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CREATES many a new buaineis;
ENLARGES mny an old business;
PRESERVES many a Urge business;
REVIVES many a dull business;
RESCUES many a lost business;
SAVES many a failing business;
SECURES success in any business.
To " advertise judiciously," use the columns
only newspaper published in Vance court, i i
."e of the live and growing town, of North ,
.lina. and circulates extensive y non8 an in
telligent and prosperous people whose traJ- i
well worth seeking and having.
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TranKlent advertisement to lie piiblixhr-u
one month aul under, nui't be paid form
a.lvano. All adv.rtW.is? for a siioru r lime
thua three months is oiisI.I.timI trsinsieiit
a.lTertlsini? Accounts n ndere-i quarterly
lorall a.lvertisein. r.tK puhllhe'l for h long. r
narWxl of tim- ,
Lor-al .lvertlH-in-ts, to appoir unions
rwwlinu matt.r under lirtlnc of misim-s
Nollcrti. will 1 chiirm-.l 10 cents p.-r lint- for
flrnt Insertion, nml h emits per line lor cacn
... ia I 1 1 rt'iifl c r
Leeal iwlvertiMTiiciit. such as nliulnl.str:i
mrs' anil executors' not io-s. cir.missioii rs
t i.,.iui' Kuic-t Kiimmoiis lo non resi
dents Ac. will he clmrjjed for at )e!il r.aies
except wln-n they exceed a certain
ire. In wnlelr :
1 very small and we cannot all rd to lake
rixks r wait the pleasure of persons to pay.
iihiinirv notice, resolutions of tespect.
etc will be charged for at the rale of one
en; a word; and ineca-sti musi ii.ihj
the manuscript. In cast-H where friend and
trons of the jmpr are concerned, no
aarre will be niude for the first ten liues
aboui 7 word-i-or Articles not exceeding
that In length.
limit of
we reserve i lie rism. 10
fix oar own price, mi such ohm ...ur,.
S Piiii KrK IN AI)VANK. ThecharKO
Mr. George W. Gooch, well known
in Henderson, having been raised near
hero, was married in San Diego, Cali
fornia, Dec. 30th. to Miss Ella Sehvyn.
Mr. Gooch fills the chair ot languages
in the Pacific Methodist College at San
Dk-2o. Many friends in and around
Henderson will ioiu with us in congrat
ulations and good wishes for a long and
prosperous married life.
The children of the Presbyterian
Sunday-school had a very enjoyable
party at the residence ot Kev. Aiex.
Sprunt Tuesday evening. This was
given in place of a Christinas tree or
festival during the holidays, and the
little folks had just as pleasant a time
as if old Santa Claus had been right in
their midst with all the majesty and
mystery with which lie is" associated in
the youthful mind.
We were pleased to have a call to
day from Mr. Geo. II. Haigh, of Fay
etteville, representing the Provident
Savings Life Assurance Society,of New
York City. Mr. Haigh is an ex-newspaper
man, having been at one time
editor and proprietor of the Fayette
ville Observer, upon which he displayed
editorial ability and aptitude of a high
order, and says a printing office has not
lost its fascniHtion for him j'et.
The thermometer retfisterinfr 70 decrees
in the shade, Sunday, Junuary izxn,
showH what a mild winter we have had
up to the prewnt.
That splendid new factory building
of Col. JJurgwyn's is one of the bright
estjewels in the crown of Henderson's
industrial progress.
Fred Mitchell calls our attention to
an error we made in mentioning his big
owl last week. The bird measured. 3S
inches from tip to tip, instead of 28 as
we had it.
A genuine old-time minstrel per
formance may be witnessed at Burwell
Hall next Tuesday evening. Reserved
seat tickets on sale at Cheatham's
drug store.
Sec advertisement of Prof. 15ell, pro
prietor of the Eureka Scalp Cleaner and
Hair Purifier, who otters a handsome
diamond ring as a prize to purchsers of
his preparation.
How many of you have resolved to
do something toward building up your
town and section this year? This paper
is ready to do its part who will join
hands with it?
The tanner who. is now paying at
tention to saving manure about his
premif.es will not have so ninny fertil
izer bills to pay in the fall, that eats up
& big part i the crop.
Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Rowland will cel
ebrate the twentieth anniversary of
their marriage, Tuesday evening, Jan.
23rd. We have received a ticket of in
vitation to be present on that occasion.
Henderson has the ''grip'' on the big
gest industrial boom she has yet known.
If you do not believe it take a walk
around town and see the new enter
prises and new buildings springing up
in every quarter.
S. & C. Watkins have just received
a number of large pictorial advertising
signs, the handsomest things of the
kind wc have seen. It pays to keep
one's name and business prominently
before the public.
The Teachers' Institute to be con
ducted by Prof. Chias. 1). Mclver,
ought to create a lively interest among
our people, the citizens generally as
well as teachers. Let the meetings be
well attended daily.
The population of Henderson has
been largely increased by the location
here of several families and single per
sons since the beginning ot , the new
year. Wc have thus gained some
valuable crtizens. A cordial welcome
to all.
If the farmers want to make better
crops this year they must get to work
early and not stand around idle. There
is work to be done about the farm in
winter as well as in spring and sum
nier. Very many farmers do not seem
to realize this, however.
