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Constantly at U Brings Success.
-.S m
r.cw business;
,.. pn oM business;
KrstkV'ny a dull business;
- , viVhS jn lost business;
"KESCOK'.fling business:
S"liS success in any business.
a large business;
. .udiciously,'
HKN v aaKe newspaper.
r:'.:v th
use the columns
LEAF. A pro-
it circulates
ani adjoining
-..t Vance
throuB -- and
an inL ?. crrkin? and
."-. j. it wen w"1 "
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- --(MM 4r,l XOO 1200
",.mii ;ooii ino lr.oo
4ii sootiitooj imoo
-,, -' "ooiir.oo aooo
nm lOOOHKOOj U400
,'- -no 11 OOIUOOOI 28 OO
s-.o i.-ooi-'r.oo oo
',, i Mio -'OOOUOOO 7000
i 1 ,lri) jr,iMl;:.''"i
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oo .;.-, noiioooo
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i I t!
til t' !.' published
.,.-r must "e ,,,r
:, t iint! for shorter lime
i. . j-. ciiisnnT ii uiii
' , rendered iialt rly
;;,;,.;, pnl!ifhed for a
'.' !,''.'''.'.-. to H(..ear iiinong
,1 1,1- liHW'l 1" eeiui.
. ..i.i ...... line.
'i ill.llll'l ! ClMll I'"
, tii.-i--iiflr.
i.u i.ts, such its ii.lmini.-,-,i.,r-.'
notices, commission-
--til-;, summons to "on
II i.p Hiurged for ul rates
, ,,( when trey exoe.-o
1 ...l.V ..l...nuUl.
(!, Ill Will" "-" "
lix our own
I,.- I'AIO r OK
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ilnl.l t.
.-.1 1
:,i,.l I I"' '
,,t. In ''
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. !.,r I li
,,.tii,ii is small iinu
lake risks or wait the.
1" !''.'. ,
dlllUOIIH .11 nn"i
;,l the rate of one
u, must afitompiiny
.;(S,.S wli.-re fi lends and
ruiieenied no -bar!e
'lir-i ti n lines about 75
ii.t cm e.llnii that, in
Hhen a man isdrowniug, aline ofteu
saves him. Similarly, when a mer
chant's trade is at a very low ebb, a
line in a widely read paper is often the
first means toward bnsiuess revival.
Printers Ink.
Beggars and tramps are becoming
entirely too numerous. Men who wilU
ingly work every day to feed and
clothe themselves and families Bhould
not be made to support the able-bodied
tramps and beggars who are abroad in
the land.
Cotton factories built on the install
ment plan has succeeded elsewhere,
and with every advantage there is no
reason why such an enterprise, no
matte how secured, would not
here also. Can we not have the
ton factory ?
.,;, r-oii ! gS No.tr.Il,
. I . Ac A. 31.
. , t '1ui-m;!s in each month at
tliii.l' Tuesday nights at
i;,.r. Mall.
A rcli
II. n.brsoii
1 lniir, Itoyal
. c.iiiil and;tourth Tuesdays in
,,t M a. in.
It" . - L'.
' 1
' -.
ov Trices
Lime Laths, Shingles,
s and Windows, call on
Greensboro is entertaining the edi
tors this week. That the City of
r lowers will treat the pencil men
so handsomely as to make them want
to go there again is evident from the
program arranged lor their entertain
ment and pleasure.
Attention is called to a card announc
ing the opening, on August 20th, of the
Littleton High School and Business
Institute. Prof. liagley, its principle,
has met with high and deserved success
as an instructor in the past, and the
school has our best wishes for the
Mrs. Virginia II. Watkins, of Rich
mond, Va., -gives notice elsewhere of
having qualified as executrix of the
estate of the late Charles Watkins.
All persons holding claims against the
estate are notified to present the same
before July 10th, 1896, and all indebted
to said estate are asked to make imme
diate payment.
This from an exchange contains
more truth than poetry: When a man
has to curtail expenses the first thing
lie iunnis on is the town newenaner
the organ that devotes its lime and en
ergies to the upbuilding of the town in
which it is published. But when it
comes to economizing they forget the
free advertising it does for said town,
and the local paper is- the first to feel
the effects of ecouomy('r')
An exchange gives the following
recipe for making scaudal, which some
folks kuow too well how to do already:
Take one grain of falsehood, a handful
runabout, of same quantity of limber
tongue, six sprigs of backbite and a
spoonful of " don't tell it." Add a few
drops of envy and a little discontent
and jealousy, strain it through a bag of
misconstruction, cork it in a meddle
some bottle, hang it on a skein of
street yarn and shake it well before
Mr. ltichard Marstou has employed
his versatile pen in a new direction,
running into poetry. This may be a
surprise to his friends, but we will
vouch for its beius a meritorious bit of
rhyme. It is a reply to some Hues
entitled "Dear Husband, Come Home,"
published in the Gold Leaf June
27th, and is supposed to be the lan
guage and sentiment of a member of
the last North Carolina Legislature.
We will publish it next week. Don't
fail to read it you'll enjoy it, we are
Boys, don't be idlers. If you have
no regular employment take up some
study and read good, healthy books,
but do not loaf about the streets in the
company of idle, shiftless and vicious
companions. There are more boys
ruined by evil associates than through
inherited criminality. Bad company
tends to blunt the finer feelings, cor
rupt the morals, and invariably brings
the innocent to look upon wrong with
itwlilVerence. When a boy gets to this
stage he is at the critical point of his
life. Exchange.
Wherein We Take Our Leave.
