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Established August 12. 1911,
Published Every Afternoon Except
Sunday by
at 199 Young Street
pncNRY A. DENNIS, Pres, and Editor.
MT. L. FINCH, Sec-Treas and Bus Mgr.
Editorial Office * OO
Society Editor 610
Business Office * lO
The Henderson Daily Dispatch is a
member of the Associated Press.
Southern Newspaper Publishers Asso
ciation and the North Carolina Press
The Associated Press is exclusively
entitled to use for republication all
news dispatches credited to it or not
otherwise credited in this paper, and
also the local news published herein
All rightsof publication of special
dispatches herein are also reserved.
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Three Months 160
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paper. The date thereon shows whei
the subscription expires. Forward youi
money in ample time for renewal.
Notice date on label carefully and if
not correct, please notify us at once
Subscribers desiring the address od
their paper changed, please state in
their communication both the OLD
and NEW address.
National Advertising Representatives
I East 41st Street. New York
230 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago
201 Dovenshire Street, Boston
Oeneral Motors Bldg., Detroit
Walton Building, Altanta
Entered at the post office in Hender
son, N. C., as second class mail matter
Christ foh Ai.-sut rorv chf.ist
they also have erred through wine,
and through strong drink are out of
the way: the priest and the prophet
have erred through strong drink, they
are swallowed up of wine, they are
out of the way through strong drink;
they err in vision, they stumble in
judgment.—lsiah 28:7.
1803 Ralph Waldo Emerson, es
sayist/ poet, philosopher, America's
great thinker, born in Boston. Died
at Concord. Mass., April 27. 1882.
1810 —William H. Channing. noted
Unitarian clergyman and uathor of
his dav. born in Boston. Died Dec.
23. 1884.
1835—Henry C. Potter, noted Pro
testant Episcopal bishop of Npw York,
horn at Schenectady. Died at Coop
erstown. N. Y.. July 21, 1908.
1847—John A. Dowie. preacher, pro
phet and healer, and mucb-talked-of
founder of Zion City, born in Scotland.
Died in Chicago. March 9. 1907.
1862 —Eugene Zimmerman, <Zim>
famed cartoonist, horn in Switzerland.
Died at Elmira. N. Y., March 26,
186 Lord Riddell. English news
paper publisher, born. Died Dec. o.
1870—000 armed Fenians invaded
Canada from Vermont—quickly re
turned when resisted
1917 Tornadoes kill 300 from Kan
sas to Alabama.
1918 —German submarines begin
sinking ships off Atlantic coast of
U. S.
1920- U. S. Supreme Court de
dares income taxes may be made pub
lic. ,
1934 Turkey decides aliens cannot
ply any profession within her bord
Rev. Dr. John R Mot* of New
York, famed V. M C. A. leader, born
at Livingston Manor. N. Y., 70 years
Col. Henry Breckinridge of New
York, famed lawyer, born in Chicago,
49 years ago.
Ignor Sikorsky of Bridgeport. Conn .
aero engineer and manufacturer, born
in Russia. 46 years ago.
■Dr. Selskar M. Gunn, sanitarian,
vice-president of the Rockefeller
Foundation, New York, born in Eng
land, 52 years ago
Gene Tunney. former champion pug
ilist, born in New York City. 37 years
Some days are well balanced and
this Is on eof them. It carries a kind
and noble disposition; magnetic and
fanciful, with considerabl etalent. It
is a day that usually leads up to posi
tions of trust ad the native of today
will rise by his or her own merits,
perhaps to a considerable eminence.
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3. Eminent Italian composer.
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5. Common carrier.
6. Prague.
7. The dried swimming bladders of
several varieties of fish.
8. Single-tax.
9. St. Paul.
10. Vitterio Emanueie HI.
Today is the Day
CepyHilil, IIS4. for Oils Newspaper
by Central Pra— Aaaoeiallon
Saturday, May 25; 145th day of the
year. Moon: last quarter. Morning
stars. Saturn, Uranus. Evening stars:
Neptune. Mars. Jupiter. Venus, Mer
cury. Moon: last quarter
May 25, 1776 Indians were hired by
the United States government as
scalpers. Continental Congress vot
ed to engage Indians for warfare.
iThe measure was adopted of neces
sity. for Britain was stirring up all
the tribes she could against the re
volting colonists. The British, not
the Indians, had invented scalping.
