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. firs many a new business;
CRf,r arGES many an old business;
E OBSERVES many a large business;
PpVIVES many a dull business;
wFSCUES many a lost business;
SAVES many a failing business;
SECURES success in any business.
...ertise judiciously," use the columns
(the Voa Der published in Vance county, in
a!y fD,eJ! i?ve and growing towns of North Car
Be Inrf circolates extensively among an in-elif"'.-t
and prosperous people whose trade is
Si w' rth seeking and having.
" riiii b 2 in. 3 in.
Time 1 1 lut
"T;s; 100 iro 2 00
1 kr 15 2.10 300
- .. -OO 300 4 00
3 .. 5o 3 5) 5 00
.. fjOO 4 50 600
6 u 3 50 5 25 700
2m.VB- 4 75 6 50 8 50
s .. 00 'J00 12 00
no 12 00 15 00
o .. j 10001600
Yi c. I Vj c.
10 OO
20 00
20 00
18 00135 00
4 50 8 00
600 1100
8 00 13 00
15 OO
18 00
20 00
25 00
40 00
55 00
65 00
1 col.
15 00
20 OO
24 OO
28 00
35 OO
85 00
100 00
Undoubted merit and thorough adver
tising are both espential to permanent
success. The man who has aood article
or bargain to offer the public is not afraid
to let the fact be known.
Tlifl i'aii at.m : xi j. I
After a little rain yesterday morning
the clouds parted and the iudications
now are that our Baptist friends will
have bright and pleasant weather for the
.ou ever notice that women are-. Prints ;.
more successful as canvassers or raisers : not to believe in the value of advertising
oi money than men It is an lmpresmable ! is e-pnM-Hllvtliu vof
fdlPiiaT OT I nUAl Ll " ' 1 1 i 1 1
ZZ7iZ. nt advertisements to .be published
,ont)i and under.mu.it be paid rorln
n,e n.'f. A.H advertising for a shorter time
three months Is considered transient
trtisinK Accounts rendered quarterly
frail advertisements published for a longer
'.,,u of time
iX-al advertisements, to appear among
ftdin" matter under beading of Business
Cwir"? will be charged 10 cents per line for
?rst insertion, and b cents per line lor each
insertion thereafter,
i "al advertisements, such as administra-
TPciitors' notices, commissioners'
10 . summons to non resi-
sort of fellow thatone of thefairsex can't
.1 f um " .1 . 1 r A 1 i 1 .
a. uefui oi max Kina.
A dog-in-the-manger policy never yet
helped a town. There is some of that
policy used in Henderson as well as else
where, and it should be dropped. There
is absolutely no sense in pursuing such a
Energy will do anything that can be
done in this world, and no talents, no
circumstances, no opportunities will
make a man without it. Young man,
remember that. It is by steady and per
sistent application that success is
If you wish to pay your subscrintion
I in wood, we will be glad to receive it. It
is the lame as the cash to us as we have
to buy wood as well as other supplies and
necessaries of life. And now is the time
to bring it in before it gets cold and the
roads bad.
When you see a man coming out of the
postoffice with a smile on his face and a
copy of the Gold Leap in his hand, you
can bet your neck he's all right. He
knows where he is going and what he is
going to do when he gets there. He
reads the advertisements.
iinct pes
RQU ,,, . , , ... I,., 1 - , ....
!Dtwhe' they exceed a certain limit r The Painesvill Democrat has evidently
fnie in which case we reserve the right tii I been observing some of its exchanges
flVnnV own price. All such business must in i TTRnvH.
? m m niR IN ADVANCE. The charge itfays.
t verv small and we cannot aff..rd to take memanot essentially mean ana vic
Tisks or wait the pleasure of persons to pay. , ious instincts, no matter what his pre
Obltuary notices, resolutions of respect, j tentions, cannot be the editor of a news-
fill uc ul,"fi. . . iiQTut x'ai7 Tirkrifr wi-fhrmr htitrnuin
rd-and lhecasii must accompany i i'"i" ""e ""","
In cases wnere irienas ana real Character.
concerned, no :
lines-i Keep out ot debt it you possibly can.
about anything in the papers that does
not please him.
For the convenience of the people at
Oxford and Dabney wishing to attend
the Baptist Convention, the Richmond &
Danville Railroad will run a train back
to Oxford at 10:40 Wednesday, Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday nights. .
The negligence of road overseers to
place sign boards up for the guidance of
travelers as required by law, is inexcusa
ble. It is almost impossible to find one's
way anywhere in the country without
constant inquiry of people along the way
una mutter snouia oe attended to or
somebody may be indicted.
Senator Vance passed through Hender
son last Thursday on his way home from
the Murfreesboro fair where he had been
to deliver an address. He was looking
hale and hearty and appeared much re
joiced at the turn affairs took in the elec
tions last week. The result in Ohio and
Virginia was especially gratifying to him.
It is learned that Mormons have made
their appearance at McLeansville, in Guil
ford county, and are conducting services
tnere. Anions: other doctrines that thev
are advancing, is one that matrimony
should be abolished. Exchange.
In our opinion the Mormons ousrht to
be abolished bv beinar banished from
within our borders.
