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A X HIT o n
Will Bo One of the Grandest
Shows of the Age.
The Gato City or the South Is Now Mak
ing Active reparations for the Cot
ton States and International
Every day brings clearer evidence of
the fact that the Cotton States and In
ternational exposition to be held at At
lanta September 13 to December 31
will, indeed, be international in its
scope of usefulness and interest. The
proud and dauntless Gate City of the
South will come to the front with one
of the greatest expositions of the age.
A glance far over the area of Pied
mont park , all graded and terraced and
dotted vith foundations for the hand
some buildings now ia course of con
struction; a survey of one hundred and
cightv-nine acres of land fairly growing
into u, garden of loveliness, with a
glimpse of the splendid building going
up in the name of the national govern
ment on one of the highest elevations,
overlooking a dozen other handsome
structures scattered here and there
amid the rising hills and sunny slopes;
a view of the spacious avenues, all
1 paved in crushed limestone, and of the
lake whose waters cover thirty acres
and touch the threshold of all the main
buildings throughout the park these,
with a knowledge of the efforts being
put forth by all the great nations of the
civilized world for comprehensive ex
hibits, are quite sufficient to show how
great a mistake it is to fancy that the
Cotton States and International exposi
tion has been built upon a trifling plan.
The site selected for the Atlanta ex
position is a natural amphitheatre, two
miles or so from the center of the city
and in the direction that the wealthy
folk aro following in choosing their
building sites.
Peaehtree street is the fashionable
thoroughfare, and for a mile or more is
lined on either side with fine houses.
Some of them ure set in the midst of
handsome grounds, which is no idle
thing in this southern country, where
the soil does not encourage landscape
gardening and the hot summer sun
burns out the grass roots. The gov
ernors mansion occupies a sightly cor
ner and is a spacious structure of brick;
but the hotels and shops and boarding
houses are treading closely on its heels,
and its most noteworthy neighbors
now are the capitol club and an old
fashioned frame structure with a por-
rf lmr. slim pillars, in which Gen.
Sherman resided when he
visited the I
1 5y
city in 1H01. It is a boarding bouse
Peaehtree street is decorated by a
trolley, which turns oiT at the right
after the line houses are passed, and
heads down a broad highway to Pied
mont park. It is the only means of
reaching the exposition grounds at
present, but there will be half a dozen
street-car lines to the gates before Sep
tember, and the Southern railway,
whose tracks pass the grounds, expects
to furnish all the transportation needed
for a five-cent fare. Piedmont park
was an old fair ground and race track,
and there was an exposition there also
in 1SSS, which President Cleveland
opened with some ceremony. It is a
pit or a pocket in the hills, but the
steep bluffs are being shoveled away
d graded down by a lot of eonviots,
China must pay Japan a war in
demnity of $2SS,Soo,ooo Mexican
silver dollars.
Some people have
than character.
more reputation
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wno wear flannel Knifa nt iU vi
and white stripes, and have their legs
chained together so that they cannot
run away. With every gang of labor- !
ers is a guard, carrying a rifle as an in-
for them to behave them-
The bottom of the amphitheater is
being excavated for a lake of thirty
acres, winding around among the build
ings in serpentine fashion. It will be
covered with electric launches and gon
dolas. There are to be a dozen great
buildings, pictures of which appear
with this article. The Manufactures
building is 218 by 3$0 feet, the
Transportation building 12d by 418 and
the Art gallery ioo by 345. The women.
have a building to themselves 100 by
220 feet, and the negroes likewise 100
by 300 feet in size. The designs of most
of them are artistic, and several are in-1
tended to be permanent.
Promises to t as Interesting aa Was
the Chicago Display.