The editor packed his collar box and
left town Tuesday.
He chose the day time fcr his going
and by so doing avoided any suspicions
concerning his movements.
His departure was not generally
known, however, which accounts for
thebsence of brass bands, military
and prominent citizens at the train to
see him off.
Some men leave town for the town's
good, but he goes for his own good
He has gone to Greensboro to meet
his brethren of the State Press who
hold their annual conclave among the
cultured and hospitable people of the
City of Flowers this week.
From there he will go to Morehead
and listen to what the wild waves are
saying and incidentally acquaint
himself with the fare of the Atlantic
Mucli as he may need rest and
change, a dearth of "change" about
him will make his stay necessarily
It requires great sacrifice to tear
himself away from the sacred precincts
of Henderson, home, and minding
the baby, but he will try to stand the
painful ordeal as he hopes his friends
will do until he returns.
The paper is left in good hands and
they are not the sheriff's. He does
this because he has no desire to take it
with him, one of his principal reasons
for leaving being to get rid of it
for a short while at least.
lie sincerely hopes things will run
smoothly during his absence and that
Ma)ror Southerland will not be com
pelled to call on the police to disperse
any mobs. In that event Henderson's
"hnest" might get their new uniforms
messed up.
Any donations of houses and lots,
carriages and horses, or other evi
dences of loving regard may be left at
the office with the man in charge. He
will also cheerfully receipt for all
money paid as well as accommodate in
dividuals who call to whip the editor.
Unlike the Father of his Country
who gave his people a farewell address,
the father of the Gold Leaf only
gives his an au revoir.
University Catalogue.
The University catalogue for 1894-95
shows 471 students, as follows: 317 in
the College, 78 in the Law School, 26
in the Medical School and 59 in the
Summer School for Teachers. The
faculty embraces " 35 professors and
instructors. The catalogue contains
114 pages, is carefully indexed and
gives full information about the Uni
versity. Write for copy to President
Winston, Chapel Hill, N. C.
Rheumatism, neuralgia, pains in the
baek or side, stiff neek, sore throat,
tonsilitis, diphtheria, cramps and eolie
instantly relieved by Johnson's Magnetic
Oil. Large bottles, 25 and 50 ets. Melville
Horsey, druggist, Henderson. N. C
Any one wishing a bill of lomber cut
cheap, in small or large quantities, will
leave orders at the coal yard. I am
prepared to do it on short notice.
A Thought for the Day.
The best things iu the world do uot
come to us ready made. Truth must
be searched for with patient toil.
Beauty must be wrought out with
painstaking devotion. Food and rai
ment roust be wrested from the furrow
and woven in the loom. And all our
social and political institutions must be
fought for on the field of battle, defen
ded in the forum, and vindicated in the
courts. Even our religious faith must
be thought out anew in the soul-con
flicts of each generation, or they become
mere forms of words, devoid of life and
power. William DeWitt Hyde.
To Young Men.
There are a ereat many vouug men
iu this world nice young men who
are coming ou to take the places of
the older ones. They are coming ou
rapidly, too.
Young man, hear a word. Learn to
walk before you try to prance. Don't
hunger and thirst after a boudoir car
while you are junior clerk and have to
sweep out the store and run errands.
If you are a young physician, don't
expect to make it all in the first year.
Your father, perhaps, rode four or five
horses to death before he was able to
put Brussels on the floor, and lean
back in his easy chair ana announce
that he would answer no calls aftar
six p. m.
If you are practicing law, remember
that the old attorney whose office you
are sweeping out, wore white hair, and
not much of that, before he began
taking whole farms for single fees in
small cases. And bear in mind, too,
that they didn't spend every cent of it
as fast as they got it. Durham bun.
Nice lot of very pretty Dress Goods
just received by H. Thomason. The
price is no less attractive than the
goods, either.
Try my old North Carolina Corn
Whiskey. The best on the market and
at prices to suit the times.
S. S. Whittex.
Tobacco Flues.
Wf are nreoared to furnish tobacco
flnou in nnv Htvle and number at lowest
prices. Workmanship guaranteed. We
have had 17 years' practical experience
and know the business, uive us your
orders. Henderson Sheet Metal Works,
It. B. Hayes, Manager.
Another lot of nice Wash Dress Goods
iust received at H. THOMASON'S.
For the hest and cheapest Shoes on
earth, go to HARDEE'S.
Resorting to Heroic Measures.
An honest and fearless newspaper
some time pays pretty dearly for ex
pressing its convictions. This in the
way of loss of patronage subscriptions
and advertisements. But no editor
who is fit to occupy the position he
does, is ever deterred from doing his
duty as he sees it by a little thing
like that. Satisfied that he is right
the true editor takes no account of the
probable losses or gains that will fol
low his course. These thoughts are
suggested by the following paragraph
from the Wilmington Star. It says:
When a rich merchant withdraws his
advertising and subscription from a
newspaper because irs convicuonn uu
not permit it to agree with him as to its
financial policy, he uses a strong argu
ment, and one which, if universally
adopted by the extreme gold standard
advocates", would crush or cripple many
newspapers owned by poor but honest
men. it may oe uouoteu, uuwevei,
Mr. and Mrs. D. Meadows spent
several days in Oxford last week.
Miss Lucy Watson, of Warren
county, is visiting in town at present.
Miss Rosa Jordan, of Boydton, Va.,
Biafpr nf Mrs. R. A. Watkins. is vis
iting in town.
Miss Willie Srnoot, of Durham, is
visiting her sister Mrs. C. A. Lewis,
in Henderson.
