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WEATHEK?Cloudy followed by rain Tuesday night and Wednesday in tho rasl?HOME EDITION
Henltersmt Bailn Utspafdt
II the people want me ...
Gen. Eisenhower
Is 'Ready to Run
uwinvnTOV _<?!?>_ tl ? ? ?? ?
Tlmcs-Uerald said Tuesday in n
copyright story that C>en. i)\vlcht
11 l-iscnhnwc.r was reported
i I'll fly to run for President in
j!tl.< if the people want him."
Klsi'iihowrr, the Times-Herald
?aid. is snid to hare told friends
during i n f o r ni a I dismissions
while on a fishing trip off .Miami
OUT the holidays thai "1 will
run for President If the people
of the onuntry want me to ran."
The friends were not identi
The Tiines-llerald continued:
??The statement was the first
eildence that the (ieneral has
given any attention to frequent
reports that he was being felt
out as a nominee by representa
tives of both major parties."
Atternpla to reach (ieneral
I.lsenhower at Miami, said the
^ 1 - *
i?n|M*r, itr?ucm iin- ri^pmor thai
lii? hail gone to Fvcrglades C It y
i rnrsdny on a fishing trip.
I'.isrnhnwrr, Army Chirf of
Staff, wont to .Miami recently
for a physical checkup at the
Pratt Army General Hospital.
"Although the (General has
never civ en any Imlication as to
his party (celiacs, it was pointed
out in Washington Monday night
that Senator Capper (K-Kas)
had come out for 'Fiscnhower
For President* as lone as three
years ago." said Tin* Tinics
"At the same time, sources
close to Capper said of Kisen
hower's candidacy: 'There are
some people in the Republican
Party who are not satisfied with
Dewey or Taft. and some in the
Democratic Party who do not
feel that they can win with Tru
man.' "
uaraner s successor
Little Man's Friend
1 Little Man'' is paining a No. 1
friend in the Treasury Department
^ ith the appointment of coun
try banker Archibald Lep Manning
U'ipgimi aa Undersecretary.
From his tiny Haitsville office
*n?Ti he directs an empire of
small businesses, Wiggins ? his
friends known hltn as "Leo"?said
Tuesday his advice to lug bankers
h.is always been to "take the little
man into your confidence
It's the little men 4f> million rf
them? who have the deposits, savs
| Wiggins.
' They furnish 00 to ftf? per cent
of the assets and the hanks. wlii? h
furnish the other five ot !0 pel
eer.t, take all the profit
Must Be Human
"We have to humanize banking
if '.vp expect to pet along. Tlieie
i? ?? only two thing* a bank nas to
??? I* service and the use of oth?*i
p-op!e*s money.
| "'H inkers must realize that
m ?r.*'V Is the merchandise an their
shelves and if they dor.'t sell it
'? ? v are doing disservu ?? to them
iv.s and their community
Wiggins is especially fond of his
tiny office. It was here that he
*'??>!< his fir?t job. over -Id years
ago. ??, -? stcnocraphet fot David
H. Poker.
?T.u k of Many Trades
T day he directs from lu te the
business of the Bank ??t llnt>ville
' 'huh he heads; The Trust ?'otn
j v of South Carolina; the Coket
I >* :<?; The Hnrtsville Messenger
i ir.d The Press, his two news
papers; C'okcr'a wholesale com
pany: Coker's pedipieed seed
j npany, and his other business
It was from the same office that
he ;i i:,<kVd the activities of the
A me i i*'an Bank i s Association
j vhen he was its president in HM'l
Native Tar lleel
i Wiggins, a native of Durham. N
r* . will succeed a fellow North
! raroiininn, O. Max Uardnei of
Shell,v, as Undersecretary when
t? ?rdncr becomes Ambassadoi to
1 ?i'? i? Hi itain.
| i realize that it is ? great res
P --nihility to try to follow f?ov
I ernor Gardner who has irndcrod
rent netvice t(> his ?tnt( '
? dei nl government '
Tut years." Wiggins soul
bradnute of 1"NC*
"However. Mr. Snydet Sect ?
