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; \ fEWAY TO
w knty-sbcond year
Selassie’s Forces Reported
Routed With Heavy Loss
es on Northern Battle
Its Pilot Captured and Be_
headed; Kellogg - Briand
Fence Pact Bitterly De
nounced and Defended in
American Debate Over Na
tion’s Neutrality Policy.
\,l,i; Ab.'ibn. Dec. !?•» (AIM -Tin*
r ti<i]ii l n field iiniiy reported t<> the
~\e mi pit'll t 1 1 >« 1; i v that its soldiers
,1 lit: dour, an Italian airplane at
I> il.• 1 > Mur.
The airplane was flying in a recon
* reiinr expedition in company with
>’ her t
‘Cd't'ici als reported from llarrar that
■, pil.it. not immediately identified
war beheaded.
i rnmt’iw spins (iitcki.y
disposed ok i*y Italians
1 1*.> The Associated Press)
\ di'rsni h and a round-up of Ethio
|, ,n spies were described today in
I : ;i ia dispatches from the East Af
war /one which yesterday ob
., cved a Christmas punctuated by
■.a ii fire
\ caravan descending the slopes
!i, ia the central plateau to the Pim
il. in land - east of the northern
n , was enronte to the Ethiopian
It f; el in the iiortbeastern part
~f tie enttnhy when it was attacked
Gy l> I , i "regula rs. fighting for
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Paris. Trim., l>ee t 20 (Al’)
ITi ree \\ PA workers were instant
o Killed when the truck in which
they were going to work on a fsirm
hi-iitarkc’f r*«iul project was struck
In a l.onisv ille and Nash\il|e pas
senger train here.
Three other men were riding on
tic truck. They were injured, one
Bonus Bill
FDR Will
Pass Asked
W., hingt.on. Dec. 2<> (AIM Senator
II 111 ison, Democrat. Mississippi, to
»lay forecast conferences between
x' innal leaders and President
T»oo ■.(• v .11 in an effort to work out a
■ bonus plan acceptable to the
:i 'bnii)i: 11 at ion
•'Mnniltaiieously, the chairman of
Senate Finance Committee cx
i’f d the opinion there would be
"" ; iai tax legislation at the *cs
’ hi 'dniiiiiAf January 3, and term-
Townsend old age pension plan
b Wi Harrison's first interview
s Uiei i••!urninj' from Mississippi for
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Building And Loan Pays
$5,000,000 Os Dividends
Mortgage Loans of $7,500, 000 Will be Lifted and An
other $2,500,000 Spread Among Paid-Up Share
holders; Figures Cover F ourth Loan Bank District
Winston-Sulem, Hue. 20 The Santa
Oi.iu >,( thrift will leave more than
>•; >.000,000 in semi-annual dividend
cheeks to shareholders of 113 build
ln - and loan associations in the
fourth Federal Home Loan Bank dis
trict bitwoen Christmas and New
Y, ar s Day, it. was estimated here to
Dir' estimate was made by (I. K.
D.‘Ko<|ue. president of the Federal
(lonii Loan Bank, which serves these
in til ut ions. He said it was “conser
vative to say that five million dol
l:,i in ready cash will go out to meet
fl i' holiday luxuries, end-of-the
' l ' w obligations and 1936 purchases.”
Share maturities in the building
* ' associations will also mean
WivnhvtKtm Hatht Hispatrfa
service oi
Jill'. ASSOCIATED press.
Lindberghs Sail Secretly for England, Fearing Kidnapers
Ig[j} >J
" i
Apparently worried over reported new kidnaping threats, and harrassed byers on a chartered liner. Lindbergh, his wife, and their son Jon, are shown
Hauptmann In »Mines. Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, his wife and their three- above. The Lindberghs may decide to live abroad permanently
vear-old son, Jon, have fled to England, leaving secretly as the only passeng-
Assassination Brings New
Sino-Japan Crisis In East
Shanghai, China. Dec. 2ti.~ (AIM
The Japanese military declared today j
that the assassination of Tang YuJcn,
pro-Japanese vice minister of Chinese j
railways, “throws a dark shadow over!
the futures. of Sino-.lapanese rein- i
t ions."
