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ïtenîterann HatUj IHspatrh
Sen. Bailey
Is Very Sick,
Doctor Says
Tar Heel Senator
'Slightly' Better;
Comfortable Night
W.'ivliii'stott, April — (.MM —
Senator .lusiab \V. Railr.v (J·)
ni North < art lira was (îf-ci ib'-l
hv Mis physic ian mtiav "as .ι \ pry
sick nia:i, but sl^'h'lv iinï:r»vPrt"
after an abdotni :il attack.
Ί lir 72-vt ui -i \l . .ίι,ι. n' ' ait ,ι
"la : ι !,v cc: ι.■■ ; ' al le n ; ,hi ' at 1 ' c
tor I !n-'j ι :al . .ι;·.I I ).·. Walter A.
I'li i.' ! ι il. lit . < i'.i.im' ill ye: :rr
dav a: 1er eaa! : il; I " h t h" <■'-■ ni —
tul a··(I .'.a- Juki·!» t ι the hospital
i.n .· 'c'rh r.
"liic t · : ι :i ϊ ι >r *s ciiMi' :î ioti i- seri
( π ·." '.la· ι i > >"li i' s ; ι ' 11. ' H · ι- a ·. ι· -y
; . k n.a'i. Ile lia - v. ΐ'.'ι <1 tin 1ι η :
ai ' ι · ·' t'
art cri: 1 hypertciisi· ιι arat will lie
cr.n'iae·' '.n t'a· h .- i' I in· a com
plet ι· ill cl; un ar.i for troataient
lor ι < in i'lcrable pari I."
New Jersey
Takes Over
Gas Concern
Action Is Taken
To Prevent Halt
In Flow Of Fuel
Newark, N. J., April 5.— (ΛΡ) —
The State of New Jersey seized and
began immediate operation today of
nine gas works of the huge Public
Service Electric and Cîas t'-impaiiv j
at the very hour -set by six inde
pendent unions for a state-wide
The 1.200 workers involved re- :
niained at their p"st.-. assuming an 1
uninterrupted flow of gas for heat
ing and cooking to three-fourths of
New Jersey's more than 4,000,000
Gov. Walter Edge last night signed
the order authorizing the seizure
and operation of the gas works und
er a nine day old state utility strike
law. He empowered State Eabot I
Commissioner Harry Harper to act ■
as administrator of the plant "m ;
order that the manufacture of gas ι
may continue and that the public i
interest, health and welfare shall
not be interfered with."
Profit Cashing
Hurts The Market
New York, April (ΛΡ)
Γη.lit cashing on the .-ubstantial re
covery li'om the February slump to
day put most stock market leaders
in the losing bracket.
On the ι ! I'-side the greater part
of the time were l1. S. Steel. Beth
lehem. General Motors and South
ern l'a\ ific.
New York, April 5. — The death
rate among American children has
dropped sharply and almost contm
ously lor the past 35 years, accoVd
ing to the statisticians of the Metro
politan I.ife Insurance Company,
who characterize the period as "the
golden age ot child health." Th" de
crease 111 mortality ;it ages 1 to Η
was close to lin per cent among
white children between I91l-i.n,
and 1941-1945. These facts were
gleaned from a study maue anions
children insured in the Metropoli
tan's Industrial Department.
Terming it one of the brightest
chapters in the recent history of
American medicine and public
health administration, the statisti
cians say: "The gains also reflect
the econoiViic and social advanles
which have greatly raised the stand
ard of living."
In this study the death rate from
the principal communicable diseases
of childhood—measles, scarlet fever,
whooping cough, an I diptheria—has
declined well over 90 per cent in
the period reviewed. A striking fact
brought out is that in ages 1 to 14
years the death rate from all causes
combined now is considerable less
than the mortality from these four
communicable diseases alone only
35 years ago.
Chapel Hill. April 5 A series o'
three institutes on so-ial seenritv
its program and adn inistration. will
he sponsored by the I'· iversitv of
Ρ North Carelini-V Division ot Public
Welfare and Social W irk between
August 4 and August 30. it was an
m unced here today by Dr. Arthui
IE. Fink, director.
Enrollment will be limited to 25
in each of the tirst two institute!
and to tfo in the third conference. Di.