Miss Annie Manning left Saturday
to stay awhile with Mrs. Thomas Con
nell in Warren county.
Mr. Jake Strause, of Burlington,
Iowa, is visiting the family of his
mother in our town.
W. O. Shannon, the popular travel
ling man who has perhaps sold more
shoes than any one else on the road, is
home for awhile.
Thomas Gooch. the popular and
whole-souled clothing salesman,
W. II. Nelson, who is in the drug
business at Kingville, Mo., has so much
confidence in Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhcea Remedy that he warrants
every bottle and offers to refund the money
to any customer who is not satisfied after
using it. Mr. Nelton takes no risk in
doing this because the remedy is a certain
cure for the diseases for which it is intended
and he knows it. It is for sale bv Melville
Dorsey, druggist.
. .
I am prepared to supply blacksmiths
with coal, in larire or small quantities.
The best for their business. Pricescheap.
. . .
Expert on Cornbread.
The trentleniau who represents the
Fifth North Carolina district in Cou-
gress makes no blatant culinary preten
tions. Bat when a party o! his colleagues
were discussiDK the subject of cornbread
he surprised them by going down into
the House kitchen and cooking what
was afterward said to be the most deli
cate corn pone they had ever tasted.
Mr. Settle recommends trie use oi tne
freshest but coarest ground flinty corn
meal; a stiff dough being made witn
salt water and meal. These three ingre
dients are all that are needed. The
dough is shaped intocones, then wrapped
in cabbage leaves and buried in the not
ashes. The secret of the formula lies in
the fact that the hard, flinty particles of
the corn burst open something in the
manner of popcorn in the process of
cooking renders the bread delicious.
I find in the JSew xoric sunuay
Herald of April 21st, among the Hon
orable Connoisseurs of cuisine, or, in
other words, practical cooks among
Congressmen, that Hon. Thos. Settle,
of N. C, is alluded to as an expert on
cornbread. While I am neither a
congressman nor chef, I know corn
bread, as I have in my boyhood days
in the old North State handled corn
from planting, through all of its rami
fications, till it has been ground into
meal, mixed and cooked. Now, I pre
sume you have misquoted or misrepre
sented Mr. Settle. As regards their
preparation of the dough that is correct,
but as to the baking your printed ac-
What you had him
This For the Young Folks.
Here Is a pretty little problem in
mathematics for the boys and girls to
solve. We copy from an exchange: A
lady took a basket of eggs to town and
upon being asked how many she had
said: "If I take the eggs out of the
basket two at a time I have one egg
left in the basket; if I take them out
three at a time I have one egg leftin
the basket; if I take them out four at a
time I have one egg left in the basket;
if I take them out five at a time I have
one egg left in the basket; if I take
them out six at a time I have one egg
left in the basket; but if I take them out
seven at a time I have none left in the
basket. How many eggs are in the
A horse kicked H. S. Shafer, of the
Freemyer House, Middleburg, N. Y-, on
the knee, which laid him up in bed and
caused the knee joint to become stiff. A
friend reeom mended him to use Chamber
lain's Pain Balm, which he did, and in two
days was able to be around. Mr. Shafer
has recommended it to many otners ana
savs it is excellent for any kind of bruise
or sprain. This same remedy is also
famous for its cures of rheumatism. For
sale by Melville Dorsey, druggist.
Frank Leslie's Midsummer Pop
ular Monthly.
The Auirust (Midsummer) number of
Frank Laliet Popular Monthly easily takes
the lead of the seasonable illustrated
magazines. It appears in a handsome
new cover, of appropriate artistic design,
which will be permanently retained. The
new cover is embellished with a portrait
of the late Frank Leslie, founder of the
magazine, and the father of illustrated
periodical literature in America. An ed
itorial article on " The Traditions and
Profrress of Illustrative Art" says: "Not
only does the portrait of Frank Leslie
adorn our cover and page, but his enter
prising artistic impulse, exemplified in
the motto Progress and the Spirit of
the Age, has animated the making of
this, as it wilt of every future number of
this justly acclaimed 'Monarch of the
Magazines.' " This promise is splendidly
fulfilled in the Midsummer number, which
presents a really unprecedented display
of over a hundred charming pictures, in
cluding a full page plate in colors, with
wood-engravings, pen-drawings and half
tones by the best artists of this country
and Europe. These pictures illustrate
more than a score of articles, stories and
. . . . li.
poems, au ot a timeiy ana seasonal) iu
nature, contributed by some of the fa
mous writers of the day.
Relief In Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder diseases
relieved in six hours by the "New Great
South American Kidney Cure." This new
remedy is a great surprise on account of
its exceeding promptness in relieving pain
in the bladder, kidneys, back and every
part of the urinary passages in male or
female. It relieves retention of water and
you want quiCK reiiei ana cure in is is yuur
renieoy. aoia oy aieiivuie uorsey, urun
gist, Henderson, N. C
We & frf
If you d.Mi't see our display of lautiful
Dry Goods and Trimmings, Notions
Millinery, &c. You'll regret it forever
if you are desirous of replenishing our
stock ul wearing apparel with pretly
and seasonable goods. Don t forget
that in saying" this wc refer to prices
as well as quality and completeness of
slock. We can say with confidence
that the price of these goods was never
lower, or the stock more attractive
than now. Will you come and seer
S. k 0. WATKINS.
of procedure in Sorlli Carolina 1 ;ve . . .
ana mora convince! mm i lxxiuiug iij wvuuo auu nvuvu uumiv,
High Grcdo Tobacco
The Need of a SUte Bar Association
Xln. Editok: Ever since I have been
niivenu.nt with courts and their mode
hecome more
there exists a exeat and pressing need
among us for an association of the
members of the bar throughout the
State, having for its object the elevation
of the moral tone of the fraternity, th
discountenancing and suppression ol
dishonest and unprofessional practice,
and the raising of the standard of
requirements for admission to the pruc-tic-6
of law in our several courts.
