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Ashe Legislator Plans Come
back to Assembly to Make
Fight There.
(Mil* Mm
to The Mr Hulkr ilote..
Il,i ,r. ( , lIASKEHVIM.
Raleigh, 21. —Representative T.
C. Bowie, of A* he county, who had
m/u]c up me mind never to conic hank
to Raleigh, i- not .so positive now
that !■ lias not one more icm. teri'i
in hi; , >te: . and very close friends
of th ■ Ast.e statesman p;t.,v he wodhi
try a Statewide liquor bill if he came.
Mr. Howie left Raleigh Inst May
pretty well deed' d not. to come back,
at loaf■< in 1 Me has a fine young
law partner son hearing the elder's
name. Hut politics took some little
shift, n his county and the Ashe man
doesn't like turning: over local leg
islation to somebody “lse. Me intro
duced a hill permitting travelers who l
come into this State from territory
where liquor is legally sold, to bring
spirits with them, hut out of defer- 1
cnee to the drys he did not press his
bill, lie was opposed to a Statewide
hill last spring, hut always votes to:
allow each county to settle its own.
affairs and he helped to pass local
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I-1 ■■ . -J
I X :
| As We Look Back 3
| Over The Year 1935 X
t: m
« . 4
\\ t* arp moved to a dwptT and more sincere upprecia-
lien ol our friends, and all the #ood things you
have done for us in the past.
♦ v M
+ *•: r manilosl our appreciation of our loved ones by tfifts
an, l rememhrauct's at Christmas time. We show our
JK ap))r(>cialion oi our friends and business associates by JJ
& » word of friendly greeting, and so at this Holiday j
fp tunc we want to entend to you our most gladsome fft, ;
W Cireeling and appreciation of your friendship.
3*; .?£ |
| As We Look Forward %
jr £
§ Into The Year 1936 |
§ 5
£ \\ e wish lor you and yours the happiest and most pros-
perous New Year you have ever known. May each &
day ol 1 U:;G be better in every way than the
same day ol 11)115 or any other vear.
| |
| Loughlin-Goodwyn 1
V :.yA
v §
control measures.
Mr. Bowlc and hi? county have suf
fered terribly in taxes and the Ashe j
leader us now believed to be ready to
make another healthy cut in the bill
by introducing liquor as a revenue
measure. Ills county is quite dry, but
he has been only a mild dry. He fav
ored the repeal of the 18th amenu
ment. He has been credited with in
serting the protecting features of the
i Turlington act hy which an individual
I might, serve spirits to his bona fide 1
I guests.
; Because of his power ns an advo-
I cate and oT his prodigious energy the
fathering of such a bill would interest !
j North Carolina people everywhere.
When Mr. Bowie comes to Raleigh, he J
j stays here. Seldom does he find his
! own big business pressing enough to
| take his mind off tin* General As
i sembly. If he should present, such a
j pm ;is that offered hy Senator John
-pnml Mill, of Durham, or Repre
-'iitative Nero Day. of Onslow, there
would ■" e something to draw the
drys to Raleigh.
today’s inmost on;.
Today’s is a. profound mind endow
ed with prudence and foresight, in
some special way the native of this
day will show great a' ilitv and fame
will he I tie reward; not on’v a re
putation at home, but scattered broad
east over the world. Financially, ii is
, not always so successful.
Approximately 110,722 forest fires,
burning 13.58D.820 acres for an esti
mated loss of $60,271,900, occurred in
this country in 1933.
, i i.v rn :r r.t
. vHKADDE Dually. called to me
. ium the hall and I opened my door.
He came In. anil rat down In my
"Sorry to hi.e kept you vv,ailing
mi long, but I didn't want you to go
downstairs I trust, you. Mrs. Penny,
hut I was afraid some hint of the
second murder might show in your
fare When I tell those folk down
there. | want it to come as a com
plete surprise—to everybody but the
murderer ’’
"You think one of them - did tliisV"
"What else can I think? What
else can anyone th'nk? There is no
one concealed in the home Even
the trunk room and the basement
have been searched caret ully (V -
tainly, none of ut.v men would steal
• carving knife and kill Delia Ran
dalt «»f course, one ot tree people
down *t't the living room killed her.
and Grace Bowers is among Hue
huni'li I told Ross to go! her as
soon as she finished in the kitchen
She's with the rest of them"
My little bccisiur clock pointed
hands in 10:30 Two hours since
we had finished dinner. 1 had bc-\u
nearly an hour alone itr my room.