May 25. 1803— Ralph Waldo Emerson
was born in Concord. Mass., a min
ister's son. destined to become the
first American poet and essayist to
achieve an international reputation.
Also he was one of the first notable
abolitionists; but his plan was for
the government to buy the slaves from
their owners for two billion dollars
and liberate them the device follow
ed by Great Britain in effecting eman
cipation .
iHe ate pie for breakfast, and wrote
of evolution 10 years before Darwin!
Asa Yoelson. known as A1 Jolson. b.
1885- 50 years ago today . . . Igcr T.
Sikorsky, b. 18SQ, Russian-American
designer and buildei of *be “American
Clipper" air liners . . “Gene Tunney.
b. 1898. one-time champion prizefight
er Logan Calendning, b. 1884,
author of the most popular newspaper
column on health . . . Lord Beaver
brook. b. English newspaper
Sunday. May 26; 326th day. 159th
year of U. S. Independence. Saturn
rolls past moon within six degrees.
Queen's birthday, in Great Britain.
Zodiac sign: Gemini.
May 26. t7O3 —Samuel Pep.vs died at
70. four years after he made his last
entry in the diary which has made
him an immortal. The. diary was
written without thought of publica
tion and it lay undecephered (in
shorthand* for 122 years after his
When tie had finished writing his
diary he couldn't read it. he was blind.
Mary, queen of England, b. 1867 . . .
Eugene Gossens. b. 1893, composer and
Conductor . . . Paul Lukas, cinemactor
... George B. Everett, b. 1885. oiail
order magnate.
You may believe—
That the classic phrase, "Don’t give
up the ship." originated with Capt.
James Lawrence in the War of 1812.
It didn't! On May 19. 1776, when
a bearding party from a British man
of-war attempted to recapture a seiz
ed ship brought into Boston harbor
by Capt. Mugford of the Franklin,
Mugford was fatally wounded. Call
ing to his lieutenant, “Don't give up
the vessel: you will be able to beat
them," be died The crew did beat
them: and had but one man killed be
sides the captain.
Gray Gowanfi. Enunettsburg) la.,
and I. P. Strittmatter. Philadelphia,
want to know the authority of the
statement that James Swan. Scots
man. paid a U S. national debt to
France. This information came from
an old hook, “The Prisons of Paris.”
Swan was held in Paris prisons for
years because of financial troubles
I he got into after his unparalleled act
of generosity.
i May 25. 26. tsls--The old battle
ship Triumph, supporting the Aus
tralian and New Zealand lauding forc
es at Gaba Tepe. Gallipoli, was hit by
I two torpedoes at 12:30 p. m.. and
turned turtle in nine minutes with a
[loss of 200 lives. The battleship Ven
geance narrowly escaped becoming
a second victim.
Otto Hershing, the pioneer German
U-boat captain in distant fields, had
reached the Dardanelles after a 34
day voyage from Kiel. His progress
bad been noted by Allied intelligence,
but the navies had been unable to do
anything about it. He picked up oil
on the way in secret spots. One was
near Tangiers. The Triumph was sent
down the same day he reached the
Two days later he sent a torpedo
crashing into the Fleet, flagship Ma
jestic, supporting the troops inside
the straits, causing the loss of 49 men
Many attempts have
made to establish a univer
*al international language. Most
successful of these was initiated
y & Ruosian physician, Zamen--
hos. who brought out a publica
tion urging adoption of Esperanto
as the international language in
1887. The fundamental principle
©f the plan is to make use of
everything that is common to the
civilized languages and drop what
is special to any one of them.
Esperanto, where used, has
proved adaptable and flexible, and
h;! - been indorsed by many prom
inent linguists. Russia issued a
stamp .in 1927 honoring the
•uthor of Esperanto on the 40th
anniversary of his publication.
Vr«p.; ■ j j
I 71 * L I *1 * I 314
5 H 7 8 9 Dklll
1213 14 1516/2j»
19 2021 2225( 2
2627 28 29 30\J J\
Immediately the whole system of na
val support of shore operations suf
fered a severe shock.
