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Ground Will Be Broken for
Schools When Surety
1 las Been Given
K« 11 n• •-1- to contractors for surety
bo inti have been forwarded by local
M'hoi'l officials, it was learned today,
,i as soon these have been p05t
,.,1 tin builders will be told to begin
urea king ground for the new Hender
son nigh school and the North Hen- ,
i school and the addition at
nith Henderson.
V u posting of these bonds is a mere
matt<-i of formality, and is required !
~n ail eonstruction jobs. Certificates
~f compliance with the State work
men's compensation act, government
laboi legulations and certain other
i>quu • inents will also have to be filed
Attached to the contract also will 1
he. a provision covering the removal •
~i rumination of certain portions of 1
the original approved plans so as to
: nut down the cost of the new high
-ehool this merely protects the coun
ty in the event PWA officials in
Washington permit the elimination of
thr.-t portions of the contract.
H i not certain how long it will
hr hr fore all of the bonds have been '
filed But it is believed this detail will .
i,.n< been attended to in a matter of <
i, frw days Some think it virtually «
j ii itaint\ that work can be under <
wa> b> around the first of the month,
barring unforeseen developments that
might bring additional difficulties.
19.10 Amy Johnson, British flyer,
ended woo mile solo flight at Darwin, I :
Australia I]
What Lovely Work!
You’ll Be Delighted
We just want to show you what
nice work we do. Really, it is a
delightful surprise when you
open your package from our
Send us your laundry next week
and start enjoying a service that
will be most pleasing and helpful
to your appearance.
Henderson Steam
Phone 508
Election Being Held by
Mail; W. C. Ferrell, Nash
ville, Other Nominee
■nP' Bocutt, local druggist, and
• C. Ferrell, of Nashville, were
nominated as candidates for the pres
idency of the North Carolina Phar
maceutical association at the 56th an
nua meeting of the group held re
cently in the Robert E. I.ee Hotel in
Winston Salem.
Ballots have been mailed to all paid
members of the association and are to
>e leturned within thirty days, after
n>oi ch t,l f P ,es ident to preside at the
..7 session of the State meeting will
be made known.
Mr. Procutt has long been promin
ent in drug circles throughout the
State and has been signally honored
i.v the group by his nomination.
The Fisher-Bullock Post 176 of the
American Legion, local Negro post,
will have a program of special inter
est to the parents of Henderson and
community Sunday evening at 8
o'clock at Reisers Temple Methodist
church at which they will honor
mothers, it was announced today. All
Legiona ires’ parents and friends of
the Legion are urged to be present.
George Grey Barnard of New York,
famed sculptor, horn at Bellefonte,
Pa., 72 years ago.
Following a whirlwind romance in
Shanghai where he in attached to a
U. 8. gunboat, carefree lAeutenant
Valentine Preston suddenly marries
hia Garenne, an American south
erner who is alone in the world ex
cept tor an aunt in Peiping and a
father in the Gobi desert whom she
h,as not seen in years. When Val's
orders arrive, transferring him to
Puget Sound Navy Yard, lAa is bit
terly disappointed at the thought of
Waving China. At the commandant's
reception at the Navy Yard Val finds
Janice Edding, daughter of Captain
Edding, and his childhood sweetheart.
Me had last seen her in Shanghai
when he said good by to her in a huff
and that same day met lAa. The
Prestons meet Maurice Cordray.
aviation executive, who induces Lia
to try for a part in connection with
a masked ball he is su yer vising.
Later with several others Val and
LAa dine at Cordray"s home. Lia
and Cordray become quite interested
in one another and Val is glad of a
chance to talk with Janice again.
gard the long Chinese earrings he
had fastened in L.ia’s ears. Appar
ently thinking aloud he murmured.
"How easy to mold to any pattern
this piece of virgin gold.” Then to
Lia, “You only await the smith’s
fashioning. What shall he make of
you ?"
Fingers pointed like a fragile star
fish, her bands were raised in an
airy gesture. “A model navy wife,
•f course,” she smiled demurely.
“Heaven forbid!” Cordray ex
claimed. "Rather a warrior’s brace
let to reinforce the strength of his
sword arm! Or. perhaps, a lovely
mask to pique the interest of the
world ”
Val murmured, “Horse-feathers!”
under his breath and went across to
sit on a red leather divan where
Kathie Field was reading palms.
There, amused by the dismay of one
of the ensigns for whom three mar
riages and a boiler explosion had
just been predicted, he offered him
self as the next subject.
He was mildly bored when Mrs.