Mr. Gid Nicholson who has been pre-
Why We Republish Tlicr.i. ! The Baptist State Convention.
As will be seen by referei.ee to the I This notable body met in Burwell
outside pages of the Gold -Leaf, we (Hall at 10: JO o clock yesieruay morn
reprint both the articles about Evan-jimr
gelist Pearson and Hs work in Hender
son. This is done by request of a
number of persons who wish copies of
the paper to send to friends and rela
tives at a distance. While we printed
The Convention was orgauizedby
thc election of Col. L. L. Polk President,
:ind Messrs. X. B. Brourhton and G.
V Green Secretaries. The usual pre
liminary business was disposed of, ad
dresses "bv Rev. JDr. C. C. Bitting, rep-
a good many extra copies last week the resentiug the American uapust mon-
demand was greater than the supply. : cation Soe:ety. oi rmiaueipnia. aim
and as the forms had been taken from Rev. Dr. Whitsitt, representing the
the press and partially taken down be- ; Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,
fore we knew that the're would be so Louisville. Ky., being the principal
fbp nnner we cnuld not i features of interest. About 200 delc-
print half sheets Avhich would nave
served the purpose. To accommodate
Durham. Marble Works.
Rolert I. Rogers having re-purchased
the Durham Marble Works of Whiteker &
Hulin. of Durham, N. U., again offers his
services to the public in the capacity of
marble dealer. Mr. liocers is wen kdowu
throughout North Carolina, having been in
the business a number oi years, ana has
erected monuments aud toratones in
nearly every cemetery in the State. Some
of his work may be seen here aud it
peaks for itself. It is only necessary to
state that Mr. Rogers is again in the busi
ness. and we besueak for him the same lib
eral patronage and success that marked his
former career. Mr. liocers is in our town,
stopping at Massenburgs Hotel, and will
be pleased to see any one who may neea
work in his line.
vnt a wo
ii, u manuscript.
...tn.i.H of the nauwr are
charge will he mude for the Hist ten
iMiut 75 wor'l
that in length.
or articles not exceeding j anfj do not Hve a mortgage if you can by
. . i any means get along without it. Mort-
TkT-rx nATmrrr-iT 1 gage is the spectre that haunts the farm-
THWNI (01 1IIY I er's every momenta Hecannotget ahead
ivyni.1 " - ot it ; he cannot leave it bemna. it is
with him always, even unto death, and it
Tjook at Your Liabel.
We have adopted the use of a mail
in" machine in our office and hereafter
each address will be printed instead of
written. By this we will be enabled to
mail our large lists more readily and
rapidlv. and the names being plainly
printed will be an advantage to the
postmasters also, niakiug mistakes less
liable. Aud then again the printed
address and dales serve the purpose of
a receipt for the subscriber, informing
him each mail to what time his sub
scription is paid up. If he does not pay
at time of ordering the paper sent
it is dated from the time the sub
scription commences. For instance :
John Smith subscribes July 1st, 1889,
but does not pay at the time, his ad
dress would appear thus : John Smith
1 July 89. If paid in advance for one
year it would be so printed on the
label, making it read 1 July 90. By
this means our friends can keep up
with the date of their subscription and
also when it expires without being
notified by us. Then if the paper is
not wanted continued a one-cent postal
card or a word to us in person will be
all that is necessary to stop it.
is the legacy he leaves to his children.
1 here is one editor who is esteemed a
highly and treated in the same manner
as the local preachers some times are.
The editor of the Waynesville News was
pounded by the appreciative citizens of
that town, in most places the editor
gets "pounded" by some unappreciative
citizen when the other fellow don't get
How many persons will go to the circus
to-morrow "just to take the children to
see the animals'.' do you suppose? Don't
dodge the responsibility that way. Come
out like a man and say you go because
you like the circus and never miss an op-
those who were not supplied beyond
their regular copy the articles have
been transferred to the outside on the
first aud fourth pages of the Gold
Leaf and are printed again this week.
This is our apology if apology is nec
essary for publishing the same matter
Frame your photos save money. Large
lot of haudsome frames, very cheap, at Far
rar's New Book Store. nov. 14.
Grinding Again.
Mr. James Amos tells us that he has
rebuilt his mill house and repaired the
dam and is now grinding again. It
will be remembered that during the
heavy freshets of last Summer when so
many mill dams in the county broke he
suffered an extra loss in having his
mill house washed away also. But
such, an indomitable spirit as friend
Amos' was not to be cast down and he
gates, ministers and laymen, are pres
ent and many more are expected.
There are some brainy and influential
men in the Convention and in all it is
a distinguished and dignified body.