Chinese authorities immediately de
clared martial law throughout Shang
hai and the central government's cap
ital at Nanking.
Severe military restrictions also
were imposed at Hankow against!
anti-Japanese demonstrations.
The Nanking government ordered aj
section of its railway line torn up in j
That, Rather Than Christ
mas Sentimentalism, Won
For 273.
Him ran.
lit The Sir \V»M<-r Hot**..
II) J. <! IJASI.EHY 11,1.
Raleigh, D :c. 20.—Christmas re-
Iv j.s(’s for 273 i ison ers turn out. not
t » have been a piece, of sentimental
ity. but a. necessary resort, to make
room for others.
Implied criticism of the executive
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that some 12,500 people will spend
! their first recent New Year in debt
j free homes, according to the batik
I executive.
Mortgage loans aggregating $7,000,-
i 000 will be spread among paid-up
The district in which the 413 associa
tions arc located embraces Maryland,
! District of Columbia, Virginia, North
and South Carolina, Georgia, Alaba
! ma and Florida.
The home financing institutions
i now sending out their semi-annual di
i vidend check shave borrowed *7,000,-
I 000 from the Federal Home Loan
Bank to meet the demands of poten
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n drz.st.ic measure to check the at
tempt of Shangnai students protest
ing the movement for North China
sepai at ion to reach the capital in a
commandeered t rain.
The demonstrating students seized
a locomotive here when authorities
tefustd to grant, them free transpor
tation to Nanking, and reached Chang
chow, about 7r> miles short of Nank
A Japanese Embassy spokedmam
characterized the killing of the vice
minister by unidentified gunmen in
the French concession here last night,
as “glaring evidence of anti-Japanese
sentiment, leaving no doubt of the
trend of Chinese sentiment, toward
Tickets Being Mailed, And
Biggest Crowds Ever Are
j n,*»Hj IMi»nutch Purciin,
In The Sir Walter Hotel,
I II; .1. t . II VSKKItVILI.
Raleigh. Dec. 26.—Forty Nortli Car
olina towns have signified their pur
' pose to have Jackson Day dinner and
I tickets for these feasts are being
I mailed out by Mrs. Bessie Phoenix,
president of the Young Democrats of
North Carolina.
Governor Ehringhaus is giving his
| endorsement, to the plan which is nn
| |tonal and is the real opening of the
campaign to re-elect President Roose
; vclt. There never has been anything
' of such general character undertaken
in the State, though a State Jackson
I day dinner has been twice given in
recent years.
The towns and cities which have
i agreed to give dinners are: Washing
ton. Elizabeth City, Kinston, Halifax.
■ Wilson, Warrenton, New Bern, Golds
' boro. Clinton, Kenansville, Raleigh,
Wilmington, Rocky Mount, Louisburg,
Henderson, Smith-field, Selma, iSiler
City, Ashcboro, Winston-Salem, Ox
ford. Reidsville, Burlington, Durham,
Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Whiteville,
Lillington, Lexington, Thomasville,
Sanford. Hamlet, Statesville, Lincoln
ton, Charlotte, Shelby, Morganton,
Asheville. Wayncsvillc, Canton, and
Bi-yson City.
Mrs. Phoenix says all reports in the
State indicate the biggest crowd that
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Generally fair, colder in central
and southeast portions tonight*
Friday, partly cloudy and not
quite so cold In extreme west, nor-
A detachment of bayonet-armed
Japanese marines swarmed into the.
Hongkew district here after a bomb
exploded in front, of a Japanese hotel.
They were withdrawn, however, when
it was learned the blast Was acciden
Armed patrols of Japanese sailors
marched I lie streets of the area, a.s a,
precaution against, any further in
cidents arising from the death of
The vice minister for railways fell
dead under a blast of gunfire turned
upon him just after he left his auto
; mobile last night to enter a bouse in
I the French concession
Just Itching to Investigate
New Deal Expenditures
Over Nation.