F.i:k said. ^
Sight 'Miracle'
ago, Pete Uird of Shclbyville, Κν.,
lost the sight of his right eye when
it was struck by a splinter. Last
week. Bird was again chopping
wood. Another splinter struck the
blind eye and tore loose the cata
ract that had formed over it. Sight
was immediately restored to the
eye. He is shown at work, wearing
a patch until the eve becomes ac
customcd to lirbt. (International)
And Lewis
Far Apart
Producers Expect
Deadlock To Last
Until 1st Of May
Washington, April 5. -(ΛΡ) — Soft
ro;iI operators talking l'ranklv pre
dicted today their strike deadlock
with .fohn L. l.ewis would last at
least until May 1.
Their pessimism over prospects of
.settling the five-day-old work stop
page reflected lack of progress in
three weeks of negotiations for a
new contract with the United Mine
Federal Conciliator I'aul Fu)/?r
urged th<·. confews to stay on the
>ob todayTboth operator and mine
representatives seerr.ed inclined to
take a long wcok-end rcce. s and let
the dispute simmer.
The producers contend Lewis has
blocked settlement by insisting on
a prior committment for additional
mine safety measures and creation
of health and welfare fund tney es
timate would net th" union treasury
up to Sfio,nun.min annually.
Charges Of Chou
I aken 3 jghtl ν I>\
Capital Officials
Washington. April Γ>. (ΛΡ) —
Amoi iean of ·; i.11took lightly 1 iday
contentions m Ch in1.· 1 ■ Communist
l.ea'.Ie' Chu: Ι·'η-1:ιί t ί. ; ' the unity
program General Goi _:o Marshall
bt l|'od that conn!ry adopt is 111 jeop
Specifically (hoy saiil. the United
States phtn no hum· ''imp sum loan
to China : · d «ill not give any "care
less assistance" which might cause
Those were among fears C'hou
voiced yesterday to a Chungking
news conference, a I mg with his
charge that Generalissimo Chiang
Kai-shek's nationalist: party is m t
carrying out it.- end of the unity
program, adopted in .1 :· uary.
Regent Of Greece
Reported To Have
Resigned His Job
Athens. April â. - ( A Ρ ) Usual!"»
reliable sources reported today Reg
ent Archbishop Damaskinos hac
submitted his resignation to Panayo
tis Poulitsas. who was sworn in last
night a- Greece's new premier.
The regent had indi ated a desire
to resign List November, but wa;
persuaded to continue in office a:
least until after the general elec·
Votes ΟΡΑ
Year's Life
Republican Effort
To Limit Term To
9-Months Rejected
Washington, April — (ΛΓ)
—The House Banking < ommit
tec today appiovetl a year's e\
tension of μ: ice control, as rcc
οηιηκ luled by I resident Trn
man. it defeated l;> to !l a Re
publican cflort to limit Oi'A's
ii w i.a-.r on lile in nine
However. Hi· i< ■ ι r 11 i l it ■ a
: > ? ο w ;:ί Ol'A pririn:; policy. voting
là tn (i In prohibit m·. agcncy from
ι c,(Hiring ι et.o It , for ;i period <>l
■ IN 111 ntli.. In a )><::) I ; 11 . λ · ι costs
1 manu ι. ιΊιγ. . . I products, Mich a.
auto: . i t ! ; ι:;.·, a! u"> an.I ι adio ·.
Mi ι covcr, tu group b.v a 15 to
ι ballot, appn \c.l subject 1'
.li j ic an i Senate action a gradual
un,amnion ol the (iovei nineril
J ·2.ιι,.ι, ΟΟ.οϋΟ annua! subsidy pro
ui am.
None Cy June :!0, 1917
The latter amendment would re
I quire the Government to reduce
subsidy payments by 25 per cent
over toe year beginning July 1 and
get out of the subsidy business by '
June 30, 19 47.
The slbsidies included payments
; to hold down food costs.
A proposal by Rep. Woleott (R)
■ f Michigan to give manufacturers
■ prices re ('lectins production costs
1 and a resunable profit on each item,
! a.~ ueleated on a il to 11 tie vote.
Ί he committee approved, how
.-ver, an amendment by Hep. Barry
iD) of New York establishing a pol
icy that ΟΡΑ should allow upward
price adjustments for transient ho
tels—maKing a distinction between
t> transient and an apartment or
residential hotel. No per eentage of
increase was specified.
