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No Infant
Dully it urea a,
I tie S|r Wflllrr Hofei,
MV .1. O. it \ sli 1011 VI l<l<.
Raleigh, May 2i.- There is no epi.
demie of infantile paralysis in the
State, so that parents have nothing
to become alarmed over, Dr. Carl Y.
Reynolds, executive secretary of the
State Board of Health said here to
day in commenting on the infantile
paralysis sit nation over North Cart*-
“While it is true that we have had
more than the usual number of cases
of infantile para.vsis reported so tar
tiiis month, most of them are from
widely separated sections of the State,
so that there cannot possibly be any
thing like an epidemic,” Dr. Reynolds
said. "Consequently there fs nothing
to cause any alarm among parents.
We would tulvise them, however, to
exerreise tin* usual precautions and to
watch their children carefully, espe
cially if they develop head colds or
start running temperatures.”
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So far only eleven cases of infan
tile paralysis'have ‘been repot ted this
month, according to Dr. J. C. Knox,
epidemiologist with the State Board
of Health, and there has been only
one death. Only one new case had
been reported up to this morning, al
though three new cases were reported
1 Wednesday. The one death so far was
that of Hugh Lowe, Jr., seven years
old, of Clinton, who died In a Wil
mington hospital Tuesday night. The
one new case reported yesterday was
Luther Nichols, three-year-old white
child in Greenville, Pitt county.
There have been .some four or five
cases either in or near Raleigh within
the last two weeks, with the result
that the health authorities here have
closed the summer scohols and vaca
tion Bible sehools and have urged par
ents to keep their children away from
Sunday school and all gatherings in
order to prevent any possible spread
of the dtseease. There have been no
new cases here for several days and
most of the doctors here now think
all danger of an epidemic has passed.
Referendum Vote Ordered
By 4 to 1 by Commissioners
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morrow and for four following Sat
urdays to permit voters to qualify for
the election. The books will be open
only on Saturdays.
Buck Clopton and C. B. Beckham
expressed before the board their de
sires that the election 'be held. A brief
in writing was offered against the
election by J. H. Bridgers, in which
constitutional grounds were cited as
forbidding the balloting. Several local
ministers, including Rev. E. R. Nel
son, pastm of a number of rural Bap-
tist churches, and Rev. J L. Joyce,
pastor of White Memorial and City
Road Methodist Episcopal churches,
and several others spoke against the
ordering of the election.
When all had had their say, the
board went into executive session and
Whether or not any effort would he
made by drys to prevent the election
could not be learned definitely today.
The healing of the commissioners
today opened with the reading of the
bill 'by Chairman Watkins. Represen
tative O. S. Falkner, who voted in
the State House for Vance to he in
cluded in the bill allowing the com.
missioners to order the election, spoke
briefly at the hearing and explained
the measure.
Unless the election Is stopped toy
injunction or otherwise, it will he the
first time a straight out liquor elec
tion has been held in this county since
Vance, along with all the other coun
ties in the State, voted in May, 1908,
on whether or not the State should
have prohibition, which won.
Following is the text in full of the
protest against ordering an election in
Vance county on the setting up of a
county liquor store as presented to
the Vance Board of County Commis
sioners by J. H. Bridgets:
To the Board of County Commission
ers of Vance County*:
In behalf of our citizens who have
sor ecently expressed themselves as
opposed to legalizing the sale of
liquor, or doing anything that will in
crease its use, I respectfully ask you
to exercise the discretion contained in
the recent act to set up alcoholic con
trol boards, and not to order the eleo
tion provided for therein as useless
and unnecessary expense.
In addition to the above, I cite you
the following legal reasons for not
ordering the election:
1. You have no power' to spend
money except for necessary expense. I
(See Article 7. Section 7. North Caro
lina Constitution.)
2. The act violates Article I, Section
7. North Carolina Constitution, re
quiring uniformity in the laws, and
forbids special privileges except for
public services. See State vs. Fowler.
193 N. C. 290. This case construes tne
five county act, which sought to get !
from under the Turlington act.) A
special statute for Buncombe county ;
making the requirement of a 'bond in
private contracts the same as in pub
lic contracts as held void under Ar. j
tide I. Section 7. Plott vs. Ferguson, j
202 N. C., 450. An act authorizing the
purchase of claims against a closed
bank so as to allow them to be used
against the liability of the purchaser
was held void under this section. I
Eger ton vs. Hood, 205 N. C., 822.
3. The act violates the provisions of
Article 11, Section 29, North Carolina
Constitution, as follows:
"The legislature has no power to
pass ai law regulating trade;” the
legislature has no power to “enact j
any such local, private or special act j
bv the partial repeal of a genera) ;
4. I am reliably informed that the ;
act did not pass the legislature as re
quired by Article 11, Section 14, North
Carolina Constitution, in that it was
not read three times in each house of
the General Assembly, and pass three
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several readings on three different
j days in each house, respectively; and
I that the “ay,es” and “noes” were not
j recorded on the second nndl third
j readings of the bill,
j The It ill authorized an appropriation
for carrying it out. It is, therefore, a
revenue measure, and no money may
be spent in pursuance of the same on
account of this defect.