Central Press Staff Writer
Washington, Dec. 20. —If Republi
can strategists were to be offered
their choice between electing the next
president or gaining control of the
House of Representatives in the
seventy-fifth Congress there is small
doubt that, they would prefer control
of the House of Representatives. Not
that they wouldn’t like the presidency
also, but. of the two selections, they
reckon that a majority in the lower
congressional chamber would be more
valuable to them. They can’t possibly
wipe out. the Democratic Senate ma
jority; not enough seats are at stake
at the coming election. However, a
majority of the representatives would
serve their purpose.
For one thing, with the Townsend
ites threatening a third party move
ment and with bolting Democrats, led
by Governor Eugene Talmadc of
Georgia, and John Henry Kirby of
Texas, incubating a fourth one, poli
ticians think they see a chance that
the job of picking the 1937’-11 presi
dent may be thrown into the popular
house of Congress. Naturally the G.
O. P. fancies the idea of being dom
inant there, and doing the picking.
But, setting that contingency aside,
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Waterbury, Vermont. Dec. 26
(AP) —Three army officers attach
ed to a Civilian Conservation
camp wero burned to death
and three others were critically
burned in a fire which destroyed
thp officers’ mißrters ??.rD foday s
Obligations Reduced at Rate
of $1,500,000 Monthly
For Many Months
In Past.
States Is Doing so Well That
Dr. McDonald, Chief Straf
er of the Administration,
Assails That Success; State
Best off Since its First 100
Million Debt.
Dnily lllN|iii(<'h Idimia,
In Tin* Sir Mutter Hotel,
It? J. V. n,\SKi;RVIIiI.
Raleigh, Dec. 26 —'Winding up the
third year of his administration, Gov
ernor Ehringhaus is presenting the
commonwealth with a surplus in ope
rations and a diminishing State debt,
Tl.e story is old, but every day
somebody connected with the State
government has to negative the story
that North Carolina’s State debt has
reached huge proportions. Generally
this observation comes from State ad
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Starts On
His Report
Washington, l)cc. 26. —(AD
President. Roosevelt got down to
serious work today on his recom
mendations to the Congress which
meets a week from tomorrow.
The ehief executive stayed. in
his second floor study In the
White House, instead of going to
his offiee, in order to concentrate
on drafting his annual message
on the state of the Union, and
budget figures for the financial
year beginning next July 1.
For several weeks the ehief
executive has been jotting down
notes on bis message to Congress,
but today was bis first oppor
tunity for detailed work.
There was no intimation at the
White House as to the contents
or the probable size of the mes
sage. It was regarded, however, as
highly IpSobable that the large
part so it would be devoted to tlie
international situation and meth
ods of maintaining the neutrality
nolicv of tlio nnfinn
Icy Temperatures
Borne Upon Bosom
Os Choking Winds
Coroner To Probe 1
Four Oaks Death
Four Oaks, Dec. 26 (AD—A cor
oner’s inquest will he held here at
a later date into the death last
night of Lois Creech, 15, who was
fatally injured when struck by an
automobile said by officers to have
been driven by Craig Overby, of
Four Oaks.
Mrs. ,1. A. Creech, grandmother
of tin- girl, was aJso knocked down
by the car.. She was believed to
have suffered serious injuries, ami
was rushed to the Johnston comi
ty hospital at Smithfield.
Deaths And
Disaster On
The Holiday
101 l Os Lives At
Home and Abroad
Exceeds 150; Cold
Adds to the Horror.
(By the Associated Press)
Disaster and death marred the
Christmas holiday at home and
abroad. The 101 lof lives, including 36
killed in a German train wreck, ex
ceeded 150.
Traffic accidents took the heaviest
1011. Crime, fire and exposure claim
'll other victims.
Domestic disturbances accounted
for several deaths, John Rogers, 56.
IPhiladHphial, killed his wife, his
mother-in-law, his three children and
himself. Joseph McElroy, 17, was
(Continued on Page Two.)