Hoover Says
F amine Sure
F or Europe
I<ond· n, April CAP) Herbert
Hi iver ;iid today that famine is
"inc\ itable" in Europe unless Amer
ica and other large wheat produc
ing nations immediately ship all
r.vailable food supplies.
Report > κ to the emergency lood
conference here on the results of ι
pi r-imal urvcy ol Eur >pe, II over
said that "hunger sit. at the tabl··
thrice daily i:i hundreds of millions
I of home.·."
The Ameri· ui neople. under the
leadership of President Truman, al
ready have responded generously to
the call for :> drastic reduction mi
I their consumption of bread and fats,
I Hoi ver declared.
The h · orary chairman of Presi -
dent Truman's famine eniorsonry
committee said his survey of Eu
; rope had disclosed that suffering
: irom lack of proper diet was greatest
among children and adults in urban
1 areas.
Truman Preparing
Army Day Address
On Foreign Policy
Washington, April 5.— ( AP) —
President Truman today drafted a
firm Army Day warning to his
country to maintain powerful armed
forces during the critical experi
mental years of the United Nations.
The Chief Executive leaves at
4:2f> p. ni. EST for Chicago, where
in famous Soldier Field he will de
1 liver a 20 minute address reenucia
; ting United States' foreign policy
and his recipe for backing H up.
The address, following talks by
Secretary of War Patterson and Gen
eral Dwight Eisenhower, chief of
staff, is scheduled for delivery at 4
p. m. tomorrow.
Fair weather tonight. « i t h
mild temperatures and cooler.
Saturday, fair and warmer.
The 15.000th
HONOR of being Iho 15,000th bride
to land in the United States goes to
Mrs. Marie Skclton, 24, of France.
She is shown on her arrival in Now
York aboard the Array transport
Zcbula Vance. She is the bride of
M'Sgt. Raymond SU el ton. of
Brooklyn. Ν. Y., who is still sta
tioned overseas. (International)
Big Manhunt
For Escapee
Poiice Investigate
Report He Is In
Suburban Deanwood
Washington, April 5. -(ΛΡ)—Five
car luads of Washington ana M»..y
lancl police sped to suburban tJean
vvnod early today in response to a
cab driver's tip thai he saw a man
closely resembling Karl .1. McFar
laiul, convicted killer win escaped
from the District jail's death house
The driver said he saw a man
sneaking along the street clad in
wrinkled gray shirt and dark blue
trousers which looked like part of
the policeman's uniform the 24-year
old ex-marine wore when he
The taxi man called the police
from a patrol box two blocks away
and they began an intensive search
of the area.
Soon after the police arrived a
home owner in the suburb reported
hi.·, house had been entered an t
some food stolen from the kitchen.
The marauder left many linger
prints and experts from District
headquarters were called to make a
companion with McFarlandV finger
print record.
Federal Workers
λ I if.» lit Be -Given
Wa.-'hingli · . April 5. — (ΛΡ) —
The Ho,, e held out the on mise
ο' a $401) your pa\ raise to thou
sands o! Fodi-ral employees today,
but there was a iiig eat h to it.
Tin· catch i· ii.it ι * ougii ri-iteral
workers be !irc:l to make t'-ic nec
esiary finds available, >o that :i<
increase in salary appropriations
will be required.
The bill i.- not yet lav. and it may
give way to a compromise measure
lor the Senate already has voted
to r. ise the pay of Federal worker
about 11 per cnt.
New York, April 5. — (API Cot
ton Itilures opened .'15 to 55 cents a
bale higher.
Noon prices were 25 to 80 ,ents a
bale higher.
May 28.00, July 28.11, October
Pav Boosts—But
May (1947)
Pv. Close Open
27 95 2o.Un
28.00 28.0?
27.9(i 28.05
28.02 28.07
28.08 28.11
24.04 ....
