin
ance committeemen will vote to of
fer the bill as a revenue producer,
without comment as to the merits of
the State system of liquor stores
which the bill proposes to establish.
Some of them feel that it is up to
the senators and the House members
to decide upon the merits of the sys
tem and that it is the sole duty of
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Mostly cloudy, probably light
showers tonight; wanner in west
and north portions tonight; Sun
day generally fair; colder Sunday
afternoon and. nlgitfe ,
Measure Goes to Conference
For Agreement .on Out
standing Differences
In Bill
Wheeler’s Proposal Killed
By Senate, But Amend
ment Would Require Sen
ate Confirmation of All
Administering Officials
Drawing $5,000 and Over
Washington. March 23.—(AP)--The
$4,880,000,000 work-relief bill, with
numerous modifications, including a
modified silver inflation plan, was
passed today by tlje Senate.
This ended two weeks of struggle
and returns the measure to the House
with amendments.
Administration strategy called for
sending the long controverted relief
measure to a conference between the
Senate and House to reconcile some
of the outstanding differences.
Leaders expected to see stricken
out in conference an amendment by
Senator Thomas, Democrat, Okla
homa. for a currency expansion of
$373,000 000 through the issuance of
silver ertificates at the $1.29 an
ounce monetary value of the Treas
ury’s silver stocks, instead of the
present practice of using the purchase
value of the silver.
Just before passage, the Senate ac
cepted an amendment by McCarran,
Democrat, Nevada, to require Senate
confirmation of all officials receiving
$5,002 or more who would have char
ge of expenditure of the huge sum.
It rejected an amendment by
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Loans For
Cotton Are
Made Sure
Washington, March 23.—(AP)—
Secretary Wallace announced to
day that cotton loans wouid be
made on the 1935 crop, j
He .did not give the amount
which will be lent, but said the
12-cent loans on 1934 cotton hold
ings would be extended indefinite
ly beyond the present maturity
date of July 31, 1935.
Earlier Wallace denies a predic
tion by Senator George, Democrat,
Georgia, that processing taxes
would be lifted on bread, meat
and clothing.
Would Not Help Matters
Here for Gold Bloc
Nations to Abandon It
Central Press Staff Writer
New York, March 23. —What, evi
dently, currency devaluers do not rea
lize is that to push the remaining gold
standard countries off the gold stan
dard is deflationary. Any further de
valuation of the dollar, for example,
to meet the devaluation of currencies
abroad is likely to create further un
certainty in the United States—and
uncertainty means retardation of bus
iness and decline in prices.
That is the view of New Yorw fin
ancial interests.
The growing belief among the peo
ple that the issuance of greenbacks
in large quantities by the government
would increase the wealth of individ
uals is termed "absurd’’ by conser
vative economists.
Unless the greenbacks were delib
erately given away they would fall
into the same hands as the people
who now own the money—through
their monopolistic control of the pro
ductive factors of life.
It is not the issuance of paper
money—liberal economists tell us—
that brings plenty to people but the
spreading distribution of the wealth
created by ht,e productive effort, of
the people.
The recent retirement of national
£Cor.t!r.::ocl cn Pr.£~ FcurJ,
PUBLISHED every afternoon
“Higher Education”
| 1
is - i
!*• , f;
State action against college fraterJ
nities in Arkansas is threatened fol
lowing severe bums suffered by'
Lloyd Allen (above) and six others
in an initiation of Delta Kappa at
Little Rock. Newly discovered treat- 1
Rent consisting of 5% solution of
tannic acid and 10% solution of sil
ver citrate will save his 'skin, it
k hoped.
(Central Press)
Would Reduce Personnel
and Put Supt. Erwin at
Head and in Control
of Affairs.
Would Spend Money Way
They Want It Spent; Would
Reduce Appointive Mem
bers From Eleven to Five;
Business Men on Board
Would Be Fewer.
