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mmm daily dispatch
EaUbllahed August 12, 1914,
Published Every Afternoon Except
Sunday by
at 119 Young Street'
HENRY A. DENNIS, Pres. and Editor.
y t < W*-Treas and Bits Mar*
Editorial Office
Society Editor 6JA)
Business Office ,
The Henderson Daily Di3palch is a
member of the Associated Pie**s,
Southern Newspaper PubUahera Asso
ciation and the North Carolina Press
The Associated Press Is exclusively
entitled to use for republication all
oews dispatches credited to it or not
otherwise credited in this paper, and
also the local news published herein.
All -ightsof publication of special
dispatches herein are also reserved.
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Per Copy 05
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paper. Tbe date thereon shows when
the subscription expires. Forward your
money in ample time for renewal.
Notice date on label carefully and if
not correct, please notify ue at once.
Subscribers desiring the address on
their paper changed, please state in
their communication both the OLD
and NEW address.
National Advertising Representatives
9 East 41st Street, New York
330 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago
301 Dovenshire Street, Boston
General Motors Bldg., Detroit
Walton Building, Altanta
Entered at the post office In Bender
eon, N. C., as second class mall matter.
hands suddenly on no man, neither
be partaker of other men's sins; keep
thyself pure.—l Timothy 5:22.
Jesus answering said unto them.
They that are whole need not a phy
sician; but they that 4re sick.—Luke
1737 —'Edward Gibbon, famed Eng
lish historian, born. Died Jan. 15,
1759-- Mary Wlollstonecraft, English
author of the “Vindication of the
Rights of Women,’’ born. Died Sept.
10. 1797.
1791—Samuel F. B. Morse, the art
ist-inventor of telegraphy, born in
Boston. Died in New York, April 2,
1820—Herbert Spencer. English phil
osopher, born. Died Dec. 8. 1903.
1883—Arthur Somers Roche, nove
list, born at Somerville, Mass. Died
17 1035. ' ’ '
l&b'> ,*f upi; s"t Sultana’ exploded
n Mio'-i;-: ir*p! with los. of some 1500
lives. , y ...., ...
U<C. Mob dragged district judge
from bench at Le Mars, lowa.
1934 —'Pan-American. Anti-War Pact
signed at Buenos Aires.
Frank R McNinch of N. C., chair
man of the Federal Power Commis
sion. born at Charlotte, 62 years ago.
iProf. Charles T. Copeland of Harv
ard, famed teacher, born at Calais,
Me., 75 years ago.
Dr. John H. Randall of New. York
clergyman, born at St. Paul, Minn.,
64 years ago.
Sir Henry Drayton of Toronto, Ca
nadian statesman, born at Kingston,
Ont., 66 years ago.
This is one who has a contented
mind and keeps it along the ordinary
tracks of life. Apparently not cap
able of great effort, there is still con
slderable resolution and generally good
luck. Most of those born this day at
tain to a comparative degree of com
fort, though they will be contented
with less th&n more ambitious per
sons desire.
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1. British West Indies.
2. German.
3. Philadelphia. Pa.
4. Verdi.
5. Cinque Ports.
6. The Crimean War.
7. William Caxton.
8. New Orleans.
9. Bay of Bengal.
10. Cat family.
Wije Preservers
\ (
White spots may be* removed
from furniture with a little house
hold ammonia on a cloth. Then
polish furniture with furniiure oiL
Today is the Day
Copyright, 1494. for this Nmyapw
by Central Frara Association
•Saturday, April 27; 117th day of the
year Arbor Day in Massachusetts.
Moon: last quarter. Birth stone: dia
mond. Daylight saving begins to
April 27. 1667—John Milton sold the
copyright ol Paradise Lost to a Lon
don publisher for the equivalent of
$25 down, and $25 on the publication
of each of the first three editions.
The classic was destined to have
thousands of editions in scores, of
languages. All Milton ever received
from It was SSO.
April 27, 1778—British Isles were
invaded by foreign forces the last time
by Americans! Capt. John Paul Jones
commanding the frigate Banger, the
first to fly the Stars and Stripes, land
ed a force at Wihitehaven, on the bor
ders of the Irish Sea. held the town
for a while, spiked 38 cannon, and
threw a scare into the whole country
One hundred and thirty-six years
later their ships and airships bomb
arded English cities, but Germans
were never able to land forces.