Henderson gets a number of good
citizens from the Williamsboro section
all at once. Four families have or
soon will move to town from that
neighborhood. Our esteemed friend
Mr. R. A. Bullock has already moved
Lis family. Welcome to such good cit
It speaks for the remarkably mild
weather we have been having for the
past six weeks when we say that we
have been shown full grown apple bios
soms plucked from the tree on the 11th
of January. Vegetation is putting out
and many flowering plants and shrubs
are in bloom.
We have had the pleasure of meet
ing Mr. C. C. Butler, late of Reids
ville, who will be manager of Col. Bur
gwyn's new plug tobacco factory, and
an intelligent and agreeable gentleman
we find him to be. Our town is for
tunate in having such people as Mr.
Butler and his family locate amongst us
We are going to make this paper a
better aud more acceptable one in every
juirticular this year, and hope to make
it a visitor to many homes in Vauce
and the adjoining counties where it has
not heretofore been going. Send us
the names of your friends and neigh
bors that we may send them sample
Good correspondents will add very
much to the interest and value of our
paper and we are anxious to have
short newsy letters each week from all
sections of this and adjoiuing counties.
Have you not local pride enough to wish
to sec your neighborhood an'airs given
prominence to in your county paper?
If so, let us hear from you.
If you want clothing aud gent's fur
nishing goods, call on Barnes, Stain
back & Co. Thev are beimmin!? to
make preparation for new spring stock
and want to reduce supply on hand."
Some rare bargains are now offered
with that object in view. You will
find at their store the largest and best
stock latest styles aud every class of
goods to select from.
I have this day reduced the price or my
15.50 Hour to J.V23 and 3.00 flour to fl.50
All goods guaranteed as represented.
Jan 10. John W. Pckefoy.
Mi.encr'o Old TImo Minstrels.
The above troupe will appear at
Bui-well Hall Tuesday, Jan. 21st.
Wherever this company has appeared
the press and public are enthusiastic in
their praise. The company is com
posed of 16 artists of ability headed by
a band of 12 musicians and give a reg
ular old time minstrel performance
Everything in black face, and those
who enjoy a good hearty laugh should
i not fail to witness the performance
! next Tuesday night. Reserved seats
! 75 cents ; on sale at Cheatham's drug
! store.
(irniid ntttnton! ; tc l.
The Schubert Concert Company, f
Chicago, are booked lor one nignt s
performance at Burwell Hall, February
th. This is pronounced by the press
to be a concert company of rare merit,
and we trust they will meet with a cor
dial reception in our town. Mr. Bur
well, the manager, informs up that al
ready enough tickets have been sold to
guarantee one of the largest and most
A HuklKttk tff- y.
Happening into the office of Messrs.
W. H. Snioot & Co. a few days ago
our attention was attracted to the
writer used by Mr. Arthur Smoot, and
upon which he.was doing some corres
pondence. .While we have often seen
this and other machines of its kind we
had not enquired into the particulars
concerning them and observed their
working as - we did with Mr. Smoot's.
select audiences of the season. Some ! Naturally taking a pride in his type-
eminent artists are represented and a
performance of unusual merit is prom
For Sale,
A well broke young mule, 3 years old
Bext spring. Perfectly sound and gentle
and will work anywhere. Apply to
Or B. F. Ellington.
Will I'oatmvater Htcko Mold n
The post office matter has taken a
different turn since Mr. Hicks refused
to take the negro Pope in. Congress
man Cheatham proposes to oust Hicks
and put in another man. The reason
assigned, as it goes out from Washing
ton, is that Hicks is not giving satisfac
tion (presumably to the patrons of the
office), but the real trouble is explained
above. What a pitable state of affairs
the country has drifted into under the
present-administration when a post-
office like this a position of impor
tance and responsibility is to be tri
fled with and farmed out to suit the
caprice of a negro Congressman.
What U Said of it Upon Closing; its
Eighth Year and Enlarging.
The Henderson Gold Leaf has
beeu enlarged from 7 to 8 columns.
We are glad to see this sign of prosper
ity of a paper which certainly deserves
success. Danville Time.
Prof. Bell's Eureka Sealp Cleaner needs
no praise as an inducement to persons to
buy it when they have learned to appre
ciate its real merit, but he proposes to
tlivide profits with some customer and
will give a valuable six-stone diamond
ring to the person who buys a bottle of
his medicine and gets the number cor
resnondinir with theone on the ring. Call
at Dor-soy's drug store and see the ring.
Slightly In Error.
Brother Manning, editor of the Hen
derson Hold Leaf, has got a move on
him. He has not only enlarged his
most excellent paper quite rsceutly,
but has also issued an attractive and
valuable industrial edition. Graham
We beg to correct the Gleaner. No
trade edition oi the Gold Leaf lias
been issued, and we must protest
gainst giving us such credit. Our
friend should ditinguish between an
advertisement of one man (though he
is a "whole team of himself ''), and the
business and industries of a town like
ft ,
Wanted, a few girls and young ladies to
do light work. Can be done at home.
The Kccti of the Future.