"And. Mrs. Penny. Delia was
killed before dinner. Doc Maxwell
says He puts her death anywhere
from 3 to i. My men were In rim
house during dinner. No one carne
upstairs during rlrat time, not even
Grace Bowers. We know that none
et us at the table left the room, bul
I wa f t sure about Grace My men
•vyv nn one came upstairs, ff Mr;.
Bowery killed Delia she must have;
come nn belore dinner. Did you no. 1
five when you went In arid out of the
kitchen whether she was there aJI
the 11 ni e"
I sigh'".
"Rvei > time I went into tire i
kitchen Grac« was there. There j
w n i mijeh time, you know, after,
wo discovered that the knife eip !
ei.in- until we ale dinner"
"No. there wasn't. It was 6:30 I
m te-n we reached the kitchen after !
Inking Delia to her room She war j
murdered. 1 atn positive, between)
C so and ?. or not later than 7*lo, f
anyway You remember you came j
V|,to thr rifting room shortly after;
a. went bark to the kitchen."
I remembered, but ?s hadn't been
In ilie sitting room more than K'
tni,utres I knew what he was think
ing Plfa» d Grace was the mur
derer --he would have had plenty of
time to go nnr-tairt the bark way.
kill Delia and be down aga.lrt when
I went ba>k to the kitchen. But I
add him that when 1 returned to the I
kitchen from Hie sitting room. Grace j
ran* frying runa-b in deep fat.
"Yon can't *cadeep fat bomur. j
on a -uo\>. I.bulenant Barra bee |
w tliont -itan-'i.ng over it every min
uto You may not. know anythin;.- I
■ hour i-ooking Inn yon know that 1
Y’.'U can't leave it for a minute '
Vh'-n I came ba<‘k into the kitchen j
half tlm yt,,i-iyh w v j done and drain
’'l .-r ”he -a > --tlr-i-t j-. .|y . and I j
knew 1 had prieke I one of h> I
t|lr ■. J- ■. “ Blj t I lr>!) ‘ 'e, Wll V • (.} 1 -i_i. •
should Pe about Mr*. Starmont Sin j
acted mighty my steriou; about that
1 agreed with that.
"What el: i- be? idel I It*’ "love:-, did
you find in Delia', room"''
"Nothing. Mr.v Penny Absolutely
nothing. Not even a blond hsdrptn
on the floor ’ His eyes twinkled, but !
1 didn't like his hiking “The door j
knobs Vi ad both been wiped clean as j
in the ease ot Darien's murder We
messed up the outside one. but the j
other inside is clear an a whistle of
any- huger prints. Same technique
Used as in the Darien killing. Same
murderer. Whoever the killer is
mround this house, Mrs. Penny, he
likes long dangerous carving knives,
and is careful not to leave any
traces behind. Os course, it’s no
credit to me that l locked the stable
after the horse was stolen —for that's
1737 SiJ ns Deane, Connecticut pat- ‘
riot, one of America’s agent-s to sc
cute help of France in 177.8. estrang
ed and embittered over dispute as to
l r nnsnet ion.s and died, in obscurity |
and want, in England, September 23
1789 Jackson Kemper, first mission
ary bishop or the Protestant Episcopal
Church, in the Northwest, born at
Pleasant Valley, N. Y. Died at Dcla
rield, Wi'S., May 21, 1870.
iso:) “Kit" (Christopher) Carson,
I rapper, hunter, guide, western scout.
Indian agent, one or the heroic men
who were the advance guard as
America spanned the continent, born
in Madison County Kentucky. Died
Wishing* You A Very
And A Very
Happy New
The Fashion j
Durham, N. C.
f ®
j "Didn't you the living room, Ros#?”
