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Best Time for Prevention,
However, Is When House
Is Being Built.
College Station, Saleigh. Dec. 12
The host time to prevent termite d:im
(igc j.s when the house is being l>ni 11.
Termite prevention is much less
expensive and more effective at this
time, than later, said Dr. R. B Ful
ton, research entomologist at State
Termites' live underground. hut
teach the wood parts of a house by
building mud runways up the mas
onry walls. The problem, then, is to
l,eep them from reaching ttie wood
The higher the wood portions <>! tie
house are above the soil level, the
Jess the chance of infestation by tor
mites, Dr, Fulton said. A house wit a
a full basement is less likely to i"
bothered than one whe/e then- i no
schedules and ootiorud routes
WUliam Street I*hnne IS
Our fruit, shade, and orna
mental trees are adapted to
this climate and condition.
Why take a chance when you |
can get home grown trees,
plants, shrubs, and ever
greens from the
Continental Plant Co.
Tn Kittrell, N. C., and make
your selections from the
UA us plan your planting.
C. M. Might, Sales Mgr.
Phone 4202
B. H. Mixon
Contractu/ and Builder
“Builds Butler Buildings* 1
All kinds of Building
Wall ’apt-ring Painting—l
Roofing and Interior
PHONFS* orf,M » 7
1 Residence 476-J
M | Hl • 9
i frj m» i|[ j § irqinriiiira r;
1 w 't Ufa
WPP Old Man Winter climbs on his elevator and says going down,
it’s time to get up to your neck in Hanes! There’s a wealth of
warmth in the Heavyweight Champion. You’ll know.fhal—the min
ute you button up, and those downy, close-knit rlb9 softly hug your
skin. Why, man you’ll he steamlined in Hanes!
But here’s a Winter union-suit that does more than chase your
chills. You get full, honest measure in H ANTES ... no cheating at the
chest or trimming at the trunk. YoU can bend and reach as much as
you want, and you’ll never be pinched or held irt check.
Here are buttonholes that won’t go wide-eyed with wear <Pj
.. . buttons that know their place, and keep it. . . and seams fW
that never need another stitch of work! See your Hanes /xJviiyfN
Healer today. Mm k
P. 11. HANES KNITTINC COMPANY, Winston-Salem, N. C. nL-A.
f A ntarby d—i*r hmt fiANES Union- I lu
Sait*, U and up . ... Skirt* and ||
\M 4 Jlfllll AW Union-Salt*, 7Sc .. . MerrichUd p M
\mm\ 11 ■lll W.ut-Suiu, 75e .. . aUa Mew Ilf
(WwtralW at right), 50c
I I HllTlifrMiltfl Efird’s m
Men’* and Bovs’ Winter Under - 1H
wear In all styles and sizes Department 11
.1. ■ •
I basement or only a partial basement.
If no basement is dug, the surface
soil should be removed to give a
clearance of three or four feet, be
suggested, All stumps and large roots
should be removed completely.
On the outside, the distance from
the soil to the house frame is less
important, but_there should he a
clearance of at least 18 inches. Dr.
.Fulton added.
Anything that breaks the contact
between the wood and the soil re
duces the danger of termite attacks.
Sheets of non-corrosive metal and
well laid cement are good, lie point
ed out.
Frame houses, particularly those
without a basement, may he insulat
ed from the ground by metal termite
shields; that is, a continuous strip of
non-corrosive metal between the* foun
dations and the sills.
29 Eradication Campaigns
Have Been Put On Late
ly in Three States.
w: * on rats, oilo of man’s
worst t'M is •'inning ground in
the two t’.ii'is and Virginia.
Du , • . ..ninths 29 rat
eradication campaigns have been put
on in cities and communities of the
three States, said George B. Lay,
rodent control leader of the U. S.
Biological Survey, with headquarters
at N. C. State College.
In Greensboro and Guilford county
the rat control campaign was financ
ed by individuals and not by the local
government. Lay said.
In Rock Hill. S. C. and Maxton,
Trenton, and Maysville, N. C., the
towns involved supplied money to
pay for the Red# Squill poison, food
ingredients, and labor. The federal
government supplied the supervision
and cooperated in other ways.
In these campaigns, Lay said, the
distribution of poisoned bait was
city-wide, and even went beyond the
city limits to include all built up
While a city finances a campaign,
he said, the distribution of bait is
city-wide and better and more lasting
results are obtained than in towns
where individuals furnish the money,
since many do not buy bait and the
distribution is therefore not complete.
At present, Lay continued, commun
ity campaigns are being planned in
several hundred communities of the
three States, a number of county
wide campaigns are being undertak
en by county agents, and several other
cities are planning f or campaigns.
Lay said he is ready to cooperate
with any city or community wishing
to conduct a rat control campaign.
Ed Powell, local baseball enthus
iast, stated today that he, T. P. Ghol
son and Ed Burgess would go to Mar
tinsville, Va., tomorrow to attend a
meeting of the heads of the Bi-State
League with the intention of seek
ing a berth in that league for Hen
derson. Powell has been interested in
that movement since the close of
baseball season here this summer, and
has contracted several of the direc
tors relative to Henderson’s entrance.
In addition to the above named
men, others were expecting to attend
the meeting from this city.
The great East African plateaus ex
tending with their rift valleys, lakes
and magnificent montains from the
Red sea down to the Cape of Good
Hope, offer tremendous potentialities
for the future. Capable of cultivation
and habitation by people from the
temperate zones, they will inevitably
attract a migration of varied popula
tions that may change the whole char
acter of Africa. Already there are
more than a million and a half Euro
peans in South Africa, over 30.000 in
the Rhodesias. and upwards of 10.000
in Kenya.