' the Treasury. feels that 1 can
he of some assistance to him. In
tindeitaking this work 1 have great
admiration for the wny in which
M' Sydor hns met the responsible
of hlii high office nnd 1
? ) ?i to fV? ? veiythli f f enn
'?? help him carry on
Wiggins is ft5 ?ears old lb* wa^
cjiidimted from tile t'niveisity of
x* rth Cnrolino In 1P1S ind
j ,f,l^ married the fomer Miss
inline I.nwton. They have two
f,ns and two daughters
Portal Pay Suits
Billion And Half
"y The Aaanelateri I'fCM
'hp total of retroactive pcut.il to
'tut pny nnd damage audi "ii
?? Tueaday climbed toward be
'"on and a half dollar mark. r\
?'*lve of unverified elnlm*
'Ite total of apeeifled nmotm'
' i<ht by worker* waa <1 "'71 1W
here tviu tnlk m t'otigteaaloiinl
'l'?. however, Ihnt new licb
''inn imposing a "windfall In"
give (he federnl Ireaauty
'liially all nf any lack pnv
'iid* won by worker* in the
MtciiiHM.D winr.iNs
i friiiul to 15 million
Atomic Program
Puts On Civvies
Govei ntnent's v;ist atomic encigy
tit-v< lopinetit program steps out of
titWorni and into civvies WVdnos
ivtnils of (ho rhniiK'oovei fiom
military to civilian control were
to be announced by Secretary of
War I'attciHon and the new .r>
niember Atomie Knergy Commis
sion. headed bv !>avid 10. Lilien
tha I.
Carroll Louis Wilton, th?* new
year old Genet a I Mann get for
fin program, said the changeover
will be accomplished "as expedi
tiously and efficiently as possi
ble. " He emphasized. however,
that it involves "quite a few
changes" to carry out the deniili
tati/ation railed for under the
law whit h created tlie commis
Kor the most part this involves
replacing military officers, now in
? xecutive positions, with civilians
80 Million
Dollar Loss
In Rotten
Spud Stock
Agriculture Department offi
Icials predicted Tuesday that
millions of bushels ol frozen
and rotter, potatoes will b3
jumped under Government in
structions during the next
several weeks.
They will be part of tho
1946 crop surplus ol nearly
100.000,COO bushels.
Officials estimated the gov
ernment's final loss on the
surplus will amount to around
Here is why the Government
I takes it on the cliin:
; Under war-time legislation, the
Agriculture Deportment underwrote
the ItMfi Clop ol potatoes n* well
las many other farm products. D
assured farm r-\ that tlrey would
get at least !'(> per cent of parity
?tiie theoretical price determined
i lo he equally i.ur to producers and
! The potato trouble developed
when the crop turned out to be
i about 100.000.000 bushels larger
than the Department hoc: planned
I for and about that much larger
than estimated consumer requiie
! When this surplus became np
, pat . ut. potato prices tumbled. And
th>- Department was let; to carry
i out its legal obligation to assure
s at least, I") per cent of
I parity.
Held Prices t p
To <io tins, it look two steps to
remove the surplus from regular
market channels so the extra .sup
plies would not push prices below
the guaranteed level:
| First the Department bought
large quantities o! potatoes and re
1 .sold them t0 commercial firms?
| such as distillers?who otherwise
would have used some other com
| Hien the Department loaned
I money to other potato growers ?
tat the guaranteed flguri?and a*k
j ed them to store the crop just in
lease the prires went back up.
I' dicin".. And it is irom the loan
s' red p. a; > s that heavy losses
late anticipated.
F -r 1." of better facilities, many
' million but he!* wt re left in fields.
' simply covered with straw or other
{ material, which left them vluner
ablo to winter trcere.s.
j Distillers Help
Secretary of Agriculture Clinion
1 1' Ai der n ported recently that
it I 1 . -i) bUsltels of the sut -
> pUm had been distributed free to
public ins lttitlons and school
linn It p:i :1 ? nv; and that an nildi
I tional s.floo.ooo bushels have been
;l!v :? (i .'.arch mills at cut-rate
, 2-?- rm u. s. n-3.
