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—"fj A Y OUNG navy /> BELLE BURNS GROMER V'^L)* 7
\gfeggx romance _
v*H \f"PKiI •»"
WITH A 'JI l>‘i\. :;r:it ofi;l notion
,a aror.t* and slipped .low l*esi<U
Va' ail th- rout 1.. Taaen In am
yriss he iiuv *d nark i make room
for hei and she 11 #•*l< h**d herself flat '
hrr arms rein ved above her hpad j
hjkl went on talking unconcernedly. !
He lay facing her so that his eyes j
Ui ftoii on i hei exquisite figure. The
thin nlousc molded the curves of her j
small, firm l roast.- i Her shoulders
had the gentle roundnes.s character
istic of women of Latin blood. Her
bidy wis sold and boneless as the
Hirsian kitten's. The collar of her
blouse lay open revealing satiny skin
that 'a l> tinted a golden apricot.
Even tlie dull winter skies of the
last hall ,V‘ .ii he thought, had scarce
ly dimmed thi . low of that rich, sun
kicred i> sh
He tned to listen to her conversa
tion, to answei her questions, but
twice he ruut to use all las will to
Keep from jumping up to pace the
hoot H. Hit chilled and cold ill the
-it of hi- '.lumai h. In a little yvhile
fee would hav io go and make strong
blai k cofi'ee. He’d do it noyv only he
bated to have her see and perhaps
realize tvs weakness.
She had slipped closer to him and
presently lie began to teel the soft
warmth of her there beside him. She
was as sleek and warm as a smooth
;ittle animal. Suddenly lie knew she
sensed his detachment, his lack of
feeling so far as sin* yvas concerned,
unci was trying, almost childishly, to ;
attract him. That was cvliy she had
told h in about the other men who
had been In love with her, he* sup
posed—why she yvas trying to pique
fcls interest with her little romances. | )
£tranee, when he had been bound |
C'Qse'.v t her, she hadn’t cared very
t v |ch; aui now that she knew he
Lud diayvn aye ay from her, she ‘
aeemed leaching out to lure him
patk. When he tried to read her
eyes 3he kopt her lids lowered so (
that he could see only the thick silky
lushes brushing her cheek. Her
mouth, In. thought, was exactly- like 1
k crimson heart on a valentine.
With a slow, careless movement ’
she hd a warm hand beneath his
loose pajama sleeve and as she talked 1
she ran u.'i, light fingers up and '
doyen Ho imp r side of Ins forearm. | :
Bometinn s pausing for a space to tit ■
them into th* mve of his elbow. |
His thou h:.- had slipped out of 1
lca. ii again. H- remembered the lit
tle silver fiow,l, r isc lying out there i
at the bottom of the lake. Why had
lie throyvn it away? The one thing
of Jan's* lie had p<i> .*ssed. It hurt i
I. Kh a ‘-rabhiim knife in think of it i
beneath the- cold \ iter. He had
treasured it. and then h had throyvn ;
it fcwu . It had In t an Aladdin’s
lamp. Held in his hand, it had con- !
Hired ii|* visions of his beloved Jan I
dancing with him in the star-light
J. Jr. ids hungry a mis
He had to stop this < go mad! j
Li ten to Lin. I'm Hod's sake, talk ;
to her. let her divert you. take your!
mind off all this' No more vision- ;
ing the impossible! There were
dreams that must stay in a hidden
room, the door tightly locked, the
key throyvn away.
"Remember the Little Club in
Shanghai, Val. with all the funny
Liar k silhouettes in the frieze?" Lia
was saying. “What good times we
baa there. And w- i n't the races
exciting? And can't you just close
your eyes a„d pretend you are back
t»t the French cli.il at the cocktail
hour? On but It was lovely! All
the good-looking people, and con
n'tttifcii* tit a dozen different tan*
Yale Crew Makes History on Thames
IN ••••■• ,/ '
k. . . ' - a
«< ,* «*. *»».,** ** ** «**,«*' **! HIL E *+.*».■»***■ <***x»» <«<«« *« *
j 1
{ she Sons of Eli were favored to win the annual Yale-Harvard classic on the Thames at New Ixmdon
>.,jsbt no one dreamed they would beat John Harvard’s stalwarts by one of the greatest margins in history
*'?of their long series of races. Yale’s flhth victory, which completed a clean sweep over Harvard, (shown'?