This conviction has taken such deep
root that I am unable to refrain from
expressing it publicly, and inviting the
criticism or co-operation, or both, as
they will, of my legal brethren by caning
to their attention a few of the evils and
abuses which such an organization as I
have suggested might, at least in a
measure, correct.
North Carolina has been among the
first to adopt many new departures in
the law and lecral procedure to her great
t oue
in:Mi:itsoN, x. c.
RifJOGwayjjigii school
For Bovs and Girls.
Fall Term o! 1595 Commences August 2tt,
and Continues Twentu Weeks.
Tuition, $15.00, fJO.OO and ..oo.
Board, (including washing, lights and
fuel.) 1S.OO.
Music, (with use of instrument ,) $1.YIM.
Catalogues furnished upon application.
JOHN GKA11AM, Principal.
L : L L n 1 1 flf 11
T L " enrnhread not Pa Posing it almost immediately,
cook was "ash cake, cornbread not v nlM and eure thls is y
"corn ,ioke." xne latter resuiw irom
using the dough shaped into batches
of two pieces or pones laid into a spi
der or oven parallel, if a large vessel is
used sometimes a third or smaller pone
fills the space left by the two main
pones. Bake to a done brown and
there is your corn (pone) bread It is
a luxury to a Southerner if eaten hot.
W. T. M.
Kodiak, Alaska, June 1895.
SKESuI in this mattw oi a to College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.
Association she is all but last among ner
sister States. We have our Dental,
Medical, and Pharmaceutical Associa
tions, our Teachers' Assembly, our
Editorial and Priuters' Associations, and
our Farmers' Alliance, and each and all of
these hold annual conventions for tne
supervision, elevation and general wel
fare of their several trades or professions.
But where are the lawyers: h.cno
answers, where? Shall it be said that
in North Carolina one of the oldest
and most honored professions, a profes
sion wnicu nas civen to nisiory nine
that is the best method of convincing an here for a few days, to the grauncaiion
independent editor that he is wrong in 0f his countless friends.
How's This?
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any case of catarrh that cannot be
cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., prop'rs,
Toledo, Ohio.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in in alt business
transactions.'and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
West Truax, wholesale druggists. To
ledo. Ohio.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, wholesale
druggists, Toledo. Ohio.
Hall s (Jatarrli cure is taiten miernaiiy,
Stand By the Newspaper.
The following is taken from the Dur
ham Sun. What it says applies to
other communities as well as to its own
and we respectfully call the attention
of our town folks to it:
Does it pay to advertise?
Ask our leading enterprising men
and they will, to a man, say "Yes"
But suppose it does not directly, will
you refuse to lend a helping hand to
one of the most necessary promoters of bench and bar to necessitate my calling
the prevalence ol such
The next session of this College will
begin September 5th. Examinations at
county heats tirst Saturday in August.
Young men desiring a technical education
at an unusually low cost will do well to
apply for catalogue to
A A. HOLLA DAY, President.
Ualkuih, N. ( '.
tenths of the statesmen whom the world I Cai TlrtVC 3T1ii YflllllP'' MpTI
has known and honored, from Moses TU1 DUji dllU 1UUH& Ultll.
down to Grover Cleveland, is without
organization and powerless, as a whole,
because of its want of unity and concerted
It will not be denied that the standard
of legal ethics in the profession is peril
ously low. Sharp practice and unpro
fessional methods ore too often seen, and
the consequent wrongful triumph over
right too frequently the subject of public
comment and public criticism of the
I rti'llt li.ll Ti'l
i nice 111 iln'CIK UIIlliersfor
V. E. MOSS & CO.
The n tent ion of the ladies is called to
a nice lot of beautiful new prints just
,.w 1.
ii.i. t o will s.ion be coining in.
it in the shade and wait for
! iMliM- and uei u.
V.iu -.li.m'.l help your town
iiiiiia.- iii: hoine enterprise.
P. ;u kin-mi's and roastuu
r.'waihl the country is sate.
1 he hliiTal advertiser does tne
!.' t !.ii-im -s. That is the record of
si. yi --ui! men everywhere.
D'n.T-ilied industries are bringing
ril v to many towns. They would
I" ;i- iiuii-h lor Henderson.
ili'tr in iiiiml the public
i.iii.l :ii the rmirt house next
l Andrew .1. Harris, truster
Celerv plants for sale 50 cts per hun
,1n.,l. " (i.A.UOSE.
Dr. J. E. Wyche, Dentist, of Greens
boro, will be in his office in Oxford du
ring the month of .Ti i.y. Those desiring
his services will idease call early.
ml vnentins- the limited free coinace of
American silver and the repeal of the ten
per cent, tax on notes of State banks.
However that may be, the Star is a news
paper that cannot be muzzled; nor can
its principles be bought.
. . p. .
E. E. Hifilit, the jeweler, has been
succeeded by llight & Co. apr-4
. . . . -
lnre old Kentucky Rye Whiskey
bought direct from the distiller, for sale
lower than the lowest at
S. S. Whitten's.
ears are
District Conference.
