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Henderson daily dispatch. (Henderson, N.C.) 1914-1995, April 04, 1946, Image 1

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Hrnîterson Uaîlt; Htspatrlj
" —-— - — — A — -
SAV.LIK3 HIS Β!3 ΗίΛίΐ OUT, ht'.lc- Di nnie Steigerwald, a vcai arid a
hall n!d. sit? beside his t>:"-t pal, "Sugar", and wonders w hat's to become
of Ins rani ne playmate The n:ana..-r i>i a Pittsburgh housing project
where the your ·. ' ί live.· lus j-.sst s.m ved notice on the tenants that they
must give up then iv!.· <·ι vacate Although she added that she would
not actually e\ ict > fa ilv but just report thorn for po:. ibl%-legal
Bet ί ι η if t h - λ ... .1 the ord r, Oovnie doesn't understand the tine points
M the ι--;:.· lie's still unhappy about the whole thing, (International)
Philippines Are Hit
ByHurricane Winds
Typhoon Creasing
Northern LifTi·
Bay Waves High
Mr.n;i . A|»r:l » · M' \ · , -
acroloyi. . · · ·..> ·. ,l . ·.. ... ·
is ci'.? i. ! ici ι I, ι ■ :, , . I ■. ι .
winds ut' · ίι Π ht π . nu ·.. c« " pre
vailed in ! hp «tr.ii > ·ι ,·.«·. ·ι î.· . ····
{Util Fi ,"1 ')■ ,1.
The storm was movin!· ;it 11 '<" ο te
the northu t T'a · «····' ·. . · . : ι
it mipht l)i· curving northward to
ward Furmii>.i M. ni ι Γ. y ι
fort wave- \vhii.. m ■ ι a !.. ι μπ
laden m· .·· n· - '·· ' 1 !' i■ ■..
There wa> i:n !o ...«·
Lack of εοιηχπο nieoUons prci en ted
receipt ο ι : ; ■ ri ; : . ι
northern Luzon.
The navy said then· u ι ma
jor dam.iee to ils installations.
Five s:iilor-vol ;nleers. wh·· bra ο I
the waves, re-i· icd 11 Fil'p ■· . h
crmcn elinsmu <·> i». ·.! ··>
on San Nicolas shoal halfway be
tween Manila and ( cn-:;icl··:·.
iii'.strov J A·' < rn
Kh U' I 111 11 l.'l. Κ V J Ν I : I 1
Λ flood ol mill!: Il I
down the ea. t slo;u Μ- > a
en the i.-land of SakUra i.· c-.pe.ted
to wipe out Κ' .η ι ■; '
eastern tip oi liu·
three days, ι -si : ri ·' Κ \ u
imperial university tgjd t uiay.
All v'H lue.· in tin- ar·· 1 '·' ··:
evacuated two we.cn- ■ '.lier. 1 1
volcano showed .-inn- ol dan^erou
a· I i\ ily.
< ι tin· sou thorn side ol the un
tain, a Ia\ .■ 1 ! ι >\» I lie '· ι · 1. ' ·■
scven-toiy buildiim i m . · In
ward I lie . ι llaye ι > Anm ;ra
ιά yoking γι:οιιικιίίο\
Columbia, S. C., April 4.—(AP)—
An I.util III prohibition In!! π·.···.\ο:ι
an i!l · :;n mil call seem·! i-viai·, n
the house today after the wa;. an !
means committee proposed culmina
tion ni present l'quor laws under a
lieu alcoholic control board.
Ilnuse icadinn of the prohibition
bill w ι tli-· I'ii .· t oi l's- act ion on
liquor taken by the general assem
bly ,nn.· il convened al noon yes
terday in extroi'dmarv t ion at the
call of Govern <' \'» illumi- to "<la
something about the liquor situa
Reports Atom Leak
ACCORDING to Prime Minister
Mackenzie King ol Canada, his
government has launched an in
Λ estimation into the d>. <. 1· sure of
"secret and confidential'' informa
tion—repor tec to be concerned with
atomic energy—to members of a
foreign mission in Ottawa. Twenty
two men have been detained l<>r
questioning by the Royal Canadian
Mounted Police. ^International)
Fron Waves
Losses Are Counter!