The only British recourse was to
replace its better warships with its
older vessels, and become resigned
to losing more of them in the fantas
tic adventure in the Dardanelles.
Within a short time, no ships of
great fighting value remained in the
Allied fleet there. The submarine
had at last shown its power over the
biggest dreadnaughts.
What Do You
Know About
North Carolina?
1— What hero of Palo Alto was
drowned in the Mississippi River?
2ln what census period did North
Carolina outstrip Virginia, in popu.
3 When and under what circum
stances did Henry T. Clark become
4 When did North Carolina first
adopt July 4th as a day of Public
5 How many men elected or ap
pointed to governorships liavei died
before their inauguration?
6 What North Carolinian aided in
the settlement of claims with Eng
land following the War of 1812?
1— John D. Clark, was first, lieute
nant and odjutant in the Eighth U. S.
Infantry. He was wounded at the aßt
tle of Palo Alto in the Mexican War.
For bravery displayed in this battle
he was brevetted captain. He lost his
life in the Mississippi River near
Helena, Arkansas, August 2. 1848.
2 Between 1890 and 1900 North
Carolina stood as the fifteenth state
in rank! Virginia; had dropped to
seventeenth. *, (
3 Henry T. Clark, president or
speaker of the senate, of Edgecombe,
was called by special messenger on
June 27, 1861 to come to Kaleigh and
assume the duties of governor in the
absence of Governor John W. Ellis,
who wai forced to retire from active
duties because of his health. Governor
Ellis went to Red Sulphur Springs,
Va., where he died on July 7. Gover
nor Clark served as chief executive
front that time until he was succeed
ed on September 8, 1862 by Zeb B.
4 A resolution was passed on Fri
day. May 16, 1783 by the general as
sembly providing “that the Fourth of
July he and is hereby appointed a
day of General Thanksgiving! and
praise to Almighty God.” In adopting
this resolution North Carolina was
the only state to anticipate July 4th
as the National Independence Day.
5 Two. Thomas Eastchui'ch in i 678
and John Baptista Ashe, in 1802.
Eastchurch was speaker of the assem
bly and in 1676 went to London where
he received the appointment of gov.
ernor. He did not. return to America
until the following year. Upon land
j ing at a Virginia port he found his
colony in uprising, and armed forces
prevented his returning. While mus
tcring a. following in Virginia to en
force his claim to the Carolina gov
ernorship he contracted fever and
died. In 1802 John Baptista Ashe, of
Halifax, was chosen governor, and a
committee sent to notify him. The
committee found him ill and he died
within a few days.
6 Charles Manly, of Chatham
eounty, was clerk to the commission
to settle the claims arising out at
Treaty of Ghent, which ended the
War of 1812.
YVije Preservers
To wash strawberries, put a tew
at a time into a colander and let
cold water run gently over them.
Toss them gently about as the wa
ter runs over them. Hull after
washing, and they are ready foi
U S. Envoy’s Wife
\•* ' >
Mrs. Norman Armour, wife of the
new U. S. minister to Canada, was
a Russian princess before her mar
riage to the career diplomat.
- - (Central Eres&l
Kinsey Acquitted
Upon Every Count
fConiinued rrom Page One.)
Dispatch of the verdict this afternoon,
said he had never seen so much ap
plause and cheering in a court room
on the returning of a verdict, and
that the court made no effort to stop
it. He thought Judge Devin’s charge
to the jury had been fair to the de
fendant in every sense. Kinsey did not
take thes tand at all during the trial.
The trial was largely attended ever
since it began last Wednesday. That,
was explained by the wide acquain
tance and popularity of both the de
fendant and the directors of the Peck
company, who were G. W. Poindexter,
R. T. Watson, John G. Ellis. W. D.
Dameron, W. N. Boyd and V. F. Ward,
the latter the president of the com.
Kinsey, who had been in Warrenton
for the past seven years «*s manager
of the cotton mill concern, had been
closely associated with the business
of the community, and at the last
election was made a member of the
county board of education in War
ren. He was formerly associated with
the Henderson and Harriet Cotton
Mills of Henderson^
Millionaire’s Son Seized Oil
His Way Home From School
iConL l ,ued from Page One.)
pic peninsula, or farther north across
the Canadian line.