Farmers, do you know how to put up
ensilage, the best and cheapest of all
stock feeds? If not, make a visit to
Young & Daingerfield's dairy farm
near town and see theirs. This is their
first experience, and a well informed
gentleman from Pennsylvania pro
nounces it the finest ensilage he ever
saw anywhere. This is the feed of the
future and its use will be generally
adopted as soon as people know more
about its value and the ease and cheap
ness with which it can be put up.
We ask Mr. Young to give the pub
lie the benefit of his experience and
knowledge on the subject through the
columns of the Gold Leaf. Wre want
to arouse the farmers on this subject
A Strong and Eloquent Appeal.
In a late issue of the Richmond Dis
patch appears an article written by Mr
W. R. Henry, of Henderson. It is an
appeal for the remains of Jefferson Da
vis to find a permanent resting place in
the city of Richmond, the capital of
the Southern Confederacy. We pub
lish the article in this paper. It is
written in Mr. Henry's usnal style,
strong, vigorous, graceful, eloquent,
classical, and the sentiments therein
expressed will find hearty response in
the minds and hearts of thousands of
persons throughout North Carolina.
Mr. Henry pays a high and merited
tribute to the bravery, fortitude and
heroism of North Carolina's soldiers,
and speaking as he does through her
representative newspaper in the heart
of -Virginia, for their claims, he de
serves our special thanks.
Has moved next door to Rowland &
Spenks Mighty Well for Henderson's
The Henderson Storage Company
has made an assessment to double its
warehouse capacity. That speaks
mighty well for Henderson's outlook,
and we trust the realization will even
be rreater than the prospect. Danville
Tobacco Journal.
Yes. this speaks mighty well for
Henderson's outlook, but it is not the
only thing that speaks for it, Brother
Harman. You ought to see the new
manufacturing enterprises springin
into lite or renewed activity in our
midst and learn of others to come, if
you would contemplate an encouraging
and prosperous future for the capital of
the Bright Tobacco Belt of North Car
Will Receive Bids for Water Works,
The town of Henderson has decided,
by a vote of its Commissioners,to have
water works, and advertises for sealed
proposals for the construction of the
same; bids to be received up to x eb.
15th. It is proposed that it shall be a
complete system, upon the franchise
plan, with a capecity of 1,000,000 gal
lons a day. The water is to be sup
plied from a stream two miles from the
tower, said tower to be situate in the
centre of the town, making it 95 feet
higher than the source of supply. The
tower is to be built of stone, 100 feet
high, with a tank on top 30 feet high
and 25 feet in diameter. Most of the
pumping can be done by water it is
thought. The town will furnish site of
tower aud right of way. The length of
pipe including distance to pond will be
about 8 miles, with not less than 70
hydrants for use of the town.
The bids to be for so much per hy
drant for a given number of years with
the right to buy or not, at that time,
as the town may choose. All material
and machinery to be of the best qual
ity, and to be thoroughly tested by the
town before acceptance.
l he town ot Henderson has a popu
lation of about 4,000, with taxable prop
erty valued at $1,200,000. Present
rate of taxation two-thirds of one-percent.,
and $2.00 on the poll, with only
one debt, of $39,000. It is situate 45
miles North of Raleigh on the Seaboard
Air Line and Richmond & Danville
T. T. nicks, Mayor, or J. II. Brid-
gers, city clerk, can give particulars.
Success from the Start.
The Henderson Tobacco Company,
of Henderson, N. C, has been a suc
cess ever since it came into the hands
of Messrs. Daingeriield & Jenkins.
The first named gentleman has severed
his connection with the Bank of Hen
derson as cashier, and will hereafter
devote all his time to his growing smok
ing tobacco business. Danville Tobac
co Journal.
This shows what pluck and enter
prise will do, and the success ot these
gentlemen demonstrates the fact that
there is no better point for the manu
facture of the finest grades of smoking
tobacco, as this paper has always main
tained. To such proportions has their
business grown that the services of
Capt. Daingerfield (who heretofore has
not been an active member of the con
cern owing to his engagement as cash
ier of the Bank of Henderson) were
needed in looking after and pushing, it
and he resigned his position in the bank
as already stated to give his entire
time and attention to his manufactur
ing business. As the Journal says, the
Henderson Tobacco Company has been
a success from the start, but we look
for new life and still greater prosperity
to characterize its future course.
And in this connection we wish to
say that while wishing Capt. Dainger- I
field the greatest success in the prose
cution of his own private business, the
friends of the Bank of Henderson can
but regret that ha has severed his con
nection with that institution. A fine
business man, and a genial and accom
plished gentleman, he not only made
friends for himself but for the bank,
and had become to be regarded as well
nigh one of the indispensables of that
concern. But Capt. Daingerfield has
a most worthy and acceptable successor
in the person of his brother, as already
announced, and dimcult as it may ap
pear we doubt not the new cashier will
prove himself no less capable and pop
ular. Our best wishes are with all
Teachers Institute.
A Teachers Institute for the benefit j
of white teachers of Vance county,
to be held in Burwell Hall on Jan.
20th, 1890, and to continue through the
week. Prof. Chas. D. Mclver, who
has for the past few months been suc
cessfully prosecuting this work in various
portions of the State,will be here every
day and will conduct the exercises.