: ty«J, exhausted at finish, rowed out after long, futile chase) was by Id bunt lengths, nearly one-quarte-f .
;. 1 yf g mil* (Central Frees)
‘ ■—■ ■■ ■ - -
For 12 years Peter Ketelson of
Wichita, Kas.,
with an automatic* shocker and
now he has pronounced it perfect.
Pictured on the 280 acre wheat
Ssld of Will Schweittr
She had slipped closer to him.
guages going on about us. And Val. p
remember the perf«4~t cocktails we j
used to onler? The ve'y dry onesji
that were like clear, deep amber yvith
a little onion like a creamy pearl in r
the bottom of a frosted glass, and a j
heavenly reaction that you couldn't ;
see but knew yvas there all the same
Ob. darling, that was living' ”
Os course it yvas living'! Certainly,
didn't he miss it. Just tc have a
couple of Andre's cocktails right now j 1
would make the world over for him I
He I legan to pay more attention to
her lovely drawling voice and pres
ently he grew very conscious of the
sloyv. caressing fingers on his fore
"Remember those nights at. Shang
hai, Val.” she murmured, ‘‘when wo j
had only a feyv precious hours before 1
the ship sailed again——"
Was he likely to forget them?)
Hours of ecstasy. Brief periods of |
enchantment torn from long weeks
of separation. ' Little snatched min
utes with ihe exquisite mystery that
awaited his coming. Whatever had j
happened afterward —you couldn't j
forget things like that
“D'you know, Val. yve both loved)
China. Admit you like the gaiety
and freedom of it. Wouldn't it be
yvonderfu! to go back to stay! We
could be teh’bly happy, just as we
yvere before. If only yve were away
from that gloomy yard—out of the
navy. Think of drifting to all the j
lovely places yve have dreamed about.
Think of doing as yve pleased. Justj
the tyvo of us. If only it were pos
sible to sell the invention yve could
go far ayvav. We would have every
thing that counted —money and
1 leisure and —love ”
It would-be syvell to get ayvay from
everything and drift! To take all
the pleasant things that life offered
freely and without question. He.
too, dreaded going back to the yard
with ail its problems and perplexities.
Why did >.Lie always have to stru§- 1
f Copy right)
..*:**> y.-r:
Wichita,' the automatic shocker
does away with.the harvest hands
who normally would be required
to shock bundles of wheat tossed
to the side by the binder. The
aback©* retrievt* the bundles as
gle? And what was this cold and
chastening thing called duty but ft
scourge—a hair-shirt— —
"It was lonely in here a while ago,"
she said softly. The gardenia-petal
lids lifted for an Instant and hia
breath caught in his throat. “Did
you hear me singing? That was the
way 1 felt. ‘Blue as the Night’. But
now it is nice in the firelight with
you very close to me. Just the two
of us—a million miles from the rest
of the world.”
Her voice was like velvet. She was
pressed close to his side now. Her
lingers kept up that slow exciting
movement along Ins bare arm. it
soothed him and yet it induced a
strangely dangerous languor that
held him lightly reined.
Lia could be a lovely companion
yvlnm she liked. How soft and frag
rant she yvas. Sweet. iloyv satin
smooth her throat. Exquisite to
touch. A strange girl of lure and
mystery. He didn’t knoyv her in the
least. But what of it? Tonight some
quality in her stirred a hitherto un*
known mood and caught him sud
denly into a breathless vortex of
emotion. His pulse beat like a voo
doo dr um. He wanted this girl—and
he hated her! For tire first time In
iris life he knew a perverse, almost
overpowering desire to hurt, a wom
an. His bine eyes blazed down at
her. She belonged to him. She was
his possession. Then let her make
him forget He reached out a
1 masterful arm and caught tier small
body into the curve of his embrace —
Her red lips whispered against his
throat, “Val. listen to me. darling.