Field glanced at his hand, rolled her
violet eyes and sighed. “Oh-oh,
Romeo! Are you affectionate!” A
lot more of the usual tosh followed.
Across her bent head his gaze drifted
to Lia and Cordray who pored over
Mtacks of costume plates piled on a
drafting desk. Lia looked like a wil
lowy Kwan Yin in that outfit. Some
of the guests had gone to the oppo
site end of the great room and were
playing with the puppets: others
were trying on costumes. He
watched two graceful girls near the
French doors who had donned
Japanese ceremonial robes and who
looked like brilliant butterflies as
they poised and floated about in the
trailinsr, diaphanous silks.
He was only half listening to
Mrs. Field when she said, “ —you will
have a long life. Nothing bothers
you very much because you are
easy-going and careless. But things
will bother you—and how! See this
line? It says you must go through
tragedy and sorrow to find your hap
piness. There is a great upheaval in
your life. It Is coming very
soon ”
Hi, what drivel! His eyes strayed
Warrenton Man Charged I'm
Court There With Sev
eral Accusations
Trial of L. C. Kinsey !n Warrenton,
this week on various charges growing
out of the failure of the Peck Manu
facturing Company there, has been
of considerable interest here.
When Judge W. A. Devin, presiding
refused to grant a continuance of the
case until the September term of
court in Warren county, trial was set
for Wednesday and a special venire
was called from which to obtain the
jury. -The jury was obtained the first
day ojftthe trial and testimony started
that afternoon.
T. t*. .Gholson, John H. Kerr, Jr.,
and K k C. Royall are representing the
The textile concern was thrown into
receivership some five or six weeks
ago, and later pu,t into bankruptcy.
Embezzlement and other charges
4 ;{m
Eases Headache
In 3 Minutes
also neuralgia, muscular aches
and pains, toothache, earache,
periodical and other pains due.
to inorganic causes. No nar
cotics. 10c and 25c packages.
Kerosene Farm
No lighting each day.
No water tank.
Economical —Beautiful
See the Electrolux before
you buy—at
Vance Barber Shop
T. P. Stewart, Jr., Dealer
i again to Lia. She seemeo to nave
found a design that pleased her. She
was smiling up over her shoulder
and Cordray's bright golden head
held close to her lustrous dark hair
made a vivid contrast when he bent
forward to study the plate she held.
As the man leaned above Lia. Val
watched him snap on an automatic
lighter and touch it to his cig
ar et —
Good God! Val's eyes widened
with horror He sat powerless to
move. Lia, turning back with un
expected suddenness had knocked
the burning lighter from Cordray’s
grasp* The man’s hand flew out to
clutch it against his thigh—his
flimsy costume leaped into flame—
Lia stood motionless with terror—
no one else had seen—the man’s
fingers tore at the silver girdle’s
Panic in the ashen sac
he’s lost his head! He’s going to
run! He’s started for the French
Joors —those girls there in sheer silk
He’s coming! Don’t sit there
frozen, you fool. No one else sees.
You’ve got to stop him! Snap into
it; Crouch! He’s gone crazy.
Now! Sink him with all you’ve got!
God, he went down hard —grab
that rug—roll him—smother the
flame —smother it !
It’s done. Dead silence. A room
full of staring, horrified wax figures.
No one breathing. Now—a wild
clamor. Was it Sue who screamed?
Strange to see her so deadly white
running to crouch beside Cordray’s
prostrate form.
Thanks be, the chap is all right.
Good news to see no harm has been
done —that he can pull himself to
his feet. It might have been pretty
terrible. Only the skirt of the gos
samery brocade tunic Is hanging in
charred tatters
Everyone pressed around them
now. The studio was in a hubbub.
Cordray, his face still gray beneath
his tan stammered, “Jt—it all hap
pened so quickly.” His voice was
husky. “I hadn’t time to think. My
one impulse was to —to get away so
as not to endanger you others ”
Yeah, especially those girls in the
sheer costumes by the French doors!
An instant too late Val hid the
mocking grin in his eyes when the
man swung about to inquire anxious
ly. “Preston! Are you hurt?”
He had a negligible scorch on one
hand but he concealed it and an
swered, “Not a bit. Sure you are
quite all right yourself?”
“I am untouched, thanks to your
presence of mind.”
Cordray managed to tear loose the
stubborn girdle that had almost been
his undoing and tossed it with the
remnant of burned robe away from
him. His glance searched the con
cerned faces of his guests, then he
straightened his shoulders and
slipped on his poise like a cloak.