ν*' \
7360 MILES I
4800 MUFS ι
AS OFFICIAI RECORDS indicated that the giant tidal wave had spent its strength, a check-up showed that after
its terrifying blow at the Hawaiian Islands it traveled along the western seaboard for a distance of 7.160
miles. Peru and Chile, as the above map shows, wore included in its final coastal attacks. The huge waves
were launched by a submarine earthquake in Alaska'» Dut«:h Harbor ârea. (international)
Russia And Iran Sign
Τreaty On Withdrawal
Reds Agree To
Η;ι\ e Forces ( )ut
B\ Early M ay
Teheran. \pril 5.— < ΛI* ) —
The Iranian Covernmc ni an
n< unced today that Premier
Ahmed Qavam had sifiiied an
agreement with Soviet ambas
sador at 4 a. m. providing that
Red army troops would evac
uate Iran "unconditionally" with
in six weeks from .March 24,
Ί iic agreement also pn vided:
1. That η proposal for oil conces-1
s i nns t'i F? 11.— ι :. ά luld be presented
to parliament within the next seven
η ι ths and
2. That the Azerbaijan problem
would be r «n /ed ai "a purely ι
Internal affair.'
Th·· ,τ-reon ' was the ro nit ο
nerotiat'iin- v. aich Qavam began on
Ki> ■ epnt visit t" M scow, and which
Ti'.'.rian Propaganda Minister Prince |
• Fir· ii7 said we: > c ntinu'i'g in Te-;
her: η. " i
F'mtiz m i ha-i.vd that the nego
tiati n- were entirelv indpnendont of
the question of the withdrawal of
Russian military forces from Iran,
which he said was proceeding satis
i factorilv.
ι New York. April 5. — ( Λ Ρ )—Wi vf'
of the new Rusvi-Iranian agreement
nmr > rrH in Teheran t < ' · ι ν was 'ό
• eived with obvious caution by din-,
j lemnt* in the United N:riions. al
|1i; >ugb " first rece lions were pencrallv j
favorable. Sumo suggested the pad I
actually strengthened and broadened
Rusiin's assurance·! of troop remr.·
als I'mm Iran which 'he securitv
council yesterday formally accenled
However, the speed with which !
1he agreement followed upon the -.e- j
cnr't.v cour· il's act l'on cid'i tlv
caught the experts by surprise. Tlv*
reserve with which they greeted it'
was explained bv some as r^Mecting
a determination to make doublv sure
that Russia had not exerted any
new pressure on Iran.
These angles were brought out by
diplomatic sources hero:
1. l—in's commitment to subai'
t>> parliament in seven nin ths ml
conces*ions for Russia and mblcdly
r e: n·» the Ru.-sians will get sub- j
stantially what they want in 111"
wav or nil mant-. American offi
cails had expected this and ex
pressed only the rosorvati' η 1ha'
they hoped it would be a stri'-tly
commercial arrangement.
2. The new self proclaimed au
t · omous government A'/erbaij in
may be on its way out. The Rus
sians appear to have au'-ecci 'hat
the status of Azerbaijan is a ρ avly
internal affair.
?.. The provisicn for remov al o! .
all Red army troops fr >m Iranian
soil in a m mth and a hal 1 rom I
March --1 merely formalize.- the as- .
.-urances already given by Russia to
the council and upon which the
council acted yesterday ν !i e η it
voted to defer the Ir..nian case
until May l>. It now appear,·, quite
likely, with good faith on .ol -aie.-.,
the Iranian mplaint ma\ not have
{ to be brought up again.
Long Shot Takes
Grand National
Aintree, Eng.. April 5.—(ΛΡ) —
Lovelv Cottage. J.i-t"-one shot
bought by his present owner in De
cember anr ridden by an amateur
today von the l'>:?rd running of the
Grand National Steeplechase with ι
1 stretch rush that swept him past
the faltering favorite. Prince Reg
Before what was preoably the
greatest crowd ever to see a horse
lace — 40U.IIIH) — M. Morant's 9
j year-old gelding came on to finish
four lengths in front of the 100-to
one shot, I. S Ewoll's .Jack Finlay,
as a three-to-one ch lice. Prince Rec
ent. weakened and wound up third
Anviteur rider Capt. R. Petre, wh»
was part of th'e 14â pound carried by
I .ovely Cottage over the 30 fences,
ditches .id brooks, brought the
jumper home en top to pick up the
winner's nurse of 321) in this
first running of the Grand National
since 1!I40.
