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Jake Johnson, Rapist, May
Not Re First Lethal Gas
Chamber Victim.
Hailv Hureiui,
In '»'»•«• Sir %%’iiUit Hofei,
Raleigh, Dec. 11.—Friday, the thir
teenth of December may >»ot. prove to
be an unlucky day for .lake Johnson,
alias George France, Negro rapist
from Rockingham county, now under
sentence to die in the State’s new
lethal gas chamber Friday morning.
FOr present indications are that a
temporary reprieve will bo granted j
Johnson unless the State Supreme |
Court should this afternoon hand j
down a decision in the Kd Jenkins i
case, which will decide the identical !
question involved in the Jake John
son case —as to whether both Johnson j
and Jenkins were properly sentenced, j
Both Johnson and Jenkins committed
their crimes before the new lethal gas
execution law was enacted, but were
tried and sentenced after its enact
ment, with the result that they were
sentenced to he executed by lethal
The judges who sentenced both Jen- .
kins and Johnson evidently believed
the law applied to all tiied and sen- I
tenced after enactment of the lethal
gas execution law and accordingly
sentenced them to death by lethal
gas. But attorneys for Jenkins did not
agree with this interpretation and ap- (
pealed to the Supreme Court. Johnson
did not appeal, however, with the re
sult that his death warrant now calls ,
for his execution Friday morning at j
10:30 in the new lethal gas chamber ,
jn Central Prison here. i
But Warden H. H. Honeycutt wants j
to be sure of the law and that John
son, was properly and legally sentenc
ed Before carrying out the execution.
Accordingly, he has asked Attorney j
General'A. A. F. Seawell to advise
him whether to proceed with the exe
cution. But Attorney General Seawell j
is not yet sure as to how to advise !
Warden Honeycutt, since the Supremo j
Court has not yet passed on the Jen
kins case. He is hoping the Supreme
Court will hand down a decision in
this case this afternoon. If it does not.
he may advise Warden Honeycutt to
ask the governor to grant a reprieve
to Johnson until after the Ed Jen
kins case has been decided. If he does |
that, it is believed a temporary re
prieve will be granted for Johnson. |
So whether the new gas chamber :
will be used for the first time Friday !
and whether Johnson will be its first :
victim, now rests with the Supreme
Court or the governor.
Think what it means * ;
when the Rexall Druggist
fills your prescription. Out
of a thousand and one !
bottles he selects his es- '
sehces, tinctures, extracts,
etc. . . . carefully measures
them, and then Double
Checks the result,'Only
fresh, full strength mate- |
rials are used by qualified, j
registered pharmacists.
Parker’s Drug
• \ I
T - - - . ___ l
Under and by virtue of power con
tained in a certain deed of trust
executed on the 4th day of April 1930,
by Della Waddill and J. G. Waddill
Xer husband, Joe Robinson and Henry
Robinson, and recorded in the office
of the register of deeds for Vance
County, N. C„ in book 162 at page
110, default having been made in the
payment of the debt therein secured,
at the requests of the holder of same,
and of the makers of said deed of
trust, I shall sell, by public auction,
to the highest bidder, for cash, at the
court house door in Henderson, Vance
County, North Carolina at 12 o’clock
noon, on Saturday the 4th day of Jan
uary 1936, the following described
Being a lot on Roberson Street, just
north of the city of Henderson, which
lot was- originally 210 feet front on
Roberson Street and 200 feet deep,
but from which there has been con
veyed a lot 30 feet by 40 feet for
church, said land adjoining land of J.
C. Kittrell, T. V. Bobbitt, J. G. Turner
and the church, less 80 feet sold off
by order of court, for deed see hook
43 page 519, Vance County, Also a
second lot, fronting 30 feet on Rober
son street and 200 feet deep, adjoining
lands of Bobbitt and others on which
lot is a small house being the same
land described in book 52 at page 276,
office of register of deeds of Vance
This 3rd day of December, 1935.
T. S KITTRELL, Trustee.
Now Playing at The Vance Theatre
1 ' irwmioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHui
Eddie Cantor and Goldwvn Girls in “Roman Scandals"
The Quill
Editor-In-Chief. Mattie Leigh Dick
erson .
Community Personals
We are very sorry to announce the
sickness of our principal, Mr. Craw
ley, who had an attack of accute in
digestion. and Miss Vivian Cooke,
teacher of the seventh grade, who
has the influenza.
We are also glad indeed to have
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Compare Chevrolet's low delivered prices.