Ry Prnperty Owners;
Denth Toll Increases
I li.!··.] ni υ. April I ι A Ρ ; Pr >p
111 ν danui:;e wrought by tin- Pacific
ι <!:.| whvos was l'-stimatcl :it $10,
(.lid,000 in the II lwaiian islands Ιο
ί . y a. I msi'ies-men and owners
t ι y l each e< Uapes and » i.'C'i lux
ury hei»r.· counted their Wses.
The fir;,Ml toll in the kinds me
tn 88 with tin· 'iiulins of live more
I Oïlit at Hilo, lii i 11 : ' ι : ; t · ι : 11. city ■
total to Γι!!. Si\ty-nino were Htigsitigi
."·!! ni Pu in : :. ι ■ the Ι.-Ι.ΙΠ·: o> H:i
• ο In ci'Ih : a1 r 11 ' 'ί ι ι 'ern
P. i.'j 11.1 ι r 1 1 " ■ ' il Mr ' Ί li
Hi!! ρ.ί ■ .us in all may ' .r.e los;
their l:\i-s.
Also Hit Tahiti.
Vomlaν'.» μ "li r ν ave al ο hit
Ί .. hit i I he .Mr Ί. ι ('alii irnia,
iind Sooth America but the urcalest
nf life aid pro]icrty oc urred
in the Hawaiian island.-·.
i hr search for the ■■ i ■ 'tv! - in
r ! · ι f 1 ί 111* school child;'' n con
tinued bv sea aid air S pp!ir. il
ford and cli ihir.i; po I ia;o Pu·
stricken city of IÏ : ■. ι partialis
wrecked as the . Ill 1 Io.'.-r . ,| the
tidal wave era-hod thr ; its Iun
a el-like harbor.
Throughout the i.-|and<. prooorlv
ov ι ers and city, ounlv and terri
torial officials made sk'-tehv est i—
ir airs to m ·η· late* I la 'tels . iul yacht
clubs, stores and varolii -ι-, suqar
plantation-. shipping. am.y and navy
installation.·. utilUie.-. con uiuniea
tions and railways.
FOR \ORTII < Λ It Ο I. IN \.
Partly cloudy, warm this aft
einooLi: little ehanse in lemiier
turr tonight. Not quite si> warm
Dixie Solons
Angered By
Cotton Order
Howies' Resignation
Is Beinç Demanded;
Aiulerson Also Mil
\' · liiirl'M', \ i»r « I I \ »'1 -
S'HiIIm γ · '.ru 1 'or*-. Ilii'i·· · <.>r
»■«·»!* »»r l> · » ritif-ism .it < h" 1er
Γ»" l··, 1« f;r fr·· ι r»|f*rin · s»···
r°l"r\ «»! V*rirtiltnrr ( liitfnn
« n.· ·»· · ·, fr» τ «» (iVn · '
ro-f|,ii,, niitinl .it blocking
t l-»*»iii|o « rj-c iι err ι-»«*■»,
'! lu ν < \1 \· I ' I inti
>»· r 1 fη <· ···» ! . ·. ! m,· \ U\. ;ι· -
Hon π ' <»·,: :ι. ·<| «ι ' t m · irf Un
• · ·.«·. ··» · ■ — 1 · - ; i I ; ι η Η
■r ι η · ι η.1 !l" ' . ' · ■ ι1 . · I « >!' \ '·
n"' - : ν i · I'm* !'< · η fill I
' r ' ' ' ' ι 'ι · · ' t| : 'i t:111* i|
i.'.i t - ' ·.· MfI til»·Ο :ϊπ.