• wbat ihi;. sevoru; murder amounts
! "Don < be flippant, LYieutenant
' I.arrahve "
j "You re taking tins pretty hard
aren't you?"
, I couldn't aiu.wor. ! kepi saying
j over and over to my elf that a few
: hour.- ago Delia hod been alive, and
now she was dead. *dio who had
j never harmed anyone,
i ’Aon cun ln-lp me a little more if
j you will. I w,-uit to know where you
I' got (ri.ee Bowers "
StIM harping about Grace even
nfler what 1 bad yard about her fry -
| ing Hie squnch ; rr boiling fat. Which
j Ld'iowed me hov\ much a man knows
| about cooking
"You mean lie, references?’’
I i ric-j to think w hat Grace s refer
ences hart been, bj* I couldn't
"I'll ask her. Right years Is a
long time, you know, and I can't re
member where she worked before she
came to me t have the reference
i some piece, been use I never throw
; away anything lik*- that, but it'll be
! to ask her "
l.arrabee shook Ida head.
I "If you can possibly Itnd the letter
iof recommendation I'd like that
j much better than tor you to ask her.
I don’t want !kt to know I’m Inter-
I csted in her j *n
"t Hiink tin letter is in Hie trunk
room in an old file cose, but I’m not
! sur". \N r.f it now ?" I dreaded try
jin- to find it then b'c-tu o ot what
I I iiad If. dp for poor Delia, but if he
; '.V.'J 1 111 ti- r efcrein-e tonight
i He didn’t. Morning would do 1
;at niggled to my fr-r-; om) follow ed
I him out vs niy room., a bit more ,om
j forte hen lie -iniij Hipt everythin;.:
: would he all right that night He
va•- leaving two policemen on eacii
| floor, and he himself was going to
occupy * hr- cot!' h in the Mbrary once
; more -if he wanted to sleep, which
; ne doubted.
j The key to Delta'a room was found
early the next morning by Kirk Lar
rabce himself in a -liver bud vase
in tho living toon? The bud vase
was small, perhaps five inches in
height and no larger in circumfer
ence than a quarter ft rontained
besides the key only on*- rose, which
T had put there myself two days be
I was in the kitchen when Dana
■i.l Fort. I,yon, Colo.. May 23, 1868.
IXO9 William T. Porter, pioneer New
York city publisher of sporting news
and literature, horn at Newbury, Vt.
Died July 19, 1858.
1809 Robert M. Loughbridgo, niis
sionary-educator among the Creek
Indians, horn at Eaurencoville, S. C.
Died July 8, 1900.
1821 William F. Poole, eminent New
England. Cincinnati and Chicago lib
raria.n. born at Peabody, Mass. Died
at Evanston. 111., March 1. 1891.
1822 Matthew Arnold. English poet,
essayist and critic, horn. Died April
15 188 S.
Today in History
1781 First. General Confederate, the
Methodist Episcopal church, in Bal
1799 Following a relolution hy Con
gress, President Adams proclaimed
that people wear crepe for 30 dw.ys in
mourning for late George Washing
1811 Ri’oruits for war with England
offered bounty of $16.00, three months
extra, pay at discharge arm some 150
acres of laud.
1811 Treaty ending second war with
Britain signed at Ghent.
1827 General strike in Philadelphia
carpenters striking for 10-hour day
had other trades follow suit, marking
first appearance in country of labor
organized, and out of which grew the
first union of all organized workmen
in the city.
1933 Armenian church's Archbishop
stabbed to death, in church, at New
York City.
Today's Birthday s
Ruth Chalterton, actress, horn in
New York City. 12 years ago.
Bucre'/da Bori, lyric soprano, horn
in kpain. -17 years ago.
Marine Branch. 2nd Assistant Post
master General, horn at Polkton, N.
C. 56 years ago.
Dr. Felix von Qefele of New York
j medical chemist, horn in Germany, Tl
years ago.
Maj. Gen. Herbert B. Crosby, of
i Sa.n Antonio, Texas, banker, retired
i chief of cavalry, born at Fairmont,
I Ivans., 61 years ago.