Henderson, N. C. , Warrenton, N, C.
Mr. Carl Onsley, pastor of the Cor
inth Baptist church to fill this va
cancy of Miss Cooke.
The juniors are planning to enter
tain the seniors at the annual junior
senior banquet, which is to be held
on December 14, 1935.
The girls and boys of Epsom met
Bunn boys and girls at Bunn on last
Wednesday night. The girls were
victorious by a score of 26-6. The
boys were defeated by a score of 18-13
On Friday night, they met Youngs
ville at Franklinton. The girls won
by a score of 3-1-17 and the boys.lost
by a score of 2’-15. Come on! Boys
get into the fight.
Dramatic Club
The Dramatic club is continuing
to sponsor an amteur program. Al
though wasn't but.one number
for the program Thursday, it was en
joyed by everyone tremendc/fsly. Two
old maids came out and gave, a good
play called “Sara and Sally?’. The old
maids! were Madolyn Aysotie ancl
Ch ristine Eaves. They were ' busy
looking for a sweetheart. More people
Vo be on program' fdV next
time and we are looking forward to
the next amateur hour.
Louise Dickie, Reporter.
Girl Scout News
The Girl Scouts have reorganized
under their new leader, Miss Vernelle
Frazier. The troop was divided into
two patrols, with Virginia Perkinson
j and Elaine Weldon chosen as patrol
1 leaders. Virginia Perkinson was
i elected scribe for the troop.
I We chose Mrs. D. T. Dickie, Mrs. !
,T. H. Weldon, and Mrs. T. C. Gill,
; is a committee to back up the work
! of the scouts.
i At the meeting last Tuesday, we
, quickly discarded our business and
j each patrol met to discuss what pro
ject. they were to take up. The first
i patrol deciding on signalling met on
i Wednesday afternoon, worked on sig-
I aals, had supper in the Scout Hut and
j remained at the school building that
livening for the program, what was
I to lie given by the Oxford Orphanage
! singing class.
Virginia Perkinson, Reporter.
Sidney Lanier Society
The Society met December (5, 1935.
.vft.e;- the minutes and roll call, Evelyn
Aysowe gave an interesting scripture
lor our devotional. The program
was centered around “Public Safety”
Our sponsor, Mrs. Bart.hlomew gave
us an interesting talk on Public Safe
| ty. Every member of the society
! learned many points on public safety
from her talk. Other members, that
j were on the program gave interest
ing discussions also.
. Fannie Pearl Ayscue, Reporter.
O. . Henry Literary Society
A very interesting program was
given, which consisted of a play “Aunt
Martha and Uncle Jerry Talking it
Over.’’ Elaine Weldon was Aunt
Martha and Edwin Fuller was uncle
| Jerry. Then Virginia Lassiter gave
I a poem and Mrs. Journigan told us
the purpose of a good literary society.
' The society was then declared ad
journed by the president.
1 j Mattie Leigh Dickerson, Reporter.
' College Station, Raleigh, Dec. 10. —
“We need to stimulate more interest
in better management and use of
farm woodlands, says R. W. Grae
fcer, extension forester at State Col
To this end, the college extension
service is sponsoring a timber Stand
| impiovement contest for farmers
! along the Statesville-Mocksville high
| way. It will open January (1 and
j close March 31.
i This contest, Graeber saul, should
j give concrete proof of what farmers
can do to improve their woodland by
giving it a. reasonable amount of care.
A well-handled timber tract may be
a source of profit and wood year aft
er year, he added.
S. C. Legislature
Puts Off Action j
(Continued from Page One.)
I the National Guardsmen before the
House and Senate adjourned.
In the Senate the governor’s mes
sage provoked talk of “contempt of
court” and aboliskmnet of the militia.
A new emergency highway control
bill was introduced in the House
shortly before it adjourned by Repre
sentative Moorer of Colleton.
The measure would turn highway
affairs over to the sinking fund com
mission upon withdrawal of the
troops by the governor. The commis
sion, of which Johnston is chairman,
; would have an audit made of the de
partment’s affairs since October 28,
when the governor seized control un
der a military edict.