Henderson feels honored at having
been selected as the place of meeting
this year. On behalf of our citizens
the Gold Leaf extends a cordial and
hearty welcome to our visitors, indi
viduals and collectively, and wishes
for them a pleasant and profitable ses
sion. -
Meat, meal, lard, sugar, coffee, flour,
syrup, soda, starch, black pepper, ginger,
sniee. cheese, cakes, crackers, candies.
cheaper than anybody. Gome, oh won't you
come II. Finch & uo.
scnption clerk at NV . T. Cheatham's drug at once set to work to repair his loss,
store for some. time, left Monday for Lit-j The dam was repau-ed and a suitable
tleton where he will engage in business J house took the lace of the old one and
man" and" a Z&3F5 j W three months lacking two days
won ;,. hia tu, tiA . L k I he was grinding again. His new null
is supplied with a turoine wneei
inches in diameter which furnishes
ample motive power. In addition to
grinding corn Mr. Amos will soon have
his wheat mill in operation also. It is
creditable to the owner thr.L he super
intended the work of rebuilding and re
fitting his mill himself and the work
has been well done.
Thinks They Should be Preserved for
Future Keierence.
Mr. Henry Perry of Warren county takes
Mr. Nicholson's place at Cheatham's.
Mr. Julian S. Carr, Chief Marshal, has
asked Mr. W. R. Henry to be one of his
staff at the Fayetteville Celebration,
Nov. 20th, 21st and 22nd. Mr. Can
says his purpose is to select a corps of
distinguished North Carolinians to act
with him on that occasion, and he does
Henderson the honor to select two of her
citizens, Mr. D. Y. Cooper being the other
one as heretofore mentioned.
Our enterprising neighbor, Oxford, has
organized a Building and Loan Associa
tion a branch of the Southern as we
learn from the Day. The following of
ficers were elected: A. H. A. Williams,
president; J. C. Hundley, vice-president ;
H. C. Herndon, secretary and treasurer;
It. H. McGuire, H. C. Herndon, H. G.
' 1 t 1 ,11111 -- i- n 1 1 h 1 riii-i 11-K . 11 . - 1 rii.t in.
portunity to witness the high kicking board of appraisers ; Feild & Royster, at
antics of the short skirted female rider ; torr,PVH
If you want to wear the latest, in men's
hats go to Watkins. The latest in every
thing for men's wear can be found there.
oct 24.
Mr. W. E. Gary will be inspector of the
new storage warehouse. A good man in
any position- -
Welcome to v the stranger within our
gates. Henderson feels honored at hav
ing the Baptist State Convention meet
Goodyear, Cook & Dillon's Minstrels
are betiding this way. It is not yet an
nounced that they will appear in Hender
son. With the new tobacco storage ware
house open to business another impor
tant enterprise for Henderson" springs
into life.
The cost of oysters, champagne and
quinine is on the rise. Late suppers and
beeominsr irreater luxuries
than ever.
Tho man with a load of green wood on
bin hands and a drop on the end of his
none holds the street corners down these
chilly days.
It was a saving of Socrates that every
man had need of a faithful friend and a
bitter enemy the one to advise, the
other to show him his faults.
A medical journal tells what a man
tthould do when stuug by a hornet. No
matter what he may do, what he says
wouldn't sound well for print.
Keep an eye on our advertising col
umns and see which of the merchants
wants your patronage aud is sufficiently
courteous to invite you to call.
Ymimr mnii. leave vour measure for
flirt nvv f-kt-onoriil T U'l th W. E. Smith- He
will give you a perfect fit, and good work,
and charge you a moderate price ior n.
The gobble of the fattening turkey is
heard in the land. Some of our citizens
nlrendv iM'iriiMiing to coop the proud
American bird for Thanksgiving dinner.
lvL-nvu rpnd the advertisements in the
tlni.n i.KAK. No business man is fully
iionim inter! with the news of the day until
he has read the advertising columns of
his paper.
A sure and certain method of disposing
of the high hats at the theatre has at
last been discovered. It is given out tnat
all the ladies under twenty-four wear low
crowned hats.
One line iu a newspaper is worth as
much as all the advertising dodgers and
hand bills you can scatter about. Some
otherwise smart business men do not
8eem to realize this fact.
TheGoLP Leak desires to represent the
views of the people, as well as those of
the editor; therefore we invite correspon
dence and contributions on topics 01 gn
eral interest to the public.
Mr. Dorsey is making big preparation
for the holiday trade. He has already
received many of his fancy goods and
noveities. He surpassed himself m his
selections and purchases this season.
The new contract for the manufacture
of postage stamps changes the size of the
stamp, reducing it about cne-eighth.
The two-cent stamp will be printed in
instead ot in green, as
bright earmine.
now. .
There is no degree of good credit that
is as valuable to a man as thereputation
of paving spot cash. It is the jingle of
the hard dollars that secures you bottom
prices, and makes every man your good
As will be seen by advertisement in
another eulumn the Hsnderson storage
warehouse is now open and ready for
business. Application made to either C.
Hunter or W. E. Gary will receive prompt
and trapeze performer.
The Murphy Bulletin speaks of a prac
tice that we suppose is in vogue in every
town, when it says :
It does look rather queer to see busi
ness men in a progressive town writing
out legal notices and tacking them about
on other people's property, rather than
use the newspapers of their town to give
publicity to these notices.
Your friends at a distance would be de
lighted with a present of a year's sub
Kcrintion to the Gold Leaf. Besides all
' the family reading, general news and mis
cellany, it is like a letter from the mends
here every week, home ot our readers
subscribe for more than one copy of the
paper and have an extra one or two sent
to some mend or relative at a uistaiice.
