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ïtettîterson Bally Stspatrh
College Students Practice For Dance Festi\al
Three students at Meredith College, Raleigh, practice Iί the ^choil's annual Spring Dance Festival.
Two Inmates Of Death Row
In Washington Jail Escape
Joseph Medley, 44,
Earl McFarland, 24,
Overpower Guards
Washington, April ΛΓ> -Jo
soph I'. Moil Icy, en·.' ι ι ! i ι· ■ |wn cmi ■
victed slayers who e-caped frmii the
death row of ι ho l>i.-trict <1 ι.'ηΙιιιιι
hi i jail and I led in :ί <a· · ι umiorm
was captured 01 .hi 1ι··ιη laU·. to
I In' other fugitive, l-.arl .MiKai - 1
land, remained at i.i .1 ue.
The 44-vear-old .Medley, implii.it
cd by police in the death ol thre··
rod haired women, wa ,-οι/ed m an |
Anacostia, I), t' 11 \ <· r boat h · · ι :. · ■ mi
the outskirts of W.i-hin .ton. I'olr ■
quoted h 1 η ι a. savin,!; "yoj can't
blame a guy tor try in., and 1 111 .-,0
mg to try again.'
Wash > gton. April lî. — t.M't ■ - ,
Two convicted slayers made ît clar
ine break Ιπίιι iioati; 1 1 m r
District of Columbia jail today and
fled with umtor . ;.·.■> ; ·· · : u·· ■
guards whom they .1 1 1 id m
The condemned · ι·.· .Ιο·|·'ι 11
Medley, 41. and la I M■■[·.>"l.iti.i.
24, overpowered the guards at 4:lâ
a. m.. Police ('apt. Gistrge Little said,
and then calmly spent la minute
preparing to flee.
At 5 a. m. mu· o: '; um c.i ! le I
the guard captain ήΙ reported all
well ' tlie ell bloci,.
M;wl«· Ko ne «M >:icris.
Then they let the·! -oh < <:·«\\ n
from the roof ni the .*{->!· ι y .1 il 11 .1
rope ni' twisted sheet
bearing Maryland liccn-i plaies, .in;
drove away, peliee .-.il l.
Pol ire w ere stop, .····> >' ule
leaving the city and 1 11 · 1. : 1 ; ·, tin·
occupants. They s I tiies vveri·
Irving t ■ block every exit.
Medley, a lugith e I' r ο : t h 0
M i eh i g a η -late peniti iitiary wa>
found guilty of kill 1 g Mi's. Nancj
Boyer alter a poker game in her
apartment on Mardi ti, 1!)4Γ>. M -
Farland. a Marine veteran of the
Guadalcanal campaign. \va.- convict■·'I
of the rape-, laying of Mrs. Dorothy
Berrum, Ifl-year-nld government
worker on October 5, IÎJ4-4.
'McFarland. a nat.· o; Tennessee
was s· ' fenced to 1· elei ir:.ruted
last August 31st but appealed.
The body of Miss lierrii" . who
came I 1 Washing: η 1. · Chippewa
Fais, Wise., to wi rk in the War
Department, was mind 11 a I'oioma
Hiver paik. The prosecution con
tended that McFarland ". et her 0:1
<1 downtown street, tool; her to the
ioney spot on limes Point, dismis.-od
their car, ra\ ished her anil then
used her own sn » >1 to strangle her
Λ knife and Marine belt [mind at
the scene were identified by tri il
-witnesses as belonging to McFar
At the time of hi- arre.-t. McFar
land was married to a New li·. 11
\. C girl, whom he met .. a It
training' with the Marines in North
Selected Stocks
Continue Gains
Uew York, April 3. (AIM —So
lot-led improvement appended in tin
stuck market today alth ■ > _; ! ι somi
pivotal issue.- failed Ρ n-poiid.