The missing* youth is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. Weyerhaeuser, Jr.,
who caxne here two years ago from
Idaho. The lad was born In Lewiston.
The senior Weyerhaeuser's went lb
was estimated at $20,000,000 by Ta
coma acquaintances, while that of his
son was placed at $5,000,000.
Tacoma, Wash. May 25 <AP)— A
note demanding $200,000 for the re
turn of the missing George Weyer
hauser, nine<year-old scion of the
million dollar timber family, has been
delivered to his parents, reliable sour
ces said here today.
These same sources, which refused
to be quoted directly, said the note
threatened death to the lad should the
police or the press be notified.
The resources of the Department
of Justice were thrown into the search
for the lad. Four operatives arrived
from Portland, employees at the Ta
coma airport said, while the agent
stationed at Seattle was also here.
J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the bu
reau of investigation in Washington.
D. C.. said Federal agents were
working on the case.
Meanwhile, an intensive search was
being made throughout the city for
the boy. who dropped from sight when
returning home for lunch yesterday
Authorities said their refusal to
comment was based on the fear the
boy’s life might be endangered if they
First revelation of the hoy’s disap
pearance came last night from Chas.
Ingraham, assistant manager of the
Weyerhaeuser (pronounced Wire-
Howser) trunk company. He refused
to confirm or deny the family had
received a ransom note.
The boy’s mother was reported pro
strate and the father was griefstrick
|Thad Eure Mihgt
Seek Wade’s Job
(UontlMtied from Page One )
only smiled today when asked when
he was going to announce as a can
didate for secretary of state.
But it is known that, Eure received
some very strong encouragement from
members of the North Carolina dele
gation in Congress while in Washing
ton this week. It is also known that
he has some very strong support a
mong members of this and previous
general assemblies. Otherwise it is
not believed he would have declined
the job as secretary to Senator Bailey
and the unity it would have af
forded him to climb to a. still better
job in Washington later on. as Thad
Page, present secretary to Senator
Bailey, has done.
The fact that Senator Bailey lias re
peatedly offered Eure the position as
secretary in his office in Washington
and that Governor J. C. B. Ehring.
haus has repeatedly refused to offer
any appointment to Eure, despite the
fact that Eure probably did as much
for Ehringhaus in his campaign for
governor as any other one man, ts also
regarded as being significant.
It is conceded that Eure will have
a real race on his hands if he does
decide to oppose Secretary of State
Stacy W. Wade, the present incum
bent, in the Democratic primary in
June. 1936. For Wade is conceded to
be a seasoned and canny campaigner
who has already been nominated in
three Democratic primaries and elect
ed in three elections—twice ay com
missioner of insurance and once as
secretary of state. It is also conceded
that Wade has a largea nd influential
following over the State. But friends
of Eure maintain that his contacts
are fresher and newer than Wade's
and that his personal popularity and
knowledge of conditions in all sections
of the State will help him greatly.
Wije Preserver*
Cashable recipe cards may be
made by giving the erfds on which
they are copied a thin coat of
lansparent shellac. So treated the
eards siay be cleaned of greasy
nger marks or splashes of food
y wiping with a damp cloth. Be
sure your recipe is copied correctly
he.ore shellacing, Hcnvevei'.
Nesting Time In Europe
' ' 1 - ■ '
Get Results
of doors and windows at “The Place
of Values.” Everything you need tor
building at “The Place of Values.”
Alex S. Watkins. 25-lti
dancing. All interested please cal!
149-J. (Mary D. Bunn. 25-2 ti
$4.00 per square up. Roll roofing,
SI.OO per roll up. Tanner Roofing
Co., Corner Wyche and Winder Sts.
20-6 ti
Noi lina and Petersburg.' brown
leather suitcase. Liberal reward. If
found notify Henderson Dispatch.
Henderson. N. C. 25-3 ti
building on Horner street, suitable
for wholesale or storage business.
Apply to L. R. Gooch. 15-12 ti
kinds for sale. Patent hives with
bees $3.50 each while they last. C
M. Hight. phone 689-J, Henderson,
25-28-30 1
good condition at bargain for cash.