New Differences
Between Japs And
Russia Reported
Tokyo, Dec. 26.—(API —A fresh
conflict was reported today to
have arisen on the frontier be
tween the Japanese-ad\ised state
of Manchukuo and the Soviet
sponsored state of Outer Mon
A dispatch to the newspaper
Asalii from Hsinking, capital of
Manchukuo, said two clashes be
tween Japanese, Manuehukuan
and Outer Mongolian detach
ments resulted in one deatli of a,
Maneluikuan and the wounding
of three Japanese.
The Outer Mongolian forces
were believed by the Japanese to
have suffered heavy casualties.
A communique issued by the
Japanese general staff headquar
ters at llsinking was reported to
have charged that, more than 50
Outer Mongolians, riding tn motor
trucks invaded Manchukuo in
that sector, precipitating the con
The Mongols clashed with an
out|H>st of three Manchukuans,
the advices said.
Catholic And Episcopal
Merger Is Now Proposed
Sponsors Say Protestantism Has Failed And Church’s
Only Hope Now Lies in R ome as Religious Center;
Christians Urged To Arouse Themselves.
New York, Dec. 26. —(AP) —Twenty-
nine leaders of a movement to unite
Protestant Episcopal churches in
America with the Roman Catholic
Church have appealed to Protestant
Episcopal clergymen for support of
the plan.
Coupled with the plea written by
the American Committee of the
Church Unity Octave Council was a
criticism that Protestantism has be
come “bankrupt ethically, culturally,
morally anri religiously.”
Exposure, Fire, Bitter Cold
! And Traffic Accidents
Account For Many
Zero in Virginia and Ship*
ping Around Norfolk Is
Hard Hit; Four_Degre®
Weather ini National Cap*
ital; Snow Accompanies
Drop in Localities in The
j . i
: Chicago, Dec. 26. —(AP)—-Fifty-twd
knowai deaths were attributed today
to exposure, fire and bitter cold and
traffic accidents! on highways, as nead
, zero temperatures and snow swept
! south after blanketing the northern,
half of the nation.
Three died in Illinois of exposure,
1 four in Ohio, two each in lowa, Wis
consin, West Virginia, Pennsylvania
and North Dakota, and single deaths
were reported in South Dakota, Mis*
, souri, New Jersey, Indiana, Tonnes*
; see, Montana and Raleigh, N. C.
j fey highways claimed nine lives in
Ohio, five in Indiana, four in Mary
land, two in Michigan and one each
in Illinois and North Dakota. Fires
took three lives in a CCC camp in
Vermont in bitter cold and five in
Ohio, and resulted in two women be*
I ing overcome by smoke, and 25 other
I tenants being driven to the streets
In a. four-story building at St. Louis.
The coldest, reported spot in tho
country was Minot, N. D., with 21
degrees below zero. Numerous other
states in the northern section report*
cd sub-zero temperatures.
Fifty families were marooned by
15-foot snow drifts in Wildwood Villaa
near Jersey village, on Delaware bay.
i The temperature was 12 above, and a
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Five Dead
From Cold
| For State
(By Tho Associated Press)
intense cold gripped North Caro
] lina today and was a contributing fao*
I tor- to five deaths.
Explosion of a frozen heating sys
tem at the Oak Furniture Company
in North Wilkesboro, when a fire
was built, killed D. Jennings, 36, a
machinist, and a similar explosion of
a kitchen stove near Wilson resulted
in a fire and fatal burns to Frank
Adams, tenant farmer, and bis two
small daughters, Joyce, 18 months,
and Marjorie, four years,
how temperatures this morning
were generally around the 15-degree
mark over the State and a still fur
ther drop in tho mercury was fore
cast for tonight.
The drop tonight, was expected
to reach record low levels for the
season and possibly for several
At Raleigh a low of 11 degrees wa3
| recorded this morning, and the fore*
(Continued on Page Five)
The committee’s statement accom
panied a letter to ministers by Rev.
Franklin Joyner, rector of St. Cle
ment’s church of Philadelphia. The
group consists of 20 Protestant Epis
copal clergymen, two members of re
ligious orders and seven laymen.
“The forces of the day have proved
too strong for Protestantism and it
is disintegrating rapidly,” the com
mittee declared, citing what it term
' ' i
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