Advances of fractions 1 »· twi
points rr iTore were rcn'slced a
times for Santa Fe. I'm· η Carbidi
Vi ited States Rubber. 11111 ■ : ι.. 111 ■ ·; .ι
11 arvestcr. Douclas Aircraft am
American Telephone. < »'i the off
side much of the day wore Genera
Motors, Woolwurth and Fhilli
Morris. ,
Thomas Dixon, 82, Noted
Writer, Dies In Raleigh
lialoigh. April 3. — (AIM- "! : 11 > π ;ι s
Ρινοη, !!!!. who wrote "The Birth >Γ
a \';.tion." cl it -cl at his home here a'
3:30 ci. ni. tod.'.y. alter a loni; i!i:i"s .
ilis widow said lu· would !·« b a
icrl tomorrow in Shelby, his birth
place, according t<> his own wish.
The hour for th„· funeral .service-,
has not been set.
Dixon had lived in lïaleigh since
1 is app<i l tment in 1 !>'Î7 a cle: :.
ni the Federal ο at of the ra-tern
district of Nort ί ι < "an ι ! i : ι a. I lint :
forced 1rs resignation in 1!)-I3.
In 1914. at the brhe.-t of H"My
woi I interests he wrote , phi ' ■ j> 1 a>
aNc.it the Sosth and its '".vhi'.e i
pron icy" ImJil after the Cr.il War.
Using I"- tirst two novel thi1
■Leopard Spots" and "The Clans
i : n." he proctaeed the scrip! for
"The Birth of Λ Nation," which l'a
val Gril Iith directed.
Λ nal i\e of Shell y, I >ixon v. on
his mas'er "I a:·: de.urt e at Wai ·
Forest college at the a30 of m. He
was elected ti the state legislature 1
,-hortly before In· 1 g licensed an ai
torney. After two years in the as-1
t mbly. he it si^ned in 1KH7 to In
come pastor 1 t the Tabernacle Lîap
■ st church here.
Housing Bill
C ο m mitt e c
Washington, April (AIM
President Truman's emergency hous
ing legislation, including S ( ! : ) ι ). ( > ι » ( ι. -
(UK) for building material.- ..ub.-idie.·.
was unanimously approved today by
the Senate Banking Committee.
This bill also provides for priée
ceiling on existing homes.
Republicans supported the meas
ure alter losing 12 to (i on an ι·Ιfori
to eut the subsidy fund to .>·{')(i.'i()(l,
(Kid. Senator Capehart ( Κ > of In
diana offered the motion and said
ne will take his fight for it on the
Senate floor.
Capehart said Housing Kxpedito:
Wilson Wyatt could start lite pro
l· ram with $300,01"),Odll and eoni"
back fo ι more money if he needed
The House had refused any .lib
sidy money, which Mr. Truman call
ed tin· "very heart' of his program,
and ^also eut out ceiling prices on
existing residences.
Postal Fmployees' Bill
To Raise Wages Passed
Washington. April (AI') The
house today passed, by a ϋΐίίί I" ι
i roll call vote, a bill giving po.-t.<l
■ employees a wage boost of $4()(
■ yearly.
The measure, which now goes t<
ι the senate, grants the increase t<
all workers wh< - c pay late. ;ri· |i\
ed by the postal ser\ ice salary act
I Part-time employees would get ι
I lid-cents - an - hour increase ane
- fourth class postmasters a Jo pel
1 1 ·>■ is' m their basic compensation,
j rotal yearly cost to 111 > cu'cn
ι mem wa0 estimated at $1-5,υυυ,0ϋΰ
1 ïI(>Λ1 S DIXON.
Î OK \ΟΚ I Η (
I'arth rlondv, mit ο warm in
tin· iniillirasl iioriinn this al'W'r
iimill and owr cast toniuht.
Thursda\ parti.* cli>u(l> and
rather warm.
In U. S. Hits
Record High
Output Is Higher
1 han Ever before,
President Asserts
Washington. — (ΛΙΊ —
Γι ι-id; l Ί ι llliiail ^:·i-.1 ItK'a.x
that production loi civilians is
"liiRhiT today than ever l.cl'orc
in tin· nation's history, in war or
>n I'.oacf, and --till going up."
lilt.· I residentV 'alen.' lit was is
(ii.cil m c ιmneclion wi!h the release
(i! .1 civilian prodi lion r-'|.(»rt ι >.v
Hecottversi · Ιλ rect ι John bny der,
saying output had iiaiiiM its nign
cs It el in histoiy.