Promise you’ll take me far away. Sell
the old invention. Promise, dealt
A1 ays make me happy ”
He heard his own voice answering
huskily, "Sh-h! Perhaps yve shall
do a3 ycu ask. Kiss me. now. Oh,
little sweet Lia, I need you. I need
to forget ’’
they come from the binder,
ing them upright in a cylinder.
When the conical-shaped cylinder
is filled, the bundles are re
leased and set on the ground in
full shock;
Health Queen
Physicians seeking Arizona’s “health
queen" found CChristine Moss, Uni
versity of Arizona student, in 100 per
cent physical condition, and gave her
tin* crown.
Klni? or Lunatic?
f .:||
k i ;xgggP::g
Prince George
Political circles in Yugoslavia
were thrown into confusion by
conflicting reports that Princ*
George, one-time heir to the
throne, was the center of a plot
to seat, himself on the throne now
occupied by his nephew, 12-year
old King Peter, who was made
ruler following assassination of
his father, King Alexander. Prince
Cjeorge’s physician, however,
s|iiked the rumors by his an
nouncement that the prince was a
: hopeless lunatic.
Aofcn Numskuu
covering of PainT
THOUGH, Should
510 ;
Minneapolis, minn, __
cigar i Plat Afeoutio
IN its OWN Banc*?
Wife Presenters
Cream cheese moistened with a
little milk or cream and mixed wit
isliced or chopped dates, fi§ a
prunes, makes a good c
filler for the children’* pic*»le m
school lujxcJl
r. : ’ ;
• ... >v
1 t
Preparing for the big blast which Day, July J, contractors set off Rock, on the Canadian side, v-,as
will create a man-made rock-slide the experimental blast pictured hurled into the swirling live* be
at Niagara Falla on Dominion above. A 30-foot slab of Table low the falls.
What Senators Think About On the job
i?/. tju, :l *■ .
Kama / \
■ i
ivtEMQRANPUM , g jfofc
I i _ f
t ! £ t * f-
J * , ~r~~~ 7— ~
/ '®nrtrt
rJ— AfcrAjfew -
[- 7£f O = JS. > ‘t «v J
__ .._ I C;U VANPFNBHkCi
Sheets from scratch pads left behind by senators after a session of the committee which undercook to
investigate the charges of Ewing Y. Mitchell, deposed assistant secretary of commerce, show what the
solons think about in action. Revealed for study of psychologists are the seribblings of Royal S. Copeland,
chairman of committee; Arthur Vandenberg. Mich,: Joseph F. Guffey, Pa.; and Charles L. McNary, Ore.
<Central Pre^)
I w
Davis White Einstein Conant Wallace
Among those who received hon
orary degrees 'at Harvard this
year was youthful Secretary of
Agriculture Henry A. Wallace.
Frincipal Features of Wagner Labor Disputes Bill
' ' ' IJI '■■■■ niTTmii.n - : | , | > ■ --m-r-T— =«*■
Principal features of the Wagner
labor disputes bill, passed by con
gress, aye outlined above. In addi
shown teated with Dr, James
Bryant Conant, president of the
university, and other nationally
known figures who were awarded ,
tion the bill provides for the estab
lishment of a permanent labor rela
tions board of three members, a
yuasi-judicial body with power to or
degrees. Others, left to right, ari
Norman Davis, diplomat; William
Allen White, editor; Frol, Albert
Einstein, scientist#
I i
derby secret ballot or otheiwist a
election to determine collective ,a '
gaining representatives Laboi ai 15
jtjie measure as a “magna charta.

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