Can be seen at J. P. Hicks’ Gar
age. Apply J. P. Hicks or W. H.
Fleming. Trust Officer. Citizens
Bank and Trust Co.. Executors of
the Estate of O. L. Stewart.
j 1-23-25-27
lots in best residential section of
Henderson. Take advantage of this
opportunity before prices advance.
Fred B. Flight, Phone 289-577-J.
i 25-lti
for bedding plants. Now is
time to plant.. Prices great
ly reduced in order to clear
beds for fall planting.
Bridget's, The Florists. Phone,
380. 24-ti.
I All Forms of ■
Al. B. Wester
Phone 139-T
Under and by virtue of power con
tained in a Certain deed of trust exe
cuted by Cicero Allen on the 6th day
of December 1930, and recorded in
the office of the Register of Deeds of
Vance County in book 162 at page
249, .default having been made in the
payment of the debt therein secured,
at the request of the holder of the
same, I shall sell, by pualic auction,
to the highest bidder, for cash, at the
court house door in Henderson, Vance
County, N. C.. at 12 o’clock, noon, on
the 18th day of June 1935. the follow
ing described property:
Being lot number 30 of the V. E.
Turner property fronting fifty feet
on Walden Street and running back
213.8 feet on the east side and 215.5 *1
feet on the west side, see plat book
44 at page 596 and 597, and deed from
O. S. Falkner of record in book 134
at page 263, being the same land con
veyed to Cicero Allen by John
Vaughan and wife toy deed recorded
in book 156 at page 330 to which deed
reference is here made.
This 18th day of May 1935.
T. S. KITTRELL, Trustee
1 have this day qualified before the
Clerk of the Superior Court of Vance
County as Administrator of the estate
of J. X. Brady. This is to notify ail
persons holding claims against the
estate of said deceased to exhibit the
same to me on or before the 27th day
of April. 1936 or this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their recovery*. All
persons indebted to said estate are
requested to make immediate settle
This 27th day of April, 1935.
Administrator of the Estate of
J. X. Brady, deceased.
Having qualified as Administrator
of the Estate of Virgil Gales, late of
Vance County, North Carolina, this
is to notify all persons having claims
against the Estate of said deceased
to exhibit them to the undersigned at
Henderson, N. C., on or before the
4th, day, of May, 1936, or this notice
will be pleaded in bar or their it,
covery. All persons indebted to said
estate will please make immediate
This 4th. day of May. 1935.
Administrator of the Estate of
Virgil Gales.
Notice is hereby given that the.
partnership heretofore existing be
tween W. P. Hamilton and R. B. Tay
lor of Townsville. N. C.. trading as
' Hamilton and Taylor is this day dis
f solved. R. B. Taylor buying the in
| I*' V of the said W. P. Hamilton.
Townsville. N. C.
Townsville, N. C.
May 16, 1935. /
wrapping purposes and kindling
fires. Big bundle for 10c. thr*e so»
25c at Dispatch offlca 11-ts
Pursuant to authority contained in
that certain deed of trust executed by
Albert Brown to R. S. iM'cCoin Trus
tee. dated 4th. of February, 1928 and
a judgment of Superior Court dated
Uth. of July, 1933. recorded in Book
146 Page 245 and Book 166 Page 207
Vance Registry, respectively, default
having been made in payment of d.etot
secured thereby, the undersigned will
offer for sale at the courthouse door
in Vance County to highest bidder for
cash at public auction Tuesday at
mid-day the 11th. of June, 1935. the
following described real property viz:
All those two certain tracts of land
in Middlefourg township, Vance Coun
ty. North Carolina, containing 34 1.4
acres, more or less, and 4 acres, more
or less, same adjoining the Middle
burg road Green Bullock. Turner,
Henderson and Currin lands, as con
tained and described in more detail
in the deed of trust recorded in Book
146 at Page 245 Vance Registry.
The property will be offered for sale
subject to deed of trust to First Na
tional Bank of Durham. Trustee, upon
part or portion of whole of same, of
record Book 140 Page 6 Vance Regis
try. Also subject to any other bona
fide lien of record recorded prior to
the above referred to instrument.
This 10th. May, 1935.