; Dr. Thomas R. Garth of the Uni
versity of Denver, noted psychologist
born at Paducah, K.y., 63 years ago.
Edward G. Dowry, of Washington,
D. C.. journalist, special assistant to
the Seci etary of the Treasury, born
at Atlanta, Ga., 59 years ago.
• bee came in with the vase and th*
j k i> y in Ills band to find Sergeant
1 floss who was having a cup of coffee
"Didn't you search the living room.
• Ro s?” be bellowed at the sergeant.
"I did, sir,” Ross answered, jurnp
j in™ hastily to bis feet, He was hag
j gard rot want of sleep, bul Darrabc*
| was haggard, too
j "Os course you didn't think «l
| looking in this bud vase! At leas - *
: I got no report that there was a key
jin the vase.'" When barrabr*
! wanted to be sarcastic, h* could
make anyone cringe.
"1 da) look in the. vase, sir, that
same one. whet? I searched the room.
Not that 1 expected to find the knife
in such a small place, bul ] wasn't
missing anything I emptied rh*
water from the vase in a cup. after
removing the rose, and there was
nothing In it. No key It. rnusl have
been put there later, when all th*
| folks were in the room. T tell you
| the key w asn’t in the vase when l
i looked at S o'clock.”
j Da rr a bee* grunted and twitted thy
| key in hi« tingera.
"Then, there's no doubt but that
| the murderer vans one of the group
jut the living room. After Delia was
j killed, the key was carried by the
j murderer downstairs, into the dining
j room. It was m the room while we
j atc dinner It went out of Ihc room
| after dinner, somewhere on the mur
derer's perron. Why it. wasn't
thrown out of a window before the
murderer came to the dining room.
I don t know.' Forgetfulness, maybe
unless the murderer wanted to plant
it tin someone Inter and didn’t get
the chance. That’s probably It,
"When hr or she saw that some
j thing was up for it was apparent
to everybody who was In the living
room - the key was stuffed into the
bud vase and left there. I was look
ing around this morning am] found
'i- It’s tlie key to Delia’s room, nil
i right. 1 tried it before 1 hunted 'ou
j up. Boss t.ord. 1 don't know why
I didn’t search every bod'' who cam*
into the dining room. But 1 wasm t
looking for a key then 1 war look
ing for a knife fully t!> Inches from
the tip of the blade to the en*l of th*’
handle. If I’d found an extra key I
wouldn’t have known what it
no hi: vo\ii.\L i:n)
Rmanuel Busker, Gorman chess
chain ion, burn 07 years ago
Today’s Horoscope
The disposition of today’s native is
■'l't to ho vacillating: and uncertain.
There is not the force of yesterday
and procrastination may be a beset
ting sin. There is considerable ability
and there is no reason why the labors
should not be crowned with success,
if the mind can only kept tied down
and concentrated on a single object.
December 25, 1935.
Today’s Anniversaries
1012 —.Sir Isaac Newton, Britain's
faimle scientist, born. Died March 20.
1750 —Simon Dc Witt, soldier-geo
grapher of the Revolutionary Army,
New York State surveyor-general,
born in Ulster Co. N. Y. Died at
Ithaca. Dec. 3, 1834.
I*2l Clara. Barton, Civil War nurse
founder, organizer and president of
the National Red Cross in U. S., born
at Oxford. Mass. Died April 12, 1012.
1828 —Theodore Bow De Vinne, not
j ed master-printer, born at Stamford,
Happy New
To our Friends and Patrons.
Phones 304 and 305
Conn. Died in New York, Feb. 10.
181*9—Patrick S. Gilmore, noted
American bandmaster, of his gene pa- j
lion, born In Ireland. Died in St.!
Louis, Sept.. 24, 1892.
1833—Mark M. (“Brick”! Pomeroy
noted character in Journalism and po
litics, born at Elmira, N. Y. Died in !
Brooklyn, May 30, 1596.
1837- —Ethridge T. Gerry, New York ;
lawyer, humanitarian and champion 1
of children, born in New York. Died
Feb. IS, 1927.
