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Once more the scent of spaded earth
is sweet
After the sudden benison of showers,
And golden lamplight hallows many a
s, c Summer comes to little towns like
Though we have words for what a
season brings.
Would we not better listen? Who can
What grace notes woke the circket’s
tiny strings. •
What music lured the dusty moth
away ”
Only in silence can we hope to hear
The melody of evening and the small
Voices that whisper at the listening
ear — '
The sound of spiders weavering and
the fall
Q f hew on grass. It may be well to
These things before the Summer
turn? to go.
Leslie Nelson Jennings.
At White Lake
Edna Hobgood is spending a
fe w days at White Lake.
To Shelby
Mi?? Altie Stone has gone to Shel
ly where she will be the house guest
of Miss Mary Whisonant.
Return From Beach
Mr? George A Rose. Jr., and Mrs.
Sam Watkins have returned from a
visit to Virginia Beach.
Mrs Ferry Here
Mrs H Leslie Perry, of New York,
is spending sometime in the city with
Mr? Henry Ferry on Chestnut street.
Here from Raleigh.
Miss Annie Dennis spent the day
here today her mother, Mrs. Ida
Der.r.is. and will return to Raleigh to.
Returns to Beaufort.
tv l Arrington, of Beaufort, who
has been here for several weeks on a
visit to his sister. Mrs. J. M. Bur
nette. ha? returned to his home.
Miss Falkner Home
Mis? Katherine Falkner. who has
been attending Pembroke College of
Brcwn University. Providence. R. 1.,
has returned to her home in the city.
At Myrtle Beach.
Mrs L E. Cansler and son, Leslie,
Jr are expected to return today or
tomorrow from Myrtle Beach. S. C.,
vhere they hav& been for several
da vs
On Vacation
Miss Mary Louise McDearman. H.
Leslie Perry Memorial Librarian left
today for her vacation While away,
she will study at Columbia University,
New York City.
To Attend Wedding
Mrs R B. Powell. Mr. and Mrs.
Jim Horner, of Oxford, and Miss Lucy
BurwelL .of TVarrenton. expect to go
tc Upperville Va„ tomorrow to at
tend the wedding of Miss Lucy Guy
Burwel! of L T pperville and New York.
In Receiving Line
Miss Kathleen Fogleman and Miss
Mamie Rose Daniel were in the receiv
ing line at a party given Monday
e’ening by Mrs. H. A. Jordan to the
members of the B P. W. Club com
plimentary to Miss Mary Hughes,
Returns Home
Miss Mildred Beale, of Branchville,
r a has returned to her home, after
'■'.siting her cousin. Miss Irene Haw
kins. on Chestnut street. She was
accompanied home by Miss Hawkins,
who will he her guest for several days.
They will spend a few days at Virginia
Added Comedy: “In A Pigs Eye”
Color Novelty “Water Babies”
£asu Pitts and Guy Kibbee
“ Going High Brow”
Tom Tyler. “Silent Valley”
starting “Rustlers of Red Dog”
Coming Monday and Tuesday
Cuests Tomorrow: Mrs. Jack Kelly,
*rs. Asa Hardee.
M@©n Theatre
Bela Lugosi, Wallace Ford,
Arlene Judge—in
Phantom Empire Serial—Novelty
Admission . . 11-166
Miss Crowder Returns
Miss Nannie Crowder has returned
from a recent visit to Washington.
Choir to Rehearse.
The Young People’s Choir of the
First M. E. church will rehearse this
evening at thee hurch at 7:30 o’clock,
it was announced today.
In Norfolk, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Swain and
W. W. Swain. Jr., are in Norfolk, Va.
today as guests of Mrs. Albert Lump
kin .
Return Fro mEurope
S. S. Parham and Miss Maybelle
Haynes have returned from a cruise
to Europe, where they visited many
places of interest on the continent.
Attend Tobacco Meet
C. A. Crews and A. T. McNeny
have returned from White Sulphur
Springs, W. Va., where they attend
ed the meeting of the United States
Tobacco Association.
Legion Auxiliary
To Meet Friday
The American Legion Auxiliary
will meet Friday evening at 8 o’clock
with Mrs. C. E.* Ellis on the Raleigh
Road, it was announced today. All
members were urged to attend.
