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New Orange Drink Made
From Pure Orange Juice
anti Bottled at Dairy
'-hli; and citrus fruit juices have
• been associated as of
M'Miet recommended by dieticians
V a ith authorities generally.
Mvw realize how closely these t«*c
r . c ,f public well-bein" are allied
•'n preparation and distribution.
“o n e of the outstanding Vasiness
-■ r ,v«ses has been the rapid growth
JV the sale and distribution of Biro.
1 v - 5 Orantreade which is prepared.
Pitted and delivered by milk dealers
•• r rough our the country.
'Mr J T. Nrlson of the Brookside
p p ‘. . v distributors of Bireley’s
O-anceade in Henderson has selected
‘>-0 Henderson Daily Dispatch to
Mtv an advertising campaign on
p,‘ lfVi Orangeade. Mr. Nelson
Mre« \hat the advertising manager
Vs putev’s ill California lias recom
r ended nev-sirnwr advertising as the
t _,u medium for acnuainting the pub
'r;o with Birelev’s Orangeade.
T l ds real fruit beverage is distri
buted nv over a thousand milk deal
eT./,n that many cities. The major
i;y 0 f these have used newspaper ad
vertising and feel that it has played
jprsrp part in increasing s he sale of
Bit lev's Orangeade to such an ex
tort that at this time it is the largest
gc-yng fruit beverage.
According to Mr Nelson, of the
Brookside Dairy citrus fruit juices
and milk have manv things in com
mon Both are semi-perishable, both
must be handled by refrigeration and
with care: because of this. Birley’s
originated and developed the dairy
production and distribution for their
The orange iuice from which Bire
]?v’s Orangeade is made is extracted
from selected oranges of standard
Qua litv at the Bireley plant in South
ern California. Special equipment,
operating under immaculately sani
tary conditions, makes it only a mat
ter of moments from the time the
juice is taken from the fruit until it
is packed in hermetically sealed, ena
mel lined tins ready for shipment. No
artificial flavoring or preservatives
are used. Lemon juice is also added
in order to give the beverage a deli
cious tang.
Mr. Nelson states that the real
fruit beverage is delivered to the
rrnne and stores in quarts and is also
sold by al ldealers of beverages in in
dividual bottles.
The professor found a live goose
occupying his chair as he entered
he said, "that you have a competent
the class-room. "I see, gentlemen,”
instructor, so I’ll leave you to your
studies” and out he went.
Get Rid of
Banish Chills and Feverl
To conquer Malaria, you must do two
things. (1) Destroy the infection in the
Hood. (2) Build up the blood to over
come the effects and to fortify again#
further attack. There is one medicine that
does these two things and that is Grove’s
Ta.-teless Chill Tonic! The tasteless qui
nine in Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic de
stroys the malarial infection in the blood
while the iron builds up the blood. Thou
sands of people have conquered
with the aid of Grove’s Tasteless Chill
Tonic. In addition to being a noted rem
edy for Malaria, it is also an excellent
tonic of general use. Grove’s Tasteless
Chili Tonic is pleasant to take and con
tains nothing harmful. Even children like
it and they can take it safely. For sale
by all drug stores. Now two sizes—soc
and Sl.’The $1 size contains 2J4 times as
much as the 50c size and gives you 25%
more for your money
Summary Os Uniform Annual Budget Estimate
! Os Vance County, North Carolina
For The. Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 1935, And Ending June 30, 1936.
Published in Compliance with Requirement of the “County Fiscal Control Act” Sec. 7, Ch. 146, P, L., 1927
— Column! Column 2 Column 3 Column! Co,umn 6 Column 7 ( ° l,Unn 8
* Estimate of „
, - /oil 1... m\ 2) Uncollectible (Col. 3 plus Col. 4). Estimate Estimate of Tax Rate
Totai Estimate of (Col. 1, less. Col. 2.) unconectiDie Total of Property Tax Rate of Last
FUND Budget Revenue to Be Tax Levy To Taxes, Commis- Amount of Valuation on SIOO Preceding
Requirements Available other Balance Budget sions on CoUections Tax Levy Estimated Valuation Levy
Than Tax Levy ana iax A *
Fayers’ Discounts
1 $16,000,000
r , , n ol rw, _ __ . $33,605.80 $14,405.80 $19,200.00 $4,800.00 $24,000.00 Do. .15 .15
County General Fu - _ . 16,868.57 5,476.57 11,392.00 2,840.00 14,240.00 • Do. .09 .10
Poor Fund •• , . _ 17,500.00 17,500.00 ' None None -99
u a 9 uu Un n ’ 9,756.00 3,356.00 6,400.00 1,600.00 8,000.00 R°’ ‘99 - 99
Health Fund c 12 000 ‘ None 5 120.00 1,280.00 6,400.00 Do. .04 .04
Countlf Fund ------ -•- / 27,857.74 $12,497.74 15!36o!oO " 3,840.00 19. 200 - Q0 Do - !! ill
Tntal I $110,708.11 $53,236.11 $57,472.00 $14,360.001 $71,832,00 Do - ~ 45 - 48
“Special Township Levy” $475,000
Townsville Railroad Bonds - * V**» » N °” e * T4lM* * * T>WM * . ***
Approved by aSalfS! “^Vd’ofCommfsi^rf'vLe Count,, N. C 17,1935
S Attkt H M Robinson, ‘ Clerk of the B oard of County Commissioners of Vance County, N. C.