?' . , J 177S.
&?V.ctory ot fronton, 177?.
-h admitted to Union.'
5?Poffir eoMa cjor.od to
pufciic. 1973.
" >V ~T 6?Joan o Aribo.u, 1-iU
/ J&9
\^<^\ >7?r-?t nitisr.al dlert!^
, j ft*-** U.S., 1783. 97-v f*r*f
Emergency Laws
Will Be Junked
WASHINGTON? (AP) ?President
Truman Tuesday issued a proclama
tion terminating the period of hostili
lies of \\ orld War* Two as of noon.
The President told a suddenly sum
moned news conference his action
ended emergency Govermenl powers
immediately under some 20 laws.
He added that it also ended admin-!
istration powers under some T> other
laws at later dales, 'generally at the end
of six months from the dale of the pro
liUF And Truman
Oppose Tax Cuts
WASHINGTON?(A P)?Three more Republicans put
ibudget balancing ahead ol tax cutting Tuesday as top White
House advisers said President Truman will oppose any
general slash in taxes by the new Congress.
At the same time however these ?
Presidential intimates emphasized _ ? ?
Jthat the Administration will :ior
j fight tax law changes designed1
I either to add to the production "m
jcentive" or to wipe out any "in-!
I equalities" that may exist.
But none would say what rhanc-l
|es along these lines might he in j
[ prospect.
j The new "go slow on tax cutt
I ing" signs were hoisted on both
| sides of Capitol Hill.
I Senator Hawkes tR-NJ). n for - j
, m?'f president of the I'nited States
! Chamber of Commerce and one
time vice president of the National
Association of Manufacturer, de
clared that "nothing is more im
portant than balancing our
national budget" and big tax re
? duct ions must wait for that.
I "I talked to fkk> able men tit the
Inst three weeks." Hawkes told a
reporter, "without being asked, all
! volunteered the same stateme.*:
i'l hope to Ood you won't reduce
? taxes until you balance the bud
In the same vein. Rep. Hoffman
? R-Miehi to!d newsmen:
"Kit st, we've got to make both
ends meet, and pay something on
the debt if we ca:?."
I And Rep. Judd ?R-Minni chi
med in with the view t h :? t
;" * it would be a mistake, financially
land psychologically, to make tax
|cutting the first order of bus
iness "
? I think most of the countty
I feels that way." Judd said, adding:
j "Make tax legislation the third
order of busirrrss. Kirt. reduce fed
eral expenditures; second, reduce
the debt don't just talk about it ?
make an actual payment: and
. thud, take up tax legislation."
j Hoffman said the uncertainties
of the yeai ahead should force
1 Congress to go low.
"What with all the portal pay
suits and perhaps ?some strikes
ahead, we don't k:*>w what we
are facing." the Michigan law
maker said.
j His reference to the portal pay
stilts came after Rep Kniitson 'ft
Minn ? disclosed that some Con
sinjt the possibility of srrkine t<
impose a "windhil t.ix" n:? judy
men's won In -such pick p.iy suit:
now bruu: widely filrd..
liuttrr and Kue*>
C'HICACJO ?i.Vi Iintt?i unset
| tied; receipts 'two days* 907,3H5
i Kites nervous; receipt m (hv<
days i 18,249.
Rain To Fail
On NC New Year
Night Revelers
By The Associated Press
Tuesday ni^tH's New Year's t
Kve revelers were promised I
temperatures in the middle tliir- t
ties?and rain?in most ??f North *
Carolina and South Carolina.
The Knleifrh Went her Bureau c
said an overcast condition is inov- c
ing northeastward from the Gulf ji
States. overspreading the cold "
wave thnt en me down from the <1
Arctic over the week-end.