The County Educational Board has
ordered a suspension of all white public
schools during that week, and each
teacher now engaged in teaching, or
who contemplates teaching in the
county during the 3"ear, is required by
law to be present,and have their names
registered by the County Superintend
ent as teachers.
Both ladies and gentlemen are in
vited to be present on every day, and
on Friday, the 24th, there will be ad
dresses made by Prof. Mclver, Maj.
Finger, W. H. P. Jenkins, Esq., of
Granville, W. R. Henry, of Henderson,
and perhaps others. On that day every
white committeeman of the county is
requested to be present
wflter. in the use of which he has per
lecied himself so as to make correspon
dence somewhat of the nature of
pastime and pleasure rather than a
tedious and tiresome duty, he very
kindly explained all its mechanism and
operation to us. The machine used by
Mr. Smoot is a Remington Standard
tvpe-writer, and it is what its name
implies Me Standard. For speed and j
durability it stands at the head, while
it is unequaled for ease of manipulation
and quality of work. So popular have
type writers become that no business
office is considered complete without
one they are in fact to the business
office and counting room what the
sewing machine is to the household.
The Remington has a rocord of 97
words per minute, which is a long
way ahead of the steel pen.
This is an age of progress, and the
business man who would keep up with
the procession must adopt new modes
and methods for the more rapid and
satisfactory performance of his duties.
As the powerful and swiftly moving
locomotive is to the ancient stage
coach ; the electric telegraph to the
horseback messenger boy ; the electric
light to the old fashioned tallow candle;
the lightning printing- machine to the
old time hand lever press, so the type
writer has preference over the steel pen
and bottle of ink in the office of the
man of business who is up with the
times. If the advantage and superiority
of these little machines wereTully un
derstood and appreciated we are quite
sure their use would be more generally
adopted in our midst. Mr. Smoot will
take pleasure in showing his machine
and giving particulars concerning it to
any who may be interestod on the sub
ject. a
Has moved next door to Rowland &
A Pleasing and. Graceful Recognition
We take pleasure in transferring to
our columns the following concerning a
gentleman who very recently became
a citizen of Henderson. It is from the
Fayetteville Observer, and explains it
self: Mr. A. B. DaingerJield left Fayette
ville with his family this week, to be
come the cashier of the Bank of Hen
derson, of which we made mention a
week or two since ; but before his de
parture a very pleasant incident oc
curred in the mammoth dry goods es
tablishment of F. W. Thorutdn, testi
fying to the regret felt by the propria
etor and employees at parting with Mr.
Mr. Thornton presented to him a
beautiful gold-headed ebony cane, got
ten up for the purpose by Messrs. War
ren Prior & Son., with name and
length of service inscribed thereon.
This was followed by a letter of sincere
good-will and friendship, which we ap
pend, together with Mr. Daingerfield's
acknowledgment :
Fayetteville, N. C, Jan. 1, 1890.
Mr. A. D. DaimjerJUld:
Dear Sir : In parting with you from
my corps of salesmen, it certainly is a
source of great pleasure to me to heartily
bear testimony to your efficient and val
uable services while in my employ, cover
ing a period of about twenty years. In
you I have ever found, under all circum
stances, a cheerful, willing and reliable
assistant, worthy of all confidence, and
evincing a noteworthy, and unusual inter
est in the prosperity of my business a
position attained by you reflecting credit
of the highest degree. However much I
regret your decision in severing your con
nection with me, my earnest wishes for
your prosperity and welfare will accom
pany you to your future home and busi
ness, and if your success is gauged by
your character and worth it will be abun
As a token of my friendship and regard,
permit me to present you with the ac
companying testimonial.
With kindest regards, I am yours very
trulv, F. W. Thornton.
The Henderson Gold Leaf, one of
the best weeklies in the State, has en
tered its ninth year, and celebrated the
event by enlarging to thirty-two col
umns. We extend our congratulations
and best wishes for success. Monroe
Register i
The Henderson Gold Leaf, in en
tering upon its ninth volume, enlarged
to eight columns and presents a hand
some appearance. It contains much
valuable information in regard to Hen-
The Henderson Gold Leaf has en
tered upon its 9th volume greatly en
larged and improved. We congratu
late our esteemed contemporary upon i dersou and an admirable write-up of
Argonaut. ful business men, accompanied by an
EIf I illustration of pimself and his buildings.
! We are glad to know that Thad Man
ning is doing so well with his paper.
- lias moved uxt door to Rowland &
Full line 6taple provisions, such aa
buckwheat, rice, pearl hdinifiy, shread
ed oats, oatmeal, corn starch, Saratoga
chips, mackerel, hams, shoulders and
meats generally. Try a jar of our pre
servesvery nice ; only 25 cents.
The IlendersoH Gold Leaf has be
gun a new volume. It is eight years
old. It is a neat, intelligent, clean, i n -i.. o..
useful, enterprising, faithful weekly, !
an1 loQorV-fia t tin wall cnetainMl THE NAKED
Wilmington Messenger.
i He deserves a fortune, for he has beeu
an exceedingly hard worker. Durham
The Henderson Gold Leaf, of
which Mr. Thad R. Manninir is editor
The Henderson GOLD LEAF has 1 arifl nrnnrietor. rnmis nut in an en-
ir : . :
mi. canning lagged form and now consists of 8 col-
closed its 8th volume
its editor, is a dignified, conservative
man, with high ideas of his profession.