REA In Washington For
First Time Sets Figure on
Necessary Outlay.
Ilnil.v I IHi Mu roan.
In Tin* Sir Waller lloici,
lt> .1. <lt \SK I :i( \ 111.
Ttnioign, Dec. 12—The cost of build
ing rural electric lines in North Caro
lina should not exceed s6f>o ;1 mile for
labor, poles and wire and probably
not more than SOOO a mile, the Rural
Electrification Administration in
Washing!on has advised J. L. Horne.
Jr., <T Rocky Mount, a member of the
North Carolina Rural Electrification
Authority. This is the first time the
RU\ in Wash ing ton has given any
indication of maximum and minimum
limits in connection wilh rural
ih. ; r ific.t ion, hording to Chairman
I ’ ■ r 1 : < R'lgb v, <q tin* State Authority
These li' in* were quoted in a re
mit let Ici from W E. Hi rring, special
a- si lant to Administrator Morris L.
‘V.okc of the REA. to Mr. Horne. Tie
urther es im.atml that the cost of tn
talling i ram formers, meters and oth
er equipment necessary to connect
with rural electric lines should not
cost more than sllO per customer and
hence not more than 8330 a mile on
lines averaging three customers per
"Thus the entire cost, including
transformers, meters and so forth, of
building rural electric lines averag
ing three customers a mile should not
eceed SI,OOO per mile.” Herring said.
These figures are in line with esti
mates made by the North Carolina
Rural Electrification Authority, ac
cording to Bagiev, and for the first
time show that the State authority
and the Federal Rural Electrification
Administration are in virtual agree
ment as to the maximum and mini
mum cost of building rural electric
A. B. Fall Near Death
The 74-year-oid Albert Bacon Fall,
Secretary of the Interior in the
Harding cabinet who served a pris
on term for accepting a bribe in
the Teapot Dome scandal, is being
cared for in a government hospital
at El Paso, Tex., as he lies criti
cally ill of heart disorders. This
photo was made at time of his
(Central Press )
Most Embarassing!
iiiiiiiMiMmiiMiaiiiiiM •••••••x-.-.vife.aa
~ ■ I ». •
=f a S^ h c t ,d t n h'i
B^%&rr ß^sr*
figure skating * hamn woo ol^s* n 8
pretty figure ei (r i lts p ; Ne^ u se
Hilt* wont eIL' Aha flop—down
u f ’ e, i as you and I.
(Central Press)
1935 SPORT REVIEW By Jack Sords
No I—January
w W i M. Yl Pick dAßiow
s^CCEeD£D DlCk ‘
jAfJl'3-. AdP RAi
uso n \ M R,SON MORPISONSI&Meofo
VONTAtf 4 W JAiJ '6, in course.
PASAoSa, 4 " CoAcrtiMfi-CAAM66S
golf titles cubing rac month
Copyright. 1935 l»\ Central Pres* Association. In*
In order to be in a position to bor
row from the Federal REA for the
purpose of building rural electric lines
cities and towns with municipal
plants will have to show that the pro
posed lines will pay sufficiently to li
quidate the loans, regardless of the
credit standing of these cities and
towns with the banks and bond buy
ers, Herring indicated. This is under
stood to mean that every proposed
rural electric line must be a good
business risk and to have enough cus
tomers to make it pay before the
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1 ilf I
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| Tucker Clothing Company |
gjjjji “ -y
A Quality Store At Moderate Prices
A » ■ '• -* •- . 4| • •'*•.* »v .-v
- ’
j REA will finance it, according to'
. | Bagley.
1863 —John William Shaw, Roman
Catholic archbishop of New Orleans,
born at Mobile, Ala. Died in New Or
leans. Nov. 2, 1934.
1882 —William N. Doak, Virginia!
Secretary of Labor under Hoover, la
bor leader, born in Wythe Co. Va. I
Died Oct. 23 1933.
! One can be said to have attained
! fame when paid to tell the public how
i 1 good a particular cigarette is.
Four Big Powers at London
Parley Turn Hands Down
(Continued imm rage One.)
gates flatly rejected the Japanese pro
posal and had the support of the Brit
ish dominions, while France expressed
opposition chiefly on grounds of pro
French and Italian opposition to
Japanese equality was understood to
have resulted from the Japanese
statement that they considered a com
mon upper limit of naval tonnage
.should be confined to the United
States, Britain and Japan, because
there were no varying interests
among - those three.
A spokesman for the American dele
gation asserted the speech of Norman
H. Davis, chairman of the United
States delegation, in opposition to Ja-
il I
u1 falling creek (Richmond), Virginia
j pan’s proposals, revolved m-r,
; m - o4i points: ""nd th rf .
L Adoption of the ~h n
j cause an enormous incr-f*- w ° ul
struction, rather than ■ T* ln Cni
j 2- The proposal did ‘ no ,
I account the different , p l,:
the powers. 11 ,10P( k* (
3. It would upset the eomiit.
: tablished by the ■Washin-m“ r " f
: London naval treaties, and
ed States felt no change n-,d "
in the international siiu l-' 11111
, was sufficient to wai i ~,7 "! whil
1 change. ‘ ,l n:u
j * '
| The ideal Democracy j, : ((ll( , wh .
U ' so ” ovo, 'ned as to afford the fuU !
| possible recognition of , he ri ,, hts
i Ul ? individual citizens, while t h.
| citizens in their tur n ;i n- |>o.~ ~0,, ,j
an adequate ideal of duly.

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