The leaves are falling. The trees are
left bare to brave the winds, rams and
ice of winter. But the buds will come
forth again with the sunshine and
warmth of spring. They are now strip
ped of their foliage, but they are not un
protected. He who tempers the wind to
the shorn lamb has provided a bark for
the nrotection of the tree. Reidmille
The man who advertises as a rule sells
iroods cheaper than the one who does
not. Whv is this? is asked by some one,
and the answer comes back that tne ad
vertiser sells more goods therefore he can
nfford to sell for a smaller proht, and tne
nnp who is too close to advertise his
D-nnds. is too close to sell for a small
profit. Put this in your pipe and smoke
it. Washington Progress.
Wo nre rdeased to know that our m-
d W. II. Gregory. Esq., of
Oxford, has so far recovered his health
land strength as to be able to resume
n ni-t in tlm iipwsmaner held again, tie
las taken a position as advertising so
icitorforthe Orphans' Friend. With th(
claims of so good a paper to represent
his fine abilities will be displayed to good
advantage we are sure.
Mr. .Tames I). Elam. who is well known
to the trade of Henderson, has accepted
a position as salesman at S. & C. Wat-
kins'. He is to be congratulated upon
having identified himself with sucn a
good house, while they in turn are for
tunate in securing his services. He has
an extensive acquaintance, is a hard
worker and will make his influence felt
for good upon their trade we have no
1 'liristmas will soon be here and we say
to our merchant friends now is the time
0 nut in vour bid for the holiday trade
You have only a lew weets in nn:ii lu
reason with the public, telling it of the
cheapness and good quality of your
goods. People want to know what you
have got beiore tney come iu seejuu.
Tell them through the Gold Leaf what
you have and give them a kind invita
tion to come and see you.
The Gold Leaf has already adverted
to the fact that it would be a good idea
to have all the streets in town designated
by having the names of each plainly
lettered on a small board and posted up
at the crossings. The improvement
would be considerable while the cost
won Id be but little. Will not the Com
missioners and Mayor of the town have
this thing done? It would be a conven
ience the citizens would appreciate.
Afrs Irene Hicks Harrington, daughter
r.t hr J. W. Hicks, formerly of Granville
but now of Orlando, Florida,
v .. , - . .
died at her home in tnat city uctooer
28th, as we learn from the South Florida
Sentinel. Mrs. Harrington was well known
in Henderson and spent a part of thesea
srm hprp Rummer before last. The Senti
nel snvs of her:
Mrs. Harrington possessed a genial dis
position and character that made her
good influence felt by all with whom she
An ancient philosopher on being asked
how to succeed replied : " Do as success
ful nifn do. " This mav be true in the
sense intended, but it is practically mi
possible to a great extent, as no two per
sons are surrounded by exactly the same
circumstances. There is one thing, how
ever, in which we can and should imitate
successful business men if we too would
succeed, and that is in advertising; for
successful business men almost invaria
bly are large advertisers.
Paints.white lead.oils.glass and putty at
oct 24. Watkins'.
Hexdeksox. N. C. Nov. 10, 1889.
Editor Gold Leaf Dear Sir: The
thanks of this town aud this community
are due vou for the full, accurate and
very able report of the Pearson meetings
in the last issue of your valuable paper
Frenuent readings of this article (of itself
a good sermon) will, in my humble opin
ion, do much to keep alive and strengthen
the impressions made by the Evangelist,
and to this end I would suggest to all to
carefully preserve it for future reference
The article of that rising man among
us, the cultured and polished scholar and
gentleman, W. It. Henry, Esq., is beauti-
The two can but be pro
ful and true.
ductive of much good.
N. E. I).
Ladies, look at the beautiful new style
dress croods. eloaks. lackets. furs, muffs
boas and capes.hats bonnets and millinery
la. 3 . i. T i .tt.-rva '
so preuy aim cnenp at ai"
oct 24.
If you are looking for a home in a
country where living is easy and cheap,
among a people who are kind, clever and
sociable, come to Vance county and Hen
derson. We do not claim that this is a
and flowing with milk and honey, for
you will no where find such, but perhaps
it is as near to it as any you will find.
Here want is a stranger and happiness
and prosperity go hand in hand. Come
to Vance county.
In Henderson there are a number of
boys who are working every day, but
who ought to be in school acquiring that
which in after years will be of much more
value thin a few paltry dollars. Parents
make a great mistake right here. The
importance of an education cannot be
over estimated, uo not neglect tms ior
anything. Send yourxhildren to school.
If you are not able to pay tuition send
them to the public school.
It is with pleasure that we note the
-a 1! CI j 1 1 .
success ot Mr. vv. j.-omitn, inert-mini
tailor, since his recent location in Hen
derson. He has done a great deal oi worK
for parties in town as well as in the coun
try adjacent and has orders ahead, ine
best of it is that his work gives satisfac
tion. In point of fit, make up and price
it will compare with that done in Danville,
Petersburg. Richmond or elsewhere. Mr
Smith's customers are among the best in
town those who will have good clothes
or none and the fact that he gives entire
satisfaction, is his strongest claim for a
liberal patronage
Want every one to come to Farrar's store
. . . . . 1 I n 1- A - AZ ......
tor everyinmg in xne jsook., ouiliuhcij
Fancy Goods and Confectionery line.