Une.upli.ynit.nl. which slumped
alter V.I -1 )av is ' '. u i l· 1. : ι " | > :e.ui
ily nd non-U! ? it·..it ·■..! c .·: Τ·.ν
mt lit i- now ;i.i ive tii V.I- >a.v
it·» All', ι ri.m u said.
I neninlaymeiit l.au.
Cnciiploy: icnt . ar . ni I n.win.no 1
which is low ι··.· tJi. · ·. any til' lis
thought possible .-iv month.- a .;o.'
t he stateuenl continued.
"Private wage ami salary pay
ire η I··. which dipped sharply alter
VJ-Day. are now around the Y.I
Day level."
"The publie debt, which neces
sarily grew to give us our airplanes
and guns, has now stopped rising
and our revenues and expenditures
are more nearly ι balance."
The signing of wage contracts in
many basic industries indicates the
country i." ready for unbroken pro
duction, the state nient asserted.
But, when asked what effect a l< ml;
continued coal strike would have or
the picture. Mr. Truman replied that
a pml ι ged coal .-.hutdown .voiild
knock the whole thing eat.
The steel strike, he told a la ws
(inference, cost the nation about
7,000.(100 ti ns of steel produ· ts or
one tenth of a full year's production.
Snvdei estimated factory output
now exceeded s 15n.nun.nun.nun a
year, and non-farm employment is
above what it was before Y.I Day.
when war plants were running full
, blast.
I The President warned, however.
'we must not be complacant about
I Ihe e good - ills of progress. We can
not afford to relax for one minute
. our li.il t le again·-1 inflation. Our
progress to date will be completely
nullified if we do not have an early
[ extension of our price control laws
for without them progress will be
! turned into economic chaos."
I Prices ( )t 1 );iiry
Products To !5c
Increased Soon
Washington, April .'ί.— (ΛΡ)—Re
; I'il ι > ι ne . fur milk, hutter and
Gfeées© .'iip "Quite likely" to fee in
j ere; -ι·ι| sium ( îovci nmont official
t predicted today.
Iicil.li l il Ά .11id tin· ΛuricuH lire
I)opartmcnt h .ι ν r roe >mmoiided
boosts, and tli" 1 proposals an· Vu·—
1115 .itlldied !>,\ III' Office "I Kn ίιιι
! mil· Stabilization. aerordin:1. In 1 it'll ·
1 c ials who withhold iisp ot thou
! names.
"Tin· who|< ouest ion of how inucl
- the increase. may bo is still verj
! much up in I he air," said 0110 0IÏ1
I rial, ' but in the case of milk, a .nun!
of about a half cont a quart look
about 1 i l;I 11.'
■\n mena.-.· of that amount fo
i milk. I10 said would moan a hike
' of about six («'lit:'· a pound for but
tor an I about three cents for clioest
Arm ν Day, 1946: INation Honors GI's
» »
S,il inlay. April fith. 1ns been pro
claimed : ·\ lh·· !'le- <1· > ! a- Army
1 )a.v, ; ! n I lin· Χ..'ί· η <:ι rn - il - eve·
ι ihv .ι·;, a: ! ι ' î.. . -1 π'. I ijihting
Γι ri'os.
April 6th, is the anniversary of
Λ ι iM"" aVs entry int< the World War
in 1917 ami 1! date has been
e.-tablished - Ant y Π ιν.
Tl:c βl :■ "Γ April. lui.>ever. marks
no' np.lv ii)(. c ;·· pe , ration of our
entrv ι to V. . ■ ' d War I. but also
ptnrl;s the dale ρ vwihirh the IJnitor'
N'.'it, I'ii - ·· -e:| the threshold
ipt'i the realm of Wfrld powers.
When ·■ · ei■ ' I war ιCle.r
msny and the rentrai powers in 1SM7
we e Mer:· i 1 !"· «t.· :r restricted
I inter · Ί f ι· λ·.·;ι! 111 . ' 11 stood side
by side with the mi"'h'ie>t nations
From a .-mall beaming and
I|Ίι·.iii-vh ; · ι ,-! r,t di-hearto! '< <
ml bitter ! îilnn ·. the \meriean
at my et" ii -ta* re and power:
; ud ι ν er: -id the t i 'e ws ult i
• ialelv in-pi·I from · '1 i ···;»! vrie
deTc ·' In a p'v undoranee o1
:'·i" 111 ν 1> Ίι ι·.·'·' i d t' o v. ai· to en
i -iei; ,.·) (uitb ι le- h'' fie y lobe am
resulted in their enmplete defeat
S'dl 'Tlil' \WT το κ vol·'
"ΛΤΓΓ.Ι>ΛΥ ΑΚΛίν l>\V.