1776—Washington crossed the Del
aware at night, amid snow and sleet:
and ice, to surprise British in Tren
ton—one of most glorious feats in
<mr history.
1816—American Colonization So-|
eiety founded lo settle free colored!
in Africa.
1838 — End of Pennsylvania's so- \
called Buckshot war—Anti-Masons
tried to keep Democratic delegates i
out of Harrisburg and governor call
ed out militia, whose rifles were lead
ed with buckshot.
1868—President's final Amnesty Pro
ela.ma.tion pardoning all concerned in j
late secession.
1914—English and German troops
fraternized this first Christmas day ,
of war—called the greatest tribute
the Christmas spirit has evidenced in
our age.
Gen. Evangeline Booth, world Sal
vation Army head, horn in England,
70 years ago.
Judge Kathryn -oilers of Washing
ton, I). C„ horn at Broadway. Ohio,
of> years ago.
Gladys Swarthout, mezzo soprano,
born at Deepwater, Mo.. 31 years ago.
Robert L. Ripley, creator of “Be
lieve it. or Not,” horn at. Santa Rosa.
Cal.. 12 years ago.
William E. Pulliam of Cal.. 11. s.
Customs Receiver General of the Do
minican Republic since 1907, born in
Louisville, Ky„ 61 years ago.
Ferdinand A. Silox, U. S. Chief For
est ei-, born at Columbus, Gn., r>3 years
David Lawrence of Washington. D.
C.. .journalist, horn in Philadelphia,
17 years ago.
W. Sterling Burgess of New York.
ea\n.l designer and architect, born
in Boston, f>7 years ago.
Britain’s Empire in Africa, is over
3° times the size of the United King
dom; the French Empire in Africa is
ever 20 times the size of France.
Moon Theatre
Gon. Murphy, Joan Arllmr
Added Comedy
Admission j| and 16c
Tonight at 11 l\ M.
I We Thank You \
4* »
Jp For the splendid patronage you have &
given us for the kind words you have J
W spoken in our behalf . . for the encoui
agement you have given us by your $
friendly smiles and cheery greetings g
£9 we are indeed grateful. Your good will
3? and friendliness toward this business are #
|| our greatest asset and we are striving
gK harder and harder with each passing day &
to merit it. 0
fry*) s
Jjg May Your Christmas Be A Merry One
;. <s
g And Your New Year Happy £
3$ And Prosperous. $£
| Central Service Station |
* |
§ of the Season »
& *
tgjit As the Christmas lights are brightly burning and H l,!
chimes so merrily ringing, lot’s stop and give though l i
lo the past delights and think ot those the New i
bringing. We sincerely hope that the coming year will £
hold many happy days, thoughts, and delights for each -i
& of you. - *
hor the coming year we trust our service will he bet ter #
than ever before. We will strive more sincerely, rea Yv/r #
i ing as we do the increasing demand of any exacting '■£
trade, to bring you the best of everything at the lowest •*
possible costs. * ,7*
s? *
fl? May This Be the Happiest Christmas and
£ Most Prosperous New Year You Have *
Ever Known Is Our Wish For All!
1 Economy Auto Supply \
[ VANCE~Thcatrc
TODAY only’
Special Christmas
N«;w: Novel! Different! s. , m. ,
j Mouse. Donald Duck, Tin- c '
! Wolf, and many more of y Y I"’” 1
onto comedy characters ' Hv ‘
cial Wait Disney ' J"
All Comedy Program
For kids from <i to in,
ghm’t miss the special treat
Christ man Day and
of laughter, more J
your tears...a whole corner 0 f yowr
heart by this, the most
tender romance ever screen.#
M alrc H
“The Dark Angel”
Featuret tes: Speeial <, i S | m:t
color cartoon: “Santa' Workshop”
■ Paramount News.
Itcmdar Ail in issiou |*rj, ( , s
Adult s ~
f hijfjreii . < | ((
(White I ta!e<in\ ... j- ir I
Colored . >.
of All York Rigid Bodies [nr
election of officers, December
j 2d, ? B. M.
1 U. D. Starkey. Sec.. Recorder

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