Mirrow’s Chapel New*
Mr. and Mrs. Claiborne Wilson,
Richmond, Va,, visited Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Wilson, Sunday. *
'Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Tippett visit
ed friends in Oxford. Saturday after
noon .
Miss Mary Shotwell, Kansas City,
Mo., who used to be a frequent visitor
in our community, will leave July 6th
for a tour of Alaska.
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Parrott, Dab
ney, visited M*s. Parrotts mother,
Mrs. L. V. Wilson, Sr., Sunday after
> Miss Margaret Shotwell has gone, to
Demorest, Ga., where she will take
a courste in typing.
Mrs. G. B. Shotwell and little
Peggy Shotwell visited Mrs. Emma
Shotwell Monday afternoon.
Mrs. J. H. Rice shopped in Hen
derson Tuesday and also visited her
daughter Mrs. N. M. Greenway.
Miss Rebecca Shanks spent a short
while Saturday afternoon with Miss
Edythe Tippett.
J. H. Tippett had the misfortune to
have his car badly wrecked Friday.
He himself was not hurt at all.
Miss Virginia Martin, of Richmond.»
Va.. is visiting Miss Thelma Tucker.
Miss Margaret Taylor is visiting
Miss Mary Nicholson, in Greensboro.
Miss Beatrice Abernathy, of Dur
ham. was the recent guest of Miss
Meta Kennison.
Lewis Williams and Jimmie Hag
gerty, of Cleveland, Ohio, and Rodg
ers and Harold Whitmore, of Rich
mond, Va. are visiting Clyde and Mal
vin Gupton.
Billy Blalock of Reidsville, is visit
ing Thomas Fox.
Miss Mildred Adams of New Ro
chelle. N. Y., is expected to arrive
Tuesday to spend the month of July
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. R.
Mrs. W. M. Coffin, of Henderson,
spent Thursday with Mrs. B. F. Fox,
Mrs. W. D. Vaughan, Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. Tarry, and Miss Susie Alston
attended the installation service of
Rev. James Jones at the Presbyterian
church in Henderson Sunday after
noon .
Miss Elizabeth Burwell is visiting
relatives in Warrenton.
Misses Sarah Ponthea. Sue Hunt
and Judith Boyd left Wednesday to
visit Mrs. McEleen is Lynchburg. S. C.
Miss Allyne Taylor spent the past
week in Nags Head.
Mr. and Mrs Junius Alston, and
Alston Fox, of Reidsville. will spend
the Fourth of July with Mr. and Mrs
■p jp Fox
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Davis, and
son, of Broadnax, .were the dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Davis.
Mrs. J. P. Gupton and son J. P.
Jr., spent the past week-end in Rich
mond, Va. While there Mrs. Gupton
accompanied Mr. and Mrs. L. C.
Shearin and family to Jamestown, Va.
Misses Grace Neal and Marie Wor
tham of Henderson were the guests
of Miss Annie Mae Williams Friday
'Mrs. W D. Vaughan and son Dennis
are visiting relatives in Richmond.
Miss Ann Shearin of Richmond. Va.
is visiting Miss Lucille Gupton.
Miss Dorothy Wortham, of Hender
son, spent the past week with Miss
Annie Mae Williams. _
Miss Susie Alston has gone to Wil
mington to visit her cousin Miss Nell
Messers. Graham Tarry and John
Adams took Mrs. George Tarry to
Ilichmond Tuesday, where she will
spend a week or more visiting rela
tives. . ■
Miss Annie Mae Williams was,, the
recent guest of Miss Dorothy Wor
tham in Henderson.
Drivers’ License
Forms Agr&fcd On
(Continued from Page One.)'
year, fey using the Dexigraph me;
thod oi making duplicate copies of
drivers’ licenses merely by photo-
I graphing the application blanks, four
Federal Youth Program Starts
■age -.y pFi
:':x^R ; >/ : ;’ : :<v.