Mirrol i. Ν. V.. Anril Γν — (AP)
Demil K. Dot®», 24, ot Clendenin
W Va . w;··!!! victed earl ν today by
a X.- ssau county court jury of mur
der in the second dopree '·<■ t;ir
Ft >ruarv 4 shooting of Patrolman
.1. hti West of the Nassau co.;nt\
The jury of 11 men and one wom
an deliberated nearly eisht h">ur.
before returning the verdict. Dot
roil was brought Irom the countv
iail where he was asleeo ti heat
the verdict. He received the ver
die· without any display of emo
POETS HAVE SUNG OF LOVE in wondrous phrases down through the ages.
But little Jimmy Murray of Johnson City, Ν. Y., who has been around
only a few short years, seems to have them up a tree as lie sits beneath
one with his lady fair, Kathy Callahan. Judging by the young lady's rapt
attention, Casanova must be spinning in his grave. (International)
Hatch Takes issue
With Pepper Charge
America Building
Red Paper Charges
Moscou. April 5.— ( Λ I' ) — Iz
vestia said to,,Ui. thp tinted
Males command in Ireland is
concludiiiÎ leases and a;rcc
monts with Icelandic farmers
eoncernins air and naval liages
on condition the agreements will
not be made publie.
"Iceland's public is quit'· dis
turbed over the prospects ol
formation in Iceland of perm
anent bases." the (iovernment
newspaper said, "in as hum h as
the\ feel as Danish newspaper
1'tlilikcn wrote that 'their neti
traiit.v will not be built at a low
price." "
"Blue Beard*
Paris. April a.- (AP>—Di
ce) IV!il·',
"bluebt id
forbirtd nu
1 hi· Γ i
■( 11 κ ' t limed
to (ii.ill
trial ha
u■·.; ι η ii's convict i> n
•-eyed little physician
ii,M silv.ve when t1'.·.'
t · ; ι ■ ί. bi:t v.ithin a few
wefed to shout U hi?
\ l■ i"d it-1
mm .V
iiiin.··«·.· ■ · ■
brother, Λ!
Palace of
■.•ο in the crowded
-!cie: "1 I·.·
Florida Senator
Says U. S. Aiding
Imperial Policy
ιWashingt' > . April Γ>. — (ΛΡ) —
Congre.».- on:.I trscnri.» «>: Secretary
of State .laiiu .·. Byrnes heaped fuel
tot)av ι η ι foreign policy debate
t: uciie'l I'M i y Senator Claude Pep
per's contentions that this country
• u ....\:iitt-eii.ii JJ: λ imperial
(hailcnging the Florida Uemn
eraPs assertion that I» ited States
and Britain h: e "ganged up,
against Russia," Senator Carl Hatch
ι I) '1 ! Ν·.··>ν M( \i .-a'll he believe.·»
! '·'· rue- : "II··,■■tu: .1 : :rm course
thai is cai' ulated to strengthen the
United Nation:·, whore a lesser
il ui":·. wo!>i : (ii ··roy it.
"i'llt Kus-i.i In Hole."
II:.· '.a r : ι Pepper's
chaTge — made in the course of a
lambasting of British foreign pol
iev ye-'i . - ι ha' <·· tier nations
have sought to "put Russia in a
• ' ι l'Nt > S t urit.v Council.
Senator Maybank Μ) ι of South
·.;■.; Byrnes" home
state joined with Hatch in criticiz
Pee; h t η what ι he
Flot'idian described as a "possible
hardening of the arteries" > . Amer
ican foreign polity.
Se eiai> i ■ rving out
. ι ·· ' ' iesigned to
• ι;<· gthen the UNO." Maybank said.
Ili ι : e.ι Κ . '.» · f on some
t ι interest
'.It ii rtainly
r it . y . :;.e Bi ti>h game."
ΐ'ΐιι ι· \ι;ι rus r „.\i>i:Ks.
Wa-liingt· < . -V il â. — (AP) —■
Au ι·.· ..'e : troops moved
:·· re ο· 'en cities today
:·· \ι :· ν Da ν parade since
Pearl Harbor.
AMONG THE 3,000 REFUGEES being taken care of at the Army's Green
Valley Evacuation Center in Hawaii alter the disastrous tidal wave had
made thousands homeless are James Koorhuli and his family. The hunt
for the bodies of victims is still going on It is ffarcrl that the death and
auxins tua η ay mount to oOO. Signal Corps Rudiup'.ioto. (hUernatiow^y

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