In view of recent diplomatic squab
bles the exhibit of the state depart
ment at Atlanta will be particularly in
teresting. It will be divided into two
groups: First, the history of the
United States; second, the workings of
the state department. Under the first
group will be presented such historic
relics as the Declaration of Independ
ence, in fac-slmile, the original docu
ment being too far decayed to be re
moved, a portrait of Thomas Jefferson'
the desk upon which he wrote the Dee,
laration of Independence, his papers,'
notes, memoranda, etc., a photograph
of Monticello, Jefferson's home. A not
able feature will be the photographs
of the signers of the Declaration of In
dependence this will be the most
complete set ever shown Franklin's
writings, Peel's portrait of Washing
ton, the treaty of alliance and friend
ship with France, and other historical
relics of like nature. Under the period
of the constitution will be exhibited
photographic copies of original docu
ments" and of the f ramers of that in
strument; explanatory maps showing
to n-rowth of the representation of
the United States abroad; the treaty of
the purchase of Louisiana; the treaty
of peace with Great Britain; the
treaty with Spain for Florida; the
treaty with Mexico when Texas
was admitted as a state, and
the treaty with Russia when Alaska
was purchased. These will be accom
panied by Washington's first procla
mation, Jefferson's proclamation an
nexing Louisiana, the nullification
proclamation, the emancipation proc
lamation and the seal of the United
States; sample written instructions to
diplomatic officers; letters of the presi
dent to the heads of foreign gov
ernments; documents of the consular
service, and consular regulations, ar
chives, rolls, libraries, accounts, stat
utes, commissions, pardons and pass
ports will be shown in the proper man
ner In addition will be displayed let
ters from the heads of foreign govern
ments from Louis, king of France,
acknovledging receipt of the letter, re
calling Thomas Jefferson as minister to
France December 11, 1700; a letter from
Napoleon Bonaparte, announcing his
marriage to Princess Marie Louise,
April 5, 1S10; from Victoria, queen
of England and empress of India, an
nouncing the birth of the prince of
Wales, and other letters of like char
acter. The department will also ex
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Hood's Pills have won high praise for
their prompt and effective yet easy action.
Many a man's religion is nothing
more than a set of notions.
hlbit a collection of dmirinmi nf the
ministers of foreign affairs and the
secretaries of state from 1781 to 1693,
thirty - five in all, and -fifteen oil paint
lns 01 secretaries of state.
There was probably no exhibit at the
world's fair which attracted more wide
spread interest than the exhibit of the
United States fish commission. The ex
hibit of this commission at Atlanta
will be even more complete and inter
esting. The space allotted to the ex
hibit is in the southwest corner of the
Government building, and its area is
upwards of eight thousand square feet.
The aquarium tanks will be arranged
in a grotto, with aisles lighted from
the water. The scientific investiga-
t.ifin a iff 4Tia AAmmiocmn 1 Va Ulna.
trated by casts of fish and other an-
imals colored from life; collections of
sponges, oysters, and other shell fish,
crabs, lobsters and shrimp, corals, sea
lilies, sea pans and numerous others
brought up by the dredging and
trowling apparatus of the vessels of
the commission. This apparatus will
also be shown. In addition to sea fish
the numerous and beautiful fresh-water
game and food fishes of the south will
be shown.
j The bureau of forestry will exhibit
! its work in the line of the introduction
of useful trees to suitable localities,
the system of orchard protection by
planting surrounding forests and
hedges, the method of stopping the in
roads of sand along the coast by the
planting of grasses and trees, and the
replacing of forests that have been de
stroyed by ignorant and unskilled for
estry. The windows of the exhibit will
be utilized by substituting for bare
glass transparencies, showing a series
of views of the most important timber
trees, surrounded by transparencies of
the leading sawmill establishments of
the south. The usual complement of
exhaustive maps, statistical tables, and
so on, will be shown.
The exhibit of the navy department
will be very complete. Large and com
plete models of many of the ships of
our navy from the beginning of the
jo B & ,
century to thepresent time will be ex
hibited, together with some models of
ships of an earlier period. These models
will enable the spectator to see the
changes in the designs and arrange
ments of men-of-war from the time of
the Spanish Armada to those of Trafal
gar, from Trafalgar to our war of 1812,
hence to the wooden steam frigates
that bombarded Sebostopol, the moni
tors of our late war, until at last we
reach the huge ironclad monsters of
the present day. A torpedo boat be
longing to the armed cruiser "Maine"
will also be exhibited.
