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Because of That Habit, Talk
of Borah Now Is Not
Taken Seriously
Central Press Staff Writer
New York, July 13—The Republi
cans have a habit of sidetracking the
early presidential candidate Thus the
calk of Senator William E. Borah of
Idaho is not taken too seriously by
informed persons.
The most notable instance of side
cracking was that of William E. Sew
ard of New York for Abraham Lin v
coin of Illinois in 1860.
It was Seward who made terrific
attacks on "the slave property class,”
not Lincoln. It was Seward who at
tacked the Supreme Court with vehe
mence; it was Lincoln who softened
the attack, and then pigeonholed de
crees cf the Supreme Court, when he
became President.
Finally, the Republicans, still
ing for concilliaticn of all groups and
classes, believed Seward had .been too
outspoken and nominated the urbane
Borah, however, is the direct anti
thesis of SeWard.
Borah is the Great Defender of the
Constitution. Seward had no respect
fcr the Supreme Court—at least, as it
was constituted immediately prior to
the Civil War.
Seward believed that, nobody then \
in high place was truly representative j
of the people either in the presidency j
or in the Senate or in the House.
And for the Supreme Court he said:
. How fitting does the proclamation
of its opening close with invocation:
' God save the United States and the
Grim Warning to Looters
Now that the worst of New York flood is over, the greatest danger is
from looters. To prevent wholesale thievery, National Guardsmen are
stationed everywhere to protect ruined shops and stores. This one
guards abandoned homes at Hornell, N. Y.
(Central Press)
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Philadelphia, Pa 917 11-82 19.05 21.35
New York, N. Y 1241 15.06 25.52 27.83
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! honorable court’... .The court con
sists of a chief justice and eight as
sociate justices. Os these five were
called from slave states and four from
free states. The opinions and bias of
each of them were carefully consid
ered by the President and Senate
when he was appointed. Not one of
them was found wanting in soundness
of politics, according to the slave
holder’s exposition of the Constiution
and those who were called from fi ee
states were, even more distinguished
in that respect than their brethren
from the slaveholding states.”
Seward finally talked: himself out of
the nomination—for saying? exactly
what the Republicans believed.
No better description of this dra
matic event could be found than in
Professor Charles A Beard’s “The
Rise of American Civilization”:
“The hopes of those who sought
peace (said Seward) by appealing to
slave owners, to reform themselves
were as chaff in a storb.
How long and with what success
have you waited already for that re
formation? (Seward asked, in a
speech.) Did any property class ever
so reform itself? Did the patricians
in old Rome, the noblesse or clergy
in France? The landholders in Ire
land? The landed aristocracy in Eng
land?....” v
Wife Preservers
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City Os Henderson, North Carolina) I
Assets Liabilities I
Cash In Banks Notes Payable f $ 4,1119.69
General Fund $ 4,806 24
Miscellaneous Bond Fund 8,226.98 Accruals and Reserves
Advance Payments 1935 Taxes 3,502.00 $ 16.535 22 Interest on Bonds $ 2,880.82 J
tv + * Ato ka Advance Payment 1935 Taxes 3,502.00
Deposit State Treasurer 412.50 Reserye 9.765.90 j
fT j 'T' Reserve Street Assessment Interest 500.00
Uncollected taxes Improvement Arch Street i 47.50 16.696.22
Year 1932 1,967.63 I
Year 1931 1,742.29 Surplus
Prior Years 3,585.42 18,793.03 Miscellaneous Funds f 24,447.73
Interest Accrued Street Assessments 1,999.45 _ , wlm-i- n j , „.
Water Department Operating Fund 7,623.44 Total labilities Miscellaneous Funds .... ’ 45,363.64
Total Assets Miscellaneous Funds 45,363.64 Capital Liabilities and Surplus I
r' -j. 1 A Bonded Indebtness 779,000.00 1
Capital Assets Reserve for Depreciation Water Works . . 44,603.09 | *
Uncollected Street Assessments 5,767.21 Reserve for Street Assessments 5,767.21
Properties and Improvements ........ 1,285.353.14 1,291,120.35 Capital Surplus : 461.750.05 1,291,120.35
$1,336,483.99 $1,336,483.99
City Os Henderson, North Carolina I
Statement of Receipts and Disbursements —General Fund I
12 Months Ended June 30, 1935 I
Receipts Disbursements I
General Taxes' General Taxes ••• •$ 69.46
Year 1933 ' '.7Y Y.7.YY7 Fir « Department 11,858.68 I
Health Department 1,785.75
Other Taxes Licenses and Permits
Privilege Licenses 5,620.55 Public *">»*«* 115411
Fishing°PeriMts S . .7.7 24.44 Street Department 34,484.40 I
Dob- Taxes ;... 152.00 5,895.83
Special Appropriations 4,550.00
Municipal Court 2,303.00
Administrative Expense 9,882.19
Other Income
Tax Penalties 1,498.43 Total Expenses 72,449.07
Tax Adv. and Cost 220.50
Sewer Service 15.00
Replacing Driveways 729.15
Tax Suits 15.50 2>478.08 |
Total Income 72,411.29
Borrowed Money 19,219.69
Borrowed Money Repaid 15,000.00 4,219.69
Deposit for Arch Street Improvements . . 47 - 5 Q
Total Receipts 76,678.48 Bank Balance June 30, 1935 4,806.24
•Bank Balance July 1, 1934 576,83
Total $77,255.81 Total $77,255.31
City Os Henderson, North Carolina I
Statement of Receipts and Disbursements—Miscellaneous Funds I
12 Months Ended June 30, 1935 I
Receipts Disbursements 1
$18,661.13 Bonds Paid $ 6,000.00
55T. 777.7.77777 v..:;. 7 1.200.00 _ ]ntereston ßonds 41,233.46
Street Assessments .... i’qro 50 Rebates Street Assessments 1,361.86
Street Assessment Interest infi’9s
street Assessment Adv. and Cost 22 00 Total Expenses 48.646.32
Earnings Water Department
Total Income 52,739.30
Bank Balance June 30, 1935 8,226.98
Bank Balances July 1, 1934 4 ’ 13300 -
Total $56,872.30 Total $56,872.30 ■
Certificate I
We have examined the books and records of the City of Hendersom North I^tonCTte y m’ I
1935 and have prepared a detail audit report which we have s t j une 3 q 1935 an( j condensed statements of receipts and disburse
follows: Balance sheet of fund account and capital assets and I,abllltl * . . s 0 a ’ rrange d as to exhibit a correct financial condition of the
merits of general fund and also miscellaneous funds, all Xil disclosed no evidence of any irregularities and we found the books and
City of Henderson at June 30, 1935. Our examination, which was m detail, disclosed no eviueuws y
records exceptionally well kept. Respectfully submitted,
. Certified Public Accountant.
By Walter Charnley, C. P. A.

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