AH mt i. April 3 - From e a r I \
-Il ' t I,. ,1 tti'.'H \pril II th(
< ' I i · · I t'v ast i ; go · g In ktlOV
if· ν rn V ''-'V
V.'i· " ι ; p- 1" i'Mn<r 'he va1
• ι ι1 . \· - nolvimi Pie mate
• et. - 1 ·■ t !· · ns fr m the I·ο" h.
• pi i-ir··. ■ , ·ΐι.> ην · ι ρ ι ιίη
of ■"•ρ-· ' · " ei»I^Sî*;}t^ie» to hon·
n- ve'< e' hf>th World Wa'-s. Thi
1 : ■ · · a "vH η · a·"- of ι·»-a ipt
··. e ' · d '· ·:■'·■>-Fini '·'
v\ i ·. Ρ fi· 'Ή 1,· fi'e·^ e * t * e
and Arm ν installations j. Alabama
Florida, Cï« · π··,.. Mi.-'sis>ippi. North
C'.iiolitia, South Carolina and Ter
Window displays oi Army e(|'i p
ment will lit" legion. Parades, fca
Chicago's Army Day
To Lead In Nation
Chica'O. April —Chicago's
Army l):tv célébration April l>.
with President T111n.n1 speak
ing at Soldier Field, will he the
largest in the nation, the Si\th
Service Command announced
I today.
Com'» ι nd Headquarters sai l
milita» ν nersonnel to he pres
ent included Secretary of War
Pnl-ert I*. Pitterson: (len.
I»\> i«ht l> FN»nhower. Chief of
Staff, and C.en. Carl S-vi.it/,
ilen. .1 <-h l> L. He vers, and lient
Ceil. I eroy lutes, heads, re
spectively. of the Aifv's Air.
O-niM'fi. arid Service Force*.
Fcurtcen thousand c ο m h a t
treops. including the 5th (Red
Itiamovd) Infantry Division. «ill
' parade w ith supporting tanks
and artillery, and at least si\
Army hauls led hy th" Wash
inclcn, l>. ('.. or-anirat'oii. will
lie in the line of march.
turins bands. march in:·. t,-"nps and
personnel Iron civic· bodies Armv
guns, icons. |,mks : » d trucks will
p; -·«■ thr-'ll"h dprorated stress.
Ani:y i' -: allai ions will hold met
. house with eauipmrnt on exhibit
; >nd " ;ili s ldier mrdes to exnlair
the dis'ilnvs. At A'ti'v ho<ni'al·
nd crowds wd! bp fti iwn ιΙτ-η πΊ
tv-p : r nil of brins n<
• sjr!: : ·'· v.iiftpd ba a to 1-oaltl·
, will be explained by attendants.
I Oil « Μ'ΓΓΛ!. ι M NT.
Wasb'f.gton, April ·"·· — Nearly 4,·
5(1(1 d!'. ;cfvs an.i nU'M representim
units of General Courtney Η
Hod lies' F:i>' \ ··>· beuan .· -eni
t,liii5 : Κ >r! Mi·;.·ir. Mil., today ii
preparation for the Arnny Day pa
r: rl" wh'.'h w ι: ;»· staaed tϊι Sal
urday afternoon on historic Cc*sti
[ ion .Λ\'c·111 ι■ ' ι ; in· nai ; 1 ' - ; ·ι1 ■.