*·r'μ· 1" ·* η h I »v ts *"«1 r nn
* r ·. to-·* ···.< fhe t "ι* *όt Of
fi ■><·' c .· ! '' . ■· , M \ >ank
Ρ ·Γ c* "'h Carol in ' '
T ■ η '«i- 1 ν 1 «»·» 4 ' ι ; 11 th ■·
\ TV' η;ιτ·« Vf M ' ί. M Mr
\nrir" η h:"»' i f '—»oleicly βιΐϊτοη
to î'.o OPA.··
Th:· a r^f-r'v- <·> IV
rr' rr "·' a ♦-)""·· >' 1 «»' rn On\
rr'o·· ΓΡΊΓΪ'Ίη^ I ι·· ρ»· H'·· vn nay
·" ·' ''c »v> /· tfnn bo'-nhl '"or fi't i''°
]* ff ηος jnti pr'pp1 April
! n P,/ ·' Ι^ς bn^ f ΜίΡηΗΛΓ] ihp or
''ov : , · p. :|t-v f.^r-Ί* vOfifl'll
-*?--p l , in c^t< n. «Ή·-* h ίι,Λ «nv-î
ι \·, ■ 'or·· · ' nn <··*< -« <a t1-.;· . prirc^.
S·' η m .-;., n,·^··
\;>Ί .· f,.^ . 1 · lip f J t « l
" ' Π vp.'tpiv];iv a'i Pn'\*1ps
/·''vi«'·4orj hin 1" Ho 5fO, ï ::r' l'n
1 · > · · r] tr· ,Λ' 4 ^ ' ' n ·λ ·■>' ρ ♦ rj ί« '"·] ι m
I 'ffep ·ΜΓ^ ·« n] ·1 M. 1
■ ■ V',\ wilb nt tho secrolar.v'y si^
» rvfure
VT·)· ' .-ni.' *nM ·» roMM-'p-· "f hrv hp ·'
11 · i ιλ rr < }t t C1""1H bnnn«-»n ♦'"> t h p TTpjfpH
c.t· Γ : fr» ν ' ο n ΐηΠ'»·*:ηη n">"]H hp
' 'nf P» "M^1ps ♦ " 0,u"'"
♦ (.»·· pyr-o.-.f-r) t î ΓΡ ΟΠί ST.
τ ) rv*itiri^ni thMt h π > n
i a 'th 'lity to ο r rl n r A nrlprcon t ■
v'"n> Ί cnokp'-nvin fr - thp -1 -} >j 1 i -
: 1 :on chief r^^ljnH hr» h"fl r· tp'l -m 'n,·
! ' , ' ΡΧΡΓ' ' t ' \ r» (Hvlot· is-MO'] !'1 1 fî î
Thaï orHp'· oro\ i<i,w- t'-»i< Γ·-π ο'
I ·»·λi| yor '·«·■ h n ' ] l''irinu1',to :
and dcvelon a c(imnvr»h^n ;\-n "w.
J ti.fïijf· Γ'Ίΐρν." " ^ H t h -i t '*ch;l'
havp thp po^^'pr lo ?---ιό
! f'p Ci" h 'i r\f < pnr]pr:i] Ηο'^Γρ·*
| imnts anH ;.·^ρηΓ.ΐ^"> Γ·οη<*<***οοίΊ with
! ' r: -< iiprJ vrif*p >tal>ili/al ion.
W-irrrn Criticizes
Section Of Atom
Control Measure
\V ;hin-1r
Λ ι i ι J
Cnnn>1 rfilln;· (",<·ρ<μ I i.iulsnv Λ V' ; I »·—
; ! r : 11 a fraud" :i sorti'·· "Γ tho oro
t)iisc: 1 atomic enorey control bill ro
latins* 1 > spending powers of the
c m* r< I c m r i sion.
The outspoken North Carolinian
aonc:»)'cri before tho Sonafo Atomic
PommiH^e ; 1t fh.o ]-( " ι · ι (.'si of Senator
Fi.v rd (I)) of Virginia.
Warren said that tho \vordin° of
fho sc 1»-on \vk ''utterly mean · 'IX
Icss" and would load to a wave of
appropriated money.