At Whitaker's Chapel, Halifax
county, on Tuesday, November 12th,
1889. Rev. F. M. Totten, of the North
Carolina Conference, Methodist Protes
taut church, was happilv married to
Miss Surah, daughter of F. II. White
ker, Sr., Rev. II. V. Lester pertorm
ing the ceremony. The newly married
left immediately tor Richmond
A Strong and Reliable Firm.
It is hardly necessary to direct atten
tion to the large and handsomely dis
played advertisement of Lassiter, Stain
back & Co. No one can turn to the
inside page of the Gold Leaf without
seeing that. And it speaks lor itsell.
There is not a better known or more
reliable firm in this country. The
name of James II. Lassiter is the syno
nym of honesty, fair dealing and relia
bility,and his associates, Messrs. Thom
as and Uharies stain DacK are young
gentlemen of integrity and superior
business qualities who have been trained
in the mercantile business under the
guidance and experience of Mr. Lassiter
limself. It is a strong firm financially,
a strong one in integrity and reliability,
and a strong one in its ability to com
pete with other dealers in the amount
and quality of the stock carried and the
cheapness at which they are enabled to
sell. ;
Thev carry a large and well assorted
line of general merchandise and farmers'
supplies of every descriptoin', and will
sell goods as reasonble as any body.
Their double stores are filled with fresh
and seasonable goods to which they in
vite the attention of the buying public
Furniture, mattresses, spring beds. Par
lor suits are beautiful. See them at
oct 24. Watkiss .
Real bargains are offered in a big lob lot
of towels and napkins by Meador & Knight1
agents, lhe ladies are invited to can ana
see these goods.
This Is the Season
To enjoy quail on toast.
To pay j-our subscription.
To discard your straw hat.
To lav in vour winter wood.
To subscribe for the Gold Leaf, the
oldest and best paper ever published in
To advertise your business, in order
that you may not be lost sight ot in
the procession, but may reap a bouuti-
ful harvest of golden shekels.
Ladies vests, woolen hosiery, towels,
laces, &c. Elegant stock at watkins.
oct 24.
Ladies ! ladies ! ! please call and see our
lewelrv. Hat pins, ear rings, finger rings
bangles, hair pins, lace pins, sleeve and
collar buttons, vest chains, watcnes ana
necklaces. Hope you will come,
nov. 7. 11. FrxcH & Co.
See our beautiful new line of fall and
winter neckwear, flannel shirts, collars
and cuffs, hats, shoes, ready-made clothing,
&c. something marvelously beautiful and
astonishingly cheap in every department
sept 26. liARKES, STAISBACK & UO
When vou are ready to fit the boys and
children for the winter from head to foot
cive Watkins a trial. Beautiful suits got
ten up in the latest dcsigns.perfect fit with
hats and shoes to match. Cheaper than
you ever saw them, something hard to beat.
oct 24.
He: " I can't button them. We had
better stop at home."
She : " Oh no ! l ou can buy me a pair
of 'Mather' Gloves as we go along; they
asten in a moment and fit ienectiy.
They are for sale by S. & C. Watrixs'.
Our Ladles' Prize.
All our lady subscribers and friends
will be delighted at our good fortune in
being able to announce that rc have
made clubbing arrangements with the
best of all the ladies' magazines, viz :
Godey's Lady's Book, of Philadelphia,
(sec prospectus in another column), and
we can otfer all of our lady friends who
subscribe for our paper, Godey'a, to
gether with the Gold Leaf for $3.35.
Godey',s Lady's Book is not only the
best of all lady magazines, but is also
the oldest. There is large capital be
hind it, and the corps of writers en
gaged for next year (1890) is the best
yet announced by any ladies' publica
tion for the coming year. The great
story, "$5,000 for a Wife," commences
in the December (Xmas) number, which
will be sent you by the publishers for
15 cents, and when you get it you can
see the host of good things the publish
ers offer. Then send in your subscrip
tion to us, together with one for our
paper, and we Will supply it to you.
Godey's alone will cost you $2. The
Gold Leaf will cost you $2.00. The
two together, if order is sent to us, we
will furnish for $3.35. Subscribe at
"In Times of Peace Prepare for War
Winter is coining on and those who
have not already done so should make
provision for it in the way of laying in
an ample supply of fuel and the best
and most convenient arrangements for
utilizing the same to best advantage
With the big snow blockades in the
West, and the storms all around, we
may expect the weather to whip
around cold almost any day, and of
course the head of a households who
lappens to be prudent will be prepared
or it. It is in order to get your stoves
and grates in shape, and this should be
attended to at once. S. & C. Watkins
;iave the largest and best assorted lines
of stoves, grates, etc., yet seen in Hen
derson, and invite the people to call
and see what they keep and get prices.
Mr. Alex Barnes, who has charge ot
this department, will be pleased to show
you his stock.
All onr poods are sent to us to be sold at
once and so all we want is an offer and the
goods are yours. Just try us and then you
will know. ti. riscH o.