Notice Change Bus Schedule May 1, 1935
(Richmond, Washington (Raleigh) (Durham. Green^jo!"
and New York) and Charlotte)
Leave 5:15 A. M Leave 11:40 A. M .
Leave 9:45 A. M. Leave 3:55 P. M. Leave 655 A
Leave 12:30 A. M. Leave 5:40 P. M. Leave W »'■' A ‘
Leave J2:55 P. M. Leave 8:55 P. M. Leave 3.55 P J
L-eave 3:45 P. M. Leave 3:00 A. M Leave 540 P .
Leave 7:00 P. M. Leave 6:55 A. M Leave 355 I
Atlantic Greyhound Line .
~ • East Coast Stage* , Phot** 18 , *
tu w/sr -j y *
PHONE 204-J 3
In The Superior Court Before
The Clerk.
North Carolina:
County of Vance:
Jewell G. Wallace amt J. W. Wallarr,
her husband Hunter G. Burroughs
and L W. Burroughs. her hushHiul.
H. W. Glover and WSLliite Ghner, his
wife, J. C. Glover and Elizabeth <
Glover “his wife. l<eon l>. Glover ami
Lovle G. Glover his wife and II \\
W. Glover and J. C. Glover, admin
istrators of K. S. Glover, Deceased.
Under and by virtue of an order <.r
the Superior Court of Vance Connly
made in the special proceeding en
titled Jewell G. Wallace cl al against
H. W. Glover et al as above lit*’ sani"
•being number 3566 upon (he Special
Proceedings docket of said Court, the
undersigned Commissioners will, on
the 18th day of June. 1935 al r
o’clock, noon, al the Court House door
in Henderson Vance County. North
Carolina offer for sale to the highest
bidder, for cash two certain I rads of
land lying and being in Vance County,
North Carolina and mote particularly
described as follows:
Ist tract, known as I lie E. S. Clovei
home place, and described as follows
Being ten acres more or less, on the
west side of the Southern Railroad
Right of way at Dabney. N. C. known
as the old Butler home place, but o>
cupied by E. S. Glover, as his home
for many years prior to his death, hr
ing bounded by Hie lands of C. ft
Wyjche, L. W. Burroughs, Mrs. K l»
Smith and right of way of the Son'll
ern Railroad. On this tract is located
the residence, iti which E S. Clovpi
resided at the time of his death
“Also a second tract, described as
follows: Begin in the center of Wil
liamsboro Road and Branch, run
thence down branch N 25 W 132 ft. N
22 W 80 ft. N 8 W 100 ft. N 56 W toil
ft. N 64 W 100 ft. N 58 W 100 ft. N
29 W 100 ft. N 14 VV 100 ft. N 62 W
100 ft. N 37 W 100 H. N 32 VV too ft.
N 51 W 100 ft. N 74 VV 100 ft. N 57
Wi 100 ft. N 48 W 100 H. N 76 VV KKi
ft. N 80 VV 100 ft. N 51 W 10«> H. N
8 W 100 ft. N 77 VV 200 rt. N 30 W HI
ft. N 44 W 100 ft. N 46 VV 300 ft. V
64 W 300 ft. N 12 E 100 ft. N 64 W W"
ft, to a marked tree, thence along
Spring line N 87 1-2 VV 780 ft so '
oaks on east side of old Dexter load,
thence down said toad toward Pabne - '
S 5 1-2 E 178 ft. S to C 388 ft. -
5 W! 538 ft. N 16 1-4 E 156 ft S 28 I ‘
E 265 ft. S 44 E 291 ft S 72 V, >9l
ft. S, 64 E 192 ft. S 54 E 442 ft,
stake on east side of road, thence
along dividing line of share n<> I and
share no. 2. S 65 E 1280 f» <'•' uil
liamsboro road, thence along -^i' l
road toward branch N 41 E 15° ft
39 E 200 ft, N 40 E 352 If. N 33 b
198 ft. to place of beginning hein..
share No. 1 as shown in plot K
Jeannette made July 16tb. 1929 < "
100 acres, see deed book 160 at P :, "‘
This 18th day of May. 123 b.
A. A. BUN. 4.
Coni mis h no -

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