Aivuns ill·· unit.· arriving at Foi'
Meade are two regimental eomba
teams : p. : η >ορ·.'Γ- a:'i u!' iern'e
villi attache I artillerv I-.a'talions .·
the ffni'-'U·. 'il'nd Airlvirne Di\ :<io
nlus tin· Division's band tro-r Γ :
Pi'MRi'. \. ('. A combat team ι
tin· :V.th In!, n'rv Rosia ont. l'on
posed ι earl ν λ00 .'oloved tr 1 ι
from F■ '· ' Ilcnning. Ha . 1. < '! Ί
Fii'ld Artillery Eattal'· :ι ι·'|ΐ i an
wi'h lââ η;m Ii >\viizer> and 8-in
"1 Γ· ι ·.■· Κ ι n! R< · .· t he "'94'
Field Artillery Rattali >n \v : s If
mm lu..· it:'i>rs fr· m F.· ί J ·. 1 soi
S. (' and the "Ί'ι In'an'iv S >
Πο« Platoon wh'· h i- ..Mac led '
the R2nd Air! orne Pivi-en t Fo
RiacS are als>> eatheri'iu ' Fo
Mi'.a.i" tor nartiei nation in this 'ir
pr A 1*111 \" I ) ν p: · r al - ' > »
1941 The 4:îkI Mechanized ■ '
He" 'lin;·tvro S- a.iren <· hi ·'
-t.it; «îed at F rt Meade ·.·. >11 he ion
ii5 the.se units when th.-v :· ove
\v 1 iii"tiin ι η Sat irdav
't'1"· Arrnv tro "is ni e-niiivn
wi'l he augmented bv I .nan p-a: ·]
itn· cadets made un o' hov- "al liii
from v'-'ashinati ι; h;"h school- \vl
• ill follow the ,v'ot iri/o't elements
the parade There «ill ho sevi
t- -->rI■: m-irrhine inc'ndin:» the R'hir
division hand, the Army Air Fore
fw. adet hands --·nrl three Am
Giound Forces bands.
Iran Agrees To Drop
Case Against Russia
! After Tidal Wa\e Hit San Francisco Area
Washed up en the beach 100 yards and deposited across the road
at I'r:p.ceton-B>-The-Sea. ;.· mil 3<> ::;ics San Francisco, these
ι lighting era it sh >v. the powei υ: the tidal wave trial struck 'he West
Coast aitër causing severe damage in property ;< d lives in Hawaii.
! (International Soandphoto)
Coal Strike Is
In Third Day;
End Not Seen
'Pittsburgh. April 3.— ( ΛΡ)—The
nat ion's si 'ft c .1 ! -111 ;e ;■ far
cm 1 ! tin· ι;" >.-t ρΐ',ι ·(·: il in 1 · f.
, strike-torn history — was three days
1 old today and there was in siyi of
ii fan L. Lewis. United Mint· Work
: ers president and the soft eoal op
I ei'attirs were meeting in Waslurtg
I ton again in at) effort te Write a
'1 outra.. im 400iPW bituminous ïii'i -
The coal contract e\pirc Sanria.v
midnight. The πνηηνι stuci. to ilien
! traditional "in rnnf" 1·' - now ■ · I·.
I At yi terday' neuot ;a: i ny o
'yii-ns. Le .vis and 11. < · operator re
jected each others mine .■ '·'ty pi·· -
posais. Lewis said his safety resolu
ϊ 1 'iv wen the miner ' irro'lu -able
I 11 ini τ. ; an. f'l m dos 1 i'.\i :e.~
11 an for the 1 ipei iitoi -aid I .t".i
lu ; - "it;.·.: ' < ' d· ■; 1! : ν 1 ■ 1 ■ _;· ·
» of ..'I 1 I" iv. er lid . 1 1.·:■ ·r
\v v.. Λ pi 1 ,\n (' ti. ·
! lutnres opened JI5 cents a bale !ov. ·
j or to t'«·! tits hit'.lier
! X< I'll |I1 i -I
ι a l'aie lou e
May :·ϊ .·
Ma v
· ( )(·'.
■ Mar. ( 1 !)47 >
. Μ,·,ν ι iil ',7 1
.Vi ' en·.
MIV J 1.a I, we· one
|'\ < ieve (>110
27.81 2T.8
More Bodies
Located On
llilo Island
Unceasing Search
Oeing Continued
Damage Runs High
I l· πι ■! : 111 :. Λ pri ! il. I ΛΡ) —- 'I'll· ·
1 !·: 11Μ !-ϋ :11! m η ('« Ί ! ! : debris < 'I tlv
••ι · : : m v\* ; : * » ■ :r. a;y ·< l Η ι In I land
ι · Id. · ι ·; : m .-Mr 1 χ m i jrs 1 < nlllY '< <
\\ ι « « ! ; \ - Ί111111 ·« · - purred by .ί
thriMl ni <·. •uîaïuo: ι. continued then
liiieea.-dn;.', search.