. nov. 7.
. -o. -
I have used for some months past Hector
Bell's " Eureka," and regard it not only as
a pleasant hair dressing, but as one of the
most ettective tonics anu restorers j. ua,ve
ever known. It gives me pleasure to rec
ommend it. Mrs. T. M. Carson.
Lynchburg, Oct. 2nd, 1884.
The prettiest hat you ever saw for 23
cents. Come on. II. Finch & Co.
Trv " New Manhattan" for a good smoke
IOr O CeillS Sit rilliai O XC iiuun. mm -ajjaa
fectionery store. nov. 14.
. -
A Successful Young 3Ianufacturer.
Mr. J. M. Norwood, the successful
f j. r r.
young cigar manuiacturei ui uawiu,
was here, interviewing our dealers anu
taking orders for his splendid goods
last week. "We are pleased to know
that he has a good trade in Henderson
and that his cigars are popular and in
demand. This is "ratifying. Wre like
to see home enterprises encouraged
If a cood article, no matter of what
nature, can be produced at home why
not give it at least an equal snow, l
not the preference, over that which
foreign made? Mr. Norwood puts up
ood goods, sells as reasonable as other
makers, and freight chanres ironi Ux
i.v.v1 O w
ford are low.
Mr. Norwood by the way came near
locating in Hendersoft before going to
Oxford. He did not meet with the en
Every third person you meet is troubled
more or less with billiousness, and don't
know how to get rid of it. The causes are
easily recorded. A lack of sufficient exer
cise, eating too much by persons of seden
tary habits, Indulgence in too rich food, a
nliivlili tAirwI liirAi ctt1iaa VhlWul HaSQ
not do its duty, and bile is allowed to ac- vao, liiuiw.., ,3...y
cumulate: these cause the whites of the cures Piles, or no pay required. It is
eyes to turn yellow, the skin to look thick guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
and coarse, ana tne complexion yeuow or nionev refunded. 1'rice lib cents per box
Bncklcn'M Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises. Sores Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, ("happed Hands, Chilblains,
dark. These are sure indications of bil
liousness. Brown s Iron Bitters is the
y you want. It acts directly upon
the blood, cleanses and purines it, and
sends it on its journey through the channels
of the liver, giving to it activity and clear
ing out the bile. It will remove the yellow
tinge from the eyes and the complexion
leaving the latter iresn and clear.
Housekeepers, won t you call and see
our nice stock oi cutlery, suver piaiea
knives and forks, table and tea spoons,
silver waiters, and scissors, all sizes? Oh,
do come. II. Finch & Co.
nov. 7.
S. & C. Watkins are selling the celebra
ted Caudel Rubber boots and shoes. If
you want something good try them.
For sale by M. Dorsey.
jan 5 1 c.
Calico 3 cents per yard at
nov. 7. ll. r inch ce jo. s.
Consumption Surely Cured.
To The Editor Please inform your
readers that I have a positive remedy for
the above named disease. By its timely
use thousands of hopeless cases have been
permanently cured. I shall be glad to
send two bottles of my remedy free to any
of your readers who have consumption u
they will send me their express and post
office address. Respectfully,
T. A. Slocum, M. C,
nov. 8-1 1. 181 reari St.. jjicw i or.
New Fall Goods
received by Meador
agents. Pretty and cheap
for yourself
& Knight,
Call and see
sept. 12.
Remember that our stock consists of dry
goods, notions, shoes, hats and all kinds of
groceries, and we will sell them to you
cheaper, cheaper, lower, lower, than any
body else, r lease come in ana see us.
nov. 7 -II. Finch & Co.
. ., . i , r
nil l.... .j rt iirhn -in n ML'im- i 11 i w i-t i. i - -.
well . ,
1 1 , - . . T . i .. A . . ... .-. . i 1 c- r lira
W. L. Harris, of Henderson, is
known and has many friends here
Clothing for men and boys. Tremendous
tock boots, shoes and gents' furnishings at
oct 24 Watkins.
"The Camels are Coming."
It has been several years since a reg
ular old fashion circus struck Hender
son, but one will be here next Friday.
The town is gaily decorated and illu
minated with show pictures and the
small boys are happy. Andress' New
Colossal Shows, Circus, Museum and
Menagerie is billed for Henderson, Fri
day. Nov. 15th. It is said to be a
srood show, with perhaps lewer objec
tionable features than the average of
its kind. This is the same show and
same company that showed in Atlanta,
nnrl the fJnnsttitution. Olie of the most
conservative of newspapers, could not
say enough in its praise. Unlike the
so-called big shows that are traveling
the country, the Andress only charges
25 and 50 cents admission, thus bring
ing it within reach of all.
failed to cet what might have been a
valuable and important industry to the
town. It is not pleasant to write this
way but we do it to show that as a
community we cannot be slow to seize
and improve every opportunity that
presents itself to add to our manufac
turing enterprises and to promote our
growth and prosperity.
Great bargains in all kinds of goods at
your price, not ours, .at our store. Oh,
come to our cheap store..
nov. 7. '. H. Finch & Co.