District Conference of the
sales of
IIi'ihl.Tsou is one of the best towns
: - .. in North Corolina. If you
l"n t '.Hifve it come anil see for you.-
coinage of
callous of
irrain is wnai
'l'lii' live and unlimited
ti'in i.ijui.r at a ratio of lti
m..uiita:u !'W to 1 ot
''!ni. nu n want.
Tin man w ho wants to get the best
!::in' .1 the tall trade fdiould begin to
-''t ii advertisement in shape. Now
1!: time to lmt it in the paper.
A- the Winston Sentinel aptly says,
:i 'vi rti-inu' doesn't pay, a soap firm
iu M:i"t expend tu0 for one page of
"lie --tie nt mi Eastern journal.
I. ittermilk and lemonade arc reco"
maided by physicians as seasonable
during the heated term. By all
mean, avoid the excessive use of ice
Kcry business should be rcpicsfrtled
i n1 e damns of the local paper, if
':.' l.y a small advertisement a mere
Ui-.ue--; e.nrd t-tating name ami busi
iii engaged iu.
Henderson's police are attired in
li :;nd-, mie new uniforms, which add to
a.readv -rood looks and manly
' '. .iu' of "these officers. The town
:'-;ni..-hi'd the suits.
One of our exchanges is responsible
!"i the following: Conundrum teas
i late form of entertainment among
eh people. Thev ask what a dollar
iUeii you have to give it up.
'i - hinted that such bargains as
:m !e had in dry goods, clothing, hats,
hoe, gouts' furnishings, furniture,
Methodist Protestant church wa s held
at Tniou Chapel, two miles this side
of Kittrcll, Friday to Sunday, inclusive.
Rev. T. M. Johnston, of Henderson,
presided. There wis a good attendance
and the meetings were of an interesting
and enjoyable character. Among the
visitors were several prominent laymen
and Rev. T. F. McCulloch, editor of
the Church Record, Greensboro. He
delivered a splendid lecture on Satur
day and preached Sunday.
It may not be generally known tnai
such is a fact but we are told that the
the first Methodist Protestant church
erected in North Carolina.
All kinds of metal roofing, guttering,
spouting, etc., done at short notice.
Prices satisfactory and workmanship of
the best. Henderson Sheet Metal Works,
R. B. Hayes. Manager.
Colt in a Well.
Mr. John A. Fleming, of this county,
came very being a horse out last week,
because he had a horse in a well. A
colt two and one-half years old fell in a
well 23 feet deep and was got out
again without any broken bones. It
was a well used to furnish water to
run his engine and is larger than the
average well and not rocked up, or his
itehin mi rh.t have fared worse. The
vvnuo'i' r
well was covered
which had become
. i l l
over wun pians
rotten. The colt
esent house is built ou the site of stepped upon the plank and down he
Japanese Liver Pellets draw the blood
from the head to the stomach, thereby
curing sick headache and cleansing the
complexion. Fifty doses, 25 cts. Melville
Dorsey, druggist, Henderson, N. C.
'"pn-, ruu
at WatkinV
s, mattings, hardware &c.
are enough to astonish the
The concensus of oniniou is that
W-'a:f is oine; to get belter. Be
' "- August is none you will see im-
vuient in every department of
but the change will not be very
'' rial before the fall season.
"-'t us have a cotton factory in
Hei.der-on. The way to secure larger
K'l'ulatiou is to provide means of
employ men t for a lamer uumber of
l''ple. Diversified industries will open
way to this end, besides giving
"'"I'loynunt to people already here.
.v ilnKi, ,,.. :., . ....... K,-
pi ill ID jilftl inTiiru v
I li"iiia-jon.
If you w ish to get your foot in it that
is a good thing you should see Hardee s
Shoes. He makes a specialty in this line,
and has them to suit all buyers. The
prices are riyht.
. . -4
We are prepared to do all kinds of
plumbing and water htting. Keep an
assortment of hose fixtures for repairing.
Bath tubs, toilets, .vc, a specialty. Heli
derson Sheet Metal Works, R. B. Hayes,
- . .
Sunday School Convention.
The Presbyterial Sunday-school
convention of the Presbytery of Albe
marle, will be held iu Henderson July
20lh to August 1st. The occasion
promises to be an interesting and in
instructive one. A large attendance is
Tiiterest'm!? sneakers, clerical and
lay, from various parts of the State
have been secured. A choice choir of
vocalists will lead the singing.
The topics, discussions and speeches
will be interesting aud profitable to
Suuday-school workers. A most inter
esting question: "The progress of the
Westminster League movement and
the formation of au associate League
in Albemarle Presbytery," is to be
discussed. It is requested that every
Sunday-school iu the Presbytery ap
point and send delegates.
went head toremost. Mr. xieuiiug
heard the noise from the house and
twnnt nr. mice to iuvestisate. Seeing
that the colt was not drowned or got
his neck broke efforts were made to
get him out." This was done after a
time by means of fastening ropes and
chains around his body and drawing
him up by means of a windlass. He
fell back, when about half way to the
top. two or three times, the ropes
slipping so as to cause him to lose his
balance, but he appeared to be none
the worse for this when he did finally
ani, fl.A ion asraiu. Mr. Fleming
says there was considerable water in
the well and the colt kept from drowu
cr Uv sinndinsr on his hind feet aud
putting his front ones on the side of the
well. And then the water reached to
his neck he barely being able to keep
his head out of it.
Mr. Fleming tells us that wo or
three small scars about the co.i's legs
and one slight cut on the head are the
only marks to tell of the unusual ex
perience he went through. But he
says it was the worst scared animal he
ever saw.
Mrs. J. II. Lassiter and Mrs. M.