I ant Prices Drop
Over $1 Per Bale
New York. April t. — (ΛΓ)
C'otlon futures ι pit cd là to fill cent
a bale lower.
Noon priet>« were 55 cents to
M y 12Τ.85. July 27.02, (). lober
ret toda ν ici/i
■τι ;ei">
il "5 ,i hale lower
IV. « loso
Ο pou
< let.
I lee.
28.1 1
Mar. (1047)
May (1047)
Farm Depreciation Hard
To Figure, Scott Shows
m i.vw msbi:t.
I);tilv Dispatch Bureau
Raleigh. April 1 Many N'orth
Carolina ί.ιι.'ΐιιί - are nihil". them
selves about the actual U"t |>|··>1 it
from their farms !)··< m · lln> fail
to charge oil de| u c« ι.ίΙ ι· ■ 11 .1 :i ·■ op
inion of Kerr Srotl, ιίίιιιιι, >iouor
of agriculture.
Scott cited lu.-> own ι·ν|ηίιιίι·ί' to
llustrate his point lit- said that oui -
11g the past couple ol \ < ·. ■ In· I1.10
tsed a number oi German prisor»
m-s ,.,·, his Pom, mainly ''1 oui; u,
overgrown ditchbank> .01 1 : 11M
> on is ;.nd briar from ijn in·
Utogeth.'i' I.·· paid -·u 1 a· mud ·■:■!.
■Ί for such work Win tin u 1
ha. 'e;bl · to ovi-ra! 1 I a, ί op< · .·
loll, it could ηΊ b" 1 h :eii a :a 1 :i '
he i" ·: t ι I pi min m.. um 11 1" op
S "tt said he km w ot farm ιιά
η the market foi ai. .in I S-."> an
ere and the price >oiui ·< i cli-ip
.iut investigation disclosed that
ditch banks and side area» weie
.«νίτβΠΛνη, what he called "hollies''
of briars and broom sedne had
grown up in Hi·· middle ο!" fields,
fences were* lotted iluwn and build
ups ii. bad repaii i<>i lack of atten
tion over a period oi years When
cost of réhabilita!!!)·-·. «»r reclaiming
the land was counted, tin* S2ô an
acre price wa> found t» » be fair ο
even high value
These condition-' are prevalent all
«ver the -late, he .said, since it h i
be·-·! ) unpossible t«> keep up with
en ervation work during thi* war
Λ t a ■ ·* <·.·»'. « letei loate · » m ich in
five >c. ι . !:" added, that it wil
take t η ·· fifteen > ear- to bi in.: it
h i t· » full u' dit ν
M f« that t<". mans l.irm
»·! - m ίι 'ιΐι prof»· and making
ii ο· ι. · ι \ ι ·1 ! 11 ■ 11 fa il t« » s;: \ e pi « >
p« : c« " ii at ·η h» dap: et iation «»!
capital investment lie tllinks
' o* e M'lirnt ι·ν! iniale. that net ta:
ncome 1 ϊ-1 >η«» ιρ more than 2Ui
pe cent ni ·· \'X !> hkewi-e lui I
take into account depreciation items
Council Shelves Iranian Case
Reason to Cackle
HERE IS ONE for the farmyard rec
ord bouk. The white leghorn hold
by Mr.:. Wilfinm Uurnhnm t>f Al
bany, Ν. Y., laid an ess five inches
Ions, nine inches in circumference
and fourteen ounccs in weight. The
hen's owner is shown holding the
record size egg beside its proud
aroducer. f International)
Strike Seen
10-Week-Gld Strike
Of 30.000 Workers
May End Shortly
I5\ The Associated Tress.
Pettleim nt appeared imminent to
day in one of he nation's ionuest
currvt -.Irikes the teti-week-old
work si ippane b.\ 3D.000 t"Ϊ( > litrn
eciuinment workers employed in In
t( ι national ΙΓ.ιλ ester ('". plants.