Dally Dispatch Bureau,
Id the Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, March 23. —An under-cover
move is now being made by the school
forces and the State Department of
Public Instruction to gain control of
the State School Commission and thus
gain control of the spending of more
than $20,000,000 a year of school mon
ey appropriated” by this General As
sembly, it was learned today from re
liable sources. For the State School
Commission, like the State Board of
Equalization which preceded it, has
long been a thorn in the side of the
city and county school superinten
dents, because it supervises the ex
penditure of all school funds—a func
tion formerly belonging to the su
perintendents. They have also ob
jected to the commission because it
has been composed almost entirely of
business men instead of school su
perintendents and school people. But
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40 Percent Boost
In Standing Army
Now Agreed Upon
Washington, March 23.—(AP)—
Agreement for an Immediate in
crease in the authorized strength
of the standing army by 40 per
cent was reached today by Senate
and House conferees on the i>400,-
000,000 War Depaiinu ni -»*»»•- op
rbttion. , . . ,
five cents copy
Collapse of McDonald-
Lumpkin Bloc in House
Is Feature of the Leg
islative Week.
House Will Pass It on Final
Reading Monday and Sen
ate Starts Tuesday; Appro
priations Bill to Be Acted
on Much More Speedily
Than Revenue.
Raleigh, March 23 (AP)— Six. mem
bers of the State Senate met for 15
minutes this morning to pass ten lo
cal bill, as the House was in rectss
after a meeting at midnight when
the biennial revenue bill was passed
on its second roll cal! reading.
The House will meet Monday after
noon and the Senate Monday night.
Raleigh, March 23 (AP) Climating
a hectic we<>k of legislative give-|nd
take, the House of Representatives
passed the biennial revenue bill on
second reading at an early hour this
Administration forcer, scored an im
pressive, overwhelming victory in
sweeping asid*' the determined Mc-
Donald-Lumpkin bloc of anti-sales
taxers, and supporter sere today heap
ing praise upon Chairman Gregg
Cherry, of the House Finance Com
mittee, for the statesmanship and
strategy he showed in routing the op
position .
The measure, calculated to raise
nearly $62,000,000 for the biennium,
will be placde on its third and final
reading Monday It will, fortfthrlth’'
be sent to the Senate and will prßbi>
ably be taken up for
that body the following day. t
Intact as originally proposed, with,
no exceptions of basic fbod«, ( tbtdi
highly controversial sales tax AfcptroK'
passed the first reading by a 55 to' &&
vote early Friday night following an
extended session. From that point
adoption of the bill was moffe ftp less
a matter of routine. ’
Downfall of the McDon&ld-Lumpkin.
(Continued on Pae« Five)
Miami, Fla., March 23. —(AP)
Claiming a new world’s seapanv
record, the Pan-American Clipper
returned to Its home base here
today after completing a non-stop
flight to the Virgin Islands on a
test of crew and ship for trans
pacific commercial service.
77 Highway
Deaths For
Past Month
Speed, Flaming Youth
Gasoline and Liqu
or Blamed for Road
Dnlly Dispatch Bnreaa,
In the Sir Walter Hotel,
Raleigh, March 23.— Speed, flaming
youth, gasoline and liquor caused 77
deaths and injured 482 In 375 auto
mobile accidents in North Carolina
during February, according to fig
ures released today by Director L. S.
Harris, of the motor vehicle bureau
of the Department of Revenue. Four
teen of. those killed and 58 of tha
Injured were under 15 years of age
while 11 more of those killed and 18®
of the injured were between the agea
of 15 and 25.
Drunken drivers were responsible
for five of the fatal and 50 of the
non-fatal accidents. One Intoxicated
pedestrian was killed and three in
jured while walking along highways.
While the February list of fatalities
and accidents is smaller than In Jan
uary, when 90 persans were killed and
506 injured in 363 accidents, it Is
rough larger than in February, 1934,
when only 53 persons were killed rnd
439 injured in 306 acciae, is. in vb
ruary 1932, onb 38 wn > * . I
(Ccr.tl ~'zz* c”

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