This the 22nd day of May, 1935.
Very respectfully,
| ’ (Signed) J. H. BRTDGERiS.
Italy Ready For
Any Trials Now
troin Cage one.)
! World War, a celebration including
j the presenting of battle flags to regi
ments which replaced units assigned
to East Africa.
His listeners packed Venezia square,
in front of his office. They heard him
I say:
j "The words of an unknown Italian
j soldier scrawled on the wall of a
house demolished by a shell, ‘lt is bet
; ter to live one day as a lion than 100
days as a lamb,' are not merely in
: order. They are gospel for us.”
“We swear to respect this sacreed
I injunction everywhere and in spite of
! any one.”
Eventual Victory Seen By
Advocates of Cash Payment
(Gontii.ned from rage One.i
! full cash payment this session. The
i 5-1 to 40 vote in favor of the Patman
j new currency bill fell nine votes short
! of the two-thirds necessary to over
i ride the veto. Several senators predict
ed there would be no bonus legisla-
I tion this session, unless the veterans’
I forces were willing to accept some
j thing like the Harrison compromise.
On the othefl hand, the Patman,
| forces pointed out that even in the
| face of President Roosevelt’s unpre.
i cedented personal appearance against
the bill, they had mustered a major
ity, of 14 votes in the Senate and a
vote of more than three to one in the
1 House, and contended that such ma
jorities could not be 'blocked for long.
A meeting of ministers of the city
was held today at the home of Dr.
J. M. Culbreth, pastor of the First
Methodist church, to complete plans
and approve lists of workers and
j their assignments for the religious
! survey to be started next Sunday aft
ernoon. The survey is countywide in
j its scope and will be carried on over a
period of several weeks before com
! pletion, it is understood.
Rev. L. B. Reavis, pastor.
I Sunday school 2p. m. David Aysette
I superintendent.
Preaching at 3 o’clock by the pas
! tor, subject: “Christ Our Only Re
B. Y. P. U. at 7:30 o’clock.
The public is cordially invited to
attend these set vices.
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To Use Radio in
Forest Fire Work
Throughout State
Daily Dispatch I! arm a,
In (he S»- Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, May 24.—Technique of for
est fire fighting in North Carolina vvf.ll
take a step forward with the first
actual use of radio for this purpose
scheduled shortly, W. C. McCormick,
assistant State forester in charge of
forest fire control, announced today.
Two Lshort wave sets, the first
known to be employed by a State in
this part of the country for forest
fire control, have recently been re
ceived for use on the Waccamaw Pro
tective Association in Bladen and
Columbus counties. This organization
was formed through the cooperative
of the Department of Conservation
and Development and private land
These sets, carrying their own gen
erating machanisms, are to he employ
ed in the State, “forest fire alarm sys
tem.” One is to be installed on a look -
out tower in the protected area and
tiie other in the outomojjrtle of a
warden. The sets have both sending
and receiving equipment, enabling
constant communication between the
two officials.
From his point of vantage on the
tower, the lookout will he able to spot
forest fires within a range of sev
eral miles and will report the loca
tion immediately to the warden in
the automobile. This warden will im
mediately, from the description radio
ed from the tower, go to the fire and
begin suppression.
40 Aircraft Flying
Back To Honolulu
(Continued from Page One.)
an overnight stop at French Frigate
Shoal. 500 miles west of Honolulu.
The return will complete unpreedent
ed Mid-Pacific operations of naval air
craft, making the first transit to Mid
way and return of any plane, an ag
gregate thousands of miles of flying
by the huge patrol craft in their 16
days away from Pearl Harbor.
The flight back to Hawaii was or
dered after fruitless search for vie.
tims of the 6P7, which crashed into
the sea during battle maneuvers Tues
dayn ight, while circling over a sister
ship which had 'been forced down n
destroyer later took the disabled plane
i n tow.
House Committee Tables
TVA Bills By Vote of 13-12
<Cent imitMi from eaee On** *
sion. for seme committee members
could move to reconsider the vote to
table, or a new bill could toe intro
“We are going to get this legisla
tion out,” asserted Representative
Mavarick, Democrat, Texas.
A committee member said one of
those who voted to table had said he
would move to reconsider.
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KETCHUP, 14-oz. bottle 15c
TOMATO JUICE, Welch’s, pt. bottle 15c
Kgl panToaf
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Shredded Wheat 2 *» 25c
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Baker’s CHOCOLATE»•» •* 23c
LOG CABIN SYRUP «- b.« 21c
Coffee «>• 30c FLOUR 29c
POWDER m 25c Toasties 2 5c
Bananas, golden ripe lb. 5c
Lemons, large size, dozen . 15c
Siring Beans, fresh tender, lb. 5c
Beets, fresh green top, 2 bunches 15c
Cucumbers, fresh green, lb. 5c
Squash, fresh tender, 3 lbs. 10c

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