Wh'lr ( ii ι"'1 ·ΐ'!ΐ' k. i >· :' o! t i la Is
l<i iked hope' :!l\ 'ι I an ι · (I 11
the· country's mai n· I ibi r and dis
pute, the work -1 < > ρ ρ ; ι : · < » by 400.000
AFl. United Mine Wurker-·. neno
! i,itoi s un the harvester company's
sf rike we:· : 'ed in agreement or
all but one i.- ue
Tlie i ■: tie .-ι ι i imiter debate
retire .■ 111.11i\ ι 1 the i"nn;i!iy .m.i
ι : η ion met iu il :. Ke li 1,. ! cone 11 :a
t ill's '· · Wa h i : ; l 11. : ι was ι op' rte I t"
be allowance r les for piece work
ers under whirl: they would yet
average earnings toe Ιο,ι time dup
ing machinerv · tcakdowus >r .»in -
lar slack per od ■ More than liai:
the 30,000 involved are piece \\ί rk
snowixm \ thri:ati:m:i»
Washington \| ril 4. ι ΛΓΜ -
Strike-bi.iuul : ! co .1 operators
threatened touas to mree a show
down on .Inhn I. Lewis's Wane and
bnrr demand-.
(Tbi Unit.·.! Mine Wo ke;·-' chic!
in three week- oi contract talks has
refused to < ! : - · . these i.-v;es pend
ing an agri ra nt "i principle" t·
his propos., 1- nu· a health and wel
fare 1'upd and lor improved mine
But a ι-.la· ; an : i" ihe mine
owner- said t!ie\ intended to pres
lor a \ ote todas η a res >!utiou call
ing for immediate con irieration ι :
the pay and working time q ies
lii ι s.
Chou Raps
C'hun.'.kin April 1 - (AIM Cîon
•·ι .il (Ίιιιιι Κιι-lai. Cnninumi.st spi>ki·.·
iii.in. t··< 1.ι> lii'in..ii.it'll that tlir ΛΙ
1 nivr C " 11 ! 11 ; ι a ehaiut" lu «*-t .il >
li^li clomiii rai-y and asserted that
' varelos.s a -!. taiu-e ftnm foreign
nati'iii.· will inciva.·ο lii.surdei': hero''
il:- stain ·ΐιΐ was made a.- ho aim
nth·: C · · ι ■ ι m ι J M t -1ιίίηήοιΙ thoit
verbal a.-- mil- on the government
and national, t party, iurthei wid
iiiiir.'. tlu1 lueaeh that Genera'
Cifi'ig" Mai. i..ill's recent truee il
tort- nam we.i
"I I· · ! Ilii' \lliod natn >ti shun I
111 ί 111 > .ι .hi : ι' ι·· Ι'π' idi'iii Tinman"
tatflll Ill .. ' 1 -1 lilt (loil. lull III III'
Μι ι·· " I T1. 1ee ι·· uifi'i ι■ ! let· ill a.
■ ι ir ι Ιι ί ι in in titutf deni'«■: κ -
id tli " 1 · ! : pnlitiea! tutelage.
In ·ι ι "I ; ι ρ w's t" nfei in. ■ ( )nl \
> Ιι ί the ι .tu t Ί If it · ■ ι vill \lln
■ ■ !i ■ : li t · ι;ι1 (>tlu'i w ise. ran
"ss a· Μ..ιι- will, roust1 tlu· ('hi
ιι" ι ι· ■· ι iiicie.ise dlsnrdt'i »
'Ve fin' ί ιι pie a:id we Com
1 rminista .uni t want such help.'
Police, F.B.I.
Hunt Slayer
Ex-Marine Pits
Cunning Against
Many Man Hunters
VVa\h'u:;ti: a. \|»ri! '■— Λ!! ·
—: arl i .t i.ind, »·<·:« l··..;»!·«!
ι apo-sliiycr today pitif.l llir
<·. ;· il in ; lr.· iri'ii;·,! <;n (iuaàal
c.mal a-ain . the ι iniiiii <1 <·!
forts of jiiiii- .■ and 1Ϊ1Ι man
hunts rs.