Parham returned home Monday from
a visit to Rev. R. Van Deventer and
wife in Burlington, stopping over in
Raleigh Sunday.
Misses Ivie and Sadie Walker, of
Durham, who have been visiting Mrs.
C. M. Cooper in Henderson, left last
week, to the regret of many friends
they made during their stay here.
Mr. Joe Estes, formerly of this place
but now a resident of Atlanta, passed
through yesterday with his bride, bound
Vnrtti nn nn extensive tour to Balti
more, New York, Niagara, and other
points of interest. On their return
Mr. and Mrs. Estes will stop in Hen
derson to visit relatives.
The editor left Tuesday afternoon
to attend the Press Conveution in
Greensboro. Friday the Association
will an on an excursion to Morehead
City for a few days' stay. That they
will have a pleasant time down by the
sounding sea, sailing, fishing, flirting,
etc., goes without writing it.
We greatly enjoyed a visit from Mr.
Edward Hunter, of BrinWeyville,
Monday. One of the best men of our
acquaintance a perfect type of the
Christian gentleman it is always a
pleasure for us to see and talk with
him. He was returning from the
meeting at Unioa Chapel, having come
up last Thursday-
fisa Pearl Jenkins, a
Warren county, North Carolina, a
beautiful and accomplished young lady,
is visiting at Mr. A. R. Wortham's ou
Trnar avenue MlSS jenKlUS lur Ul
past year, has been teaching art at a
College iu Dallas, Texas. She gradua
ted with high honors, and at the head
of her class, from a Baltimore Institu
tion two years ago.
Miss Lucy Lewis, of Milton, N. C,
who has been visiting the family of
Mr. Claude Hunter, left Monday for
Buffalo Springs. Miss Lewis, by her
many accomplishments and charming
nrannalitv. has endeared herself to all
who have had the pleasure of her
and will meet witn a
your, town, financially, commericauy,
sanitarilv. and intellectually? Take
your newspaper away and what Kind oi
a town would vou have? What class of
people would longer remain in your I
midst? Intelligence would give away
to ignorance; push and enterprise to
stagnation and chaos; health to disease;
cleanliness to filth, and we would of all
Deotile feel most miserable. Then are
acting directly upon the blood and mucous vou not wiUiug to support this factor
surfaces of the system .Price, 75 cents per H... lenda a helping hand in a
thousand and one ways? Put muscle
and strength to its arms by the use of
bottle. Sold by all druggists
Publications Required By Law.
The following extract taken from the
annual report of the North Carolina
Press Association will doubtless be of
benefit to some publishers as well as
county officials who may not be famil
iar with or comply strictly with the
law in every case :
Section 219 of the Code requires service
of summons by publication, iu certain
cases, once a week for six weeks.
Section 352 requires publication of
warrants of attachment once a week for
four yvgoIcs.
Section 456 requires publication once a
week for four weeks, of all sales of real
estate under execution.
Section 515 requires the publication
once a week for six weeks, of a notice to
creditors when any person applies to a
magistrate for his homestead.
printers ink. Don't be satisfied to live
ftimnlv for vourself: but let some of
your iuterest be in your public enterprises.
Live citizens are always on the look
out for live business houses and they
know them only when find them inter
ested in public enterprises. The people
who advertise are the people wno want
your town to grow. Then encourage
them by giving them your cash.
Notwithstanding the fact that three
prominent Henderson saloon men told a
prominent whiskey and beer drummer
that if he sold me any more Beer they
would not buy any more goods from
him, I am still in the ring. Will giveyou
a bottle of Beer for 5 cents. Have the
best Corn and Rye Whiskey on the
Section 678 reouires the publication of market, and at lower prices than any
. -. , i. I , . . ,-, u wiiiTwrl?v
tho nntiro in ineornorauuu uy mo iei. oLner mace in iuwh. o. o. iiii.iiu..
swtimi 71 a reouires the publication
once a week for four weeks, of the
amount, etc., audited by the County
Commissioners to themselves.
Section 752 requirestheCommissioners
to publish their annual statement.
Section 788 authorizes executors, Ac,
to publish once a week for six weeks a
notice to creditors.
Section 1452 requires the Clerk, in cer
tain cases, to publish a -notice to cred
itors once a week for six weeks.
Section 1783 requires publication for
two weeks in enforcing a mechanic's lien.
rimnter 242. Laws of 1889, requires
uative of publication of County Treasurer's state-
men L. . r ,
Chapter 580, Laws of 1891, requires
Clerks of the Superior Court to publish
their annual reports of public funds in
their hands. .....
Chapter 296, Laws of 1893, (which is
the usual "machinery act" for collecting
taxes,) provides for several publications,
and will be seen by reference to Sections
24, 30, 38, 51 and 112.
Chamberlain's Xye and Skin Ointment
la linen nailed for Eczemt, Tetter, Salt-
Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chappea
Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites,
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids.
For sale by druggists at 25 cents per box.
Dr. Geo. Smerdon, at his home near
Williamsboro, has a number of im
proved blooded cattle fine milk cows,
beautiful young heifers and male and
female calves which he will dispose
of on very reasonable terms. His ob
ject in selling is the fact that he is
A New Southern Journal.
