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Some Tested Rules For
Any Business
President. Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company
A young man teginnlng a business
career, if he ha 3 the ability, ran al
most be assured of success by fol
lowing a few simple rules:
Absolute honesty is the fi»-t essen
tial. No on? c m be misted with im
portant business unless his integrity
is beyond reproach
Temperate living follows closely on
the heel j oi hnesty, enabling a young
fellow to maintain a clear mind in a
ijcund wody.
Modesty is another thing. The
cbeekly fellow is not popuTtr with his
employer or the public. But modesty
always commands respect.
Never miss an opportunity to make
a friend. Never neglect an opportunity
to help a friend. Be unfailingly loyal
to your business associates. A large
number of friends is always an ele
ment of strength in business life.
Membership in some good Christian
church is a strong aid to honest and
temperate living and a good place to
so; m true, lasting friendships.
Families Os Small Income
Are Shown To Be Backbone
Os Business, Reports Show
(From The Coca-Cola Bottler.)
Ihe consumer importance of the
family man in the lower income class
is graphically revealed, by the Bu
reau ot Foreign and Domestic Com
merce, Department of Commerce,
t>■ o"C h its fourth report in a series
of studies on selected household
J-mmodities and service# used by
families of various income classes.
The atu ’y just completed is based on
information furnished by families in
Columbia. South Carolina, according
to N. H Eng'e, Assistant Director
c 'he Bureau.
Similar to the recent reports for
Au tin. Texas; Fargo, North Dakota;
and Portland. Maine, the Columbia
study contains adJitional evidence,
the Assistant Director stated, that
families receiving annual incomes of
less than $2 000 far outnumber all
t/oae with higher incomes as to num
ber of families consuming coai for
house heat; Using rra - equipment for
cooking and electricity for lighting;
installing bathtubs and showers, buy
ing au omobiles; and owning their
ovn homes. In other words, these
?->-• • gt • lisUr* driv« home the point
that mass consumption on the part
of families with small incomes is the
Leckbor? of business.
Correlated data on ownership 0 r use
cf these goods in 1934 and income re
ceived duiing the preceding year, as
obtained from Columbia families, are
particularly interesting when com
pare j with the same type of informa
tion procured from Austin. Texas,
Statistics covering these two southern
'.. * 1
We are preutl of the part we had in the
building of the new home of the
Bottling Co.
We installed the
Barber Giant Shingles
and Built-In Barber
Trinidad Roof
Roofing Co.
Henderson, N. C.
Another most important factor is
the -pirit with which one does his
work. The young man who will give
I his entire mind to his work, watch
ing carefully every detail, making as
fexv mistakes as possible, doing the
work of his employer as though all
the responsibility and profit were his
own. will (even with moderate ability)
become indispensable to the bu mess.
Such men are sought after day.
So many men work without thinking,
and work along in ruts, watching the
1 clo< k for quitting time, that the man
who thinks as he works, and thinks
! soley about his work, and makes it
; his master passion, will find hime;lf
| in g'eat demand.
B" patient and persevering. Some
time’ we give up on the eve of a
great success. Be sure you are fitted
for the career you have chosen, and
then stay with it until you win.
Test these rules by watching some
i-ucce sful business man of your ac
I cities chow many points of similarity
I and also some noticeable differences,
j For instance, in Austin, the availabili
ty of natural ga3 and its use for
house-heating pui poses results in the
general use of heating apparatus of
a different kind from that required
in Columbia where coal is the prin
( cipal fuel.
All reporting Austin families with
internes of $3 000 or more light then
homes with electricity, but for Co
lumbia the facts are different, in that
city all families with incomes of sl,-
uOO or more have electricity for light
ing and are therefore use»s or poten
tial usei 3 of various electric house
hold appliances. In some other re
sp r f however. Columbia families
air not so well provided with modern
conveniences as are the Austin fami
lies. In both cities the facts point
to sales opportunities.
While many a consumer may be
curiou? to know how his family equip
ment compared with the average for
his income class in tnis city, indivi
dual and organizations, wherever
located, are sure to tmd much that
is of human interest in this new and
levealing picture of living standards
among the various income classes —
(he compilation, as asserted in the
Foieword, is primarily designed for
use in sales planning by manufactur
ers distributors, and advertisers of
the goods reported.