April 27, 1805 —•The American flag
floated over conquered territory In the
Old World for the first time. Lieut.
P. N. OTBannon, U. S. Marines, rais
ed the Stars and Stripes over the
Tripolitan fortress at Derne, on the
northcoast of Africa. The Marines
were part of a force sent to stop the
from American vessels in the Medi
terranean. In doing so. they also stop-
Barbary States from exacting tribute
ped depredations inflicted on vessels
of other vessels. Pope Pius VII. whose
Papal States had been among the suf
ferers. declared the Americans had
done more for Christendom against
the pirates than all the powers of
Europe united.
April 27, 1822 —-Hiram Ulysses Grant
was born at Point Pleasant. Ohio, de
stined to raise from bankrupt farm
ers to commanding general of the U.
S. Army and to the Presidency with
in eight years!
You’re wrong' if you believe that
Grant was a heavy toper who was
i oaring drunk before the battle of
Vicksburg. The story was slanderous
ly spread by two envious generals,
one of them a fanatical dry and the
other a fanatical abolitionist.
That celery and fish have special
value as “brain foods.’’
There is no foundation for this po
pular superstition.
That the “pony express” was of
vast importance in th winning of the
It was virtually of no importance.
It was in operation less than two years
the public patronizd it lightly; the
operators went into bankruptcy.
That there is more copper in a
penny than there is in a nickel.
The 5c piece is 75 per cent copper.
Write a wrong: address Clark Kin
i.aird, care this newspaper.
That fish and ice cream cannot be
eaten at the same time without gas
tronomical distress.
It’s just superstition. If you should
get the stomach ache after having this
combination, don’t blame it on the
April 27 1915—The most important
■'Vi* 'lf-\ ‘.lopr>! (?*■;t '■? this date did net
become known until long afterward.
An agreement was signed in London
■ between Britain. France, Russia and
Italy whereby Italy agreed to deliver
her support to the Allies, C. O. D.
IHe compensation was fived in ad
vance; the whole of the Trentino and.
South Tyrol. Trieste. Dalmatia, Rhodes
and various other islands; a zone of
influence in southern Asia Minor; new
colonies in Africa; a say-so about all
Albanian affairs .and sundry other
Italy stipulated that the pact should
be kept secret from the other Entente
allies, particularly Servla, as well as
the rest of the world. (It did not be
come known until the Russian Bolshe
vik! published Russian state papers
In 1917).
Italy had been bartering about her
affections with both sides for months.
The Allies were the highest bidders,
and the current news from the west
ern and eastern fronts was none too
favorable to the German cause. So
Italy case its lot with the Allies.
Its actual entry into the conflict
was to follow the Pact of London by
several weeks, however, because of
the time needed to rouse the rank and
file of the population and make entry
into the war seem necessary.
April 28, 1915—The United States ap
pealed to Turkey for relief of Armen
ian citizens.
The most savage warfare conducted
against a race in modern times was
being carried on by the Turks to ex
terminate the Armenian population of
Asia Minor It had begun soon after
ONE of the most distinctive de
signs on a modern stamp is
that issued by
Egypt in 1025
y M ' A ~Sj on the occasion
tf.Faid k
| Air ~|
1415 1« ITIYmivV
SI 32 33 *4 2\?71
23 M 30
the uotbreak of the war with reports
of Armenian plots in support of the
Allied Powers; and had been fanned,
of course, by the hatred of fanatical
Moslems for the. Armenian Christians.
Even the crisis facing ’Turkey at
the Dardanelles did . liot take much
needed forces from the work of but
chering the Armenians, From first
to last the massacres were organized
and carried out systematically. The
people were shot down in masses,
drowned in the Black Sea and in riv
ers; burned in buildings—murdered by
whatever processes were most • con
venient. Girls were placed in Turkish
harems, sold like slaves.
The American protest naturally
came to naught.
What Do You
Know About
North Carolina?
1 — when did North Carolina send:
troops to South America?
2 When was the first regular pos
tal service established in North Car
3 What North Carolinian offered
his services to Ita&y in a war against
4 What Confederate general was
named secretary of the U. S. Senate
in 1892? .