Every number of the Southern Real
Estate OanetU published monthly at 126
Main Street, Norfolk, Va., contains much
information of value to the prospective
Southern investors. It publishes letters
from Northerners who have settled in the
Southern country. Every person inter
ested in Southern investments or securi
ties or who is contemplating a visit
onth nhnuld subscribe, the low price, 25
cents a year, placing it in easy reach of
English Spavin Liniment removes all
iiar.i snft nr calloused lumDS and blem
ishes from horses, blood spavins, curbs,
splints, sweeny, ring-bone, stifles, sprains,
all swollen mroais, euuxius, ew. v-
by use of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonaeriui memisn cure ever nmu. oom
by Melville Dorsey, druggist, Henderson,
N. O. e"-'
attention to
abuses. The question is, How can the
evil be remedied? I answer, a State Lar
Association could do much towards
accomplishing the desired end. A Code
of Ethic? adopted and promulgated by
the who'.-body of lawyers of the State,
in convention assembled, would certuiuly
carry with it great weight, and would
operate to the great advantage of the
profession generally, and of its younger
members in particular.
The subject of legal ethics is but one
of the many urgent questions which
would demand the attention and call for
the prompt action of a Bar Association.
There are many others.
The dignity and usefulness of the pro
fession should be maintained and pro
moted. It should be purged of unworthy
members and should punish and discount
enance unprofessional and dishonest
practices which have brought a great
profession into much disrepute. Itshould
guard the avenues to the profession and
should oversee legislation, in order to
prevent the demoralization of its princi
ples and to save its teachings Irom the
hand of the spoiler and the inevitable
effect of ill-considered laws. It should
labor to secure for the bench the best
professional talent of the State by pro
viding better compensation, or other
wise, and should, in all things, combine
the voice and influence of the bar for the
advantage of the profession and the
good of the Commonwealth.
These things need no argument. Every
lawyer must see and recognize the crying
need of the hour and the benefits to be
derived from a North Carolina State Bar
I take the liberty of asking an expres
sion of opiniou by my legal brethren as
to the necessity for, and the expedience
of, the formation of nn organized body
of the craft lor the purposes i have orieny
outlined and any others which might
demand its consideration.
J. E. Ixoi-K, Jit.
Littleton 'S school
4 AND r
Business Institute,
AUGUST 2Q, 1895.
College Preparatory, Commercial, Teleg
raphy, Shorthand and Tyjtewritin;?, and
For Catalogue add i ess,
L. W. BAGLKY, A. U..
July 18-1 in. Littleton , N. C.
The Pricipal was educated at Davidson
College, and has had Pi years' practical
experience in High School work.
Pupils nre thoroughly drilled in the
Classics and Higher English, and pre
pared for College -unl Business Lite.
located in the beautiful and thriving
town of Henderson, Vance county, enjoy
ing the advantages of good society, chinch
privileges, healthy situation and lino
railroad facilities. Cheap board can ho
secured for pupils from a distance.
Glassies, $5.00 per month.
Hlrjher English, $4.00 "
Fall Term Begins August 26th
For catalogue and further particulars
address the Principal,
Henderson, N. C
Notice of Sale.
power of sale conferred upon thn
undersigned, A. J. Harris, Trustee, and con
tained in a Deed of Trust executed by Alfred
Gooch and wife Kizie. on the sth day of
April, 1W1, and recorded in Deed of Trust
Book No. 1, page 413, in the ollice of the
Register of Deeds of Vance county, fir
the purpose of securing the payment of the
indebtedness therein mentioned, default
having been made in the payment of the
same, at the request of the holder of the
same, 1 will sell at the court house door
in Henderson, N. (J , at public auction, to
the highest bidder for cash, ON THE
22ND DAY OK JULY, 1ks., the property
conveyed by said Deed of Trust, to-wit :
Adjoining the lands of Alfred Oooch, J.
II. liASsiter, and others, on Sherman street.
the same being 'Mi by 152 feet. For full
description and boundaries see Deed of
Trust as set forth above. Time of sale : Yi
This June l'.'th . 1S'.5.
Notice of Sale.
warm welcome whenever she again
honors our city with her presence.
v.r-Snator Ransom passed through
For nnttinsr a hoi'se in a fine healthy con
dition try Dr. Cads Condition Powders.
They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
loss oi appetite, relieve miBupuuu, . .
When Baby waa rick, we (rare her Caetoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Cast on.
:-Senator Ransom passed tnrougn disorders and destroy worms, giving wiieu she recarae Mis she clung to CartorU.
here Friday afternoon and stoppea ior new hfe to an 0ld or over-worked horse, . whad!I. srthCstoria.
. .
Fine Champagne B.-cr on tap at 5 cents
hot tie at S. S. Whittkx's.
The ladies should call at Thomason s
and inspect the new Spring Dress Goods
which he has just received.
Prettiest line of ladies' umbrellas in
town. Large variety from which to
select. Verv nobby and cheap.
H. Tiiomasox.
Itch on human, mange on horses, dogs
and allstock, cured in 30 minutes by V ool
ford's Sanitary Lotion. This never fails.
Sold by Melville Dorsey, druggist, Hen
derson. N.C.
Dr Pierce's Favorit Prescription a
scientific medicine, carefully compounded by
an experienced and skillful physician, and
adapted to woman's delicate organization.
It i purely vegetable and perfectly harmlMS
in any condition of the system. Cures morn
ing sickness, weak stomach, indigestion or
dyspepsia, "female weakness" and kindred
siniBntaT Mrs. Majot Dkmby,
aumenw. of li0S Saratoga Strut,
nnliimore. MA., writes :
- For three years I suf
fered from what mr
doctor oa lied womb
trouble. I cannot find
language to describe
the tortures I suffered.
Sixteen weeks ago. I
began to use your
medicine, and now
feel better and strong
er than I hare felt for
J ears, in fact, my health
i thoroughly restored
and there are no signs
of any return of my
former trouble. I owe
it all to your wonderful
Favorite i tet-i ipooo
praise wherever I go.