:•’ '-*■**»■*
BWMbaa<k>L»^... • :::
§ .*; £-... v.'.y'^WCxN.^,:: 1 >; ■ ■ trffflffnfr
Some of the long line of young men and women who registered ii,
branch of New York Y. M, C. A. as participants in the program of
employment and schooling to be provided by allocation of $50,000,000
•f federal work relief funds. Scene is being duplicated throughout the
country as the project gets under way.
clerks will be able to turn out 15,000
drivers’ licenses a day and do the
same amount of work which 20 clerks
and 15 typewriters would be required
to do, according to George S'. Scott,
director of the Division of Accounts
of the Department of Revenue. Ac
cording to his estimates, the Depart
ment of Revenue will be able to save
$3,655 a month on the cost of issu
ing drivers’ licenses by using the Dex
igraph photographic method.
North Carolina will be the first
state-in the-south and only the third
state in the entire United States to
use this new method of issuing the
duplicating licenses, since lowa and
Michigan are the only other states
which have installed this photogra
phic process, Scott pointed out. It
is estimated that the new drivers’ li
cense can be issued at a cost of only
2 1-2 cents each by this new process
as compared with a cost of from 10c.
to 11 cents by the old process. The
cost in Michigan, until the Dexigraph
was installed, was 11 cents per license. ;
This new plan also reduces the
amount of printing necessary, since
only the application forms will be
printed, the license cards being print
ed by photography on strips or ribbon
of cardboard and in duplicate. One of
these duplicates will be sent to the
applicant as. his or her driver’s license
and the other will be filed alphabeti
cally. The original applications will
be* filed numerically. All three forms,
the application, the license sent to I
driver and the duplicate —will all bear
the same serial number. The photo
graphic system . eliminates . all. possi
bility of error, since both the license
received by each driver as we,U as the
duplicate which will be filed in the
Division of. Highway ; Safety, ‘ \yill be
photographic -Copies, of. the origitidl
application.;' These copies will he
what are 1 generally known as photps
tatic. copies of the portion of the ori
ginal application blank bearing the
name and address of the applicants
as well as a detailed description of his
or her age, color, sex, weight height,
color of eyes and hair and previous
license number, if any.
The original application blanks must
be filled out in the presence of and
be signed by a notary public or a
|highway patrolman. In addition to
giving the information asked for on
U. S. Increasing Fighting Forces 60,000
J- Hi In
l WL Bgf ail
I u 11
Army is enlisting 47,000 men, Nftvy 11,000 and Marin* Corps 1,100 to bring nation’s defense forces lip
to required strength, and. recruiting stations are doing rushing business. Lower photo shows group o_
applicants undergoing physic** Wsts in New York for Army, Spwft 60,000 will:be enacting
which will be photographed and be
that portion of the application blank
come the applicant’s driver's license,
each applicant must answer five ques
tions, which are as follows:
1. Do you read, speak and under
stand English?
2. Do you suffer from any physical
defect or disease which ’might affect
your operation of a motor vehicle?
3 Have you ever been convicted of
violation of any provision of this or
Pilloried Because He Shaved
HI jglaj ,V,Y
John Demico had a dose of the medicine given recalcitrant early Ameri
cans when he shaved his beard in violation of no-shave agreement oi
Savannah, 111., businessmen. They put him in pillory.
any other motor vehicle law??
4. Has your license ever been re
voked or suspended?
’5. Do you wear glasses or are you
defective to extent of affecting night
driving of motor vehicles.
The Department of Revenue hopes
to be ready to start issuing these new
drivers licenses by August 15 or Sep
tember 1 at the latest.
Trend of Prices
Is Question Now
(Continued from Page One.>
in nearly all countries, with the Unit
ed States as the chief exponent—that
prices must continue t 0 rise for pros
Yet economists are beginning to be
brave enough again to rise above po
litical dogmas and nationalistic cants,
to say that prices are likely to fall.
And in falling, they may bring re
The longer prices remain up, tha
more difficult may be President
Roosevelt’s task, some economists are
A crack_up might occur, then, in
the midst of his 1936 campaign.
Whereas, if prices now were permit
ted t,> take a natural course, the re
adjustment would occur this year,
and business would be better during
the 1936 campaign.
Prices of farm products, however,
could rise only through an inter
change of trade, and that would re
quire a drastic readjustment of tariff
and currency policies.
The Roosevelt administration . pulls
both ways on that.