Iaks stopped in your roof by use of
"Minnrnl Paint." Sold OnlV bV
nov. i
7-2 1
The Farmers' Friend.
While he has sold his share of tobacco
all along, since taking charge of his own
frw-entlv bought) that energetic and
hard working young warehouseman Owen
Davis, has bee putting in some extra
iiot Tn the erreat battle for the farmers
vinhk rorpttintr the highest nrices for their
tobacco for them) the white plume of
Owen Davis can always oe seen in ure
thickest of the fight. The farmers know
his daring and intrepidity and rally around
him. This accounts for the cracking sales
which have recently been made at Davis
warehouse. He is true to his friends,
hie friends are. true to him. Load up
and drive for Davis' warehouse. Take no
risks. Times are hard and you can't af
ford to experiment. Owen Davis is a
royal certainty always and can be counted
on to do his best for the interest of those
who sell their tobacco with him.
An Insulting Busiess(?) Offer.
We received a proposition recently
to do some advertising for the Swift
Specific Co., -of Atlanta, Ga. They
wanted 200 inches of -solid reading mat
ter published for which they otter the
munificent sum of 8 jcents an inch, or
$16.00 for the whole, payable quarterly
and copy of paper to be sent regularly
to their address. Such gall ! $1.82 a
colum for solid reading matter, to be
set up new every week. Such an in
sult to a decent journal ! We do not
need "something to fill up with" that
bad. aud so wrote the house. We
would not advertise for our home pat
rons at such rates, for the simple rea
son that we could not atiord to do so
and live at the business nor will we
do so for others. Since declining the
nftpr thev have amended it and now
offer us 10 cents an inch, or $20.00 for
the whole. Think of it : $2.00 a col
umn for solid reading matter, changea
ble weekly. And yet we see the ad
vertisements of this very concern in
some of our exchanges. Is it possible
there is a newspaper in North Carolina
that took this business at the figures
offered us? We hope not.
SrjMMERFIELD, N. C. Nov. 5 1889.
Editor Gold Leaf: Having enjoyed
the hospitality of your parents and of
your grandmother, I naturally feel an in
terest in any legitimate undertaking you
may enter into. Destiny has pointed
you to the publication of the GolpLeaf.
This is a lawful, and, wen conducted, se
vere enterprise a hard tax upon the
mental forces. Courage is also necessary
to stand for the right on all great moral
questions. But I forbear pursuing this
line of thought.
I heard the editor of the Germanton
Times say that you were wide-awake to
what you conceived to be the best inter
ests of Henderson. The writer was bred
and born very near the spot where Hen
derson now stands. He hunted squirrels
and other game on both sides of Main
street (then a public road) of your thriv
ing town. It was truly remarkable to
wee how your town had spread, East,
West, North and South. Men of push
and pluck have gathered in there. Should
such occasions continue awnne longer,
and should you make that a railroad
centre as vou are fast doing, what will
your industries and population be! But
here I pause again. Q
The solemn occasion tnat canea me
there, the funeral services over the re
mains of the late Dr. A. C. Harris, depos
ited in the ground close to the remains of
attorney George Badger Harris, are vivid
to my mind, both of whom passed away
in hope of immortality and future life.
Your last paper tells how the initial
services conducted by Evangelist Pear
son had impressed the public mind and
heart of your people. So let it be. Why
should there not be five hundred conver
sions ere those meetings close? Let no
man vainly suppose that religion will re
tard the business and prosperity of any
ptople. More anon. C. F. II.
A first-class line of children's footwear,
Watkins can fit every child in 10 miles of
Henderson in something duraDieanacneap
Call and see them . oct z.
The celebrated Coon brand collars and
cuffs and the famous and Dopular Peerless
shirt can silwavs be found at Barnes,
Stainback, & Co's. Positively the best
enmU on the, market todav. Examine for
yourself, if "seeing is believing."
sept 2b.
The. Peerless shirt, the best on the mar
ket, at Barnes. Stainback. & Co's. Has no
sunerior in aualitv of material used, style
and make. Price as low as the commoner
goods. sept 26.
Fine Beef.
Housekeepers will have no difficulty in
getting good meat this week beef or pork
if thev will leave their orders at Reavis
stall. His polite and accommodating mana
ger will give nis prompt auenuoii w me
wants of his customers and supply them
with thp hpst the market affords. No one
is more exnert at slaughtering animals
than Mr. Uilev. and no one knows how to
handle it to better advantage after it is kill
ed. He has some fine meat on marKei mis
week. Leave your orders with Mr. Reiley.
Corrected weekly by D. Y. Cooper, Pro
prietor of Cooper s Warehouse.
Henderson, N. C, Nov. 13, 1889.
Fillers Common dark or green
Common to medium
Medium to good
Good to fine
Smokers Common
Common to medium
Medium to good
Good to fine
Cutters Common to medium
Medium to good
Good to fine
Wrappers Common
uommon to meaium
Medium to good
Good to fine
Fine to fancy
Ready for Business.
Hentaon Storan Wareionse
It now open and ready for business. Appli
cation made to C. Hunter or the under
signed will receive prompt attention.
W . Hj. ti Alt X , INSPECTOR.