I he oarthqu iki·-1 χ un disturbance
! now completely subsided — took
p< > ibly ITi) live.· a> it pounder
n< m ! V .: l!; · Aleutian,· t « » 1 lawau. 1
to < 'alifu! tiia and Peru.
Πι»1 te?i i!"i lal toll of Ί dead an<:
! mi; m,u indued:
Hilo and 1 he isiand of Hawaii
i .».*» dead and 73 missing;
Kaii.u il! and .is:
lai'i ecen and ΙΊν<·;
( lauhu Iive and <-i.e.
.\ 1 ! I μ κ i ι. .. had bom identified.
ΛιΙίι d In the.·ι· wore U n pro-aim
, ed flo.iths m Un· Aleutian^ and on·
1 each in California and Γ» in,
Τ η ο 1 lawaiian 11 » ι . η ment ol
Hi·· · hardest h it rdand.-·. nrdun·; th··
j '"un-i up "î t î ..»·». j l'i es h diapers and
; î i κι^e . l· ck> ι »1 fo. »d lor desolated
| Hilo, touiiii lane In elieit .( pledge oî
. l/nded Maie.· priorities l'or the vast
. · ί >a : '< 111 ! iii l'.'.id. h. invade rose int» >
j : idion .Ί dollars and m »st insur
..il'·-· poliiir. did not eover wave t le—
ι π u t ion.
Au <·- ί m sated 1, H ) U Hawaiian
: ι were homeless.
ί ' a « Μι»· 1·Ί"οΐ I leadcjuarlers reporl
ι! v... in ; ad m eintact with al
ι ·ί'ΐ 11»' ι.-- 'rid- ι ·η v. hi'-h t her»· wn t
( ' nited Sta 1 '.·> naval bases and tha1
il ii .1 ij.o report- on any le- of h;\·
Ί In ar :... .. ί. · · itad n< > reports ol
I ae.itii.· .
Time Limit
Plan Tacked
On ΟΡΑ Bill
\\ ι ίΐιι», Apr;I 3. ι API
. I An amendment to the ΟΡΑ act to
require removal oi pri· e controls in
11 various fields as supply comes into
11 balance with demand was approved
"0 i. toilay by the House Bank
ing Com nuitée.
The action would place squarely
] · Pro-hid ! 'l ruman tin· decision ■>
■ to when various controls shall be
- J ι luninated by ,-lripping ΟΡΑ of a
.· large part of de-control authority.
Ap1 r ival >! ' e .mendment, pn>
I o.-ed by Rep. Brown (Π) ι ! Geor
h I Ria, carrte after the committee re
h m i ied 1.1 to il a s ibstitute aniend
;i ent by Hep \V >le tt (R) ο Mich
i u-au. senior He. ibli· an on tlie com
• :> itlee This would have left de
i ntrol ieeisioiis largely in 1 hi
•t h: nds of i> dustry advisory commit
■ ti es
The Blown amendment, \v h i e !
,· would pri ■ ide !o: abolition of price
control- ii ι later than June 30
I SWT. .-till - ibjeet to action b\
tlie Hou-e and Senate.
Hen Monronev ii)) Oklahoma, ;
committee member, told newsmer
it in advance' of the nvcting "there';
i- danger we'll have price control ii
1_ name only."
\s further evidence of 11τ^ shari
split over OPA's extension, the Na
mi tional Retail Federation prepared ti
poll it- member organizations re
r». presenting ôOrt.dOf) store keepers or
jv how Ions they want to keep on sell
nig goods undei price ceilings.
Council Receives
Answers ( )t Both
Russia And Iran
\>w York. \iiri! Τ— ( Λ I* > —
Iran ol'frrrtt today to let tilt*
I iiiiril Nation»- SiTiirit\ < οιιιχ il
shche the Iranian case tem
porarily, prox icii-d Russia would
j;iv assuraui ·' that Russian
troops would he withdrawn from
tlii· country unconditionally by
Ma\ (>.