J. P. Morgan Again
Will be Witness
(Continued from Page One)
. into the conflict will be studied as a
preliminary to American neutrality
Members of the munitions commit
tee contend American trade with the
Allies developed an irresistible cur
rent which dragged this country into
war. They want a neutrality law
which will prevent such a recurrence
in the future. '“*’*'*
J. P. Morgan & Company
(principal American ba . W: " the
for the Allies, it foht . U,n « agei*.
loans for them and to a i. n “ llion - s in
thereby financed America >' I’, <,x,(4 iv,
the belligerents. wiiti
Costs Little
Tastes like a Million'
The American Distilling Co
Under and by virtue of author,y
contained in that certain deed „f ,, u<t
executed by Garland Parrott
wife, Sarah Wilson Parrott, of
in Book 18-1 at page 113 of the V ;iIHV
County Registry, default have
made in payment of the debt therein
secured and upon request of the
owner and holder thereof, the unde
signed will offer for sale at twelve
o’clock noon at the court house
in Vance Cotinty at public auction, t,»
the highest bidder for cash, on Mon
day, January 6, 1936. the followin'.,
described real property:
I Begin at a stake and stone, corner
! of Burroughs land, thence N s? i f
; 10 1068 feet, thence N 26 1-2 W ir,!t\
j feet to a stake in the road, thence s
; 15 3-1 W 307 feet along said mad
thence S 85 1-2 W 138 feet to a stake,
thence S 1210 feet to the point of be
ginning, 22.5 acres more or less. See
Plat Book C, page 25 of above Re
gistry and Survey and Division Jan
uary 1931 by W. H. Boyd, Engineer,
above property being Lot No. 1 of said
This 3rd day of December, 1935.
Notice is hereby given that the sale
price of the below described property
has been advanced a.s provided by law
and re-sale of the said property or
Therefore, by authority of law as
ip cases of advance bids, and by
virtue of authority vested in me as
trustee in a certain deed of trust exe
cuted on the 20th day of March, 1931
by Tom Hawkins and wife Cora Haw
kins, and recorded in Book 172, Page
126, Register of Deeds office for
Vance County, North Carolina, de
fault having been made in Ihe pay
ment of the debt therein seemed, and
the holder thereof having requested
foreclosure, I will on Friday the 27 1 h
day of December, 1935. at 12 O’clock,
at the courthouse door in Henderson,
N. C., offer for sale by public auc
tion, the foregoing described property:
Begin at a stake Henry Durham’s
corner, on the Henderson and Kit it ell
road known as Mobile, run thence
along said road towards Henderson
175 feet to an iron stake, thence W
to right of way of Raleigh Jt: Gaston
railroad, thence along right of way of
said railroad towards Raleigh 175
feet to Durham’s line, thence with
Durham’s line 175 feet to place of be
Note: The bidding to commence at
This 10th day of December, 193.5
A. A. BUNN, Ti ustee.e
In The Superior Court.
North Carolina:
Vance County:
The Federal Land Rank of Columbia
Grwnriisnn S. Taylor, Sr. (dead) anil
Wife Majy E. Taylor (dead), Graiirl
ison S. Taylor, Jr. and Wife Olivia
Taylor, Matthew E. Taylor ami
Wife Cherry Taylor, Andrew J
Taylor and Wife Kellie Taylor, Her
bert L. Taylor and Wife Malik* Co
lor, Maria V. Russell and Hushaml
Lewis Russell, Rettie R. Groves, ami
Husband Groves, I’attie I-
Jones and Husband P. S. Jones,
Mary B. Bullock and Ilnskaml
Thomas Bullock, Enoch N. Taylor,
(not married.)
The defendants Grandison S.
lor, Olivia Taylor, Matthew E. B'.v
lor, Cherry Taylor, Bettie B. Grov'-
and Groves, her husband, R' |, ‘
t.ie L. Jones, P. S. Jones, Mary B. l ‘ 1 “
lock, Thomas Bullock and Enoch •
Taylor, will take notice that an at
tion entitled as above has been <'°in
menced in the Superior Court
Vance County, North Carolina, 'j'
foreclose a mortgage given by O' ''
ison S. Taylor, Sr., and Mary L. I 1
lor, father and mother of the *
named defendants, on a certain
of lands in Vance County, North ai
olina; Said Grandson S. Taylor. S
and Mary E. Taylor having died k- '
ing the above named defendant •*
their heirs at law, and inhei iiot.
said tract of land, subject to mo
gage to the plaintiff; and the saul '
fondants will further take ’ 1 |t
that they are required to appeal ■
the office of the Clerk of
Court of said County in Hie
House in Henderson, N. ( . "
3rd day of January, 1936, and m
or demur to the complaint m (
tion. or the relief demanded >■>
complaint will he granted.
Clerk of Superior Court ol Van'
County. North OarnUnii- r>
Dated ibis Ith day "i *" *

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