'the ii4 — >·t ;n'-·■! ι ex-marine h ft*
ι ' * ·1 .It 1.11"■ · ' ■ 11 .''ii y t"f>ii,·
w hen lie iiiul ■ '· · · ι Ίι Med Vy . ; ι··ι· i
i. !-i ι* '.'tin '.ι ' 11 h- ho..>· · i >:'t .. .
ill!·'!' 11 \ ι-Π ι 1 «Ίι uttiil · i
îfee rc'i-i<ι»t are ι.Γ Hit- -li-ycar-ol a
Medley alter .i .'even hour manhun.
tvif'.eiit I;· pr. ■. .. a : ι mi ·ι· v. ith η
clue.·: ι·ιι .νI.■ ··.. land's plan I··
ïljgfet. Biottil-tKitHids follow. ! on.
tl'lii! In :i γ:.11. · ·. t;ii on li.it ι· ..,·
al.su were kecpin .·. a eiose walch "'.
ι ;c>!'*i ί ι bi m ι ο 1 :i ii t ■ ι traffic thi'ouah
Iiivc>ti^:tii η Started.
Ί h · cire ι.· ' .ι ■<· of tiie dariii".
brL .I'. the !■·.>· 1 in a se. ί at th;
District of Columbia prison, imme
ciialely .-ct t ■ · . ■ ■ ' .-a : η · in π." ·
t ion. on·.· 1 iy tile .' . ·, ■■ · eparl ι κ 11 '
ami :i ii · Ί lier by .ι ■ » ■· ■: al ι . ·ι ι : re -
ional ci mmit let. ! ; ι 1 [ebert 11 ) ι < ·.
Louisiana ol this aro.ip gsaeileci
"COI ici ι tn Ί1 s in . la ' where mar
tie! ( l> ean v. . 111 · ι fiat Willi i ι ρ
IKirent a ban ion.
Λ rc ·. ι· ι". s'.ory · f the e e; pe cam
> ut win·.'ι .Mil off." ·ι elo.- ·() tlr.i
t h..· t wi ι death ! "i1 - hail rc
leased AïeFarlan.! an ι Medlev fron
tlv. a- cells for a game of cards be
lore 111.· slave! ' ι ·'. er|κ a.wrcd their.
Ί he .uuards ware suspended, and
later taken inlo ι ..,-lody by the FB"
on charges of permitting prisoner!
to escape thrmml: nogliRenre.
Pope Pius Makes
Appeal For Food
10 Sa\ e Star\ iιilt
\".11 lr:in C'il'y. Apr,! 4. ( .VP >
Pone Pius In a speech today appoale
to the world's "conscience and sense
nf responsibility" to :-ave destitute
peoples ι rum star·, ati· n.
Sp< 'akin-; over ' he Va1 i · : ι r irii·., .
h esaid tiie "spectre of tamine ris*
behind the deliberations oi diplo
mat* "
He ■ ' '. natod that ι mo !'· · Mill
the \\ ,iid'-. j •.-•.nation I ice i the
' .- ni· tor mena···· of hunger."
Attlee Opens
Food Debate
L< . '.μι, Λ : · i ! I. ι Λι1 1
Minister C""!« τ» ί*ι it A'tlee * ·) h*ï i a
iimcl debate in lln4 House «·!' ('·»—
π. ι · ! ι s today by deelnrinii lha! * m i 1 -
! .in 1 neople today are taeed vi'h
-rarnly ol l.ood and some will. aii,-o
lltle s'.arvat ion, arm t. : ;. ;«'·
: ι : list be fed !n in former em··! ies.
"We shail d · all we ran to ; :e. ent
our late « > « m.e.s .-ai1er iuj f ·> n;
-tar\ at ion." he >aid. hat "i! il e »;nes
to the ehoii e one i i · and 4 · eu:*·
sider our lriends before 1 .r ene
ni es."
Although Britain's rat ; reeent
ly were ι at U v\ ar-i - ·· eis. η :
her bread darae ae 1 nui eh a -
it was d ring the he'. ·.' <·: the Γ·
boat η ids. he said 1 a bound 1·
warn t ie eut.nl · y : ' ι ι an nu
i;atranter a t rthei λ il n t he
ι i. e>sai y .'