5 What was the name of the cross
roads settlement where Raleigh is
now located?
6 WhaJ reference to the diet of
North Carolinians did William Byrd
1— In 1740 an expedition was sent
from the colonies to Venezuela, known
as the Cartagena Expedition, North
Carolina sending 400 men. This war
of England against Spain was an ef
fort to force the opening of the South
American ports to British shipping.
Practically the entire coasts south
of Georgia on the Atlantic and Cali
fornia. on the Pacific 4U the way to
Cape Horn, were under Spanish con
trol. In this war New Hampshire,
South Carolina, Delaware and Geor
gia did not send any troops.
2 October 14, 1755 the legislature
provided for the first salaried mail
carrier service in the state. James
Davis, public printer, New Bern, en
tered into a contract to establish ser
vice between New Bern the capitol,
and Suffolk, Va and New Bern and
Wilmiington. Trips were required
every fifteen days for carrying public
letters .express dispatches. The
consideration per year was 100 pounds
six shillings and eight pence proclam
ation money.
|James Johnston' Pettigrew, of
Tyfell county in 1859 went to Italy
and offered services as a soldier in
the Sardinian war Against Austria.
Two years later the Civil war gave
him the opportunity to disguish him
self. He was mortally wounded July
3, 1863, at Falling Waters, Md., while
falling back from Gettysburg afrid died
on July 17,
4—General WijMani Ruffin Cox, who
after the expiration of his term, re
turned so his farm in Edgeoobg coun.
o —-Bloomsbury prior to 1791. Until
Wake county was formed in 1770, ef
fective March 12, 1771, that territory
was in Johnson county.
6 —Byrd was one of the Virginia
Commissioners who ajided in running
the Vsl.-N. C. boundary \fne. Among
the many references to' the diet of
his friends, he says this: “The Truth
of 44>is, these People live on so much
Swine’s flesh, that it don’t only in
cline them to the Yaws, and conse
quently the downfall of their noses,
Tea and Coffee Contain
Same Drug— Caffeine
•‘1 DID SEND for a cup of tea, a
China drink, of which I never had
drunk before,” records Pepys Irt
hie diary on September 25. 1666.
This dates for
Dr. deadening
•cribed briefly yesterday. It increases
the amount Os blood Which goes
through the organs of the body, espe
cially the kidneys, heart and brain.
This action is probably basically re
sponsible fOr its stimulating effect
*• those organs.
The amount of mental work, that
«ah he done under its Influence Is
ggeatly increased. We mentioned ex
periments on typewriters yesterday.
Another along the same line was the
observation of Hollingsworth, who
gave twenty-two intelligent men cap
sules of caffeina or capsules Os milk
sugar for a period of, forty days.
None of them knew which he was
receiving:. Some days a than would
Mt caffeine, other days sugar of milk.
Setting them definite task*, It .was
possible to observe the difference In
the reactions Os the entire Caffeine
group to the entire lactose group.
And It was further possible te ob
sarve the reactions of the same man
but makes them likewise extremely
hoggish in their Temper and many of
seem to grunt rather than
!V. ‘
Banker Urges Lower Tariffs
and Government Debt
Central Press Staff Writer
New York, April 2f, —Some inipor.
tant things are being said in speeches
arid in print that do not get to the
We shallLtry to relay a few.
One of the most important state
ments was made by Benjamin M.
Anderson, Jr., economist of the Chase
National bank. New York. His state
ment is important because its repre
sents the largest accumulation of
cash in one institution in America.
He stresses as necessary for na
tional recovery such measures as cur
rency stabilization, lowering of tariffs
elimination of other trade restrictions
adjustment of government debts (pro-*
bably the taking up of all short-term
government paper in a long-term re
funding program).
Said Mr. Anderson:
“If goods can move across inter
national borders with reasonable free
dom, then the pressure on gold stocks
of debtor countries is enormously
lightened, and the gold supply of the
entire world becomes much more ade
“Tariff reductions, particularly oy
the great creditor countries, would,
in effect t greatly increase the gold
stocks of the world and would great,
ly facilitate currency stabilization.”
We wrote the other day of the un
soundness of our criminal laws.