“Preston,” lie said to Val, and his
voice now had regained its cus
tomary mellifluence, “I am deeply
grateful to you. T scarcely know
what more I can say.”
Val felt Ids face flush; he sensed
that Cordray was shifting the lime
light away from himself and toward
him. “Sorry I had to hit you such
a clip, sir,” he said, then realized
that remark would have been best
left unspoken.
“You need not apologize for hav
ing saved my life.” Cordray answered
slowly. “And It seems to me this
makes us more than mere acquaint
ances. it forges a bond of friendship
have been laid against the defendant,
who was general manager and presi
dent of the mills. He was formerly a I
resident of Henderson, having been
for a number of years connected with j
the Henderson and Harriet Cotton 1-
Mills here before going to Warrenton 1 ,
Inflation Advocates
Slowed Up
(Continued from Page One.)
ing” another may be traceable to the 1
battle of currencies (which the rising 1
of tariffs may engender still more). I
It is no only China that is afflicted
as if an epidemic had struck it by
the fluctuation of currency values, hut
mites of docks on the Mersey river,
at Liverpool, England, too, are idle.
And Japanese labor is pinched to
peonage wages while American fac
tories have difficulty competing.
If capitalism is to save itself, there
will he stabilization. Thus this sum
mer is likely to see the beginning of
a peace in one of the most lisastrous
wars that ever has been carried on
among nations. Not a soul has be*m
killed in battle, but millions of per
sons have been afflicted. Among the
malnutrition of the young will he felt
for several generations to come.
Not all persons are rushing to in
vest their savings in stocks, as a ]
hedge against inflation.
That ma bye wise, some financial
observers are saying.
If there is to be no inflation, stocks
are likely to drop back to normal
levels. And normal levels are based
on earnings.
Now, the question is: Will there be
earnings for the average company?
Whether pending social legislation
bills in congress are passed or not,
companies nevertheless will have to
count on much larger operating ex
penses. The social legislation bills
are rather an expression of what act
ually is occurring. Governments usu
ally do not lead in evolutionary mover
ments, They reluctantly
. them. And the longer they delay, the
* more violence there is.
Organization of workers, higher
wages, shorter hours, social insurance
(small as it is) and higher taxes will
force a readjustment of operations
And while that readjustment is oc
curring, profits may be entirely wiped
In the long run, however, increased
purchasing power and increased effi
ciency, are likely to restore earnings
at an aven greater ratio.
During the interim, however, little
may be earned toward dividends, we
hear from financial men.
1855—Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, Brit
ish playwright, born. Died Nov. 23,
between us.” He shook hands cere
moniously. “Preston, 1 want you to
realize my gratitude. I want you to
know l shall not forget.” %
All right, if the chap wanted to be
stagey. Val returned the hand-clasp,
yet he couldn’t help but regret being
denied the opportunity to stand by
and watch those noble whiskers go
up in smoke. And then his badl>
concealed grin met the hard blue of
Cordray’s eyes; he had the swift im
pression that although this man had
escaped physical injury, his ego had
been badly bruised. His guests had
witnessed his panic and seen him
struck down. And despite his pro
testations of gratitude, that mo
mentary glimpse made the plana
builder’s true feelings seem to Val
not entirely friendly.
• • •
During their first fortnight at the
Yard Val scarcely saw his wife.
From early morning, when she hur-.
ried into the scraps of silk and lace
worn between satiny skin and frock,
until she tumbled at night exhausted
into bed, she spent her time at Cord
ray’s studio under the tutelage of
Sakoh, the Japanese dancing master.
She was, Val informed her, get
ting to be such a stranger he was
undecided whether to kiss her or just
tip his hat when they met. He also
reminded her that although, in th«
week after their arrival, all of Ofi«
cers’ Row had come to call, she, hM
received no one; and that while sb#
knew it was an iron-clad navy cus
tom to repay first visits promptly,
nothing had been done about It.
As a bachelor he had never ex.
erted himself ttrmake calls, but this
was different. Lia couldn’t expect
people to be friendly if she not only
refused to receive them but also
ignored their courtesy in coming at
once to welcome her Into their circle.
Indeed, he had a hunch it would be
politic to take that afternoon off and
run the gauntlet of the Row—an idea
he was later to regret not having
carried out.
Lia. however, had other plans. She
had been thrilled when Sue Norris
reported that speculation about her
was rife in the Yard. The Demings,
it appeared, had known Lia’s parents
when they were at the legation in
Peking in 1913; and, Sue reported
without reticence, ther ® described
Stephen Garenne as a charming ec
centric and a poseur. His wife, they
said, had been a true aristocrat—
slim, elegant, tall—a woman whose
fragile lily-whiteness made a perfect
foil for her husband’s dark Latin
brilliance. To the dismay of Peking’s
diplomatic set this notable couple
had been abruptly transferred t#
Paris where, they later heard. Mrs.