It is bringing rain, but prevent- I
iin; surface cooling at night thus ?
blanketing the suh-f icezim: tern >
pei a fines predicted the past two '
days. s
Asheville. Greensboro and Char
lotte icported tain Tuesday mom- ?'
inc. and the precipitation, will eon- 1
tinue over most of the Carolina^ v
Tuesday night and Wednesday, the *
Hm? an said Overnight tempera- ?
tares, however, will not show :i
much difference front the follow- *
ing inininiunis foi the LM hours ?'
ending at 8 a. m. Tuesday.
Wilmington 41. It a I e i g h HI. 1
Greensboro 30, Charlotte 33, Spar- ^
tanbuiir 35. Chaileston 40. Colum- '
bin 41?. Asheville 33. and Mt s
Mitchell 30.
In Western North Carolina the 1
ram may turn to snow or sleet
Tuesday night.
Expected ininimiims for the 1
West and Central portions of the 1
Cnrolinas Tuesday night and eailv *
New Yonr'n Day wei> 30-35 and in I
coastal areas 315-40.
Keeping Army In Dark
dent Tinman has left the Aimy in
the do i k about his plans Inr a uni
1 verml tmini 111; proRiim in uliirh
- ihr ??military phrase" would lie
* only InndcntnI. So fni ns ? onld lie
learned. no poliey nnklni official
il tlie Pentapon has been Riven n
White House lilueprint of ????hut the
- Chief Kxerutive hod 111 nnnd when
. lie snid ten dovs oro that he want
> .-d the word "militniy" li ft out of
the piORl'lim.
are Kalcitjh lircmcn ex tnmitshing a fire which
| resulted irom the explosion and destruction ot
: a fireworks stand, located two miles south ot
I the Citv at the Carolina Pines development.
iust before 10 Monday night. Phillip Jones of
Ratoi'jli. Route 4. owner <.1 tlie stand, placed lus
lo-.s at S1.000. He said :lie buildma. roe - rut tod
of wood and corrugated steel, was blown up with
dynamite bv an unknown person or persons.
?Times Photo bv Owen Rallatu >
US And Britain Plan larger
Of ftr Farces, Says London
i.u.npoa. T Tin* Daily
fail :tml Daily 1:1 |?H said m
i Washington dispatch Tuesday
h:it Ihe I'nitfd States and CJrent
Iritain had taken definite steps
mvnrd creation ot ".in A .Oo
\nierhan Air Force."
The Mail. discussing what :t
ailed the l.itost phase of tn<- rec
ntly reported and still not com
ilftelv denied officially British
itid Anieiicnn ngicement foi staa
l.initiation of atnianio'/s. said
'drnft plans foi joint training" of
lt\K and 1".S. 'presumably Arniyi
lirforce personnel were submitted
"est??relay to ( Son. < 'a 11 A Spaa!/..
S. Army Airlorre head. "lot
The Mill's dispatch, written !?y
fames Htough. its i om spo.-M-rt
n Washington, said the ? hooling
vouhi l?e standardized, that joint
?xperimonts would lie ^urnd out
n such fields as supersonic flight
ind that Ihitish fliers would 1 ?
aught the tecliiihille. at least. of
itomie bombing.
"The fits! step m this lo:/g term
?Ian is the exchange ot British ar.d
Duncan flicis. already ngieed to
n principle by the t'nited States."
aid Brough. An Anglo Am- ! n an
Prfoiee ... i- ? logical conclus
Theie was :i? immediate official
'omment either In a ??i in Wa-h
ngton hut the Mail's dispatch was
:>ublishcd just after an official
lenial was issued concerning a le
ant puhlihej in the French Press
o the effect thai tile t'nited Slates
md Client Britain would sign a
?act next March fui mutual as
listancc in defense
Blaze In Local Hotel
Guests at the Andrew Johnson Hotel were routed intc
the cold in night clothes and hastily-donned coats earl}
Tuesday morning by smoke on the third tloor and a wail o
trucks from the Raleigh Fire Department.
The commotion was lessened when firemen disecvorec
the lire was confined to a .attress and bod linen in a rocir
on the third floor.