Hnnr at. Maasenbursf's Hotel. He
Uiuuvs C7
was just from his home in Northamp
ton county where he has been staying
some weeks and was on his way to
mowing Rock to ioin his wife and
daughter who are summering in the
mountains. His health is much im
proved although he is not by any
means a strong man.
Among the many charming visitors
iu Henderson we notice several young
ladv teachers who have returned to
spend the vacation at home. Miss
Eugene Thrower, irom tfetnei inn;
cents per package. For sale by druggists-
Sold in Henderson by M. Dorsey, druggist.
. .--
Early in the Fall a new juvenile maga
vino nf fa. hrio-ht. wholesome character,
will ' he made of Frank Leslie's Pleasant
Hour for boys and girls, at 10 cents a
copy and f l.OU per annum.
trix of the estate of the late Charles
Watkins liefore the Clerk of the Superior
Court of Vance county, this is to notify all
persons holding claims against said estate
to present them to the undersigned on or
before the lGth day of July. '.S9G. or this
notice will be pleaded in oar oi tneir
recovery. Persons indebted to said estate
must make immediate payment.
This 19th July, 1895.
Executrix of Charles Watkins. dee'd.
Richmond, Va.
Mrs. Dxxbt.
which I shall always praise
To those living
in malarial districts Tutt's Pills
are indispensible, they keep the
tugene mrower, iruui uemci i r , j
Miss Isabel Horner, from Carolina Col- system in perfect order ana are
an absolute cure
for sick headache, indigestion,
malaria, torpid liver, constipa
tion and all bilious diseases.
Tutt's Liver Pills
A lawyer in a court room may call
man ft liar, scoundrel, villian or a
thief, and no man makes a complaint
when court adjourns. If a newspaper
prints such a reflection on a man s
character there is a libel suit or dead
editor. This is probably owing to the
fact that people believe what an editor
says; what the lawyer says cuts no
figure. Exchange.
power of sale conferred upon the
undersigned, A. J. Harris, Trustee, and
contained in two Deeds of Trust executed
by Sue Jeffress and Alfred JefTress her
husband, on the 27th day of January, IH'.O,
and the 1st day of April. 1W1, respectively,
and recorded in Deed of Trust liook No.
1, pages :wj and 4o7. in the ofltce t 'uc
Register of Deeds for Vance count' lt
the purpose of securing the payment .i the
Indebtedness therein irentioned, default
having been made in th? payment of the
same, at the request of the holder of the
same, 1 will sell at the court house door
in Henderson. N . O., at public auction, ui
the highest bidder for cash. ON THE
22ND DAY OF JULY. 1 KM, the proMrty
conveyed by said Deed of '1 rust, lo-wlt :
Tim Western half of ths lot on which sai I
Jeffress lived, adjoining Hi l.i...ls.f G. II.
Rowland, AinericiiH Budget , aud others.
For full description see Deds of Ttnt in
Register's ollic? as above set forth. Time
of sale : Yi o clock.
This June V.'th. 1M.
ANDREW J. HARi.iN. Trustee.
Your Ice Bill
Won't be halt as I :rje,
il you've q0; the proper
kind ol a Refrigerator.
proper kind is the fa
GURNEY. It is the.
best, cheapest and most du
rable Refrigerator made.
Sild in Henderson by
arketj second-hand Machlneru
legiate Institute ; Miss Willie Phelps,
Miss Kate Dean, ana tne susses juuu.
Some of these, we hear, return to their
fields of labor with increased salaries,
thus showing that they met with suc
cess and appreciation.
Wagons f 25.00 each at Crow & Mars
ton's. Henderson. N. C.
A clear, soft, rosy complexion is the
desire of every lady. Why not give John
son's Oriental Soap a trial? There is
nothing to compare with it as a skin
beantifier. Two cakes in a package, 25
cts. Melville Dorsey. druggist. Henderson,
N. C.
You can find a nice line of Brilliants,
Dimetys, Linens, fnlJJJ
cheap at H. THOMASON S.
H. Thomason is offering big bargains
in groceries, and you are invited to help
yourself to any extent. There is no ex
cuse for living poorly when you can get
atl the necessaries of life at such low
prices. (Juality is the first consideration
with Tho mason. Only the best is' good
enough for his trade. Baying, as he
does, in enormous quantities, he gets the
advantage of large discounts and is thus
enabled to sell as cheap as he does.
Blackberries are coming in and
crop is said to be a good one.
Corrected weekly by D. Y. Cooper, Pro
prietor cf Coopeu's Warehouse.
llEKDERSOK. N. C. July 17th 1M.
(Quotations for New Crop.)
Fillers Common dark or green 3 VA
Common to medium 4 (g 5
Medium to good s9
Good to fine 9 M 1(J
Smokers Common 4 w 5
Common to medium 5W7
Medium to good 8(5)10
Good to fine 10&12
i 'utrers Common to medium 12(414
Medium to good 15(9 20
Good to fine 20(& 30
Wrappers Coram on 10 12
Common to medium 1 5 (a 1 8
Medium to good 30 ( 35
tioodtofine 4070
The under-igned has for sale th fol
lowing described second-hand machinery:
for operating same. One of the giut ih In
periect conauion, me ovner neeas some
repairs, ttom oi tne engines are in gouu
order as are the cotton presses ami saw
mill. A bargain may be bad in any or
all of the above mentioned machinery.
For further Information call on or address
Axtell, Warren Co., N. C.

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