2X 4
4 S
6 8
3 6
5 6
10 15
13 $20
25 3 30
30 38
15 (5 18
30(3 40
40 55
GO (5 75
National Type Co,
Carpets, rugs, blankets, never so cheap
before at watkins.
oct 24.
Ramp stainhack & Co.. are exclusive
handlers In Henderson of th celebrated
rvn hiand collars and cuus. iwiuai 10
any on the market in style and quality.and
at the same time cost less uiuuej.
sept 20.
Winchester, Va., Jan. 15, 1888.
t pan without hesitation recommend the
services of Hector Bell as a successful
hair dresser and worker in human hair
to send 10 cts for the Largest, Handsomest
and most complete Catalogue f TffB,
presses, cuts, tut., published.
58 S. Talat it.
Please mention this paper.
He is efficient and skillful in his business rocli f ajjM - - $4,000,000
and known la this vicinity as a person of 1."u A
polite and respectful deportment, scrupu- jsS pttltt IU U Jfb, 01 W OOjUVW
irmiz in iiih uHiiima nuu u iuumwiiw
Convincing Proof.
In many instances it has been proven that
B. B. B., (liotanic liiood liaimj, mane uy
lilood Balm Co.. Atlanta Ga.. will cure
blood poison in its worst phases.even when
all other treatment iaus.
A. P. Brunson. Atlanta. Ga.. writes
'I had 24 running ulcers on one leg and 6
on the other, and felt greatly prostrated
1 believe I actually swallowed a barrel of
medicine, in vain efforts to cure the disease.
With little hope I finally acted on the
urgent advice of a friend, and got a bottle
of B. B. B. 1 experienced a change, and
my despondency was somewhat dispelled.
I kept using it until 1 had taken sixteen
bottles, and all the ulcers, rheumatism
and all other horrors of blod poiseu have
disappeared, ami, at last I am sound and
well again, after an experience of twenty
years of torture."
Knhert Ward. Maxev. Ga.. writes : "My
disease was pronounced a tertiary form of
blood poison. My face, head and shoul
ders were a mass of corruption, and finally
the disease began eating my skull bones.
My bones ached, my kidney was deranged,
I lost flesh and strength, and life became
a burden. All said I must surely die. but
nevertheless, when I had used ten bottles
of B- B. B., 1 was pronouueed well. Hun
dreds of scars can now be seen on me. l
have now been well over twelve months."
lrtiia in hie dcaiincrs and unobtrusive in his
manners. I have used with beneficial re
suits his -Eureka Hair Tonic" and can
recommend its use to ladies and children
as a pleasant and effectual remedy
cleansing and purifying the scalp
strengthening the growth of the hair.
Mrs. S. T. Moore
City of Chicajro, 1,800,000
City of Boston, 1,000,000
Henderson, N. C.
nnr stock is comDlete and our store is
rammed and crammed, and must be, must
uo m list Vm sold at some m ice or another.
ti' r,iMea ,,n,a v.vprvlmdv come ! roi"rn r"TtV a vn DTT11 TAT? D
" T: wllnVe welcome. . U? 1 KU, lim tlV DUIL-UGiV
uu u.i , , - TTr'ni?nrrvi XT
Estimates for the erection of buldllng.
and orders for lumber solicited. I will
ell all kinds of lumber at Piney Woodt
prices, with freight added.
rb i c.j
T n rrro Q mi oleoaiit stick of men s fine
shoes at S. & C. Watkins' All the standard
makes in any stvle desiied. Prices lower
than any other dealer can afford to sell the
same class of goods.
$5,000 for a Wife.
One cf the greatest stories (founded on
at over miidished. commences iii the
December (Xmas) numlr of Oodey i
Ijady's Book, published at Philadelphia.
Every woman, married or single, should
read it. Ready November 15th.
To-day we received 125 barrels of the
following celebrated brands of flour:
Koyal,' Empress, Eagle, Cream and Snow
bank. They are splendid. Try a barrel.
oct 24. S- 4- G. Watkins.
If you want a splendid pair of shoes for
little money, go to Watkins'. All the
standard makes are represented, in any
sjze or style desired.
Keep Warm.
If vou want to buy a bargain in flannel
underwear go to S. & C. Watkins. They
have just opened a large line superior to
anything on the market bought direct from
the manufacturers and will be sold cheip.
oct 24
Children Enjoy
pleasant flavor, gentle action
The Dleasant flavor, gentle action ana i
soothing effects of Syrup of Figs, when in
need of a laxative and if the father or j
mother be costive or billious the most
gratifying results follow its use, so that it .
is the bet family remedy known and every
family should have a lottle.
Our stock of clothing must be closed out
. . a J 1 V. Jksm a 0 nA can t
in the next ten ua. i;wureuuv
nov. 7.
U. Finch & Co.
twooDWORK 'clgXlf AffAetmqtsfe)
Salesman Wanted.
young man of good business qualifica
!na vi.n understands book-keeping, is
wanted in a store in Henderson. Apply at
fKJt- ;ji. Gold Leaf Office.
st.touis wo. trr?aTJB7i oailastex
E. G. DAVIS, Agent,

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