No other damage was repotted to hole! property. Th<
alarm came at 6:03 a m
2Former Newspapermen
Go On Trial For Treason
HUSTON .?? The ind:? tnirnt
<?1 tw\, ?\pati i:tt<? Ainciiran news
papermen on riunp's of selling
out to the N' izi> during the w ?i
.-?it the stage Tuesday for New
Knglar.d's first tiea.-an trial since
tile* revolutionary* war.
Cohort Henry Best. 51. a native
of Sum'- r County. S. and I>oup
las Chandler. 51. who was h in
in Chicago. won* indicted by a
man fedcial Crand Jury aftei less
than an haul's deliberation.
Judue Francis J VV. Foid. ns
>luned to preside at tin trial, di
rerted flint the two men accused
of serving as Nazi ladio mouth
pieces be brought hen* at the ear
liest possible date from Washing
ton for a 11 .ligament
Conviction ot ti? on catties a
mandntoy sentence of de.it
Th?- jury returned the indict
ments after hearini: witnease
whose iivntilics were protected b
armed guards. At least two ci
them were believed to be Gcrma;
women, one of whom v.:h abou
">ft and stylishly dressed.
The defendants woie acrus- d c
"wilfully and finitorottK'y" givini
aid and eonifotY to the en my fror
within a few days after the t'nite
States entered the war unil Gei
many capitulated.
Chandler, who allegedly broat:
east Undei psouAonym "Paul Pel
ere." was charged specifically 1
the indictment of "unlawful-traitm
nus and Ireasr nalde conduct'' i
"preparing commentaries, speed
ps, talks and announcements an
IIfiiunine Hie 111 I.? t mi.., ,
hrondcaal from Germany to to
Ho.?l. :i pro-war eh under i
Vienna restaurants, wax aoctixt
<>r serving as rem editoi In tit
<? e i m a n Pi opaitnnda Itlvi?i>i
hnntlline btondrasts boantod t
the United Plates and latci <
pnrtiripatinc in i ?toinid tab!
confoionrr" ptocinni on the Or:
man radio.
Republicans Organize senate
As Threatened Revolt Fades Out
Four" incliKliriE I wo potential
candidate. lot I'lrnldont look
i omnia nil Monday of Republican*
in ? ini/lny I la- fit nl <JOP-control
1111 Senate in II year*.
Senator* Vandenberjf. of Mlchl
E.tn. Tofl ol Ohio, While of Maine
and Mllllkin, of Coinorndo, held
the EllldliiE loins firmly nfler
I "-aline down a widely Iteinldrd
lit hurt litril inlia-parly upns
Hem i ihi ii voire* carried Ereal
ei weight than hefore n* flic Com
mtttee on Committees met to eo
ovei worktnc asslEnmrnls of the
M Republican member* and the
Steel inK Committee gathered to
deride a h it lo do about attempt*
lo bai Senator Hi I bo <D-MI**>
fioni n third term.
Hllsl 01 K.inlZ'llloll attempts of
the Republican* In the new Con
ifress I hue went off a* planned
possibly pi esn EinE " somewhat
Hnllai ii suit ?hrii House mom
l ei* no et Thursday to to through
the mnir procedure.
Pc.splle loud opposition lion)
anti-Mcwoy forces. Rep Hallork
I of Indian;) appealed certain of
victory In the four-way tare fat
Hip (JO!' floor leadership. Malleoli
lias been endorsed for the post
liy (jov Thomas K. IVwcy. of
New Yoik. the 1911 Presidential
nominee who generally is. export
ed to hid for a second tiy at the
White Mouse.
Taft and Vandcnbcrg. who also
may he .steered Into the 1948
Presidential contest emerged with
important policy-making positions
from a stormy meeting of all the
OOP spnatois
Taft was named to the Senate's
new steering committee and was
expected to he elected its chair
man Vandenhetg was chosen for
President Pro Tempote, the pre
siding officer's job on which the
full Senate must pass.