His paper is interesting and its tone is
sincere and pure. Charlotte Times.
: The Henderson Gold Leaf is eight
years old, and celebrated that event
last week by enlarging to an eight col- j
uhm paper. WTe wish this excellent j
paper the greatest success for we are j
always glad to see its bright face. j
Murphy Bulletin. j
It gives us pleasure to note the im
provement in the Henderson Gold
Leaf. It celebrated its 8th birthday
by enlarging to a 32 column paper. It
is one of the best papers in the State
and we wish Bro. Manning still greater
success. Rocky Mount Plain Dealer.
. The Henderson (N. C.) Gold Leaf
has entered upon the ninth year of its
puplication, and is now an eight instead
of a seven-column folio. The Demo
crat desires to congratulate Bro. Man
ning upon his success as a journalist.
Painesville (Ohio) Democrat.
The Henderson Gold Leaf has com
pleted its eighth volume, under the
able management of Bro. Manning. It
deserves the patronage of its people
and we hope it may be such that its ed
itor may never look beyond his sanc
tum confines, to another State to finan
cially better his condition. Tarboro
With last week's issue the Hender
son Gold Leaf entered upon its ninth
year and celebrated the event with an
illustrated number of some of the in
dustries of the town. The Gold Leaf
is a
umns to the page, instead of 7 as here
tofore. We have frequently spoken of
the excellence of the Gold Leaf as a
newspaper, but what we have said has
fallen far below the real merits of the
paper, according to the present styles
of expression. It was always our mis
fortune to be behind the times in the
! use of adjectives, but what we 6ay is
mtended for the naked truth without
abatement the Gold Leaf is an ex
cellent paper, and if Henderson should
at any time lose sight of the fact, it
will be the loser by it. Success to
"Thad" and his good work. Greens
boro Daily Workman.
As Fnrnishcd by Publication Com
miltee Hrlcht Tobacco Farmers
Form a Special Permanent Orgrant
TOxford Day.j
Oxford. N. C. Jan. 11. Ihe conven
tion of the Farmers' Alliance and Indus
trail Union of the bright tobacco belt of
North Carolina and Virginia, met in the
Opera House here at 11 o clock, a. m.
January 9th. and was called to order by
Bro. W. T. Adams, president of the Gran
ville County Alliance. Rev. Dr. R. H. Marsh
offered a prayer. An address of welcome
wa delivered by Hon R. W. Winston on
behalf of the mayor and citizens of Ox
ford, and was responded to by Bro. J. B.
Smith, of Caswell, on behalf of the eon yen
tion. Mr. Winston's speech was very ac
ceotable to the Alliance, and showed him
to be a man of broad and liberal culture
and well informed in regard to the great
evils of monopoly in the days of the past
as well as the future. Bro. Smith's re
sponse was well conceived and to the
point. Adjourned until l:ou . m
An organization was effected by elect
ing tol. George Y llhamson, ot taswell,
N. t;., president : T. i. Allen, ot AlecK-
lenburg, Va., secretary, and T. B. Lind
say. Kockingham. p. C, assistant sec
The convention then went into a com
capital paper, well edited, and is niittee of the whole to admit of a free dis
doing much in building up the mdus- cussion of the tobacco trust. Ajourned
tries ot its section. Progressive Far- at o. p. m
The Gold Leaf now appears in
creased in size to eight columns to the
page, and otherwise improved. We
congratulate Mr. Manning. He is a
Ragland's celebrated tubacco seed are
for sale at Dorsey's drug store.
Has woved next door to Rowland &
Mercurial Poisou.
Mereurv is freouentlv inlndiinnslv
by quack doctors in cases of malarial blood
poison. Its after effect is worse than th
original disease. B. li. B. (Botanio Blood
Balm) contains no mercury, but will elim
inate poisou from the system. Writ to
Blood Balm Co.. Atlanta. Ga.. for book of
convincing proof of its enmtive virtue.
A.t. 15MUOU, Jackson, Tenn, writes: "1
caught malaria in Louisiana, and when the
fever at last broke.my system was saturated
with poison, and 1 had sores in my mouth
and knots ou my tongue. I got two bottles
d. u. is., wiucn nesue.1 mv tontrue and
month and made a new man of me."
Win. Kishmond. Atlanta Ga. writes: Mv
wife could hardly see. Doctors called it
syphilitic iritis, ller eyes were in a dread
ful condition. Her appetite failed. She had
pain in hr joints and bones. Her kidneys
wereaerangea also, and no one thought
she could b cured. Dr Gillam recomended
a. a. is., which she used urml her health
was entirely restored."
K. P. B. Jones, Atlanta, Ga., writes; " I
was troubled with colored erantion. loss
of appttito, pain in back, aching joints, de-
uuiiy, emaciation, loss ot nair, sore throat
and great nervousness. B. B. B. put my sys
tem in fine condition."
It pays to use good seed, no matter what
you are going to plant, and especially so of
tobacco. Recognizing this fact 1 have a
stock of new and fresh tobacco seed direct
from Maj. R. L. Ragland's well known
seed farm, in llalifax county, Va.