Oaring Sky Rescue
INCH BY INCH, Arthur Coiitello
lowers his bi ss, Daniel Rivenfcurgh,
t ' e i -.fa lung tl; '.'pole after
|he latter had been knocked uncon
si. Ίΐ.= v. !·,. :i (.ne of two safety ropes
broke while he was working atop a
b ;iid.! in New V· .rk City. Riveiv
burgh, dangling helplessly above
tht fiave · ν - i ·'ι(Tetoci by
1. !ι ν : , ? ··. ·:. is watched
from the streets. < International)
ί (i ί I Κ'!"> vJllL >Π< >Π
Greek Parliament
Election \ aliditx
Allien· . Λ pi' i I 4. (AIM—The four
hi'!-.1, μ ι1 ·. ι ' ! 11 · > ··! tii<· KAMKKK.
attack π ι lin..· \ alvhiy « ► ( Sunday >
eleetjon beeauM.· only hall of the re
I ; V 1 ' \ ■ ·,· - We; ; t to 1 he pok'S.
'· i* ι ι,;)· m lu· ;ent Archbishop
1 >a 11. in préparé the way J or
new balloting.
A . lateu: -hi . i&ncd h y the tour
partie.-. w .. · : ι 1> -; · t »î t o( i tin election
a no derliiird to put up candidates
(ic.-t ι ;bed the parliament
elvi't'ti Suivi ay ;iu-.l asked the ",m'ea!
allie> to rectify" the situation..
"!"■ ·!-:yo. Λ ;ir. · t Λ Ρ ) The lour
pou ■ ■ ι·",;' ! I in]· .lap.iu will nurl
ton ι ' ' i*.· ι · v. with C ί « 11 : · r.j 1 Douglas
Μ:ι \ ! ί ι u ι -nun \IIied eoni
n ι ; 11 ■ : ι ■. ih tilt.' ! ι :· : nflicial post
u.i .' i'::., i'f l! ι Nippon.- l'im
• , > ■ : \ :, khi line broadly
hi- ·. it ·. - i'i r.'i;i'.itinn and the
t-tiiii'i . .iiit:, ί !·■ . (quarters ol I'i
Kii ...I ! :n 'ft -!- would be 'lita
t ■ .. . : ■ . .!· . !.: view ol Mac
Λιί 1 ; 1" i a ν ο the council
Λί. ι Λ.11. ;! 1 ; : ι - lint announced
vvi;>·· ν ; 1 name 1" the Amer
ican seat ml the council, but it was
reported that Maj. tien. \V. F. Mar
11.ι.■ '. "r:i'i ιΊ ins economic and
ciei.tii!·· μι ι ίί will be named.
ing in pi>vhi>li<g.\ by developing lus ou η st.ml in iipendenee of all help
in getting around Sh η hn r studying the Γι ini cti-n eatnpus oil a relief
map made for him by libiaiian G. V. D'ifli Id. the lM-year-old Kitch
buig, Mas? , war veteian blir.ded in both eye? and minus his left hand
•;-Uiw deumed a ict.iii„ L\c ti-t and ueo> oa.v lus car.c. 'Jn'.crna'.ionafX
Spat Deferred
Until May 6;
Move Rapped
\ι·Μ λ oi k, λ |>: i! t. -I \Ρ ι —
On .1 lr.oi.on Ιι\ nileii Slates
■Spci ctai > *»i Mat' .lames K.iim s
Hie i lilted Nation-· Sccurit\
( oimci! todav sh'hcd the Iran
ian ease tiiilil Ia> i> -hut the
decision came onl> alter \us
tralia's representative had blast
ed Soviet Ambassador \ndrci
(■romvko's uuiknui and accused
the council of lailiii!· to do its
Nine of the < > · 111 i!'- 1! member
nations voted for the Byrnes' reso
lution vvl ι eh ι Im.-oi! on Rus la's
tint pr< m 11 -ι' I. :. - - . : n ■ I that lu ι·
troops will ail i» '.'.il:a I: awn 1 r· » ι : 1
Ir;.il by « ·:. ι is ΛI :.