They not only are unsound, but an
tiquated and bahbarous, says Dr. Wil
liam Alanson White. Superintendent
of St. Elizabeth’s hospital, Washing
ton.-' ‘
Says Dr. White: "Psychiatry has
branched out in the field of crimi
nology where it is struggling with
the problem of so-called crime. Here
it ipeets with antiquated, outworn,
archaic ways of thinking that have
been crystalized in the statutory law
and retain personal expression thro
ugh the personalities of the lawyers
who have been educated in the tra
ditional legal methodology.
“In trials there! s often the hypo
thetical question. It asks something
about an iridividual who does not ex
ist, never has existed and from the
constitution of such questions, never
could exist.
“The trial that takes place in our
courts is not the trial of a man but
the trial of a ghost that slatks across
the stage in this dramatic procedure
and that probably would be least re
cognized by the sol-called criminal
himself,, while behind such indefinable
terms as ‘responsibility’ there hides>
the same old motive of vengeance.”
Germany now decrees the death
penalty for pacifists.
In every major country in the
world —including the United States—
pacifists now may be imprisoned, for
longer terms than common criminals.
Thus have we traveled since the
days of the Prince of Peace.
Wife Preservers
34 remove mustard stains from
linens, rub well with hot water
and eoao. Rinse in warm water.
wlth caffeine one day and with sugaf
of milk the next.
Speed, Accuracy Described
The result showed that with aver
age doses of caffeine (% grains)
there was undoubted increase In
speOd and accuracy of movement and
efficiency of work, beginning in about
one hour and lasting four hours.
The action on muscle is particu
larly noticeable. The strength and
irritability of the muscle is increased
and fitigability is reduced. Muscu
lar movements are far more accurate
under caffeine.
Naturally, therefore, tea and corftS
habits are common among brain
workers, and those Svho must hs
awake and alert at nlgnt.
The afternoon cup o* tea is a trua
fatigue preventer.
The stimulation of tea and codes,
if carried to excess, is certainly of
the sort which draws on Nature’s re
serves, however, and I echo the words
°f ■ famous physician who writes, "I
should tike to say to every student
tnat if he gets into a state tn which
night after night he cannot work
without coffee, he is drawing on his
reserves, so that when he needs to
make a spurt, he will be unable to
dt> so.”
Tea Is a valuable domestic drug
for other things. On account of IIP
content of tannic acid rt is valuable
in, the treatment of burns, and tea
leaves are, therefore, valuable as e
part of the domestic medicine chest.
EDIIOKS NOTE: Six pamphlets
y r* Clendening can now be ob
tained by sending to cents in coin, for
each, and a self-addressed enveloo#
stamped with a three-cent stamp,
o Dr. Logan Clendening. in care n<
~, s , Paper. The pamphlets are:
Indigestion and Constipation.” ‘Re
:l Ua ”i and Gai ning." infant Keed
#*’ r .. lpatruct i°i>s for the Treatment
aLd “T^rt 8 '" " Kemi ni»« Hygiene"
Jtoo ihe Care of the Hair and Skin."
us the general
time of the Intro
duction of tea in
to England; it
followed coffee
and supplanted
»t. \ ;
Yet the active
Ingredient Os
both beverages is
the same cdf
reine.s Tea con
tains 1 to 3 per
Cetit of caffeine,
and roasted cof
fee % to 2 per
The action Oft
caffeine we . di-
“More Golden Eggs, or Else—!”
Large Discounts Offered
Counties To Settle On
Old Property Levy
Dully Uiuimtch Dureua,
In the Sir Walter Hotel,
Raleigh. April 29. —Pursuing its
course of thel ast month, the Senate
failed again to agree on a question
of revenue for the next biennium
when it. deferred until today action
on. the bill by Senator Newman, fin
ance chairmn, of New Hnover, to ex
tend to counties a discount of ten per
cent in order to induce them to pay
into the State cfofer about $500,000
due from uncollected taxes under the
now-abolished 15-cent ad valorem
levy for the support of schools.
The bill would offer a discount of
two per cent to cover overcharges and
errors, three per cent for collection
charges, and additional discounts tor
prompt settlments. The additional dis
counts would be allowed on the fol
lowing basis: five per cent if paid be
fore next November 1. two per cent
if paid before December 1, and one
per cent if paid before January 1.