Garenne died when her daughter
was born.
Naturally, all were interested im
meeting this daughter. Scarcely
anyone but the Pomfrets and Jan
Edding seemed to have glimpsed her
at the admiral’s tea. But despit*
Val’s continued remonstrances. Lia
insisted upon remaining a mysterious
figure. The Yard dwellers, she
maintained, had been inconsiderate
to call so soon when they knew sh#
was busy with rehearsals and had
had no time to redecorate this terri
ble house. Besides, she wanted to
pique their curiosity until her debut
at the Bal Masque d'Orient* It was
not until the festive night of the
Masque at the Officers’ club, that the
Yard had its Introduction to Val
Preston’s wife.
Aviators Enlist
ing In Britain
(Continued from Page One.)
completed in March, 1937, Great Bri
tain may have 6,000 military aircraft
of all kinds.
As the air ministry placed its en-
Itire energies behind the air program,
the government and representatives
of the dominions agreed on a tenta
tive plan for a.permanent, empire de
fense consultation board.
I Peoples Drug Store I
I (In Melville Dorsey’s Old Stand) ■
I J. G. Tolson, Jr., and L. S. Petty, Props. I
I Now jOpen For Business I
I We cordially invite the public to; visit our new store and get ac-
I quainted with us and our service.
We are modernly equipped and are ready to serve you prompt
ly in filling your prescriptions and supplying your other drugs and
I you are always Special Notice I
I WELCOMFI. cus^omers 0 f Melville Dorsey will be
... c • glad to know that we have access to all of
Ethical Prescription Service f ~ ... tin
his old prescription files and can re-fill ■
Our Label Is Your Protection. an y p rescr jption formerly handled by him
Were Filed Some Months
Ago by Chairman Wat
kins of County Board
Application® for local projects un
der the new $4,000,000,000
works program are on file with the
State representatives of the Federal
unit in the sum of approximately
$150,000 or more, it was learned to
day. The requests were filed with Dr.
H. G. Baity, State director of PWA,
several months ago by S. M. Watkins,
chairman of the Vance Board of
County Commissioners.
Included In the groupings was a
project for enlargement of the court
house, also a request for funds for
some hospital work, and likewise for
an armory for local militia companies
Mr. Watkins said today he filed the
requests so that Vance county would
not be ignored or overlooked in the
allocation of funds, and that so far as
he was concerned or knew any one
else had a perfect right to file an ap.
plication for anything of a public na
ture that would be eligible for con--
There has been some talk from time
to time of requesting government
funds for financing a community
house in Henderson, and there is quite
a widespread feeling that there is a
crying need here for some such in
stitution as that. t
Fees on hawks and crows have been
withdrawn in Vance county, under a
Statewide act of the recent legislature
E. O. Falkner, clerk of superior court
announced today. No more bounties
will be paid for these birds when
'brought in dead, he said. lie was fur
nished a sum of SIOO to be used in
paying these bounties, hut there was
an unexpended balance from that
will tell you how to
rnrr information
r KEiLi no obligation
We have been fortunate in securing the services of Mr.
G. A. Meacham, practipedist, of the Jung Arch Brace Co.,
Cincinnati, who will he in our store
tAII Day, Saturday
May 25
He is here to give you in
formation on relief and cor
rection of foot pains, aches,
/ tiredness, calluses, corns,
/ bunions, excessive perspira
tion, ingrown toenails, and
other foot ailments,
Jung Service
We offer a complete foot re
lief service, with a complete
stock of Jung Foot Aids, pop
tilarly priced and guaranteed
to give relief.
When you use Jung Foot Aids you are SURE of relief
Parker's Drug Store
Henderson North Carolina.
tiem of S7O when the law was passed
Os that total, $65 has been returned
to the State Department of Conser
vation and Development In Raleigh,
the $5 retained being to clear obliga
tions not yet settled under the old
Mrs. Lillian M. Gilbreath of Mont
clair, N J., noted consulting engi
neer, born at Oakland, Cai., 57 years
Added comedy “Gypsy Sweetheart”
Billy Hill Novelty
Ralph Morgan, Jackie Searl
Coming Monday and Tuesday
Tomorrow’s guests: Miss Hazel
Brown and Mrs. B. C. Long.
Bill Cody—in
Ken Maynard Serial —Comedy

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