The <-i u 11. ■ · : ! Livins received last
minute rep'ie ! ι < · : ι. lj.h Russia and
Iran tii il. nut:.tries i.| la.·: Fnaay
mi the .-.till. ι · t h ■ > t i. ■ 111 : between
them, thon edj unco until 11 a. m.
ti imuri'i i\\.
Hiis.-ui aa tî.at 11 "«ρ .' 11 i ι rl .aval
from Iran ' ι - : · ■ imt conditional nil
other neyi il lat a m· witn Iran over
such mutters a.- <>:1 and the like.
Troop. will Ik· mit of the country
with ί a · and ,. halt, the
council was informed in the message
from Ambassador Andrei Gnunyko,
who howevi-r continued his boycott
of the Iranian discussion by not ac
tually attending the council session.
Iran, in a letter from Ambassador
Hussein Ala. aovised that negotia
tions with Kws.-ia in accord with J
council decision at London, had fail
ed, that Russian interference in
Iranian affairs had continued, that
Russia had made demands parallel
with her troop withdrawals—but
that above all, Iran wants a friendly
peaceful settlement,.
The action packed meeting, ex
pected to produce dramatic results
ol one sort or another ever since
tile council voted its inquiries t'·
Moscow and Teheran and adjourned
last Friday, had reached its appar
ent climax.
New York. April 3.— (AP) — A
Russian message t" the I'nited Na
tions Security Council was receiv
ed by Secretary General Trygvc Lie
at liis hotel in mid-morning, his of
fice announced toftay. about half an
hour before the deadline for replies
in the coum il - inquiries on Iran.
The nie.-:-«ige was delivered to Lie
.il lus hotel loom by me..sender from
Soviet Ambassador Andrei Gromy
ko. That was !):1() a m., the an
nouncement said.
That w-s five minutes before a
letter from Iranian Ambassador
Hussein Ala was delivered to Lie.
but the in a - of Ala's action became
known first.
Shortly before the announcement
wa made. Gp-myko told newsmen
lie would ι;ol attend todays security
council .· ι ■ . -1 ■ > ! ι. Il· walked out on
:(i·· Iranian di <·u . ion week ago
A'hcii the ci. ι m nil rejected Ins plea
in delay the whole c.i .e until April
The I ranian an.· wei t< ■ the se
curity council roque.· t for informa
tion on the : tatu. o| negotiations
with Russia and whether Russian
withdrawal of ti >op: from Iran was
iiiicondition; ; was received at 4 a.
m. a spokesman : aid.
Teheran. April ( AI') — The
Iranian town ι. ! S : : ; 11 u. east ot Tehe
ran. appeared completely empty of
Russian troops when viewed from
the ail today.
At Siii.. northeast of Shahi, there
were appat en: signs oi Russian
:re nis withdrawing, but Russian
troop- est m ate.I to nil: iher ."(,001)
were ci entrateo at the Caspian
seapi rt ot Bandar tihah. still fur
ther to the northeast. apparently
pri'i .·>. ins : ι ··;ιι . for the Russian
port ot Baku, 18 hours away across
in Caspian sea. ,
Draft Asked
By Patterson

Washington, April Μ. (ΛΡ)—·
Secretary ni W.u Robert Patterson
told 1 ■ η ; 11 ■ · ι today tin· present
world emergency'' will last through
'M47 and urged a year's extension
of selective service beyond May 15.
His appeal was backed up by Séc
rétai \ of Navy James Furrestal who
told til·,· Senate Military Committee
"we can nut be unmindful of ttv·
fact that the world is not at po;j?e."
The committor is hearing final
argument for draft extension before
voting on tin question Tuesday. ( ·ιι
the other side of the Capitol the
House Military Committee called in
opponents of conscription to testify
prior to voting Friday,
Patterson presented huge chart;
■ lisling both current "responsibilities"
1 ol the army and "assumptions" for
the period until January 1. 1!UH.
and asserted the only way the arrav
can obtain needed manpower i*
"through a one year extension of
the draft."
Maryville, Tenn.. April 3. (ΛΡ)
—Ten-vear-old Bobby Thatcher, of
nearby Parhsim H il. was found dead
today with a pistol wound in the
heart. Blount County Coroner Ed
Griffiths said it was the youngest
■ case vi' suicide of which he knew.

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