Would it be better—as economists
say—for everybody to take lower
prices, capital, labor, farmers? Would
purchases then be more widespread,
would there be a greater and more
stable spread of income? Would there
be less strain on the financial sys
ging for answer.
Those are questions that are beg
tems of the world?
If there’s anything the active young
ster Doesn’t appreciate on a hot sum
mer day its unnecessarily warm, fussy
clothes! So make it easier for her
and for yourself by choosing pattern
9408 for several cool, w’ashable cot
tons that will make her vacation a
happy one. Many a wise mother
makes her daughter’s whole play ward
robe of the bright new seresuckers
and eliminates hot hours over the
ironing board. This model is espe
cially attractive in a plaid bound with
a contrasting bias binding. Or bind
ing may be omitted with a cotton
print of vivid hue. Complete. Diag
rammed Marian Martin Sew Chart in
cluded .
Pattern 9408 may be ordered only
in sizes 6 8 10 12 and 14. Size 10 re
quires 2 3-8 yards 36 inch fabric and
3 1-4 yards binding.
Send FIFTEEN GENTS In coins or
stands (coins preferred) for EACH
MARIAN MARTIN pattern. Bp sure
to write plainly your NAME. AD
SIZE of each oattern.
Send your order to Dailv Dispa teh
Pattern Department., 232 W. 18th St,.
New York, N. Y.
Washington’s Fourth Is
Quiet as Congress Rests
(Continued from Page One.)
Monday. No other senators were re
quired to be on hand.
Most members of Congress and thou
sands of government clerks took ad
vantage of the day to visit nearby
Those who remained heard from
Senator Wheeler, Democrat, Montana
a new prediction that tn« .president
would veto the utiilties bill if it goes
to the White House without the
“death setnence’’ for holding com
panies. Wheeler is leading the drive
to restore the “death sentence,’’ which
would make mandatory abolition of
“unnecessary” holding firms. It was
stricken out in the House.
Byrd Talked for
Democrat Leader
(Continued from Page One.)
did the Palmer and Buckner ticket,
shortly before the of 1896.
The instigators of the plan argue
that they liked the 1932 platform but
that no policy it advocated ever has
been tried out, except that prohibi
tion has been repealed (that clause
in it they propose to erase).
Senator Harry F. Byrd of Virginia
and Governor Eugene Talmade of
Georgia are a queer combination
Senator Byrd is an ultra.conserva
I have heard Governor Talmadge
described as a political cross between
Senators Huey P. Long of Louisiana
and Theodore G. Bilbo of Mississippi.
However, in different directions
they are equally anti-Rooseveltian.
The prospective bolters are not
hopeful of electing Byrd and Tal
madge in 1936 anyway, any more
than the gold Democrats were hopeful
of electing Palmer and Buckner in
1896 Like the Palmer and Buckner
ites, they want “some place to go.” 1
Senator Gerald P. Nye is develop
ing a sizable Republican presidential
A frank statement
Banks find savings a problem these days. It
is difficult to locate suitable investments
which will yield enough to cover overhead
expenses the payment of interest
to depositors.
We mention this for one reason only: Our
continued desire to see the people of this
community add to their savings accounts is
based on our firm belief that in good times
or bad, it is a healthy and desirable thing for
part of their earnings to be set aside for fu
ture spending. This reserve is an important
safety factor for every man and woman.
Therefore we want to do our share in en
couraging it.
Deposits made on or before Saturday,
July 6, will draw interest from July 1
Citizens Bank & Trust
Henderson, North Carolina.
Each Depositor Insured up to $5,000.00 by
the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Marland Martin Pattern
9AO&\ \
Nye, let me state, is, at short
across his desk, the most convincing
public man in Washington.
That he has “it,” as a platform
speaker. I’m doubtful.
But maybe he has “it” over the
If he can register as a wireless
broadcaster (a moderate liberal from
a strategic section of the country)
there is no knowing how effective lie
might be presidentially.
Children's Colds
Yield quicker to
tJ _ double actiort of
ws visas
rjTi i
All Law Offices will close At 1
o'clock on Saturday during the
rnonth of July and August.
Vance County Bar .
By, Brooks P. Wyche, Secy.

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