Gromyk(>'s ar ni.'-d absence
counted lor ni,. \ < .le ..n i the ab
sention of Austral.a · \\ Ο Hodg
son from casting i.i- ballot for an
Reports Bv May.
Byrnes declared Russia's assur
ances should be accepted as satis
factory and that by deferring the
case now. the council should ask re
ports by May fi by which time th.*
Russians should be out of Iran
Council President Quo Tai-chi of
China said he hoped Iran and Hiis
sia "would settle all their problems
and make further discussion unnec
But it was Hodgson, fiery gray
diplomat, 111 the best Australian
tradition of a minority protestor,
who added the final fireworks tu
the eriyis-laden case.
Works "Prejudiced."
He said Gromyko-. .. -.ami η
week ago "had prejudiced the wm k,
efficiency and authority of the
council." that the decsion to defer
the case should not have been made
until full investit',.it ion. thai Iran's
complaints were being handled as a
political incident rallier than a
whole vital situation.
In his broad accent of the man
from "down under." ho emphati
c-ally told his dignified colleagues
this case was a challenge to Hi··
council and in our poinion the coun
cil did not meet it.'
He leaned hunched over the coun
cil table as he spoke in sharp terso
-entencei and when Ihe vote was
:aken he kept his hands firmly ο·ι
the table. Throughout Ihe proced
ngs. Iranian Ambassador Hussein.
Ala was at the e mncil table and lie
expressed Iran'.- acceptance of the
Byi 'ies-spon. orc-d resolution.
The whole ; 1 lsis-laden issue, dur
ng which Gi.imyiïo boycott plung
ed the council into the worst emer
,1 ni-> of its 11 rι ' hi.-t"!,v. was due
for settlement at ; -e.-.-ion today.
It was possible that I'nited Stat":;
Secretary i.f Slate .lame.-, Byrnes,
who has played a leading role in tlr>
whole affair, would propose disposal
of the ease.
Members of the council, with
Gromyko absent, r < t privately ant
informally late \esterday. reviewed
the case, and obtained a general un
derstanding 011 to. .ay's procedure,
though various nilormanis said that
no lia.d an ι la ' agreement was»
reached at that time.
Ivarl\ (jams In
\h irkct Reel need
New Y..ik. April !. ΛΓ Buy
erg swarmpd oyer the stuck market
in tin· early part of today s session
but then \va litllt- follow through
and extreme gams running to four
■h' mou· points eventually were re
duced or t ance!led.
Ahead most of the time were It.
S. Steel. Bethlehem. Chrysler. (îen
eral Motors and Μ··ι.Ι ;i.i:tery Ward.
Losers included Union Pacific,
Goodrich, U. S. Rubber and West··
Deficit Might Be
Remo\ ed In Year
Washington. April 4.—(AP)—The
Federal deficit may cut to around
S'J2.00ti.it()i).()0|i fur 11 ·. ι s ; ι si m ] year
and wiped out :. 1 : ι Hi and 1947,
'overnment economists estimated to
Treasury leehnieia·: now believe
tax receipts fm tin year ending
June 30 will run t > two to three
billion dollars liiuher than was tore
cast in .lanuar.v. when 1'residetif
Truman's budget message went ti>
Base Pa\ Measure
Is Near Approval
Washington. April 4 ( \Pi —.
A comprons. se industrial wnt!" base
o: fill cents an hour moved close
to Senate aporoval today. Hut ,i
last ditch :ight was on to kill a
I pioidentially opnosed amendment
designed to bo >st farm prices.
Many hours et' informal confer
ences daring the past three days ap
paru tlv convinced backers of the
' original bill they could not drum up
the votes for the new minimum they
aimd at — fill cents immediately and
75 cents within four years. The
I present statutory wage base is 40
\.ents an hour. i

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