The exhibit of the war department
will be one of great past as well as fu
ture historic interest. In addition to a
full exhibition of all modern war equip
ments there will be exhibitions of arms
and accoutrements used by the United
States armies from the beginning of its
history. The exhibit will be very full
in every detail, including small arms,
cannon, rapid-fire guns, the equipments,
of the commissary and ambulance corps,
signal service corps, ordnance depart
ment and all the other branches of the
service. Many historic relics will be
exhibited, and the present equipment
of the army will be fully exhibited
The experience of every county that
has ever tried the experiment of county
convict road building has found it to
be an immense success. Charlotte
The poorest man is not the one that
has the least, but the one who wants
the most.
i' i ! "i " y 1 1 1 iK ) i
Man j
Your Old Chicago Friend. Win
Locate There.
Imagine a street one-third of a mile
long, with a continuous frontage of
picturesque structures on either side.
The street begins at the lowest point of
Piedmont avenue, and ascends the hill
toward Bleckley avenue, making a
long curve until it reaches Jackson
street. In the foreground will be the
Mexican village, the Guatemala vil
lage, the Oriental village, the Dahomey
colony, the Esquimau village and the
wigwams of the northwest Indians.
Passing these, the Scenic railroad, with
its undulating surface and at the far
end a long cavernous inclosure,
shrouded in darkness, and only lit on
alternate trips of the car, and at such
times for an instant only the dazzling
effects of the electric light show hun
dreds of scintillating points, icicles,
stalactites and stalagmites, and further
on a reflection from the sunlight in the
deep gorge of the3rand Canyon of the
Colorado. This dazzling spectacle is
made all the more effective by the in
stantaneousness with which it con
fronts the eye.
On the other side of the street appear
in quick succession Hagenback's arena
of trained wild animals, inside of
which the visitor may see an elephant
actually riding a bicycle, lions holding
hoops for horses to jump through, and
other spectacles equally marvelous
Attached to this is a house one hun
dred feet square, inhabited by seven
hundred and forty monkeys, represent
ing almost every known species.
Passing along, the Ostrich farm, the
Palace of Elusions, the Mystic Maze,
the South Sea islanders, the Chinese
village and the Japanese gardens ap
pear in succession. The grand culmina
tion of the amusement features at the
end of the street is Buffalo Bill's Wild
West show.
The Oriental village will be produced
by Mr. Nageeb J. Arbeely, of New
York, a distinguished Syrian educated
at Beyroot, and for some years a resi
dent of this country, who is editor and
publisher of the Arabic newspapers
Kawkab America (Star of America).,
Mr. Arbeely has already closed con
tracts with a number of oriental mer
chants who will offer their wares in"
the different villages. The little com
munity will be peopled by natives from
Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Syria and
The American villages from Mexico,
Guatemala and other localities will be
verv carefully reproduced, and will
contain much of ethnological interest.
In the Mexican village, for instance,
will be shown photographs of bas-reliefs
taken from the famous ruins of
Palenque. Among these relics will be
a bas-relief of a cross, which far ante
dates the advent of Columbus, showing
that the Toltecs must have had some
commerce with Europeans in the early
In the Guatemala village the musical
stones, peculiar to that country, will
be exhibited. These stones emit tones
when struck, and, by a proper grada
tion of size, the scale is formed. In this
way a kind of music, not nnlike that of
the xylophone, is produced.
The Indian village will be produced
by a Licensed Indian trader, who enjoy
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Dr. Miles' Pain Pills, "One cent a dose."
the confidence of the government, and
who has had exceptional Advantages for
becoming acquainted with the Indian
tribes and a thorough knowledge of
their character and habits. A very rare
exhibit of their embroidered work and
bead work of Indian handicraft will be
The German village will be typical of
that country. A German military band
will be constantly on hand, playing
classic and popular music, interspersed
with the national airs of their country.
It will be a characteristic reproduction
of the German gardens and music halls
of the fatherland, and onee Inside the
visitor will imagine himself in some
quaint old gabled town along the It nine.
In addition to all these attractions,
which are assured, negotiations are in
progress looking to concessions for
many other picturesque and novol
features, which will further heighten
the interest and enhance the charm of
the amusement department of the ex
position. THE HEX AT THE HEAD.
Qualified by Kxperianc to Mu(e
Omt Katarprla.
The promoters of the exposition are
the leading men of finance in the south.
President C. A. Collier, so well known
as the head official of the Capital City
bank, of Atlanta, has entered into the
work of guiding the affairs of the ex
position with great spirit and en
thusiasm, and to his excellent manage
ment and direction is duo in a large
measure the success already assured.