The Lens Leaf Gooci, Hester and
the best varieties from which to produce
the finest types of Bright Tobacco, which 19
always wanted and in demand at high
gncca. Ragland's seeds are always the
Henderson, N. C.
Tliat every man, woman and child who
trades in this market, can
By buy ing their foot wear at
Anglea's :-: ShoexStore.
The best and safest tho Indemnity Bonds
offered by J. K. Young.
At Cheatham's drug store you will find
the largest stock and best assortment of
fine pocket cutlery, razors and scissorsin
town. nov. 21.
, An Item of Interest.
The Equitable Assurance Society
closed another year of unprecedented bus
iness success and it will prove to jour ad
vantage to examine its " New Free Tontine
Policy" and "Indemnity Bond." The
latest and best form of insurance and in
vestment. J. R. Young, Agent,
Jan. 2. Henderson, N. U.
Trustee's Laud Sale.
By virtue of the appointment of the Su
perior Court of Vance county, and pursu
ant to the power of sale in the Deed of
Trust from N. M. Norwood and wife to
Henry T. Jordan, trustee, (now deceased)
registered in Deed Book No. 3, page 4(!2, in
the office of the Rogister of Deeds of Vance
county, the undersigned will, on TUES
DAY, FEBRUARY 18th, 1890, it being
the second day of court week, at 12 o'clock
m.. at the court house door, in Henderson,
N. C, sell at public auction, to the highest
bidder, the land oescrioed in said Deed in
Trust, it being (275) two hundred and sev
enty-five acres, in Townesville township,
adjoining the lands of Dr. Alfred Plummet-
and Col. T. L. Hargrove on the South,
lhomas Newton on the West, JXutbush
creek on the East and the Virginia State
line on the North. Terms one half cash
and balance on a credit of twelve months,
with interest from date of sale at 8 per
cent. Wit. A. tiUTHKlr;,
Jan. 16 5 o. 'trustee
The largest assortment from which n
select, and tha lest goods for the least
money always. New stock Just in. Pro
mote your comfort and preserve your
health, by calling at our store and pur
chasing from our largo and seasonable line
oi cnoice selections in
All that you mav need, for vourself or
family, in our line. Our stock consists of
the choicest of goods and latest styles.
from the very best manufacturers, and em
braces all grades ; and our facilities for
getting goods are such that we cannot be
undersold. We guarantee satisfaction to
11 our custorattrs. A full line ot
rents' Farnlslilng Gds, Trunks, Yallscs,
Umbrellas, &e. Believing 1 can save mv
customers money I respectfully ask them
to call and see me. Mr. li. L. Green will
be pleased to see his friends.
Jan lie. Henderson, N. O.
The convention re-assembled at 6:30
p. m. The following Dy-iaws ana declar
ations were adopted for permanent organization:
Profoundly impressed with the impor
tance of protecting the tobacco interest,
we, the members of the Farmers' Alliance
anrl Tniiaf rln.l TTTiinn nf tha TliMrrhr. T'n-
most capable editor, earnest, untiring bacco Belt of North Carolina and Virgin-
and effective in promoting the interest ia, in convention assembled, resolve,
of Henderson, and his paper deserves 1st. To labor together for the mutual
the fullest measure of success. Oxford benefit of the tobacco grower,
With its issue of Dec. 19, the Hen'
derson Gcld Leaf entered upon its
ninth year, and celebrated the event
with an illustrated number of some of
the industries of that town. The Gold
Leaf is a capital paper, well edited,
and is doing much in building up the
industries of the section in which it is
published. It is deserving of and en
titled to liberal support. Wilmington
2nd. Realizing the importance of
unity we pledge ourselves to stand together.
3rd. That we will use every means m
our power to deieat the purpose oi any
combination that operates to depreciate
the price of leaf tobacco.
4th. This organization shall be known
as the Bright Tobacco Farmers' Alliance
and Industrial Union of the UnitedStates.
5th. That this Union shall becomposed
of three delegates from each county com
posing the Union.
1 hecoramittee on resolutions onerea tne
do now can
Resolved, 1st. That we do now
upon every citizen of our common coun
one of the brightest, spiciest and try to unite with us in our efforts to hurl
from their seats in the halls of our State
and National Legislatures all traitors to
our liberties and industrial interests inal
ienably guaranteed to us by the founders
of ourgovernment.and to nil their places
with servants who will respect the laws ot
The Henderson Gold Leaf, one of
the brightest, spiciest and most read'
able papers in the State, in entering
upon its ninth year, has been enlarged I our country and the rights and liberties
and ntherwiso imnroved. Wp. reioice I of its people.
1 I , nrw - r 11
at this evidence of prosperity, for it is na. inatwe tuny approve uiuuueu-
indeed a most admirable paper, and is aree au d mwoaucea m congress ior
eauea oyone ox tne oesi ami uBl representatives from North Carolina and
ueancu piiiia tuai, cva incu. r, Virginia regardless of party interest, to
Mirror. i ureas the same to an earlv Dassage.