This series of studies by Ada Lil
lian Bush, head of the Consumer Mar
ket Section, is being carried out un
der the general direction of Wilford
Heating Plant i n New Coca-Cola Building
Wmm * 1 ■ fp*
i mJmi SBWMiiMtl
||? IK i : ill
Beml |p| fWiPllli
;g>. ....... >;:•> y .•
L. White, Chief of the Marketing Re- i
earch and Seivice Division of the
Bureau of Foreign and Domestic
Commerce; Particular attention is
called to a section of the report de
voted to suggested use of the ma
The New Home Os The I
This Handsome Structure
Was Designed And Built By Us
—— - ■ - We are proud to add this new building to the long list of
A Partial List of Buildings and Homes
We Have Built in Henderson; buildings and homes we have constructed in Henderson
Maria Parham Hospital. - Those who entrust their to us may expect and
H. T. Morris, Residence.
rece?ve the highest c,a ‘» of workmanship, supervision
R. G. Davis, Residence , . „ .
Dr. R. t. Unchurch, Residence ' mui construction, all at the very lowest possible cost. .
T °ndis Building. Garnett Street.
Rfpvrtirnn Theatre.
C'nvolinn DntrprinF Co.— Rf ora err Warelioimp
wnvrhom-.—Ne,- A<wition. ALL OF THE MILL.WORK USED IN THIS
TTmi dr % cj r' yj Cot IVflll. T onrliTionino* "P? onm I
■ I Hnrrlrt Cotton
Contractors - Henderson, N. C.
tciial by all agencies interested in
bringing these so-called consumer
“durable-goods" product;—and a wide
range of related commodities—to a
-bill higher percentage of families in
each income group.
j The giraffe's high forehead, giving
him literally a high-brow appearance,
is due to the air-cclls in his bones,
j The Phillippines are among the
! world’s leading countries' producing
copta and coconut oil.
Bottling Company To Be
Host Friday Evening to
Public at New Building
(Gontinimrt from Page One.)
Tempt tanks and in a room that is
dustnronf and almost airtight, and
which adjoins these tanks is the glass
lined storage tank. Into this tank
from a barrel below the pure Coca
s-ymi is niimped without ever
a human hand touching it. The syrup
flows through a pipe and through
a finely woven straining cloth into
the glass-lined tank. Underneath is
another pipe that leads it downstairs
to the bottling machines, wiiere auto
matic devises empty exactly the same
proportion of syrup into each bottle,
making all of them uniform in con.
In the basemen: of the building are
other pumps, and also the heating
plant, which is the iron fireman type
of machine.
Separate bath rooms with show
ers for white and colored employees
have been installed in one quarter of
the Vase ment. This is another of the
precautions for cleanliness and ean
-1 oUor Pvt Dove ben provided in
he now building.
Numerous m«-.mfacturing a n d
equipment concerns have been called
on to furnish various styles and |
vpe c of. equipment for the new build
•i". Attention is celled to many of
hose in congratulatory advertise
ments in this section of today's Dailv
The building is of brick and con
crete. with an artistic doorway a!
the front, quarters at the rear for
tilacks, and a general landscaping
surrounding the entire structure
Around the front and sides shrubbery
and lawn grass have been planted.
To add p ion to the adequacy of the
U uiiding for the purposes to which i<
was designed and erected, it is one
of the beauty spots and show places
British Freedom'
‘", " Unktd
1 o People's R„| t
London, Oct. 31 -.r m .
Britain of freedom of *r>
of newspaper integrity ***** and
Bt the conference of the i 1
Journalists held here at thP « i,ute of
recently. n
This was the kernel D , t ,
speeches and of the mpsßa he
this meeting of Britain's'nl to
sr„ n i St b e y , Mi - sianiey
fhience and } he in '
nalists today,” Mr. Baldwin U>Ur '
adding: “On the accuracy d?
formation they supply the f
of their comments and the S' 59
of their advice depends to n, d ° ni
extent the political judgment of S‘ l
who may not otherwise he in i ?
with the working of the politica °and
economic machinery of the ..
Mr. Alan Pitt Robbins, president
of the conference, added to thr t,'
politicians and pu lie men who , !
like the Prime Minister appear t
think that an easy way’to obtain l
laugh is to deride the press mi2h !
well remember the passage i„ th
“Letters of Junius*’: “The "liberty ff
the press is the palladium of all the
civil, political and religious rights „f
an Englishman.”
“Let them realize};' Mr. BohhiiK
added, “that the only man who wants
to see a muzzled press is the man
who aspires to the office of dictator
The Member of Parliament would do
well to remember that the disappear
ance of a free press in this country
might also mean iris own removal
from his special sphere of activity"
of Henderson’s industrial and man
ufactui ing enterprises.

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