Practically every county in the state
owes the State uncollected taxes un
der the 15 cent levy on the SIOO as.
sessed property valuation. The tax is
no longer levied, having been replaced
with the retail sales tax.
The measure was offered by Senator
Newman in an effort to get the coun
ties to pay'up. Senator Newman has
already included in his revenue bill
estimated collections under this item.
When the .bill appeared on the cal
endar for action, Senator Johnson, of
Duplin, sent up an amendment which
would allow the State treasurer to
settle with counties on whatever dis
count basis he should deem advisable.
Opposing the amendment was Sen
ator Allsbrook, of Halifax, who said
that it would allow too much latitude
for politicians. He deolared that he
did not believe that the State treas
urer himself (Chiles Johnson) would
like the amendment, At once Senator
Johnson was on his feet. "The only
reason (Senator Allsbrook is opposing
this amendment is because he dislikes
me personally,” Routed the Duplin
Senator. Senator Allsbrook denied the
allegation and a compromise was
reached under which the maximum
discount permitted any county would
be ten per cent.
Arm for Ambition
B'Jlf Jllßj IP* * I
' *
Earliest ambition of Clifton Ste
yens, 15, of Brockton, Mass., was
to become a doctor. Losing an arm
will enable him to achieve it. He’ll
use $15,000 awarded him for ampu
taticn of arm in auto accident foi
medical education.
(Central Press 1
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Pursuant to the terms of a certain
deed of trust executed by J. P. Gup
ton securing the purchase price of
certain lands, said deed of trust dated
February 6, 1926, and of record in the
Office of the Register of Deeds of
Vance County. North Carolina, Book
140, Page 15, default having been
made in the payment of the debt
therein secured, and being required
so to do by the holder of said debt,
the undersigned trustee will offer for
sale at public auction for cash, to th*w
highest bidder, ajt the front door of
the courthouse, in the town of Hen.
derson. North Carolina, on Wednes
iay the 29th day of May, 1935, at 12
O’clock Noon, the following described
Begin at a pin on the Townsville
and Clarksville public road, corner
of J. H. Taylor lot, and run thence
along the line of J. H. Taylor lot, N
18 1-4 E, 3.62 chs. to a( pin in Mrs.
Royster’s line, thence along her line
S 76 deg. E, 110 feet, thence S 18 1-4
Deg. W. 3.62 chs. to a pin on the
nublic road, thence along said road
N 76 deg. W, 110 feet to place of be
ginning. this land is known as a part
sf the Estes lot.
This 27th day of April, 1935
H. G. TAYLOR Trustee.
A. A. Bunn,
Atty. for Trustee.
?4-llour Service
(HJA) O’Lary’s
Wrecker Tires Batteries
North Henderson Phone 470-J
“ — mtmmrnmmmmmmm*mm —w—nmwjßa
J have this day qualified before (he
Clerk o f Superior Court. Vance Coun
ty, Noith Carolina, as Administratoi
of the Estate of Charles G. Davis.
Deceased, and this is to notify all per
sons holding claims against said es
tate (o present the same to the un
dersigned within one year from this
date, or this notice will be pleaded in
bar of any recovery. Persons indebted
to said estate are requested to make
prompt payment.
This the sth day of April, 1935.
Administrator of the Estate of
'Charles G. Davis.
J. P. and J. H. Zollicoffer,
Political Notices
1 hereby announce my candidacy
for re-election to office of mayor of
the city of Henderson T am asking
your support and vote upon my record
as mayor, which will be greatly appre
In the event 1 am re-elected 1 will
as in the past do all in my power for
the betterment of our city and for
the promotion of the welfare of our
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the office of Mayor of the City
of Henderson, subject to the City
Election to be held May 7, 1935.
If elected I will enter office bound
by no promises to anyone, except to
the people of Henderson, to act in all
things for their best interests.
IAI! Forms of [|§
Al. B. Wester
Phone 139-J
Seashore Week-End
Fares To
Neuse $3.20
Wake Forest 300
Youngsville 2 90
Franklinton 2.75
Kittrell ’ 2.75
Henderson 2.50
Tickets sold for all trains Friday and
Saturday also Sunday Morning trains
until September 29, 1935.
Limited returning following Monday
• For information see Agent
The only completely air-conditioned
trains In the South

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