3rd. That we do most heartily endorse
At n.4in.. sf 4-t,A C4 T.sniti nAnrantlAn
ine iienaerson uold leaf, xuaaiin Hrn,1 t 011h-Trennrv ntem
Fayetteville, N. C, Jan. 1. 1890. Manning s spienuiu paper, never uut i Uere follows that system which it is un-
F W. Thornton Esq.: I mings oy naives. j.i ceieoraieu me i necessary to repeat.j
nrlDSm--Ynni- to irind letter, no- besrinning oi its ninin volume v;nrisi-1 frioay morning session
Amnr.ri hv ho oWfl.nr crild-hendpd i mns week, and at the same time en-1 The Friday morning session opened at
walkinor stick which you present to me as Harired from a seven to an eight column 1 9 o'clock. After reading minutes, of pre-
a. " token of kindly regard and apprecia-1 mnlr There is nn naner we would vious day, the election of officers lor per-
tion of services faithful y rendered, has . rejoice more over its prosperity th
ueeii ittcivni. aimo iwuv.., v.., . , nnT -n T , anrl If. ore ia not. a.
l - J.I.- 1 t Aha- I frl . VJViJ' JiJ'11 , .uv "
l10.:""r deserving paper.- Greenville Re-
M VsI I 11 n. i:f llllM.IIUll LUQL ajua
manent organization occurred, with the
Branson :-: House,
Raleigh, N. C,
Near the Canitol Snuare and in a most
pleasant part ot the city, transient noara
at Sl.50 per day.
Order Branson's N. C. Directory for '90.
PRICE $5.00.
Boom 31. Branson House.
lialeigh. N.C. ,
ValnaWe Town Property for Sale
I have in hand, for sale, two town lots
fronting 23 feet on Garnett street and run
ning back 125 leet: one lot ironnng via
feet on Montgomery street and running
back 100 feet : one lot. next to Harris' law
office building, fronting 20 feet on Young
street and running back 4(3 feet : one lot
fronting 96 feet on Young -street and
running back 163 feet ; also oie lot front
ing 190 feet on Young street on which is
situate the Henderson Uotcl. The two lots
on Garnett street are near building used
for fire engine aed Mayor's office. For
terms and further particulars, apply to
Jan. 2-4 o. Attorney.
W. W. PARKER, Druggist,
Dealer In
Hail Brushes,
Hair, Tooth and
Cigars, &c.
Prescriptions Carefnlly ComponndBd
At all hours, day or night,
dec. 19-3 1.1
JEWELER e ; e. HI6HT, O"1""
(Sign of the big watch.)
fry Our Crystalline 01b
Near-sigM, Weak Eyes, Old Sight, &c.
The Crystalline Glasses are the verv
best that money can buy. They
Improve, Strengthen Preserve
the sight, thereby resting the optic turves
ana preventing neaaacue. liieir durabil
ity is pre-eminent, and while they preserve
the sight, their lasting qualities are such
that frequent changing is unnecessary.
iney comer a brilliancy and a distinctness
of vision, with an amount of easo and com
fort not hitherto enjoyed by spectacle
Every Pair Warranted
353. ZEi. HIGHT.
What's the Matter
pleasant to me during a number of years I pector.
Wishing you a continuance of the pros
perity that has alwaysaccompaniedyour
efforts, I am yours truly,
Mr. Daingerfield's fellow-salesmen
also bestowed upon him a handsome
testimonial an ornately finished case
of carving-knife, fork, etc. eliciting rfinceasingly for the upbuilding of Hen
the following correspondence
Mr. A. B. Ikivnqerficld:
Dear Sir: Your friends and fellow
salesmen beg that you will accept this
little testimonial of their very high es
teem and appreciation. While they re
gret exceedingly that you are no longer
with them, they sincerely hope that you
will find your duties in your new home as
pleasant as their recollection of your as
sociation with them will always remain.
Wishing you a happy New Year, we are,
Very truly your friends,
J. McK. Woodward, Isaac Jessup,
Ralph Jessup, I. Overbaugh, J. A. Vann,
Geo. B. Underwood, I. B. Hawley, B. C.
Gorham.W. S. MeRae, A. D. McMillan, J.
F. Johnson, W. F. Campbell, E. EGor
ham, W. Cf. Hall, J. E. Hawley, Willie
Glover, Gordon Jessup, A. G. Harrell.
Fayetteville, N. C, Jan. 1, 1890.
My Dear Friends : It is only once in
i a man's lifetime that he is permitted to.
' eniov so hamrv a New Year's day as your
It is earnestly urged on the part of i kindly act has made this for me. Your
the Countv Board of Education that ! elecrant nresent was beautiful, and I will
the people of the county and especially ! often think of and wish for each one of
the citizens of Henderson become in-! yu "ha ith me m Christmas tur
trested in th Pntemris nd riv iw ; key. The kind autograph note will be
t tr -el- , ... 'treasured up as one of my most valued
Mclver, Maj. Finger.and other visitors io Pand often rrferred to with
who may attend such a reception that fieasureforitemanv assurances of friend-
wucu mcy tcave xieuuerson ana v ance ship and regard.
county, tber may feel that they leave I can assure you all that it is with ex
the educatoiual interest of the rising ceeding regret that I sever an association
generation of our commonwealth in the which has at all times been made so
Dleasant br many acts of kindness by
people, and one that will not let their 4J!5L5!Z2!J- fSS th&
efforts among them be unfruitful. J j am yotlr8 Bir;cerelv,
Respectfully, a. B. Daingerfield.