Curley Hits Nazis
I a m
-Jm. M
Governor Curley
Baron von Tippelskirch
When Baron Kurt von Tippel
skirch, German consul general at
Boston, advised Leverett Salton
stall, speaker of the Massaehua*
etts house of representatives that
an adopted resolution protesting
racial and religious persecution in
Germany was “unwarranted and
unpardonable interference,” Gov.
James M. Curley was quick to re
spond that the legislators had
“expressed the secret opinion of
Americans generally.” Tito gov
ernor’s reply called the Nazi pro
gram “abhorrent to right-think
ing men and women the world
over.” Governor Curley, top,
and Baron von Tippelskirch, be
low, are pictured
Joe Crosson Will )
Fly Funeral Plane
To Seattle Today
(Continued irom x'age One.)
would then bg placed in a vault in
Lcs Angeles with interment later at
Claremore, Okla.
Pqst's widow has decided that his
body will be buried in a memorial
park near Oklahoma City.
At the hangar here, Pilot Crosson,
Co-Pilot William Knox and Radio Op
erator William J. Gleason remained
inside for sometime after arriving.
Swooping down from the north, Cros
son made an extremely fast landing,
airport attendants said. He did not
circle the field, and his propeller was
still turning over when the plane
reached the hangar.
Vancouver, B. C., Aug. 19.—(AP) —
The funeral plane was poised here to
day for the last lap of its flight from
Alaska barrens with the broken forms
cf Will Rogers and Wiley Post-
Joe Crosson will fly the ship into
Seattle some time today—the exact
hour was guarded closely in an el
fort to ward off a crush of the cur
ious at both airports.
Crosson brought the Pan-American
Airways transport plane into Van
couver unexpectedly last night after
a 1,500-mile flight from Point Barrow,
most northerly American outpost,
where Post and Rogers fell to their
deaths Thursday night while on a
leisurely vacation jaunt.
The ship was pushed quickly into
a hangar and a provincial police
guard was set.
Crosson, long a friend of Post’s and
admirer of Rogers; and his two as
sistant son the arduous journey, were
little inclined to discuss it, or what
they saw and experienced in the
northern Alaska waste lands.
They were unable to add to the
meagre previous reports of the crash
which was witnessed only by an Es.
kimo who ran 15 miles to Barrow to
tell that the motor had misfired ai
an altitude of only 50 or 60 feet.
Oklahoma City, Okla., Aug. 19
(Ap)—Oklahomans suggested simple
memorials today, to honor Will
Rogers and Wiley Post, the .two ta
Chesterfield ... the cigarette that's MILDER
Chesterfield ... the cigarette that TASTES BETTER
1935,: Liggett & Myb* Tobacco C». ..
mous sonsg of the “Sooner” States,
who died in an Alaskan airplane
Olahoma Philatelic Society tele
graphked President Roosevelt, Post
master General Farley and Members
of the Oklahoman congressional de
legation urging a Rogers-Post com
memorative stamp to be issued.
Seattle,. Walsh., Augi 19.t— (AP)
This city scanned the skies today and
waited for Pilot Joe Crosson to roar
his aerial hearse across the bordei
with the bodies, of Will''Rogers am:
Wiley post.
Italy entered the war on the Al
lied by declaring war on Austria-
Hungary in May, 1915; she did not de
clare* war on Germany till 15 months
Signing of Relief
Men Is Lagging
(Continued from Page One.)
142,533 giving a balance of 62,53*.
An intensive drive will be made all
(his week to get as many of the yet
unregistered relief cases on the re
employment service rolls as possible
Mrs. Evans said, and , relief workers
of the NCERA will assist the NRS
in every county of the State in get
ting all those on relief who have not
yet registered to do so.
“An effort will be made this week
to control every relief client not yet
registered and to get them to regis
ter,” Mrs. Evans said. "This will be
the final effort of the reemployment
service to get the relief clients to re
gister and in which the registration
will virtually be carried into the
homes of the relief clients. Hereafter
those who do not register this week
will have to visit the registration of.
fices of their own volition. We will
continue to register both unemploy
ed and relief cases just as long as th*s
Relief Administration in Washington
directs us to But we expect that be
fore long a deadline will be set after
which no additional relief cases will
be registered.
Four Tickets For
President Talked
(Continued from Page One >
to current sentiment in that area—
and yet Glass is strong.
Senator La Follette (a Wisconsin
progressive is pro.“soak everybody”
on the taxation program.
J3ens®ors Borah and Norrts (rs*.
spectively of Idaho and Nebraska),
old-time “buddies” of La Folletta
break with him on the “soak every
body” program. *
Every alignment is split.
It would not necessarily tatke a
1-2-3-4 split to throw the 1936 presi
dential selection into the House of
A 1-2-3 split could do it.
Not a few politicians think that this
may occur.
With more than two tickets in the
field,; presumably President Rooser
velt will have a plurality, but he may
not have a "majority over all” —which
is required.
In such an event a small flop eas
ily could decide the presidency.
An early Father o fthe church could
claim as one of the boons which the
world would win by accepting Chris
tianity. that Christian nations would
win by accepting Christianity, that
nations would never engage in war
against 1 each other.

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