He is ably assisted by Edmund A. Fel
der, who was prominently connected
with the world's fair and the midwin
ter exposition at San Francisco; J. R.
Lewis, secretary; A. L. Kontz, treas
urer; Alexander W. Smith, auditor;
Grant Wilkins, chief engineer; S. M.
Inman, chairman of the finance com
mittee; J. W. English, chairman of the
executive committee, and W. Q. Cooper,
commissioner of the department of pub
licity and promotion.
The financial resources of the exposi
tion are thus stated:
Local subscriptions SSS.OIO
City Doroprlatlon 74,000
Space (estlmfttedj 109.000
Bond "... 800.000
Oats receipts over bonds (estimated) . 1,000.000
Light, power, etc 25.003
Concesslonslres. 200.000
Grounds and Improvements. 285,000
Managed by such men, and backed
by a capital of 12,000,000, it is not diffi-
cult to estimate the great importance
of the exposition in the south this year
as a commercial factor. All of the
southern republics prominent in the
affairs of the world's commerce, such
as Mexico, Venezuela, the Argentine
Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and
ethers, have already signified their ac
ceptance of the invitation to bring
handsome exhibits, and commissioners
have been sent to Brazil, Chili, Peru,
Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Craguay,
Salvador, Costa Rica, and other powers
of South America, to enlist their cooper
ation also.
TV.. P.nronean irovernmenta are tak
ing a lively interest in the exposition
also, and it is certain that many of
them will have displays on the grounds.
Wages are being raised in all the
big manufacturing establishments all
over the country and better times are
coming on a pace.
There is more help in an ounce of
encouragement than there is in a ton
of good advice.
. l gR h J p?T ci i-32 5s gffifr L
The Kxpeettoa WIU Give Atlanta a Oram
The question of providing for the
crowds which will be at Atlanta next
fall is the most difficult which now con
fronts the exposition management. At
lanta is a city of 108,000 people, by
house to house count, and by next Sep
tember it is expected that there will be
125,000 here. In the days of the Pied
mont expositions, the attendance has
reached above 60,000. That was on
president's day in 1887, when between
60,000 and 00,000 passed through the
gates. Since that time Atlanta has
more than doubled her population, and i
the attraction of this year will be of !
more than twenty times the magnitude,
so that the crowd from the outside
must be more than double any which
has ever visited Atlanta. It is a con
servative estimate, therefore, to say
that the crowd at the Cotton States
and International exposition will reach
100,000 on great days. The problem is
for 125,000 to take care of 100,000 visit
ors. Negotiations are now in progress
fer the erection of several largo hotels
of the first class, which, with those al
ready there, will accommodate several
thousand visitors. It is proposed also
to erect near the grounds several large
hotels of a more temporary character.
Still another plan Is to erect a large
number of flats which can be used aft
er the exposition is over, to accommo
date the new population which Is ex
pected to come into the city in 1890.
These structures, being located in the
vicinity of the exposition grounds, will
have the benefit of more ample street
car facilities than any other part of the
Five lines will lead direct to that
portion of Atlanta, and will make these
new residence buildings among the
most desirable in the whole of Atlanta's
territory. They will also offer inviting
quarters to the new population and will
stimulate the influx.
Many of Them Were Camped la Plad.
moot Park.
A lot of Sherman s bummers" were
camped in Piedmont park, where the
exposition will be held, for several
months, and from the bluf's that sur
round it the city of Atlanta was
shelled. There are a lot of trenches
Btlll remaining within the exposition
grounds which the Yanks threw up for
their protection. I do not know of any
thine, savs William L- Curtis, tnat
would anneal more strongly to the old
soldiers that are going to Atlanta from
the north than the sandy beds they
slept in while they were marching
through Georgia. And there will be a
great deal of that sort of patronage, it
is safe to say.
The Chattanooga and Chickamauga
battlefield parks are going to be ded
icated September 19, and thousands of
the veterans of the armies of the Ten
nessee, the Cumberland and the Ohio
are coming to witness the ceremonies.
Many will go on to Atlanta to see the
m ,!J Vila raliinc', are to
iuc l""'UL".': '"7 " . .j
open the exposition September 18 ana ,
go to Chattanooga tne same nignt. j
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