L. R. CroCKEB, County Supt. ' To J. McK. Woodward, and others.
The Henderson Gold Leaf is eight j
years old. and has been eniargea to an
eurht column folio. Mr. lhad K. Man
ning,' who, by the way, is one of the
besL editors in the State, has labored
derson and Vance county, and we are
glad, to sec that its appreciative citi
zens recognize the good he has done by
giving the Gold Leaf their substan
tial support. We have none but Kind
wishes for its future success. Golds-
boro Headlight.
OXE OF the livest and best WEEK
The Henderson Gold Leaf recently
entered upon its 9th volume. Brother
Manning gives the people of his town
and county one of the livest and best ka qi aad nair purjner, a
weeklies in North Carolina. His ef- preparation which is endorsed by many
forts have been ceaseless for eight long of the best citizens who have used it, by
years for the interest of Henderson and way of inducing others to try it also, has
I . nannis nnrl we nr trratified to see' hit upon the following idea: He haa
his naner nrosnering and doing so well. Placed his preparation on sale at Dor-
President W. C. Johnston, of Boyd-
ton, Mecklenburg-county, Va.
Vice FresidenV-U. K. Scott.ol Chat
ham, N . C.
Secretary T. Y.Allen, of blnpwith,
Mecklenburg county, Va
Chaplain llev. Dr. It. 11. Marsn, oi
Oxford. N.C.
This resolution, offered by the delegates
from Stokes, Rowan and Vance counties,
was adopted :
Resulted. That it is the sense of thi bodr
that it ia for the good of the order and
the advancement of our cause that all
AUiancemen patronize Alliance co-opera
tive warehouses and factories as estab
lished or may be established in the differ
ent tobacco markets.
Theconvention'adjourned at 1 p. m.,
subject to call of the president. The "del
egates returned to their homes fully sat
isfied that the work of the convention
ill result in much good to the Alliance
and all industrial classes.
Tch&uce to Uia Fine Gold Uiog.
Prof. H. H. Bell, proprietor of the Eu-
T rrnrr mv it live and with much good . rU? B"?re. an.
LUCCl 1V1 1 1.-7 UAI'I "V .jvv..-..- I
Ktck Democrat.
with each bottle
a card with a
pumber on it. One of these numbers
will correspond with the number on a
3 - i j: JS ? l-.' L
A CBEDIT TO ITS OWNER AND ITS I nauumjuw mi-tiuuc 1. ij
,,. i will i Mi given an a prize w me uuiuct ui
i" I th lnckv number. The rinir is a beauti-
Thad Manning has been and gone frij and costly one. and the person who
and done it again. His valuable paper, gets it will get a prize sure enough. It
the Gold Leaf, is now a handsome can be seen by calling at Dorsey' drug
eiht column folio, and is a credit to its store. Announcement of the time of
owner and its town. Thad Manning is opening the ticket will be made in the
uold L.EAF later.
James H. Williams,
Township Constable,
Having been appointed and qualified as
Constable of Henderson township, I de
sire to announce that all business placed
in my hands will receive prompt and faith
ful attention. Collections a specialty.
Prompt remittances. dec. 19-3 1.
Boys ani Youna Men !
Location excellent ; instruction thorough;
nriees low (board cicht dollars) ; morals
strictly guarded. Address
L. W. B AGLEY, A. B.,
Oh, he's all
CimtlfriBCl UL
a born, newspaper man, and his love
for the profession will no doubt cause
... .. " li -I The hi?h oosition attained and the uni
on this evwence oi success wnicn w Tersl acceptance and approval of the
wen aeservea as it m ccnaiu auu wo i pleasant liqui iruii remedy avjup oi rigs,
tnru th anru ;tizAnn nf Henderson I tha most excellent laxative known, il-
ii -.. - j v ii. n t . I limtmt the value of the Qualities on which
wmsiauu uy iuc uuii- iam chu v- - "" , X .M .K.,nr.ti
ter in the future than they have done eratifyine to the California Fig Syrup
u 111- JJaoi. rr Hv - w o VVUJMUJ.
Casl Capital, - - $4,000,000
Losses paid In 71 yrs, oier $64,000,000
City of Chicago,
City of Boston,
. 1,000,000
HendersonN. C-
right, and
Is still sailing
Suff,' Coffee, Molasses, Sot,
Cleese, Butter, Gates, Crarters,
Country and Canvassed Hams. Breakfast
Strips, Mackerel, North Carolina Corned
uernngs, Met, Meal, Lard. Also a fall
line of
Hats; Notions, Tobacco' Cigars, Ssnff,
Farmers' Supplies
My prices are low, and 1 can save raeney
to those who deal with me. Buying In ear
load lots Flour, Meal, Meat, bait. May,
Grain, Bran, Shipstuff, ice., I get my goooa
cheap and sell correspondingly low.
Salesmen: C. W. Williams aad 3.
Walter Hight.
Opposite Cooper's Wavebeuse,
Uwderaoo, N. O.

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