White was picked for Party
Floor header and Mlllikin was
named t'halrrnnn of the HOI* Con
ference. All four apparently will
head committees also, with Vnn
denheig taking ovet Foreign He
i latlons, Taft Labor, White Coin
iin* itr si ml Millikin Kln-inn
Senator Wherry tR-Nebi, rc
rliTtod whip and assistant leader,
stood somewhat apart from the
top quartet as thev disposed of
opposition to tlieli organization
White stepped out as chairman
of the Committee on Committees
and Senator Robertson, of Wyom
ing. took over from the opposition
ranks Senator Knowlnnd. of Cali
fornia. a comparative newcomer,
won a place on thi* group, along
with Senators Taft. Brooks, of I!
linois. Bu'ler of Nebraska. Bush
field, of South Dakota. Capehart,
of Indiana, and Donnell of Mis
Although Senator Reed, of K in
sas. told reporters he planned *o
resume his fight for the Com
nieicc chairmanship. Robertson
Said he thought the tentative as
signments made by the old com
mittee would stand
These would give Reed no < hail
ma nship. although he claims sen
iority on the puhllr lands group,
if he doesn't get the Commerce
jbimxtcmoxi oe Arms
Metote Feace Makers
j? I.AKK Sl'CCKSS, N V .
E Spoiled l>> lli>' specific ii<)iK t i
%{. Sovtcl Kit i Hie 1 ll. ll N':iti"ll
je Seciiniy ('nil' ii turned 'in. 'in
? l"i Mi.' in.i ..nil t" il' Ion i
B .ill' ill mill 11 til it S11101-.
K A li'f|i|''sl by tin hi, 11mi inilli
B I'V Us delegate Andrei A. ?? i "n
K vie lot p.cini'i . or.- ?! :.11 '
g I hi* i mis pi'ol i." in topped il'
t| ".ml l ol i- S ill .1 y i IK :
ullll'l I II: Hi .. i111'ill'I. <1 i
. ? ? ,i lit . lul l!l< , il 11 11 1111
mi hi ' ! ."n ? ? 'rin si'1 ii. -l:imi
I till I ; yi'l 11 nil III < " ll.
'I'll Kin ??!':? I I '.
:n in/, i' lull 'II be l '. i I
Ayi i: . I' . .in. ;iml I inl.i.i.
t'tilled ? ? it ion- ? i". ' ii
the Count would i. I ic :il w.tli H
:m lii.iI l' Jioi t submitted by 11
I'm!. .1 Niilions Al'iiiin r.nci.
Commission nfter more than <
months of Inlrnslve ivoi k Tl
Commission 1 v i vote ol 1 ? to
with hiisski nnd Poland nbstul
ing, sent its tirst leport to tl
Council Mondny afternoon.
It 1v.is expected thai tile lepO
would he taken up ns early pi
siblr. l)nc infoiinant expected th
>1 ?'OM tion "f ih'- report.
i in request before the
v <' i.in . made two specific re
ft quests:
I. 'that the Council proceed at
,1 < n< e with work <>n practical nion
. Hi' to np1?'iiont the resolution
I on nims '.imitation adopted hv the
I ililCd :: tion* O one I'll I A s sr in t'l v
I. " '1
i '!"?? t the <" lined ye) up nit
1'in i tufn <lon with Instrur
i 11 "limit a draft plan for
a !>i i <'I i 'ion and regulation
i i OK oi two tnonthfl nnd not
'. ' it? ? ti> n tin i ' months.
Hi' uv i. nil 1 veiled strctiuoun
otiiri ona t i lip <'omntisslon'n re
*' poll n d remained .silent when the
'itonite \ '< was taken submitted
" In i pioposal to the V. N. Sntuidny.
V Tin move was taken in 1J. N.
IX clreh " as evidence of Russian do*
teiminalion lo maintain the inl
*'? ttative on nuns reduction whieh
a- ihi Soviet : ? umed in the Gener
w al Assembly in Oetohet.
The Atomh Kneitrv Com mission
it wan expected to meet fignln .Ian
is- 15. with t?r. Osenr lounge, o( Pe
at! In"'). ?? Chairman.

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